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Viktor Alksnis: the Russian army has lost its combat capability

Viktor Alksnis: the Russian army has lost its combat capability

As you know, in 2010, our defense industry suffered a catastrophe. Despite the fact that large funds were allocated for the purchase of new military equipment and armaments, the defense order was fulfilled by only 30 percent. But our leaders have repeatedly stated before this with pomp that now the real re-equipment of the army will begin with the most modern weapons. On 2010, the delivery of ground-based and sea-based ballistic missiles, five Iskander missile systems, 30 units of armored vehicles, 300 helicopters, 30 combat aircraft, three nuclear submarines, one Corvette-class ship, 28 spacecraft was planned for the 11 troops. . This is of course crumbs, for a real rearmament of the army much more is needed. But on the other hand, at least something modern was planned to be delivered to the troops. And then there was such a bummer!

I have repeatedly stated that our defense enterprises are no longer able to produce modern combat equipment and weapons in large quantities for a number of reasons. The main ones are as follows: the depreciation of production assets, which is now more than 70 percent, the average age of workers and engineering and technical workers in the defense industry exceeds 50 years, over the past 20 years we have lost hundreds and hundreds of technologies and today are no longer able to recover them. With the collapse of the Soviet Union, we have lost many enterprises, as well as sources of raw materials for the production of armaments, which overnight were outside the borders of the Russian Federation. The basis of new developments is still the "Soviet backlog". And many many others...

And holding meetings in a narrow circle on this issue can hardly solve these problems. Over the past twenty years, we have very successfully solved only one global task - we successfully carried out the de-industrialization of the country. And now, in order to restore the industry and bring it back to at least the level of 80, we will need from 40 to 50 years. But over the past 10 years, Russia has literally bathed in petrodollars and for the first time in its stories had available huge money for the modernization of the economy and the country as a whole. But all profukali on Olympiad, world championships

There are specific culprits of what happened - these are, first of all, the presidents of Russia over the past 20 years B. Yeltsin, V. Putin and D. Medvedev. All of them had a hand in the de-industrialization of the country, but they will hardly ever be answered for it. At least Yeltsin for sure ...

But today, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev made a “debriefing” about the failure of the defense order, bringing together leaders in the Kremlin related to the military-industrial complex. The meeting was attended by the head of the presidential administration Sergei Naryshkin, secretary of the Security Council Nikolay Patrushev, vice-premier Sergei Ivanov, vice-premier - finance minister Alexei Kudrin, presidential aide Arkady Dvorkovich, economic development minister Elvira Nabiullina, defense minister Anatoly Serdyukov, head of Roscosmos Vladimir Popovkin, Chief of the General Staff Nikolay Makarov, Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade Denis Manturov, First Deputy Chairman of the Military Industrial Committee Yury Borisov, Head of Rosatom Sergey Kiriyenko, Head of Russian Technologies Sergey Chemezov, Director General of Military Industrial Company Dmitry Galkin, Director General of Military Industrial Corporation NPO Mashinostroenie Alexander Vladimirov, General Director of Almaz-Antey Air Defense Concern Vladislav Menshchikov, Director General of the Moscow Institute of Thermal Engineering Corporation Sergey Nikulin, President of the United Aircraft Building Corporation Mikhail Pogosyan, and President of the United Shipbuilding Corporation Roman Trotsenko.

Having read the media reports on this meeting, I once again made sure that nothing real would be done to revive our industry and rearm the army, and everything, as always, will be limited to empty discourses on modernization, investment, calls to “strengthen and build up” and things like that. .

Despite the uselessness of such events, the question nevertheless arises, where was the head of the Russian government, V.Putin, at this time? Or is he not responsible for ensuring the country's defense capability, at least in terms of the production of weapons and military equipment?

If you believe the site of the Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation, today at this time V.Putin held a working meeting with the director of the Federal Migration Service, KO Romodanovsky. The conversation was about the regulation of migration flows, which, according to the Prime Minister, is very important not only for the economy, but also for the social well-being of Russian citizens. And here, according to him, there is still a lot to do.

Of course, I understand the importance of migration flows, but still the issues of the country's defense are always and everywhere in any country and at any time are considered to be of the highest priority. But not for our premiere!

I have the impression that Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, who is personally responsible for the country's defense, held a meeting on the above reason for the sake of tick, since there will be no sense from him anyway. Well, the prime minister decided that these issues did not concern him, let the president deal with them.

And for some reason, it seems to me that both D. Medvedev and V. Putin have finished their working day “on galleys” with a deep sense of accomplishment.

And the fact that the Russian army has lost its combat capability, and the defense industry has practically ceased to exist, they are concerned to the extent that.

After all, after them even the flood!

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  1. Escander
    Escander 12 May 2011 10: 51
    - Where's the alcohol tank?
    - Sold ...
    - Where is the money?
    - I drank it ...
  2. Stavr
    Stavr 12 May 2011 10: 59
    Alksnis: "After all, there is even a flood after them!"

