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In Kramatorsk, Ukrainian soldiers shot a young nurse and her three friends

A young nurse, 21-year-old Yulia Izotova, and her three friends were shot in Kramatorsk. Young people in a car like to go to a safe place. Eyewitnesses say that two bullets hit the girl through the back seat of the car.

Julia Izotova graduated from medical school, worked as a nurse. She provided first aid to wounded militiamen. Shooting a car saw with my own eyes one of the residents of the city.

“We are coming from the village, 10 armored personnel carriers are standing by, they are firing on our roadblock,” he said. “People in camouflage stood behind armored personnel carriers. We just went there, and they were aiming at us, told us not to go to the post. Shoot in the air, to scare us. The girl came just to help here and, when she started to leave, they started shooting from the APC. The girl was shot through the back seat: two bullets through. She died immediately. "

Aunt Julia Izotova hardly finds the words to describe what is happening in her soul. She does not understand why she was killed by a defenseless girl. He does not understand who those people should be who sent soldiers to the south-east of Ukraine along with radical militants, ordering to shoot at civilians.

“The girl just finished nursing,” the woman says. “She got a job as a nurse. It's an angel, just an angel, she was 21 year. She was very kind and sympathetic. And what could she do there? I could bring tea, give me food. I said:” Yulia, be careful. "I don’t know, maybe she came so that we humans would wake up! Enough of these deaths! They don’t bring happiness to anyone! We’re angry with each other even more. Wake up, stop fighting and killing! Why it was a civilian shoot! You are the defenders, the Ukrainian soldiers, how can you live e this and be considered soldiers, people ?! Yatsenyuk, you're the man! Or you're all aliens ?! And you, Julia Vladimirovna, you may already aliens ?! "

Earlier, Russia 24 reported on special tests that the Ukrainian military are subjected to. Before being sent to the east, they are asked if they are ready to shoot at women. The results of this selection, apparently, appeared in Kramatorsk.
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  1. queen
    queen 4 May 2014 06: 39
    And what to talk about with them ???? they shoot unarmed in the back ... and what will happen next is scary ... or is it like a game for them? Only their elimination will save the people of the east and south.
    1. platitsyn70
      platitsyn70 4 May 2014 06: 49
      these bitches have no mercy. To wet without pity and regret.
      1. Yun Klob
        Yun Klob 4 May 2014 09: 55
        Quote: platitsyn70
        these bitches have no mercy. To wet without pity and regret.

        And this and the American, Polish, English and, most importantly, German. No way, the creatures will not calm down. Revenge Merkel wanted.
        1. Apologet.Ru
          Apologet.Ru 4 May 2014 15: 48
          Requiem for Ukraine ... almost
          A legendary country called Ukraine dissolves into the past, dissolving in a bloody maidanut present.
          The glorious heiress of Kievan Rus, infected by the bacilli of Western Russophobia, ends its current existence by transforming into a mutant - the Galician Ukraine - covered with ulcers of Bandera neo-Nazism that exudes fetid pus of frenzied hatred of everything Russian.
          Before our eyes, dissolving into a child of nationalistic frenzy, the fraternal community of nationalities called themselves Ukrainians with their glorious ancestors in the person of B. Khmelnitsky and T. Shevchenko, the Zaporizhzhya Cossacks and the soldiers liberating the Red Army disappears.
          And they are replaced by Uk_ry - not remembering kinship - breeding at a frantic speed on the soil, generously spiced with greens from non-state funds of g_yrop and p_ndostan, the ideology of fascism from a bunch of moral afterlife banderlogs from the UPA and OUN, punishers from the special battalions of Roland and N -The members of the Galicia division.
          But one hopes that among the residents of Nezalezhnaya who have kept their minds, there will be that Taras Bulba who will stop the bacchanalia, jumping into the ecstasy of Wild Dances zombie with the prospects of unrealizable memberships, Ukrov and ask - Well, what did your Poles help you? ....
    2. Validator
      Validator 4 May 2014 07: 03
      In the East, no more than 2-3 thousand fully loyal junta troops. If you cover them with a targeted blow, the junta will fall
      1. queen
        queen 4 May 2014 07: 44
        Quote: Validator
        If you cover them with a targeted blow, the junta will fall

        For the rest of the world, this is cannon fodder, they (the US and the EU) are waiting for this. Our troops will enter, and NATO troops will enter.
        1. aleks700
          aleks700 4 May 2014 09: 06
          Well, let them in. About on the Dnieper and meet.
      2. mamont5
        mamont5 4 May 2014 17: 30
        Quote: Validator
        In the East, no more than 2-3 thousand fully loyal junta troops. If you cover them with a targeted blow, the junta will fall

        VSnikov bought corny, but pravoseki, of course, try for their Nazi idea.
    3. Alexander Romanov
      Alexander Romanov 4 May 2014 08: 32
      Quote: regin
      ... and what will happen next is scary to imagine.

