Pre-revolutionary Russians about Ukrainians and the Ukrainian idea (entertaining quotes)

Nowadays, such expressions as “Ukrainophobia” have become fashionable. Say, Putin's Kiseuvshchina paints a propaganda image of Ukrainians that is implanted in the country. It is worth understanding how the Ukrainian idea was perceived among authentic Russians - before the Revolution and in the White emigration.

First, it is worth understanding that the “Ukrainians” whom we know and love (at least we know) were born in the Soviet Union and with the support of Soviet power. The very concept of Ukrainian nationalism existed before the Revolution, it appeared in the second half of the XIX century. But that “Ukrainians” was a marginal phenomenon; we wrote about its origins. In Russian society, these people were considered freaks, sectarians. Ukrainians criticized the most diverse strata of the population, both among the guardians of the Black Hundred direction, and among the nationalist critics of the Tsarist government. From the conservative side, it is worth noting Andrei Vladimirovich Storozhenko, a famous historian, Slavic and literary critic. He is considered one of the main specialists in stories Ukraine and was in the Kiev club of Russian nationalists, one of the main right-wing intellectual centers of the country. After the Revolution, the Bolsheviks shot the members of the Club according to the lists; Storozhenko is one of the few who managed to escape from the Cheka.

Storozhenko interpreted Ukrainian nationalism as a cultural atavism; as a departure from the Russian culture provoked by the Poles and Austrians. In his opinion, the Russian population, having lost the Russian culture, becomes barbarous non-donation. A. Tsarinny cites in his book “Ukrainian separatism in Russia. The ideology of the national split "quote Storozhenko, in which he expounded these thoughts very briefly:

“Getting acquainted with the figures of the Ukrainian movement, starting with 1875, not by books, but in living images, we learned that“ Ukrainians ”are individuals who deviated from the general Russian species in the direction of reproducing the ancestors of foreign Turkic blood, standing in cultural Relationships are significantly lower than the Russian race. ”

Because on the territory of the so-called “Ukraine” there is no other culture besides Russian, Ukrainians or “Mazepians”, as they were called before the Revolution, we have to turn to other cultures, including the autochthonous, i.e. nomads As noted Storozhenko:

““ Ukrainian Idea ”is a giant step backward, a retreat from Russian culture to Turkic or Berendey barbarism”

Storozhenko was the largest specialist in the history of southern Russia, a real erudite and convinced Russian patriot and nationalist - he was a member of the Kiev Club of Russian Nationalists and the All-Russian National Union. After he was nearly shot by the Bolsheviks, his works were banned in the Soviet Union. They were declared “bourgeois landowner, great-power” literature, because they interfered with Ukrainization.
The Ukrainian idea itself was not at all associated with the Little Russians or even the Galicians. Galicians especially were then still Russian patriots, to the extent that the Austrians had to build the Thalerhof concentration camp and massively hang Russian nationalists from Galicia. By the way, on one of these processes, the great-grandfather of the famous Ukrainian nationalist Oleg Pyagnibok, Longin Tsegelsky, acted as a witness for the accusatory side.

The bearers of the Ukrainian idea, in addition to sectarians from Austrian test tubes and urban madmen, were perceived, first of all, by Poles and Jews. For example, the famous Russian nationalist and publicist Mikhail Osipovich Menshikov describes the demonstration of Ukrainian nationalists in 1914, near the Austrian embassy in Kiev, in the following way:

“So, we waited for this shame: the red flag of the separation of Little Russia from Russia was thrown out in Kiev. Let this banner, thrown out by the Jews and boys, was at once broken and the criminal brawlers were beaten by the crowd. Revolutionary crowds roamed from the Polytechnic to central points such as the Vladimir Cathedral and Bohdan Khmelnytsky Square. The same crowds moved along the Kiev Nevsky Prospect - along the Khreshchatyk. “Long live the independence of Ukraine! Long live Austria! Down with Russia! “- that’s what the Jews and Mazepians shouted and roared in front of the Austrian consulate, and, as the telegram says,“ the demonstrators protesting from the public were beaten. ” If it were not for the intervention of Cossacks and soldiers, the rebels would undoubtedly have gained the upper hand: “More than half of the demonstrators were Jews. Supervised by a Jewish student, riding around the city and making their orders ... ""

