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Obama, relax! Merkel, at ease!

Oh, how much is said about Russia, about Russians, and about Putin. And - most importantly: all the articles in the Western media put an equal sign between Russia, Russians and Putin. It seems to be so. But let's see. Do the interests of Russia, Russian and Putin coincide?

From where Vladimir Vladimirovich came to politics, it is well known to all. From the KGB. Or rather, from the PGU (First Chief Directorate of the KGB of the USSR). This service was engaged in foreign intelligence. In the state security bodies took only the best and proven people. And in foreign intelligence took the best of the selected best. Those. the identity of Vladimir Vladimirovich was checked very carefully. And passed the test well, very small sieve.

The security agencies were smart, and not very. Sly, and not very. There were patriots. There were traitors. However, they are all united by one, but the characteristic feature is the complete absence of any initiative. Those. absolute absence.

Many of those who read these lines served in the army. And everyone knows the expression: the initiative is punishable. Sometimes I think that a non-surgical lobotomy was invented in the USSR. At the same time, the brain department responsible for the initiative was deleted. Well, this is a joke. So here.

As soon as the hero of our opus resigned from the security organs, he became one of the leaders in the city of Lenin. And his boss was a famous Democrat - Sobchak. And our retired colonel showed such an initiative that he could quietly rattle on the bench. Years so on 15.

But the providence, represented by Sobchak, Gaidar, and some others saved our boy for Russia. By the way, Dmitry Kozak prepared certificates about Putin’s illegal activities. Also known now man. The curious can search the Internet for articles about the results of the work of the Salye Commission.

Having escaped responsibility, Mr Putin was sent to work in Moscow. Rumor has it that he was personally supervised by the late Marshal Vareniki who was recently dead. And it was the marshal with a group of comrades who urged Yeltsin to retire.

That period of time in our country is perceived by many as a nightmare. And Putin, having come to power, seemed like a deliverance. Virtually Messiah. I have no words.

As a crisis manager, Vladimir Vladimirovich was on top. Some of his winged expressions are worth something. Anyway. Not about words, but about business speech.

But gradually we passed the crisis. But the style of work remained the same. Affected operation to remove the initiative. And so we went: from crisis to crisis. And again the best qualities of our president were manifested.

The country was on the rise. More precisely, some part of our country. The laurels of the first president of the USSR Gorbachev did not give Vladimir Vladimirovich a rest. It is very difficult to go beyond Gorbachev’s popularity. Such worldwide gratitude from overseas and other "friends" are unlikely to be rewarded by anyone else.

And then luck turned up. Russia began to claim the venue for the Winter Olympics. Governor Tkachev, Minister of Sports Mutko and many others jumped like joy from joy.

As a resident of Kuban, I don’t doubt the patriotism of Alexander Nikolaevich Tkachev. Especially if it mates with the ability to saw grandmother. The ancient formula of “bread and circuses” is the most correct and shortest way to slaughter the brains of the population.

The amounts that were originally reserved for the construction of facilities and infrastructure of the Olympics, then revised several times upwards. According to available information, the Olympics cost 60 billion dollars.

Of course, the image of the country is a great thing. And the development of mass sports is necessary for the population. But only all our attempts to earn cheap credibility with the Americans, the French, the British, etc. the contingent was not crowned with any success.

Indicative of the high, which is all over the world. So what if Bear cried? So what, that Ernst got out of the skin? Who will appreciate it now? Who raised his voice in defense of Russia? Who will say that we are white and fluffy? So, we have not achieved image success?

Maybe then we had a massive sport? And our younger generation will be able to master and polish their skills in winter sports? Well, let's not be idiots.

A trip to Sochi, staying there for a month and going home, say, to Arkhangelsk, will cost more than a trip to Courchevel. So, here is the span?

So why thrown so much money? Maybe we created an advanced production for the development of the construction industry in the Krasnodar region? Not! Because the objects were built by Turks, Chinese, Tajiks and some Russians.

And what do we have in the bottom line? Initiative is punishable! Vladimir Vladimirovich personifies the mysterious Russian soul all over the world.

Let's look at us through this prism. We managed to calm down Chechnya! It is a fact. But how? Money, money and money again! Yes. And thousands more lives of our simple guys.

And what do we have? Fashionable city of Grozny. In which sits quite odious leader Kadyrov. In this region, fully subsidized, billions of rubles flow into the abyss. In the capital of Chechnya, a huge mosque was built on the people's money. And - lo and behold! She was given the name of the deceased earlier Akhmad Kadyrov.

Correct me if not right. But in modern stories Islam has no precedent for such deceit. A person can be declared holy only after a thorough study of his biography. And in his biography there should not be a single dark speck. Who among you can vouch for Ahmad-Hadji Kadyrov? Yes, he is not something that specks. He has huge spots, in several layers!

And what does Chechnya give us today? Peace and tranquility? Recent events in Volgograd suggest me other thoughts.

