Military Review

The slaughter in Odessa was prepared under the leadership of Turchinov

The information contained in this text was presented by a law enforcement officer. When it seems that from the opposite side are some nonhumans and fascists, we should not forget that the enemy is not monolithic. Even Hitler had his Stauffenberg. There are people who were horrified by what happened in Odessa and among the members of the junta.

We have no right to disclose his name - otherwise in stories Ukraine, there will be one more suicide who shot himself with two shots to the head. Development

Odessa after the loss of the Crimea and the people's revolution in Mariupol remained the only sea gate of Ukraine and acquired the status of the most important city after Kiev. Vladimir Nemirovsky, head of the Regional State Administration, appointed by the junta, showed complete political impotence — in two months he could not disperse the people's camp on the Kulikovo field, nor bring the police under control, nor establish contact with local few but active Ukrainian nationalists.

A meeting on the preparation of the operation in Odessa took place 10 days before the tragedy. Turchinov personally presided. The discussion was attended by Interior Minister Arsen Avakov, head of the SBU Valentin Nalyvaychenko and NSDC Secretary Andrei Paruby. Head of the Regional State Administration of the Dnipropetrovsk region Igor Kolomoisky was also involved in the consultations on the operation.

The idea to use in the operation of football "ultras" belonged to Arsen Avakov. Ever since the work of the head of the Kharkiv Regional State Administration, he had exits to fan leaders, whom he, even while living in Italy, continued to provide sponsorship.

Kolomoisky transferred the Dnieper battalion under the leadership of the Odessa law enforcement officers. He also set a cash premium for each person killed - 5000 dollars.


Korchinsky’s militants were also involved in the operation. It was they who wore red bandages on their hands. The followers of Korchinsky were assigned a key role in organizing provocations: they allegedly acted as defenders of the tent camp on the Kulikovo Field, and then lured the participants to the House of Trade Unions, where the massacre took place.

15 checkpoints were organized around Odessa, where the insurgents of the Dnieper-1 battalion, personally subordinate to Kolomoisky battalion, as well as representatives of the Right Sector from both Dnepropetrovsk and the western regions of Ukraine, were strengthened. In addition, two hundred “Maidan’s Self-Defense” arrived in Odessa, submitting to the Acting the head of the presidential administration Sergey Pashinsky - the one who was caught with a sniper rifle in the trunk of the 18 in February on Maidan. Pashinsky later claimed that he was not initiated into the full plans of the operation, and sent his people exclusively to "protect the citizens of Odessa". Thus, the total number of fighters from other regions of Ukraine was about 1400 people - to the question that the House of Trade Unions was allegedly burned by “Odessans”.

From the side of the Odessa police, the operation was led personally by the head of the regional police, Petr Lutsyuk and his deputy, Dmitry Fuchedzhi. Lutsyuk was instructed to neutralize the head of the RSA, Nemirovsky, so that he would not arrange for amateur activities that could disrupt the operation. Fuchedzhi led the militants directly on Grecheskaya Square, where he was allegedly “wounded” in order to avoid responsibility for further events.

The date of the operation was originally scheduled for 2 in May - the day of the football match, which justified the presence of a large number of "ultras" in the center of Odessa, and also made it possible to minimize the presence of Odessans not involved in the operation in the center of the city - most were out of town on "May Day".

Altar of burnt offering

2 May in 07: 59 arrived in Odessa train from Kharkov, which arrived Metalist fans, among whom were involved in the operation "ultras". In addition, at the same time, the militants of the Dnipro-1 and Right Sector battalion entered the city in small groups. Part of the militants "Maidan Self-Defense" also arrived officially from Kiev, but most without symbols came to the city by car. The Odessa police that day had a strict order not to stop cars with Kiev, Dnepropetrovsk and Lviv numbers.

