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Ukrainian remake - cynical and bloody

Ukrainian remake - cynical and bloody

Many say that the current conflict in Ukraine is somewhat reminiscent of the Georgian-Abkhaz 1992-93. But I am convinced that this is generally the same scenario of US authorship.

Start with Georgian history: first, Georgian President Gamsakhurdia, legitimately elected in 1991, attacked Abkhazia. But since this nationalist was also a hereditary intellectual, a writer, the son of a writer, he did not start a bloody war in Abkhazia. However, the States needed blood there, and they do the same as on the Kiev Maidan: through a military coup in 1992, they take off Gamsakhurdia and put Shevardnadze in his place.

That this was the plan of the States, says the fact that with their submission Georgia immediately, the first of the republics of the CIS, when its leader was actually the head of the military junta, was accepted into the UN. And Shevardnadze, from her rostrum, blasts against the Abkhaz with such a Nazi speech: “The pygmies raise people against humanity ... Liliputi who entangle gulliver ... Little birds get together in packs and attack with the ruthlessness of the birds of Alfred Hitchcock ...” After the Georgian invasion, the commander of the Georgian forces, General Karkarashvili, issued a warrant for slaughter:

“From now on, the Georgian side is forbidden to take prisoners of war ... I can assure the separatists that if 100 thousand Georgians are killed from the total number of Georgia, then all of your 97 thousand will die ...”

Therefore, there is nothing to marvel at, as the United States suddenly supported the current Nazi rhetoric in Ukraine. This is their old, more than 20-year-old reception, successfully worked out even in Abkhazia.

On August 14, 1992, Shevardnadze sent troops into Abkhazia under the same pretext as before in Ukraine. And then it was even indicated where exactly - on the railway, which afterwards became a very significant detail. But a few more days the war "did not start." Georgian Tanks We stood in Sukhumi, but the Abkhazians and Russian holiday-makers were not afraid of them, even took pictures against such an interesting background. And the war came only when the Georgian helicopter pilot Maysuradze shot dozens of vacationers on the beach of the sanatorium of the Russian Ministry of Defense in Sukhum. At the same time, several Abkhazian houses with their inhabitants were shot down from the cannons and burned - much like the monstrous burning in Odessa. And only after that did the Abkhaz take up weapon, and the Russians helped them.

It is significant here that Shevardnadze delivered the first blow precisely to Russian beach-goers. Is he crazy? Really the old, experienced diplomat could not foresee the most pernicious consequences of this? But had he really wanted to seize Abkhazia, he would not need any war at all. It was enough to promise with three boxes to the republic, where most Georgians still lived; to hold elections in it for themselves - and it is in your pocket!

Yes, the point is that the real goal of the Georgian-Abkhaz massacre was not Abkhazia - but the break in it of the trans-Caucasian railway Adler-Sukhum-Zugdidi-Tbilisi-Yerevan-Baku with direct access to Turkey. In other words, cutting off Russia from Transcaucasia. And this goal has been achieved: today there are no physically between Abkhazian Ochamchira and Georgian Zugdidi physically, they were immediately taken down and brought to the Turkish courts for scrap.

What was good for States Shevardnadze? It is precisely because of its illegitimacy: he was elected the legitimate president only in 1995 year. If he had listened to the customers of that massacre, he would have been immediately declared a war criminal and sent under an international tribunal. The same trick is now acting on the illegitimate Turchinov, who can also be pushed around on the same successfully worked basis.

Both the Abkhaz operation and the Ukrainian one were under one thing: to cut off Russia from its neighbors and start a fire on its border. Well, and in passing, indicate to her her place: raise your head, you will immediately get on the head!

