The crisis in Ukraine created the secret services of NATO


Creating the so-called “Right Sector” in Ukraine, the CIA proceeded from the experience of the terrorist activities of the secret American organization “GLADIO”.

The handwriting of stirring up civil war in third countries, the method and methods of mass murder of civilians like the shooting of innocent schoolchildren in a school in Beslan, or the shooting of the Armenian parliament in October 27 1999, and finally the holocaust of peaceful demonstrators the day before, on May 2 in Odessa confirm our version that behind all these terrorist wars are the secret services of the United States and NATO, and above all the Gladio organization. It is necessary to say a few words about stories Gladio.

American and British intelligence set about creating Gladio at the end of the 1940 with the help of the Galen Organization, which consisted of former officers of the Abwehr and other intelligence services of the Third Reich. Initially, it included the Nazi cadres and their European collaborators. Subsequently - neo-Nazis and far-right groups (“Right Sector” in today's Ukraine is a confirmation of this). The official task of “Gladio” was to organize a guerrilla war in the event of the seizure of Western Europe by the Soviet army. The secrecy was such that many heads of European states and even their interior ministers did not know about the existence of the Gladio. It has now been proven, including evidence from former CIA and other intelligence agencies, that the biggest terrorist attacks of 80's - 90's in Europe, such as the explosion of a train station in Bologna or the assassination of Italian Prime Minister Aldo Moro, were organized and carried out by NATO terrorist cells as the so-called operations "under a foreign flag." To do this, with the help of the Gladio, the NATO members created fake "communist" and "left" organizations like the "Red Brigades".

The purpose of these operations was to provide support for public opinion in the West in order to turn its political paradigm to the right, to what was called the “conservative revolution” from the middle of the 1980-s and associated with the names of Reagan and Thatcher.

Considering the above facts, we saw the structure of the “Gladio” as the most likely organizer of the 9 / 11 attacks. The "American Committee for Peace in Chechnya," which we underestimated in secret war against Russia, included a number of individuals whose track record suggested their political or operational connection with Gladio. Here are the names of some of them: American political figures Richard (Dick) Cheynah, Paul Wolfovitz, Madeleine Albright, Ivo Dadler, Strobe Talbot, Zb. Bziezhniski, Henry Kissinger, Victoria Nuland, Richard Pearl, Fatulla Gulen, Alejandr Vershbow, Javier Solana, etc .. But for example, let's call such a figure as CIA veteran Paul Hentse, who started his career as a reconnaissance terrorist in Munich in X. where among the post-Nazi organizations, attracted by the CIA and NATO to the fight against the USSR, was the organization of the Muslim SS legionnaires from the Central Asian and Caucasian regions of the USSR (as the Crimean Tatars, or the Wahhabis of the North Caucasus did not recall, "Gray Wolves of Azerbaijan", "Hezbu Tahrir Central Asia), grouped around the Islamic Center of Munich mosque.

Organized jointly by the CIA, the Gehlen Organization staff from the former turkologists at the Rosenberg Ministry and the leaders of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood, driven out by Gamal Nasser, the mosque in Munich became the cradle of political Islamism in Europe. In 70, Henze headed the CIA station in Turkey, where he prepared General Kenan Evren’s military coup in 1980. Evren has been the commander of the Turkish Gladio since its inception. The coup marked the beginning of the reign of terror in Turkey, when Evren released from prison the militants of the Pan-Turkic organization Gray Wolves. One of them, Mehmet Ali Agzha, who apparently belonged to the special unit of the Turkish Gladio, was used a year later for the assassination attempt on Pope John Paul II in Rome. The calculation was apparently that the murder of the Pope-Pole would cause a sharp aggravation of the situation in Poland and help the CIA-controlled Solidarity party to come to power.

