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We are one!

We are one!

The latest events in the world lead me to sad thoughts. So much passed wars on our Earth. So many people died. And how many among them were the wars that were fought because of human greed, greed, meanness and selfishness of those in power? And how much innocent blood was shed due to the tacit agreement and inaction of the majority?

How easily people began to hate each other only on the basis of belonging to a certain nationality, religion and political views! Just a couple of months ago, Ukraine lived as one single state. And now the inhabitants of one country are ready to cut and kill each other. The Middle East is divided into Sunnis and Shiites, ready to kill because of faith and money. Benefit and ideology come to the fore.

All this becomes possible due to lack of knowledge and low education of people. After all, those who run on the "Maidan", sets fire to the building, kills on the Syrian streets, for the most part do not differ in intelligence, outstanding knowledge and ability to think sensibly. An uneducated person is easier to manage. They make us look like animals, whose instincts are higher than reason. We are told how to think, dress, who is friend and who is enemy. What kind of things and goods to buy to be involved in the "elite" of society. Our lives are being slaughtered with TV shows, the desire to buy an expensive car, buy an apartment on credit, etc. We are told what to do to be a “full-fledged” member of society. And nowhere they say that you need to strive for knowledge, to have your point of view, to be patient with the views of others. What you need to be a man! Everywhere only: buy or seek benefits ...

But man is not an animal. This is the power of mind over the body and desires. It is the desire to build up, to come to the aid of trouble, the willingness to sacrifice yourself in the name of justice, even if it saves those with whom you disagree. Against this background, the statements of “inhumans” about the tragic events in Odessa are in stark contrast. People can't say that! And those thoughtless girls and guys who set fire to a building in Odessa, do not know what they are doing. And their joy at the deaths of people, whose point of view was only different from them, leads only to one thought - these are thoughtless animals who do not know stories your own and not having a future!

Imagine that if someone came from outside. And we will all be representatives of our Earth. Will these prejudices be of nationality? Or will we think much wider? And do not divide yourself according to belonging to countries and nationalities? And to realize that we are ONE! We are one! Diverse but UNIFIED! And each of us, not Russian, not American and not Chinese, but a MAN!

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  1. johnsnz
    johnsnz 5 May 2014 10: 53
    Good article, put "+"
    1. Civil
      Civil 5 May 2014 11: 20
      Strange people, oddly enough, also want to live their lives not in vain, otherwise a mortgage and a credit car with a dacha will quickly destroy any life.
  2. Vrvarius
    Vrvarius 5 May 2014 10: 55
    misfortune of people is stupidity. even education does not help others, but it harms some. it's hard to change that. that's how we live.
    1. 1812 1945
      1812 1945 5 May 2014 11: 45
      Quote: Vrvarius
      misfortune of people is stupidity. even education does not help others, but it harms some. it's hard to change that. that's how we live.

      Of course: a stupid person is an easy prey for an agitator of any kind. But stupidity and higher education do not prevent them - they compensate for the lack of intelligence with a calloused ass. Most terrible of all is vile "morality" - a product of today's mass culture and bad heredity! This problem is difficult to treat. "Elite" - "moneybags" are called! And those who are called to lay in young people the rudiments of righteousness: teachers, doctors, law enforcement officers of all kinds - they do not disdain bribes, and personal example, often - God forbid! In order not to be devastated, in order to understand - what is there - in the Bible (Koran, Torah ...) not education, but righteousness is necessary! I will refrain from evaluating the article.
    2. And Us Rat
      And Us Rat 5 May 2014 12: 37
      Quote: Vrvarius
      misfortune of people is stupidity. even education does not help others, but it harms some. it's hard to change that. that's how we live.

      People love to look for those who are to blame for their troubles - "the world sounds, oligarchs, masons, Illuminati, Zionists, aliens, shadow government" ... all this is a screen and frightened for the dull mind.

      Real puppeteers of today's world FACELESS financial conglomerates, each of which does not have a single owner in which you can poke a finger, but there is only non-permanent the managers representing the interests of the faceless mass of shareholders, the crowd, and any crowd is stupid and primitive, even if it consists of geniuses. These conglomerates NO own will - they are only a reflection of our requests and claims to life (demand generates supply).

      The so-called "Shadow Government" - it's all of us, and our urgent needs, it’s delicious to eat, it is beautiful to dress, go to a resort, make a European-quality repair, buy a new car ... we fight with windmills and therefore always lose.
      Our main enemy is ourselves, homo sapiens, intelligent man ... who has put his mind in the service of natural instincts, covering them with beautiful civilized names.

