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Operation "divide and conquer" in Ukraine

Operation "divide and conquer" in Ukraine

From the most ancient times, the principle of "divide and rule" has been one of the favorite tools for controlling the masses, nations, states. We will discuss the “nationalist”, “fascist” sabbath, which was arranged by the heirs of Mazepa and Bandera in Western Ukraine. Ukro-Nazis in Lviv and in a number of other cities staged mass brawls, disrupted commemorative events in honor of the Victory, ripped St. George ribbons, burned Red banners.

Many overlooked the obvious fact - all this is arranged on purpose, and the main goal is not disrupting the holiday, but something much more serious. Preparations for the “operation” took place ahead of time, there is no need to talk about the “accident” of the incident: first, rumors were spread about the arrival in Lviv of “squads” from the eastern regions of Little Russia who were supposed to show the “zapadentsam” who was the boss in the house; local authorities did not carry out preventive measures, although there was information about upcoming actions, Lviv police did not receive any special means, and normal street patrols were not organized; members of the Svoboda organization, Oleg Tyagnibok, were not prevented from grouping, although it was previously announced that mass events were banned. There is all the evidence that the local authorities did not specifically counteract the impending action until the moment when the process has already begun.

To whom it is advantageous to pit the western part of Ukraine with the East and Russia - two forces are interested in this. The Kiev authorities, represented by Yanukovich and the clans behind him, are “preparing” for the elections to the Verkhovna Rada. Directing, channeling the people's hatred from the authorities, which, like in the Russian Federation, is busy with their own interests and plundering the country, at each other, let them, they say, beat and hate each other, East versus West, letting the West hate Moscow even more, its machinations. After all, Yanukovych actually did not fulfill his election promises - including giving the Russian language the status of the state language (both Russian schools were closed and they were closed). Just the process of “Ukrainization” of Little Russia became less frank. Therefore, Yanukovych and the oligarchs behind him need to catch up with fear in the east of the country, they say, it is necessary to support his party and him personally, and then again the “zapadentsy” will seize power. Although in fact all the leaders of Little Russia worked and work according to the same program - deepening the split between the bleeding parts of United Russia according to the program of creating "Ukraine" and "Ukrainian people".

To believe that the Nazis themselves are behind this, stupid, they are just a tool, stupid, poorly educated people in their mass, are undergraduated, except for the leaders provocateurs who are in the know.

But the oligarchic clans of Ukraine, and of the Russian Federation, are just a tool in more capable hands, who have been weaving the nets of War against Russia for more than one century. The project "Ukraine" "Ukrainians" was not invented by 20 years ago and not by 70, it has been for more than one century, it has been worked on in Poland, Austria, the Vatican. At present, the split between parts of United Russia is being deepened by schemers from London and Washington. They need parts of Russia not to be reunited, so that the population is impoverished, dying out, stupidly, it would be nice if the Russians of the East of Little Russia grappled with those who had forgotten that they were Rus, “Westerners”, the Crimean Tatars rebelled. Preparation of the civil war in Ukraine is in full swing.

The Anglo-Saxons need a lot of blood, they prepare such "mines" all over the planet: Ukraine, the North Caucasus, the South Caucasus, Syria, Egypt, Pakistan, the Korean Peninsula, and so on. Eternal politics - "divide and conquer" ...