Especially it is necessary to note the breadth of Vladimir Vladimirovich’s soul in relation to the staff of our special services. Yes. He revived in our people respect for the FSB. But, to be honest, these guys have somehow avoided the removal of the initiative. For in the Kuban this public had a very good percentage of the oil business. With the alcohol trade. With push-ups, etc.

It is clear why we have explosions and those killed in the terrorist attacks? They just have no time to do their direct duties. They do their business.

You can walk past the regional department of the FSB and look at the vehicles on which employees arrive. True, he is decorated for mother-in-law, testey, second cousins, etc. Therefore, nothing to complain about.

So who and with what wide soul has allowed this to happen? Eh! Russian soul! Some darkness.

Well, about devotion to friends of Vladimir Vladimirovich, and, as a result, about the nature of the character of the Russian people, and can not speak. It manifested itself in the fact that the Russian Minister of Defense, having managed to ruin everything that was possible by creating a Babisky battalion around him, remained safe and sound. That's the way to take care of your friends! Learn, foe! We do not throw theirs!

And the names of Yakunin, Medvedev, Ivanov, Patrushev are widely known. This is what friendship between Russians means. At the hearing and the names of Rotenberg, Timchenko, Kovalchuk.

Served with someone. Someone trained. And with someone together in the "Lake" engaged in farming. That's how the Russians are friends.

After such a friendship, these friends become the richest people not only in our country, but also on a global scale.

The soul of the Russian person manifested itself most fully and in all its glory in the Crimean events. Oh, and manifested!

Twenty years from overseas guys have been putting billions of dollars into their program. Preparing militants. Printed literature. Ukrainians explained the purpose of their life! Indicated, so to speak, the star to be followed. Ukrainians believed it. But their peculiar character affected. Let everything take its course. And what did you get?

Under the guise. With a smirk. Stopped from under the nose of the Crimea. Together with all personal belongings. Beautifully rested. Nothing to say! But how about our sworn enemies will think about the Russian soul now? How about crooks and thieves? Well, we, of course, have created an evidence base. But in honor it was necessary in another way.

It was necessary to arrange a crisis of power in the country, and only then wring out the concepts. And so we just took advantage of the slowness and negligence of the Ukrainians. Well, Americans too.

They considered Russians decent. An that's how it all happened. Now they are frantic. Sanctions rush like cornucopias. All the friends of Vladimir Vladimirovich, the whole near, middle, far and distant circles, were sanctioned by sanctions.

Well, our people with a broad Russian soul say that they don’t care. All mothers are ready to accept for Mother Russia. And those who did not fall under the sanctions, go as spat upon. I already felt sorry for them. Here are the Europeans, eh? .. Couldn't they, all Russians, be covered in one fell swoop? So that we are not jealous of each other?

And how amicably everyone came out. And Zhirinovsky, and Mironov, and Naryshkin, and "United Russia", and Matvienko, etc. All long list. Oh, they are patriotic! So they are ready to accept flour with joy! Here it is, the Russian soul!

Only something is alarming me in this slender choir of a variegated public. Life to live is not a field to move on. And life is already lived. And considerable. And all the frills of our personalities were almost on sight. And I don’t complain about it.

How so? Mrs. Matvienko! Hey! Tell us about the success of your son in business in St. Petersburg!

Mr. Zhirinovsky, where are you now - when yelling at a pregnant journalist or when you stand on the podium in support of the Crimea?

And straightforward, like a stretched parachute line, Mironov! You demand to send troops to the Donetsk region! What have you personally done to help this area? Maybe a dozen or two strong guys from the school were invited to the conversation, they were given some money for travel and explained how to remove Kolomoisky or Yatsenyuk, or Yarosh, or another ... !? To discourage Russian touch!

And such questions can be asked to any of the people flashing on television.

Now go to the most important thing. And what about Vladimir Vladimirovich? What does he think about this? What is going to do? I believe that absolutely nothing.

He did not make this mess, and it was not for him to clear up. Yes, and he has no plans.

If I believed in the words of our president that the Russians did not abandon theirs, then today I would observe the resignation of the village of Kushchevskaya, the governor of Tkachev, the head of the Investigative Committee of Russia Bastrykin, the Prosecutor General of Russia Chaika, etc. And so I believe that the Russians do not abandon their OWN.

And one more small addition to the picture of the Russian man and his soul. The statesman, in full measure caring for his homeland, should be a goal, like a falcon. Stalin was such a person in our history.

But Vladimir Vladimirovich, despite the inadequate salary, in the village of Praskoveevka of the Krasnodar Territory is building a palace worth one billion dollars.

If a person has material, monetary, property interests on such a scale, then it is simply not necessary to speak about his disinterested service to Russia and the Russian people. I do not believe in such a Russian soul.

Well, what about Ukraine? On Putin hung all the dogs in the Crimea. Now they accuse him of ruining Ukraine. Do not believe. He has no such plans. Well, he does not need Ukraine. Why? Read from the beginning. And everything will fall into place.

However, it is a pity that today there are no people at Minin and Pozharsky level in the country. Today is the most convenient time for collecting the Holy Land of the Russian.