      ... Jesus said to him: Come out, unclean spirit, out of this man.
      And he asked him: what is your name? And he said in response: Legion is my name, for we are many.
      (Mark 5: 8)
  3. serega.fedotov
    serega.fedotov 5 May 2014 10: 56
    Honey and molasses! And in life there is dirt and blood around! Because there is always pa.dla which thinks it is more equal than the others !!!!
    1. Hariva
      Hariva 5 May 2014 13: 42
      Yes, it’s not even the case. People of different cultures perceive the concept of equality itself very differently. It is difficult to put into words, at some mental level or something, but we see the nature of things in different ways.
      A simple example. Russian man says: in the fridge is a jar of sprat. But he claims: in the trunk, the author lies a jar of sprat. We have no cognitive dissonance about this. Now try to explain to the American why in one coordinate system - the base surface / bottom of the can, it is a can, it has a different physical position.
      We are just very different. I do not remember a single year in the last century and a half, when the planet did not wage a single war.
  4. Rubmolot
    Rubmolot 5 May 2014 11: 01
    Capital ... avoids noise and abuse and is timid in kind. This is true, but it is not the whole truth. Capital is afraid of lack of profit or too little profit, as nature is afraid of emptiness. But once sufficient profit is available, capital becomes bold. Provide 10 percent, and the capital agrees to any use, with 20 percent it becomes lively, with 50 percent positively ready to break its head, with 100 percent it tramples all human laws, with 300 percent there is no crime for which he would not risk, at least under the gallows fear. If noise and warfare make a profit, capital will contribute to both. Proof: smuggling and slave trade.
    T. J. Dunning

    Man - this sounds proudly!
    1. vladimirZ
      vladimirZ 5 May 2014 11: 35
      Capital ... ... at 100 percent, it violates all human laws, at 300 percent there is no crime that he would not risk, at least under pain of the gallows.

      That is the whole cause of world wars, conflicts, chaos and contention between people of different nationalities.
      Capitalism, which has set as its goal profit and profit, and not human well-being, is the main reason for spilled human blood and death of people.
      As long as capitalism exists, inevitably there will be wars and untimely loss of life.
    2. Gorinich
      Gorinich 5 May 2014 15: 19
      "Provide capital with 10% profit, and the capital agrees to any use, with 20% it becomes lively, with 50% it is positively ready to break its head, with 100% it violates all human laws, with 300% there is no crime for which it does not would venture to go, at least under fear of the gallows "
      C. Marx ...
  5. DerSamowar
    DerSamowar 5 May 2014 11: 01
    Although man is not an animal (in the literal sense of the word), but still atavisms remained. Therefore, the strong will always own the weak. And it doesn't matter whether the strong one is right in this case or not. The desire to dominate is in people's blood, only each expresses it in his own way: the artist dominates the paintings, the teacher over the students, the politician over the people. And comrade rightly noted. Vrvarius that "The trouble of people is stupidity."
    1. Serg 122
      Serg 122 5 May 2014 14: 12
      The desire to dominate sits in people in the blood
      And not only to dominate. "Rethink values" too. For example:
      The Belarusian opposition movement “For Freedom” called on local authorities to ban the distribution and use of St. George ribbons in public places. This is stated on the organization’s website.
      “Black and orange symbolism is less and less associated with Victory Day over Nazism and fascism. It is becoming more and more a symbol of Russian imperialism. After the recent events in Ukraine, it clearly has a new negative meaning as the glorification of separatism and military aggression, ”the opposition said. Representatives of the movement also called on Belarusians not to tie the St. George ribbons on May 9 "as a sign of solidarity with Ukraine."

      Someone is so sick of the fact that we (Russians, Ukrainians, Belarusians, etc.) have symbols that unite our peoples ... Why is that?
  6. Barakuda
    Barakuda 5 May 2014 11: 01
    Everything seems to be written correctly.
    But the bone in the throat of the Anglo-Saxons for all ages - RUSSIA! Ukraine is a bargaining chip, a place for the west. While Russia is firmly on its feet - FIG YOU !!! you can sprinkle Topol with an abscess on the planet.
    1. DerSamowar
      DerSamowar 5 May 2014 11: 16
      There was one such one, dictating how we should live - and this ended with standing on the Ugra River. There was another one, he even went to Moscow - but in the end he went to Fr. Saint Helena. The third was, I wanted to send the remnants of the Russians over the Urals ... Alas, it did not work out. Well, now we are waiting for a free and non-blocking USA at our gates. Let's meet from the heart.
      1. Sergh
        Sergh 5 May 2014 11: 23
        Quote: Barracuda
        Russia stands firmly on its feet - FIG YOU !!!

        Crimeans arrived in Slavyansk with battles! Lossless! Or maybe not only Crimeans ...
        -Well, banderlogs, DANCE ... ???

