"The civilized world without the West." Tomorrow it will be a reality

As teaches storyRussia can mobilize and carry out a radical turn in its foreign policy only in extreme conditions, when, as they say, there is no place to retreat. And the beginning of the civil war in neighboring Ukraine, on the primordially Russian lands, is probably the very historical challenge that will force the country to articulate its national interests more clearly.

The cynical games of Americans and the anti-Russian tsunami in the West actually give Russia carte blanche for the implementation of those foreign policy projects that have long been ripe, but were postponed due to the ghostly hopes of creating a common security space "from Vancouver to Vladivostok"

The era of dual, controversial politics ends, when Western countries played the role of semi-partners-semi-opponents of Moscow. “Russia has moved its Rubicon,” writes the conservative magazine The American Thinker, “and a return to the atlantist course of the times of Medvedev would now be perceived as a national betrayal in the country.” Sovereignty did become real, although at one time this concept caused irony among some political scientists, pointing to too close, almost intimate connections between the Russian and Western elites.

Now Russia is finally ready to act without regard to the West. They have been waiting for this in the world for a long time. And when Putin declared in the fall in Valdai that Moscow is the center of power, which, in contrast to the United States, upholds traditional moral values, many started talking about the emergence of a new pole. Now the Russian project is acquiring very concrete outlines. As a result of Western geopolitical games, “a world without the West” can become an objective reality. Investments, technologies, access to credit sources - all this can be provided by Russia and the Asian powers. And if the BRICS countries dramatically increase their mutual trade and finally switch to national currencies in calculations among themselves, this will be a serious blow to the Bretton Woods financial system.

A few years ago, the promotion of the Russian image abroad seemed an impossible task. Really, what is there to catch on? How to reconcile diametrically opposed foreign policy vectors? Now, in fact, PR managers don't need to do anything. The country has a clear, understandable to all image. And although in the West it is perceived with hostility, in the East it is more than claimed. The Russian model is becoming a real alternative to the American concept of controlled chaos. And for the same Middle Eastern states that survived the horrors of the “Arab spring”, this is very important. It is no coincidence that some political scientists are now discussing the return of Moscow to the region, which for the past decade has been the main field of American experiments. According to them, a group of countries with a pro-Russian orientation may well form in the Middle East, which would include not only Syria and Iran, but also Egypt - a state that is “the key to the Arab world.”

But the main content of Russian foreign policy will certainly be the exit to the Asia-Pacific Region. Large investment projects for the development of energy and transport infrastructure will allow Moscow to claim a special place in the region, which, according to experts, will play a decisive role in the formation of a new world order system.

And another interesting point: the Ukrainian crisis has become a catalyst for a process that, under other conditions, would have lasted for many years. We are talking about the formation of a clearly structured pro-Russian lobby in the West. This is no longer an amorphous mass of experts sympathetic to Moscow; it is an effective institution of influence. The starting point in his development was an article by Henry Kissinger in The Washington Post, in which he called Western countries for pragmatism, saying that for Moscow the Ukrainian question is much more important than for Brussels and Washington, since “Russian history begins with Kievan Rus, and Ukraine for many centuries was part of Russia. " “For the West, denigrating Vladimir Putin is not politics. This is an excuse for her absence, ”noted the former US Secretary of State.

This position was supported by some American realist experts, but the key role in the formation of the western “fifth column” was played by German businessmen, who are closely associated with Russia. It became obvious that the position of Berlin could not go against the interests of such Moscow partners in the Nord Stream, as E.ON, Ruhrgas and BASF. "The sanctions in fact will affect the West to the same extent as the East," said the patriarch of German politics Helmut Schmidt, who served as chancellor of Germany from 1974 to 1982 year.

Relying on the pro-Russian lobby, Moscow is quite capable at this stage of organizing a counter-propaganda campaign in the West, engaging in it not marginal, but rather highly respected and respectable politicians. She also has information resources. The Russia Today TV channel, for example, is quite comparable in popularity with the leading Western channels (it’s no coincidence, for example, that the CNN legend Larry King recently moved to RT). In general, for the first time in a long time, Russia has a chance in the information war with the West not to feel like a loser in advance.
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  1. +34
    15 May 2014 12: 51
    1. +12
      15 May 2014 13: 08
      Whoever has the truth is stronger!

