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We have a common problem

We have a common problemTerrible, chilling soul come from Ukraine. The bloody rampant of neo-fascists causes resentment and bewilderment. How, why has this become possible on the territory of a very recently great country that liberated Europe from fascism? Why did Europe, who boasted of her own civilization, looked condescendingly and, moreover, encouraged the coup d'état, carried out under completely Nazi slogans, by the hands of outspoken Nazis. Why is it now, when the junta floods the southeast of Ukraine with blood, European politicians stupidly repeat after the Americans: “Russia should not prevent de-escalation”? ..

Answers to these questions should be sought in our recent stories the late eighties and early nineties. “America and Russia are friends forever,” the villains repeated obstinately. Entire choruses of fools echoed their reproducing howl. The sobriety began to come later, when, on the orders of a group of American advisers, Yeltsin’s entourage developed such “reforms” with non-payment of wages and mass layoffs that shreds flew from our science, defense, army.

Our worst friends thus realized their general geopolitical goal - to establish themselves as the sole world leader and live by the right of the strong, robbing the rest of the world.

The United States strives to achieve the same goals today, there is no need to wait for changes in this matter - only the grave will correct moral monsters. At the moment, Ukraine is chosen as the main place of action - a sort of training ground for an overseas rooster that pursues several goals at once. As in the parable: catching up - well, not catching up, so I will warm up.

If the junta succeeds in crushing the Russian-speaking people of the South-East under itself, NATO will be moved to Moscow itself. Sit and do not breathe in fear!

And will not succeed? For example: Donetsk self-defense fighters will demonstrate the wonders of resilience; the appeals of the people addressed to the soldiers and officers sent by the junta to the vile deed will arouse their conscience; Ukrainian people's liberation army, assembled by Yanukovych (after all, the legitimate president and commander in chief) will disperse the junta.

For them, and this also makes sense. Blaming Russia for “escalation”, scaring Europe, if it succeeds, of course, and on the sly, to improve its economy at the expense of everyone else. Keep warm, this rooster, too, really wants! The main counterfeiter who flooded the world with unsecured dollars is brewing problems - the financial and economic system created by him for redistributing total world income in favor of the United States can cause very serious failures. As a result - a sharp drop in living standards, internal shocks, loss of international leadership. Because urgently needed backup of the US economy. The topic appeared very in time: shale gas!

Learned to get, but the roads, the infection ...

There are buyers, the whole European Union, but bastards, they take Russian natural gas - it is cheaper, and there are already pipelines, they are working properly.

Now, if a frightened Europe foolishly joins the sanctions so much that it will give up Russian gas at a loss, and even weapons Americans will buy, you see, things from “Uncle Sam” will go uphill, of course, at the expense of everyone else: who will pay in blood, who will lower the standard of living, but for them it's all the little things!

What should we do to prevent NATO missiles from appearing in the Donbass instead of coal mines? It is necessary to help the Donetsk Republic. The fight against the fascist junta is a common cause.

I read the reviews in the spirit: “Let them all rise first, and then we will help ...” One cannot agree - the heroes have already risen, are already fighting and dying with weapons in their hands and without weapons, blocking the way for armored vehicles with their bodies. The heroes burn alive in Odessa, die at the hands of the Banderovites of the Right Sector, like a soldier of the 25 airborne brigade, Andrei Kiselyov, who refused to shoot at Donetsk militiamen. We will delay, wait until life gets and make the inhabitants act - by then the heroes can all fall into an unequal struggle. And what is the result? Our neighbor is a brotherly country, an ally, but without heroes, only ordinary people, how is this prospect for you ?!

And let's not be residents of Russian Ukraine to assess more strictly than themselves. We didn’t get up well when the villains were tearing apart the USSR, we didn’t rush under the banners of the Emergency Committee in crowds and organized columns. And they immediately invented an excuse for themselves - not those banners, and the Emergency Committee is not like that, in general, the majority did not come off the sofa ...

Naturally, in terms of comprehensive assistance, the main decisions and actions are with the state. His latest foreign policy initiatives, as well as steps to strengthen defense capabilities, inspire reasonable optimism.

But the organization of the flow of humanitarian aid (drugs, food, material support for the wounded and the families of the victims) is within the power of us, individual citizens, who consider themselves patriots. All that is needed is our initiative, the willingness to join forces. Are we really only able to fasten a ribbon with orange and black stripes on 9 May, as on the medal “For the victory over Germany” - and that’s all ?!