        1. Stavros
          Stavros 5 May 2014 11: 54
          All the same, guys from the Crimea came. Krasavtsy. God help the guys.
    2. The comment was deleted.
  7. FC SKIF
    FC SKIF 5 May 2014 11: 03
    Recently, after the news from Ukraine, I was talking with my son, a first-grader. I told him that if you consider your nation to be yourself — you are just proud of its history, then you are a nationalist, in a good sense of the word. But if you begin to hate people of a different nationality and wish them death - you are a fascist. I think that such a conversation should be held by all parents and then there will be less hatred.
  8. cerbuk6155
    cerbuk6155 5 May 2014 11: 06
    That's just how you explain to the United States and NATO that all around them are all people, all people, and all are one. They will immediately show you who the person is and who is not. All maniacs put together innocent children compared to them.
  9. mig31
    mig31 5 May 2014 11: 06
    In any war, or crime, action and inaction, look for a financial trace, as everything is corny ...
  10. Peter Timofeev
    Peter Timofeev 5 May 2014 11: 07
    The basis of Christianity is: faith, hope, love. Without these three components, a person descends to a bestial state.
  11. Bosk
    Bosk 5 May 2014 11: 08
    The author is right, because by the example of the same hand, one hand is one of the weakest parts of a person, because individually each finger is different and weak ... and it’s not difficult to break them, but if you squeeze them into a fist then you can crumble a brick into crumbs gouging ...
  12. Name
    Name 5 May 2014 11: 09
    I really, really would like to believe that ALL WE ARE ONE, but the events in Ukraine, in Syria, in Iraq speak otherwise. In these countries there is a WAR between PEOPLE и DOUBLE, WAR FOR SURVIVAL VIEW HOMO SAPIENS According ODESSA IS SILENT, beyond the bounds of understanding ... request
    1. kaa_andrey
      kaa_andrey 5 May 2014 11: 22
      Odessa is the pain of our time.
  13. Tra-ta-ta
    Tra-ta-ta 5 May 2014 11: 13
    We are made like animals whose instincts are higher than reason. They tell us how to think, dress, who is friend and who is enemy. What things and goods to buy in order to be involved in the "elite" of society. Our lives are clogged with TV shows, the desire to buy an expensive car, buy an apartment on credit, etc.
    There are already a lot of zombies, but much less than most. Here, the pin-dos hurried up .. Looks like it backed up.
  14. Barakuda
    Barakuda 5 May 2014 11: 13
    Here GEOPOLITICS is involved. Not everything is so simple, you need to think 20 years ahead of at least what will come of it. It’s not a secret that the West wants to destroy the Slavs remaining in slaves. But it doesn’t work ...
  15. major071
    major071 5 May 2014 11: 18
    You know, I gave the author a plus for believing in HUMANITY as a whole. But the respected ENGINEER is a romantic who believes in a brighter future. But the reality is much more severe, so that humanity would unite, as it does not sound cynical, blood must be shed. Because the mentality of people living on our planet is completely different. But far to go - the Russian world and the Anglo-Saxon. Two completely different civilizations coexisting on a ball called Earth. And in the past, and today, and in the future, they are trying to destroy us or turn us into slaves. Here either or. What aliens are there, and without them, the business is complete.
  16. 120352
    120352 5 May 2014 11: 19
    The topic is relevant, but the article is amateurish and not factually verified. In particular, the idea of ​​murders on a national basis looks delusional when it comes to Ukrainians who are not a nation, but are separated into some kind of artificial subethnos at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries by Germany and Austria-Hungary solely with the aim of defeating Russia, as well as the passage about the various currents in Islam.
    In fact, eclecticism often increases contrast, which makes the subject matter more vivid and convex, but here the author’s attempt to combine the incompatible, two independent, incomparable civilizations: the Orthodox-Slavic and Islamic cannot lead to any conclusions. It's about comparing the taste of coffee and gasoline or the color of soap and thought.
    And the topic is really relevant!
    1. Barakuda
      Barakuda 5 May 2014 11: 30
      Eper Theater! The time for you to write a dissertation. All right and the way! I support!
      1. 120352
        120352 5 May 2014 14: 40
        So two wrote ...
  17. Reserve officer
    Reserve officer 5 May 2014 11: 24
    Is the author right? You tell this to the relatives of the burned in Odessa and the parents of the shot Yulia.
    What the hell are the foundations of Christianity, what kind of nonsense. Crusades also carried faith, hope and love?
    Go back to reality - a bunch of critters are killing people for American money, the German chancellor and the US president are delighted, all of Europe is at a low start - they are ready to divide Ukraine into spheres of influence.
    Human psychology has not changed for millennia, all progress has been reduced only to the improvement of weapons and communications.
    And peace and good were always brought into this world by an armed soldier, through death and blood. May I recall Mr. author to the Great Patriotic War?
    1. Andrey Yuryevich
      Andrey Yuryevich 5 May 2014 14: 05
      plus Alex! +
      1. 120352
        120352 5 May 2014 16: 24
