The concept of a new generation of Chinese tank


Blog published a projection of promising Chinese tank a new generation developed according to a reckless scheme with remote control of weapons.

The car's crew consists of two people - a driver and a gunner, whose workplaces are located in front of the hull. The automatic loader is equipped with unitary ammunition. The living area is separated from the central combat compartment by armor plates. The tank is equipped with a long-barreled 120 mm cannon, two twin machine guns of caliber 12,7 mm and grenade launchers of caliber 40 mm. The machine will be equipped with the most advanced detection and target designation system.

Dual-purpose machine guns can be used both in automatic (when solving air defense tasks) and manual modes (to support infantry). Machine guns can fire at air targets at a range of 1500 m and at altitudes up to 1000 m. The tank is equipped with a radar that detects air targets at a distance of 8000 m.

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    30 June 2011 12: 29
    they probably thought to copy from the t-95, but they didn’t accept it, now this project will stall lol
    1. Joker
      30 June 2011 12: 32

  2. Stavr
    30 June 2011 12: 47
    The radar is useful, but the caliber is small. And the low location of the turret and sights does not allow you to consider targets in time. And for the rest: what is the filling, such will be the combat capabilities of this product. They are far from the Black Eagle, but the Chinese are cunning because, unlike the Russians, they do not stand still.
    1. His
      30 June 2011 12: 52
      That's right too. But they don’t have a school, everything is just blindly copied
  3. 0
    15 October 2013 22: 47
    At 95 looks like