In the afternoon, some of the militants set off in the direction of the Cathedral Square, where a meeting of the participants of the “March for a Unified Ukraine” was appointed. Their task was to organize the crowd and lead her to the barricades on the Greek Square. The group of "suicide bombers" put on St. George ribbons, put on balaclavas and went on a march along Aleksandrovsky Prospect. It is they who appear in numerous photo and video recordings in the role of “pro-Russian activists”. In order to distinguish their activists from the real Odessa activists, the provocateurs put on red sleeves on their sleeves. Policemen dedicated to the details of the operation also wore red bandages. Alas, real activists who did not know these details, succumbed to the provocateurs' appeals, and also went to “stop the fascists” - this is how they were told what was going on.

The further course of events was recorded by numerous eyewitnesses. Allegedly, “pro-Russian” provocateurs, with the support of the police, lined up near the shopping “Athena”, at the intersection of Grecheskaya Street and Vice-Admiral Zhukov’s lane, provocateurs from the side of the fans, including both representatives of the “Right Sector” and Korchinsky, attacked them (this even observers are positively adjusted towards the Maidan) firearms were used on both sides weapon, there were victims on both sides.

The task of distracting “honest” fans from a football match and directing the crowd to Kulikovo Field was fully implemented. “Having driven” the crowd, the provocateurs retreated to the shopping center “Athena”, from which they were later taken out by the police. There were no victims among them - only the wounded.

While there were clashes on the Greek, a group of criminals from the Right Sector was preparing to carry out the main part of the operation, codenamed Ola, from the phrase mizbah a-ola, which in Hebrew means an altar of burnt offering. They entered through the rear entrance to the House of Trade Unions and fortified themselves in the basement and in the attic. This group included only proven militants with experience of killing people.

At that time, while the crowd went from Grecheskaya Square to Kulikov Field across the entire center of the city, part of the provocateurs on cars outnumbered the bulk, ran to the camp and made a panic: “Right sector is coming!”, “They are going to kill!” And t Under the direction of provocateurs, instead of scattering around the city, many activists entered the House of Trade Unions. Some of them went down to the basement - from there they did not leave the living, people were tortured, killed, and cut with machetes. Some of them went up the stairs Caustic deadly carbon monoxide on the Yarem ice structures It would be formed due to the use of gasoline mixed with napalm recipe these hellish cocktail was prepared by chemists Maidan, but there has not been used in Odessa this mixture was used for the first time and did so intentionally:.. needed to slaughter a large number of those killed to intimidate the whole country.

The “battle” for the House of Trade Unions lasted for several hours - while some of the militants imitated resistance and threw Molotov cocktails from the roof, the rest methodically cut, choked and burned people. In order that nobody could put out the fire, the building was completely turned off the water.

After the completion of Ola, the killers from the Right Sector left the building through the side and rear exits and left the city. The building entered the police. The official number of victims - 46 people - is only killed on the floors of the building. The main victims from the basement were not among them. The exact number of dead is unlikely to be known once, but most sources call the 120-130 people.

The truth is not to hide

Having privatized the police and the SBU, the junta forgot about the prosecutor's office. And now. Attorney General Oleg Makhnitsky says: "This action was not prepared at some internal level. It was a planned, coordinated, clearly action, in which the authorities also took part."

It is unlikely that he will be given the name of the real perpetrators of the tragedy. But to completely hide the truth about what happened in Odessa the junta will not succeed. The eternal shame of the bloody murderers!
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  1. bomg.77
    bomg.77 11 May 2014 06: 13
    The massacre in Odessa, this is a sacrifice (burnt offering)
    1. B.T.V.
      B.T.V. 11 May 2014 06: 35
      Quote: bomg.77
      The massacre in Odessa, this is a sacrifice (burnt offering)