        Now about the Crusades. As you know, they were carried out in the XI-XV centuries by representatives of Western Europe, i.e. CATHOLICS, but not Orthodox, against Muslims. In the period from 1095 to 1270 they were sent to capture Jerusalem WITH THE PURPOSE OF RELEASING THE TOMB OF THE LORD. If before that Muslims had not captured Christian shrines, there would have been no campaigns. So these campaigns took place through the fault of the Muslims, who spread their faith with fire and sword and seized foreign territories. People, you know, tend to strive to preserve "their" or to return it if it was kidnapped or taken away as a result of violence.
        You definitely studied at school and you know the history in the volume of the school course. And from it you know that the Russians have never been the initiators of interventions. Our advance to the East was carried out exclusively by peaceful means. According to the Orthodox. Fasting. repentance and prayer.
        Today, you are right, American money plays a big role in what is happening in Ukraine. But money won't work without a suitable spiritual foundation. In fact, we are witnessing a clash of civilizations. (See S. Huntington. The Clash of Civilizations // Polis, 1994. - N1) Civilizations are defined as cultural communities of the highest rank, as the broadest level of cultural identity of people. The next step is already what separates the human race from other types of living beings. Civilization is the broadest level with which a person relates himself. Today identity at the level of civilization is becoming more and more important. The face of the world today is being formed in the course of the interaction of 7-8 large civilizations. These are: Western, Confucian, Islamic, Japanese, Hindu, Orthodox Slavic, Jewish, Latin American, and possibly African. The most significant conflicts unfold along the fault line between civilizations. Want some examples? As much as you like. Balkan Peninsula, Yugoslavia. Orthodox Slavic, Islamic and Western civilizations collided. India State of Jammu and Kashmir. The clash of Islam and traditional Indian religions. Israel. The clash of Judaism and Islam. What is happening in Ukraine is a clash between Western and Orthodox Slavic civilizations. This is reality. The same Europe and the United States, which, in your expression, "are ready to divide Ukraine at a low start," I would also add the Bandera gangs - representatives of Catholicism = Western civilization. The territory and civilization they attacked is the Orthodox-Slavic civilization.
        And peace and good laid the foundation for the emergence of human society even before an armed soldier appeared.
        Speaking of the Great Patriotic War. It was also a conflict of civilizations, and I tell you a secret, it still has not ended, because Western predators still have not received their prey. And they won’t. We have such a tradition.
        And the author of the article is an emotional person, maybe excessively, but professionally weak.
        I wish you success in self-education.
    2. 120352
      120352 5 May 2014 16: 19
      To be an officer, for a start, it would be nice not to get confused in your own thoughts and know the basics of the business you are doing or writing about.
      I understand your emotionality, but thought, knowledge is always more practical than feelings. Especially when it comes to human lives.
      It is sad that you have no idea of ​​Christianity and, it seems, religion, in general, otherwise Orthodoxy would not be confused with Catholicism, which stood out from Christianity in 1054. Orthodoxy and Catholicism have different values ​​and, oddly enough, the object = subject of faith is also different. (An object is what activity, activity is aimed at; the subject is the source of this activity. In religion, God is both the source of activity and the object that it is aimed at).
      Orthodox Christians believe in Christ. This is the "first person" of Orthodoxy. to which they refer. Catholics prefer to associate with the Virgin Mary. They are not the same thing. Little of. They, of course, recognize Christ as the "First Person" there. But they turn to him, unlike the Orthodox, through an intermediary. What thoughts appear? Yes, very simple! They try to involve INTERMEDIARIES to solve their problems, and do not act directly, as honest people usually do. It is, if you will, an expression of the ARCHETYPE, the collective unconscious. And you, as a reserve officer, cannot fail to know that to achieve the goals of the command it is not enough to give orders to them. It is necessary to take into account who, the carrier of what mentality will fulfill them. And in everyday life, you build your communication with people in the way that it will be most effective. At work, I have to communicate with representatives of different cultures, religions, civilizations, and depending on who it is, I build both a strategy and communication tactics.
      You are mistaken about the invariance (immutability) of human psychology. If you have ever studied somewhere (meaning a university), you could not help but hear about global evolutionism. The psyche, as a subtle substance, is most sensitive to changes in the surrounding natural and sociocultural world. The simplest example is yourself. Hasn't your psychology changed since infancy until now? And the processes in psychology are valid for both ontogeny and phylogeny. Yes, the types of temperaments formulated and characterized by Hippocrates (460 -377 BC) in his work "On climates, airs and waters" remain unchanged to this day, as well as the number of chromosomes (structural and functional elements of the cell nucleus containing genes), hands , legs. But this is from the field of physiology, as for the psyche, everything is changeable. Don't believe me? Look at the changes in the human psyche, expressed, say, in the visual arts, or in cinematography, or in architecture. And in the same art of war! How did you fight under Peter? And how did you fight under Zhukov? I don’t think you’ll say "the same."
