The leader of the Kharkiv anti-Maidans released for 30 thousand dollars

The leader of the Kharkiv anti-Maidans released for 30 thousand dollars

The leader of the Kharkiv anti-Maidan Konstantin Dolgov left the jail. According to his lawyer, Dolgov was released on bail in more than 360 thousand hryvnia. This is about 30 thousand dollars.
Initially, the amount of bail was almost twice as much, but the court lowered it. The money for the pledge was collected by the South-East movement headed by Oleg Tsarev. After his release, Konstantin Dolgov thanked all those who supported him, handed him products to the detention center and came to the courts.
Antimaydanovets said that his cell was always under protection, in the SIZO he was not allowed to communicate with cellmates. Dolgov declared that he would continue his struggle, and congratulated everyone on Victory Day. "If only everything was the way we want, as most of the Kharkiv people want it. I say hello to everyone and thank you all for your help and support. We will definitely win," he said.
After leaving the SIZO, Konstantin Dolgov, with a lawyer, went to the investigator, as he received a request to conduct investigative actions with him.
In addition, they have to release three more activists who were detained as a result of a special operation in Kharkov in early April, the Russia 24 television channel reported.
May 8 Ukrainian police detained on suspicion of organizing provocations in order to destabilize the situation of five people. The police came to them, investigating the fact of abuse of the flag of Ukraine 1 in May.
On May 1, they tried to burn two Ukrainian flags on Freedom Square opposite the building of the Kharkiv Regional State Administration.
Criminal proceedings were opened on part 1 of the 338 article of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (“Public abuse of the national flag of Ukraine”).
A 16-year-old Kharkiv woman suspected of attempting to burn the Ukrainian flag, as well as her friends, was detained. "Among her acquaintances, whom she even let live in her home, was found a citizen of Russia," - said in the department of public relations of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Kharkiv region.
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  1. +4
    9 May 2014 07: 02
    PURE WATER KIDNEPPING. But Cho, Ukraine has nothing to pay for gas, it’s not up to politics ... the usual Ransom for the trapped. am
  2. Manul49
    9 May 2014 07: 52
    Quote: name
    PURE WATER KIDNEPPING. But Cho, Ukraine has nothing to pay for gas, it’s not up to politics ... the usual Ransom for the trapped. am

    I wanted to write it myself.
  3. +2
    9 May 2014 09: 00
    The sale of the current authorities is not in doubt.
  4. 0
    9 May 2014 09: 12
    And in the Crimea they even refuse to take water. We decided to completely block the bastards. To bomb this dam.
    1. 0
      9 May 2014 09: 27
      a Russian citizen was discovered

      Now in Ukraine, under the current government, this is, if not the fact of a crime, then aggravating circumstances. What a trade there is.
  5. +2
    9 May 2014 09: 19
    Why bomb the dam? There are old proven methods - before, the trains were derailed and the dams blew up ... And the police and Bandera were hung up to dry on poles ...
  6. 0
    9 May 2014 10: 42
    turn off the debt for gas, then there will be a nuclear power plant-complete. lack of mind, this is not the absence of reason = this is another mind. / gr. Swan /
  7. 0
    9 May 2014 13: 36
    This is the only way to earn "great ukram". There is no time to sow, production in the South-East has stopped. They don't pay for gas, which means that there is no money for gas transit. It remains only to grab everyone in a row, and then release them for the grandmother. What? A very successful "business". Sincerely.
  8. 0
    9 May 2014 14: 31
    well, the Nazis will pour out their blood and their blood-nail business into the lid of their coffin, they have already begun to inject themselves
  9. +2
    9 May 2014 15: 04
    And in the Crimea they even refuse to take water. We decided to completely block the bastards.

    The mentality of hereditary curcules: it’s not bad that my cow dies, but that my neighbor will survive.
  10. 0
    9 May 2014 16: 09
    Kharkivs were released ... ours were taken .. they are the main "organizers of the bloody May 2"
    Now both brothers are in the SBU of Kiev. They sew them that they burned Odessa residents on May 2.
    "The leaders of extremists and separatist militants" called the anti-Maidanists who recently did not support the radical measures against Kiev proposed by Donetsk and Lugansk.
    Artem did not openly support - he openly believed that it was necessary peacefully ...
    Well, Tue "peacefully" burned more than a hundred people, hung on him. And everyone demands revenge ... and the media are stitching that all "separatists + Putin" were provoked and burned ...
  11. 0
    9 May 2014 19: 21
    They are bucks in Africa and bucks in Africa, no one will be bothered by the extra lemon dollars. Nothing personal, just business.
  12. +1
    9 May 2014 21: 58
    In Ukraine, the interim government in every way. They know that they are temporary and do not even associate themselves with the fate of the country. Now Crimea will solve the water problem on its own in 1-2 years, then their water will not be needed for nothing. Meanwhile, Crimea is ready to pay good money for this water. Now this source of income is blocked, over time it will cease to be. Already, I feel sorry for the residents of Ukraine who served the canal. They will complete the dam and they will be left without work and livelihoods. Normal power will not allow this in their country. This is the handwriting of mattresses sold.
  13. kelevra
    10 May 2014 19: 13
    That’s the nature of the new government, more money, and there will be freedom for everyone!

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