In the Abkhaz case, everything turned out well. After the war, Abkhazia was imprisoned in an unheard of blockade from the time of the fascist ghettos, which, to our disgrace, we brought a shout from Washington. Residents of Abkhazia, including 50 of thousands of Russians, starving to death, begged us to interrupt it - and we just threw up our hands. This concentration camp was kept for 150 by thousands of people who were driven there without trial, 10 years, until 2002, when we gave Russian citizenship to the blockade. But an insult to us for treacherous weakness lay in the hearts of the Abkhaz, nowadays they were opposed to us - which was what the States wanted. And most importantly: the railway there has not been restored so far; our bureaucrats, on the same shout, harshly shut their mouths to all who advocated its restoration.

But a miracle broke out: in the case of Ukraine, Russia rebelled against this ruling cry from the United States. She regained the Crimea, and did not give it, as Abkhazia had previously, to the mercy of the Kiev Nazis according to the American scenario. And it struck the most sensitive recent blow to America, which was accustomed to rule with all its whip-like shout and bomb it off from a free Iraq, Yugoslavia and other Afghanistan. That is why such a reaction: Russia, not having killed a single person in the Crimea that voluntarily returned to her, was declared worse than the USA by the villain, who had done hundreds of thousands of innocent victims all over the world.

But with all this, it is still too early for us to celebrate victory: the diabolical plan that worked in Abkhazia today is repeated exactly in Ukraine.

By and large, we didn’t need Abkhazia at all, much more interesting for us was the guidance of the Georgian authorities in it. Then all the Georgian-Abkhaz resorts would operate continuously - just like the railway, along which southern fruits would drive to us, breaking through all the borders with an economic ram. And no NATO would break this mutually beneficial alliance with Georgia — a much more important geopartner for us.

But the Georgian-Abkhaz war was charged against this. And it was in favor of NATO and to the detriment of the terribly impoverished Georgia, which received more refugees from Abkhazia, and everything turned out. Abkhazia, as a piece bitten off by us, invariably, has become that eternal focus of contention, which in the foreseeable future will not allow us to reconcile with Georgia.

All the same is played out now in Ukraine. Russia needs a whole, calm and friendly Ukraine, and the States are torn apart and hostile to us. Crimea, over time, she somehow forgave us somehow, but if you cut off its southeast, it will become the same eternal cause of conflict.

That is, the whole scheme is as follows: a piece is cut off from our neighbor, rushes to death, we have nothing left but to take it under the fear of his death under our wing - and the States are for this choking us!

Now it would be most advantageous for us to introduce our troops to Kiev to defend our fellow tribesmen, to throw Turchinov off and place there a president who would keep Ukraine intact. But this arrogant counter-step most likely will not pass: after all, he will give an iron reason to accuse us of occupying our neighbor. And most likely, a civilized civilian plan will play: under the guise of helping Ukraine cut off a piece from it and turn it into an inexhaustible source of inter-neighborly strife.

And while everything is being played out exactly according to the plan of the USA, they are terribly enraged that we go on their hook, not like clockwork, but with great gnash. And the situation begins to resemble the Caribbean crisis, when the two countries rested their horns on each other - it is true, then, after a little thought, they diverged. But then in America there was a “thinking” president - by the way, he was killed immediately after that wise expenditure, and this is still their “hanging” that has not been disclosed.

But if to be an optimist, the reason for hope can be scooped just in our gnashing, a sign of the will awakened in us. You look, we will learn to go with it from someone else's hooks, even if at the same time tearing off your lips. Lips will heal, but we will learn to continue to be bolder and more resourceful and not to fall on other people's networks and hooks any other time!
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  1. EvilLion
    EvilLion 10 May 2014 14: 31
    Russia needs a whole, calm and friendly Ukraine