      To whom, for what, in the name of what ?! Those who planned and accomplished this cannot even be called simply people, not to mention a reasonable person.
      1. bomg.77
        bomg.77 11 May 2014 06: 40
        Quote: B.T.W.
        To whom, for what, in the name of what ?! Those who planned and accomplished this cannot even be called simply people, not to mention a reasonable person.
        Who organized it is what you need! Ritual acts rarely make sense!
        1. B.T.V.
          B.T.V. 11 May 2014 07: 05
          I watched all these nightmarish shots, so I repeat: those who have raised their hand on the right to LIVE in word and deed should not evade responsibility and have no right to life. Life for life, it doesn’t work differently.
        2. Thompson
          Thompson 11 May 2014 09: 43
          The essence of the act is multivector - it is an act of intimidation, and an act of self-affirmation and the consequences of impunity. A lot more.
          And I don’t see any reason to hope for justice. Here it may be worth taking the example of the United States and LYING them!
          By the way, something more than the prosecutor is not heard. Is this real man alive?
          1. CALL.
            CALL. 11 May 2014 13: 03
            Quote: Thompson
            Korchinsky’s militants were also involved in the operation. It was they who wore red bandages on their hands.

            One of them did not even remove the Ukrainian flag patch from his jumpsuit.

            At one of the forums, someone Misha Govorun presented such a photo, saying that the top one is photoshop, but with a careful look you can see that the presented photo is photoshop. It can be seen that the bottom red ribbon is attached.

            If wrong, please correct.
            I will add. On May 9, returning in the evening after the parade and birthday, he received a message from Donetsk, which he posted on the VO.
            nice-s-rossiey.html # comment-id-2492614. Yes, I did not notice that the opened pages of Yarosh dated 15.03.14/15.03.14/XNUMX. His contact page was hacked by hackers from Tallinn. BARMAL wrote: - And to hell with me pictures for XNUMX/XNUMX/XNUMX look? And even more so post? Are you holding an idiot? The guy does not understand what situation people live in. He needs fresh information. It's like a movie, chewing popcorn, requires spectacles. Periodically I receive information about the situation there. People are wound to the limit.
      2. The comment was deleted.
      3. aksakal
        aksakal 11 May 2014 08: 51
        Quote: B.T.W.
        To whom, for what, in the name of what ?!

        - Pay attention to the details: the implementation of the main part of the operation, code-named "Ola" - from the phrase "mizbah a-ola", which in Hebrew means "altar of burnt offering". Here are two questions:" Why is the operation not in Russian or Ukrainian, but why in Hebrew? "And the second question from here, more general, but organically following from the first:" Why are the main swear words in our (not only Russian ) address, if we discard the small-town "quilted jackets" and "Colorado", then they are again in the soft version of "goy", and in the harder "n ... tsy" (there is the letter "o" instead of an ellipsis)? " language spew these curses at us?
        If we get the answer to this question, we will get the answer to the riddle-epigram of the famous artist V. Gaft, addressed to a certain mysterious character (I don't remember literally in meaning): "the more active you are, the more the ranks of anti-Semites grow."
        This is the name of this mysterious character - Kolomoisky and the army of his associates on the information front of Ukraine (Lev Rubinstein), in Russia the author's gathering of "Echo of Moscow" and "Rain") and in Kazakhstan (under the leadership of B Giller).
        All these insignificant but important details point to one thing - we are not dealing with the Ukronacist-Bandera, by and large, these mongrels have no resources, besides, they are cowardly and do not go against the armed enemy. We in Ukraine are dealing with a much more serious adversary, with unlimited resources, including intellectual resources, extremely cruel and not at all cowardly - we are dealing with Jewish Nazism and Jewish Nazis.
        And at these moments it is gratifying that among the Jews, even in Israel, there are people who are ready to go to war as volunteers against Ukraine precisely against Bandera, which automatically means against Jewish Nazis. I don’t know how brave these guys dare to say it directly, but the fact that they are already in Ukraine according to the sulkhs is already admirable. And the best way out of this situation is if the Jewish Nazism is stopped by the Jews themselves, and they will start it from Ukraine.
        1. a52333
          a52333 11 May 2014 09: 24
          hi This is not Jewish Nazism, this is Wall Street Nazism. And although most of them are Jews, their aspirations have very little in common with the Jewish people.
          Yesterday on the Vesti 24 channel there was a program of Geoeconomics with G. Baglaryan.
          The reasons for the "crisis" in Ukraine are Wall Street's desire to sever the growing economic relations between Russia and Europe. In addition to Baglaryan, N. Starikov also spoke out.
          reference for acquaintance [media = http: // vid = 597187]
          1. koshh
            koshh 11 May 2014 14: 34
            Quote: a52333
            This is not Jewish Nazism, this is Wall Street Nazism. And although most of them are Jews, their aspirations have very little in common with the Jewish people.