To admonish the European Union is also a matter of the whole people. They give us their own sanctions, and we our own - everyone with all the heart that can. And here the St. George ribbon on the antenna of "Mercedes" is not enough. To refuse to buy German, French, English equipment - this will be a sensitive manifestation of our Russian patriotism for them. The main thing is not to nod at others, not for the money car, but I was going to buy a vacuum cleaner or a coffee grinder - remember our sanctions to them. And without Russian tourists, too, let them try for a year to live. It's time to see your country and be surprised by its vastness and beauty! You look everyone who stops the Russian streamlet from flowing into his pocket, will be saddened together and take up the brains of their merkel so that they do not run to the barracks for Obama for instructions.

I understand that if there is money, it’s very difficult to get along without a white (or black) Mercedes, but you’ll have to choose one thing: either this DES, or the honorable right to consider yourself a patriot and a well-deserved ribbon confirming hereditary involvement in the Great Victory

And the last thing, which we must certainly speak about in connection with the topic touched on: patriotism cannot be separated from the ideas of social justice. Otherwise, it will inevitably turn into something reactionary, Black-Hundred, fascist.

I draw the attention of readers that the rise of patriotic feelings associated with the reunification of Russia and the Crimea, has caused a strong desire among liberal economists to use the increased popularity of the country's political leadership for "unpopular" socio-economic transformations. Speaking without twists, we are talking about reducing the standard of living of the majority of the population. Such "pseudo-economists", who cannot imagine the development of the economy without robbing the people, must be driven into the neck from the public service. Drive so that in science, in education, they also could not catch on. Good riddance to the West - to ruin the economy of the United States and the European Union!

This thesis, of course, does not exhaust the socio-economic aspect of the topic touched upon. Hope to return to it in the following notes.

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  1. Rurikovich
    Rurikovich 10 May 2014 08: 19
    Plus sign for presenting your vision of what is happening. The good news is that epiphany comes. the bad thing is that sometimes it's not on time. And if we learn to think and draw conclusions immediately, and not in decades, then we will become much stronger and will respond to threats adequately. Then you won't have to regret what you lost. Like "if" yes "if only". Then I don’t have to say that I didn’t know and my brain was powdered. By the way, this is happening now in Ukraine. Whoever sees the real state of affairs, he understands who came to power. And whoever lives in a world of naivety and what they say to him thinks that Putin is to blame for all the troubles ...
    It's my personal opinion. And it consists in the fact that brains are given for what to think, and an ass for what would sit. And not vice versa... hi
    1. Reasonable, 2,3
      Reasonable, 2,3 10 May 2014 08: 40
      Where are we? In the negotiations? And where are the advertised "Polite people"? Why the hell, from our side, even a sneeze is not7
      1. Reasonable, 2,3
        Reasonable, 2,3 10 May 2014 08: 48
        I forgot, at Gazprom (where your dreams came true) There are loot + geyropa with transit. Is it higher? Higher self-awareness.
        1. oenaraevskija
          oenaraevskija 10 May 2014 09: 24
          And they don’t have it. These for the loot RUSSIA will sell
      2. 29261
        29261 10 May 2014 08: 49
        Dear, you have to be careful - be careful!
      3. Hudo
        Hudo 10 May 2014 08: 52
        Quote: Reasonable, 2,3
        Where are we? In the negotiations? And where are the advertised "Polite people"? Why the hell, from our side, even a sneeze is not7

        Putin is trying to resolve the issue of how to merge Russians in the southeast so-called Ukraine without loss of reputation within the Russian Federation, the United States of America in this way in every way interfere.
        Only from this point of view, all the facts taking place (olympiad and other trololo) fit in a clear order.
        1. Reasonable, 2,3
          Reasonable, 2,3 10 May 2014 09: 18
          Nobody had foreseen such a development of events. I do not observe any clarity and your judgments at all. Putin does not merge, he does not want to send troops. He, like the Russian Empire, now does not need this.
          1. Bobxnumx
            Bobxnumx 10 May 2014 09: 57
            Putin, and even Russia itself, does not need a war, although they are actively trying to draw us into participation in the hostilities.
            1. shtanko.49
              shtanko.49 10 May 2014 17: 29
              And when the fascist state will gain strength near Russia and NATO will send troops and nuclear weapons? Then, as always, we will regret that they didn’t help in time to finish off the Nazis, or even to decapitate these reptiles, is that something GRU can do?
          2. mamont5
            mamont5 10 May 2014 13: 21
            Quote: Reasonable, 2,3
            Nobody had foreseen such a development of events. I do not observe any clarity and your judgments at all. Putin does not merge, he does not want to send troops. He, like the Russian Empire, now does not need this.

