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Judge Russian officer who defended his soldiers from the "grandfathers" dagestantsy

Today in Novosibirsk, the first court session was held in the case of Major Nikolai Levoy, who defended his unit’s soldiers from the arbitrariness of the “grandfathers” of the oppressants. “Human rights activists” call the officer xenophobe and demand to bring him to justice not only for exceeding official authority, but also under the “Russian” 282 article of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation.

Conscripts from the Caucasus, in particular from Dagestan, have become a constant headache for many officers, the Sibgrad Novosibirsk website correspondent notes. The reason for this is the presence of a number of their real or imaginary “national peculiarities”, which are unacceptable both for their Russian colleagues and for the army regulations.

The inability to establish uniform rules for all leads to the fact that some get more privileges than others, which stimulates associations to fellow citizens. All this in the conditions of the army quickly develops into an effective tool of hazing. After the formation of stable structures in one part, connections are established with all similar groups in the neighboring parts of the military town.

This allows such communities to create a parallel power structure, independent of command, with extensive connections not only within the unit, but also outside it. The connection with the localities of the region where the unit is stationed allows to exert pressure on both the junior officers and the commanders.

Judge Russian officer who defended his soldiers from the "grandfathers" dagestantsy

"Victims" Dagestanis

All this allows Caucasians, and Dagestanis in particular, to remain unpunished in such offenses as unauthorized withdrawal from a part, as well as other minor offenses.

In the Novosibirsk part, the united Dagestan diaspora imposed a tribute to conscripts from other cities of Russia. From the rank and file demanded up to 1000 rubles one-time, or up to half the salary per month. Those who refused to pay were severely beaten.

At the same time not colleagues beat. They were beaten by members of this criminal group from other parts, which greatly complicated the disclosure of offenses, the Sibgrad correspondent notes.

There have been cases when Russian soldiers literally in a half-dead state were carried off to the hospital. And all this was concealed by the commanders of the unit, who did not want to make it all public. The reason for this is the fear of punishment and the defenselessness of Russian soldiers.

Until then, Russian soldiers endured - they paid and were silent. However, at one point, patience snapped, a part of the uprising occurred, several Dagestanis were beaten up, the rest were driven into the barracks and were besieged. Commanders with difficulty put things in order in their units.

After all that had happened, the Dagestanis from the rebellious units were transferred to other units. That is, in fact, the problem has not been resolved. Instead, “under the hand” got an officer who really tried to get her off the ground. In essence, Major Left is guilty of one question asked by the Dagestan conscripts before the line.

- For whom will you fight? For a part (Russia) or for their countrymen? - asked Nikolay.

“For countrymen,” they answered.

“And he is also accused of trying to stop the extortion of money and valuables from Russian soldiers by the fraternity,” writes Sibgrad. “Not because he beat up someone.” It is for this reason that four Dagestanis wrote statements about beating them with a major. But for whatever reason, the military prosecutor’s office ignores the mass of other allegations of extortion in the Novosibirsk units, this is a big question that has yet to be answered. ”

The Russian officer, who opposed arbitrariness, was accused of what he clearly did not commit, a criminal case was fabricated against him, and the military prosecutor’s office, in fact ignoring the crimes committed by compatriots, stubbornly protects the interests of this group of people, the correspondent notes. If we now allow the unfair condemnation of Major Nikolai Left, then this case will serve as a template for dozens of similar cases throughout Russia. And it will be the last nail in the coffin of our already not the most prosperous army.

At the same time, domestic “human rights activists” expectedly in a friendly chorus cried that the officer had beaten four Dagestan servicemen only because they used mobile phones and had the courage to defend their opinions. Drawing attention to the fact that all the “victims” - fellow countrymen, advocates of “unhappy grandfathers” declare that the major had antagonistic feelings towards them because of their nationality, they call Nikolay Levoy a xenophobe and demand to bring him to justice not only under the article for exceeding his authority , but also on the "Russian", 282 th article.

According to eyewitnesses of today's court session, if the accusation still sounded quite smoothly, then with the “victims” everything was clearly not given. “They were confused in their testimonies, they could hardly explain where their phones came from, who either bought or stole someone, or took it,” says ruspro2007 in a network diary. “So it all looked rather pale.” From all heard it is obvious that the major should be fully justified. The question is, does the court think so? For this judge has recently placed an officer for non-statutory relations, and initially he has a negative attitude towards the Left. ”

You can contact the initiative group in Novosibirsk, help in disseminating truthful information about this case and raising funds to pay for the services of lawyer Nikolai Levoy at: e-mail: [email protected], телефон: 8-953-795-42-68.