      1. Reserve officer
        Reserve officer 5 May 2014 17: 01
        Dear 120352 without a name. You have here sketched out a bunch of theories from yourself, which you are considering - refuting or supporting, only this has little to do with my comment. The verbiage based on scraps of information, but not related to the subject is the trick of Western "journalists". I see, you left not far from them.
        And do not worry about my education. Two higher and academic degrees. And participation in hostilities, unlike smug instructors.
        And no trepachki will retrain me anymore - I call creatures creatures, and people people.
        I apologize if I was too harsh.
        1. 120352
          120352 5 May 2014 20: 40
          Reserve officer
          It may well be that what I wrote to you has nothing to do with your comment. But your comment was without appeal, so everyone could take it personally. So I accepted.
          I am forced to inform you that the theories (not fragments, but fragments) presented by me, alas, are not mine, otherwise I would not be just a professor, doctor of sciences and the head of the department, but a Nobel laureate.
          I am not a journalist, especially a Western one, although I write. Mostly these are textbooks and textbooks for universities. Not every day, but when they order. It’s a troublesome business, and the payment is pretty, so I rarely write.
          I have been teaching at the university for 38 years. During this time, more than forty thousand specialists and about a hundred candidates and doctors of sciences have passed through me, so I can hardly distinguish an educated person from a person. It's professional. Judging by your text, you hardly have a higher education, since from your answer I understood that you do not have minimal information on the disciplines taught in the general education block of all universities, regardless of their specialization. So, you are not familiar with the Concepts of modern natural science, psychology, in which you yourself implicitly (unformulated) and admitted, with political science, sociology, religious studies. And in military educational institutions they are studied. So let me doubt the degree as well. Although this is your business and does not concern me. There are also doubts about participation in hostilities. That is, you could take part in them, but alone: ​​you are too straightforward and unrestrained in your assessments, and interaction, especially in a combat situation, always presupposes developed empathy and flexibility. Otherwise, it is better not to turn your back to your partner in the trench, and if so, then you can easily become a target for the enemy. Obviously, you are young or not experienced enough, since you can easily divide everyone into "creatures and people". In reality, however, a person, depending on the specific situation, can be both. All world literature is busy with this problem. And then, this is a matter of individual assessment. It is also noteworthy that in your dichotomy "creatures" were in the first place, and "people" only in the second. Obviously, this is how you begin to interact with people: first as with creatures, and only then, perhaps, as with people. In addition, it testifies to the experience of your communication, life experience. You more often had to deal with creatures and less often with people, although "" near or "person" is very often a matter of individual assessment.
          I must inform you that in one person there is no more than one education, regardless of the number of diplomas received by him. It is simply that the knowledge, abilities, skills, experience of creative activity and communication received by a person are integrated into a certain integrity, otherwise the integrity of the personality is violated, its bifurcation begins, i.e., if by scientific, dissociative identity disorder, but simply schizophrenia. But this is not about you, but about the neglect of the definitions adopted in the last 20 years in our society.
          And the last one. Regarding the fact that I have not gone far from someone. I always went my own way, focusing only on scientific authorities and wonderful people, scientists, meeting and friendship with which life gave me quite often.
          But the hundred candidates and doctors of science who wrote their dissertation research at me, I hope, have already gone far from me. This is necessary for the development of science.
          I have nothing to forgive you for, since my principle is to accept people as they are. And your harshness, since it is part of you, I also accept without appreciation.
          I wish you success.
          1. Reserve officer
            Reserve officer 5 May 2014 20: 55
            You know, in your 62 years you could already have normal everyday wisdom. Your comments are riddled with narcissism, camouflaged insults and humiliations. I feel sorry for your students.
            And not for you (your opinion interests me a little), but for the members of the forum who read all this, I will specifically inform you - I graduated from the Moscow State Technical University. N.E. Bauman in 1984, the Higher Special School - in 1989, "special practice" - 1990, candidate of technical sciences NIITP them. M.V. Keldysh - 1995
            And not you, dear, to evaluate my life.
            And another question - do you want to apologize for your dismissive tone?
            1. And Us Rat
              And Us Rat 6 May 2014 05: 38
              Quote: Reserve officer
              You know, in your 62 years you could already have normal everyday wisdom. Your comments are riddled with narcissism, camouflaged insults and humiliations ...