      This is a long known fact. Danila Bagrov once confirmed this directly in the States ... Americans along the way did not look simply.
    2. +3
      15 May 2014 13: 23
      and she (Russia) is doing pretty well, please note)
    3. The comment was deleted.
    4. avg
      15 May 2014 14: 45
      If now we can conclude an agreement on gas supplies to China at a normal price. All sanctions will be forgotten at once, and various trade and political meetings will shine from the broad smiles of the gay leaders.
  2. +6
    15 May 2014 12: 56
    The vulgar will end up in emigration to the USA. Old Merkel retired.
    Holland to court for anti-people policy of pro-state propaganda.
    1. +2
      15 May 2014 13: 07
      all the persons you listed need to be shot or planted, though a dozen more need to be added, but although ... a dozen will be few, it is better to a hundred of them!
      1. +1
        15 May 2014 16: 30
        Well, you are a sadist, a hunter. No.
      2. 0
        15 May 2014 16: 48
        Ai hunter 2035: well done !!! Someone for the quandaries in Rhea, to dry the sawdust in my head good
    2. +7
      15 May 2014 13: 27
      As the respected Rogozin said in response to the first sanctions, addressing the French: "Well, swim on your own Mistrals." But having counted the money that will need to be returned, the Frenchman Oland, even under a frown and obaba barracks, declares: "We will finish building, and the first handover will fall." At the same time, the obaba smelled strongly of something from the barrack.
    3. +1
      15 May 2014 15: 52
      And to send our oppositionists outside the homeland, let them stay abroad! The pug barks .... the main thing is that the elephant moves on!
      1. Sand
        15 May 2014 16: 27
        In this case, a bear, not an elephant.
  3. +19
    15 May 2014 12: 59
    Russia, I love you!
  4. Khalmamed
    15 May 2014 13: 01
    you don’t need to save the SONS of RUSSIA to save their world ... first you need to clean your HOUSE RUSSIA from Pyatokolonnovtsy, and then you need to understand and build a strategy based on: “American statistics say that up to 20% of the US population is mentally ill, that .. .. there are 6 times more psychiatric patients, you will look at the world with different eyes "these evil spirits look at the world differently .., an example of transgomosecEurovertep ... and they have a lot of weak points ..
  5. +11
    15 May 2014 13: 02
    I am with both hands "For" a civilized world without the West.
  6. +10
    15 May 2014 13: 03
    The laces on the berets are tied, it remains to find a suitable ass for pendal.
  7. +3
    15 May 2014 13: 03
    It is time to become free from the "free world".
    1. Sand
      15 May 2014 16: 30
      The trend has already been outlined, moreover, it is visible ... It pleases, however!
  8. +18
    15 May 2014 13: 05
    The people of Ukraine also have to make a choice, for the junta can make it for them.
    1. +2
      15 May 2014 13: 33
      "Good" brothers lol With such friends, there is no need for enemies ...
      1. +1
        15 May 2014 15: 08
        You cannot turn your back on such a friend.
        1. +2
          15 May 2014 15: 54
          And you won’t drop the soap! laughing
    2. Aidelon
      15 May 2014 14: 19
      Official Ukraine has already made a choice - and it also received "Conchita"!
    3. +5
      15 May 2014 14: 20
      "Chesna brada" and "scraped snout" are the same essence of reality; only one is good reality and the other is bad. Why did they say in Russia "chesna brada"? I think there is a clear social norm behind this: it is dishonest (indecent) for a man to engage in self-adornment. The Stoglavy Sobor decreed that men who died with bare (shaved) faces should be considered unfaithful. The beard does not seem to perform any other function, except as evidence that a person is a man, and not a woman, and about his age. Many people shave precisely because they look younger. The daily exercise of “face-in”? Marketers ... With Lyashko it is clear, but the conchito of all homosexuals (do not delete: this is not a curse, but a medical term) outdid a beard, just defiled a beard. Especially suspicious ones can start shaving so as not to be associated with this conchito.
      PS There is nothing wrong with those who are obliged to shave the charter.
      1. The comment was deleted.
      2. 0
        15 May 2014 16: 10
        Quote: Stanislav
        Nothing wrong with those who are required to shave the charter.

        Mustache allowed
    4. 0
      15 May 2014 17: 34
      Forever we will be brothers or sisters!
  9. +4
    15 May 2014 13: 07
    We will never live in a place west to west, we will live better !!!
  10. +2
    15 May 2014 13: 08
    Erase the West from the map! So it will be calmer! Glory to Russia! Hooray!
    1. +2
      15 May 2014 14: 22
      Let's go without slogans! Let them erase themselves! It’s enough, as already mentioned on this site by a wise person, not to buy at least Coca-Cola and cigarettes, but not to go to McDonald's and burgers. To start. smile
  11. +3
    15 May 2014 13: 14
    "The civilized world without the West." Tomorrow it will be a reality

    We must act, take real steps in the reconstruction of the present world. For example, the nationalization of the Central Bank of Russia.
    1. +3
      15 May 2014 14: 19
      Quote: Arkan
      We must act, take real steps in the reconstruction of the present world. For example, the nationalization of the Central Bank of Russia.