The Russian Observer will follow the progress of the Nicholas Left case.

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  1. Kavkaz
    Kavkaz 18 May 2011 10: 46
    quite one-sided, the article ... A game of one, the gate !!!!!!! Have you ever wondered why Caucasians do this ??? So, I will uncover you, because they have to hold on to each other and organize Such "power structures" will not survive otherwise, because the Russians are also good, especially when they have a numerical advantage ... I can give you an example when such "Russian officers" beat to death quite peaceful, adequate guys from the North Caucasus Federal District ... And when such "officers" in front of the whole formation command - "Prunes step, forward" - naturally such an attitude towards conscripts from the North Caucasus will generate a response ...
    1. The Soviet
      The Soviet 18 May 2011 11: 19
      Come on, Kavkaz, you just have to humiliate the Russians and run into them. And so the question is of course very complicated, here is interethnic relations, and publicity is needed to solve them! And no one will allow publicity, but only it will allow everyone to express their opinions and find consensus, as the well-known person said!
      1. Kavkaz
        Kavkaz 18 May 2011 14: 03
        I humiliate anyone, I do not want the more Russian ....
    2. ded1945
      ded1945 18 May 2011 21: 37
      You don’t know why they hate you so much. sure you know.
      1. Smirnov Vadim
        18 May 2011 21: 47
        ded1945, I will ask to filter the market!
    3. jamen
      jamen 19 May 2011 14: 06
      The article for hatred must be soldered to the Busurmans who set up their ethnic organized crime group on the territory of the army, who humiliated Russians on ethnic grounds
    4. Stock sergeant
      Stock sergeant 23 May 2011 18: 48
      I had one Dagestan in my company in training. Frankly stupid, he came to the schoolroom sterile, the same and left. But at the same time, he was respected in the company - he could break anyone for the company. Such an example. The first three months we were based in a foreign part (there was a repair in our location). Local grandfathers got into the habit of hosting in the afternoon. The company is leaving for classes, they are - sentry in the melon, the duty officer on the company - there they went and fumble on the nightstands. This went on until they ran into this Dagestan. The guy just tore the top arc from the bed and went to the grandfathers to sweep. More local did not meddle with us. There were other examples. And then, after training, I saw what 6 Dagestanis were in one platoon. They shit from a high mountain at all and at all. If you are not a fellow countryman to them - you as a person do not exist for them and do not care who you are - ordinary spirit or unit commander.
    5. jindol47
      jindol47 9 October 2011 02: 52
      as you had a teip organization, so it remained. It is necessary to evict, but not to stroke the head and fawn.
    6. opium21
      opium21 9 October 2011 03: 12
      why when we beat most of the Russians in the army and I personally didn’t care the Lezghin the Czech or the Uzbek earned a snout never bowed, but chennie mob can do one serun and believe me, they can only howl with a personal experience and if I took everything for an ass I’ll hand it over girl
    7. Region-25.rus
      Region-25.rus April 27 2012 19: 57
      But who the fuck are you .... ren are needed? laughing This is all from the fact that you (do not understand from what) megalomania and confidence in your own "exclusivity" almost like Jews or Nazis! You don't want to work, serve too, create and build this is not a lordly business! And you do not unite in groups because you are so "downtrodden"!
      In civilian life, do you also get lost in flocks for this reason? oh-eh? When the USSR was trading in cognac and fruit, who would touch you in the RSFSR? I don't remember something like that! And now! Yes, stick in any of you on the territory of Russia - at least a dishonest huckster in every kind of city ..... three times expensive! And the crime is so 99%. It’s a waste of work for you! Let the Russian fuckers work hard! And "we are the highest race! Proud Caucasian wolves!" So why should I respect you?
      And your post just betrays the essence, as in those "heroes" in the photo in the courtroom - they sit with downcast eyes and bravado is not visible! That and look, they will cry - "Yes, look at the-a-a-as! We are so-a-kYe listen and haro-o-oshYe and do-o-obrye! repeat
      Yes, you "our dear Caucasus and you yourself know everything very well!