    Author nerd. There can be no friendly Ukraine, just as there cannot be a wolf friendly to a lamb.
    1. aspirin02
      aspirin02 10 May 2014 16: 09
      He uses NAR-С8 against protesters of the junta
      1. 51064
        51064 10 May 2014 18: 59
        This is an old record - when the last Mi-24 was shot down. Fell into the swamp, they themselves finish it off themselves.
      2. 51064
        51064 10 May 2014 18: 59
        This is an old record - when the last Mi-24 was shot down. Fell into the swamp, they themselves finish it off themselves.
  2. K-36
    K-36 10 May 2014 14: 37
    It's even interesting what Roslyakov (the author of the article) wanted to say with this sentence: " Abkhazia, by and large, we did not need at all, where it was more interesting for us to bring the Georgian authorities to it"?
    1. Predator
      Predator 10 May 2014 16: 55
      The author implicitly hints that you are sitting upright and don’t go anywhere, otherwise the United States will do something to harm us. So they’ve been spoiling us since the end of the 19th century! Is it time to ask?
  3. mig31
    mig31 10 May 2014 14: 38
    Tsereushniki have taken their lows, thought they’d have a ride, why reinvent the wheel, but no, now they scratch their turnips, it’s a pity for innocent people ...
    1. jjj
      jjj 10 May 2014 15: 13
      In America, everything goes according to a plan once drawn up. Such a plan was drawn up for Ukraine, and it is being implemented. The situation may have changed, but the implementation of the plan will be punctual. And it may happen that the plan is already harmful for the authors and begins to work on the other side. Apparently, this is happening now. Sometimes plans have to be canceled. So it was with respect to the USSR. Now Russia has thwarted plans in Syria. Although there was still no cancellation. Now here is Ukraine
  4. kocclissi
    kocclissi 10 May 2014 14: 45
    "Yes, the point is that the real goal of the Georgian-Abkhaz massacre was not Abkhazia, but the rupture of the Adler-Sukhum-Zugdidi-Tbilisi-Yerevan-Baku transcaucasian railroad with direct access to Turkey."
    The goal of the United States then was to break the Russia-Turkey communications, and now Asia-Russia through Ukraine-the EU!
  5. Same lech
    Same lech 10 May 2014 14: 46
    I remember the times of SHEVARNADZE ... this man perfectly coped with the role of the representative of the fifth column in the GORBACHEV government, it was from his submission that the USA gave some controversial shelf sections on the borders of RUSSIA in the central part of the BERINGOVA Sea ... for which shooting was in the good old days.
    It is a pity that this city has not suffered a deserved punishment.
    1. avia1991
      avia1991 10 May 2014 16: 39
      Quote: The same LYOKHA
      man perfectly coped with the role of the representative of the fifth column in the government of Gorbachev

      During the war in Afghanistan, this Mr. Nida "leaked" to the "spirits" information about our large-scale operations .. They were surprised even then: "Where are they from, creatures, they know everything in advance ?!" And the traitor was sitting in the very heart ..
      1. Boa kaa
        Boa kaa 10 May 2014 19: 32
        Quote: avia1991
        "And the traitor was sitting in the very heart ..