      And you don’t need to imagine, just look at the photographs of 70 years ago with the participation of their grandfathers. Everything will become clear.
      1. igor_m_p
        igor_m_p 4 May 2014 14: 33
        Yes, no need to submit. You just need to crush these nits ...
    4. Lord of the Sith
      Lord of the Sith 4 May 2014 09: 14
      Here is her photo. Such a beauty died. Kingdom of heaven to her ...

      1. GradusHuK
        GradusHuK 4 May 2014 12: 14
        Earth I grieve condolences in fluff. NOT WHO IS FORGOTTEN! NOT WHAT IS FORGOTTEN!
      2. subbtin.725
        subbtin.725 4 May 2014 12: 49
        Quote: Sith Lord
        Kingdom of heaven to her ...

        Skoti. Girl, you will be avenged. We mourn and mourn. Creatures, I have no words except hatred, I'm sorry, I can hardly restrain myself.
      3. michajlo
        michajlo 4 May 2014 19: 19
        Hello all forum users, regardless of our views!

        After a 6-month absence, I’m only in the 2nd week as I am in Ukraine.

        Now, not in in my native Subcarpathian Rus / Transcarpathia, but in Chernivtsi and today in Ivano-Frankivsk (Stanislavsky) reg.

        Frankly, the situation is PARANOIDAL !!!

        Never 30-25 years ago I would not have SUCH A HEAD!

        Most of the inhabitants of South-Western Ukraine (Chernivtsi and Ivano-Frankivsk regions) themselves believe and are SURE that ONLY
        - "damned m.s.k.a.l.i" and
        - first of all "PERSONALLY Putin himself"

        - are to blame for "all the trouble in Ukraine", and that

        - in each Village Council, Paradise Administration, Regional Council, doctor or teacher’s office,
        - SIT the damned RUSSIAN and
        - THEY are "the cause of all the troubles of the pure and undefiled Ukrainians",
        - everyday corruption, disregard of the law, inactivity of the PROSECUTOR'S OFFICE and "RIGHT-NOT-ORDER" bodies ??? !!!

        On TV - some calls
        -with a log on each program "FOR UNITED UKRAINE",
        - on the streets of cities (Chernivtsi specifically)
        - EVERYWHERE - beautiful and spectacular POSTERS "Death to the invaders!" ??? !!!

        and many other dog-patriotic pro-Ukrainian bullshit, which is effective for "gullible and naive" fellow citizens.

        On TV over the past few days I watched a lot (not all of course) of Ukrainian-news broadcasts, argued a lot (and mostly for nothing) about
        - Reasons
        - Customers and
        - payers
        "today's BLOODY events" in / in Ukraine,

        - but REALITY is AWESOME for me personally as a civilian, although accustomed to fate and death (Children's Anesthesiologist in his youth),
        and the CONCEPT of the fact that today's BLOODY and SADISTIC actions in Ukraine,

        - just ONLY THE BEGINNING of the "protracted long-term CIVIL WAR",

        which was started by "corrupt pawns in Kiev" on orders from Washington
        - (and NOT Moscow and not Brussels) ...

        I, and many of you members of the forum, DO NOT have all the information about the Ideas, Reasons, Ways, Duration and DANGERS of this "local conflict / by political standards", but my modest life experience (53 years and 4 countries of residence) suggests that that WE are living with YOU in the ERA OF BLOOD CHANGE !!!

        But OUR future, our children and grandchildren, DEPENDS on ALL of us, and each of us individually!
        And the proverb "Courage of the city takes!" many of you probably remember ...

        Therefore, none of us are SAM, will not be able to do it alone and will not do,
        - but even EACH of US PATRIOTS of OUR MOTHERLAND of the USSR, alone, can change MUCH MUCH IN HIS PERSONAL POSITION and courage !!!

        Yes PROPAGANDA and untruth / lie are present from all sides of the Ukrainian events (Kiev, SE-Ukraine, Western Ukraine, Bruxelles, Moscow. Minsk, Astana, Berlin, Vienna, London, Washington) ...

        I consider it useful and correct that each of us SOLE-THINKING himself read ALL sources, our own and those of others, and BUT BASIS OF PERSONAL EXPERIENCE and KNOWLEDGE get "OWN PERSONAL POINT OF VIEW" for "yesterday / today / tomorrow".