      my post does not concern you personally, but the situation that I have been observing since the beginning of the fucking "perestroika"! And I am watching very carefully! And personal experience is enough!
  2. DAGESTAN333
    DAGESTAN333 18 May 2011 12: 09
    Dear Soviet, it is not true that we need to humiliate anyone, especially Russian. We remember who SPAS! the world in 41-45 years.
    1. jamen
      jamen 19 May 2011 14: 00
      Brothers Slavs until we let the foreigners to the Busurmans manage and outrage in our country? What kind of fraternity do you hear yourself on in the Russian land in the army! Busurman allowed themselves to arrange fraternity and attack them guys ?? where are the other soldiers looking? and what kind of article is such a kindling? What to finish off? Do the Russian people want us to be humiliated on the streets by the nasty dogs of the false prophet Muhammad? But the officer didn’t beat them and in vain it was necessary to pour busurman savages so that they knew their places,
  3. Escander
    Escander 18 May 2011 12: 15

    --- "I can give you an example when such" Russian officers "beat to death quite peace-loving, adequate guys from the North Caucasus Federal District ..."

    From my practice, I can say that officers (junior officers) beat everyone, regardless of religion, for disobeying the charter and poor results of combat training (I think that’s the way they should be).
    Regarding Caucasians, there were incidents too. My tank regiment was defeated in the first Chechen and then understaffed in the second. And in the interval there were two (for the entire regiment) battered Caucasian. He personally brought one to the district hospital, fought for his life, providing intensive care measures along the way and won - the guy survived. And he examined the second at the MPP for injuries, because of which the military prosecutor convicted the culprit - the commander of the tank battalion, major.
    That's about it.
  4. Igor
    Igor 18 May 2011 12: 29
    The officer did the right thing. Yes, I see again who the Dagestanis had to pay off. I myself fought in Chechnya and I know the character of this people very well. How calmly they go with eagles and how the mess of ducks they don’t have diarrhea duck temperature. tough guys and in the minority the bullshit is complete. I mean that our power in the pursuit of the loot has already lost its conscience and honor and forgot who saved Europe
  5. Max79
    Max79 18 May 2011 12: 35
    With us, when I served (and I served in the Taman division), these children, even officers (young ensigns, leit., Senior) took off their hats in winter. Then after running a little, they threw them on the ground and asked: "Come on, do not be offended. "And what does this have to do with the officers. And what about the soldiers to ask!
    There are many such moments. I will not write about it all!
  6. mitrich
    mitrich 18 May 2011 12: 41
    1. Escander
      Escander 18 May 2011 13: 03
      160th Guards Tank Regiment of the Siberian Military District (13206). Commander - pk. Budanov.
      1. Kavkaz
        Kavkaz 18 May 2011 14: 00
        As for the case of Budanov, it’s definitely in me, for him ... cabinet rats, such as for the fact that he honestly paid his debt to the Motherland, because there was no clear stump of rape ...
  7. Forward
    Forward 18 May 2011 14: 39
    We are guests in our own country! Good luck major
  8. ROTOR
    ROTOR 18 May 2011 15: 04
    How did you get these articles about the evil Caucasians from the North-Western Federal District, what kind of author is this? As if they were the only ones to blame for all the troubles of our army .... and the fact that the Russian soldiers themselves are in their parts throats Gnawing, knocking, raping and leaving cripples FOR THE WHOLE LIFE I haven’t read anything yet. I myself saw such a doctor in a hospital, and I see what's what and who is to blame. Some kind of nationalist xenophobe writes these articles or what.
    1. LEKHA
      LEKHA 18 May 2011 15: 38
      radish horseradish is not sweeter. change must be given to everyone
  9. Rico1977
    Rico1977 18 May 2011 16: 02
    The question is complex, but it’s good that we didn’t quarrel here - although the provocateur is sitting here with us, adding fuel to the fire, but when we think and respect our heads, nobody will quarrel and ruin us.
  10. Maj.
    Maj. 18 May 2011 16: 52
    Himself a Soviet officer. By the way, Russian. I was somewhat lucky. He entered the school after the army. He himself was a "grandfather". I came to the troops - I was the most important "grandfather" in the platoon. Many nationalities passed through my hands, but there were no interethnic conflicts. If there is a leader in the pack and this leader is an officer there will be order. This is at all times. Soviet, not Soviet.
    But there will be no vacuum. Then only Caucasians, only Slavs will fill it, but horseradish is not sweeter. Both of them are not a gift when they DO NOT feel the power. Take any yard in Russia that there is a different relationship. There is a leader. If they will not obey him. There will be bits.
    I disagree with the methods. I'm 56. In our years, street to street, district to district and other "battles" were also fought, but there was some kind of code. Until the first blood, do not beat the lying one.
    Guys from the Caucasus with a heightened sense of dignity. You just won’t give a slap, but they don’t always understand the words. But I know that if you do not humiliate both the Slav and the Tatar and the Caucasian in the office, I brought up so that the red snot flowed. And the man will understand what the battalion commander gave for the business, deserved it and not become embittered.
    And he didn’t beat because he was so evil. No. The system is as follows. When there are two hundred people in front of you and one of them starts high ... the rest look at you inquisitively and think what measures you will take. And there are no measures. Reprimand, outfit. And he nevermind. Go report higher. Their fighters will grin - a snitch. Authority is not added. Command nah..r will send. So you have to conquer your place under the sun. Otherwise, the unit is over. Will go to smash.
    And I noticed one feature. For 28 years of service from my boys, who were raised not according to the charter, there was not a single complaint.
    And now the soldier was getting smaller or something. Even Caucasians began to complain about the officers, not to mention the Slavs. In my years, Caucasians were stronger.
    1. Esso
      Esso 18 May 2011 18: 28
      I agree completely. But I would have done it a little differently, the charter should be spelled out. The army has no nationality, the main one is senior in rank, the senior should not exceed the authority, if it exceeds, the trial by a military tribunal, do not care how many awards he has and I would have thrown those grandfathers to the parade ground and tore off with a whip for the whole part. And then to demolish these grandfathers and serve the barracks with those whom they humiliated. Fear and strength are what will help to establish order. Grab each other's throats. There are Dagestanis Idiots who consider themselves superior to others, And among Russians there are. Idiots are full in every nation. We have a common enemy of NATO, for example, China. They will come to us soon.
    2. Poherius
      Poherius 19 May 2011 11: 51
      “And I also noticed one peculiarity. For 28 years of service, there was not a single complaint from my boys, who were brought up not according to the charter.
      And now the soldier was getting shallow or something. Even Caucasians began to complain about the officers, not to mention the Slavs. In my years, Caucasians were stronger. "