              Not talking to a person who deserves a conversation means losing a person.
              And talking to a person who is not worthy of a conversation means losing words.
              The wise do not lose either people or words.
  18. vsdvs
    vsdvs 5 May 2014 11: 26
    Education does not mean education! My grandmother hardly wrote, but was much wiser and more educated than many with diplomas. Obama and others like them all have diplomas of higher education, and what, does that make them better? My father with four classes fought and then drove through the forests of the remnants, he would be alive and now he would distinguish people from nonhumans.
  19. Oleg Sobol
    Oleg Sobol 5 May 2014 11: 28
    Imagine if someone came from outside.

    It’s time to already appear. Conduct an Alien Mission sewage disposal from especially "Democratic and humanitarian defenders of the planet".
  20. bistrov.
    bistrov. 5 May 2014 11: 30
    To the author: try to explain what you wrote to Obama, Merkel, Cameron, Kolomoisky, Turchin

    ovu, Yatsenyuk, Yarosh, Tyagniboku, I am already silent about ordinary attack aircraft from the "right sector". Moreover, some of them will repeat your words and will applaud them. But business! Here the deeds of these people are completely opposite to your words and it is too early to talk about a MAN. To do this, you must first establish a just social system throughout the Earth, excluding the appearance of Kolomoisky, Abramovich and others, as well as Gorbachev, Yeltsin and Kravchuk and all sorts of samos there, to educate a real Man ... And this business, in my opinion, not one hundred years and not even one millennium. In any case, the Christian religion preaching philanthropy for more than 2 thousand years, suffered a complete fiasco on this soil and only bred a special class of priests, which skillfully used her dogma for his own comfortable existence. So, regrettably, but without the destruction of their own kind, people will not be able to do for a long time. In any case, Mr. "engineer", I wish you success in this field, although I have little hope for him. I myself am a supporter of other methods, maybe not so human, but more effective. I did not evaluate the article.
  21. Gagarin
    Gagarin 5 May 2014 11: 32
    How do you want to reach the flimsy neck of Yaytsenyuk, even with bare hands ...
    After all, somewhere this bastard walks, eats, sleeps ...
    1. Name
      Name 5 May 2014 13: 03
      And they are waiting for him and not only, soon, very soon:
  22. Air Force Major
    Air Force Major 5 May 2014 11: 34
    Quote: mig31
    In any war, or crime, action and inaction, look for a financial trace, as everything is corny ...

    There is a version ... and I think it is the most faithful. We are in debt as in silk (external debt of more than 17 trillion). the opportunity to get out of this state is a redistribution of the leading economies of the world, and better merging with their ovschkoy economy. To do this, cut the EU from Russia. Ukraine is an instrument to achieve this goal. The lack of education, zombies, and the lack of an opinion among the population of this country (and not only it) only to help am in the implementation of their plans.
  23. x.andvlad
    x.andvlad 5 May 2014 11: 42
    The message of the article is definitely correct. But at the moment it is unlikely that he will be heard there on the Maidan. There is a "unity" there. The unity of moral monsters, among whom come across very intelligent, and perhaps educated inspirers. All of them were brainwashed for a long time, making them a "ram of revolution". Everything must be done to crush such monsters in Russia. They form a staging ground for a deadly attack against the Russian world. THIS IS ONE OF THEM TRADING HIS BREAD.
  24. Barakuda
    Barakuda 5 May 2014 11: 43
    Quote: Reserve officer
    Get real - a bunch of critters are killing people for American money,

    That's what I'm talking about, weapons are not enough. Damn, give at least Kalash (a question with ammunition) I have 5 minutes. fight and that’s all - hang yourself, it’s fun to sit at the laptop ... when the creatures break doors at night, it’s good that I thought about 10 years ago, they don’t break from the Kalash.
  25. Bort radist
    Bort radist 5 May 2014 11: 47
    Everything is correctly said, but the concepts of "conscience", "honor" ...... are not material. These are phantoms, however, without them the life of mankind is impossible. The main problem is that a drug addict, a murderer, a traitor has their own notions of honor. Therefore, the army and the navy are forever. Good must be with fists.
    "And the one who created light and darkness
    will divide us into darkness and light
    in relation to
    which really isn't! "
    Hope for God, but do not make it yourself.
  26. Marisat
    Marisat 5 May 2014 11: 48
    Promoted article, let me be called a chauvinist, but blood is not water. It’s very, very difficult to go over the heredity of upbringing. Yes, we have identical features that are identical, but so far we have no one to demonstrate them and I do not believe that to unite in the face of a global threat, they will substitute once.
    1. Barakuda
      Barakuda 5 May 2014 11: 57
      Hello ! The threat is already coming, even in the store where you buy products. And there is someone to demonstrate - to children. In Russian fairy tales there are a lot of useful things. The forest is cut - chips fly. There are brains - do not substitute.
  27. volot-voin
    volot-voin 5 May 2014 11: 52
    Our ancestors, the ancient Slavs, considered the main vices - laziness, lies and treason, blessing their relatives with the words: "Know, fight, possess, conscience, strength and glory."
    What we see, the worst fear for the Slavs is treason and traitors of all stripes and species. Starting with Gorbachev and Yeltsin, ending with paid liberals of all stripes and types, and sold on Western money by Bandera nationalists and Ukrainian politicians. which set us against a generation of youth brought up on lies and propaganda developed in the best universities of the West. The scenario that is being implemented in Ukraine today was determined back in 1991 with the collapse of the USSR by a bunch of traitors against the will of the people. They created anti-Russia from a part of our country for 23 years and achieved a certain result, while we ourselves were under the power of traitors and could not do anything about it ..
    Each betrayal has always been very expensive for our people and turned into great blood. Each time we were not overthrown by mighty conquerors, but by traitors in our own midst.
    Now, because of treason, the Russian and Ukrainian guys should die for fun to the west. Sorry for the pain. Of course, we can handle it and order will be restored, but at what cost?
    Ancestors also believed that for the sake of the life of the Sort, he must die. So isn’t it easier to weed out freaks periodically than later to bear disproportionate losses in connection with the activities of traitors of all stripes and varieties.
  28. arch_kate3
    arch_kate3 5 May 2014 11: 59
    YES! Unity in diversity! Mutual respect and love for people! But this is another world and another, transformed, earth! In the meantime, we will stand to the end!
  29. silberwolf88
    silberwolf88 5 May 2014 12: 04
    The basis of the existence of any nation (an indicator of the health of society) is its resistance ... the ability to withstand external aggressive (both ideological ... humanitarian ... and military) influences / intrusions).
    It is absolutely normal when a person says that he is Russian ... Jew ... German ... and others
    ... it’s abnormal when he says that the rest (the rest of the World) are wrong ... owe him ... they have no right to exist and only HE ... only HIS people have the true last resort, and therefore have the right to impose their vision. .. further a long list (including killing in the name of their values).
    What was so attractive and still remains an alternative (ideally ... I don’t discuss implementation) communist ideology ... it speaks of universal unity and the right of everyone to justice and happiness.
  30. Yellow white
    Yellow white 5 May 2014 12: 19
    Crimeans got !!!!!
    Class, now unite and on one front, to Kiev, give Lviv!
  31. sazhka4
    sazhka4 5 May 2014 12: 27
    I used to designate the circle (sphere) of interests and influence. The more circles intersect, the larger the circle of interests .. You can arrange the names of the States in any order. Russia covers everyone .. And they are all tied to Russia. "Twitching" is stupid by definition .. It turns out the USSR. Whatever one may say ..
  32. A40263S
    A40263S 5 May 2014 12: 51
    Quote: vsdvs
    Education does not mean education! My grandmother hardly wrote, but was much wiser and more educated than many with diplomas. Obama and others like them all have diplomas of higher education, and what, does that make them better? My father with four classes fought and then drove through the forests of the remnants, he would be alive and now he would distinguish people from nonhumans.