            I agree with you. The oligarchic fascist Zionism cannot be interfered in one heap
            dating back to the Middle Ages, from the birth of the Inquisition in Spain, with the rest of the Jewish people.
        2. fyvaprold
          fyvaprold 11 May 2014 21: 26
          Jew-Masonic conspiracy? Excuse me generously, but the Templars did not participate there? In Odessa, Jewish curses have been in use since pre-revolutionary times, so I don't think that the word p ... ots (aka dick) is a trace of the "World Congress of Fascist Zionists named after D. Bengurion", it's just a shtetl curse. And following your logic, smart, cunning Jews did not come up with anything smarter than to call the action to destroy "goyim" in Hebrew, apparently so that no one would guess (by the way, I heard that mostly Yiddish is used in Odessa). You will excuse me, but your conclusions are sucked from the finger by a turbocharger.
      4. Very old
        Very old 11 May 2014 19: 15
        B.T.V. - about the reasonable ...

        The primates are not aware of the mind, they are only executors of the order
        And once again - the primates did not set the House of Trade Unions on fire, they will find a new "van der Lubbe" and he will answer for everything (the script has been written long ago, only the actors and directors have changed)
    2. Canep
      Canep 11 May 2014 06: 38
      It seems to the West that it became clear who they brought to power in the morning, watched P24 TV, Nuland already answers the uncomfortable questions of congressmen. If you leave it as it is, gas chambers will appear in Ukraine.
    3. ziqzaq
      ziqzaq 11 May 2014 08: 46
      It doesn’t matter what it is ... Everyone involved in this genacyide is burned alive, filmed on a video and put on the internet .... Inhumans ....
  2. from punk
    from punk 11 May 2014 06: 17
    so many videos, so many facts and some promises will be sorted out. one detainee is not even funny. and there will be no merger of the junta
  3. Predator
    Predator 11 May 2014 06: 22
    All the bastards will remember when they will judge, and then hang! But what are all the scum, not people.
  4. Andrey Yuryevich
    Andrey Yuryevich 11 May 2014 06: 34
    I am kind ... but Turchinov would have burned the fuck .... personally ...
    1. a52333
      a52333 11 May 2014 09: 26
      Who is the extreme? And in Yatsenyuk where is the turn to take?
      1. Andrey Yuryevich
        Andrey Yuryevich 11 May 2014 16: 35
        Quote: a52333
        Who is the extreme?

        I'll be following Alex ... hi
  5. A1L9E4K9S
    A1L9E4K9S 11 May 2014 06: 35
    And these nonhumans still continue to consider themselves humans, how then are they going to live on?
  6. mamont5
    mamont5 11 May 2014 06: 44
    "... the junta will not be able to hide the truth about what happened in Odessa. Eternal shame on bloody murderers!"

    They will get theirs. The performers will be knocked down quietly, and the leaders will go to court.
  7. delfinN
    delfinN 11 May 2014 06: 45
    The whole essence of "puppies"
    1. Egoza
      Egoza 11 May 2014 08: 11
      Quote: delfinN
      The whole essence of "puppies"

      Moreover! They show their thoughts already openly !!!

      Odarchenko at a meeting in honor of the Victory Day of the region called Hitler the liberator (video)
      At an event timed to coincide with the Victory Day over Nazi Germany, the head of the Kherson Region, Yuriy Odarchenko, said that Adolf Hitler wanted to free people from the tyrant Stalin. As a result, he was booed. To the cries of the crowd "shame!" the protege of the Kiev junta did not react ...
      ... and when the woman with the child in her arms took the microphone away from him, he continued his speech, moving to another part of the stage for the performance.