      Dear Major, I don’t know how it used to be, but now the prosecutor’s office (military) is acting quite sophisticated in terms of torture and bullying, at least over the same rank and file. They would be glad not to knock again, but they beat out the readings at a time. Sam almost fell into their paws because of some kind of left bruise.
      So they settled specifically that I could barely get out of it. Ghouls are such a horror.
  11. Lawyer
    Lawyer 18 May 2011 17: 37
    The inconsistency of the social organization of the societies of the small peoples of Dagestan and the SevKaz in general with the realities of the modern world gave rise to failures in the economy, the actual expulsion of Russians from these republics had a particularly destructive effect on the economy, all this increased the complex of national inferiority of these peoples + local clan princes, accustomed to and generous Russians who put them on an equal footing with themselves! Having received de facto freedom in the 90s, they were surprised that now they will have to work and the 'older brother' will not help anymore ... well, they have successfully destroyed their entire social economic structure of the republics and in order to save face, they were immediately accused of all their troubles Russians, launched nationalist reactions, education and culture were replaced by the radicalization of Islam. Less than two decades later, after getting drunk on imaginary freedom, comrades of the national cadres thickly climbed into the "prison of peoples" while having a completely washed brain according to the national theme, and with the 14th century in the head and culture ala soft paper, with incomprehensible letters - in the neighboring aul. For the Russians, for these 20 years, the authorities have tried to instill tolerance and liberalism, which resulted in a phobia to receive Article 282, simply for their protection, the confidence that the diaspora will smear their own, and they will incriminate you. The army is a great example of this because it is a cut of society.
  12. mitrich
    mitrich 18 May 2011 17: 39
    I share and agree with everything, from basics to yat.
  13. Gost
    Gost 18 May 2011 18: 14
    The bastards.
  14. ROTOR
    ROTOR 18 May 2011 18: 26
    "Major" is a very wise word, but people are different now and the mentality has changed ..... there are a lot of cool and thieves, and as if we all did not want to idiots, there is even enough! And we don't notice the good ones ......... and the bulk of people see only the bad sides.
  15. mitrich
    mitrich 18 May 2011 18: 42
    Major Left needs to be tried and executed. But the flogging of soldiers before the formation is not pedagogical, therefore you should give them hot tea with butterscotch, reassure them and send them back to the barracks.
    1. Esso
      Esso 18 May 2011 21: 25
      Yeah, and maybe pat on the head, we should have an army, and not an institution of noble maidens.
      1. Foma
        Foma 20 May 2011 15: 26
        Everyone served, everyone knows what the situation is with conscripts. The fact that the officers give slack is surprising. In my time, officers were respected. And about the pat, yes. pat on the ass and vaseline.
  16. not Russian
    not Russian 18 May 2011 18: 46
    rapist and marauder Budanov hero oh ... you can with the current heroes
    1. Yeah
      Yeah 18 May 2011 23: 13
      non-Russian did you serve with him? if not, shut the jail.
      "Judge not, yea ye shall be judged"
    2. Uhalus
      Uhalus 30 August 2011 09: 17
      You're wrong. Polkan was simply "leaked" - it was necessary to "sleep off" on someone so that human rights activists and Chechens screamed less.
  17. Draz
    Draz 19 May 2011 03: 49
    He served in my battalion, there was a guy from the North Caucasus, a normal kid, while he was alone he communicated normally with everyone, but when they brought more Dagos to us with a new call, and transferred from another battalion, the greyhound began by leaps and bounds. hours. But he was still not taken seriously. At least me. Dag who were transferred to us, I managed to make friends with them at KMB. In addition, everything depends on upbringing, if the upbringing is street, then they can only communicate on the street, they were normal, with whom you can smoke sugar, tea and a cigarette while talking, regardless of how many "bros" they have in the unit.

