Military Review
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  1. clidon
    clidon 10 May 2014 08: 57
    Thank you, interesting photos. If only it were worth indicating where this collection is from. Is this just a private meeting?
  2. serega.fedotov
    serega.fedotov 10 May 2014 09: 34
    Beautiful photo of the hand of koletsioner!
    A little bit of it: in the autumn of 99 they got lost in sleep at the Ryazon training ground! In the morning, we really mated, the path was 40 meters away from us! But it was in the morning, and at night we got wet through the September rain and decided to make a fire, spend the night and warm ourselves! It was at all three boxes of matches and six lighters - wet lighters (even expensive non-worn ones) didn’t work under heavy, unenchanted rain! Wet matches too! We got out of the situation by wrapping them in a handkerchief at the matches and strapping them on the belt for a long time! After heating the matches dried up after the fire and we!!!!
    After that, I always wore matches drenched with narafin-more reliable lighters!
  3. Salamander
    Salamander 10 May 2014 10: 52
    ... Let's light a comrade one at a time
    Let's smoke my friend
    And when there will be no Nazis in sight
    And we will come to our loved ones again
    Let us recall how they went to the West in Ukraine
    These days someday we will remember ...
  4. Rohon
    Rohon 10 May 2014 19: 30
    Cool. I love lighters, collect unusual ...
  5. da Vinci
    da Vinci 11 May 2014 10: 38
    There are works of art!