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  1. Max79
    Max79 18 May 2011 12: 54
    An ugly Western system! And these puffer-milkers, who have been rubbing them since 12 that Russia is the invaders, don’t know anything about how the Ukrainian people were friendly with the Russians, Belarusians, etc. their undeveloped children's mind drives that Russia is evil and the people in it are evil. And as we know in childhood, the most acute events are very memorable.
    I am sure all subversive actions are generously paid. Yanukovych, I think it’s not the case here, although to keep the rating at the same level, no one has canceled!
  2. ert12
    ert12 18 May 2011 13: 20
    Article for the underdeveloped. There is nothing to discuss here.
    1. Alexey Umbrella
      Alexey Umbrella 18 May 2011 20: 50
      I agree!)
  3. Kudrev
    Kudrev 18 May 2011 13: 33
    Eh, Sasha, Sasha ... What a fool you are ... You are a project yourself, never thought about it? And the fact that the events in Lvov were prepared in Moscow did not occur to you, but the fact that the Lviv police guarded the provocateurs is visible and understandable even to a young dumbass? Young man, before hanging labels and accusations, ask yourself a simple question: WHO benefits? ... Yes, about the shortcuts ('re coming out, Nazis, etc. - repeating the infused vocabulary of the Katsap fagots - well, did you like it, condom?) - be careful if you have your OWN mind in your head ... Yes, I almost forgot - put your "zhorkin ribbons" into yourself .... It stinks too much Marmot, his "creatiff" ...
  4. Kudrev
    Kudrev 18 May 2011 13: 43
    Guys! How much material can I use? 66 (!) Years have passed. ALREADY None of the participants were left alive - do not offer pseudo-mummies. With the same success, you can make a fool of yourself on the basis of Dima and Mamaia, who were they - sworn civilizational enemies or cousins ​​who did not share the throne? NOW, NOBODY can prove or disprove ... Relax, desperate virtual fighters, remove your tired finger from the (trigger) key ... Dunce, you are bred ... :) Hehe ...
  5. Kudrev
    Kudrev 18 May 2011 14: 10
    So admit it - except for the 45th - there is NOTHING for the soul. But even by the age of 45 - YOU, you specifically - DO NOT HAVE ANY attitude! And YOU DO NOT have the right to it! Waters, after all, is the BASIC X @ YNYA, little ones. You are counterfeiters, you have unjustly arrogated to yourself the "right" to judge what your playful little hands had NO attitude to. Dont Have. AND WILL NOT HAVE. EVERYTHING, small things, the verdict is final and not subject to appeal. I convict you, small ones, to the highest measure of social protection - forced labor to repair the sewer ...%) PYSY. My grandfather was born in 1911. In 1941 he was (for those who do not know arithmetic) - 30 years old. A rural man, two children and a pregnant woman. Mother was born in December 41, when my grandfather had been at the front for a long time. He ended the war with the rank of captain and commandant of some German town. He saved his family from the famine of 1946-1949 by taking them to Germany. They brought from there - a wall clock (I have it, I restored it myself), embroidered curtains - everything is lost, nothing remains. Orders, medals, membership card of a member of the CPSU (b) - I don't know where, there are many grandchildren, I could not control everything (or rather, I could not control anything). Yes, grandfather DIDN'T ATTEND IT - no attention. And to us, grandchildren - NEVER, TOLD ANYTHING, did not lead ANY patriotic education. Then I myself did not pay attention to this - I was more interested in hockey and fishing. And now - somewhere I understand him. I've seen enough of different things myself, and I understand that not everything needs to be told ...
    1. Bond
      Bond 18 May 2011 16: 48
      When I served, I started back in the USSR, there were mixed different nationalities in stock. So Russians, Ukrainians and Belarusians were felt by one people, and the rest were not. Thoughts that you now have no one had. The maximum that was- that the Ukrainians feed the entire USSR. Years will pass and you will understand everything yourself.
  6. Al3XxBK
    Al3XxBK 18 May 2011 16: 08
    It's all clear that there was a clear provocation, except that except for the fact that it is beneficial only to Yanukovych and the West, I do not agree, perhaps in some aspects it is also beneficial to Russia (its Elite, to be more precise): - "Divide and rule"! And I am constantly tormented by one aspect of why the Russians never sniff about the "Belarus" project? And I will answer because this is complete nonsense, and if you do not know, then for twenty years there has been such a state as Ukraine.