        Only it is the PLEDGE of our confidence in the RIGHTness of our opinions and actions!

        Therefore, it is necessary and necessary not to BE a member of the HERD and a member of SOCIETY, with the concept of responsibility "for YOUR actions, or Silence, Nodding and Inaction"!

        Mikhailo, temporarily away / Ivano-Frankivsk region, Ukraine.
    5. jktu66
      jktu66 4 May 2014 09: 32
      only their elimination will save the people of the east and south.
      All honest and loving Ukraine people should immediately leave service in the army of killers. The remaining in this army SS Galicia v.yr.od.ko.v need to be destroyed
      1. almost demobil
        almost demobil 4 May 2014 11: 43
        Aunt, but really it’s impossible to give them a kind of Grozny, because this is their city, they know it by heart, they wrote about weapons in the mine, or this is another lie. How much you can lisp and shake posters in front of bandits and fascists!
        1. Rex ponticus
          Rex ponticus 4 May 2014 15: 50
          Believe me, it would be a weapon, they wouldn’t curse me. I’m from Gorlovka, we are all ready to bite your teeth, but with a Kyle against an armored personnel carrier it’s somehow unsuitable ..
          1. almost demobil
            almost demobil 4 May 2014 17: 40
            Quote: Rex Ponticus
            Believe me, it would be a weapon-would not lisp

            But where is that pile of weapons in the mine that has been mothballed since the war? Or is it nonsense?
  2. Saburov
    Saburov 4 May 2014 06: 42
    Only for this death of the young nurse, the fighters will very cruelly take revenge on this lousy junta and now everyone who stands on the side of the junta can no longer count on leniency, the point of no return has been passed, since people don’t have the mind and honor to shoot at their own place a common bag for corpses.
    1. subbtin.725
      subbtin.725 4 May 2014 12: 53
      Quote: Saburov
      their place in a common corpse bag.

      Respect, I support, DO NOT TAKE FROM THIS brigade-prisoners; death to cattle, people to call them-the language somehow does not turn.
  3. Zomanus
    Zomanus 4 May 2014 06: 43
    Oh, people still hope for understanding from the junta? The appeal to Timashenko sounds very touching. For me, it would be more appropriate to call "no prisoners!"
    1. ya.seliwerstov2013
      ya.seliwerstov2013 4 May 2014 08: 05
      The junta seized power
      And creates arbitrariness again
      Finds out whose suit you are,
      What's wrong, you under the trunk.
      You cannot destroy all the people
      You can’t forbid you to jail!
      Just make a bloody trail
      And you will find your death.
  4. 020205
    020205 4 May 2014 06: 43
    so medical sisters kill this zapadlo! This confirms that this is not the military at all, but frostbitten militants
    1. alex-cn
      alex-cn 4 May 2014 06: 58
      This is not zapadlo - it is so zapadno! As well as unarmed Golden Eagles and Odessa citizens burn, they do not shoot back. Only the militants are capable of this.
  5. Name
    Name 4 May 2014 06: 45
    Everything is over, only to destroy, ALL pravosekov no matter the age and position. Sorry, it should be! Like only like!. It will be so.
    1. diff
      diff 4 May 2014 07: 20
      Comrade Stalin, in 1945 forgave these fascists Bendera, hoped for insight. Degraded villains will not be able to see! Today, the children of these forgiven, again kill peaceful people, and the degraded themselves walk on the bones of our fallen grandfathers and fathers, with their fascist flags and are not at all embarrassed by their shame. IT IS NECESSARY IN THE ROOT TO CHANGE THE POSITION. The bullet must find everyone who has put his hand or desire to kill the innocent. We can’t hope for the insight of the killers !!!
      1. 4 May 2014 07: 43
        They were caught in the forests until 1955. After serving for 10 years, many returned home. And here is the result. Only death.
      2. aleks_29296
        aleks_29296 4 May 2014 11: 28
        I think that if Stalin really were such a bloody tyrant, as the liberal democrats have been trying to hammer us all this time, then there would not be all this Bandera scum now.
      3. aleks_29296
        aleks_29296 4 May 2014 11: 28
        I think that if Stalin really were such a bloody tyrant, as the liberal democrats have been trying to hammer us all this time, then there would not be all this Bandera scum now.
  6. Neighbor
    Neighbor 4 May 2014 06: 45
    Apparently they’re not free to kill ...
    1. the same cat
      the same cat 4 May 2014 10: 30
      To the neighbor. It’s far from free, and they are paid with money bags from which Novorossia wants to take a cash cow. For the most part, these warriors are deeply ignorant and do not know how Judas ended up with 30 pieces of silver.
  7. Sunjar
    Sunjar 4 May 2014 06: 46
    Putin, Vovka, e-May, it is time to introduce our guys there, the junta behaves in exactly the same way as the bandits in Chechnya. Carry out the exact same operation as in South Ossetia-Georgia. Apparently waiting for those to begin to use artillery.
    1. strannik595
      strannik595 4 May 2014 07: 58
      Sanka, e-May, it's time for you to take a double-barreled shotgun and go through the Crimea to the Donbass, and not knock on the clave, teach Vovka Putin how to cook cabbage soup................ do not give you zinc to your mothers, you are our hero
      1. lukke
        lukke 4 May 2014 09: 50
        Sanka, e-May, it’s time for you to take a double-barreled shotgun and go through the Crimea to the Donbass, and not knock on the clave, teach Vovka Putin how to cook cabbage soup ................ not to give zinc to your mothers you are our hero
        Sorry, but I’m forced to correct you — if someone else who doesn’t know the geography will follow your call — you won’t get across the Crimea to the Donbass (unless of course by boat in Azovye) by land, to say the least, maydanut areas, but from Rostov areas - very much)
        1. igor_m_p
          igor_m_p 4 May 2014 14: 39
          I think the easiest way is by water from the Rostov region to Mariupol ...
      2. The comment was deleted.
  8. The comment was deleted.
  9. fvandaku
    fvandaku 4 May 2014 06: 48
    1. queen
      queen 4 May 2014 06: 51
      Quote: fvandaku