      Plus! And ruble payments for energy! And to wash them ... well to the devil! They themselves will be erased.
    2. 0
      15 May 2014 21: 49
      If the Central Bank of Russia is nationalized, it will be such a blow to the states and all their lackeys that they will not quickly recover, if at all. In this case, the transition to international trade for rubles will be more a matter of technology. Dollar foam will settle immediately. We’ll break a hole in their budget! This will be our SANCTIONS to the whole West. Right away.
  12. +2
    15 May 2014 13: 17
    All of these retired Kisenjirs are becoming surprisingly truthful and pragmatic when they retire! What is it for ?
    1. +3
      15 May 2014 13: 34
      It's called "The Old Man's Conscience" Yes
    2. Sand
      15 May 2014 16: 32
      no need to think about a career!
    3. +2
      15 May 2014 16: 36
      There was his work, and here is his opinion.
      1. Andrew
        15 May 2014 17: 52
        And regular income
  13. +3
    15 May 2014 13: 19
    "... the key role in the formation of the western" fifth column "was played by German businessmen closely connected with Russia. It became obvious that Berlin's position could not run counter to the interests of such partners of Moscow in the" Nord Stream "as E.ON, Ruhrgas and BASF. "The sanctions will in fact affect the West as much as the East," said the patriarch of German politics Helmut Schmidt, who served as German chancellor from 1974 to 1982. "

    Yes, Europe is recovering and starting to act not in the interests of the USA, but in its own. And even Canada, America's faithful mongrel, is starting to dodge from under its master's hand.

    "European and even American and Canadian businessmen, following politicians, are making grandiose demarches against the United States - refusing to implement sanctions against Russia. Not only that, even the leaders of Germany, who, by the will of the Chancellor, became one of the" locomotives of the sanctions "(I wonder what America, from wiretapping its negotiations, that Merkel had become so "silk"?) Admitted that Europe was mistaken in "stirring up" the Maidan, which (as you know) was organized and supported by the United States.

    However, let's go in order. As we have already written in detail and on numerous occasions, French shipbuilders, who, in opposition to the United States, decided to complete the construction of Mistrals for Russia, also refused to enforce sanctions against the Russian Federation. But they are not alone - the Italian business, and the oil and gas giants of the USA, Great Britain, Germany, and even the world's leading concerns like Volkswagen and Adidas have abandoned sanctions! "
  14. +5
    15 May 2014 13: 25
    If the West does not destroy itself, it will be destroyed by Muslims, who more and more occupy the spaces of Europe, crowding out the indigenous population.
  15. 0
    15 May 2014 13: 29
    Nifega to himself a column, but this is a colony))
  16. arch_kate3
    15 May 2014 13: 32
    Yes, Europe will not get away from us, we will re-educate a little ... And they will rely a lot - we will settle on their territory, having bought all the real estate, and let them master Siberia. The beginning has already been made! It is necessary that there were more of our settlers there than Turks and Arabs, and the climate is softer and better roads ...
    1. +3
      15 May 2014 13: 45
      A hole to them from a donut, not Siberia with its richest resources! Let them go to their masters and masters in sashua ...
    2. +3
      15 May 2014 16: 13
      Neh to defile Siberia. stop
  17. +7
    15 May 2014 13: 35
    Russia Today, for example, can be compared in popularity with leading Western channels in popularity (it is no coincidence, for example, that CNN legend Larry King recently switched to work in RT)

    Larry King on RT? !! What a strong move! No wonder King, while working at CNN, spoke disapprovingly of real censorship in the American media.
    This news is good.
  18. +3
    15 May 2014 13: 38
    Quote: Akvadra
    All of these retired Kisenjirs are becoming surprisingly truthful and pragmatic when they retire! What is it for ?
    Well, what’s the matter, they’ve become old, soon the Creator will call, and there they will have to hold the answer for sins during their lifetime, and you won’t be turned away. STILL IN YOUTH YOU DID NOT SELL, after all, the price of 30 silver coins is known.
  19. +1
    15 May 2014 13: 38
    Quote: Ossetian.
    In general, in the information war with the West, Russia for the first time in a long time has a chance not to feel like a losing party in advance.