    And to ordinary people, to ordinary Ukrainians and ordinary Russians, I will tell you not to do nonsense that undermine friendly ties (the very interpretation of the fact that Ukraine is a project of the West tobish an enemy project causes negative attitude towards Ukrainians and Ukraine among Russians) did not have enough that we would still fight because of such nonsense all the time warming up the society, which is produced by our idiotic "ELITES" (almost solid cattle!)
  7. Arpotemius
    Arpotemius 19 May 2011 04: 06
    Very strange vision of the author. It is immediately obvious that a person does not deeply know the problem. Firstly, the population of Galicia is not Slavic and is a descendant of immigrants from Romania, Albania, etc. They have a weakly expressed Slavic gene R1a1, while in the Little Russians of New Russia and Little Russia this gene is decisive.
    Secondly, these are trifles in comparison with the mental, ideological heritage. There, at the level of local folklore, there are absolutely wild sadistic songs and slogans depicting brutal ways of executing Russians.
    This folklore was not formed from scratch, they really plagued the people of Rusyns, who remained from the time of Chervona Rus. Then they destroyed the Jews and Poles, who made up the vast majority of the population of the city of Lviv before World War II.
    Khmelnitsky besieged the enemy Lions, volunteer units of Svidomites were formed on this territory, which made up the backbone of Mazepa’s small army, units of Galician archers who participated in the war against the Russian Army in World War I were formed, numerous units fought against the Red Army as part of the troops and units The SS of Hitler Germany, whose main task was brutal punitive actions against the Polish, Belarusian, Russian, Jewish, Gypsy and other civilians.
    The descendants of the Galicians participated in the Chechen gangs, the regular Georgian army in military operations against Russia.
    There is no longer a region in the world that hates Russia and Russians as much as they can in Galicia, and today their goal is to spread their hegemony, and with it the mentality, and therefore the hostile attitude towards Russia throughout Ukraine. Here lies a big threat to Russia in the future.
  8. Kudrev
    Kudrev 19 May 2011 09: 06
    Well, there was already a "biologist" who told the FSE and explained ... Who does not understand !? Genes, stsuko! It turns out TSTSO, the gene is to blame for the fact that the bought fagots caused such a reaction, and even more ... Or maybe THIS is the correct gene, and it should be introduced? Or solve the issue of education, even though it is long and dreary? PYSY. The ROA army, Cossack units, logistic support battalions, police units, EVERYTHING, I UNDERSTAND, - the curse has been removed - EVERYTHING - Russians, with PURE GENES, numbering - UP TO A MILLION people - fought on the side of Hitler ... STILL NEEDED? The UPA - even in its best times, did not even reach a hundred thousand personnel - fought against Hitler. So Whose side are you on?
    1. Smirnov Vadim
      Smirnov Vadim 19 May 2011 09: 11
      Dear, I ask you to be more restrained and choose expressions. Otherwise, banned!
  9. Kudrev
    Kudrev 19 May 2011 09: 20
    Forget it! But. Understand and taste one truth first. Do not be famously while it is quiet. Filter the market and monitor the broom FSEM. And this is not the case of precisely the so-called abnormal vocabulary (we think so) - this also applies to such delicate things as interstate and international relations. So I advise you to be careful when printing similar articles .. Yeah .. Thank you for your attention ...
    1. Smirnov Vadim
      Smirnov Vadim 19 May 2011 09: 32
      The person correctly expressed his opinion, your right to agree with him or not. If you do not agree with something, argue in the comments or we can post your article, but also correctly, within the bounds of decency.

      For strong expressions, there are a lot of resources on the internet, where you will be glad. And here - be so kind as to "filter the bazaar"!
  10. ss20
    ss20 19 May 2011 10: 06
    Kudrev, -Remitted swearing- you are moral, there’s nothing more to say. By the 45th, I personally have such an attitude that my grandfather fought in that war, went through it, and received disability. Pseudo-mummies? where, in which she-wolf pupil brought you up, - curse removed, - you removed curse provocation? in what? is that people dressed ribbons of St. George? is this a crime today? Do you need to pluck them? or a wreath that they wanted to lay on the graves? Well, for people like you this is probably normal. As well as the marches of the former SS men.