      According to the laws of war.
      1. svp67
        svp67 4 May 2014 06: 55
        Quote: fvandaku

        Quote: regin
        According to the laws of war.

        Everything should be LEGAL and preferably PRIVATE. No need to compare with them ...
        1. lg41
          lg41 4 May 2014 07: 07
          This is war. This must be realized. The laws of war apply in war
          1. svp67
            svp67 4 May 2014 07: 13
            Quote: lg41
            This is war. This must be realized. The laws of war apply in war

            Which are regulated by the Geneva Convention, all who do not comply with it are war criminals. It is easy to descend to THEIR level, it is more difficult not to do this and remain human.
            1. sled beach
              sled beach 4 May 2014 12: 35
              Someone else considers Europe to be a guarantee of justice. Stranny people. If we do not fall into feelings, then it will not be "THEIR level" but cruel efficiency, our glory and our strength. Otherwise, we will constantly struggle with the "genitals" that are poking into our faces.
          2. Very old
            Very old 4 May 2014 07: 22
            In the war, only the Nazis shot cars, trains, tents marked with the Red Cross (although it was not noted in this case, but this is a Girl)

            And I’ll say (I don’t remember which nation in which country) killing a woman is equivalent to killing 50- fifty! -Man Woman continues life

            No laws to kill youth
            1. the same cat
              the same cat 4 May 2014 10: 39
              And did you doubt that they were fascists? People have a short memory. It was I who grew up respecting the memory of the war with two front-line soldiers, raised my son like that, tell my grandson, because I think that raising a child as a worthy person is a big job. And in my yard children come out with keys on their necks and are left to their own devices. Already now it is clear that they are not safe for anything creative, they just ruin everything, and sway. Maybe someone will think that I'm not talking about the topic. And I’m even in the subject, because it all starts from childhood and these thugs are not from space. And with them their parents must be judged.
              1. I read the news
                I read the news 4 May 2014 16: 05
                Quote: the same cat
                And in my yard children come out with keys on their neck and left to their own devices

                This is not the worst. So several generations have grown. But in some places the doors weren’t locked at all, and the children themselves moved around all the outskirts, and even grazed the cows in the country.
        2. 29261
          29261 4 May 2014 07: 22
          Everything should be LEGAL and preferably PRIVATE. No need to compare with them ... Well, then, and then to each hemp tie! And especially the boughs that have burnt to the count !!!. And after that ....
  10. domokl
    domokl 4 May 2014 06: 49
    Losses ... It's a pity to the nurse, but this is a war ... So far, the children have not understood that they need not speak, but shoot ... In eternal memory and let the earth rest in peace.
    1. Ptah
      Ptah 4 May 2014 08: 22
      Quote: domokl
      So far, the children have not understood that they should not speak at war, but shoot ...

      Different children, Alexander ... Alas.
      Some were taught to bandage the wounded, and others at the same time to fill the bottles with fuel for arson.