            Naturally, Putin must think for his country. Here you need a cold calculation, emotions are out of place here.
        2. sv68
          sv68 10 May 2014 12: 03
          hudo-statements without proof-clive. so when you write, think whether it’s worth it or not to engage in clive. minus honestly earned
      4. oenaraevskija
        oenaraevskija 10 May 2014 09: 23
        The question is correct. WE don’t need to sneeze. You just need to untie people's hands. I am almost sure that in RUSSIA, there are a couple of hundred men equipped with modern weapons that can protect unarmed people
        1. Siberian
          Siberian 10 May 2014 13: 04
          Yes, people have hands and are not tied. The passage through the Velikoukrainsky border is guarded only at the posts, and I don’t want to go for a walk along the rest of the length. So you are not there yet?
          Guys were found. Weapons too. I would like more.
      5. Alekseev
        Alekseev 10 May 2014 09: 47
        Quote: Reasonable, 2,3
        What the hell, on our part, even no sneeze7

        Do you think so?
        And where was Strelkov’s detachment formed? Is it in the Russian Crimea? Yes, among the militias, many are residents of Donbass and Ukraine, but there are many Cossacks and volunteers from the Russian Federation. Just gathered brothers Slavs?
        This is unlikely ... Just as it is well known, and the pimple will not jump up.
        Well, after the referendum, support will increase.
        It is only necessary, however paradoxical it is, that the junta strengthened the "flutter". Her disgusting actions will cause opposition, supported by the Russian Federation, not only from Donbass, but also from all of Ukraine. And a quick kapets ... Yes
        I talked with my acquaintances in Ukraine (average degree of Svidomo), so even they do not bear the spirit of Yaytsenyukh and Pastor. They fool themselves with the silly hope of choosing a "young" and "smart" and "sensible" president.
        Soon, I think, will see completely.
        1. Erg
          Erg 10 May 2014 12: 47
          I completely agree. Without a clear organization, no armed people will become a force. Organizing a defense is a very difficult job. I think ours are not asleep
    2. oenaraevskija
      oenaraevskija 10 May 2014 09: 19
      I already wrote. Fascists need to be destroyed - like rabid dogs. And this is not only my opinion.
    3. cat 1970
      cat 1970 10 May 2014 09: 27
      1942, Truman, the future president of the United States (before him, Mr. Theodore Rouvelt, respected throughout the world). Quote: "If we see that Hitler (Germany) wins. Then we must help Russia. - and if Stalin (Russia) wins, then we must help Germany, And let them kill each other as long as possible !!!!" (ha, ha, ha-ha. Mrs. MERKEL) The end of the war in 1945 did the USA very much -they staged a war in Korea, Vietnam, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, and now they have come to UKRAINE. on the Elbe, where they met, the words sounded - "without the RUSSIANS we would not have defeated Hitler", you bark (USA) now, but there is no Hitler, the RUSSIAN energy is still creative, but you will pester (like sticking a stick into the hornets' nest), get result, IN FACT HITLER IS NOT ... ?????

      Sorry, I immediately follow the other comments: And "polite people" IT IS YOU AND I, AND ALL RUSSIA. (end of quote).
      1. Erg
        Erg 10 May 2014 12: 53
        As soon as the world ends with war - and America immediately begins "the time of the Great Depression." This printing press cannot exist without war
  2. Tatarus
    Tatarus 10 May 2014 08: 25
    Any thing that calls me Colorado is worthy of crippling. Woke us up? Break yourself. We’ll come break it.
    1. Anper
      Anper 10 May 2014 09: 31
      Quote: Tatarus
      Any tttvvvaarry that calls me colorado is worth mutilating

