Fedya from "Operation Y" was an ace of hand-to-hand combat. And a knight of two Orders of Glory ...

Many people know and remember the actor Alexei Makarovich Smirnov (28.02.1920 - 07.05.1979). He remembered us most from comedy roles. One of his "Big Man" from "Operation Y ..." was worth something. He was a great friend of Leonid Bykov and starred in some of his films on a military theme, such as “The Scouts” or “Some Old Men” Go To Battle ... ”

Meanwhile, Alexei Makarych himself went through the entire Great Patriotic War and served not anyhow where, but in military intelligence. He himself repeatedly went to the rear of the enemy. The holder of two Orders of Glory, a holder of the Order of the Red Star, was awarded the medals "For Courage" and "For Military Merit."

Fedya from "Operation Y" was an ace of hand-to-hand combat. And a knight of two Orders of Glory ...

The exploits of the platoon Smirnova

The Central Archive of the Ministry of Defense keeps in its depths a red daddy with the personal file of the Red Army soldier Alexei Makarovich Smirnov. He commanded a fire platoon in the 169 Mortar Regiment. He passed from private to lieutenant. Two orders of Glory - 2 and 3 degrees, the Order of the Red Star, the medal "For Courage" and "For Military Merit" ... And the future film actor brought from war a hard contusion, "earned" in the bloody battles for the Oder bridgehead .

The award list for the order of the third artillery division from 15 September 1944 briefly "accompanies" the First Order of Glory Alexei Makarovich: "20 June 1944 of the year in the height of 283 the enemy attacked the battery to 40 height of the Nazis. Comrade Smirnov, inspiring the fighters, rushed into battle, repulsed the attack of the Nazis. 17 of Germans remained on the battlefield, he personally captured the Nazis 7 ... "

One can only imagine that fight. The four-gun mortar battery hardly consisted of more than a dozen fighters. Yes, and go to the counter - not artillery bread. And as in hand-to-hand fighting, you can single out seven at once alone — the current masters of martial arts are unlikely to explain.

The second "Glory" he received for the battle near the village of Postasevice. Apparently, the infantry did not cover the mortar men, and what kind of cover was there in the offensive? Again there was a German attack, hand-to-hand and - stingy lines in the award list: “Comrade Smirnov with three fighters rushed at the Germans and personally killed three Nazis from a machine gun and took two prisoners. 22 January 1945 of the year, despite the intense rifle-machine-gun and artillery-mortar shelling, sent the mortar to itself on the left bank of the Oder River, in this battle two machine-gun points and twenty Nazis were destroyed. ”

On yourself in the winter, drag a swim 120-millimeter barrel with a cast-iron plate and mines - what is it like? Oder, by the way, is not the narrowest river ...

That, it turns out, a desperate fighter was our favorite artist Alexei Smirnov. It is a pity that we learned about it quite recently - he never spoke about the war.

"And he died after learning of the death of Leonid Bykov ..."

The director Leonid Bykov got acquainted with Smirnov long before the filming of “Only old men” go to battle - even at Lenfilm, during the samples of the film “Bunny”. And he invited the artist to his picture at the time when Alexey Makarovich was going through hard times.

“On the sidelines of the artistic council, they curled up:“ Why do we need such a type? ”Recalls the Kiev film critic Emilia Kosnichuk, the editor of the film“ Only Old Men ”go to battle. - It was said that Smirnov sipped hard, removed a little, why do we need additional difficulties ... But Lenya saw no one but Smirnov as a mechanic. And what a brilliant alliance! How improvised on the go! Remember - a mechanic baptizes a plane flying away on a combat mission? This was not in the script, but it came from the truth of the war.

At the studio they teased: Smirnov looked at Bykov with adoration, as if his mother were at a newborn.

“Or like a Turgenev girl,” Kosnicuk smiles. - However, no one felt a different attitude towards Bykov. “Only old men go to battle - more than just a film. In it, before, they have been finding and still are finding incomprehensible interweaving of cinematic and real destinies.