    Quote: Ossetian.
    In general, in the information war with the West, Russia for the first time in a long time has a chance not to feel like a losing party in advance.

    Now we are slowly, slowly going down, and ..... everything is a HERD!
  20. +2
    15 May 2014 14: 04
    Russia's foreign policy successes are impressive. When will it be similar in internal affairs. Vladimir Vladimirovich, the people are waiting and hoping for you ....... very much. Sincerely.
  21. 0
    15 May 2014 14: 14
    Yes. That some concessions in response to sanctions are observed. Years of dependence on the West have not passed for nothing.
    1. 0
      15 May 2014 17: 00
      So far, only the Americans in DFMO are advancing. Do we make concessions? fool
  22. upasika1918
    15 May 2014 14: 16
    It is quite a healthy and feasible desire.
  23. The comment was deleted.
  24. Nikolav
    15 May 2014 14: 21
    "The Moscow authorities refused to allow gay activists to hold a 'bearded march'"

    This is so, for example! I myself have been wearing a beard since 1980! This is a paradox for me! ))) Three children, three granddaughters! ))) It's funny! )))) Is it really possible to shave off a beard because of kidars?))) More A.P. Chekhov said:
    "A man without a mustache is like a woman with a mustache."))) Well. This "woman" not only has a mustache, but also a beard! No need to spread rot on normal men because of a bugger in a skirt! All Afghans and other people of traditional orientation will support me. "GOD created man in his own image and likeness!" Stop joking about the beard!)))
  25. upasika1918
    15 May 2014 14: 22
    I have no beard. Would shave.
    1. +3
      15 May 2014 15: 00
      Quote: upasika1918
      I have no beard. Would shave.
      The joke here is not to shave the beard, but to not drag the female outfits and erase the lip, if it is.
      1. Nikolav
        15 May 2014 15: 17

        I’m not comfortable talking to you about this ... Are you a woman? Like this, no beard? Doesn’t grow, or what?
    2. 0
      15 May 2014 21: 27
  26. Petrovich66
    15 May 2014 14: 27
    It is very gratifying that our beloved RUSSIA has finally come out of hibernation. It just so happened that the Ukrainian events were the impetus for this. We do not need to be afraid of anyone and think about some mythical sanctions. In this world, only the strong and self-sufficient are honored. This is what we should strive for. We will be strong and there will be enough new players in the Russian “club”. It is impossible to isolate us, because there is nothing to isolate with. They will wriggle around in order to somehow save face and stop. The realities are different - the West can isolate itself. More than half of the world now does not share the crazy ideas of unipolarity.
    The Russian emperor once said that Russia has only two allies - its army and navy. Very relevant at the moment. The further development and modernization of the domestic military-industrial complex, which in the days of the USSR pulled the country and prepared a huge number of highly qualified personnel (it is a pity that due to the hard times of the 90s, many of them left for the West) - this is the first task. There is enough free capital in the country, and attracting your own homegrown oligarch with this means to this industry will play a decisive role. Otherwise, if not ourselves, then this business will be outbid by lively guys from the Asia-Pacific region.
  27. ZSP
    15 May 2014 14: 30
    Yes, let everything come true ,,,, because the truth of the choice is something special and we don’t have it now.
  28. +3
    15 May 2014 14: 43
    Larry King came to the RT channel last year, and the audience is growing, because everyone wants to get an alternative picture of events in the world, and already analyze where the truth is and where the lie is. I’m also watching CNN and reading WP, because you need to know what picture foreign mass media present themselves.
  29. +6
    15 May 2014 14: 50
    If only not like people ...
  30. +3
    15 May 2014 14: 51
    Sovereignty really became real, although at one time this concept caused irony among some political scientists
    It is probably premature to speak about truly REAL sovereignty, as long as the Constitution is known by whom the Constitution has been written and while characters like Chubais are responsible for the development of nanotechnology (!). There is still work to do ..
  31. +1
    15 May 2014 15: 25
    Yes, it's time to subside the euphoria, quite real and urgent matters are looming ahead and the belts will have to be tightened in any case, otherwise the slogans of the "sofa strategists" are sore on edge
  32. Georgich
    15 May 2014 15: 37
    Quote: Gxash
    Whoever has the truth is stronger!

    This is a long known fact. Danila Bagrov once confirmed this directly in the States ... Americans along the way did not look simply.