      An anecdote in the subject.
      Yatsenyuk stopped answering calls. Turchinov comes into his office in the Rada and discovers about the prime minister under the table.
      “But shy there, Arseny Petrovich?”
      - Mani said, scho self-defense of Donbas - Kolo Radi!
      “Senya, you misunderstood everything!”
    2. kocclissi
      kocclissi 10 May 2014 14: 16
      Well, yes, yes, Colorado!
  3. Tatarus
    Tatarus 10 May 2014 08: 27
    And with whom is my trouble in common? Do piaras and me? There is no common misfortune. His joy is grief for me. My joy is death for him.
  4. domokl
    domokl 10 May 2014 08: 28
    R РЅС‚РµСЂРµСЃРЅС ‹Р№ РІС‹ РІРµСЂС ‚... Р'СЂРѕРґРµ РІСЃРµ верно РїРёС € ет, РЅРѕ РєР ° Рє жвРСРІРѕРѕРІРѕРѕРѕРѕРѕРѕРѕРѕРѕРѕРѕРѕРѕРѕРѕРѕРѕРѕРѕРѕРѕРѕРѕРѕРІР Р R ° R »R_RsR» RsRґR ° ть РІ СЃРІСЏР · Рё СЃ присоединением РљСЂС ‹РјР °? Р R P ± P "RμRЅRoRo RoRґRμS, SЂRμS ‡ SЊ? RќRμ P · RЅR ° SЋ RєR ° Rє PI SЂRμRіRoRѕRЅRμ Sѓ P ° ° RІS,RѕSЂR, Sѓ RјRμRЅSЏ RѕS, RіRѕR" RѕRґR ° SЋS ‰ Roes ... RІR "P ° RґRμR" SЊS † ев РёРЅРѕРјР ° СЂРѕРє РєР ° Рє Р ± С ‹Р» Рѕ некЃудР° девР° ться, тР° Рє Рё остР° Р »РССЃСЊ.Р Р¶РµРЅС ‰ РёРЅС‹, РЅРµ смотря РЅР ° Р ° ктивную Р ± РѕСЂСЊР ± Сѓ СЃ Р »РёС € РЅРёРј весоЈР€Р €Р €Р €Р €Р €Р €РјРјРјРјРјРјРјРјРјРјРјРјРјРјРјРјРјРјРјРјРјРјРјРЊРЊРЊРЊРЊРЊРѕРЊРЊРЊРЊРЊРЊРјРјРјРЊРјРЊРЊРЊР RѕSЂSЊR ± Sѓ SѓSЃRїRμS RЅRѕ RїSЂRѕRoRіSЂS € <RІR ° SЋS (P ± P "P ° RіRѕ SЃRμR№S ‡ ° F SЃ S,RμRїR" of the PS Ryo RјRѕR¶RЅRѕ RІRoRґRμS,SЊ SЂRμR · SѓR "SЊS,R ° S,S ‹РїРѕРґ тонкими РїР» Р ° тьями Рё Р ± СЂСЋС З РєР ° РјРё).
  5. ya.seliwerstov2013
    ya.seliwerstov2013 10 May 2014 08: 31
    Wake up, people soon!
    It will not be too late then
    And then - only worse
    Fascism is growing again every day.
    Wake up, people soon!
    And stand up for the world, for your home.
    We are with God, which means stronger
    We are to the Light, we will go to the truth!
    Do not be afraid of the enemy - he is insignificant,
    And rushing, if he sees fear in us.
    Together we can tear it down
    And evil will soon collapse!
    1. Tatarus
      Tatarus 10 May 2014 08: 48
      Do not hide the talent, it will only lead to the light.
    2. oenaraevskija
      oenaraevskija 10 May 2014 09: 25
      subscribe to each line
  6. Agent 008
    Agent 008 10 May 2014 08: 32
    If the United States wants to send Russia to hell, then this is unlikely, they have already made sure that we are PEOPLE - let them go ahead ...
    1. oenaraevskija
      oenaraevskija 10 May 2014 09: 27
      Not forward - they will go first. And RUSSIA IS ETERNAL because it has never offended another people
  7. Grenz
    Grenz 10 May 2014 08: 32
    Quote: Rurikovich
    Plus sign for expressing his vision of what is happening. The good thing is that insight comes. the bad thing is that sometimes out of time.