History about how Alexei Smirnov died, Emilia Kosnichuk heard from a colleague who starred in the crowd scene. When Bykov crashed in a car near Kiev, Smirnov was in a serious condition in the hospital, and the people around him did not dare to tell him the bitter news. On the day of discharge, Alexey Makarovich, a broad personality, decided to thank the doctors. And the first toast offered for his best friend and great director Leonid Bykov. Like, without Leonid and live would not be worth it! Someone in confusion dropped: “Don't you know that Bykov died ...” Smirnov fell silent, left the table, returned to his room, lay down on his bed and died.

“I will not argue that this story is 100% true,” says Kosnichuk. - Although I remember Alexey Makarovich as a very sincere person and I think: such a blow could have stopped his heart ...

We will always watch these films with Smirnov
Striped Flight (1961)
"I'm walking around Moscow" (1963)
"Welcome, or No Trespassing" (1964)
"Operation" Y "and other adventures of Shurik" (1965)
War and Peace (1965 - 67)
Aibolit-66 (1966)
"Three Fat Men" (1966)
"Wedding in Malinovka" (1967)
“Only old men go to battle (1973)


The Order of Glory is, according to experts, the Soviet equivalent of the legendary St. George Cross.

The Order had three degrees, and awarded them sequentially - from the third to the first. In 2000, in Russia, 350 full knights of the Order of Glory survived.

The basis for rewarding is personal courage.

According to the status of the Order of Glory, they were awarded rank and file and sergeants of the Red Army (in aviation - and junior lieutenants), who showed "glorious feats of courage, courage and fearlessness." In the list of feats for presentation: rescue the banner of the unit, the destruction of up to 50 soldiers and officers or two tanks the enemy, the capture of the "tongue", the destruction of a machine gun or mortar in the rear of the enemy, return after dressing in service, helping the wounded under fire ...

Only old men go to battle (episode).

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    1. Stavr
      12 May 2011 10: 16
      Aleksey Smirnov could have received the title of Hero of the Soviet Union in the war. It is known that the three Orders of Soldier Glory were equated with the title Hero of the Soviet Union. Some crosses have come up with it now, such as the Order of Courage, etc. And before, in the Soviet Union, awards were given not for birthdays, but for real feats!
      1. +2
        10 March 2018 21: 07
        Order of Glory. It has three degrees. Established by Decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR of November 8, 1943. The order was awarded to individuals of the rank and file and sergeant of the Soviet Army, and in aviation - junior lieutenants who showed courage, courage and fearlessness in the battles for the homeland. The first order of Glory of the III degree was received by sapper G. Israelyan. The first full holders of the Order of Glory were sapper corporal M. Pitenin and scout senior sergeant K. Shevchenko.
        The highest award of the USSR was considered the Order of Lenin, which was awarded along with a gold star. hi
        You +
    2. Eugene
      12 May 2011 10: 57
      Amazing details! It's not in HOUSE-2 to shoot! And also, in the film "Striped Voyage", I was struck by the scene where Alexei, on the bridge of the ship, pulls the tiger by the tail. Without any understudy!
    3. Michael
      12 May 2011 17: 11
      Not Krasssavets, but beautiful with his inner beauty. It’s really scary when you remember how many good artists have gone recently, and all sorts of stoned monkeys got out to replace them.
      Everlasting memory!!!
      1. +7
        23 June 2014 16: 06
        Quote: Michael
        Not Krasssavets, but beautiful with his inner beauty.
        I agree, it is just a sea of ​​charm. Whatever role he plays, even negative characters, you still fall in love with her. In truth, these actors are no longer doing.
    4. dfs
      12 May 2011 23: 01
      I agree there were positive times
    5. dbnfkbq
      13 May 2011 20: 17
      And he didn’t boast of feats (although there was something) ... And then the show showed how Putin stopped the crowd of brutal Berliners (and if only he got angry, all of Germany would die)
    6. vova
      17 May 2011 22: 09
      This is a true Russian warrior-man, take off your hats!
    7. panzersoldat
      13 July 2011 21: 59
      Yes, the real person was
    8. Evgeniy8104
      11 May 2012 18: 04
      I never would have thought. I think a very kind person was (even judging by these photos)
    9. smershspy
      April 26 2013 17: 45
      Real hero! It is a pity that they are often not remembered about, but forgotten and not cited as an example for the younger generation! It is necessary to educate the younger generation on such worthy people! It's time to be proud of your story, and not come up with false heroes!
      1. +11
        6 February 2018 14: 39
        They litter our heads (with heroes) like pseudo-Lenin. And here he is, not by rank and award. But in life. Such as Smirnov defended their homeland. They didn’t roam abroad, did not vilify the country. Nikulin, Papanov, Trofimov, Bystritskaya, the same cache began near Kursk to Berlin, Innokenty Smoktunovsky, Vladimir Etush (hat snami), Gerdt, Mikhail Pugovkin, Vesnik, Bondarchuk, the greatest Gaidai, Yumatov is a small part of those who lived and defended our future ones. We cannot forget them.
    10. +22
      23 June 2014 16: 12
      A year ago I watched a program dedicated to Alexei Smironov. I was struck by one fact. From the war he brought another "gift": a severe wound in the groin area. They saved his life, but he could not have children. This knocked him down a lot, because even before the war he was passionately in love with one girl. And after the Victory, he did not want to spoil her life, depriving her of the joy of motherhood. So he was left alone, with his sick mother, seeing his child in Leonid Bykov. But he could go on about selfishness - after the war there were not many men, the girls did not particularly touch ...