      One age, one country, but EDUCATION MISCELLANEOUS.
      This is not the last girl to die. And far from accidental. The horror is that children will shoot at each other. And this is already a blow to the entire Slavic civilization. "Will backfire" soon ...
      1. domokl
        domokl 4 May 2014 09: 00
        Quote: Ptah
        Different children, Alexander ... Alas.

        I don’t agree ... The children are the same ... They are computer. And many lives are given there. And upbringing is already determining the location. Either among some or among others ...
        I'm talking about the attitude to everything that is happening. This is an unfortunate girl out of well-meaning, but climbed under the bullets. Just because she hoped that they would certainly not shoot at her ...
        1. Ptah
          Ptah 4 May 2014 17: 15
          Quote: domokl
          She was an unhappy well-meaning girl, but she climbed under bullets, simply because she hoped they wouldn’t shoot at her ...
          They are computer. And there are many lives given.

          Yes. There is such a negative point. Lost sense of real pain. Whether it's a shooter game or a racing game. I changed the car, which had been tumbling before, doubting into a cake, and again like a "new cucumber" - not a single scratch on OWN skin.
          That is why the value of someone else's LIFE, human or shabby kitten - ZERO !!!
          I agree with you that both Russian and any other shoots are the same in this regard ...

          So far, about her peers that bottled gas in Odessa.
          I seriously do not believe that these juvenile underdogs are the ones who are responsible for the deaths of people?
          I'm not going to remove the blame from them.
          Another concept of guilt implies an awareness of the wrongfulness of actions.
          Do you know the worst thing ??? They do not understand. Look at them - they seem to continue the game, knowing that the players have more lives left. They do not know what it is like to fight for every moment of the life of loved ones and to powerlessly watch how they leave. They were brainwashed all their short lives - at school, on television. They were inspired by extreme nationalist ideas. And NOBODY even threw in them a shadow of thought about the value of human life.

          They must be brought to charred bodies and left with them. With the bodies of the dead and their mourning relatives.
          As did with the Germans after the Second World War. As part of the denazification program. It’s time to do the same with Ukraine, otherwise the irreparable terrible thing will happen.
          STATES will start to fight.

          I never call for the destruction of anyone. But these little girls would have doused their thighs with their own "lotion" and threw a match ...
          Non-fatal. After five seconds, put out and provide honey. help. Then the shmonki will understand forever what it means to "play naughty with fire". For the rest of their lives, they will hide their disfigured thighs under their pants and floor-length hems.
          We learned "ON YOUR SKIN". Literally ....
  11. taseka
    taseka 4 May 2014 06: 51
    What can I say - bastards! Shoot a girl - bastards!
  12. Lyubimov
    Lyubimov 4 May 2014 06: 51
    Quite the roof has moved out, jackals
    1. Egoza
      Egoza 4 May 2014 07: 41
      Quote: Lyubimov
      Quite the roof has moved out, jackals

      Well no! Quite conscious! They thought only how to get 10 thousand from Kolomoisky! After all, it doesn't say - for a man or a woman, just for a "terrorist or pro-Russian" ...
      Pay attention - the girl was killed by shots through the back seat when she was leaving! They shot in the back, like the Bandera in WWII. It is immediately clear whose "school". I HATE!
      1. The comment was deleted.
      2. The comment was deleted.
      3. sleepy
        sleepy 4 May 2014 16: 13
        Here is another list. They will not be forgotten.

        "List of Nazi attacks in Ukraine.
        In order to plug the throats of especially ardent Ukrainians-Nazis and Svidomo, when they claim that now everything is democratic in their country, and V. Putin and the Russian media are zombifying us. More than 60 pieces. "
        v-ukraine.html? bp = 3

        "Supporters of" Euromaidan ", for various reasons, which we will leave to the judgment of their conscience, prefer to insist on a blue eye that" Euromaidan "is, it is, a high society, wonderful-hearted collection of confessors of the most European and civilized values ​​in the world.
        And the Bandera and neo-Nazis, and even as the driving core of the "revolution", are nothing more than the brazen fruit of the unhealthy fantasy of the "Russian propaganda machine" designed to trample and discredit the noble European aspirations of non-foreign Ukrainians. "
  13. kare
    kare 4 May 2014 06: 56
    Yatsenyuk, you are a man!

    The above is in doubt recourse
    1. I am a Russian
      I am a Russian 4 May 2014 07: 44
      Quote: kare
      Yatsenyuk, you are a man!