    It was rightly said that a lot still depends on the officers, if the officer is a rag, then no one will listen to him at all. It also depends on the person, in the sense that they will dig into those who are weak in spirit and who are alone. Personally, I was not afraid of being beaten. And it helped me personally, when, for example, at the KMB to our dag, a grandfather came from another battalion, got to the bottom of me, I don't remember why, I just told him: "NO". Well, he began to threaten that he would hit him with a boot, and I told him: "So what?" He got mad, then when after the KMB they transferred me to the battalion, I was with him in the same battalion and nothing, we communicated normally.
  18. mitrich
    mitrich 19 May 2011 06: 21
    Guards Colonel Budanov Yuri Dmitrievich is an excellent COMBAT officer, sharp and demanding (with his cockroaches, of course, but do not forget that in 2 wars he received 3 concussions in the state service and the Order For Personal Courage, that's all). And the current Russian army would be so useful! This whole story with Kungaeva is a complete mess, for this it was possible to jail half of the group. My opinion: the leadership (I do not presume to say, the country or the army) at that time took a course towards curtailing the war and making peace with the highlanders, so it found "sacrificial lambs" (Budanov and Ulman's group) to calm the sheep breeders. Why exactly these officers - apparently, some of their own considerations on this score were, and obviously not from the army, but from the "allies". What is happening now? Kadyrov's personal guards are all familiar faces, "former" militants (although I am convinced that bandits, like the Chekists, never exist). That's where the real murderers are !!! Then why should you put your own people in jail, and your enemies under amnesty?
    And on the topic of the article - you can’t write better than MAYOR and DRAZ said. The true truth in their comments. ESSO - here I am about the same.
  19. Muhabi
    Muhabi 19 May 2011 07: 06
    It would be interesting to see the court session and if everything is really as the article says, then the duty of every RUSSIAN to transfer at least some penny to the account of the major.
    1. enikey
      enikey 19 May 2011 12: 34
      Guys, is there an opportunity to find out more information, the names of those who cover up, officials and so on?
  20. Eric
    Eric 19 May 2011 12: 14
    I am 21 years old. No Heroes in your Homeland? There is. Budanov, Ulman and his group, Arakchaev. This is just what is heard. Let the Russians know that they are a role model. And not only Russians, but also Tatars. As an example, Albert Maratovich Zaripov.

