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The analytical program "However," with Mikhail Leontyev 13 May 2014


The question whether referendums in the Donbass are legitimate or illegitimate do not make sense. Because the whole situation throughout Ukraine is absolutely and completely devoid of any legitimacy.

However, hello! The question whether referendums in the Donbass are legitimate or illegitimate do not make sense. Because the whole situation throughout Ukraine is absolutely and completely devoid of any legitimacy.

No matter how you call the February "incident" - a coup, a revolution, the bottom line is that after the February 22 coup, Ukraine is being rediscovered. This Ukraine has nothing to do with the former Ukrainian SSR. No continuity. Neither in culture, nor in identity, nor in language even. This is another country. And in relation to it, all citizens who inhabited the former Ukrainian SSR are forced to self-determine. Because they did not agree on anything with this Ukraine. And self-determination it occurs outside of any legal field. And in Kiev, and in Lviv, and in the Donbass.

By the way, the refusal of the current Kiev authorities to pay for gas is such a spontaneous unconscious recognition of the absence of this very succession. And the Russian position - remember? - back to the agreements from February 21, this is an attempt to restore at least some legitimacy. The last attempt to save Ukraine.

The acting head of the Presidential Administration of Ukraine, Sergey Pashinsky, announced that the antiterrorist operation had moved from the active stage to the final one. "The antiterrorist operation in the area of ​​Krasny Liman, Slavyansk, Kramatorsk is in the final stage." He further reported that many separatists had been destroyed, and the Ukrainian security forces had no casualties.

Well, surely, supermen !? That's still not a revolution. Whatever they say, revolutions give birth to leaders. And this is - God forgive me, these degenerates have not taken control of a single building for the whole time of their military operation, not that of a town. The 30-thousandth group is rummaging around the east of Ukraine, and the only pride of the Pravosek is a massacre in Odessa.

This is a parade of nonentities. Some shabby petty urs: Turchinov, Pashinsky, Avakov. The only decent man - General Nalyvaychenko. And that American spy.

Poroshenko’s election by the Ukrainian president, we repeat, will be recognized by progressive humanity, even if Poroshenko comes to them. However, under no circumstances will they be recognized by Yulia Tymoshenko. And the third series of Marlezonsky ballet - Maidan-3 will begin. A referendum in the Donbass, recognize - do not recognize, this is a political reality, not canceled by any external will. Stuffing cannot be turned back. Like Ukraine.
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  1. mamont5
    mamont5 14 May 2014 06: 08
    "This is a parade of nonentities. Some wretched little lessons: Turchinov, Pashinsky, Avakov. The only decent man is General Nalyvaichenko. And that American spy."

    As well said, straight to the point. As Sobakevich said in Gogol's Dead Souls:
    “I know everyone: these are all scammers, the whole city is like that: a scammer sits on a scammer and chases a scammer. All Christ sellers. One there is only a decent person: the prosecutor; and even that, to tell the truth, a pig. "
    1. sergey72
      sergey72 14 May 2014 06: 23
      Quote: mamont5
      The only decent man is General Nalyvaichenko. And that American spy. "

      That's right ... whoever lived in Nenko does not laugh at the circus ...
    2. Sid.74
      Sid.74 14 May 2014 06: 25
      Good morning, comrades! hi Mikhail is now moving away from simple anti-Americanism in support of the Kremlin! And he forgot about shale gas, otherwise we watched the shale revolution, he lost it! He began to work at Rosneft, he forgot! laughing

      You want to laugh! Before the threats against Russia from Vicki (EU fak), Nuland was put aside in the minds of the brave Baltic states how embarrassing happened! We read and delve into!