        It’s hard to think of more harm than he and Gorby did to our country. Indeed, in the negotiations on the unification of Germany and the withdrawal of our troops from its territory, even staffers were against such a decision!
        And this "genatsvali" pushed the Juda woman to increased "social obligations" for the withdrawal of troops. And the regiments and divisions went into the open field, and the officers' families went into tents, instead of comfortable military towns with all the infrastructure, as the German side suggested. And the thousands of SVG grouping with all the equipment and rear areas in a matter of months, abandoning excellent military towns, housing and social and cultural life, rolled into the steppes and mountains.
        But there was an example and a precedent: ENGLISH BATTALION was evicted from Germany for (!) 10 years !!! Moreover, everyone, until the last ordinary Tommy, received financial compensation from the defeated Germans.
        True, our "honest" party bosses received their silversmiths:
        Humpbacked -1,7 million dollars, Shivarnadzer - 0,7 million dollars. One became "the best German of the year", the other got the "president" position.
        photo: "We will agree on the price."
  6. 77bob1973
    77bob1973 10 May 2014 14: 53
    And from the fact that we will send troops there that will love us more? About the fruits from Georgia, it’s nothing at all - nonsense!
  7. Ivanovich47
    Ivanovich47 10 May 2014 14: 55
    Slowly coming true Americans dream: their plan for creating chaos is already completed with success near the borders of Russia. The least remains, by force of arms of the Ukrainian army to "convince" the intractable inhabitants of Donbass to fall in love with the semi-fascist junta in Kiev. America has achieved its: the conflict has created. Ukraine repeats the path of Yugoslavia, Libya, Iraq and so on throughout the world. When will the distemper stop in Ukraine? As in Russia, in the 1612 year, the people of Russia restored state power in the country, and today. only the people of Ukraine put an end to the mess. which staged the United States and Europe.
    1. g1v2
      g1v2 10 May 2014 16: 26
      They do not need chaos, but control over Ukraine. That is, missiles and missiles on our borders and millions of maydauns that will become cannon fodder against us. For 23 years, they have been processing and accustoming to the idea that Russia is to blame for all their troubles. And the most freaking in the west in the camps have been trained for the past few years. Now it’s even easier for them to work, because Ukrainians cannot understand why the country that produced 25 percent of the USSR’s GDP is in such an ass. People do not like to blame themselves, but they can easily believe in evil enemies from abroad. After all, we ourselves do not like to blame ourselves for something, but we are ready to believe that the state, the boss, the Americans [whom I myself do not like] are to blame. Someone blames the Jews, some Caucasians, etc., and smart people have long learned how to manage this. Well, who controls this in Ukraine, and so it is clear.
  8. Grbear
    Grbear 10 May 2014 14: 57
    To the author (+ -), i.e. Zero.
    Trying to put the tracing of one event on another situation, attracting some facts is a simple matter. But now, from the filing of such “analysts” “offended Abkhazians” appear, now Ukrainians, namely Ukrainians, because Russian passport, and even more so with citizenship, there are not many. In the article, this and that - Russia should ... By and large, Russia does not owe anyone but its citizens. It is possible to hope for a helping hand, and this is justified, but we must do it ourselves.
    Work with the wrong hands is always easier, and the result is worse.©
    1. Same lech
      Same lech 10 May 2014 15: 14
      Work with the wrong hands is always easier, and the result is worse. ©
      I disagree ..
      EXAMPLE: US entry into World War II ... at the end of the bloody massacre and the cream of victory.
      1. Thompson
        Thompson 10 May 2014 18: 58
        I disagree. Cream they shot ALL WAR! Then, and on it, and rose. Of course, plus your statement.
  9. avia1991
    avia1991 10 May 2014 15: 01
    I do not agree with all the conclusions, but in general the theory has the right to life. In any case, we are already guaranteed a hotbed of continuous tension at our side! That is, the states have partially achieved their goals: if you break the junta's neck and put "their" president, the Maydauns fed by the States go underground and constantly destabilize the situation - and, moreover, will enjoy the support of a significant part of the population! - which will force Russia to keep a military contingent in Ukraine while the formation and education of a new Ukrainian army is taking place. If you take the South-East - the staff will bring NATO forces into the rest of the part, and you can forget about the calmness on the border! If nothing is done, the suppression of the South-East is inevitable, and then NATO is again nearby, and constant small but sensitive "bites" dangerously close to the gas pipe, not to mention the loss of most economic ties. Problem ..
    1. Boa kaa
      Boa kaa 10 May 2014 19: 48
      Quote: avia1991
      constant small but sensitive "bites" in dangerous proximity to the gas pipe,