    I fully agree with the lawyer.
  21. Maj.
    Maj. 19 May 2011 13: 24
    Heroes are and will be. But a big BUT. My personal observations. The heroes you speak of are "comfortable" for war or other extreme situations.
    Take Generalissimo Suvorov. War. Please command Alexander Vasilievich. The war is over. You can’t click heels, can’t you bend your back? To the village.
    After the Great Patriotic War. Quietly, all sensible generals and officers were removed. The nutcrackers remained.
    Are there many Afghans with combat experience left in the army? No. The nutcrackers remained.
    Are there many officers and generals left in the army after the two Chechen campaigns? No. The nutcrackers remained.
    Because the people who fought, know the value of life, look differently at combat readiness, at the education and training of subordinates than "nutcrackers".
    And the "nutcrackers" need others like them nearby. Therefore, they do not need heroes. They are not nutcrackers. Therefore, they either trample them in the mud or, at best, are silent.
    Here in our army (I mean the highest staff) there are only "nutcrackers" left.
    1. enikey
      enikey 19 May 2011 14: 26
      is there more accurate information? Interested in a surname and ranks!
  22. Pinocchio
    Pinocchio 20 May 2011 15: 46
    How many I live and observe the life and color of different peoples living in Russia, I realized one thing that Russians in peacetime are just goats. But as soon as terrible misfortune comes, then at this time the best qualities of the Russian human are manifested. Therefore, we are still alive!
  23. mitrich
    mitrich 20 May 2011 15: 49
    You think so, because you are Pinocchio.
  24. SAVA
    SAVA 21 May 2011 09: 37
    IN THE UNION, DAGESTIANS WERE NORMAL GUYS, YET THERE WERE SUCH TALK TYPE "THE CAUCASUS SHOULD BE FRIENDLY" WHAT WE REPRESIRUYUT, "YES closer look better in every town THESE DIASPORA AND THEIR nothing good, that have in every town is unreliable people who CAN DO ANYTHING against the Slavs, Dozhilis EVEN Menten appeals to people not a citizen of the position of the A DEAR ,! ! ??
  25. SAVA
    SAVA 23 May 2011 14: 56
  26. stepan
    stepan 25 May 2011 06: 55
    Sooner or later this problem will be solved by itself, when our children come to rule the country (they will have no advice. Friendship of peoples like Volodya and Dima), they will get rid of the Caucasus by fencing them off with a 10 meter wall like Israel or from Caucasians like China They don’t want and don’t want to live a normal life (don’t have a wife and a bug, we’ll take it from a neighbor). I do not know a single multi-ethnic state without a tolerant style of government.
    So either change the state system and the Dagi will serve in the construction battalion and engage in the fact that they will crush granite into rubble with a sledgehammer during the 3-year service, or cut them like China in Tibet, or enclose with barbed wire and machine-gun towers and live taking into account the interests of only the ethnic group itself and those who support him as the United States (their concrete fence on the border with Mexico).
    Let's choose which item suits us best. There are no other options!!!
  27. stepan
    stepan 25 May 2011 06: 58
    Sooner or later this problem will be solved by itself, when our children come to rule the country (they will have no advice. Propaganda in the depths of the cerebellum of the friendship of peoples like Volodya and Dima), they get rid of the Caucasus by fencing them off with a 10 meter wall like Israel or from Caucasians like China. They don’t want and don’t want to live a normal life (don’t have a wife and a bug, we’ll take it from a neighbor). I do not know a single multi-ethnic state without a tolerant style of government.
    So either change the state system and the Dagi will serve in the construction battalion and engage in the fact that they will crush granite into rubble with a sledgehammer during the 3-year service, or cut them like China in Tibet, or enclose with barbed wire and machine-gun towers and live taking into account the interests of only the ethnic group itself and those who support him as the United States (their concrete fence on the border with Mexico).
    Let's choose which item suits us best. There are no other options!!!
  28. stepan
    stepan 25 May 2011 07: 01
    Sooner or later this problem will be solved by itself, when our children come to rule the country (they will have no advice. Propaganda in the depths of the cerebellum of the friendship of peoples like Volodya and Dima), they get rid of the Caucasus by fencing them off with a 10 meter wall like Israel or from Caucasians like China. They don’t want and don’t want to live a normal life (don’t have a wife and a bug, we’ll take it from a neighbor). I do not know a single multi-ethnic state without a tolerant style of government.