      Ventspils mayor: NATO sailors behave like occupying pigs that do not recognize Latvian laws

      Ventspils Mayor Aivar Lembergs will send a letter to NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen to inform him of the misbehavior of NATO sailors in Ventspils at the end of last week, which discredits the alliance in the eyes of the local population. According to Lembergs, at the end of last week, after the arrival of NATO warships in the port, twice as many people were punished for administrative violations than during the last holiday of the city, when 130 thousand people visited Ventspils. Except for comments, in Ventspils last weekend 23 of public order violator were administratively punished. -

      NATO sailors in Ventspils behave like a pig, ignoring the laws of Latvia and the mandatory rules of Ventspils self-government. They pissed drunk in public places and on shop windows, they were sick, they drank alcohol in public places, which is not allowed here. They also tore flowers from flower beds to give to prostitutes. They behaved as occupiers who do not recognize the sovereignty of Latvia and its laws, Lembergs quoted To the replica that on the weekend some of the sailors were injured during the fights in Ventspils, the mayor said that in this way the locals obviously protected women from their harassment. Lembergs plans to send a letter to NATO Secretary General tomorrow, May 14, copies of it will also be sent to the Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. From 9 to 22 on May, in Ventspils, international open-mine exercises “Open Spirit 2014” (literally “Spirit of Openness”) are held, in which 26 ships of NATO and EU countries participate.

      These are not Soviet "invaders" for you !!! Relax and have fun! lol
      1. Alex 241
        Alex 241 14 May 2014 06: 39
        Quote: Sid.74
        These are not Soviet "invaders" for you !!! Relax and have fun!

        Hi Zhen. Two drunk American soldiers and one Finn broke a unique sculpture in the city of Cesky Krumlov, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. As it turned out, Americans, 23 years old, are military personnel and were in exercises at a base near the city. After receiving a leave, they went to Cesky Krumlov, where after visiting the pub they went for a walk in the night city. During the walk, they saw a sculpture in the shape of a human hand sticking out of the wall of a house. The Americans liked the Krumlov hand so much that they pulled it out of the wall and carried it to the central square of the city. There, a drunken Finnish tourist joined them. Fin and the Americans began to play with their hand, screaming loudly and throwing a hand across the square like a soccer ball. There they were arrested by the police. The three fun men are charged with theft and vandalism. As the representative of the Krumlov police said, it is puzzling how the American soldiers managed to wrest their arm from the wall. So how to make it difficult even with the help of heavy equipment.
        1. Sid.74
          Sid.74 14 May 2014 06: 54
          Quote: Alex 241
          Hi Zhen. Two drunk American soldiers and one Finn broke a unique sculpture in the city of Cesky Krumlov, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

          Hi Sasha! hi NATO Army - 404 Mistake! laughing They are barbarians, they have destroyed several civilizations and many peoples !!! Something else will be said about ours, tribe of barbarians! You need to summarize with the words Vicki (EU fact) about superpower in the Baltic States !!! laughing

          With friends like the Baltic states and enemies do not! laughing
          1. Ural guys
            Ural guys 14 May 2014 07: 24
            750 barbarians arrived in Estonia, Latvia and Romania. It's only the beginning! Oh oh...
            At one time, my grandmother went to rest in Latvia, and so they decided to somehow shorten the road and went along the lawn, where there was a flower bed next to them, so after that the Latvians started to scream at them with such cries that my mother was not sorry.
            So if it continues to be as they tell you, it’s better for them to tick now, otherwise it will be like with Afghanistan!
            1. Cynic
              Cynic 14 May 2014 08: 42
              Quote: Ural guys
              It's only the beginning!

              In Yap, how many years in Okinawa, this roofing felts have been happening! And what, they endure!
              And these will be tolerated, after all, the HOSTs have fun!
          2. The comment was deleted.
        2. pensioner
          pensioner 14 May 2014 08: 53
          Quote: Alex 241
          It is bewildering how American soldiers managed to wrest their arm from the wall. So how to make it difficult even with the help of heavy equipment.

