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Qualitative modernization of the Chinese Air Force threatens the security of Russia

Qualitative modernization of the Chinese Air Force threatens the security of Russia

At present, China is actively developing all the main directions in the field of combat aviation. Just the other day there was a message about the creation of the next modernization of the Soviet Tu-16 bomber - H-6K, the Chinese, together with the plane, tested "new-style missiles."

It can be said that this is, say, a lag behind our strategic aviation for several decades, but this is not the main thing, the main thing is that Chinese designers do not stand still, they work, improve existing models, create new models - based on Western and Russian technologies.

The Chinese Air Force is second only to the United States and Russian Air Forces, China has more than 3000 units of combat and auxiliary aircraft. China is modernizing its Air Force at an astonishing rate, only relatively recently, in 70-80-ies, they were quite backward, focused on the defense of their territory and were inferior to the USSR-Russia air force in all respects. But since the beginning of the 90-ies, they have undergone a rapid transformation, turning into a modern aircraft of the Western type, capable of performing the widest range of tasks.

Now they are able not only to solve the tasks of the Air Defense of their territory, to cover the ground forces in China, but to strike at targets that are at a considerable distance outside their territory, including the sea. The capabilities of the Chinese Air Force for reconnaissance, early target detection, air defense and missile defense are much improved.

The main tasks facing the Chinese Air Force:

- protection of its border in possible territorial disputes with its neighbors: Japan, Vietnam, India and so on.

- winning air supremacy over Taiwan if a political decision is made to restore China’s "territorial integrity" by military means. They are already able to accomplish this task, surpassing the Taiwan Air Force quantitatively and qualitatively.

- achievement of superiority of air, in the region, over the USAF.

- achieving superiority in the air in the event of war with Russia, just one significant example: for this, following the example of the United States, a flight training center called Aggressor was formed in China, pilots on the Russian Su-27 act as opponents of Chinese aircraft.

The main directions of development of the Air Force

- In the field of bomber aviation, the PRC has approximately 80-120 (according to different sources) H-6 of various modifications, the PRC is forced to upgrade them in the absence of an alternative (for now). In 2006, a modification of the “Hun-6M” was adopted, increasing the flight range and strike power. And here is another upgrade - “Hun-6K”. These bombers can attack the lands of the Far East, Siberia, Central Asia, the Korean Peninsula, the Japanese and Philippine Islands. The arsenal developed on the basis of the Russian X-55 rocket and with the help of the American developments of the ALCM DH-10 (Donghai-10), is considered to be on the 1500 km, with an accuracy of 10-15 meters.

- Work is underway on the H-7, two-seat tactical bomber, and JH-7 - the development of the project H-7, fighter-bomber.

- The successful development of UAVs, back in 2010, at the aerospace exhibition in Zhuhai, the PRC showed dozens of promising UAVs. For example: the WJ-600 drone UAV based on a cruise missile, and the Chinese 10 on May 2011 showed the flight of an unmanned helicopter V750.

- The PRC on the basis of the Russian Su-33 aircraft actually created its own carrier-based fighter, the J-15. This year, or as a last resort in the next, the Chinese will put into operation their aircraft carrier, the former Soviet "Varyag".

- China plans to create its Military Space Forces, at the beginning of 2011, the Chinese successfully tested the first orbital unmanned vehicle, it is able to stay in space for 270 days a year and solve various defense tasks, including the destruction of enemy communications satellites. This year, Beijing will launch the first components of its orbital station; its full assembly is planned before 2020 of the year.

- It creates its own fighter 5-th generation J-20, based on American developments, and, apparently, Russian.

- The airfield network is expanding and strengthening, it already has more than 400 airfields, most of them are protected, have arched shelters for airplanes, underground ammunition and fuel stores are built, there are rock shelters for airplanes in mountainous areas. Airfield equipment was replaced; now it is possible to provide flights in adverse weather conditions and at night. The operational capacity of the airfield network increased to 9 thous. Aircraft.

The reasons for the success of China: generous financing, properly chosen areas of development, skilled industrial espionage, copying advanced Western and Russian developments, their development.

Weak sides: for the time being, the PRC air forces are much inferior to US military aircraft in the field of modern DRLO aircraft and electronic warfare (EW). They are few, but China does not stand still, trying to close the gap. There is not enough tanker aircraft for conducting large-scale operations outside the country. According to Western analysts, the PRC's radio-technical forces are still weak in detecting low-flying targets, protecting radar posts from the air, and low radar noise immunity.

Danger to Russia: The PRC's air force is rapidly crowding out our air force from the second place in the world in terms of the number of 4 generation aircraft, provided China has 3 generation aircraft that can be sacrificed to suppress our air forces and air defense forces, forcing them to use ammunition. The PRC Air Force is already superior to ours in the development of promising systems: UAVs, orbital planes. They are going to introduce the first aircraft carrier and there are two more behind it, and we have only one, and the prospects for the creation of new ones are not traceable. If the trend is not broken, then our army will give way in the air not only quantitatively but also qualitatively to the potential enemy.