    I agree with you.
    Our site was leafed a few back and what was published above has been discussed more than once or twice.
    And the bloody scenario fully paid off.
    Even the prospect is visible.
    And where are the conclusions.
    Where are the actions?
    After all, not only here we are so smart, there are others, higher ranking, who think in the same way.
    The measures taken should be not only: "... we are discouraged" and the like, but sharp and distinct actions.
    They will tell me - they are being implemented.
    But one thing is to do something undercover, the other is to declare the position loudly.
    The people should be constantly fueled by positive information, otherwise they will begin to doubt the policies being pursued, especially not our Russian media will constantly inject a stake between the government and the people.
  8. koksalek
    koksalek 10 May 2014 08: 33
    Why, when something happens from the category of good, then all laurels go to politicians, when something bad happens, is it always the people’s fault?
    1. oenaraevskija
      oenaraevskija 10 May 2014 09: 29
      So it always has been. The only thing - when there were women in power, and even then - the favorites did everything. Recall the 18th century.
  9. VNP1958PVN
    VNP1958PVN 10 May 2014 08: 34
    "America and Russia are friends forever". With such friends and enemies are not necessary!
    1. oenaraevskija
      oenaraevskija 10 May 2014 09: 32
      12 points. And, by and large, but why ----- we cave in before Europe. Farewell they bend before us. That one needs to do politics
  10. kvnvolga2008
    kvnvolga2008 10 May 2014 08: 35
    All people understood that the state was collapsing. But Gorbachev, Yeltsin, these traitors to the Motherland did not notice (or did not want to notice it). Gorbachev flattered his vanity as a kind of "hero" and would-be perestroika, Boris drunk and danced, drinking and squandering Russia. But Russia took it from a dream. And this is gratifying!
  11. mig31
    mig31 10 May 2014 08: 40
    Yes, the trouble we have is the USA’s number one terrorist and all his terror cells and the regimes created by them ...
  12. andrei332809
    andrei332809 10 May 2014 08: 41
    Mercedes here and? TROPHIES!
  13. Little Muck
    Little Muck 10 May 2014 08: 43
    Admonishing the European Union is also a nationwide affair.
    Well, you need to admonish by force, since this sluggish slurry practically does not resist the United States. But it is necessary to act through the people of Europe, so to speak to awaken protest movements in it, and for one somewhere to give by face (such as economic sanctions to one particular country, to intimidate the rest).
    But amers need to act extremely tough. Fell everyone who is on the territory of Ukraine, regardless of ranks and ranks.
    It’s time for your liberals to nail, like bugs, you need to press.
    1. oenaraevskija
      oenaraevskija 10 May 2014 09: 34
      Little Muck - YOU RIGHT AT ALL 100
  14. Provincial_71
    Provincial_71 10 May 2014 08: 53
    And the last thing, which we must certainly speak about in connection with the topic touched on: patriotism cannot be separated from the ideas of social justice. Otherwise, it will inevitably turn into something reactionary, Black-Hundred, fascist.

    The above quote is the quintessence of the article, and not the last thing to talk about ... IMHO
  15. serega.fedotov
    serega.fedotov 10 May 2014 08: 58
    RUSSIA has always had "friends" - who did their best to appease us! And as a rule secretly! BUT WHERE ARE THEY NOW? So we will also REMEMBER about the USA sooner or later!
  16. ia-ai00
    ia-ai00 10 May 2014 09: 04
    kvnvolga2008 ... All people understood that there was a state collapse. But Gorbachev, Yeltsin, these are traitors to the motherland did not notice (or did not want to notice this).
    "did not notice" - this is when actions NOT INTENTIONALLY led to a disastrous result, and their actions are INTENTIONAL DESTRUCTION OF THE COUNTRY, ITS ECONOMIC AND MILITARY POWER.
    These enemies of the people, the living, should be brought to justice, and at least imprisoned for the rest of their lives, or better, in a felling site, and not in "tsarist prison chambers" with a pool; and the deceased - to be put on trial posthumously, to demolish all the monuments to the traitor of the motherland.
    1. Little Muck
      Little Muck 10 May 2014 09: 37
      Quote: ia-ai00
      These enemies of the people, the living, should be brought to justice, and at least imprisoned for the rest of their lives, or better, in a felling site, and not in "tsarist prison chambers" with a pool; and the deceased - posthumously put on trial, demolish all the monuments to the traitor of the motherland