          Ah ... Nonsense. Drunk nonsense replaces the tractor- yes . Checked ... recourse
          Good afternoon, Sasha! hi
          1. jktu66
            jktu66 14 May 2014 12: 52
            Ah ... Nonsense. Drunk nonsense replace tractor
            He quit from Sun 14 years ago, quit smoking. Two years ago, as an experiment, he refused alcohol. A completely different life! I would never drink or smoke if I knew before. wink
            1. pensioner
              pensioner 14 May 2014 14: 45
              Quote: jktu66
              quit smoking. Two years ago, as an experiment, he refused alcohol. A completely different life! I would never drink or smoke if I knew before.

              He quit smoking 1,5 years ago. I won’t give up drinking. They won’t give ... recourse
      2. maks-101
        maks-101 14 May 2014 06: 50
        These are not Soviet "invaders" for you !!! Relax and have fun!
        breathe deeper, suck on and get used to when you have.
      3. Alexander Romanov
        Alexander Romanov 14 May 2014 06: 59
        Hello everybody!
        Quote: Sid.74

        Ventspils mayor: NATO sailors behave like occupying pigs that do not recognize Latvian laws

        They behave normally like owners in a stable. They brought European values ​​in their urine. So there’s nothing to run into civilized NATO soldiers laughing
      4. asar
        asar 14 May 2014 09: 12
        Well, the Baltics are dwarf! How do you "defenders"! Now you understand how much you stand with your SRs and independence in the eyes of NATO! Yes "put" on you NATO, but with a "parting"! They need you! They need your territory as a base! And they look at your population like cockroaches under their feet! "Taste" "friendship" with the West, "hawai" with your mouth full, just don't choke! wassat laughing
      5. soyuz-nik
        soyuz-nik 14 May 2014 11: 22
        The Baltic states justify the inhibition attributed to them: in the places of deployment of NATO troops, the local Baltic authorities urgently need to install urinals and vomiters on every corner and adjust their legislation to a new reality, under which they themselves, stumbling, subscribed, namely, to establish the notorious indulgence of the entire NATO soldier for all possible quirks on the part of these.

        ZY In the Soviet Union, the Balts felt themselves to be a "white bone", but in Geyrope they now seem to be held by the chock.
  2. Alex 241
    Alex 241 14 May 2014 06: 10
    Clowns! No words !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    1. Strashila
      Strashila 14 May 2014 06: 28
      If earlier such a thing could be said ... cinema and Germans ... now cinema and Americans.
      An attempt to not recognize the legality of the federal structure of the state ... not to recognize the legality of the United States, as such, since its inception.
      1. vik669
        vik669 14 May 2014 07: 49
        Well, after such "speeches" and such "faces", it is clear that the Americans descended from monkeys (probably like everyone else), but much later they cannot adapt among people.
      2. Strezhevchanin
        Strezhevchanin 14 May 2014 07: 50
        Quote: Strashila
        If earlier such a thing could be said ... cinema and Germans ... now cinema and Americans.

        You will see, this character will issue a logical vyser worse than Mrs. Power! wassat
  3. FC SKIF
    FC SKIF 14 May 2014 06: 13
    Some kind of marameyki. Dull, inconspicuous faces. But evil and cruel. Tse Ukraine today
  4. mojohed2012
    mojohed2012 14 May 2014 06: 15
    The ladies from the US State Department were obviously torn away from the kitchen. Only a year and a half ago, they dragged pieces of paper on the signature "Handling" and on you - Obama hid behind them in the current reality. Mr. Obama is herd. You go out yourself and tell me about the merry-go-round, and don't substitute a stupid woman. Show proof, if you have it, and don't talk about anything.
    1. Berkut-UA
      Berkut-UA 14 May 2014 07: 30
      So Obama is famous for being the biggest liar
      of all modern American presidents.
    2. Strezhevchanin
      Strezhevchanin 14 May 2014 07: 54
      Quote: mojohed2012
      Ladies from the US State Department clearly torn from the kitchen