    but education makes it possible to analyze, think with your own head, education must be returned. Earlier in our country there was a strong Orthodoxy, patriotism, pride in our country, these qualities were instilled in children. the garden. I was proud that he was born in the USSR, as it were not hard in his youth (funny 80-90s). Now in our children on the basis of stupid cartoons, programs like Dom2, etc. vaccinated to be consumers, vaccinated the importance of dough and not love for the motherland .. And it's really scary, these guys are already growing up and will then take our place. I remember that in our area there was a kids club with circles, free hockey and football sections, our own ice rink which we cleaned and poured together. In the courtyards there were 3 football and 1 basketball courts with wooden floors. But the years of perestroika came, ACCOMMODATION half destroyed my friends in the yard, even though we all grew up together. Much is needed so that we can avoid the events in Ukraine. Think that you are in your yard, in a neighboring school or children. you can make a garden to somehow raise the patriotism of our children.
  33. falcon
    falcon 5 May 2014 12: 52
    "We are made like animals with instincts above reason."
    Dear Author! Do not offend animals, no animal will kill their own kind just
    so, being full. Because there are instincts of procreation, satiation, etc. but
    the instinct to "just kill" does not exist in animals. Those creatures that were noted in Odessa did not
    amenable to classification in zoological terms.
    "Imagine if someone came from outside."
    And they already appeared, creatures from a parallel universe. Appeared and repeated after 70 years
    in Odessa what their grandfathers did in Khatyn. And believe me, they know very well that
    do it!
  34. individual
    individual 5 May 2014 12: 57
    All the fault of Russia that we never took London.
    Britain from an empire historically turned into the Kingdom of Britain.
    Aggressors from the English with the Britons subjugating the will of the Saxons offended by the results of the 1st and 2nd World Wars united in a snake ball of hatred for the USSR / Russia.
    It does not matter the United States, London or Berlin - all of them do not accept Moscow as an independent, independent state with large territories and significant energy resources.
    Stop rebooting with them (reboot).
    Russia's response should be adequate.
    Russia has only two allies: the army and the navy.
    This was understood by Alexander III.
  35. andj61
    andj61 5 May 2014 13: 23
    The article evokes an ambivalent feeling. On the one hand, of course, "all people are brothers" - the northern Chukchi, the South African negro, the Wall Street financier, and the Liverpool docker.
    Imagine if someone came from outside. And we will all be representatives of our Earth.