Obama, exhale and relax. Merkel, at ease!
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  1. papik09
    papik09 15 May 2014 09: 06
    And why this opus? fool
    1. Vitaly Anisimov
      Vitaly Anisimov 15 May 2014 09: 11
      Quote: papik09
      And why this opus? fool

      This is so that we do not relax ..))) Old song all this laughing
      1. I do not care
        I do not care 15 May 2014 09: 18
        All prosralipolymers, the mustache is gone, chef.
        1. Voenruk
          Voenruk 15 May 2014 12: 43
          The mistake is that Chubais is free!
      2. papik09
        papik09 15 May 2014 09: 31
        Thanks for the tip laughing hi
      3. Kite
        Kite 15 May 2014 11: 43
        Quote: MIKHAN
        This is so that we do not relax.

        - And once again engaged in a discussion of rumors, speculation.
        Maybe it is useful for someone to discuss and understand again what is the falsity of these "arguments" (the senselessness of spending on the image, on the Olympics, Chechnya's subsidies, whether Crimea is "obstinate", ............... .)
        "ROC" "- have a conscience! Why do you sell the same article to your customer periodically! Although he is a sucker, he will also notice your mediocrity.
        (laughing: "there was no initiative in the KGB" laughing laughing )
      4. dmitrich
        dmitrich 15 May 2014 11: 50
        Tamara and I walk in pairs.
      5. WKS
        WKS 15 May 2014 11: 51
        Quote: MIKHAN
        This is so that we do not relax ..))) Old song all this

        The author is, of course, spiteful, but the fact that a lot of gossips really accumulate around the GDP is a fact. Power for them is like honey for flies. Observe and zasrut. At least once a year, it is necessary to clean the environment from the stuck singers of praises, the sense of them is no harm.
        1. Spare
          Spare 15 May 2014 12: 37
          In all ages and everywhere around any power, slime and sneak have accumulated.
    2. Stalnov I.P.
      Stalnov I.P. 15 May 2014 09: 53
      And the opus to the fact that foreign policy diverges from the domestic one, if in the foreign one still did not go anywhere, then in the internal one there is a complete mess, starting from the economy and ending with law enforcement agencies, that’s the answer.
      1. Val_y
        Val_y 15 May 2014 11: 38
        Uncle is in ruins at the seams with politics, both internal and external, and you are constantly dissatisfied with something, this is not the case with you, this is not the case with you stop People you all work well and love your homeland soldier
    3. Roshchin
      Roshchin 15 May 2014 10: 31
      No wonder the author of this creation subscribed to the pseudonym POC
    4. GRune
      GRune 15 May 2014 10: 37
      Well, the captain made it clear to us that the powers that be in our homeland are swimming in gold. And the FSB officers are busy with business, I think it’s no secret that the Ministry of Internal Affairs is even more busy with cars, especially the traffic police, the author will look at cars near the police ... Well, he respects Visarionovich, here I completely agree with him!
    5. Max_Bauder
      Max_Bauder 15 May 2014 11: 54
      Quote: papik09


      Today, 09: 06

      And why this opus?

      A desperate replica of a desperate Russian, moreover, thinking at the household level.

      The author do you even know what it is to disentangle someone else's crap? Is it figurative, really correcting the mistakes of others?

      just imagine you were appointed a new foreman, you come and look at the object, and there they dug a foundation pit in another place, and the bricks are not the same for the construction of housing, and the documents are not in order, they say he had no right to sell these lands to you, and the residents were evil, because your workers ruined the playground, or demolished an architectural dilapidated building, how do they know that there will be a new kindergarten.

      Voooot! to start a new construction it is necessary to redo everything! I described everything in amateurish form so that it would be clear to everyone, state affairs are not to draw on the fence, but to plant oligarchs, it’s not for you to crush acne.

      Stalin's hands were untied. I do not like? shot! Does Putin have such power? it’s just the people who are pulling down, with such disbelief as you write here. I am sure that if you were put in power, you would have been unable to do anything at all, or you would have found them dead, God forgive me. To be among thieves and be able to turn them into good ones is work.

      The leader of the country must be trusted.

      PySy. If in 1920-30 there was such a system as right now and the people also thought, then Stalin would not have been allowed to power at all, and would the Liberals have come to power in general?
      1. mark7
        mark7 15 May 2014 23: 15
        Quote: Max_Bauder
        Leader of the country must be trusted