      I'm afraid to assume, but in my opinion this club of militant cooks (Sect-Rotten Borsch) is created by Clinton herself wassat
  5. yulka2980
    yulka2980 14 May 2014 06: 15
    Since Ukraine has changed and will not be the same, then we Russians must finally change their attitude towards it. First of all, we must exclude all concessions in the form of gas discounts, stop any financial assistance, because from this country we now see nothing but insults to the address of Russia and the Russians! We have someone to help is New Russia! smile
    1. Berkut-UA
      Berkut-UA 14 May 2014 07: 32
      and stop importing sweets PARASHANKA
  6. mig31
    mig31 14 May 2014 06: 19
    A clique lesson, bandits, pedophiles - a worthy company of its creator of the State Department ...
  7. Al_lexx
    Al_lexx 14 May 2014 06: 28
    If the Americans don’t overwhelm Tymoshenko, Turchinov and the security forces close to them (they’re already knocking down), then all these so-called presidential elections will not have a logical conclusion. Even if they pass, Julia will certainly consolidate with the ultra right and begin a new round of a bloody show on the Maidan. Moreover, the situation here will develop rapidly, since in addition to the Maidan storm, the main goals will be precisely Poroshenko and Tymoshenko. Someone from the inkh will have to fill up his opponent, as in that western.
    By the way, the term "Wild West" now completely corresponds to what western and central Ukraine is.
    1. The comment was deleted.
    2. siberalt
      siberalt 14 May 2014 08: 50
      Al_lexx: "If the Americans do not overwhelm Tymoshenko, Turchinov and the security officials close to them (they are already downing them), then all these so-called presidential elections will not have a logical conclusion. Even if they take place, Yulia will surely consolidate with the ultra-right and start a new round of the bloody show on the Maidan. "

      If Poroshenko is elected, then his first decree will be on the abolition of the amnesty for Y. Tymoshenko. laughing
  8. gandalf
    gandalf 14 May 2014 06: 32
    For a long time in Ukraine, that's all ... not for one year.

    But the Yankees do not have time, they are trying to force the massacre, etc.
    1. Berkut-UA
      Berkut-UA 14 May 2014 07: 36
      Quote: gandalf
      For a long time in Ukraine, that's all ... not for one year.

      But the Yankees don't have time they are trying to force the massacre etc.

      And ask yourself - WHY ???
      In order even so to force Putin to send troops.
      This is now the main thing that the states are seeking.
      and due to the fact that Russia has not reacted with the deployment of troops -
      the whole US plan is crumbling.
      1. stalkerwalker
        stalkerwalker 14 May 2014 10: 32
        Quote: Berkut-UA
        and due to the fact that Russia has not reacted with the deployment of troops -
        the whole US plan is crumbling.

        And today it turns out that the presence of the Russian Armed Forces in Ukraine is not required.
        Mat technical support in any form is required. Technically, this is not difficult.
  9. VNP1958PVN
    VNP1958PVN 14 May 2014 07: 02
    Well, Leontiev softened! Just one American spy! And the whole bunch of torchinyukhov patriots of Ukraine or something! Parubiy has long been plowing the CIA wholeheartedly! Everyone deserves to hang on one bar! yes
  10. A1L9E4K9S
    A1L9E4K9S 14 May 2014 07: 11
    Latvia was striving for what it got and there is nothing to whine, slurp NATO shit with a full spoon, or else it will be oh oh oh.
  11. Ural guys
    Ural guys 14 May 2014 07: 35
    iyskoy-ustanovki.html - Two Ukrainian soldiers died from an artillery bombing
    I just didn’t understand, she was standing on the border with the village in the Sivash region, on the railway connecting Zaporozhye with Crimea, in several tens of kilometers к northeast from state borderestablished after the accession of the peninsula to Russia.
    That is, they wanted to provoke and strike at Russian territory, but instead they self-propelled gun exploded, so what ?!
  12. borisjdin1957
    borisjdin1957 14 May 2014 07: 38
    from the Don.
    Where did they come out of? Shame!
  13. Sergey Sitnikov
    Sergey Sitnikov 14 May 2014 07: 40
    here is this sheep Psaki))))
    1. lelikas
      lelikas 14 May 2014 12: 43
      Yes, in my opinion she is the only person whom it is always pleasant to listen to - this is the living embodiment of all Zadornov! ;) Now prove that he was wrong with his -Dumb ....
  14. TekhnarMAF
    TekhnarMAF 14 May 2014 08: 04
    Stuffing is impossible to turn back. Like Ukraine.

