BAE Systems presents at Eurosatory a new combat vehicle 8x8

BAE Systems presents at Eurosatory a new combat vehicle 8x8BAE Systems at the Eurosatory exhibition in Paris presented the latest version of the 8x8 vehicle from the proven RG line of armored vehicles. The new car, known as the RG41, is demonstrated at Eurosatory for the first time.

The wheeled armored infantry vehicle BMP RG41 has a unique modular design with anti-mine protection and integrated independent suspension. The machine has a moderate cost, universal, designed for use in various theaters of war. With a V-shaped bottom, high payload and best-in-class turning radius and power density, the RG41 meets the requirements of both mobility and protection.

The unique design of the car provides ease of maintenance and repair in the field. The body of the RG41 consists of a top and a bottom. The bottom one includes five modular units. Any of the damaged blocks can be replaced. This task can be accomplished by a second line of field service, saving time and money.

“RG41 provides exceptional protection, efficiency and flexibility. Current conflicts require maintenance and repair in the field, and the unique design of the RG41 allows you to complete your tasks at the highest level of operational readiness. RG41 is an exceptional synthesis of combat power and economy, ideal for conventional and non-standard units, "said Dennis Morris, president of BAE Systems Systems Global Tactical Systems.

On the RG41, light and medium towers can be installed, firing both direct and indirect fire. The design of the machine makes it easy to perform on its base various options. It can be configured as a command vehicle, a combat unit, an ambulance, an engineering vehicle, or other functions.

Key features of the RG41

Wheel formula: 8x8
Length: 7,78m
Width: 2,28m
Height: 2,3 m
Gross weight: 30 000 kg
Load capacity: 11 000 kg
Capacity: driver + 10 crew members

RG41 is one of the representatives of the 8x8 family of machines in which BAE Systems is involved in the design and development. Each of them is designed for different operational needs, prices and the level of technical equipment of the client.
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  1. dred
    2 January 2012 17: 18
    30 tons is too much.
  2. bask
    19 August 2012 19: 39
    Even the economy class equipment looks impressive.
  3. skif33
    18 September 2013 16: 15
    We have nothing of the kind. Heavy wheeled platform oh how needed.
  4. 0
    15 October 2013 23: 02
    I hope our boomerang will be no worse