The CIA, MI-6, NATO and Henze personally put a lot of effort into presenting this Gladio operation as organized by the Bulgarians and the KGB. Henze even wrote a book about it. From Turkey, Henze moves to Washington and becomes an assistant to Zb. Brzezinski in the administration of US President Carter.
Recall that Brzezinski was the founder and co-chairman of the Chechen Committee. At the same time, Henze heads the classified interdepartmental "Nationality Group". This group, which, in addition to the high ranks of the CIA and military intelligence, included leading representatives of Western oriental studies and figures like Richard Pipes, Colin Pauerl and Condoleezza Rice, developed the strategy and tactics of undermining the USSR with the help of its Muslim peoples. We believe that it was this group that became the ideological predecessor of the strategic turnaround that occurred in the depths of NATO by the end of 1990х. With the defeat of the USSR, Henze gets the opportunity to operate on his former territory. At 1992, he works in Chechnya under the guise of an "international group of observers" as its head. And it is in 1992 that Osama bin Laden comes to Grozny for the first time, according to the testimony of Abubakar (Yasir Bechar), a CIA agent, Turkish special services, and Assistant General Dudayev. Finally, we find the indefatigable CIA pensioner Henze among the members of the Chechen Committee of Brzezinski-General Alexander Hague since its foundation in 1999. Alexander Haig himself was commander-in-chief of NATO forces in 1974 – 79. that is, in the midst of the activities of the Gladio under his control in Europe and around the world. 25 June in Mons an unsuccessful assassination attempt was made on him. When he was driving across the bridge, a bomb was blown up under the last one, but the explosion occurred a moment later than necessary, and Haig was not injured. Three of his guards were injured while driving in the car following him. The attack was attributed to the factions of the Red Army. In 1993, a German court sentenced Rolf Clemens Wagner to life imprisonment for attempting to kill Haig. This confrontation between the Germans and the Yankees we see today around the geopolitical war for Ukraine ( # . In January 1981, Haig was appointed by President Ronald Reagan Secretary of State. He is aware that he was proposing to make a “warning shot” in Europe (Waller, 1987. Page 19.). Also, as State Secretary, Haig said that “there are more important things, than the world ", and the truth is a real macho from Gladio! Thus, Haig, Henze and a number of other Committee members directly connected him with the new stage of the secret war of this branch of NATO against post-Soviet Russia and other republics of the former USSR.

In fact, the US government is the leading center of the terrorist war against Russia.

It should be noted that Turkey has always been the main operational base of the Gladio, and not Italy, as is often stated in historical literature. From here, operations were conducted on the USSR and around the world, not to mention Turkey itself, where the terror of the Gladio repeatedly exceeded everything that was happening in Europe. Turkish "Gladio" kept on two groups. The first was the ultranationalist military personnel, intelligence officers and police. To the second, the paramilitaries from the criminal world under the leadership of Babas, the godfathers of organized criminal groups specializing in heroin traffic and other international crimes. This elite of the underworld of Turkey has received special training in the United States, England and Belgium. This process was led by a special Gladio branch at NATO headquarters in Brussels. The deal was mutually beneficial.

Babas carried out the physical liquidation of the left in Turkey and the terrorist operations under the "alien flag" of the communists and Kurds, as well as abroad. In exchange, they received from NATO a “roof” for drug trafficking, etc. There was an indicative story of one such “woman” - Abdulla Chatli, who became known to the general public thanks to the 1996 Susurluk case of the city of Chatli was one of the key figures of the Turkish “Gladio” and moved freely around the world despite the fact that he was in the top ten most wanted criminals of Interpol. His invulnerability was due to the "roof" of NATO. This frame was so valuable that the NATO forces conducted an operation to free him from a Swiss prison with the help of his helicopter.
At 1993, Chatley led a failed operation to eliminate Azerbaijani President Heydar Aliyev. The NATO members did not trust Aliyev, considering him too tied to Russia. It was decided to replace Aliyev with a more loyal figure. Azerbaijan was a priority in the plans of NATO. At the same time, in parallel with the plan for the liquidation of Aliyev, NATO members conducted an operation to blackmail the closest associates and the Aliyev family. In this case, the Turkish "babas" had no equal. Taking advantage of the open border with Azerbaijan, they opened several casinos for the elite public in Baku and planted influential members of the Aliyev family on a multi-million dollar debt, after which the mafia threatened them with death for non-payment. As a result, Aliyev understood the "subtle hints" and began to quickly change his orientation from Russia to NATO. But Chatley returned to his base in Chicago, and from there he continued to conduct operations "Gladio" around the world, particularly in the Uygur Autonomous Region of China. There is an opinion that it was the Turkish Gladio that stood behind the shooting of the Armenian parliament in October 27, 1999. And the Aliyev family financed this terrorist act before and after its use.