    A short and succinct answer to all pssaks! good
  15. silberwolf88
    silberwolf88 14 May 2014 09: 26
    As usual in the transfer of Mikhail Leontyev, everything is very accurate.
    The wording and logic are verified.
    Nothing extra.
  16. demotivator
    demotivator 14 May 2014 09: 26
    And the referendums in the Donbass, recognize - do not recognize, this is a political reality, not canceled by any external will.

    Actually, no one expected the recognition of the results of the referendum from the US and the EU, but now this is not so important. Are there many new state formations today where exactly the same referendums were held with approximately the same consequences. Now another thing is important - there is an obvious fact: a very large part of the population of two rather large regions with a million people voted for state sovereignty. That is, it is necessary to recognize an obvious fact - the people of Donbass are fighting for their independence. And the peoples fighting for independence, according to the UN Charter, already have some rights, in the first place they are the subject of international law. We have to reckon with them, we need to negotiate with them, and without them we can’t. Etc. It is no accident that the Kiev junta by all means obstructed the referendum. It would seem, why worry, because he is not recognized? But the forces of the armed forces undertook operations, with the participation of armored vehicles, to seize polling stations. In the end, they were killed and wounded. Now the Kiev junta can already be written without quotes, it has confirmed its dictatorial and anti-popular character. You can already judge in the Hague.
  17. papont64
    papont64 14 May 2014 10: 59
    The referendum took place, whether they want it or not ...
  18. appolon44
    appolon44 14 May 2014 11: 22
    Stuffing is impossible to turn back. Like Ukraine.
    well said
  19. Giant thought
    Giant thought 14 May 2014 11: 28
    Mattress covers turned Ukraine into a circus, which is very upsetting. And when all this performance is over there, no one knows.
  20. SVT
    SVT 14 May 2014 11: 29
    I’ve dug it on the censor and I’m thinking now, how would I shoot this su ... K. u according to the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation .....

    The legend of the dissident movement in an interview with "Censor.NET" explained why it is necessary to bomb the separatists in the Donbass; told what needs to be done to bring down the Putin regime, and gave advice to Rinat Akhmetov.

