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From news to propaganda

History with the transition of a very specific broadcasting company "Voice of America" ​​to enhanced propaganda has Ukrainian roots. After all, the new round of the “cold war” that the United States did not stop waging against Russia even under the guise of a “reset” is connected with the Kiev “euromaidan”.

From news to propaganda

The famous February "fact" of the State Department lady Victoria Nuland allowed Moscow to accuse Washington of financing the "euromaidan". Presidential adviser Glazyev even cited the figure: according to him, the US is spending 20 millions of dollars a week to finance the Ukrainian opposition, at the same time trying to blackmail Viktor Yanukovych and intimidate Ukrainian businessmen. “There is also information that militants are instructing in the territory of the American embassy that they are armed. Of course, this is unacceptable, it is necessary to deal with this ", - сказал Comrade Glazyev. In the White House it was decided that the Russians had organized a leak of a telephone conversation with the “fakom”.

With the transition of the Crimea to Russia, the information confrontation between the United States and the Russian Federation only intensified. It could not be otherwise. After all, the West in its entirety believes that Russia "annexed" the Crimea, and the results of the referendum were rigged. Yes, and a vote took place "under the trunks of machine guns."

In early April, the broadcast of Voice of America in Russia was discontinued. The US Broadcasting Board of Governors received a notice of the termination of a long-wave broadcasting contract for a radio station. "Dmitry Kiselyov, director of the Russia Today Agency, in a letter to the US Broadcasting Board of Governors, coordinating among others the work of Voice of America and Radio Liberty, notified of the termination of the previous contract on the broadcasting of Voice of America in Moscow 810 AM frequency, ”says Voice of America.

Golos itself believes that termination of a contract is nothing more than pressure on freedom of speech. And, for example, the channel “Russia Today” in the United States is broadcast freely.

In response, Voice of America, and with it Radio Liberty, said they would increase the volume of broadcasts in the Crimea.

Dmitry Kiselyov, who “blocked the oxygen” to Golos, told the Nezavisimaya Gazeta correspondent that “he is not obliged to assist this radio station on Russian territory”.

“These are boring, mournful state radio stations, uncritical with respect to the United States,” Kiselev said, referring to Voice of America and Freedom. - I perceive these stations on our frequencies as spam. So what happened is an act of informational hygiene. It has nothing to do with freedom of speech, the Voice of America and Freedom do not say anything original. This dregs with us and so in bulk. "

Experts have already called these events an information war. “The Russian authorities perceive the West and the Western media not only as competitors, but as enemies,” Alexey Makarkin, deputy general director of the Center for Political Technologies, told Nezavisimaya Gazeta.

Meanwhile, “Voice” and “Freedom” are not lucky in America itself.

As reported "Russian newspaper", budget cuts in the United States reached the articles on the costs of promoting American values ​​abroad. The 2014 promotional year budget will lose only 25 million dollars in fiscal year. This is not so much, but this is also symptomatic. Propagandists will not work better because they pay less.

The Council of Foreign Governors is responsible for disseminating foreign policy information abroad in the United States. This is a federal agency whose goal is to “inform, interact and unite people around the world in support of freedom and democracy.” Through such information allegedly supported the national interests of the United States.

These interests are maintained in the 61 language. A number of media involved in these events, said "WG", is entirely funded by the US government. These include, among others, the Voice of America, Radio Liberty / Free Europe.

However, at the end of April 2014, the US congressmen decided that it was time to strike propaganda in Moscow.

According to the magazine "Foreign Policy" (translation - "InoTV"), influential congressmen proposed to oblige the media abroad, such as Voice of America, to follow the “political course” of Washington. This means a possible impact on editorial independence.

According to the bill, the statutory documents of Golos should spell out the role of the radio station in promoting the “public diplomacy” of the United States and the “political course” of the American authorities. “The time has come for broad reforms. Now, more than ever, the United States should increase the effectiveness of international information broadcasting, ”said Republican Ed Royce, head of the House of Representatives’s foreign affairs committee.

The bill also implies the reorganization of the Broadcasting Council. The Council now consists of a group of independent persons, for whom the duties of the members of the Council are only an addition to their main work. If the bill is passed, the permanent position of the head of the agency with full-time work will be introduced.

In short, Kiselev will appear in the United States.

The congressmen envisaged the consolidation of other broadcasters aimed at foreign audiences (Free Europe / Freedom, Free Asia and the Middle Eastern Broadcasting Network). They are likely to merge into a single non-federal organization.

In short, this is the American version of the Russia Today MIA.

As a result, we come to the conclusion that the shaft of propaganda in the world will grow like a snowball rushing from a high mountain. About objective filing News, which has almost disappeared from the radio, television and from the pages of newspapers, you will probably have to forget. To understand the murky stream of mounted, embellished, edited, one-sided and clumsy articles, the inexperienced reader will have to work hard. One source to get more or less accurate information is not enough today; you need three, four or more. Something will be tomorrow? ..