Similar monstrous acts of terrorism performed by Gladio were carried out on September 1 in the high school of the city of Beslan, St. Ossetia.
NATO members decide that the experience of Afghanistan, the USSR and Yugoslavia showed that the use of Islamism was the most promising direction, especially since Russia with its Muslim population, Central Asia and the Uyghur region of China became the main thrust.

In November, an 1996 car crash near the town of Susurluk, near Istanbul, was fatal. The godfather and head of the Gray Wolves, Abdullah Chatley, who was wanted all over the world by Interpol for assassinations, the deputy head of the Istanbul police and an influential Kurdish parliament member, died in the same car. It was difficult to provide more visual evidence of the complicity of the Turkish state in drug trafficking and terror. Representatives of the Central Gladio in Turkey (Marc Grossman), Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan (Major Douglas Dickerson) were immediately recalled to the USA or Brussels. In the US, away from the scandal, the head of the Turkish Gladio ("counter-terrorist forces") was also sent away. Susurluk marked the beginning of a "quiet" coup in Turkey, as a result of which the secular neo-fascist elite of the military, intelligence and police, which was the backbone of the "Turkish Gladio", was defeated. In its place came the "moderate" Islamists. And the center of gravity of subversive operations was shifted to the cult organization of the Turkish Islamist Fethullah Gulen, headquartered in Pennsylvania, USA. The CIA took Gülen out of Turkey on her plane, saving him from being arrested and loyal to prison for campaigning against the secular nature of the Turkish state. In the United States, the funds of the Gülen organization grew by leaps and bounds and now reach 50 billions of dollars. Hundreds of madrasahs and mosques built by this organization in Central Asia and Russia have become a breeding ground for Salafism and a cover for CIA agents. Graham Fuller and Morton Abramowits, a member of the Chechen Committee, major businessmen in the shadow politics of the United States and NATO, were behind Gulen’s dizzying career in the US Fuller, an orientalist and ideologist of the CIA, who lobbied for US foreign policy on political Islam, was part of the Gladio-US task force that operated on Turkey’s territory in 1990x - 2000x during the period of the largest terrorist attacks in Russia. Fuller has recently become known in Russia as the former father-in-law of "Uncle Ruslan" Tsarnaev, who led the Islamic Foundation in the United States, through which funding for Caucasian Al-Qaida went.

Today, the Islamic card against Russia “Gladio” is used by the leader of the so-called “Mejlis of the Crimean Tatars” Mustafa Jamyl and his organization. Yesterday, in the north of the Crimea, in Armyansk, the so-called leader of the Crimean Tatars wanted to illegally cross the Russian border, provoking a major scandal. The purpose of which is to stir up an inter-ethnic war in Crimea. (Http://

Returning to the events in Ukraine, let me say that it is Gladio that arms the Ukrainian nationalists and the Right Sector of the “glorious sons of Zion” D. Yarosh and Kolomoisky, thus encouraging the armed struggle of one part of the population of Ukraine with another. In fact, Gladio sets fire to and ignites a civil war in Ukraine and its further transition to Russia. But the main thing is beyond legal and political assessments: most likely, after what happened on May 10 in Odessa and Slavyansk, and what probably will happen in the next few hours and days, Ukraine will not remain in its current borders. Residents of the South-East will not want to live in Ukraine.

Arming the ultras, the Kiev authorities deliberately create a new system of governance of the country, based on the citizens' fear of physical violence without trial. By increasing the morale of the “right sector” and making it its representative, the Kiev authorities will give them the opportunity to kill just as much as will be necessary to strengthen this system. Its main goal is to further transfer part of the territory under the NATO base, as a new springboard for economic and military pressure on Russia. And then Europe will provide humanitarian assistance, casting social benefits of the surviving citizens.