Three years before, the creator of the All-Russian National Union and Stolypin’s personal friend, Menshikov, gave the Ukrainian movement the following characteristic:

“The most ardent of them give up the historical names of“ Russia ”,“ Russians ”. They do not even recognize themselves as Little Russians, but have composed a special national title: "Ukraine", "Ukrainians". They hate the common intimacy of the Little Russian dialect to Great Russian, and now they compose their own special language, perhaps more distant from the Great Russian. There is no need that the Ukrainian jargon composed as it were is completely ugly, like a crude falsification, ugly to the point that Little Russians themselves do not understand this gibberish — fanatics of Ukrainian separatism print books and newspapers called gibberish. Mazepians introduce systematic distortions and forgeries into Russian science in general and in particular of South Russian history, and the most extreme psychopaths of this party proclaimed the need for Little Russians to marry Jewish women so that they can move as far as possible from the Russian ferment ”

Obviously, these people, in general, had little in common with modern Ukrainian nationalists. The Ukrainian nationalist before the Revolution is an urban madman who is trying to inculcate more Polish words into the Russian language and offers to communicate with the Jews in order to move away from Great Russian heredity. Just a few years later, Ukrainian nationalism became famous for the fact that, in the person of Petliura, he organized such monstrous Jewish pogroms that the “white punisher” Ungern nervously smoked to the side.

With the latest, militant version of Ukrainian nationalism, Russian White Guard nationalists after the Revolution faced. First of all, the Ukrainian nationalists were perceived as Judas, traitors, traitors. One of the leaflets of the Armed Forces of the South of Russia for 1919 year announced:

“The South-Western Territory - Russian, Russian, Russian ... and it will not be given away to either the Ukrainian traitors or the Jewish executioners”

At the same time, the traitors knew that they were traitors, and at first they tried to avoid confrontations with yesterday's brothers. arms. Pavel Feofanovich Shandruk, the staff captain of the Russian Imperial Army, later a prometeist and general-cornet army of the Ukrainian People’s Republic, described the incident at the very beginning of the Civil War in his memoirs: his Ukrainian armored train entered Melitopol, where he found some soldiers speaking Russian Thinking that it was the Bolsheviks, he ordered to open fire on them. In response, "polite people" opened fire and raised the Russian tricolor. The soldiers turned out to be a detachment of Mikhail Gordeevich Drozdovsky, they were in the famous "Drozdovsky campaign" from Romania to the Don. Shandruk sent a truce to Drozdovsky, and Drozdovsky announced that he would leave the city - with or without a fight. Shandruk, having understood that he would have to deal not with the dirty Red Guards, but with the “First Brigade of Russian Volunteers”, was frightened and ordered to let them through. Drozdovtsy calmly continued on their way.

Drozdovsky, a hero of the First World War, a holder of the Order of St. George and a monarchist, left a note in his diary about his attitude to Ukrainians. Of particular interest is the behavior of the Germans, who have not experienced any illusions about their murzilok:

“The Germans are enemies, but we respect them, even though we hate them ... Ukrainians have only one contempt for them, as for renegades and unbridled gangs. Germans to the Ukrainians - undisguised contempt, termination, prodding. They call it a gang, a mob; when the Ukrainians attempted to seize our car at the station, the German commandant was present, shouting at the Ukrainian officer: “So that this will not happen to me again.” The difference in attitudes towards us, hidden enemies, and towards Ukrainians, allies, is incredible. One of the officers of the passing Ukrainian echelon said to the German: we should disarm them, that is, we would be disarmed, and received the answer: they also fight the Bolsheviks, we are not hostile, they pursue our goals, and his language would not turn to say that, dishonest ... Ukrainian bounced ... "