      Expressed doubtful recourse

      ahh ... you need to speak Ukrainian and everyone will understand?
    2. the same cat
      the same cat 4 May 2014 10: 42
      Yatsenyuk and all this gang are human-like.
      1. sleepy
        sleepy 4 May 2014 16: 15
        Quote from the article:
        Aunt Yulia Izotova: - "You are defenders, Ukrainian soldiers, how can you live after that and be considered soldiers, people ?! Yatsenyuk, you are a human! Or are you all aliens ?! And you, Yulia Vladimirovna,
        are you already aliens ?! "

        If these were soldiers of a foreign state, then one could still give some explanation, but for now there is only one thing left to do: how to call such nonhumans alien invaders, so that then the hand does not tremble.
        It will not work differently, pity kills compassionate people in the first place, you need to feel sorry for your children so that they are not orphans.

        However, the topic of alien enemies on the Internet has a place to be.
        Starting with a UFO in the Bible -
        It's easy to blame Jews for everything
        And in genetic experiments on humans
        Although human genes have nothing to do with it
        So easy to blame for cannibalism
        When cannibalism already takes place
        The legalization of homosexuality, same-sex marriage, pedophilia, incest will be completed in Europe in the coming years. On the way, children's euthanasia and cannibalism. The technology is already registered

        Few write about the genocide of the Jews. Chapter 8. The concentration camp for Jews in the desert

        And the theme of the Caucasus in medicine is not left aside
        Although what does the Caucasus have to do with it?
        ALIEN from Russian to Jewish = HAYZAR. (KhZR)
        Russian-Hebrew Dictionary (
        alien (alien) - haizar m. hutsan m.
        חַייזָר ז '
        חוּצָן ז '

        In fact, these are "gray reptilians"
        Who strangers medical genocide
        and even in the USSR
  14. vorchyn_ymka
    vorchyn_ymka 4 May 2014 06: 57
    that hysteria with pleas to stop shooting, let's put up will lead to even greater victims .. there is a task to destroy the population as much as possible so that others would be afraid .. when the shooting started it was stupid to persuade the shooters who HAVE A LICENSE TO KILL, to make peaceful decisions .. for them Europe and the United States are standing .. they approved all this .. so either fight and not pose with a weapon in front of the media .. or these media will each time show your corpses and sing plaintively at the innocently killed .. they tasted the taste of blood and full irresponsibility .. they are right in the eyes of Europe ..
  15. gandalf
    gandalf 4 May 2014 07: 00
    Yatsenyuk, you are a man!

    No, this animal is like a human. angry
  16. mig31
    mig31 4 May 2014 07: 02
    Everything is just like in the American army, accounting for the same Fascists !!! It is a pity for young hearts .... but retribution is inevitable ...
  17. uzer 13
    uzer 13 4 May 2014 07: 04
    Death to scumbags! The genocide of his people, as it can be called. The remnants of the Ukrainian army turned into a sonderkommand to clean up the population. Russia has every reason to use military force.
  18. saigon
    saigon 4 May 2014 07: 04
    Yes, the Ukrainian army began to shoot at their own people. And you know this is not surprising. Go to the censor, I don’t think so the name and read about the people who burned in Odessa enthusiasm and hatred. Hatred of Russia and their own from the east is simply beyond limits. I saw all this. . in the Caucasus in the last century and thought this would no longer be. There were at least different peoples there, and here they had their own people. I would like to ask the officers of the Ukrainian army if they will torment their conscience or they will give me money for an ass and day? It’s a pity that I hope the girl dies that she killed her.
    1. the same cat
      the same cat 4 May 2014 10: 52
      Saigon. Oh, how you remembered this site on time. So that no one has any illusions about who is fighting against his own people, be sure to read the comments. The level of hate-dumb, paranoid rolls over. The Essesses wrote in their memoirs that they had never seen such atrocities as among the Banderaites, so the Essesses.
      1. aleks_29296
        aleks_29296 4 May 2014 11: 39
        There is a good book "The Chekists Tell" about the atrocities of the Banderaites. I read it as a child. Written by a former security officer who participated in the investigation of the crimes of the ukronationalists. So such things are described there that the SS men are just resting.
      2. aleks_29296
        aleks_29296 4 May 2014 11: 39
        There is a good book "The Chekists Tell" about the atrocities of the Banderaites. I read it as a child. Written by a former security officer who participated in the investigation of the crimes of the ukronationalists. So such things are described there that the SS men are just resting.
  19. Combitor
    Combitor 4 May 2014 07: 13
    The Nazis did not hesitate to shoot doctors. These followed in their footsteps. The blood of this girl will pour out to the Turchinov-Yatsenyuk-Klitschko gang.
  20. Tatarus
    Tatarus 4 May 2014 07: 16
    There are several creatures here in our area with passports of Ukraine. Some of them are maydaunas. Give them now for Odessa tsuki and for the sister of mercy. Look for these and persuade. Good word and quick deed. To Yushka red that would not be forgotten.
    And deport to khrul in ambulances.
  21. wiktoor
    wiktoor 4 May 2014 07: 27
    When the children die, I want to ask a question - Well, what did you killer have earned on the death of a girl? Are you happy? Do you have children?
    Are you immortal?
  22. tnship2
    tnship2 4 May 2014 07: 36
    Turning to Tymoshenko doesn’t make sense at all, nor to dill soldiers either. This is no longer the Ukrainian army, but a bunch of jackals according to the Libyan-Syrian scenario. They’re not kicking rats, they don’t understand the conversations.
  23. Revolver
    Revolver 4 May 2014 07: 37
    May everyone be rewarded according to his deeds.
    And preferably first in this world soldier , and then in that. am
    1. I am a Russian
      I am a Russian 4 May 2014 07: 47
      Quote: Nagan
      May everyone be rewarded according to his deeds.
      And preferably first in this world soldier, and then in that. am