Based on this, Russia would have had to answer the following questions for itself:

Does the country have the political, economic and military potential for immediate adequate military actions? If not, then now it makes sense to strengthen the border with Ukraine, given the prospect of the emergence of the most modern weaponsaimed at the territory of Russia.
Meanwhile, the real “hunt” has begun from the West for the President of Russia, Mr. Putin. Yesterday, on May 3, Deputy Head of the Dnipropetrovsk Regional State Administration Boris Filatov made a new statement, in which he offered 100 million dollars for the physical liquidation of V.V. Putin or the organization of his resignation from the post of President of Russia. “We are ready to pay a monetary reward in the amount of 100 million dollars for the physical liquidation of V.V. Putin or the organization of his departure from the post of President of Russia, ”the deputy of Kolomoisky (“ Gladio ”) wrote. In more detail, the terms of this offer are known no later than May 5. Kolomoisky and Filatov did not understand that by that they became the number one figures for the role of sacred victims! ( We have already addressed this topic (

It is curious that Richard Bruce (Dick) Cheney, former US Vice President (, died in his family estate in Nebraska in the 461824034972663808 year of life this morning. Dick Cheyne was one of the Gladio bosses. The geopolitical war for Ukraine is turning into a war for the Russian world.
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  1. +4
    6 May 2014 06: 28
    The crisis in Ukraine created the secret services of NATO

    I am touched by such naive headlines. Interestingly, the author is aware of where the children come from?
    1. Validator
      6 May 2014 10: 56
      Yes, no one even hides it - the flag of mattresses over the SBU in Kiev
      1. leo44
        6 May 2014 14: 47
        Really? on SBU? Stunned! Nightmare and shame !!
    2. leo44
      6 May 2014 14: 46
      Maybe someone seriously only bought a PC and only connected to an Internet or became interested in news for the first time - but everything is clear who is to blame. In fact, not everyone can read between the lines. Therefore, I think the more talk and write about NATO atrocities the better! It is necessary to inform the general public what is what.
    3. +2
      6 May 2014 17: 13
      And nothing new, just the forgotten old times in some countries - the JUNTA. Everything has been worked out for a long time! So the Ukrainians have shown their civilization! And we all naively thought that this is only possible in other backward and ultra-religious countries.
    4. The comment was deleted.
    5. 0
      6 May 2014 20: 30
      The "warm feelings" of the Armenian Sargsyan towards Turkey are understandable (the Armenian genocide in Turkey) ... Only now
      allegations that the center of Gladio's activity was Turkey, and not Western Europe, were dictated not by facts, but by the author's emotions, as well as the fact that this organization was behind the terrorist attack in Beslan and other crimes were also its work ...
      You shouldn't demonize the primordial enemy of Armenia - Turkey, otherwise you can forget about one more "sworn friend" of Armenians - Azerbaijan ...
    6. necha265
      6 May 2014 21: 25
      Some kind of joker, not an academician !!! wink
    7. 0
      6 May 2014 21: 35
      (Interestingly, the author is aware of where the children come from?).
      Apparently you just found out about it, congratulations well done.
    8. +1
      7 May 2014 01: 23
      Most of the text of the article was taken from here:
      The author wrote the last few paragraphs "on his own". The original article talks about a woman, Sibel Edmonds, a former FBI employee, who wrote a book about her service and was outspoken in interviews. According to her, the United States is behind all terrorist acts on the territory of the Russian Federation (until May 2002, she then quit).
  2. +8
    6 May 2014 06: 28
    And not one normal person and have no doubt that the work of the WESTERN hostile forces.
    1. +9
      6 May 2014 06: 53
      Quote: fvandaku
      And not one normal person and have no doubt that the work of the WESTERN hostile forces.
      It is one thing not to doubt the existence of some "hostile forces"; it is another thing to know the history and some specific affairs of the organization that is directly involved in this.
  3. +10
    6 May 2014 06: 36
    They themselves will remove Kolomoisky, as Berezovsky. They will squeeze money out of him for Nezalezhnaya and quietly, quite by accident, will find them hanged.

    A traitor is garbage, no one will reckon with him, all the more without money he did not give up to the West at all.
    1. +4
      6 May 2014 06: 43
      Quote: todaygoodday
      They themselves will remove Kolomoisky, as Berezovsky. They will squeeze money out of him for Nezalezhnaya and quietly, quite by accident, will find them hanged.

      A traitor is garbage, no one will reckon with him, all the more without money he did not give up to the West at all.

