Review of special operation in Khasavyurt 5 May 2014

Review of special operation in Khasavyurt 5 May 2014

Well, it's time to take stock and add some details.

To begin with, that early in the morning in the house number 10-a on the street. Liza Chaikina was visited by police officers who committed house-to-door rounds as part of measures to investigate the encroachment on the life of law enforcement officers committed the day before. However, the police opened fire from a pistol and a machine gun with a simultaneous throw of a grenade, as a result of which he was injured by shrapnel from a grenade, one of the employees, who, however, are not threatening. Simultaneously with the beginning of the shooting and grenade throwing, a devil jumped out of the house with a machine gun, which pulled away from home ownership. He dropped the machine gun on the way, after all a difficult thing, it was inconvenient to run, and they continued to shoot from the house, which helped the fugitive to hide in the twilight.

Magomedov R.O.

Of course, in such an environment it was difficult to recognize a running rat, but based on general observations and exchange of views, they first agreed on that. that the Vakhamraz fighter is very reminiscent of Magomedov Ramazan Omaraskhabovich, 1987, who was born under the nickname “Adam”, a member of the “Khasavyurt” gang, who is on the federal wanted list, who is considered to be a “Sharia judge” of Khasavyurt, and he himself “Ammar” of this person.

Since the available forces both organized the prosecution and did not miss the bastards hiding in the house, it was decided to block the shooters who remained in the house with the “heavy” forces while simultaneously negotiating the surrender in 7: the KTO regime was declared. However, the negotiations did not bring results: dull faces were not able to comprehend polite sentences. However, it was possible to establish the identity - the Hasov gangster Labazanov Ramazan Islamovich, born in 30, was residing in the structure, resident of p. Novoselskoye Khasavyurt district, and Uzalaeva Raziyat Hadjibutaevna, born 01.05.1989, born in Kara Lak district, concubine Labazanova, who preferred to call themselves "Sharia wife", however, without any grounds prescribed by Islam.

Uzalaeva R.Kh.

Labazanov - failed son-in-law of Ahmedpashi Umakhanov. He, at that time already an active accomplice of the Hasovskys, was to marry his daughter and everything was already decided, but then Umakhanov’s daughter was dying of cancer. But the grief of the inconsolable bridegroom did not last long - he quickly looks for the over-age fool Raziyat, who, having become infected with Wahhabism, divorced her husband and moved to the jerk.

Meanwhile, two months ago, the jerk evicted. It was produced in the best traditions of the Vakhamrazas - it was announced that the strict practitioner, as usual, left the house and did not return. Gone, poor fellow. All relatives who knew, naturally, immediately filed an application with the Khasovskiy Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs; they registered him and 5 in March 2014 of the year opened a search file No. 41016 for the fact that the person had disappeared without a trace. However, it soon became clear that Labazanov had switched to an illegal, and, by the way, no one was making illusions - everyone understood everything very well.

But, how much rope does not curl, the end will always be. First, the nerves could not withstand the semi-foolish Raziyat who became from the continuous influence of the Wahhabi contagion, which opened fire on the security forces, interrupting the negotiations. And after her, Labazanov also started firing, using not only the machine gun, but also the under-barrel grenade launcher, thus making it clear that it was time to put up a moron. And they laid them down. Gently, but strongly.

Already after the completion of the active phase of the special operation, when the explosives inspected the room, three cowed up cows appeared, invitingly hissed “We will show you, we will show everything, inshaalla!”. However, the women looked so wicked, ugly and stupid that the staff politely refused to show "only", which did not promise any positive feelings. New would not have seen anything, but clumsiness and odonisms would certainly have undermined the sensitive psyche of police officers who were not used to such monstrous demonstrations. Only hungry gangster imbeciles with an excess of unrealized gushing hormones, which the wooden hollow is a girlfriend, not to mention gomosyatin, are capable of bringing them to them.

From the address, they pulled out all that was left of the Wahhamraz: AK-74 submachine gun with partly stuffed shops, with the GP-25 grenade launcher, and the APS with 4 equipped curb holders. But the 10-liter plastic bucket with explosive mixtures and metal cuts found by explosives of VCA was not pulled out: nobody needed it. Therefore, the bucket was disarmed by overhead and finished on it.