        I absolutely agree, the author of the article, a terry liberalist who sees only negative
    6. wax
      wax 15 May 2014 12: 02
      Springtime. Weed, weed and weed, otherwise there will be no harvest.
    7. larand
      larand 15 May 2014 12: 17
      the author fulfills Obama’s cookies, hiding behind a pseudonym. Traitors to Russia stirred by order of the State Department.
      1. Tektor
        Tektor 15 May 2014 13: 29
        And I don’t feel sorry for the billion at the palace for P ... lol
    8. Dadasi
      Dadasi 15 May 2014 14: 06
      The fourth and fifth column in Russia is and feels very comfortable =)
  2. shyler
    shyler 15 May 2014 09: 07
    5th column begins the offensive
  3. amicus
    amicus 15 May 2014 09: 11
    There are many shortcomings .. we have .. But this unproven nonsense ... tired !!!
    Is there any proof? Upload documents, links, etc! But statements like .. "According to the available information .." are somehow not very serious. What are you all whining? Do it! Work! Put things in order in the country. And then he will sprinkle an article ... based on what one woman said and is happy.
    Article "-"
    1. GRune
      GRune 15 May 2014 10: 39
      Serdyukov with the company you are not proof ??? Trampolines at a triple price, questions do not cause ?? Basilio you are ours. The happiness is that in our country it is simply physically impossible to steal everything!
      1. amicus
        amicus 15 May 2014 12: 59
        Mr. Taburetkin and I don’t like it, but what to do .. Put things in order on your own
        And then the same thief sits like Serdyukov and shouts loudest! And if I and Basilio, then it’s definitely not my way with you.
    2. Mikhail3
      Mikhail3 15 May 2014 12: 53
      Well, the author, after all, does not lay out the factology, he is purely at the level of reasoning ... So, after all, it is possible at this level. The main message of the article is that Putin has no initiative, as it was not allowed in the KGB.
      Consideration was amputated from the opposition, apparently it is not allowed there. We will not take into account unique events - Putin’s meetings with the press. The president’s instant reaction to rather extraordinary questions (and not statements, they are clearly visible) and all sorts of surprises are not important. Well, let it be so.
      And pay attention to your own text? WHERE did Putin work in the KGB? Well guys ... You won’t send a robot to recruit. You can’t even put a mechanical man in escort! The work of a scout is an almost continuous improvisation within the main task! Otherwise, you’ll just get burned and that's it. But how many failures does Putin have? That ...
  4. valentina-makanalina
    valentina-makanalina 15 May 2014 09: 12
    I think the author does not really like Russia. Something is not comme il faut to him.
    1. Egoza
      Egoza 15 May 2014 09: 19
      Quote: valentina-makanalina
      I think the author does not really like Russia. Something is not comme il faut to him.

      Well no! I just "really want to go to the Soviet Union," and preferably to Stalin's socialism! I understand that very well. And about disinterestedness ... Yes! I.V. Stalin was an ascetic, like many others, he devoted his whole life to the state and the people! But in this regard, to reach for him and reach, it is simply very insulting when all sorts of mongrels from behind a hillock threaten to "block the foreign accounts of state leaders" And after all, "well-wishers" pick up. Well, people are not sure that there are none. Under I.V. Stalin had such confidence.
      1. mark7
        mark7 15 May 2014 23: 19
        Quote: Egoza
        threaten to "block foreign accounts of state leaders"

        All accounts must be kept at home, not at the uncle, then they won’t block them
    2. GRune
      GRune 15 May 2014 10: 44
      My friend, yes you see Chubais adoring and respect the amnestied Serdyukov ?? By the way, in our country, officially, there is a fight on corruption on all fronts, there is only no result ... I personally love Russia, but there are no freaks who profit from power ...
  5. serega.fedotov
    serega.fedotov 15 May 2014 09: 15
    Liberals began to stir! The United States again gave money to white-collar workers on bail of conscience!
  6. Stiletto
    Stiletto 15 May 2014 09: 17
    Something the author, apparently, was mistaken by the site ...
    1. The comment was deleted.
    2. alexng
      alexng 15 May 2014 10: 03
      He seems to be wrong with the country.
  7. dmb
    dmb 15 May 2014 09: 20
    I can imagine what kind of howl will begin among the gentlemen Konyashkin. By the number of spits addressed to the poor fellow, the Russian Orthodox Church will be in the lead in the top three, consisting of Chubais and Makarevich. And try to refute conclusively, each of its passages. I give a hint. Personally, I have strong doubts about the fact that drunk-Borya dumped, having listened to Varennikov. I don’t remember something that he and Vova were listed as advisers.
    1. Karabin
      Karabin 15 May 2014 09: 45
      Quote: dmb
      By the number of spits addressed to the poor fellow, the Russian Orthodox Church will be in the lead in the top three, consisting of Chubais and Makarevich.

      To these two characters, I would add Mr. Medvedev. None of the "Konyashkins" are interested in the fact of appointment of a LADY by Putin.
    2. Mihaylo Tishayshiy
      Mihaylo Tishayshiy 15 May 2014 11: 25
      Quote: dmb
      And try to refute conclusively, each of its passages. I give a hint. Personally, I have strong doubts about the fact that drunk-Borya dumped, having listened to Varennikov. I don’t remember something that he and Vova were listed as advisers.

