Third Reich. Color photographs

The Third Reich (German Drittes Reich - “The Third Empire”), is also known in literature and historiography as “Nazi Germany”, “Fascist Germany”.

The latter term was used mainly in Soviet literature and is inaccurate, as there are significant differences between Hitler’s regime and the ideology between Hitler’s Fascist regime in Italy (and other dictatorial regimes described by the above sources as fascist). . “The Millennium Reich” is the unofficial name of the German Empire from March 24 to 1933 of the year on May 23 of the year of 1945. Some historians mistakenly consider the day of the German capitulation of 8 in May as the day of the fall of the Third Reich. Officially, it only ceased to exist on 23 May, after the arrest of the government of Karl Dönitz.

The Third Reich is associated with the power of the National Socialist German Workers' Party under the leadership of Adolf Hitler. Hitler was the permanent Reich Chancellor for almost the entire existence of the Third Reich.

Third Reich. Color photographs

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    1. Victor
      22 June 2010 13: 44
      Do not disgrace, remove the Finnish lads from the gallery!
    2. +4
      31 August 2010 23: 05
      not enough
    3. танк
      19 December 2011 17: 16
      Our grandfathers showed who in the world is in charge
    4. smershspy
      April 24 2013 12: 06
      So-so! Photos need to be analyzed and understood!
    5. sledge 82
      13 March 2014 22: 59
      Such a miracle was beheaded !!! Eternal GLORY to the soldiers of the GREAT country !!!
    6. 0
      8 March 2017 12: 20
      And they buried these!
    7. 0
      8 March 2017 15: 37
      What kind of veiled propaganda of fascism? "The last term was used mainly in Soviet literature and is inaccurate, since there are significant differences between the fascist regime of Benito Mussolini in Italy (and other dictatorial regimes that characterize the above sources as fascist) and the Hitler regime, both in political structure and in ideology. " typical excuse. US democracy and French democracy are considered identical, but are there significant differences in the device? For some reason they call it democracies, and here Italy of that time and Germany are precisely fascist. And do not come up with excuses.
      1. 0
        8 March 2017 21: 16
        It's not about propaganda, but about ideology. But the fascists and the National Socialists had very different views on the same thing. A classic example is the attitude towards Jews. Yeah ... By the way, the captured Germans were very offended when they were called fascists. I know this from people who themselves walked along the roads of war, and not from agitation Sovkino type Liberation.
    8. 0
      9 March 2017 19: 51
      So many years have passed since the war! I am already the third post-war generation, and hatred of these reptiles in a mouse form has not disappeared!
    9. 0
      10 March 2017 06: 37
      It looks like photos of the start of the war. The soldiers are still brave and smug. There are no traces of the hard battles, exit from the environment, retreat.
    10. 0
      10 March 2017 17: 52
      In the 9-th (bottom) photographs, clearly an American soldier.

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