Negotiations with the separatists was not. General May-Mayevsky clearly stated that "Petlyura will either be on our platform a united, indivisible Russia with a broad territorial identity, or he will have to fight with us." Fighting and the capture of Kiev followed — in fact, these events are the only episode in history that can be called a “Russian-Ukrainian” war. This war was brilliantly won by white (i.e. Russians), and the White Guards who entered Kiev broke up the entire UPR army. In Kiev, there were 18 thousands of regular fighters of the UNR, moreover, there were 5 thousands of partisans in the area of ​​the city. 3000 White Guards entered the city and a thousand more fighters from officers' squads — the Ukrainian “army” capitulated without resistance. General Bredov announced after the “battle” that “Kiev has never been Ukrainian and never will be.”

There were no further negotiations - only with “Western Ukrainians,” or rather, Russian people from the Ukrainian Galician Army. Bredov continued negotiations with them and secured the Zyatkovsky Treaty - the entry of the Galician army into the Armed Forces of Southern Russia. The rest of the so-called "Ukrainians" Bredov ordered to convey that "... let them not come, they will be arrested and executed as traitors and gangsters."

However, the White Guards faced Ukrainians not only in the South. Patriots of the Wild Field came across in other regions, which sometimes led to funny episodes. The cavalier of St. George and the hero of the White struggle in Siberia, General Sakharov, describes one of these cases:

“In the car I had to go along with several officers. Two of them were sitting, but there was not enough room for one, standing. In the corner there was a railwayman with a bright yellow-blue "Ukrainian" ribbon in a buttonhole and in exaggerated hohlats jargon about the "independent Ukraine". The lieutenant listened to him, listened, and he said:

- “This is what, panderie, get out of the corner, - I want to sit. The road is after all our Russian, and the Samara province is also Russia, it’s not in Ukraine. “

“How so? Excuse me, what right do you have? ”The yellow-blue railroad worker switched to literary Russian.

- “But such a thing is, Pan-virtue, that I am Russian, it means here at home, master.” Here go to Ukraine, sit there. Well! get out! "
Looking around awkwardly, the newly appeared Ukrainian from the compartment and even out of the car came under the laughter of the rest of the public.

The controversy with the Ukrainians continued after the victory of the Bolsheviks, in exile. Even more - only in emigration, Ukrainian traitors were finally able to quietly write their separatist books and draw maps with Ukraine from the Carpathians to the Kuban, since unfortunately there were no longer any steel regiments of the White Army. One of the most remarkable Russian responses to Ukrainians was printed in Belgrade, in 1939. He wrote a controversial and controversial figure - V.V. Shulgin, but we cannot disagree with his arguments in this work. This work is called "Ukrainians and we." In it, he briefly describes the history of Ukrainians, proves the absurdity of their historical and national concept, and gives an overview of the current situation. In his opinion, the current Ukrainian nation is the product of unsuccessful historical events and, naturally, the defeat of Russia. He summarizes:

“Here is a brief history of Ukrainization. It was invented by the Poles (Count Jan Potocki); Austro-Germans put on their feet (“I made the Ukraine!” - statement by General Hoffmann); but it was consolidated by the Bolsheviks, who for the past 20 have been Ukrainians without wake-up (Stalin's Constitution of 1937) ”

Such is the sentence of the Russian people. Whoever of real Russians has come across so-called Ukrainians — tsarist scholars, nationalist publicists, white guard officers, simple Russian peasants — they all met Ukrainians with hostility. As staunch supporters of Historical Russia, seeing in it a moral ideal, we can only repeat the prophecy and dream of Shulgin, which he put at the very end of his work:

“The time will come when, instead of the lies and misanthropy of Ukrainians schismatics, truth, harmony and love will prevail under the high hand of United Indivisible Russia!”
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  1. +9
    13 May 2014 08: 08
    the Russian population, having lost Russian culture, becomes barbaric non-denunciation