    So either change the state system and the Dagi will serve in the construction battalion and engage in the fact that they will crush granite into rubble with a sledgehammer during the 3-year service, or cut them like China in Tibet, or enclose with barbed wire and machine-gun towers and live taking into account the interests of only the ethnic group itself and those who support him as the United States (their concrete fence on the border with Mexico).
    Let's choose which item suits us best. There are no other options!!!
  29. mitrich
    mitrich 25 May 2011 07: 31
    with all due respect, but you are wrong. So you can, after all, continue in the same spirit: why do we need Tatars, Yakuts and other Mordovians? Russia is a "melting pot" for the peoples inhabiting it, with all the costs.
    It is not necessary to allow Dagestani youth to dance lezginka in Moscow, as well as to offend Caucasians themselves with offensive nicknames. Of course, it is necessary to immediately suppress attempts to create "compatriots" in the army, and harshly, roughly as Major Levy from Novosibirsk (one former sergeant recently wrote a very instructive comment on this topic). In general, Caucasians must be respected. if these are normal guys, and immediately beat the scoreboard when trying to run over and greyhound, because guys they are very temperamental. In no case should you whine or complain about the fate of the Caucasians - they will no longer be respected. I, too, as they say, "not very Chechens ...", for obvious reasons, but I understand - we will have to live in one country. Let us hand over the Caucasus - then all the crap, chain reaction. No wall will help.
    And further. After the "micro war" with Georgia, I began to hate Georgians terribly. Then he met two Georgian men. Both are pilots. They were terribly embarrassed for their, frankly, not brave people and swearing at Saakashvili for what it was. So nothing, walked away. And you, apparently, are simply out of luck.
    1. stepan
      stepan 25 May 2011 08: 58
      I would be glad to be wrong, but call me at least one multi-ethnic state without a tolerant management style or concrete fence like in the USA.
      The wall will help if it is not set for complacency, but as in Israel for investing military operations against the wild tribes of the south.
      There are ethnic groups who are happy to live next to the Russians, but if you don’t respect yourself, then they look askance at us (Tatars, Mordovians, etc.) Yakuts - by the way, we don’t like us much if they were more in Yakutia in% to Russian it was Chechnya, but there are people whose whole life is based on the laws of the mountains, that only by treachery and treachery can they seize a piece of bread since there are not enough resources in the mountains for everyone.
    2. radio operator
      radio operator 14 June 2011 17: 23
      Well said.
      One must be men first of all.
    3. Uhalus
      Uhalus 30 August 2011 21: 43
      Yakuts, Mordovians, Volga Tatars (unlike Crimean Tatars) behave normally, humanly, so you can not fence yourself off, but coexist and cooperate. And among the Chechens, I know a couple of normal people (although maybe I haven't seen them from the bad side yet?). But savages (and the Vainakhs are savages) in their mass are dangerous, and they must be pacified by approximately the same methods as the British in the 19th century in India, Africa and other colonies. And do not be alarmed, playing "eviction-resettlement", as in the 40s of the 20th century.
  30. mitrich
    mitrich 25 May 2011 09: 24
    Not totalitarianism, but a correct and tough national policy. Previously, during the Soviet Union, as was the case in the Caucasus, for example: the head of the region is Caucasian, and his deputy or second secretary + all the security forces are Russian (KGB, Ministry of Internal Affairs, army). Therefore, no one rocked the boat. And the so-called national intelligentsia must be shut up. And then for intellectuals, it all starts with kitchen chatter, and ends with calls for violence (in which they themselves refuse to participate, they are afraid of messing up pens). Or furious corruption in the Caucasian republics. The lawyer talks a lot about this, but where are the real plantings? Something did not hear about them.
    So, dear STEPAN, the point is not in the people who live in the Caucasus, but in the right approach of the state to the problems of the Caucasus.
    1. stean
      stean 25 May 2011 10: 56
      so I am for the right approach to the Caucasus, people there I am more than confident with the instinct of self-sacrifice, the 2nd secretary agrees with the execution articles of the uk, life-long psychiatric hospitals, and I’m always glad to receive Kolyma, as in a scoop, will correct the situation. It remains for the rulers to recall this.
    2. radio operator
      radio operator 14 June 2011 17: 38
      Here I allow myself to disagree with you.