      I don't know about Varennikov, give me a hint about Serdyukov, Skrynnik, Tkachev, give a hint about the "prosecutors' case" who protected the gambling business.
      This ROC, of ​​course, has a somewhat peculiar view of Putin, but! Let me also be ranked in the 5th column, but I believe that in internal affairs Putin is doing indecent things, stubbornly "not abandoning" "his" people, stubbornly guarding the interests of the "oligarchs" and stubbornly giving economic policy to liberal economists.
      1. dmb
        dmb 15 May 2014 14: 28
        You see, I can't give any hints on these issues, because the author wrote about the real state of affairs. It would be interesting to know what you think is the "originality" of the look.
  8. Flinky
    Flinky 15 May 2014 09: 22
    Why is it here?
  9. andrey777
    andrey777 15 May 2014 09: 23
    A selfish little article, I didn’t even read it to the end.
  10. Old Siberian
    Old Siberian 15 May 2014 09: 26
    Putin certainly has sins, like everyone else, but much can be forgiven for Crimea.
    1. podpolkovnik
      podpolkovnik 15 May 2014 09: 58
      Quote: Old Siberian
      Putin certainly has sins, like everyone else, but much can be forgiven for Crimea.

      I agree with the previous speaker!
      1. acute
        acute 15 May 2014 10: 20
        Putin managed to create a team of like-minded, pro-Russian-minded people. Yes, we have a lot of things for which we are ashamed, but there are also positive aspects. Russians became proud of their country and their leadership
        1. Ptah
          Ptah 15 May 2014 10: 37
          Quote: akut
          Putin managed to create a team of like-minded, pro-Russian-minded people.

          Quotation: I.P.
          foreign policy diverges from domestic, if the foreign still did not go anywhere, then the internal is a complete mess, starting from the economy, ending with law enforcement agencies,

          Those executives who are represented in the photo are directly related to FOREIGN POLICY.
          There are almost NO complaints about them. They provide t.s. protection of the "outer perimeter".
          And what is happening inside. Russia in dozens of indicators DEPENDENT country. From the production of trench tools (all shovels and pitchforks on the market or Chinese bullshit, or Finnish high cost) to the independent production of seeds for agricultural.
          If we consider Putin as the conductor of the orchestra, then the trumpets and trombones under his leadership "hum" loudly, but those who are supposed to "provide the rear" creak a little like soaked cellos.
          Or is there no one to steer in these sectors?
          1. Ulus5
            Ulus5 15 May 2014 18: 21
            Quote: Ptah
            If we consider Putin as the conductor of the orchestra, then the trumpets and trombones under his leadership "hum" loudly, but those who are supposed to "provide the rear" creak a little like soaked cellos.

            Yes, it is time for Putin to change the government, especially the economic bloc (all saboteurs and traitors to Russia), under the guise of the "Russian Spring".
    2. Ulus5
      Ulus5 15 May 2014 18: 17
      Quote: Old Siberian
      Putin certainly has sins, like everyone else, but much can be forgiven for Crimea.

      As M. Zadornov said here earlier in the laid out article:
      I was pleased with the military exercises that Russia conducted. It seems that our president saved all the money saved from the business (after all, rumors circulated that he had 40 billions) spent on the return of fighting efficiency to our army. If so, then let him continue to do business.
  11. Rohon
    Rohon 15 May 2014 09: 26
    Shnyaga complete ...........
  12. Wedmak
    Wedmak 15 May 2014 09: 26
    Uh ... what was that? ROC - who is this at all? The author seems as straightforward as wood scrap. Bend does not work, it will break. But in politics, the dear ROC would not have to go into it at all, with such directness there is the right path to the nuclear apocalypse. Well, or to an anonymous grave in a dense forest. Here it’s how lucky.
  13. Dedjara
    Dedjara 15 May 2014 09: 29
    I didn’t even read to the end.
  14. muginov2015
    muginov2015 15 May 2014 09: 34
    And what did the author lie to? Specifically. On the shelves. Reasoned. Who is the first?
    1. Maxsh
      Maxsh 15 May 2014 09: 50
      Yes, I just got the whine
    2. tokin1959
      tokin1959 15 May 2014 09: 52
      the author does not lie, but the attitude towards Putin has changed after the annexation of the Crimea, which happened expertly and without shots.
      a wave of patriotism went up.
      Now the moment of truth is the South-East of Russia.
      then we will draw conclusions.
      maybe we just don’t know much.
      maybe politics is so very wise.
      But I would not want the southeast of Ukraine to be fused with dill.
      1. muginov2015
        muginov2015 15 May 2014 10: 14
        Why hysteria-minus? I agree, and my attitude towards Pu has changed after the Crimea, but you won’t erase words from the song, as they say, and I’m still disgusted to look at this Kremlin-patriot shobla, bl. one roll-half a cup of what is worth.
    3. Ataman
      Ataman 15 May 2014 10: 08
      The author lied in every paragraph.
      Or maybe at least one told the truth? Then specifically. On the shelves. Reasonedly.
      1. Armax
        Armax 15 May 2014 11: 36
        He didn’t just slander or lie, there is almost half the truth. It can be interpreted to anyone as you want!
    4. sborka
      sborka 15 May 2014 10: 17
      and what is the truth? Specifically, on the shelves, with evidence ...
    5. shuhartred
      shuhartred 15 May 2014 11: 17
      Quote: muginov2015
      And what did the author lie to? Specifically. On the shelves. Reasoned. Who is the first?