    1. +2
      13 May 2014 10: 55
      Ukrainians are about how the French people are, they are created from ancient tribes - Goths, Franks, Bretons, Gauls, Burgundians, and so on and so forth! one of the tribes is now beginning to identify itself with the ancient tribe, although it already has nothing to do with it, because everything was mixed in the house.
      For example, Italians can not assume that they are purebred Romans, they are sorry for me, trah.ali Arabs, Turks, Vandals, Goths, Vikings, in general, all who went through the war through this territory.
      And what was most interesting was not the ancient tribe - the Ukrainians! were Slavs, eastern, western. In Kievan Rus, by the way, the first state of the Slavs, lived RUSSIAN!
      So the Ukrainians are a phrase that was invented by gangs of robbers, for dropping money off from the people by fooling them with a false idea that has nothing to do with real history.
      1. +1
        13 May 2014 12: 50
        The system of Lenin's struggle against Russian nationalism, the creation, in contrast to the Stalinist point of view, the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, instead of the Federal Russian state, to please the "world revolutionaries" dreaming of "the all-terrestrial USSR" and all sorts of Russophobic nationalists, laid a powerful mine of destruction of the new socialist state ...
        The structure of the USSR, the division of the state into various kinds of national apartments:
        - national union republics,
        - national autonomous republics within the union republics,
        - national autonomous regions,
        - national districts in the composition of regions and territories,
        gave birth to the growth of parochial nationalists, and in the end, destroyed the state with streams of blood and the masses of refugees fleeing from national oppression now from these previously "oppressed" peoples and nationalities.
        In addition, in order to strengthen these "national" formations by the voluntarist Soviet leadership without questioning the local population, the primordial Russian lands were transferred with all the people, "to help" the backward peoples "oppressed by Russian nationalists."
        How this policy of encouraging the nationalism of "oppressed" peoples turned out, we can all observe in the 21st century.
        From the USSR, this system of "national entities", with all its threats of the potential collapse of the state, migrated to modern Russia. And what it threatens us in the future remains to be seen.
  2. 225chay
    13 May 2014 08: 10
    The enemies of Russia have worked with our people, how many more will have to clean up the infections ...
  3. +5
    13 May 2014 08: 12
    The article is relevant. I agree that Ukrainization is barbarism and atavism. From myself I will add that Ukraine is not such a territorial concept, it is a sect.
    1. +1
      13 May 2014 08: 25
      Turchinov, by old habit, is trying to lead this sect ... that is, experience,
    2. +1
      13 May 2014 08: 55
      Quote: Humpty
      The article is relevant. I agree that Ukrainization is barbarism and atavism. From myself I will add that Ukraine is not such a territorial concept, it is a sect.

      I completely agree with you,Humpty Dummy (1)! Thanks to the author for this excursion into history, an objective overview of the true origins of "Ukrainians". I am especially grateful, because I wanted the same thing, but the meaning "smeared" by comments does not create such a complete picture as the author managed to do in his article.
  4. The comment was deleted.
  5. 0
    13 May 2014 08: 19
    Everything has already been laid out before us, only all kinds of ghouls can’t understand at all. History is a great thing.
  6. 0
    13 May 2014 08: 28
    Times go by ... quotes are still relevant.
    Very informative)))
  7. +2
    13 May 2014 08: 32
    “Here is a brief history of Ukrainization. It was invented by the Poles (Count Jan Potocki); put on its feet by the Austro-Germans ("I made Ukraine!" - statement by General Hoffmann); but it is consolidated by the Bolsheviks ”

    Article +++! Good, thoughtful information from the beginning of the 20th century.
    Before the Revolution, the Ukrainian nationalist was an urban madman, trying to introduce more Polish words into the Russian language and offering to communicate with Jews in order to get away from Great Russian heredity ... First of all, Ukrainian nationalists were perceived as Judas, traitors, traitors.