    You experience a strange sensation while talking with Valeria Novodvorskaya. A Russian citizen is sitting in front of you, demanding much tougher measures against pro-Russian separatists in Ukraine than the most unbridled of Ukrainian nationalists (not to mention official Kiev).
    You can laugh at her, call her a marginal - and, given the current mood in Russian society, this assessment will be largely true. However, one cannot ignore how accurate and true some estimates of Novodvorskaya are, especially when she speaks about the essence of the aggressive imperial regime of Vladimir Putin.
    Our conversation comes to an end at about one in the morning Moscow time. Instead of farewell, Valery Ilyinichna says: “Glory to Ukraine!” “Glory to the heroes ...” - the dumbfounded journalist answers.
    And this conversation began with the relevance of the day.
    - The Kremlin’s press service said it “respects” the separatist referendum - but hasn’t officially announced its results. May I ask you to translate this statement from the Kremlin to human?
    - Translated from the Kremlin, this means that we are not averse to taking advantage of all this. We stood behind the curtains, we are puppeteers. These are your Donetsk-Lugansk coloradas - our puppets. Since we dictated this decision ourselves, we treat it with great appetite. Wait: when necessary, we use it for our own purposes.
    - When exactly? In our country, ten days before the election, even grandmothers on the benches discuss exactly how Putin will pluck them: throughout Ukraine or only in a number of eastern regions. Or maybe refrain from provocations?
    - Putin will not be able to disrupt the elections throughout Ukraine. Its capabilities are limited, it is still not Woland. What he can, he will do. But maybe he is not so much. But the fact that the elections did not take place in the Donbass - this will be declared absolutely necessary. And this is enough for him to declare the elected president illegitimate.
    - How do you like the behavior of the key figure in the Donbass - Rinat Akhmetov? We made a lot of noise about his statement that the ATO in the Donbass must be stopped and the Ukrainian troops withdrawn from there. Other data also indicate that Rinat Leonidovich gravitates to the Kremlin constructions of the future Donbass. What would you advise him in this situation?
    - Rinat Akhmetov, like many of our oligarchs, is trying to sit between two chairs. He apparently has some kind of economic interests in Russia. Or is he tied to Putin with something. Or Putin knows something about him. And he is trying in decent form to put Ukraine a bandwagon. You understand that his fate in Ukraine does not concern him as much as Roman Abramovich, the fate of Russia. Withdrawing troops is completely idiotic advice. Let Putin go! And to withdraw the troops ... then Putin will have to carpet the path to Kiev!
  21. SVT
    SVT 14 May 2014 11: 32
    Akhmetov would have to explain to his Colorado that the Donbass is a subsidized region and that they are not able to earn a living by themselves until reforms are carried out. And that they should pray for the Kiev government, so that it would give them some kind of subsidies. Because if it acts like the Russian government, then their mines will be closed - as in Rostov. By the way, they have already said cheerfully that they can feed themselves. Well, then give them such an opportunity - at least two months. So that they get really hungry ...
    - This is from the category of fiction. Meanwhile, even in Kiev we have enough people who advise the current government to retreat and, I quote, "let Akhmetov put things in order there."
    - Well, this is the line of least resistance. Akhmetov will not bring any order. The bandits and the GRU-shniks who are now in control of Donbass (which, in general, are the same thing) are not very controlled by Akhmetov. And then, they found a revolutionary ... it’s not Poroshenko or Kolomyisky for you (Novodvorskaya said that last name. - Ed.). In general, such advice is no good.
    The Ukrainian legitimate government was, firstly, to prevent this referendum, to clear the Donbass earlier. Secondly, you should have a good idea of ​​who the Colorado are. These are not civilians. Civilians sit peacefully at home. If civilians voluntarily cover up criminals ... they were not pulled out of bed? They carry food to criminals, and even use their children as perfect madmen, like Palestinians who rejoice if a martyr appears in their family ... These are accomplices. That is how they should now, in hindsight, evaluate the actions of those residents of Germany who shared Jewish shops, threw books into the fire, joined the National Socialist Party of Germany; who used slaves from Eastern Europe in their farms; who shouted "Heil Hitler!". What civilians were they? And when the massive bombing of Germany by "flying fortresses", by Anglo-American aircraft, began, no one was engaged in what is below. When the territory of Verdun was destroyed by three quarters, no one cared what would happen to these so-called civilians.
    Take this example. Felix Krivin once wrote a sketch about how they burned Jan Hus, the Czech national hero, and the old woman brought an armful of brushwood to this pillar. He told her: “Oh, holy simplicity!” And then I looked closely at the old woman - and it turned out that this was not just an old woman, but an old woman, proud of her simplicity.
  22. SVT
    SVT 14 May 2014 11: 33
    This is not about civilians, these are accomplices in crime. And they deserve the same retribution as those who shoot down helicopters, rip open the bellies of deputies, drown them. In any war, you must take care of either strangers or your own. In the Donbass, there are normal decent people. They also want to live. And the Ukrainian government should not care about traitors, but about Ukrainian patriots. Because otherwise the fate of deputy Rybak awaits them all.
    - And how exactly should the Ukrainian authorities behave in this situation?
    - I am not a specialist in military affairs. Or planes must be used, or special forces, the National Guard to take these buildings at all costs. First warn with leaflets so that those who consider themselves to be civilians quickly go home. Well, and who does not go - let them be responsible for their actions. What did we do in 1993: How many times did Yeltsin warned people to leave the White House? And when the tank shelling began, these 160 dead - no one watched whether they were peaceful or not. They stayed there voluntarily, and they covered up the criminals ....