    Danila Bagrov, how early you left.
  33. Vlad Gore
    15 May 2014 16: 18
    Winter is over, the bear woke up. Now, to all hunters, they’ll put guns in .opu. laughing
  34. 0
    15 May 2014 16: 31
    According to them, we lost and lose, but in fact we turned them, we turn them and we will turn them)), as it comes to business.
  35. +1
    15 May 2014 17: 29
    Quote: Echelon
    The laces on the berets are tied, it remains to find a suitable ass for pendal.
    Here she is!!! The whole world is waiting for a refreshing pendal!
  36. 0
    15 May 2014 17: 36
    Thank God, the forward movement begins. Already the whole country has been waiting. ALL! RUSSIA, FORWARD! GREAT MATTERS ARE WAITING FOR US!
  37. Bark235
    15 May 2014 18: 23
    Lie detector invented! For Merkel and others, a Schizidector is needed.
  38. +1
    15 May 2014 18: 42
    The West cannot understand in any way that Russia has stopped playing giveaways and confidently sat down at the table as a full-fledged international grandmaster.
    After losing to Syria, the West slipped the Maidan onto the threshold of Russia, but when Kiev lost its Crimea in smoke and fumes, their masters lost peace and sleep.
    Hence the sanctions, black lists and spitting diplomats which are among the bazaar traders.
  39. Andrew
    15 May 2014 19: 31
    America's leadership is even dumber than Zadornov says about them. After all, before, as it was: "Well, America, well, Europe, take off. With a glass, as they say there, in Russia, in Ukraine, your relatives, friends are normal."
    And now, in Russia, a patriotic upsurge, Crimea has departed to Russia, independent republics are being created, etc.
    Now all eyes are riveted to these events. Yes, in every third of us, relatives live throughout the territory of the former USSR, including myself (I live in Vilnius, Lithuania) in Belarus, Russia, Ukraine. So what can be the attitude for action, sorry for the expression of these goats, and that Europe, I’m not talking about the states, has benefited from this and what actions will be on our side in this situation.
    The worst thing about this is what is happening in Ukraine, people are dying, ordinary people IT'S FASCISM.
    When it ends, and it will end, these reptiles will be caught (it’s almost impossible to hide with modern methods), those who will not be shot will be judged. They do not understand that they will not be hidden in Europe, they will be caught like mad dogs. if they understood this, then everything would end very quickly.
  40. Palych9999
    15 May 2014 19: 32
    The front line in this struggle also passes through each of us.
    Indeed, at first it’s enough:
    - do not go to McDonald's
    - do not buy Coke
    - do not watch American movies
    - relax in Russia
    And from the state at this stage:
    - create your own internet
    - create your own payment system
    - "close" the GPS and bring GLONASS to mind
    And then - to reanimate their electronics and machine tools.
    I think so
    I - DO.
    1. 0
      15 May 2014 21: 45
      FOR EXAMPLE, AND jps AND GLONASS ON THE DRUM. SOME Fighters WE HAVE DISPLAYED TO DISCONNECT JPS. YESTERDAY, I was nominated for a point of view. It is clear that no one wants to pay extra for the GLONASS navigator. HOWEVER, HAVE TO HAVE TO COME TO.

"Right Sector" (banned in Russia), "Ukrainian Insurgent Army" (UPA) (banned in Russia), ISIS (banned in Russia), "Jabhat Fatah al-Sham" formerly "Jabhat al-Nusra" (banned in Russia) , Taliban (banned in Russia), Al-Qaeda (banned in Russia), Anti-Corruption Foundation (banned in Russia), Navalny Headquarters (banned in Russia), Facebook (banned in Russia), Instagram (banned in Russia), Meta (banned in Russia), Misanthropic Division (banned in Russia), Azov (banned in Russia), Muslim Brotherhood (banned in Russia), Aum Shinrikyo (banned in Russia), AUE (banned in Russia), UNA-UNSO (banned in Russia), Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar People (banned in Russia), Legion “Freedom of Russia” (armed formation, recognized as terrorist in the Russian Federation and banned)

“Non-profit organizations, unregistered public associations or individuals performing the functions of a foreign agent,” as well as media outlets performing the functions of a foreign agent: “Medusa”; "Voice of America"; "Realities"; "Present time"; "Radio Freedom"; Ponomarev; Savitskaya; Markelov; Kamalyagin; Apakhonchich; Makarevich; Dud; Gordon; Zhdanov; Medvedev; Fedorov; "Owl"; "Alliance of Doctors"; "RKK" "Levada Center"; "Memorial"; "Voice"; "Person and law"; "Rain"; "Mediazone"; "Deutsche Welle"; QMS "Caucasian Knot"; "Insider"; "New Newspaper"