      Yes ... there are rumors that have already been removed. I fully admit that they did this in order to bring the new owner of his empire into the shadows, so as not to lose their capital.
    2. 0
      7 May 2014 17: 23
      The case of Eitingon and Sudoplatov is more alive than all living !!!
  4. +4
    6 May 2014 06: 41
    Very closed topic. To discuss it in detail and clearly reasoned, it is almost impossible.
    The fact that behind all this mess that has been going on since the beginning of the 50's is the international conspiracy of bankers, I have no doubt. And behind the start of World War II, the same forces stood. It was the Rockefellers, Morgan and Dupont (and others) that made it possible for the Third Reich to rise.
    But on account of "Gladio", I can say nothing, except that I hear about this organization for the second time and have no opportunity to verify this information.
  5. +3
    6 May 2014 06: 45
    All of the above says what Russia is today, no matter how strong it is, enemies are scared and hated by her rabies, which means WE ARE SURPRISE TO COMRADE FRIENDS !!!
    1. 0
      6 May 2014 16: 46
      Quote: mig31
      RUSSIA today, no matter how strong it is, enemies fear and hate it furiously

      Hence the frantic tricks of the Sh.A.V.O.K. of the because they cannot do anything. Spray rabid saliva and kill everyone in a row. And as you know, rabies can only be treated with one method. Liquidation method .....
    2. +1
      7 May 2014 23: 39
      Do not wishful thinking!
      Russia was only slightly strengthened after the destruction of the USSR.
      Let's compare with the USSR. Industry now is mainly the extraction of raw materials. Economic independence - the Union was falling apart when the oil price was $ 10, now it is $ 100 and we are "afraid" of targeted sanctions. Science was destroyed. Army - more or less, but it is far from the Soviet Army. Intelligence agencies have missed Ukraine, but it seems that one can hope for resuscitation. The bourgeoisie export our capital abroad in very large volumes. There are a lot of liberoids in the media and on the Internet, most of whom, if not hate, then do not like Russia.
      We now need to quickly deal with our liberoids, from the network and from the media to force them out. Young people explain what's what. Restore economic independence in order to withstand the Cold War. Otherwise, the West will completely ruin us.
  6. +3
    6 May 2014 06: 46
    I must admit that the Yankees managed to put their people at the helm in Ukraine, and our special services were aware of this? Why didn’t they counteract? Will there be an answer for these events? Some questions ...
  7. Grenz
    6 May 2014 06: 56
    Well, we read another educational program about the events in Ukraine.
    Is it really not clear that even the most frostbitten, without clear leadership, would not be able to withstand a week.
    Within the Soviet Union, such events would not have occurred, would have crushed at the bud.
    The Union is collapsed - there are still living organizers of this action.
    And so, something is correctly written.
    New versions of the global war are used in Ukraine - the internal decomposition of the nation and the advent of the fascist junta subordinate to the west.
    By the way, in the 90s this option almost went through with us. Recall the shooting of parliament.
    Now the Crimean Tatars are rocking. Already wrote - flirting with them will not lead to anything good. The girl prosecutor corrects our mistakes.
    Now we must transfer to hard power - I do not agree with the orders in Russia in prison and camps.
    So much for the rightness of Stalin and Vysotsky — the thief and the enemy must be isolated or destroyed.
    We do not recognize this simple truth - we lose the country.
    1. +6
      6 May 2014 09: 21
      No Tatars rock and no one flirted with them. Do not invent what is not.
      Let's just say ... they tried to warm up, but Dzhamilev was given in the ass and this was originally a foregone conclusion. It was he and his ferrets who were surprised. And the people who are in the subject were not surprised.
      Moreover I will tell you. I myself, I’m very much surprised if the Crimean Majlis lasts more than six months. In extreme cases, it will be closed by the next spring and there will already be a new pro-Russian Tatar religious organization to replace it. wink
      Our special services work there very specifically on these topics. Moreover, the law "on betrayal of the interests of the Motherland" was restored for a reason. The Kremlin will now gently but harshly clean the entire fifth column and not only in Crimea.
  8. 0
    6 May 2014 07: 16
    Vote under an appeal to the UN Security Council for the entry of Russian peacekeepers into the Southeast. I do not think that the Security Council will immediately respond to our petition. But there is a chance to give another argument to S. Lavrov and V. Churkin in the discussion with the West. Distribute this link if you agree to sign the call.
    ie_voyska_Rossii_na_YugoVostok_Ukrainy /? tZjwuhb
    1. 0
      7 May 2014 01: 40
      Thank. Voted.
  9. +4
    6 May 2014 07: 22
    Boris Filatov made a new statement in which he proposed a sum of $ 100 million for the physical liquidation of V.V. Putin or the organization of his resignation from the post of president of Russia.