      Yes, maybe nothing. BUT. For the article with the same meaning, at the time of Stalin, so beloved by the author (and there were up to ... lots of shoals in domestic politics then) of the author of this opus .... well, think for yourself what you would do to him. An alarmist and provocateur, as well as a Trotskyist, etc. It smells like a tower. And they would be absolutely right.
    6. amicus
      amicus 15 May 2014 13: 05
      Specifically a lot of fraud. But without documents confirming all those facts about which
    7. winkiller
      winkiller 15 May 2014 13: 12
      The basis of this opus is the statement about the lack of initiative of the KGB and the FSB. The KGB is a service that opposes the sophisticated search for an adversary (that is, the customer of this article), and there simply can’t be stupid and lack of initiative (I don’t take operatives who stupidly execute and spend their whole lives flying away).
      If the statement on the basis of which the article is built is not true - then the author, consciously or subconsciously, deduced the incorrect theory, which he promotes here.

      PS: And they also give cookies for this. Look out on the Maidan personally handed out.
    8. 17085
      17085 15 May 2014 15: 02
      Quote: muginov2015
      And what did the author lie to? Specifically. On the shelves. Reasoned. Who is the first?

      Unfortunately in everything ...
      It's like Psaki: “I don’t know what this is, but this is Putin, and this is not correct by definition.”
      Honestly, even lazy to argue. I don't want to defend or blame anyone. From the opus "The Author of the Russian Orthodox Church" carries a frank State Department. From the first line to the signature. You just need to ignore it. Jumping out type:

      However, it is a pity that today there are no people at Minin and Pozharsky level in the country. Today is the most convenient time for collecting the Holy Land of the Russian.

      A person who does not know the story or hopes for readers who do not understand who they are talking about can fulfill. The handwriting of the State Department is visible with the naked eye. Minin and Pozharsky are friends of the author? Or the author wants to drag the country into a meaningless war.

      By the way, certificates on Putin’s illegal activities were prepared by Dmitry Kozak. Also a man now known. Curious people can search the Internet for articles on the performance of the Salier Commission. etc. etc. according to the text

      So what? What are you talking about? Where is this help? The conclusion of the Salier commission is a reference Why did you bring the rest of the names, NOT ONE FACT, half of the facts are full. Gozdepovskie semi-falsifications. It's like: "Don't you know!? He's going to steal everything. Ya. Ya. Let me in, oh-oh-oh, what an honest fuck-up I am." "In the FSB, EVERYONE drives cars, but-ah-ah-bitches, they must eat the earth with hunger." well, etc.

      While such "Aftars" are working, Obama can relax.

      Subscribe forgot Autor of PATR (People Army of Texas Republic)
    9. Ulus5
      Ulus5 15 May 2014 18: 25
      Quote: muginov2015
      And what did the author lie to? Specifically.

      Yes, just as if written on spits, with only stamps. One gets the impression that the text was written to him in the Washington regional committee.
  15. Yura
    Yura 15 May 2014 09: 37
    As if something very personal is rushing from the article, it was not otherwise that Putin once repelled a woman from the author, everything is fine and the soul is not good. No.
  16. Good cat
    Good cat 15 May 2014 09: 37
    Something Bandera wrote, they won’t calm down at all .....
    1. muginov2015
      muginov2015 15 May 2014 10: 18
      Well, under the guise of everyone who doesn’t keep pace, we will stick labels, how will we differ from them, dear?
  17. Eragon
    Eragon 15 May 2014 09: 41
    The fact that the author does not like the leadership of Russia and its rise, I understood. But what the author wanted to say with his article is no. And what is this strange signature "ROC"? It clearly has nothing to do with our Church.
  18. annodomene
    annodomene 15 May 2014 09: 41
    Article - minus! The author needs to change the pseudonym, there is nothing to hide behind the Russian Orthodox Church. Russia did, did SAMA! It’s like in 1949 at the training ground in Semipalatinsk, there was such a device - RDS - 1!
    1. Ptah
      Ptah 15 May 2014 10: 58
      And what does the Russian Orthodox Church have to do with it?
      According to statistics, the most popular nickname in the grid is "full name".
      That is, perhaps taken from some author’s blog Рoman Пetrovicha Цiplakova (РПЦ).
      / all matches are random.
  19. kodxnumx
    kodxnumx 15 May 2014 09: 42
    But who is without sin! But he was elected president of Russia not to please Western politicians, but the actions of the president are currently approved by the citizens of Russia, and therefore it is important now and not who and what and when, while Russia and Russia are with him with him, I see an opportunity to restore the position of Russia lost under mediocre politicians and just traitors to their people!
  20. Maxsh
    Maxsh 15 May 2014 09: 45
    Obama, exhale and relax. Merkel, at liberty, Author hare whine! stop
  21. Tora1911
    Tora1911 15 May 2014 09: 47
    The author of this opus suggests dismissing everyone according to the type of Maidan results in Ukraine, for theft, followed by anarchy and arbitrariness. The fifth column stirred, however. I propose the author to conduct such an analysis on the subject of corruption in several EU countries and the USA, the results will surprise many. I think our government is leading the country slowly, but confidently in the right direction, and taking into account the size of the country, order needs to be put in place gradually. And if you add to the already stated, the fact that under our country everyone has been digging for several centuries and sundry, then our government is great.
  22. frejaodina
    frejaodina 15 May 2014 09: 48
    Monologue of a drunken locksmith in the kitchen: "The power is thieves and fools, I'm the only one so smart and honest!"
  23. Fish supervision
    Fish supervision 15 May 2014 09: 48
    Here’s another high-level opus from spring deficiency of vitamins and lack of brains belay The author, on this site, grants are not paid, with your vomit, welcome to the sharington post, crow there amIn fact, you can ride from the Kuban for 15 years to a resort free of charge under the escort. There you can relax with a kyle winked
  24. Gloria45
    Gloria45 15 May 2014 09: 50