      About the gas pipe the Germans have already spoken openly. EY-Roppa's dependence on our gas is 40%, and diversification to shale gas from the United States is pure delirium. Therefore, they will not refuse any gas, this is not real! And what about the "pipe" is now their hemorrhoids! We fulfill our obligations: we pump gas into the system completely (there is a meter at the border!), And then let them educate the dill and explain that it is not good to steal! And the fact that they will steal is not going to the grandmother, you need to live, and prepayments - "NEMA ..."
  10. Giant thought
    Giant thought 10 May 2014 15: 03
    Everyone knows that we are enemies for mattresses, so they do everything for our destruction. But we are not assistants in this matter. The fact is that today's Russia and Russia of those distant 90's, tormented, sold by comprador authorities, are two big differences, as they say in Odessa. Now Russia is strong, although not powerful, the people raised their heads, and now no one can defeat us, and even more so the Kiev fascists with their overseas masters.
  11. promt26
    promt26 10 May 2014 15: 11
    The author is finished P.R. idurok! The Troll knocked on the wrong company! negative
    1. nahalenok911
      nahalenok911 10 May 2014 15: 48
      Dear promt26! In fact, you are right, but no need to offend. "Respectful" disregard hurts more.
  12. b.t.a.
    b.t.a. 10 May 2014 15: 12
    Rested in Abkhazia. Abkhazians treat Russia very well. Not any insults and all that stupidity that the author wrote did not notice. Georgia will not forgive the Gorbachev massacre, and the influence of the Americans there is very large.
    1. andj61
      andj61 10 May 2014 17: 48
      My brother and wife were resting this year in Georgia. He was very surprised that Georgians treat Russians very well.
  13. Palladium900
    Palladium900 10 May 2014 15: 28
    I read the article and remembered the words of Hugo Chavez about George W. Bush, which, I think, can be attributed to all American politics: "The devil, the devil came here. He was here yesterday. In this very place. Right here .."
  14. Gl00mDaem0n
    Gl00mDaem0n 10 May 2014 15: 34
    In principle, it is true, although somewhat simplified. These pieces are separated (separated) from the centers of the country in order to make it easier to control the rest of the territory. Because in the remaining territories, the brains are already well washed and the people there are simply afraid to face the truth. Well, it will be practically impossible to bring the world around - this is correctly noticed. But in this situation, a bird in the hand is better than a crane in the sky.
  15. Yellow white
    Yellow white 10 May 2014 15: 37
    The USA has always made money in wars and other people's blood, never in their entire short history have the states ever waged wars on their territory (I don’t think a civil war counts, IMHO) they don’t know what it is when their houses and apartments are on fire, when they kill civilians, part-time of their own wives, mothers ...
    I am sure that if this happens on their territory, there will simply be a panic, again when in 2008 it was announced that Russian tanks entered Georgia, according to the pronunciation of Georgia, the local hairs stood on end, while they figured out what and how much corvalol leaked ...
  16. nahalenok911
    nahalenok911 10 May 2014 15: 42
    Torn lips "we have healed after Abkhazia. As proof - our position in the conflict with South Ossetia.

    And therefore, the author, our lips have healed, and we have learned to be bolder and more resourceful and will never again fall for other people's nets and hooks!

    Article minus !!!
  17. nomad74
    nomad74 10 May 2014 15: 57
    it seems like it’s correctly written, but ... about the throwing of Abkhazians, the author bent!
    1. tokin1959
      tokin1959 10 May 2014 21: 24
      even as they throw.
      Russians were driven out of apartments - at the state level this question was even raised.
      property can only be bought by a citizen of Abkhazia - Russian if he wants to buy an apartment - draw up for the Abkhaz - he throws.
      a pensioner goes on vacation - arrives - the apartment is busy. it’s useless to complain to the police, they openly say - go to the rashka or kill.
      many Abkhazians have two passports - Russian and their own.
      in Russia they will get loans - and to their home.
      Abkhazia is subsidized, and rests on Russian bayonets - but they join - no, we are so independent, we do not need a rashka.
  18. Bakht
    Bakht 10 May 2014 16: 10
    I put a minus to the article, because the author simply does not know how the situation developed in the Georgian-Abkhaz war. Does he even know who Russia helped? Rather, the traitors who were then sitting in the Kremlin. And did he hear that the Russian Black Sea Fleet was saving Shevarnadze? And who organized the blockade of Tkvarcheli?
  19. shinobi
    shinobi 10 May 2014 16: 11
    The author endows the US strategists with almost divine insight. And this is far from it, just listen to their politicians. They were just lucky with the USSR. So they guessed with their intrigues the near-traitor (Gorbachev to steal and judge in public), but any luck ends. in general, they didn’t bring any of their adventures to mind. I did not like the article in short. Attempting to break off economic ties with sanctions is generally the height of stupidity.
    1. Bakht
      Bakht 10 May 2014 16: 26
      Quote: shinobi