      - Those aggressors motivated their capture not only with a desire to capture the land and enslave people, but they also put forward slogans about the alleged liberation of the peoples who live on the lands that Hitler tried to capture. If you read the story, we see that he first put forward the slogan - the liberation of people from the communist yoke, the liberation of people from the tyrant Stalin, ”said Odarchenko.
      1. Eugene
        Eugene 11 May 2014 12: 06
        What a girl, with a baby!? Smart girl! And where are the men? Stand and hear? Ghouls !! And two morons with iconostases are staring jubilee ... Geeks !!!
      2. The comment was deleted.
      3. Artem1967
        Artem1967 11 May 2014 18: 26
        That's scum! It's a shame for the veterans, they are sitting, listening to this ghoul, but, unfortunately, there is no strength to give in the face. Thank you woman! Shame on the strong but cowardly men who stood by.
      4. fyvaprold
        fyvaprold 11 May 2014 21: 41
        Yes "holiday" that you need! How did they not clean his snout?
    2. Igool
      Igool 11 May 2014 21: 27
      This is what their best "friends" think of them.
  8. JoylyRoger
    JoylyRoger 11 May 2014 06: 59
    It’s impossible to calmly relate to this, okay, scalp-Turchinov, he is not a human being, and his loop is waiting for him. But how to understand the footage on TV, where young girls filmed the events in Odessa on the phone and joyfully commented. How much future work for the future New Russia, this generation must be returned
  9. tundra
    tundra 11 May 2014 06: 59
    1. Eugene
      Eugene 11 May 2014 12: 07
      Liquidation is well said. Nichrome does not mean ..!
  10. blizart
    blizart 11 May 2014 07: 17
    My son lives and studies in Odessa, he constantly reported on the arrival of non-humans (a classmate's father works in the depot), so at the present time there is nothing to hide, let them not think that only young (active where it is not necessary) can use the Internet, we all we will witness these heinous acts (BL .. I want to formulate assessments of their actions, but everything is so pale in comparison with the fact that I feel "noble fury"), and will bring from witnesses we will become participants.
  11. mig31
    mig31 11 May 2014 07: 41
    I think there is a list of criminals, it remains to catch and wet in toilets, apartments, etc.
    CAPILATUS 11 May 2014 07: 43
    it's time for MOSAAD to get connected. Let them quietly urinate homeless people who burn Jews alive.
    Earth rest in peace
    1. bomg.77
      bomg.77 11 May 2014 07: 52
      They have already connected! On May 5, about 30 servicemen arrived in Odessa to fight the "separatists", and on May 1, Israeli specialists helped to burn people! Here is one of the people who helped prepare the Molotov cocktail !!! You call these killers? see if you speak English. here-->
  13. tokin1959
    tokin1959 11 May 2014 08: 22
    Today, Deputy Head of the Dnipropetrovsk Regional State Administration Boris Filatov made a new statement, in which he proposed an amount of $ 100 million for the physical liquidation of V.V. Putin or the organization of his resignation as president of Russia.