    All right! And do not add anything!
  8. +4
    13 May 2014 08: 40
    Of particular interest is the behavior of the Germans, who did not experience any illusions about their murders:

    The Germans still have no illusions about murders, rabbits and morons, pastors and despise them as before.
  9. +1
    13 May 2014 08: 47
    The article is a definite plus. When will we end this artificial sect?
  10. +1
    13 May 2014 09: 10
    Yes, the hunchbacked leader broke the firewood, the brothers survived, the enemies become
    1. +1
      13 May 2014 12: 18
      Quote: dimdimich71
      Yes, the hunchbacked leader broke the firewood, the brothers survived, the enemies become

      Not Gorbachev broke. Lenin broke in 1917, it all stretches from there.
      And the prerequisites of Ukrainian Nazism arose even before the revolution, but in the realities of the USSR these trends only worsened, and now they have gained full steam.
      1. -1
        13 May 2014 14: 17
  11. kudwar68
    13 May 2014 09: 30
    While we can only say so, while in their heads, something will not change
  12. 3vs
    13 May 2014 09: 40
    So it turns out - Ukrainians almost like a fool.
    To us as a warning - learn and do not forget your story, Russians!
  13. +2
    13 May 2014 09: 43
    The author is handsome! This is what I have been trying to convey to the public for five years in various forums! Never before and there is no nation "Ukrainians"
    Ukrainians are a community of peoples designated only territorially. As well as the Kuban, Siberian, Donetsk, Caucasian, northerner
    This nonsense, which was raised on the shield of the Russian liberal intelligentsia at the end of the 19th century, was originally a Polish project. It was from the Polish Diet that the phrase was pronounced "if it is not possible for the Ukrainian lands to become Polish again, then everything must be done so that they are not Russian
    This is in every way hushed up. Meanwhile, the Ukrainian is Russian. And he has always been. As well as Belarus. The tale of three sisters was invented by the Bolsheviks. No three sisters. There is one Russian people
  14. 0
    13 May 2014 09: 46
    <<< “Here is a short history of Ukrainianship. It was invented by the Poles (Count Jan Potocki); put on its feet by the Austro-Germans (“I made Ukraine!” - General Hoffmann's statement); but it was consolidated by the Bolsheviks, ... >>>
    Ukrainians are a kind of genetically modified product of the experiments of Western civilization over Russians that they hate, and like all genetically modified, which has already been proven many times, it is fruitless and not only harms not only Russian, but also Western civilization itself!
    1. 3vs
      13 May 2014 10: 05
      Well, do not say "fruitless", half of the country maydanutyh teenagers are walking.
      And all this is being cultivated in the next generations.
      Take at least 39-th Maidannaya hundred silly bastards,
      brainwashed at training camps that know how
      "to throw Molotov into a policeman's helmet".
      Their commander is a beautiful girl, it will be a pity if such a
      fire partisan in eastern Ukraine will be found with a hole
      in the head.
      1. komrad.klim
        13 May 2014 12: 37
        She is already with a hole.
        If only the second to do ...
  15. +1
    13 May 2014 10: 08
    Reading such articles you understand how important it is to know a reliable story, because everything repeats in one form or another and it is much easier to determine your position for real events around which there are a lot of emotions and propaganda
  16. 0
    13 May 2014 11: 02
    How interesting everything was. Today it can be made even more interesting - to divide Ukraine into Ukrainians and Westerners. Type two different people.
  17. 0
    13 May 2014 11: 21
    There is something to think about. Separation of the face.
  18. komrad.klim
    13 May 2014 12: 43
    Zombie "nation" and their reasoning:
    nickname Ilya Tsopin
    “I have one idea for the new revolutionary Ukrainian government. It arose when I looked closely at the coat of arms of the Donetsk People's Republic, which advocates“ federalization towards Russia. ”There, a two-headed eagle holds a ribbon with the inscription“ Donetsk Rus ”in its paws.