From this point of view, the closure of the Voice of America broadcasting in Russia, which aimed to promote dubious American values, may look reasonable. The Russians have already eaten these values ​​for the most I can not.

On the other hand, Kiselev himself was convicted of propaganda. Russian Public Collegium on Press Complaints found in the February story of the program "News of the Week" signs of propaganda. Members of the college recognized the video “Ukrainian Chamber”, dedicated to the protests on “euromaidan” in Kiev, “fitting life to a propaganda“ block ”. The plot is characterized by “insulting low quality” and is designed for “promiscuity, undemanding and omnivorous nature of the information dependent part of Russian society”. The replicas of Kiselev himself, which were heard during the plot, were called by the panel “installation generalizations”.

And that's what says Kiselev himself:

“The question is how to position ourselves as a state news agency ... Often, under the slogan of objectivity, we distort the picture and look at our country as someone else’s. It seems to me that this period of distilled, detached journalism is over. I myself professed these principles, you can easily find my statements on the Internet. But I have gone through a certain internal evolution, which could be conveyed by the words of the English proverb that a person who was not a rebel in his youth has no heart. And a man who did not become a conservative when he became more mature - he has no mind. I believe that there is not a single publication in the world that is objective. CNN objectively? Not. BBC objectively? Not. Objectivity is a myth that is offered and imposed on us. Imagine, a young man puts his hand on a girl’s shoulder, at best, and says: “You know, I have long wanted to tell you that I treat you objectively.” Is that what she is waiting for? Well, probably not. ”

So, in the coming weeks we will witness a new information war between the United States and the Russian Federation, which will, obviously, go with the complete elimination of the principle of objectivity from broadcasting. Basically, the war will be fought on the Internet - there and the Voice of America, and Freedom well live.

Readers of news, more precisely, “news”, can be advised to learn how to distinguish a tendentious presentation of material from a detached (objective) one. The latter is characterized by attention to facts, and not to their interpretation and pushing the public to certain conclusions.

Observed and commented on Oleg Chuvakin
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  1. Same lech
    Same lech 12 May 2014 08: 18
    So, in the coming weeks we will witness a new information war between the US and Russia,

    This war has long moved to the homes of ordinary citizens ... just read the comments of the warring parties.
    1. Vadim-Skeptic
      Vadim-Skeptic 12 May 2014 09: 00
      The caption to the cartoon: "Bolivar can't stand two."
  2. A1L9E4K9S
    A1L9E4K9S 12 May 2014 08: 19
    That’s what the Americans should not be taken away from, because it’s brainwashing the world with its propaganda, which is beneficial to Washington, and the Russian media would not be bad to take an example from them.
    1. Roman Skomorokhov
      Roman Skomorokhov 12 May 2014 16: 14
      In no case! Why take an example from the states, why become like Brehogon?

      It is necessary to calmly and reasonably tell the whole world the truth.
  3. Danilich
    Danilich 12 May 2014 08: 25
    The Russian authorities perceive the West and the Western media as not just competitors, but enemies ”
    The Russians have already eaten up these values ​​at the most I can not.

    1. Alex 241
      Alex 241 12 May 2014 08: 26
      Already laid out on another branch.
      1. iConst
        iConst 12 May 2014 12: 44
        Quote: Alex 241
        Already laid out on another branch.

        What movie is it from - I want to see. :)
        1. Alex 241
          Alex 241 12 May 2014 13: 00
          Quote: iConst
          What movie is it from - I want to see. :)
          This is an excerpt from the series "News Service
          1. iConst
            iConst 12 May 2014 13: 04
            Quote: Alex 241
            This is an excerpt from the series "News Service