It should be noted that the bucket and its deadly filling, as established, turned out to be “from one nest” with those found at other addresses. Apparently, the Wahhabi trash centrally, at the behest of the sambokshik Kebekov hiding in the burrows, who headed the thinning gang of murderers and homosexuals calling themselves “emirate”, decided to seriously assault on the May holidays, including Victory Day.

That's just broken off ...
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  1. +2
    11 May 2014 05: 56
    No comments
    1. +6
      11 May 2014 06: 02
      Quote: punk
      No comments

      But so, it seems that the country has become cleaner, not by much, but cleaner.
      1. +2
        11 May 2014 06: 07
        Dogs for dogs! Hello to the mattresses, this is how the law-breakers will be!
      2. +2
        11 May 2014 07: 42
        Quote: Someone admin

        I read his articles. Writes in approximately the same way: Wahamarazi ... only hungry gangster idiots with an overabundance of unrealized gushing hormones, which are wooden hollows as girlfriends, are capable of being obsessed with them, let alone homosexuals

        The author also wrote that in such scum basically all sorts of hinnies are written, who were cheated, beaten (since they were their own), and those, since they were loshars, weaklings and cowards, could not give up anything, but generally nothing they could, moreover, by their minds, even by local standards, they were utter degenerates. And now they signed up for bandits. They were given a machine gun, some money. And all ... They, Gods. But since they are cowards and loshars, they can only attack meanly from the back or on the sleeping.

        And Magamedov (the one that ran away), and Labazanov are such loshars and schnicks. Labazans are gone - soaked.

        In his last article, which I read, Labazanov and his whore Uzalaeva were still alive, but wanted, exactly like Magamedov, who cowardly escaped again (he is like their leader). But I don't think he has long to run. It would be nice for him to shorten these fast legs with a grenade or a burst from "Kalash".

        P.S. You look at the photographs of these corpses, like N6 people are similar, but they are Wahamrazi: the dead do not look like themselves (Wahamrazi)
        1. 0
          11 May 2014 22: 10
          Dead, they are very similar to ghouls.
      3. The comment was deleted.
  2. +3
    11 May 2014 05: 57
    Wait, I see that the FSB is working!
    1. +3
      11 May 2014 06: 20
      For a long time, the FSB has been working on tips from illegal immigrants, and, in principle, the local population understands perfectly well that they are promised by Sharia law, therefore they report this now much more often than five years ago, and thank God that the opera and analysts of the Chekists began to work ahead of the curve , the bandits have practically no funding from the territory of the Russian Federation, the entire financial flow comes from over the hill, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and of course from our "partners" the United States, but every year this money is more and more difficult to transport, the FSB channels periodically cover, and It is more and more difficult to open new ones, plus the unemployment rate in the Caucasus is decreasing, therefore, the number and quality of bandits has sharply decreased, and with the introduction of the Unified Payment System in Russia, in general, the pipe is full for them, after three years, in principle, nothing will remain of them.
      PS In the USSR, this problem was solved by a single high-quality education.
  3. +3
    11 May 2014 06: 02
    Dogs - dog death. There is a toilet for everyone.
  4. 0
    11 May 2014 06: 16
    when everyone will be soaked by the fuck of these
  5. +3
    11 May 2014 06: 20
    "the IED found by the explosives technicians - a 10-liter plastic bucket with an explosive mixture and metal scraps, was not taken out: no one needed it. Therefore, the bucket was defused with an overhead charge and ended there. "
    Photo is not enough, the house after the neutralization of the IED wassat
  6. +1
    11 May 2014 06: 20
    And let them be a pork skin shroud
  7. +3
    11 May 2014 06: 33
    Interesting website (, I'll go read it. Respect to the security forces, the main thing is lossless!
  8. +2
    11 May 2014 08: 11
    Demolish the house and crush it to construction waste, fill up the land.
    Prohibit the use of land for 50 years.
    Let these bald spots stand and remind others what awaits them.
    Take all this money from relatives.
    1. 0
      11 May 2014 20: 58
      And sprinkle everything with salt, no matter what grows up ... wink
      It is necessary to take in state revenue.

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