    Kalomoisky publicly announced a reward for the removal of the President of Russia.
    from the point of view of international law, how is it? it is legal?
    "Democrat" Merkel knows about this? this is normal?
    is this not a felony?
    Why is he not on the wanted list through Interpol even for this "order"?
    The United States for such a crime would have bombed all of Kalomoisky’s property long ago, blocked all accounts, and special forces with the support of tanks and aircraft would have found a hole where this stinking Judas is hiding.
    and the side of Russia means this Kalomoisk Judah can spit as much as he wants.
    can continue to order murders further?
    1. old man 72
      old man 72 12 May 2014 02: 41
      This KaloMoysky rat needs to be drowned in a public toilet, as the rats and I did after the war in the years 45-50. And you know, it turned out pretty well she beeps and we’ll die with her sticks.
    2. old man 72
      old man 72 12 May 2014 02: 41
      This KaloMoysky rat needs to be drowned in a public toilet, as the rats and I did after the war in the years 45-50. And you know, it turned out pretty well she beeps and we’ll die with her sticks.
  14. sv68
    sv68 11 May 2014 08: 30
    They wanted to intimidate and knock Odessa to the root by suppressing any form of the protest movement for independence and disobedience to fascism. And, judging by the information received from Odessa about the almost complete unwillingness of the inhabitants of Odessa themselves to resist the arrival, the atmaydanshek was burned, the people of Odessa were silent, pseudo in the know, the presence of the same bandages and screams from the crowd of attackers not to shoot the police, and even participated in the destruction of the people by their non-participation. The methodology has been worked out and it remains to be guessed which city will become the next target and one and it will be a city — maybe the whole region like that flood with the full minor consent of the population
  15. dFG
    dFG 11 May 2014 08: 36
    if Odessa did not have enough house of trade unions to swing, then most likely nothing will happen, the United States has already lobbied for "peaceful" initiatives through its people, assured that the right-wing people will not kill anyone else if people stay at home and this is all and pragmatism won)
    1. tokin1959
      tokin1959 11 May 2014 08: 40
      they achieved their goal - people are very scared
  16. andron72
    andron72 11 May 2014 08: 39
    Bl if on humane. In the place of the president gave the order to shoot these all deer angry
  17. Strashila
    Strashila 11 May 2014 08: 39
    Odessa and the region in importance for Russia are in second place after the Crimea.
    It is not so much a port as an exit to Transnistria.
  18. ReifA
    ReifA 11 May 2014 08: 46
    And here is Makarevich ..
    o-ne-sluchitsya.html. Damn, drive out of the country is g ..
  19. shoemaker
    shoemaker 11 May 2014 08: 50
  20. demotivator
    demotivator 11 May 2014 08: 54
    Odessa washed with blood.
    Here are the fragments from an article with the same name of the resident of Odessa Alexander Sivov.
    On the morning of May 8, the Kiev-1 battalion, composed of Right Sector fighters, drove into Odessa by truck from the village of Kotovsky. In this regard, in our and previously very troubled city a total panic began. It seems that having lost control over the situation in the Donetsk and Lugansk regions, the Kiev authorities decided to keep Odessa at all costs. And to fight here with “separatism” to death, not stopping at nothing ...
    One of the inhabitants of Odessa has relatives in the villages, those flee from the city. Travel agencies, which in the terrifying collapse of the Ukrainian economy eked out a completely miserable existence and were closed, have been crowded with customers in recent days. Odessans are especially interested in children's camps in Bulgaria, where all those who have at least the minimum funds tend to take their children out. Moreover, at any cost and for a long time - for a month or more. For the sake of this, they sell everything.
    The police, which previously patrolled in abundance, or simply walked around the city, disappeared, and totally, and it catches the eye. Even those who have not yet been formally dismissed sit in their compartments in body armor and do not stick their nose out. Vorie in Odessa can feel calm. The same thing about the traffic police - on the roads of the city of chaos, some cars with nonresident numbers go along oncoming lanes. And previously poorly observed traffic rules are forgotten completely.
    Some teenagers, in helmets and with sticks, can stop a passerby and ask: what are you for? And it is not clear how to answer: they may be supporters of both the Maidan and the Anti-Maidan ....
    The holiday in Odessa was quiet without any excesses, and the fears of the townspeople were somewhat premature. The same will be for the coming weeks. But the real massacre in the city will unfold only when the pro-Russian underground will be able to organize and get weapons. Not earlier than that.
  21. VNP1958PVN
    VNP1958PVN 11 May 2014 09: 04
    It is necessary to create lists of all the killers from the Odessa house of trade unions, so that not one can hide on the ground!
    1. Artem1967
      Artem1967 11 May 2014 18: 37
      This can’t be forgiven! Finding out all the killers and destroying them is a matter of honor for our special services (it’s better to keep silent about the Ukrainian - they have a different task).
  22. pexotinec
    pexotinec 11 May 2014 09: 22
    Debriefing will be when these muddy from the junta go to jail. The judges will remember everything am
  23. demotivator
    demotivator 11 May 2014 09: 41
    The Kiev junta headed for reprisals against its political opponents. The weapon of this reprisal is the neo-Nazi militants, working in close contact with the special services, well-armed and funded by the oligarchy.
    The massacre in Odessa shows that the Kiev regime of nationalists and oligarchs is increasingly turning into an open terrorist dictatorship of the fascist type.
  24. The comment was deleted.
  25. da Vinci
    da Vinci 11 May 2014 10: 32
    The most interesting is the silent state of Odessa! They didn’t even come to a simple rally against the killers!
    1. alicante11
      alicante11 11 May 2014 13: 24
      To burn several hundred more? Here it is not necessary to go out to a rally, but to a battle, with weapons and good organization.
    2. alleksSalut4507
      alleksSalut4507 11 May 2014 14: 45
      with bare hands?
  26. da Vinci
    da Vinci 11 May 2014 10: 34
    What else speaks about the provocation of the Ukrainian authorities is the operative statement about 25 terrorists from Russia and Pridnestrovie, and now there is no complete information about 50 dead and there is no information about the arrested. And the inhabitants of Odessa are silent.
  27. ran nearby
    ran nearby 11 May 2014 11: 10
    The lists have been created and continue to grow. The info is practically reliable, but checks are necessary. Here are the lists of "pravoseks"