            Thank you.
            It’s a pity, I don’t watch TV shows in principle ...
  4. Marconi41
    Marconi41 12 May 2014 08: 43
    I don’t know who is listening to the radio today other than on FM? Let yourself squander! And who wants to find nasty things, he will always find them. And in the internet and on the radio and on TV (the same Rain). I sometimes go to the news sites of Ukraine for example - to find out if they forgot about us there.
  5. mig31
    mig31 12 May 2014 08: 47
    To suppress, stifle State Department spam, and to impose the TRUTH with their own methods !!!
    1. yehat
      yehat 12 May 2014 16: 59
      everyone has their own truth, here the USA is planting its own truth ... We need to take care of only one thing - so that the supporting facts are known quite clearly.
      Ukrainians shout - Russians owe us! And what, when they borrowed, on what terms, no one will say. It is impossible to fight with slogans, you can only change the language of communication and move on to substantive conversation.
      In elections in Ukraine, a person was recently killed. You need to give a damn about the slogans and stupidly find the killer, and then punish, preferably with a live broadcast on TV. And do not breed demagoguery about dill or fascists.
  6. rereture
    rereture 12 May 2014 08: 47
    The other day I decided to watch a film produced by Hollywood (for once), my choice fell on the new film "Robocop". Not only did the film not print in comparison with the original, but they also crammed their thoughtless "American patriotism" blah blah, the USA is the most democratic, the most powerful, and the quote "remains the most powerful country in the world."
  7. silberwolf88
    silberwolf88 12 May 2014 08: 54
    Since the time of Goebels ... little has changed ... in the name of something there ... personifying Western values ​​(what is the West - such are its values ​​...) you can lie from any rostrum, even though the UN Congress is not important .. Newspapers and television simply turned into information whores in this regard serving the interests of the one who pays.
    Hitler's commandments are true ... the more monstrous the lodges - the easier it is to believe in it
  8. mamont5
    mamont5 12 May 2014 09: 07
    Overlap oxygen throughout this pro-American garbage dump throughout Russia.
  9. Strezhevchanin
    Strezhevchanin 12 May 2014 09: 22
    Yes-ah-ah-ah-ah, send this video to Obamke.
    1. Igool
      Igool 12 May 2014 23: 53
      Now people are no longer the same people who listened to these voices in the USSR. They already have a "vaccination" and the main, it seems to me, the mass of the population is more or less critical of all the "revelations" of the press.
  10. Timoshka
    Timoshka 12 May 2014 10: 06
    Well, Ukraine became a separate state only in 1918 and 1991, until that time it has always been a part of something:

    Kievan Rus, Lithuania, Commonwealth, Muscovy and then the Russian Empire, the USSR. Parts of it were ruled by Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Romania, the Ottoman Empire.

    For the first time the name Ukraine is mentioned in the Ipatiev Chronicle under 1187 relative to the Kiev region, Chernihiv region and Pereyaslav region. These lands were the outskirts of the Galicia-Volyn principality at that time.

    That is, no matter what they say about the term UKRAINE, about its origin from the darkness of the ages, I am still inclined that it means OUTSIDE, and not "the land of Ukraine" and so on.
  11. Altona
    Altona 12 May 2014 10: 22
    Informational "blanks" of Western media are designed for the undemanding reader (listener, viewer) and are intended mainly to scare the layman into reconciling himself with the existing state of affairs, otherwise, they say, it will be "like theirs, but you know they are a dictatorship." ..
  12. DanSabaka
    DanSabaka 12 May 2014 14: 36
    And in my youthful years I listened to the Air Force and Seva Novgorodtseva .... and nothing bad, I did not become LIBERAST and TOLERAST ... because it is important to correctly apply to the received information, more able to process it ... and even in the current progress , in terms of information, and in the presence of a wide circle of communication, I don’t see a problem from Yusofsky puffing at all ....
    But, of course, do not forget about counter-propaganda .... It would be nice to establish direct and targeted broadcasting to Ukraine, Alaska and California ....
  13. yushch
    yushch 12 May 2014 16: 25
    Who listens to these buggers? -Not a large audience of lovers of shit on their country. Closed, they gave a reason to smell "progressive" even stronger, they still cross out their own chatter with their actions.
  14. Vlad Kukuev
    Vlad Kukuev 12 May 2014 17: 00
    These imported voices do not hesitate: they were created for this - against the USSR yet. In the 60s, 80s, living in Ugra, I listened (they did not jam it there). So here's an example: at the beginning of the hour the news - "Soviet losses in Afghanistan - 100000 dead", at the end of the hour - the amendment - "Sorry, a mistake crept in (itself?), The number of deaths - 10000 soldiers" And so during the day. But in general, I am glad that young people recognize and weed out the nonsense of "friends"!
  15. uzer 13
    uzer 13 12 May 2014 19: 30
    Free western press.
  16. doc62
    doc62 12 May 2014 19: 44
    it's time for everyone to turn on their brains and not listen to the chewing gum of the west
  17. PATTIY
    PATTIY 12 May 2014 21: 04
    One would like to say: - hey America, why are you molesting, come on!
    It reminds me: dirty, rowdy nig.ger stuck to a pretty blond girl with blue eyes and pass it does not - will be mine, I will not leave you on.
    Here, my word, usa - you already got tired. Go far beyond the ocean, love your nigga gershu. Do not like, do not like.
    But no, he got it, doesn't give a pass, threatens to "fall in love" to death.
    1. Recon
      Recon 12 May 2014 21: 20
      I have a different, more banal analogy: A big brown bear languidly fights off a pack of stray dogs. They tease and torment him, from time to time painfully biting his skin, but they get a bream in response and whine even louder.
      1. Sergey Vl.
        Sergey Vl. 13 May 2014 01: 01
        It seems?! (Illustration to the previous comment)
  18. keylogger
    keylogger 13 May 2014 04: 46
    Russian Public Collegium on Press Complaints ...

    that same viper