    This statement can be regarded as an order to kill. By all legal standards, Filatov must be brought to justice.
    Politicians (if they consider themselves politicians) do not openly make such statements. Thus, Filatov’s halfwit voiced someone’s desire. Whose ??? And so it is clear.
  10. +4
    6 May 2014 07: 22
    "Yesterday, in the north of Crimea, in Armyansk, the so-called leader of the Crimean Tatars, wanted to illegally cross the Russian border, provoking a major scandal."

    But figs to you. We can only take it to the camera. Until the end of his worthless life.

    "And then Europe will provide humanitarian aid, shower the surviving citizens with social benefits."

    Why would it be? Europe is not very good at scattering, even for its own. And they obviously need Ukraine not to raise its standard of living. Here they pump out everything that is possible from it, and leave the landfill.
    1. leo44
      6 May 2014 14: 38
      I agree, in a geyrop, even for its own benefits, there isn’t - with the whole family the sink is plugged and messed up all day! WATER to wash your hands, and even not! So with a dirty stew and go!
  11. The comment was deleted.
  12. +2
    6 May 2014 09: 26
    The crisis in Ukraine created the secret services of NATO

    and not only in Ukraine ..
  13. +1
    6 May 2014 10: 16
    Excellent article! hi
    The conspiracy and the struggle with Russia, everyone understands this, but not much is known about the details of one of the sides of the struggle! The author casually mentioned China, but the recent two massacres in the Uigur region occurred to me. At the 30 station, there was one more and that’s all this is against the background of tension in Ukraine and the support of China in Russia. Maybe this also has to do with Gladio, and the loss of the Malaysian Boeing, with the concentration of the US Navy. One thing is clear that all the participants in the world forces have reached the finish line and this should end with the victory of one of the moans !
  14. +1
    6 May 2014 10: 31
    "Abwehr" got in touch ...

  15. +8
    6 May 2014 11: 12
    The USA is a parasitic country. It seems to me that if the Americans did not try to devour other countries in different ways, then perhaps we would not know what Islamists, terrorists, etc. are.
    America from its very beginning began with the capture of foreign lands, the destruction of entire nations. They are not enough all the time. so it wouldn’t be bad to start removing worms from this organism.

    Not only that, for sure, the main eaters are the rich elite, who in life lack power and money.
    All of these Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Masons and other shit, imagining themselves to be gods - deserve only death. Too doher they killed lives.
    1. leo44
      6 May 2014 14: 33
      You don’t think you are right, it’s time to judge them for a long time!
      1. 0
        8 May 2014 23: 31
        About this, Pushkin wrote :-)