      A wonderful actor, a wonderful person, a soldier-hero! Eternal glory! soldier hi
    11. +10
      6 February 2018 13: 53
      A wonderful actor, a true hero of Russia. His favorite actor is not only the audience of the older generation, but also young people, who also enjoy watching films with his participation.
      Truly People's Artist of Russia.
      Look at today's folk artists ... Are they folk? Did any of them ascend to such heights of popular love as A. Smirnov, L. Bykov? .. They are all apprentices in comparison with these truly folk artists.
      Eternal memory to true folk artists and heroes of Russia !!!
    12. +3
      7 February 2018 23: 20
      Earth rest in peace, good man!
    13. +2
      8 February 2018 05: 02
      Here you have the real Russian.
    14. +3
      8 February 2018 06: 43
      Among the actors of that time there were a lot of front-line soldiers: Papanov, Nikulin, Yumatov. His blessed memory.
    15. +8
      8 February 2018 10: 19
      “My dear friends! If you managed to smile at least once, I will be happy.
      Since you will live one second longer. I wish you a lot of all the good and kind. ”
      A. M. Smirnov
      Eternal memory and Glory to the great warrior and beloved artist!
    16. The comment was deleted.
      1. 0
        11 February 2018 13: 39
        Shoot yourself (get it yourself) please ...
      2. 0
        21 May 2018 11: 48
        Sin, you fool! (Cyril Troekurych, if he doesn’t understand)
    17. +1
      9 February 2018 08: 15
      Alexey Smirnov is a good guy, well done!
    18. +2
      9 February 2018 19: 56
      A good uncle reigned him; my grandfather didn’t talk about the war as well as his grandfather’s wife, only sometimes they screamed at night.
    19. +1
      9 February 2018 20: 44
      And I didn’t know (((
    20. +2
      12 February 2018 13: 35
      Yes, a great Man !!! And an actor !!! It’s the hardest thing to play comedic roles.
      We will live Makarych !!!
    21. 0
      12 February 2018 13: 36
      I will definitely come to his grave and say these words !!!
      We will live Makarych !!!!!
    22. +2
      15 February 2018 23: 33
      Rolan Bykov recalled how during the filming of Aibolit, during a break, Smirnov told him how he brought 7 Fritz from the intelligence, while tying them with one rope.
      The spectacle was noteworthy because. Despite their unenviable position, the captured Germans ... laughed.
      It is unfortunate that the details of this episode have not been preserved.
      But the story itself impressed Rolan Bykov so much that he included it in the film itself.
    23. +1
      April 3 2018 17: 32
      ,, They were known only in person, it’s also been shot there, there’s also some kind of film about the war, I don’t remember, Spring on the Oder, what’s it? There’s a broken zoo and a tiger walking,
    24. 0
      21 May 2018 11: 35
      Oh, we poorly know our heroes! Such won the war, not only in films. Thank you very much for his military exploits and for films with his participation!

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