    The Ukrainian channel showed a cartoon about Putin, Crimea, war, p
    Here is such propaganda. Themselves amuse themselves with their fantasies.
    And again about the sanctions ... gee-gee-gee wassat
  25. B.T.V.
    B.T.V. 15 May 2014 09: 51
    The impression was that the article was custom-made, designed more for Ukrainian adequate people than for us. In short, for those who do not believe ukroSMI, somehow it all looks unscrupulous.
  26. Lelek
    Lelek 15 May 2014 09: 56
    An author from the same cohort of liberalists. All from under the silence, in the back. Reception worked out to automatism. negative
  27. FunkschNNX
    FunkschNNX 15 May 2014 09: 59
    You need to Maidan this to Kiev.
  28. Voinnet
    Voinnet 15 May 2014 10: 00
    Evidence please !!! .. and how in such cases they usually write what needs to be done, how to find a way out of the crisis ... and whining, and it seems like tales ... it smacks of stuffing
  29. Giant thought
    Giant thought 15 May 2014 10: 01
    The initiator of the publication of this article was probably Navalny, so pulled by the liberal mothballs. A lot of bile has accumulated in the author of the article, after reading this article you feel spat upon. The article is a huge minus.
  30. gandalf
    gandalf 15 May 2014 10: 03
    In the author of these lines, the mixer in my head turned around ... I mixed all the convolutions into such a mess ...
  31. Aikusun
    Aikusun 15 May 2014 10: 09
    Oh, how tired of reading such a heresy, study foreign policy and find a country where all politicians are honest, poor and really think he people? There are no such politicians, for then there would be a utopia on Earth. And I don’t see anyone making any sense of sitting and pouring mud on those in power, all who think that there are thieves will think so, those who do not believe without evidence will not believe it. The author discusses liberalists with liberal speeches, horror as ridiculous. And the author clearly knows less than he thinks about the work of special services. Good cars appeared there after the military made human targets. And people there plow like damned, families do not see and on holidays do not stagger around the city. And the fact that there is corruption, it can be anywhere. But nonetheless suppressed. Against Putin, one argument remained is Serdyukov. And hell knows why he is free. Maybe just like that. We don’t know much and probably never will. Article minus.
  32. alsid
    alsid 15 May 2014 10: 14
    Spring! Hamsters woke up.
  33. grizli7747
    grizli7747 15 May 2014 10: 21
    author do not panic and stop demagoguery. You gave the command to your curators "exhale and relax".
  34. Kuvabatake
    Kuvabatake 15 May 2014 10: 27
    And who is without sin? The one who does not work is not mistaken. And you have to work on the bugs.
  35. A1L9E4K9S
    A1L9E4K9S 15 May 2014 10: 34
    Ah, the author, the author in the article, you showed your painful envy for the leaders of the country, well, not everyone needs to be power, someone needs to work. Putin is building a palace, and the worse is our president, the same Maxim Galkin, this clown for his hee-hee haha receives money, and Putin for leading the country, what now he needs to live in a poor shack and eat a dry crust. The prestige of the leader of such a powerful country should be at the level.
  36. ytrish
    ytrish 15 May 2014 10: 34
    Why do you hide authorship? Are you afraid Well, barking out of the gate is always safe.
  37. pensioner
    pensioner 15 May 2014 10: 35
    What was it?? Ugh, already disgusting ...
  38. The gentleman
    The gentleman 15 May 2014 10: 36
    was the business offended or taken away from the author? It often happens that when someone comes to power, he will bring his own and support his own anyway, but! where is this not done? at least show me one place. In addition, the author looks and shows his whine. once you don’t like it, do something. start off yourself, and then look at the others. let’s go further. what, the Russian Federation needs a liberal leader? or is it still a tough person. if so, then the comparison is Gorbachev, Yeltsin = Putin ??? the author eats up a little and wants more. More modest, comrade.
    ps.snova usa ideal place of residence ??? :)
  39. XpeHoBuHa
    XpeHoBuHa 15 May 2014 10: 51
    Politics, this is the dirtiest thing in our life. Take as an example any company of 100 people, there is everything that is in politics. Liars, henchmen, honest, hard workers, patriots, cynics, fans, lazy people, sons, etc. .... And you can say good and bad things about everyone. Look at anyone through a prism and you can drown in mud ...

