Military Review

"Strong people are always simple"

Dedicated to Olga Nikolaevna Mavridi

Ah war, war ...
To hurt us with it - do not get sick,
Recall - do not re-remember.
V. Astafev.

Autumn ... Rain drops are monotonously and dully on the window. Probably on the street damp, chilly and uncomfortable. She feels and knows this, feeling the autumn bad weather with every cell of her already feeble old body.

The woman covers her blind eyes, as if they can see this dampness and uncomfortableness of the autumn day.

How long the day will be again and the night is long! Now day and night merged into one for her for a long time.

Small hands quietly go through the folds of the blanket, stroking and straightening each fold. Dumas, thoughts overcome a woman. They then float in some kind of endless succession, now blurred in a misty spot in her memory, but, strangely enough, it seems that none of them are colorful and vivid as those military events she witnessed and participated in.

A strange black and white front-line movie of her life. The color was only that which was associated in her mind with such a desirable and native word “peace”. Peaceful prewar and postwar time. The feeling of happiness and peace ... White cherry blossoms in the gardens of the city, where she met with her Karl. Olenka, as her friends called her in her youth, was beautiful, slim, light, and he was tall, intelligent, and also impermissibly handsome ... A couple that passersby certainly looked at. From them came something radiant, warm and at the same time imperceptibly tart, as from numerous cherries in gardens and along roads.

A woman holds her hand over her face, brushing away a vision. It was so close and at the same time strange far, somewhere in the depths of her memory and soul. And his heart squeezed sweetly.

But most often, the old woman had disturbing dreams, and she shivered again and again from the shrieking squeals of fragments, machine gun bursts, the rattle of German guns crawling on tanks, husky teams and terrible hooting shells.

Blind eyes now saw her then only a swinging light bulb under the ceiling of a hospital tent and blood, blood, blood of wounded soldiers ... How many of them, young, maimed, unconsciously rushing there, into the expansive field, passed through her hands, the hands of a young doctor who had treated the war full population of his native city.

The war has no female face. She had already heard this expression somewhere and was completely in agreement with him, because she herself had experienced the burden of military everyday life. Sometimes I wanted to fall asleep and not wake up, not to see anything around, but there were so many who expected help from her ...

She marched through the whole country in a military tunic and heavy soldier's boots to march along the destroyed Bulgarian streets with a victorious march.

Her Carl carried his heavy cross of the Germans repressed by the Stalin regime in the rear, in hospitals beyond the Urals. His golden hands of a surgeon saved the lives of more than one of our soldiers.

How they dreamed of victory, that great Victory that had been suffered by the people, which allowed the survivors to return to their homes, to their families, to their loved ones!

For Olga, all roads led to the south - first to the Crimea, to their relatives, then to the small Kazakh city of Dzhambul.

I brought home from the fronts of Russia
Cheerful contempt for rags.
I wore a mink coat
Burnt his overcoat.
(Yu. Drunin)

White-pink haze. A huge cherry sea ... And two - she is in a military tunic and her Karl is in a shabby overcoat. Greek and German soldiers of their multinational homeland. Love and unspent tenderness filled the whole space around them. And they generously shared these life-affirming feelings with everyone who surrounded them.

Olga Nikolaevna and her husband worked for many years after the war in the medical institutions of our city, continuing to do good, lifting almost hopelessly ill people to their feet. Olga, “our dear doctor”, knew and loved not only her patients. The whole city, as they say, lay at her feet, for the Almighty gave this woman not only beauty, but also a rare talent to heal numerous sores and human souls.

For a long time there is no loved one next to her. Gray hair bleached, and blindness plunged into thick, oily darkness.

A small gray-haired woman sits alone by the window, immersed in her thoughts. She listens to something that lives inside her and smiles at her memories.

It can be argued that now she sees a white cherry riot on the streets of the post-war city, where almost her whole life has passed. Even if there is a nasty boring rain outside the window, an old archa chilling into its filthy green branches, “and silence that doesn’t bother to think about the essence of life and death, friends and brother-soldiers who have gone into oblivion and not thinking about fame.