    The massacre in Odessa was ordered and organized by the scum that now rule us. For what??? They are all I.O. and who knows what will happen after the 25th. In the meantime, people are killing each other, it is much easier to cut the money and squeeze the property of their predecessors. Another reason is the presence of several thousand kov-idlers on the Maidan. If you do not give them an enemy, do not direct their desire to change their lives to "separatists - Colorado", do not fool their brains with the fact that the Russian Federation and "pro-Russian forces" are to blame for their troubles, you yourself can be in Yanyk's place. Only Janek screwed up with the dough, and the current scum may not have time to do this, and they still have less dough. And I want MNOOOOOOOO!
    1. YUR_VAS
      YUR_VAS 11 May 2014 13: 04
      Quote: next to run
      Lists are created and continue to grow.

      Yes, you need to collect the Old and observe the situation ... while we save power)
  28. Cristall
    Cristall 11 May 2014 13: 01
    People are not so much scared as they are whipped up with "rumors" that it was the pro-Russian (although anti-Maidans for federalization) "militants" who burned those people, killed them in the streets ... and in general all of them ..
    The media are silent about the fact that the crowd burned under the Ukrainian flags .. they write that the total number, but there simply was a fire .. they set it on fire.
    After May 2, they stopped writing about the "new crimes" of pro-Russian militants - the seizure of water pumping stations, the organization of riots, the murder of children for asking who you are for (if the answer is for Ukraine)
    Odessa forums are filled (conditionally Kiev, but they are "Maidan" and therefore definitely not Kiev, but the center of opinion control) Internet trolls that form negative opinions about "pro-Russian coloradas"
    There are rumors that Russian militants have accumulated in sanatoriums and are preparing massacres and violence.
    And under these rumors and official reports Odessa lives ... although people look on the Internet and can compare. Discovering the terrible truth, many already disgustedly think about the country and its media.
    It’s bad that they defeated the strike core. Kolomoisky needs Odessa. All sea transportation of Ukraine from Crimea was transferred here, increasing the port's turnover. Ukraine needs Odessa ... and since Ukraine / the oligarchs have almost one combination, it was decided to take control in one fell swoop. The power of fear and lies in the media.
    They just have to shut up the CPU, which they are doing officially in the HRA .. and the city of the CPU has settled well.
    In general, having occupied the Dnepropetrovsk junction, Benya decided to secure the last gate. Under the Slogans, Odessa is Ukraine — simply and unpretentiously, he declared mass terror of dissidents. And Beni’s interests here coincide with the sponsor and other oligarchs of Ukraine ...
    SLAVJYNIN 11 May 2014 14: 06
    Quote: next to run
    The massacre in Odessa was ordered and organized by the scum that now rules us.
  30. dFG
    dFG 11 May 2014 14: 13
    since Odessa is silent, it means that it was necessary, it means everything is right and everything is in accordance with the norms of democracy)))
    1. APASUS
      APASUS 11 May 2014 17: 03
      Quote: dfg
      since Odessa is silent, it means that it was necessary, it means everything is right and everything is in accordance with the norms of democracy)))