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  1. Cyberdragon
    Cyberdragon 17 May 2011 09: 25
    What can I say, all the same, such a rapid rise causes involuntary respect (now only dream of such a growth exponent in our country = ()
  2. Max79
    Max79 17 May 2011 11: 15
    They prosralized everything and sifted again. We are still giving technology to China. Shame !!!!
    I would like to say "many thanks" to our Kremlin patriots, and personally to Perduk-Stouretkin !!!
  3. Farvil
    Farvil 17 May 2011 12: 02
    And here we have Putin and his team, as always, and they just flew in from Mars yesterday and there’s such a mess. We are preparing for the elections, creating a popular front and finishing the country to the end.
  4. Stavr
    Stavr 17 May 2011 14: 12
    They have already finished the country. Then only a slow dying. If this power is once again held in the elections, then Russia will end! In addition to collecting money and sharing, Nana power is no longer capable of anything. Although no, I’m mistaken: it can still quickly turn west if something happens, there they are ready for alternate aerodromes, they hope that the national pitchfork will not reach the trail ...
  5. Engineer
    Engineer 17 May 2011 14: 44
    Recently, a lot has been written on the site about the Chinese threat.

    At present, educated young children of law-abiding parents are serving in the sharply reduced Chinese army. This is either an only child in the family, or a well-paid second or third.
    If they begin to die en masse - this will cause discontent, so this whole technological army can be used against Russia only as a scarecrow.

    China will be captured by the expansion of the illiterate, impoverished peasantry (who goes a little smarter than Russia, but to coastal Chinese cities, where the standard of living is much higher)

    But in reality, only saboteurs will act against us. Against which small, but very mobile armed forces of constant readiness are created.

    And if there are elections, those who are now will remain in power, maybe the face on page 1 will be changed for a change. In modern elections, the opinion of the people does not interest anyone.
  6. figwam
    figwam 17 May 2011 17: 15
    History repeats itself.
    The rapid armament of any country speaks of its aggressiveness and growing ambitions, not for that they spend billions, then to sit on the ass evenly.
    An unambiguous indicator of impending global aggression is the build-up of strike (bomber) aircraft of one of the parties. Germany was an aggressor and in 1939 had more bombers than fighters, unlike the USSR, which intended to defend itself. The United States and England, preparing to open a second front, riveted a large number of bombers, who ironed the floor of Europe.

    In summary:
    - if China sets up a lot of strike aircraft, including unmanned ones - wait for trouble!
  7. Mao Zedong
    Mao Zedong 17 May 2011 19: 01
    The Russian state is actively stirring up fear of the Chinese "threat", but if not the yellow ones, then the black ones, in an extreme, reserve version, the blue ones will starve out.
    Meanwhile, in the Chinese media, any Russian is promoted as a friend and elder brother.
    1. TiRex
      TiRex 1 March 2013 12: 28
      it’s not so, to check my words, it’s enough to read the Chinese state periodicals for the last 5 years at least ...
  8. Muhabi
    Muhabi 17 May 2011 22: 46
    ASS-ASS !!!!!!!! There are no other words.
  9. Andrei
    Andrei 18 May 2011 04: 22
    "just one significant example: for this, following the example of the United States, a flight training center called" Aggressor "has been formed in China, pilots on Russian Su-27 are opponents of Chinese aircraft"

    And on what aircraft should they "perform" - if the SU-27 in the PLA is the most modern aircraft. China does not have an F-16.

    About the 5th generation and other "modern technology". Copying Russian engines and making a composite body is not yet the 5th generation. The modern combat systems of Russian and American aircraft have been refined for decades in the course of numerous large-scale wars. And planes were destroyed during these wars by the thousands. Without this experience, all claimed "technological advances" remain virtual.

    Russia and China have been linked by close mutual interests for decades. China now has more external geopolitical problems than Russia (due to the dependence on external supplies of resources - in Africa, there is a campaign against them now). They have no lunatics to start a war against the only strong and reliable ally - Russia.

  10. mishan
    mishan 18 May 2011 18: 09
    Military-technical cooperation with China in advanced industries has been suspended in order to stop industrial espionage, etc.
    And perhaps this is the only positive in this situation
    1. TiRex
      TiRex 1 March 2013 12: 29
      and the upcoming deliveries of China s-400 how to evaluate?
  11. Justme
    Justme 18 May 2011 21: 16
    As a developer of the military-industrial complex, I would like to note
    What do you expect from our defense industry?
    Where I work, it's a giant feeding trough,
    where a thug on a thug, where the whole top is in the technique - "well, not in a tooth with a foot" and
    this is far from an exaggeration.
    How money disappears is a big separate question.
    As a developer, I am more interested in something else - each project, the task creates its own logic that must be followed, For example, when I worked "on the left" for a guy from California (and did what should be done and not imitation of work), the overall pace and productivity of work was about 5-15 times higher than what I do for Russian Aerospace, the equivalent cost is 5-20 times less, the quality - there are no analogues in my "office" and there is nothing to compare with ...

    But everything says that China is working and developing according to common sense