  16. 0
    6 May 2014 11: 19
    C'mon ??? Are you serious ??? And we didn’t know about it from the very beginning! Well, at least we didn’t talk about tired people from the snickering authorities.
  17. +3
    6 May 2014 11: 31
    “We are ready to pay a cash reward of $ 100 million for the physical liquidation of V.V. Putin or the organization of his resignation from the post of president of Russia ", - wrote the deputy Kolomoisky
    well comrades! this is a direct incitement to a coup and a change in the regime of power in an independent state !!! I will declare to Interpol as Yarosh!
    and it’s better to do as with Bily am and the know-how and others will not be wounded to open their filthy mouths with such offers!
  18. +6
    6 May 2014 13: 13
    Everywhere you look, the ears of the CIA and the State Department stick out. Most of all, it is surprising why the Avakovs, Yatsenyuk, Yaroshi and other evil spirits are still breathing. Why do "wild geese" and US instructors calmly walk around Ukraine? They should have fertilized the fields for a long time already. Yes, we are no match for the MOSSAD. soldier
    1. +2
      7 May 2014 01: 48
      Well, two dozen "geese" are already in the cage, waiting for them to be needed to be presented to the whole world for display.
      1. +1
        9 May 2014 13: 05
        Did not know. Thanks for the info. But still you need more and more careful. negative
  19. leo44
    6 May 2014 14: 31
    One of the next steps for Russia should be a lawsuit in a magistrate’s court (what international lawyers should elaborate and how thoroughly) against the USA, MI-6, CIA, FSB, NATO! A process similar to the Nuremberg process should be organized. They are war criminals! They are world terrorists = instigators and instigators of war and bloodshed all over the world! ALREADY plenty of atrocities they committed: Syria, Iraq, Yugoslavia, now Ukraine.
    1. 0
      7 May 2014 08: 07
      You probably made a "typo" by including the FSB on the list of war criminals! You probably meant the US FBI?
  20. alexey i
    6 May 2014 16: 03
    someone was telling such a thing on TV, and also saying that in the USSR there was a department in the KGB that very toughly opposed such an office, right up to the elimination of why it is not there now, it is very necessary.
  21. +2
    6 May 2014 20: 44
    Now the West has declared that we have turned from partners into opponents. In my opinion, they simply expressed in rumor what they always thought. So sometimes they also drop masks of double standards. lol
  22. necha265
    6 May 2014 21: 21
    Mr. Honorary Academician - Teach history, student, all adult uncles and aunts here can explain to you where NATO’s legs grow in Old Russian jargon !! loveps For an honored author !!
  23. +8
    6 May 2014 22: 09
    Quote: leo44
    Really? on SBU? Stunned! Nightmare and shame !!
    Why bother, if the SBU leaders are in the service of the CIA?
    1. +1
      7 May 2014 08: 12
      And you do not bastard that Klomoisky (he and his assistants appointed a reward for Putin's head) still makes profits in the Russian branches of his PRivatbank, and Poroshenko still poisons us with his "carcinogenic sweets" or there is no political will a little "to castrate "these snickering and insolent figures!
  24. 0
    6 May 2014 22: 36
    Of course, this unrest and seizure of power is the work of the United States and its allies.
    For the CIA, the right-wingers are the normal scenario ... just remember Al-Qaeda created with the participation of the CIA ... the Taliban and other destabilization projects in the name of the interests of the United States and the dollar.
  25. +1
    6 May 2014 23: 52
    It's time to say your word to the special services.
  26. +1
    7 May 2014 01: 45
    In general, it turns out that it’s good that Putin is a former intelligence officer.
  27. +1
    7 May 2014 03: 49
    Franklin Templeton Investments, one of the largest US investment funds, continues to buy Ukrainian debt securities.
  28. Timmir
    7 May 2014 04: 36
    Quote: Al_lexx
    Very closed topic. To discuss it in detail and clearly reasoned, it is almost impossible.
    The fact that behind all this mess that has been going on since the beginning of the 50's is the international conspiracy of bankers, I have no doubt. And behind the start of World War II, the same forces stood. It was the Rockefellers, Morgan and Dupont (and others) that made it possible for the Third Reich to rise.
    But on account of "Gladio", I can say nothing, except that I hear about this organization for the second time and have no opportunity to verify this information.

    Is Gladio, or not, is not proven by science. The main trouble is the information zombies. What they do with people in Ukraine, they are ready to kill their own people only because some do not want to forget their history. A handful of people who own the media space, manage people as they wish.
  29. Nikurov
    7 May 2014 16: 16
    A chemical friend from Ukraine told me: in the 90s, a freight train with 500 tons of tar came from Ukraine to Ukraine; some businessman bought it on the cheap and was terribly pleased with the bargain. This tar was intended for the formation of asphalt concrete for road repair. The Kiev Sanitary and Epidemiological Service decided to do an input chemical analysis of harmful impurities. My friend performed this analysis and turned gray in one night - he found the transcendental, incomprehensible content of arsenic in the mind - the poison of the first hazard category.
    If this tar fell on city streets, and then arsenic from it into the air of cities, this would be a diversion worse than Chernobyl. And the SBU and Kui closed this case so as not to spoil relations with Europe !!
    So Ukraine is waiting for the fate of a toxic waste dump from all over Europe. Eat and breathe, lads ... Europe does not need you, do not hope!
  30. 0
    7 May 2014 16: 50
    The article is, of course, impressive, because we are not told much in the media. And if they had informed it, the people would have been more specific about events taking place in the world.!
    8 May 2014 22: 57
    Quote: Rattenfanger
    The geopolitical war for Ukraine turns into a war for the Russian world.

    After reviewing the whole story, one gets the impression that the Slavic world is like a bone in the throat of someone !!! It all started with Princess Olga !!!