    But we can only unite in the case of an alien, alien invasion!
    And here and now - a conversation about something else. Will the parents of a Ukrainian contract soldier killed by law-abductors for refusing to shoot fellow countrymen be able to support this, of course, good call? Parents and friends of a young nurse who was shot by the n.guards (nazi guards - this, of course, is the nazi guard)? Relatives, friends, acquaintances of the burnt, shot, alive, packed with rods and sticks of peaceful people in Odessa? Will just indifferent people in Ukraine be able to support this call for fraternization? In Russia? Worldwide?
    Here, Lenin’s words are immediately recalled: “Before uniting, and in order to unite, we must first decisively and definitely separate ourselves.”
    The fascists are not our brothers!
  36. Mikhail3
    Mikhail3 5 May 2014 13: 38
    "All this becomes possible due to lack of knowledge and low education of people"
    This is either stupidity or a lie. And in both cases, the author did not cope with the topic, to put it mildly. Wars are inevitable as long as we do not rein in space. But even then there will be wars. The source of wars is not a certain infernal aggressiveness of a person, which must be curbed by education. Educated people, as a rule, are much more aggressive than uneducated ones, it is just that God does not give a horn to a butcher cow - weaklings. "Glory to the strong, humility to the weak." Let glory to the strong be better than the meanness of the weak.
    1. Gorinich
      Gorinich 5 May 2014 15: 24
      All wars are only from greed and nothing more. Greed for money, greed for power, etc. Not the desire and ability to share with one's neighbor is greed.
  37. Alexey M
    Alexey M 5 May 2014 13: 41
    And each of us, not Russian, not American and not Chinese, but MAN!
    Your words to God’s ears! Unfortunately, it’s hard for a person to live, not everyone succeeds.
  38. Giant thought
    Giant thought 5 May 2014 14: 10
    It’s hard to be a man, but not a inhuman. We still have a lot of these individuals on Earth. Sanitation is not necessary for the Earth against this scum.
  39. Goha
    Goha 5 May 2014 14: 10
    All this is the result of US policy.
  40. DPN
    DPN 5 May 2014 14: 20
    Quote: Tra-ta-ta
    We are made like animals whose instincts are higher than the mind

    Already done, it was mainly PEOPLE in Soviet times, now we have become grabbers and almost everyone has the same goal as our neighbor ====. War has always fought with inequality; Stepan Razin, Emelyan Pugachev, Salovat Yulaev threw them right out of the textbooks. So there can be no talk of any unity. Look at the prices in stores, everyone has long been divided into ours and not ours, what one can buy, the other only looks or makes an attempt to steal. Here we are - ONE,
    Take the Ukrainians, surrender their leaders to KIEV for just like that, here it is unity.
  41. VNP1958PVN
    VNP1958PVN 5 May 2014 14: 22
    We would have to deal with Ukraine, but they are not in a hurry with space yet!
  42. A1L9E4K9S
    A1L9E4K9S 5 May 2014 15: 11
    In Russia we will unite, in terms of language, in spirit, in love for parents, brothers, sisters, with close and distant friends, for love for the Motherland. But excuse me, I do not want to unite with the Anglo-Saxons, our eternal worst friends, even though the author and says we are all human.
  43. The comment was deleted.
  44. Lelek
    Lelek 5 May 2014 16: 47
    The main prejudice will remain: - GOLDEN Taurus. If it would be profitable for the Earth’s bigwigs to surrender to the space aggressor, he will surrender, and at the same time will sell the entire population of the planet. negative
  45. pts-m
    pts-m 5 May 2014 17: 29
    The article is correct! But at all times the unrest was done by the hands of young animals, because the insight of the vision of life comes much later! This is what the "clear-sighted" overseas and Geyevropeitsi try to use.
  46. jktu66
    jktu66 6 May 2014 00: 32
    And those thoughtless girls and guys who set fire to the building in Odessa do not know what they are doing.
    Even as they know, and much more will be done, because they went unpunished. W.P.Y.R.I!
    But at all times, unrest was made by the hands of young animals, because the insight of the vision of life comes much later!
    Enlightenment will not come to these, alas ...
  47. tokens2
    tokens2 6 May 2014 15: 36
    How to avoid wars? ...
    If all that a person lives, culture, history, folklore are based on the survival of peoples and their experiences from victories or defeats ... In fact, this is the foundation that pushes humanity forward.
    The foundation was laid from the depths of centuries and transformed into progress. But the essence has not changed. Currency, information, cultural, food, etc. wars ... these are echoes of the past ... where the measure of everything was victory.
    And after all, each nation has accumulated a certain experience ... "on the battlefield" passing on knowledge through language and traditions to subsequent generations.
    And now all this knowledge has been erased from the depths of time ... tolerance and uniform rules for everyone. With a simple formulation, progress is a guarantee of peace.
    Only here is the transformation of the enemy possible for every nation ...
    And this enemy is the technical backwardness of mankind and every nation can fight it in their own language ... so it’s more familiar ... not using denominators, equalizers for everyone. Where? Yes in education.
    And each people has its own section of the "front".
    Such is the understand strategy smile national
    But apparently this is a question of the future. And we live in the present. But where we are aiming to eat!