      I don't like the politics of the States. But we must pay tribute to the enemies. For the past 100 years, the United States has gone from victory to victory. And so far they have succeeded. I agree that it is high time to stop them. But not yet. If Ukraine breaks up into Western and Eastern, then this should be seen as a victory for the West. Russia's complete victory lies in friendly Kiev, which controls ALL of Ukraine. The minimum program, this is a large part of Ukraine, with the exception of absolutely Westerners. So to speak "Curzon's line" in modern conditions. Half of Ukraine, the so-called Novorossiya, is not good.
      1. tasey
        tasey 10 May 2014 17: 34
        It's too late to glue. History is a fair aunt, rewards everyone according to his deeds. They gave their lands, "Michurinians", at the beginning of the 20th century. And the unconnected did not join. Now we have what we have. Will split!
      2. Boa kaa
        Boa kaa 10 May 2014 20: 27
        Quote: Bakht
        The last 100 years, the States go from victory to victory. And while they are doing it all.

        Well, damn it, you give! (with)
        Learn the story! useful, by the way, a thing! There you will discover with interest Cuba, Vietnam, Korea, Somalia, Syria, Afghanistan ... Amers turned out to be especially cool in Somalia, in October 1993, in close combat !!!
        Quote: Bakht
        it's time to stop them. But so far it does not work out.

        And the fact that they did not swallow Syria is how !? And the fact that they are forced to recognize the world as multipolar is where !? And the fact that the rapprochement of the Russian Federation and China with them is like a sickle in the balls - why is that !?
        So, while they slowed down a lot, but the car is healthy, and the big ship has a large inertia of forward speed. Reverse, apparently, they are not going to give yet. BUT their path leads to danger!
        1. Bakht
          Bakht 10 May 2014 20: 50
          Quote: BoA KAA

          I seem to know the story. Over the past hundred years, Americans have created an empire. Worldwide. From the politics of isolationism to the global control of even outer space. They had tactical defeats. But over a hundred years, they expanded their influence from the Western Hemisphere to the whole world and near Earth. I understand that it’s nice to engage in self-deception. But over the same hundred years, all other empires collapsed. Including Russian (Soviet). So the reality is a little different from your vision of the world.

          What is happening now is not the restoration of the Russian Empire. Do not be fooled. Ask yourself why Crimea returned to Russia? Putting aside all the pathos, we can say that this is the RESPONSE move of Russia. Would Crimea return if Maidan had not occurred? By the way, Maidan itself is an American solution. They did not expect a sharp rebuff from Russia. I agree. But this once again suggests that the Americans play white. Now Russia has seized the initiative, but if you do not squeeze, then the Americans will win in the case of Ukraine. If in Ukraine there will be a sluggish civil war, then this is the victory of the States. If Ukraine falls apart into East and West, then this is a victory for the States.
          1. fzr1000
            fzr1000 10 May 2014 21: 12
            Over the past hundred years, Americans have created an empire. Worldwide. From the politics of isolationism to the global control of even outer space.

            This too shall pass.
            1. Bakht
              Bakht 10 May 2014 22: 01
              Quote: fzr1000
              This too shall pass.

              Churchill once said: The happiness of Russia lies in the fact that at a sharp turn in history, she always had leaders of the caliber of Stalin. I don’t want to look for a quote, but the meaning is just that.