      Well, I'm not selenium in the laws ... alas

      but for such mockery of my people, murders - I would have shot all this fascist pack under
    2. Tatarus
      Tatarus 4 May 2014 08: 06
      No, this is not forgiven. May God forgive. Our task is to expedite their meeting.
  24. Velesovich
    Velesovich 4 May 2014 07: 38
    The main thing now is to prevent large-scale genocide so that Russia is forced to send troops. Odessa will make many think what’s what, and therefore the people themselves must take up their destiny. So far, 99% are sitting at home and trying to wait, hoping that everything will go away by itself or the Russians will help. As soon as ordinary people finally tear their asses off the sofas and go outside, then the former Ukraine will end. And then it will be easier for Russia, and Europe itself will ask us to put things in order, because the civil war in the territory of former Ukraine, Europeans dream of nightmares.
  25. Backrfire
    Backrfire 4 May 2014 07: 56
    Since these ki are blaming Russia and our special forces with might and main, it may be time to introduce this very special forces, since they are already asking
    1. Alfer
      Alfer 4 May 2014 10: 01
      Do you want our special forces to be shot in the back? There, half is just for the Kiev authorities. And he hates us. Why did they shut up Kharkov so quickly? Why did they arrange an ultrasound in Donetsk? Have you ever thought about it. In Crimea, if 95% didn’t want to see them then no one there did not arrange any processions with battles. And it’s not about the green men. There, the people themselves would not allow such a thing. And here, what? Half seems to be against Kiev. Half seems to be in favor. And sunshine is our special forces. And where is the guarantee that everything then they don’t start telling us how to occupiers beat from all angles? So, emotions are emotions, but you need to look at things soberly.
      1. wax
        wax 4 May 2014 11: 03
        In Crimea there were our Black Sea Fleet troops. And that changed the whole course of events there.
  26. papont1964
    papont1964 4 May 2014 08: 08
    Blood for blood.
  27. NKVD
    NKVD 4 May 2014 08: 17
    They wash themselves with blood, Bender’s people do not have long to live. Yes, Putin’s mind will triumph
  28. zinander
    zinander 4 May 2014 08: 50
    Bastards .. unarmed people in the back .. She should live and live. Earth rest in peace.
  29. Andrei Forge 67
    Andrei Forge 67 4 May 2014 08: 58
    To introduce or not to introduce the military of the Russian Federation is a question; I want to ask the allies of our Lukashenka, etc. This is normal condolences to send a Turkish to Odessa!
  30. storm wind
    storm wind 4 May 2014 09: 10
    The question is who will water them? Who will destroy them? Just hear - they occupied that building, occupied this building. Where then they are burned .. Well, they occupied .. And what's next? They were knocked out! Until you really take up arms - it's all sorry Nonsense! They will kill them and that's it! You need to come already with weapons and then borrow! Everything else chatter! So one by one and pass .. Fight! Everything is War! Capture warehouses, create an army! Something is being done there, but somehow through one place .. Mobilization is announced, something else .. The main mass only screams and removes to phones! Nobody wants to fight for the Present - because you can die! And without an inner core and readiness to win and fight to the end - they are all doomed! You really need to kill the reptiles! And ... what to say .. And so everyone understands everything ..
  31. shitovmg
    shitovmg 4 May 2014 09: 32
    It’s necessary not only to destroy the fascists, but also their parents, to judge and shoot them in the square! Russia does not intervene, let them mature and restore order in their home.
  32. sh1749
    sh1749 4 May 2014 09: 34
    In the 40s of the 20th century, someone also loved to burn people alive and how it ended for them. Is history repeating itself?
    1. zol1
      zol1 4 May 2014 11: 02
      History teaches that it does not teach anything!
  33. propolsky
    propolsky 4 May 2014 09: 41
    How many more will be such heroine girls ... Ah, Ukraine!
  34. Alfer
    Alfer 4 May 2014 09: 49