    And here we are talking about government. But to say that Putin is bad, and I am good is the destiny of the kitchen and the censer ...

    There will always be pros and cons. A friend to everyone - no one's friend. Remember the story, Paul 1 wanted reform, but got a club on the head from his own oligarchs, then they were called Nobles.
  40. mamont5
    mamont5 15 May 2014 11: 03
    "The security agencies were both smart and not very smart. Cunning and not so smart. There were also patriots. There were traitors. However, they all have one common feature, but a characteristic feature - the complete absence of any initiative."

    Well don't tell. Do not compare intelligence, even diplomatic, with bureaucratic bureaucracy.

    "However, it is a pity that today there are no people of the level of Minin and Pozharsky in the country."

    Do you think that these were sinless people? Now, without even looking at the books, I can cite so many silent jambs about these national heroes ... But that is not the point. Well, there are no angels among us and Putin is not perfect. Even in the sun there are spots, and the GDP is just a person and makes mistakes. And whoever does not allow them, let the first throw a slipper at me.
  41. Echelon
    Echelon 15 May 2014 11: 05
    There are so many unfounded accusations in one article that it is possible to bring them under the "watch-box". According to Praskoveevka, you can find out where such accurate data on ownership and construction budget come from? It is so dashing to lean an object against Putin, about whose owners you even have no idea - this is just a virtuoso lie. If there is a high secrecy regime around the construction of this facility, this does not mean that Putin is sitting there. In Russia, there are enough objects around which there is a certain veil of secrecy, but this does not mean that they all necessarily belong to someone. I can honestly say, I know what kind of object it is and I know why and who it is being built for and it doesn’t smell like Putin at all, like his billions, which you think are better than him only specialize). It is very simple to be unfounded, but, for example, to show the cadastral number of an object, an extract from the cadastral book, an estimate for construction is beyond your power, the main thing is to kick louder, and the smell will disperse by itself.
    Only this fact, that in this article about one voiced object, an utter lie is written, undermines, as always, confidence in the author and in the content of the article.
    PS I was at that facility and did some work on my own line, Putin is not there and has never been and will be vryat.
  42. alvf
    alvf 15 May 2014 11: 08
  43. valken
    valken 15 May 2014 11: 18
    dock did not master the letters
  44. 341712
    341712 15 May 2014 11: 25
    Damn, if so, then what? For me personally, and not only, these circumstances do not change anything at all. But our old MIG scared the big, brilliant and terrible destroyer to shit !!!
    Something like this... laughing
  45. Gambit0
    Gambit0 15 May 2014 11: 34
    The author of the article maydanuty.Of course Putin is terrible. He will not squeeze people alive in hundreds, will not cancel Victory Day, he will not recognize fascist criminals as heroes ... Also, the author suggests re-reading his article, or what?
  46. jin777
    jin777 15 May 2014 11: 39
    This article is a vivid example of how, under the guise of good intentions, the author hammers us with a thesis about our inferiority (the president was chosen - not the one they held the Olympiad - not even the Crimea was taken according to the rules). For gentlemen with such views, it would be much better if we had neither the president, nor the Olympics, nor the territories, nor the country, nor ourselves, and people like the author of this article calmly immigrate to their beloved America or Europe. In short, do not read this nonsense, gentlemen.
  47. nika08
    nika08 15 May 2014 11: 44
    So you can write about anyone and anything. Where the evidence is: relevant documents, receipts, certificates of ownership, payment documents, bank accounts, etc. etc.????? Yes, he hid, bastard, in three letters! You write your last name so that we know who to tear your ass.
  48. grandfather_Kostya
    grandfather_Kostya 15 May 2014 11: 47
    Article minus, I did not see any construct. I would also understand if, after dousing Putin with mud, the author loudly declared: Putin is bad, but I’m much better, vote for me in the next election. And further clearly and thoroughly chewed, what is it better!
  49. value
    value 15 May 2014 11: 49
    Quote: Grove
    No wonder the author of this creation subscribed to the pseudonym POC
    No need to generalize. In the article above, Anatole burst out over the patriotic tirade, although I think him more than once in my life, they poked the fifth column.
    And this is an eructation of the fifth column, without belonging to nationality.
  50. dimdimich71
    dimdimich71 15 May 2014 12: 01
    ROC? -I doubt that there is something in this signature, the style is not the same, the speed of speech, the article presses on the rot and smacks of rotor quietly, think carefully ..