    I was stung. I admit, a good find. Even very good. I don’t know whether the Donetsk Zaputins themselves thought of it, or whether this achievement of Moscow analysts who are friends with the Lubyanka doesn’t matter. What does this find mean? What is her message, as is customary to say now? And here's the thing. Donbass (and, more broadly, the entire South-East of Ukraine) is opposed to present-day Kiev and the Ukrainian state as “Russia”, righteously rebelling against “anti-Russian Bendery”. You must admit that such a position is more advantageous and even more aesthetic than protecting Lenin’s monuments from the anti-Soviet (and national) Maidan revolution.
    Thus, from under Ukraine they are trying to pull out the historical basis on which it stands and is being built. After all, Russia itself is just Ukraine. And it was Ukraine, hiding from the Horde outside the borders of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, that preserved the primordially Russian, pre-Mongol features and qualities - both in way of life and in law. After all, of course, it was no coincidence that the Ukrainian Cossacks called themselves "Ruska" Addressing the townspeople of Lviv, Bohdan Khmelnitsky said: "Ukraine is our own, Ruska" - of course, not in the general sense. Calling themselves Ruthenians, the Cossacks sought to emphasize their “Kiev” identity, but by no means their kinship with Muscovy. "


    The real answer is:
    nickname Matchmaker
    Ilya Tsopin, summarizing your find and knowledge in the historical processes of Ancient Russia, I have to admit - however, the East Rus created the Great Power of Russia, and the West Rus, then hid (hid) from the Horde behind Lithuania, then were under Poland, then under Austria. 8 centuries hiding from the Horde in foreign borders!
    Only complete stupidity can talk about the mythical heritage of the Golden Horde.
    Who is the Golden Horde?
    What language did she speak?
    What culture did you carry?
    Where is the historical center of the Golden Horde?
    Where is its capital?
    Is the Golden Horde the Mongols?
    Mongols having a Caucasian type of person, speaking the Slavic dialect, writing in Cyrillic!
    Living according to the customs of the Slavs with the capital in the territory of Ancient Russia.
  19. alex 777
    13 May 2014 13: 39
    Great article! Ukraine is an artificially invented nation. The project of the Commonwealth and Austria-Hungary. The goal is one - to make traitors out of a part of the Russian people, to oppose the Russians from the majority of them, and with the help of these traitors to tear the lands away from Russia. They also borrowed the flag from the Swedes, who had the same color as the Swedes near Poltava. Just a little changed so that the army of the traitor Mazepa, the Swedes perceived as their allies. The Swedes have three crowns, the "Ukrainians" have three teeth. For Ukrainians, everything is foreign - the flag, the coat of arms, the language, and the anthem (Polish). And tell me, what could be the future of such a "people" - a traitor, a "people" - a renegade, in whom all the symbols of statehood are alien, the whole history is alien?
  20. 0
    13 May 2014 15: 03
    Here is what A.I. Denikin wrote about the creation of Ukrainian national units in 1917:
    Incidentally, the Kiev Council of Workers 'and Soldiers' Deputies, in mid-April, in harsh and indignant terms, characterized the phenomenon of Ukrainization as a simple desertion and self-seeking, and by a majority of 264 votes to 4, demanded the cancellation of the formation of Ukrainian regiments.
    Petliura assured that he had 50 thousand Ukrainian soldiers at his disposal. And the commander of the troops of the Kiev military district, Colonel Oberuchev testifies: "at a time when heroic efforts were being made to break the enemy (the June offensive) ... I could not send a single soldier to replenish the active army ... As soon as I sent in any reserve regiment, an order to send marching companies to the front, how a meeting was called in a regiment that had lived peacefully until that time and did not think about Ukrainization, the Ukrainian yellow-blue banner was raised and the cry was heard:
    - Let's go pid Ukrainian ensign!
    And then - not from a place. Weeks, a month pass, and companies do not move either under the red or under the yellow-blue banner.

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