              I'd like to believe that now Russia is lucky. Let not the level of Stalin, but at least close. Then the sunset of the Amer Empire is just around the corner.
          2. Boa kaa
            Boa kaa 11 May 2014 00: 14
            Dear Bakhtiyar! I see you think geopolitically. This is good, because then it turns out that the states have not fulfilled their main task: the destruction of Russia. But there were so many plans! From "Drop Shot" to Directive 57 of the SNB. And now the train has left: the territory is at gunpoint, and there is no such expeditionary carelessness and strategic inaccessibility for the enemy. Therefore, they push, and therefore they contain NATO.
            Yes, the enemy is strong, but not omnipotent! And with impunity, he will not be able to solve the main issue. The monopoly on nuclear weapons and overseas reach - over. But if Mother Earth helps, then there is a prospect of covering herself with a copper basin. So your statement about 100% of sales plans is at least incorrect. Soon Brazil, Venezuela, Mexico will grow up on the American continent ...
            Maybe not so much time will remain for staff members to do the old world? Who knows how the wheel of fortune will turn when Yellowstone wakes up !?
          3. Boa kaa
            Boa kaa 11 May 2014 00: 25
            Quote: Bakht
            Over the past hundred years, Americans have created an empire.
            This statement is not true: in addition to the acquisition of the Canary Islands from GB for 50 lousy destroyers, the states no longer added territory. Influenced - yes, but not a protectorate, like the UK over Australia.
            Metaphors - metaphors, but once you got out of the "mind" to compete, be so kind as to adhere to academic concepts and use definitions according to their direct meaning! hi
            1. Bakht
              Bakht 11 May 2014 01: 05
              Quote: BoA KAA

              I did not try to hit with my mind, but only with my mind.

              Empires of the previous type (territory) are long gone. Resources. Show me a piece of land from which the Americans are not drawing resources. Even in the same Russia. An empire - in the literal sense of the word - is a metropolis that sucks resources from the outskirts. Therefore, I never considered Russia an empire in the literal sense of the word. It was a strange empire that pulled the outskirts to the level of the mother country. But this is a theory.

              In practice, the American Empire is omnipresent, as it relies on the economic exploitation of the whole world.

              As for Russia, I agree. The goal is not achieved. The blow was strong, but literally 2-3 years ago I heard a lot of criticism of the Russian president. Now there is no such thing. What do you think, if Yeltsin or the Bear were in power, would we discuss Ukraine now? Would Crimea return? I have always been a supporter of a strong personality. Would the USSR stand in the 41st without Stalin?

              1. A new type of empire is built by the States. And they rob the whole world. So far, and Russia. And China. And everyone else.
              2. Goal - the subordination of the whole world by the States is not achieved. And first of all, resistance is not provided by China and not by new centers. The center of resistance remains the same - Russia. And basically, it is connected with the personality of your President. For which I personally bow and respect him.

              PS My message is not intended to show your mind, but so that you do not relax. :-)
  20. Sergg
    Sergg 10 May 2014 16: 34
    Hook one - minnows are different. And one net catch. Almost according to Saltykov Shchedrin.
  21. Ramzaj99
    Ramzaj99 10 May 2014 17: 10
    There is no brotherly people. There are western fascists, and eastern neighbors who need help.
  22. kare
    kare 10 May 2014 18: 23
    Article minus.
    The author is undead. recourse
  23. The comment was deleted.
  24. Timoshka
    Timoshka 10 May 2014 18: 51
    eccentric ... are you either stoned or stoned ???
  25. smart Fox
    smart Fox 10 May 2014 19: 45
    Unclear. Something is a lot of all.
    It seems to me that there are no friendships among countries, there are mutually beneficial relations. Calm Ukraine is beneficial to us.
    But the fact that the states won the project "Ukraine on fire in spite of Russia" is a fact.
  26. mamont5
    mamont5 10 May 2014 20: 21
    So it turns out that the most beneficial for us is to disassemble the USA into pieces, i.e. on the states to begin with, and then we'll see.
    1. Orik
      Orik 10 May 2014 21: 37
      Quote: mamont5
      So it turns out that the most beneficial for us is the USA to take apart into pieces ...