      Lviv journalist Ostap Drozdov. This is not Ukraine who wanted to be different - it was Lviv who wanted Ukraine to be different. The rest of the country was just waiting. ”
  31. homosum20
    homosum20 11 May 2014 14: 19
    Kolomoisky did not heal in this world?
    GDP said - who will offend us - will live for three days. And he was not offended? It’s strange. I was very upset.
    Can I really do more than him? And if I try? How then to draw conclusions?
    1. kombat58
      kombat58 11 May 2014 16: 04
      And what conclusions can be. If you have preparation, a means of implementation, desire and opportunity YOU PERSONALLY, then the Kolomoisky sentence must be carried out!
      It is necessary not to try, but to KAZNIT the nits of the Bandera!
      No need to consult, held my breath and gently pressed.
      Good luck!
    2. The comment was deleted.
  32. Arkan
    Arkan 11 May 2014 15: 22
    In many ways, this gang consists of representatives of "Batkovshchina", the slant-headed ghoul has gone into the shadows, but this does not mean that she (Tymoshenko) is not involved in this tragedy.
  33. sarmat-4791
    sarmat-4791 11 May 2014 20: 43
    A nightmare, for the most part the Orthodox country is being tried by sectarians, fascists, pseudo-rs and criminals!
    and here is a photo about one of the "performers"

    Wanted since 2012 !!!
  34. Ivan 63
    Ivan 63 11 May 2014 20: 49
    Perhaps this scum will still have to be protected (from their own overseas owners), which you won’t do for the sake of justice.
  35. Vladislav-net
    Vladislav-net 11 May 2014 20: 59
    Hello everybody! I'm Odessa. I don’t know who is conducting your investigations, but there really were red armbands, but for your people. Get in touch with Odessa squad.
    Odessa Team - anti-Maidan (Kulikovo Field)
  36. RUS33
    RUS33 12 May 2014 00: 51
    Quote: Vladislav-net
    Hello everybody! I'm Odessa. I don’t know who is conducting your investigations, but there really were red armbands, but for your people. Get in touch with Odessa squad.
    Odessa Team - anti-Maidan (Kulikovo Field)

    Sent Cossack. With red armbands.
    1. Igool
      Igool 12 May 2014 03: 58
      Unfortunately, most likely not. Most likely there are elements of provocation. a lot of obscurity. Not everything convinces in this video, a lot of unsaid, but part of the truth nevertheless surfaced, most likely some of the people from the Odessa Team had blindfolds.
      The leaders of the "Odessa Team" Dmitry Odinov and Denis Yatsyuk made a statement:
      Denis Yatsyuk spoke on the same link:
      Here, the details are already confirmed:
      The Saiga carbine was fired by Vitaly Budko - "Boatswain", who was also removed.
  37. old man 72
    old man 72 12 May 2014 02: 21
    The Kiev fascist junta, Bandera, the right sector, KaloMoisky have their hands to the elbow in the blood of Odessa and the Ukrainian people. They must be judged as fascists at the Nuremberg trial, and in Kiev it’s popular and merciless !!! They deserve the most cruel punishment! Death to the Fascists !!!
  38. philip
    philip 12 May 2014 07: 56
    The article is creepy, but the LORD is JUST. will not allow such an idleness ....