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Moscow as a peacemaker?


The Russian Federation is again trying to become a "peacemaker", having reconciled the states of the Western coalition, the "rebels" and Libya. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov shared his plans for talks between Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi and representatives of the Libyan rebel movement. The negotiations were to begin on May 16-17 in Moscow, but, according to S. Lavrov, broke down due to technical reasons.

True, several questions arise, for what purpose did Moscow decide to become a peacemaker — does it really want to stop the war and help Libya return to peace or is it fulfilling an order from Western countries ?! In this regard, the war in Yugoslavia is recalled - 1999, the NATO bombing did not lead to the desired result: the Yugoslav army retained its combat capability, beat Albanian gangsters, could well deliver several sensitive blows to the aggressor countries outside Yugoslavia, be it a political decision and the Will of the leadership . Without its capitulation, the land part of the operation was impossible - NATO members were clearly not ready to fight the Serbs and bear real losses. Under pressure from Russia, Chernomyrdin fulfilled this mission, the Serbs gave up and surrendered. Although there was a real opportunity to include Serbia in the new Russian Union - 12 on April 1999, the parliament of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia voted in favor of Yugoslavia joining the union of Russia and Belarus. At an emergency meeting, our parliament fully supported its Serbian counterparts and invited President Yeltsin to begin the unification process, which blocked this decision. To the credit of our State Duma, which still had its Will, she even offered to immediately send our military advisers to help the Serbs, the necessary equipment, weapon. As a result, Yugoslavia has surrendered, and now it is no longer there: Montenegro has become an independent republic, is practically independent and recognized by the West, the edge of Kosovo is the “heart” of Serbia, the army is “optimized” by endless “reforms”, the “democrats” are in power, the Western states, “Automatization” of Vojvodina, Serbia is practically broken.

The intensification of Moscow’s “peacekeeping” efforts is possible, the idea of ​​the West, by force of war, they have nothing sensible: the “rebels” are regularly beaten; the army of Libya retains its fighting efficiency and finds new methods of fighting the enemies; handed out weapons to the people, and in the event of a NATO ground operation, serious losses are possible; Gaddafi does not give up, he did not kill him; time goes on, the operation to enter the next stage - the strike on Syria - has been postponed. Although, of course, the West can act according to the “Iraqi scenario”: after the 1991 war of the year, S. Hussein remained in power, and the country was blocked, suffering huge human losses from lack of medicines and food. The question is - does the West have time for this ?!

On the whole, Moscow is an ideal platform for negotiations: before the war with Gaddafi, we had good relations, the Libyan authorities turned to Russia to help end the war, the West would have kept its face, turning a failed military operation “for peace”. Although it is clear that the "Libyan rebels" - a mixture of Islamic radicals, separatists - not an independent figure, they are a pawn in the Big Game, under the control of London, Paris and Washington.

In addition, the operation may be transferred to the UN format, according to Lavrov, he should have a meeting with the special representative of the United Nations Secretary-General for Libya Abdelilla Khatyb, where they plan to "discuss the role of the UN in the early resolution of the situation in Libya", moreover, Moscow plans to accept a representative from Lebanon. Representatives of the "rebels" also turned to Moscow with a request for a meeting.

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  1. Escander
    Escander 18 May 2011 08: 43
    --- "The West would have saved its face by curtailing the failed military operation" for peace. "

    How much can you “save face” of this goat’s face?
  2. Stavr
    Stavr 18 May 2011 10: 07
    This is not goat erysipelas. This is the face of the devil, as Hugo Chavez would say.
  3. Stavr
    Stavr 18 May 2011 10: 13
    "... there was a real opportunity to include Serbia in the new Russian Union - on April 12, 1999, the parliament of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, voted for the accession of Yugoslavia to the union of Russia and Belarus."
    Damn them, traitors! Let Borya and the Black Muzzle turn over in such a coffin from the Russians! They betrayed the USSR, and even friendly, fraternal peoples - and even more so! It is only a pity that the power of the traitors is preserved and the policy of betrayal has not changed.
    1. Max79
      Max79 18 May 2011 12: 43
      Totally agree!
  4. Bob
    Bob 18 May 2011 12: 11
    Gaddafi - Fidel Castro-Kim Jong Il - Hugo Chavez - all of them are heroes who raised their heads, and not their heads, before world evil. That they are alive and our merit is partly of course. They differ from each other, of course. Gaddafi compares favorably with others, his .... dignity or something. To resist the West alone is weak ?????? Lost family, children and grandchildren. And all the same, it is not fighting on equal terms with the West. Who else is capable of this? And what should he do? The West gives him no way out, just as a driven animal grins its teeth, and its reason is to respond to the enemy with chemical or other weapons. And then - it started. All hands will be untied by those who organized all this. The whole region will be on fire, and the neighbors - Israel, Pakistan, Iran, India, China, Russia - in a hopeless situation before the start of a new world war - Which is what the West needs. Pindos etch, arm, and then count the sheep for military orders. Bastards, let the ground open under their feet.
    1. Max79
      Max79 18 May 2011 12: 44
      I agree too!