From the portrait on the wall looks a wonderful girl in a tunic with orders - Olga Nikolaevna Mavridi, who passed by the roads of war, loved and continues to love the world she once saved, gave up her work, always lived for the sake of life on earth.

A little lonely woman among us, indifferent, always in a hurry and terribly busy, not knowing war. Forgive us, soldier! Kowtow to you from all of us living under the light of your memories.
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  1. Giant thought
    Giant thought 12 May 2014 09: 55
    Everyone who went through the crucible of war is a hero, whether he remained alive, or laid down his head in a fierce battle. We must remember this, and do everything possible so that the fascist shit. That raised its head now in Ukraine, would be destroyed.
    1. sscha
      sscha 12 May 2014 10: 27
      I agree. My mother, now deceased. it all went .....
      That's just what the article minus someone put?
      Show yourself and argue! hi
      1. philip
        philip 13 May 2014 03: 51
        Cho isn’t in the know, jackals act secretly
        Show yourself and argue!
        And even more so without arguing. NOT WHAT.
  2. Yellow white
    Yellow white 12 May 2014 10: 18
    Eternal memory to all who went through IT and did not survive to this day ...
    A deep bow to everyone who lives today ... I'm sorry that everything repeats in the 21st century, we allowed it ...
  3. xbhxbr-777
    xbhxbr-777 12 May 2014 10: 23
    Sorry Dear Veterans! We love and honor you, we will definitely correct our mistakes, as you taught!
    Honor to you and Glory !!! Low bow!
  4. strannik595
    strannik595 12 May 2014 10: 24
    From the portrait on the wall there is a wonderful girl in a tunic with orders - Olga Nikolaevna Mavridi
    ........... where is the portrait?
    Her Karl carried his heavy cross of the German repressed by the Stalinist regime in the rear, in hospitals outside the Urals
    .......... time was not glamorous, everyone endured, the Russian crosses were no easier
    1. The comment was deleted.
    2. Barvetum
      12 May 2014 21: 42
      I study in Karaganda, and I’m at home once a year by force
  5. avia1991
    avia1991 12 May 2014 10: 25
    Strong! And from the heart .. I join! May God grant Olga Nikolaevna strength, health, and warmth of those around you! ..
  6. papont64
    papont64 12 May 2014 11: 08
  7. b.t.a.
    b.t.a. 12 May 2014 11: 30
    Quote: sscha


    Today, 10: 27

    ↑ ↓ New

    I agree. My mother, now deceased. it was all ..... That's just what the article minus someone put? Show yourself and argue!

    There are a lot of idiots on the site, and in life they have already passed a change of values ​​from normally human to American-Geyropov values. Such bastards (knowing that everything is anonymous) crap. I don’t think that I can openly argue my minus to this article. No courage, no mind.

  8. suharev-52
    suharev-52 12 May 2014 11: 34
    How rare is this soft lyricism in our cruel, too pragmatic age. Many thanks to the author that he was able to tell so well about another war veteran. Sincerely.
  9. Barvetum
    12 May 2014 21: 44
    Unfortunately, Olga Nikolaevna died in the year 2011. I decided to restore the memory of her not as a deceased, but as a living person.
  10. Diter
    Diter 14 May 2014 23: 19
    Quote: sscha
    I agree. My mother, now deceased. it all went .....
    That's just what the article minus someone put?
    Show yourself and argue! hi

    And someone cannot read calmly about the beauty of the soul of a Russian person (although they are Greek by name).
    As one of the ancients said, cattle always yell when the truth is revealed.
    1. 52
      52 24 May 2014 12: 19
      As one of the ancients said, cattle always yell when the truth is revealed.
      You are right, Colleague, just not fully quoted the phrase, the ending: "... And when the butcher came with a knife."
  11. QWERTY
    QWERTY 7 September 2014 22: 41
    Dzhambul, it's warm there, my mom is there ....