      To a point, Georgia and Ukraine, as well as many corners of the world, will calm down. Washington must be destroyed!
  27. suharev-52
    suharev-52 10 May 2014 20: 33
    Article-minus. I didn’t like it. There is no clearly marked line. There is some blurring of facts. Sincerely.
  28. Dmitry Toderes
    Dmitry Toderes 10 May 2014 20: 41
    It seems to me, if God forbid, Russia will surrender Ukraine, the Americans will take over Belarus.
    1. tokin1959
      tokin1959 10 May 2014 21: 28
      in Belarus it’s more difficult. Russia is full of regions - where a fire can be inflated.
      will be engaged. it will not follow them.
  29. Boa kaa
    Boa kaa 10 May 2014 20: 58
    What was good for the States of Shevardnadze?

    The rhetorical question to which Shivernadzer answers:
    "We have good relations with Azerbaijan, Armenia, Turkey. And, of course, with Ukraine. This friendship will continue and deepen, even in spite of the presidents' mistakes. In the West, our partners, the United States of America, have long established very good and warm relations with them. relations. When I was president, the Americans trained our troops, border guards, and so on. The merits of Americans to Georgia are enormous - these are products, industrial products, and most importantly - military equipment.
    We have long sought to become a member of NATO - it did not work, although there was great support from the United States. I am sure that very soon Ukraine will become a member of NATO - you are a very large state, you have powerful armed forces. NATO needs such a country - you have a great prospect. And we have less. After all, they are interested in strong and powerful states, and Georgia is a small country.
    Soon I am going to Germany again for the premiere of the documentary film Shevardnadze. That's what it's called. At one time I was very much involved in the issues of the unification of Germany, the end of the Cold War, disarmament and other matters. The Germans remember this, and as a grateful people, they decided to make a film about me. "
    Shivarnadze was friends with, Sakashvili - with Yushchenko ...
    The thoughts and aspirations of the "friends" were practically the same: to join NATO, and there Russia would not get us. You can yapping - and nothing will happen for it.
    1. Orik
      Orik 10 May 2014 21: 41
      The thoughts and aspirations of the "friends" were practically the same: to join NATO, and there Russia would not get us. You can yapping - and nothing will happen for it.

      They have no "thoughts and aspirations", they are stupid puppets performing the will of the hegemon. For this, a narrow circle gets the opportunity to rob their own people, and the people drag out a miserable existence and so on everywhere.
      The main goal of Ukraine and Georgia is a sanitary cordon around Russia.
  30. Lelek
    Lelek 10 May 2014 21: 10
    The age-old question "who benefits from it" is the age-old answer "To the one who wants to be the leader of the pack" (and there are more than enough jackals) yes
  31. Zomanus
    Zomanus 11 May 2014 02: 47
    NATO will put rockets? And we will put our missiles on display. And we will tell which of them which settlement in Ukraine will spread, in the event of an aggravation of the international situation. More precisely, not the point itself, but a missile launcher / guidance radar next to it, but this is not essential. I am more concerned about the number of ukrov who will rush closer to the fall to earn us money. Unlike Czechs, they cannot be distinguished from Russians in appearance. And they can do a lot of nasty things.
  32. Geokingxnumx
    Geokingxnumx 11 May 2014 12: 36
    how many lies) better without comment I will finish)
    Abkhazians took weapons because) Mkhedrioni began to rob people)
    And on the attack on Gagra beach, in addition to Maysuradze, there was 3 Mi-24 and only one of them shot) and they don’t know who. Maysuradze was not such a People, Hero of the Afghan War.
    No) what difference does it make that I write) Both sides are to blame for all the Wars, and the people are the victims) and Hurray to the patriots Do not give a damn about the fate of the peaceful people of the enemy) they will be killed by refugees, etc. they will svyh theirs until the last) There is not no justice, there are not any Peacekeepers but only the Interests of Infusion and Money.
    Good and Bad people always die. It’s easy to destroy and builds no) Kill easily and save no) Start War is easy but no escape)