      All their clique to the answer. And for me, as the traitors of the Motherland to the wall, and nationalize the stolen. But relatives and relatives can be "felling", so that generations to work off debts to the fatherland. Then the dead in their coffins will turn under the curses of their own descendants.
  17. _umka_
    _umka_ 10 May 2014 09: 12
    Or you can simply don’t wear British and American symbols.
    1. oenaraevskija
      oenaraevskija 10 May 2014 09: 37
      My kids wear gags. "if you don't want to - don't drink," I'll pass - I'll get drunk ", etc. But if they put on something like that, I'll tear my head off (of course, in a figurative sense)
  18. Vitaly Anisimov
    Vitaly Anisimov 10 May 2014 09: 33
    Information was received according to which a gathering of thieves in law took place in Odessa on May 5, 2014, at which many issues that were subject to collective discussion were resolved.
    Special attention was devoted to events in the House of Trade Unions in Odessa, during which, according to official figures, 46 people died and more than 30 people were burned alive.
    The gathering sharply condemned the actions of radical groups, calling it lawlessness, reporting that they are doing this according to concepts.
    In connection with the decision, a sentence was sentenced to punish those involved, and to cut the organizers.
    This decision will be carried out by participants in the field meeting.

    Well, even these criminals got the crime already .. (and this is power .. if you remember in the 2008 Georgian conflict the special services began to press them in Russia ...)
  19. blizart
    blizart 10 May 2014 09: 39
    We didn’t rise very well when the villains were torn to pieces in the USSR, in crowds and organized columns we did not rush under the banner of the GKChP
    Remembering my condition at that time, I think the State Emergency Committee was doomed. It took the bitter experience of the last two decades to get a very rough understanding of the most complex intricacies of events. I mean that such (I'm not afraid of this word) epoch-making decisions about the introduction of troops are not made on emotions. This step must mature, all "microvectors" of our aspirations must give the resultant of all forces of the desired direction. Otherwise, even half a year will not pass, as we all did not receive a washing machine, and who and "Merina" will quickly appoint the guilty.
  20. Giant thought
    Giant thought 10 May 2014 11: 19
    So that the trouble does not become universal, and the mattresses lead to this, our tough stance in relations with them and all-round, timely assistance to the Russians in southeastern Ukraine are necessary.
  21. clidon
    clidon 10 May 2014 13: 05
    Good king and evil boyars - this song will never end with us. )
  22. jktu66
    jktu66 10 May 2014 13: 05
    I read it on the site of New Russia. The poet's genius has been tested for centuries.

    What are you noisy about, folk-like?
    Why anathema threaten you Russia?
    What angered you? unrest in Lithuania?
    Leave: this is a dispute between the Slavs,
    Home, old dispute, weighted by fate,
    A question that you will not solve.

    For a long time among themselves
    These tribes are at war;
    More than once bowed under a thunderstorm
    Theirs, then our side.
    Who will stand in an unequal dispute:
    Puffy Lyakh, il true Ross?
    Will Slavic streams merge in the Russian sea?
    Will it run dry? here is the question.

    Leave us: you have not read
    These bloody tablets;
    It’s incomprehensible to you, alien to you
    This is a family feud;
    The Kremlin and Prague are silent for you;
    Pointlessly seduces you
    Fights of desperate courage -
    And you hate us ...

    For what? answer: for whether
    What is on the ruins of flaming Moscow
    We did not recognize the brazen will
    Who were you trembling under?
    For the fact that they plunged into the abyss
    We are idol over kingdoms
    And redeemed with our blood
    Europe, freedom, honor and peace? ..
    You are formidable in words - try in practice!
    Or the old hero, deceased on his bed,
    Unable to screw up your Izmail bayonet?
    Is the Russian tsar already powerless to speak?
    Or should we argue with Europe new?
    Il Russian weaned from victories?
    Or a little of us? Or from Perm to Tauris,
    From the Finnish cold rocks to the flaming Colchis,
    From the shocked Kremlin
    To the walls of immobile China,
    Shiny bristles,
    Will not the Russian land rise? ..
    So send us, vitias,
    His angry sons:
    There is a place for them in the fields of Russia,
    Among the coffins that are not theirs.


    1831 year
  23. TCO
    TCO 10 May 2014 13: 30
    Quote: blizart
    Remembering his condition then, I think the State Emergency Committee was doomed

    In this I will support you, I was then 25 years old and I thought that here they are changes and now we will live. But ....
  24. Signaller
    Signaller 10 May 2014 13: 51
    Of course I understand the author. but??????. Everyone’s own misfortune is big, but different. Someone just got stuck there, some have relatives, some have business, some have property. Everything is different for everyone. But here is the VICTORY for all ONE. That's for sure .. Good luck ....