    “Does it not seem to you that many of these people, fed up for years by Soviet and Russian propaganda, are not fully responsible for their actions and to some extent deserve leniency?”
    - No, they do not deserve leniency. Indulgence deserves those who in such an unfavorable environment behave with dignity: speak the Ukrainian language, go out, as in Odessa, to peaceful demonstrations - after which they begin to shoot at them ... And what does “Soviet propaganda” mean? Many were exposed to Soviet propaganda, but for some reason it did not work on Lviv.
    Everyone is responsible for their actions. Everyone decides whether to go to the Hitler Youth or the Resistance movement. Since 1991, they lived in the territory of free Ukraine. It’s time to recover!
    - Valeria Ilinichna, but these people call the pro-Maidan patriotic youth the Hitler Youth. See how everything is turned upside down ...
    - Yes, they are thoughtlessly repeating Russian propaganda. Moreover, they sometimes have in their hands Russian flags and Russian coats of arms. And they already managed to ask to be part of the Russian Federation. These are just national traitors, traitors. Their problem is that the United States does not take such junk. But there is a bigger pension, and so is the salary. They would run there if they were called there. Only they do not know that Russia has nothing to feed them. - On the question of the United States. Supporters of Vladimir Vladimirovich laugh, talking about Western sanctions. They say that these sanctions are like a pellet for an elephant, pseudo-pressure for averting eyes, the West is interested in cooperating with gas and oil Russia, so things will not come to serious pressure. Do you share this opinion?
    - Correctly they laugh, they have every reason to laugh. Because it’s not a sanction, but it’s the same as hitting the fingers with a ladies fan. Well, they will not let Rogozin go to Europe - he will go on vacation to the Maldives ...
  23. SVT
    SVT 14 May 2014 11: 34
    It’s easier for the West - nothing to change. In addition, there are many politicians such as Schroeder - long ago bribed by Russia. You cannot rely on them. We have evidence that even in PACE, many deputies were offered a bribe for a pro-Russian vote. One deputy opened all this. She didn’t take it - but others did!
    And then, Russia is a very large country. Very big. And in order to apply serious sanctions against it, it will be necessary to cause a complete economic collapse: the introduction of the card system, hyperinflation. This is not done quickly. It will come, yes - but not soon. And the current measures, of course, will not work. After all, they have not yet canceled visas. And visas should be canceled for all Russians, without exception! And Konstantin Borov and I proposed to apply this to us. Although we seem to have nothing to do with it. But to all - so to all. We are responsible for the fact that Putin is in power, and that we could not remove him. And he attacked the innocent Ukraine. Since the Russians cannot control their power, it means they don’t need to go anywhere. Let them sit at home and arrange things in their own country. And walking around Venice and Rome is not for them. No need to let anyone out, iron curtain. Then, maybe they will understand that something needs to be done with Putin.
    - Valeria Ilyinichna, are you often blamed for the fact that you are doing more for other countries than for Russia itself, of which you are a citizen? So in Ukrainian-Russian history you take our side ...
    - I am always on the side of the weak. And always on the side of the innocent. I am a professional dissident and human rights activist. The slogan “For your and our freedom” is universal. Redeeming the guilt of Russia, I leave her some chance for the future. Otherwise, Russia will be damned to the seventh generation, and it will have no chance at all. A people oppressing other nations cannot be free. - You tirelessly talk about the fault of the Putin regime. And what are the mistakes of the Ukrainian authorities that catch your eye? What would you do differently than official Kiev?
    - Firstly, I would make a decision on the withdrawal of the Black Sea Fleet, without waiting for Russia to make this decision. This had to be done immediately after the revolution - to refuse to stop. Even pay a penalty, break the agreement.
    In addition, I would not have taken the responsibility to ban Ukrainian officers and soldiers from resisting. And then, perhaps, the fate of Crimea would be different. Perhaps the West would have to intervene.
    And, of course, the election is a wonderful thing, and the candidates are good. But Russia still does not recognize the results of these elections. And to remove Russia-this is not enough strength not only for Ukraine, but, perhaps, for NATO. It is still a nuclear power.
    The main mistake was not made by this authority. They should not have given up nuclear weapons. Then Ukraine would have to be reckoned with. Stepan Khmara was then not without reason trying to rush into rocket mines.
    In general, we must hold on. Yes, Europe gives you money - but it does not want to expand the zone of influence of Russia also on Ukrainian territory! Apply for NATO membership. Well, and finally fight back! When we had the 93rd year, we did not stop Yeltsin, on the contrary, advised him to raise planes and bomb the White House so that no one would leave alive. Neither Rutskoi, nor Khasbulatov, nor Makashov. Maybe then reforms could be brought to an end.
  24. SVT
    SVT 14 May 2014 11: 34
    Civil war does not win and do not lose. But at the same time they act with the wrong mood that you need to love and protect the enemy. Anyone who walks with the flag of a foreign state is already an enemy from the very beginning. He walks not with the flag of the European Union, but with the flag of a hostile, vile, vicious, cruel country, the real scourge of Europe. The time when sanctions could influence Russia has already passed.
    - You know, they told me about how Ukrainian soldiers fighting in the Donbass read Remarque. My friend, looking at what was happening in Russia, began to re-read “Moscow-2042” by Voinovich: Father Zvezdoniy, Propaganda Paramonovna Korovyak and other exhibits of the Kunstkamera. And what kind of work of art in the context of what is happening between Ukraine and Russia comes to mind?
    - Orwell. As you remember, Oceania fought all the time with East Asia and Eurasia. And many did not remember who she was fighting with ...