    The flood is inevitable: a people who do not want to feed their army will feed a stranger! And the nuclear umbrella will not cover us. The button from this umbrella is already in the wrong hands, just those who ruined the army.
  3. Vladimir
    Vladimir 12 May 2011 11: 27
    Let's still learn to filter the opinions of "authoritative" experts from the army and the military-industrial complex. Let's remember who the Ivashovs, Sivkovs, Alksnis, Khramchikhin, Vladimirs and a dozen other fans of kicking the army are. All these guys at one time very warmly warmed up in the same army in non-dusty positions of half a liter of workers, adjutants, advisers to ministers, heads of state administrations, rear officials, etc. Now they are excommunicated from this trough. They are not allowed, their opinion is not needed by anyone, because they are like military experts-0. Former deputies of the State Duma, members of some councils there, and now directors of institutes named after themselves, where there are 2 people on the staff, there are no offices or They need to somehow take revenge on those who, through a strong pendel on the fat generals' asses, kicked them out of the offices, where they simply made their political capital and earned money, bought apartments for their mother-in-law, daughters, second wives, etc. and the reform is proceeding normally, more than. They don't talk a lot, and they don't need to. Who knows, he is silent, and who does not know, it is useless to explain anything.
    Do not succumb to panic and do not become suspicious just because some half-worker who has tarnished the country and his beloved army in due time, because being a deputy he could influence many decisions of the country's top political leadership, but no, I sat, chewing snot and assenting, because I found a cool jacket for myself - a deputy chair. There is only one profile - chatting, no responsibility, everything’s image, army is nothing.
    I would give him, so smart, the motorized rifle battalion deployed in the south and look at this battalion a year later.
    Why do Americans praise us with ill-concealed envy, while our home-grown "experts" spit at us.
  4. alseek
    alseek 12 May 2011 11: 38
    I don’t quite understand why defense enterprises should take on obligations, realizing that they can be fulfilled only by 30%?
    Maybe the remaining 70% in the form of kickbacks?
    I still do not understand the psychology of people earning (stealing) a lot of money and from the side looking at what is happening - they think of themselves and their rebuilt mansions, for example, someone will protect from the Chinese? Then everyone will be indignant at how we paid taxes, watched parades, rejoiced at the successes of our army, but it turned out to be a long time ago, and it is impossible to do it, and there is nobody.
    I think Russia has already passed the deadline, now even if we want to do nothing, time is lost, and Putin and Medvedev are not to blame, but we ourselves, with our lack of will and indifference.
  5. Alexander
    Alexander 12 May 2011 11: 44
    These at least served, and those who now have no idea about the army. Don't tell the people about the "normal" reform, everything was visible at the parade.
    SMERSH 12 May 2011 13: 36
    They must rest on the bunks!
    After the galler, toilers pancake
  7. makarich
    makarich 12 May 2011 14: 41
    "Why do Americans praise us with ill-concealed envy, while our home-grown" experts "spit at us ..."

    And who, Vladimir, released you from the hospital during the spring exacerbation?
  8. Vladimir
    Vladimir 12 May 2011 17: 14
    A spring aggravation usually occurs among those who are dissatisfied with their lives and who are used to looking for the guilty everywhere, just not in the mirror. If you know the language, do not glue stamps, but at least read fluently in English, go to the Military Review, which is in that language. and leaf through the archive from last year to the present day. For those who are particularly primitive, I can recommend some Russian sites that print translations, but there the percentage of objective is very small. Such positive articles with in-depth analyzes of the future capabilities of the army after the reform are not published in our country, because that the task of our media is Makaryche-Alexander to drive into the head the persistent idea that he is a bull, whom no one will defend, because he cannot. This idea then remains for the coming years, poisoning not only the brain of the bearer of these conclusions, but also his entire unpretentious life ...
    Read the posts above, but take a closer look. I do not urge anyone to become optimistic and believe in a bright future - we live in a free country and on the Internet you can splash out everything that has accumulated, cursing the army, the commander-in-chief, reformers, etc.
    If someone judges the level of the army by parades, then he should at least quit drinking alcohol. To some major commie, some sort of pilot said that there is no kerosene. Complete nonsense or an article written in the mid-90s. Now, I’ll tell you a secret that all combat training and other aviation regiments are provided with fuel as needed. If this major needs a grandiose flight like last year, let him watch the video on the ruby. And burning hundreds of tons of kerosene in training for a 5-minute show to satisfy someone's curiosity is the height of idiocy. Although, even if all of our air forces had flown by, such majors would still have something to cling to.
    1. makarich26
      makarich26 12 May 2011 22: 25
      The task of our media is to drive such Vladimirs into the head that our army will protect him in a new guise, and judging by his posts, this task has been completed in full.
  9. viktor_ui
    viktor_ui 29 May 2011 06: 33
    Vladimir - you probably know some kind of military secret ... from where your optimism stems from the fact that everything in the army and the country is hurt. CAN SHARE IT ??? Can we all of us like in the MATRIX - most see degradation in all directions ... and you have magic glasses and you can see very much that the country is on the crest of everything and everything in its development ??? Then you are from the breed of the elect, the current of which you are so few ???
    "combat training and other air regiments are provided with fuel as needed" - I see, right in the sky, traffic jams have been created from training air regiments ... I understand, maybe even around the state of Muscovy it flew. And over Siberia, the current of international transit traffic can be seen and even then more at night.
    Thank you for the Military Review - we'll see and compare.