      Firstly, Zavgaev became the first only in the 90s (in Chechnya), before that the Russians were in charge of the republic, but the leaders of the security forces were indeed Slavs. Secondly, nat. problems were laid precisely in the USSR.
      My wife is a Terek Cossack. And she told how the Cossacks lived next to the Chechens. There was a simple law that the chieftains and elders adopted. Kill a Cossack - Cossacks take the life of a mountaineer. They cut it out with a Cossack family - be so kind as to betray the thug's family, otherwise a return raid is provided. An eye for an eye. Everything is fair. But Soviet power came, which together with the Chechens destroyed the Cossacks, and gave the Cossack lands to the highlanders. Such is the nat. there was a policy. They violated the balance by receiving, instead of a loyal people, an uncontrollable warlike mass, which was supposed to not recognize Soviet power and terrorize Russian villages, as it was supposed. Next was 44 year - eviction to Kazakhstan. In the 57, Khrushchev returned the Chechens, adding zemstvo to them, cutting off from Stavropol. Again they began to flirt with them, allowing impunity.
      In my opinion, the most honest relationship was before the revolution. Then the Russians were respected. The grandfather of the wife is a Cossack of unprecedented power. Once he killed a stupid stallion with his fist, with one blow. And there were a hundred such grenadiers in the village. Egor (that was his name), 7 (!) Times dispossessed. Every time he set up a new house with his brothers. Guys could work, gave birth and fought.
      1. Uhalus
        Uhalus 30 August 2011 21: 48
        Exactly! I also advocate for these traditions and methods. Whatever the Tolerast liberals invented there, you want, you don’t want, but you have to enter ...
  31. Mr. Truth
    Mr. Truth 26 May 2011 10: 37
    Gentlemen, the most "interesting" is yet to come, unfortunately.
    1. Prostoy guy
      Prostoy guy 2 June 2011 14: 55
      Recently I was demobilized, served in the GRU special forces, we had different nationalities, but especially the greyhounds quickly fell under the suspicion of the deputy. battalion commander in the educational part, and for weeks they could go to the kindergarten with a full backpack of water or sand, or physical. training on the parade ground in the form of dashes with various heavy objects, again in the OZK. And I can say with confidence that a lot depends on the OFFICER, thank God that we had, regardless of nationality, charter relations.
      1. Fantom75100
        Fantom75100 6 June 2011 09: 05
        Yes, there would be an officer
  32. blackborn
    blackborn 7 June 2011 15: 13
    Why national minorities are united in groups, so that there would be something to talk about, the reason is the relative social underdevelopment of the Russian population. The law, there are rules designed to comply with the interests of the state, but in view of the weak economy and the degradation of the elite of this state (tobish people setting an example for the lower classes), there are problems known to everyone.
    P.S. pray to your god that he would give you the opportunity to correct yourself and raise your children correctly, otherwise people with a cold head and a warm heart will make you all scream ... regardless of nationality and material well-being))
  33. Stepan
    Stepan 10 June 2011 05: 15
    there is some truth in the words of kavkaza, Russians are full of crosses who don’t keep their children for a Caucasian, they don’t hold their wife for people (go to football and in the stands hear so much black hatred with mates towards another team and the city from which it didn’t come from brainless youngsters, and from brainless 30-50 year olds and most of them there). unfortunately in R.F. 60% of the population is a herd and must be grazed with the help of dogs and lashes, until they become homo sapiens
  34. Angry passerby
    Angry passerby 12 June 2011 22: 12
    Yes, it’s not a rotor, but it’s removed!
  35. Mikhail Vasilyev
    Mikhail Vasilyev 17 June 2011 15: 43
    my great-grandfather also said that before the attack, Caucasians shouted:
    "wai, wai, my not understand .."
    after which they retreated ...
  36. opium21
    opium21 9 October 2011 03: 05
    not the grandfathers are to blame but the fathers of those soldiers are guilty that they couldn’t raise a man like sheep, let them shake hands my son went to the army, the master beat the melee and got a man for that, but he served in intelligence and these loshats had to undergo alternatics by the nurse if they were Seruns as they defend their homeland better to comiss them and an officer well done
    1. zczczc
      zczczc 9 October 2011 04: 05
      opium21, do not justify lawlessness by physical weakness. Collecting tribute is a crime, and the defenselessness of ours is a weakness, but not a crime.

      In fact, the issue must be resolved from the cradle - it must be taught to stick together and together defend their interests.