    Eugene Kuzmenko for Censor. NO Source: Source:
    1. Cynic
      Cynic 14 May 2014 12: 13
      So what ? Why so many fast-paced creativity?
    2. old man
      old man 14 May 2014 12: 49
      The usual chatter of a hysterical woman. She just makes money on the grief of the people, the Americans know they will pay, and she will buy herself a new rubber phallus. In Russia, almost no one listens to her except "ward No. 6" in the psychiatric hospital.
  25. soyuz-nik
    soyuz-nik 14 May 2014 11: 40
    I wish you good health, dear Author and Forum Members!

    M. Leont'ev - political offspring!

    Ukhrakhunt, its masters and minions - under the international tribunal!
    They should be asked as with p.a.s.c.u.d!

    PS-s and other benderasts - to Mother Siberia to clear the mind!

    May the Force be with us!
    1. Cynic
      Cynic 14 May 2014 12: 15
      Quote: soyuz-nik
      to Mother Siberia to clear my mind!

      Siberia again!
      On x ... they, here with us, are needed!
    2. old man
      old man 14 May 2014 12: 54
      In Siberia, they are not needed, in the center of Africa they should be discarded. Let the animals hunt for them, get their own food and help nature. Greenpeace will be pleased.
  26. bigELDAK
    bigELDAK 14 May 2014 12: 13
    "Minced meat cannot be turned back" - soon the whole Ukraine will be minced.
  27. Achilles Pyatkin
    Achilles Pyatkin 14 May 2014 13: 46
    [media = http: // feature = player_detailpage & v = 0y6xUxaqNa4
    The life of people does not teach anything. laughing
  28. yushch
    yushch 15 May 2014 11: 23
    Manneken Pis pulled out a stone hand)).