    They’ll kill and burn. So far, these opposition leaders will only shake the air, and the crowd will scream that they’ll kill everyone, but they won’t let the hell go. But in reality they scatter. And they’re screaming. Putin! Come and save me! But yourself, what? Understand. The defense at the level of some Ethiopians. I say about Ethiopians. Since I was there. At one time. And I saw these warriors. If it weren’t for the Cubans and the Soviet Army, it’s one in one Ukrainian militia. And in my opinion not far people are at the head there. They announce some kind of mobilization. And at this time, the Right Sector is organizing a march in Donetsk and organizing a massacre. Already here, they would have caught the head of those from the other side, from Yarosh and Kolomoisky if, then immediately to gilyaku. And so everywhere. Let them know how to meddle. It was a long time before martial law was imposed. And disarm all pro-Kiev formations. And then they create some kind of republic, they seize some buildings that are unnecessary for anyone, and the airport, railway station control. In short, a mess. And no one such a republic will protect and all the defenders will run away simply. Take the same Maidan. Everything was organized clearly. There, the so-called Bandera people counted all to one. Pearl columns of buses to Kiev. Remember any more or less normal rebuff in cities in the world. The same Grozny. It’s a sin to hide. Everything was on the defensive. And the tanks and BMPs were burning .. And what do you have? Slavyansk is bleeding, and you are sitting and waiting for something. Kramatorsk, Mariupol .. So you will be crushed and changed one by one. be the core, the idea. And then the armored personnel carriers will burn, the right-handed guys and those who shoot at peaceful old women and girls will burn. And these all will run and the army and the right sector then. The war requires rigidity and discipline of iron. And when the right-hander got into the hands, some kind of Pole, Baltic states and other American mercenary, right to the wall and a bullet to the head. And in public. That everyone would see and know. But so far this is not and is not expected. Until the game is ahead of schedule. Until you came to the aid of Slavensk Kramatorsk, and you’re waiting for some fake barricades and some kind of orders about some kind of mobilization will not be in vain. In short, either surrender to the winner and then woe to the vanquished or hold on to your mind. And don’t dream that Putin will bring order. He will not come with this situation.
    1. sokrat7
      sokrat7 4 May 2014 10: 15
      There is nothing to add. I agree to all 100. And plus all that has been said, to throw daily leaflets on the security forces with calls not to fight against the people (well, in general, propaganda content). Ordinary soldiers of the army will definitely flinch.
    2. nablydatel
      nablydatel 4 May 2014 15: 57
      I subscribe to every word, and add THIS REAL DESTRUCTIVE NO, THERE IS NO LEADERS.
  35. vedross
    vedross 4 May 2014 09: 51
  36. Giant thought
    Giant thought 4 May 2014 09: 54
    Let’s introduce troops - do not take prisoners!
  37. Vixen
    Vixen 4 May 2014 09: 59
    Like this. How to simply click on the trigger. See how the car scatters in the trash. Probably with jokes and jokes. Say, the revolution will write everything off. Sssssuki! ...
  38. yushch
    yushch 4 May 2014 10: 10
    May this girl’s land rest in peace. God forgive us, for we do not know what we are doing.
  39. ivan mmz
    ivan mmz 4 May 2014 10: 16
    only the complete destruction of the radicals, along with the junta, will bring peace to the lands of new Russia and Little Russia.
  40. Izhevchanin
    Izhevchanin 4 May 2014 10: 26
    Thank you, Yulia, our sun, for your bright, small life. Ukraine is not Maidan, Ukraine is you. We will remember you, and those ki will disappear like jackals, this is so. And forgive us ... Well, save
  41. zol1
    zol1 4 May 2014 10: 47
    These are not soldiers, these are complete fascist fucking! Retribution will be accomplished and each of these bastards * taking part in this massacre will be destroyed !!!
  42. sv68
    sv68 4 May 2014 10: 48
    everything repeats in their own circle, as their fathers and grandfathers killed in the backs of our fathers and grandfathers, so this scum vilely can shoot in the back and therefore only death for this scumbag and nothing else, sooner or later, but ask for everything by name for every dead and these creatures will answer us with their filthy life. And the girl of this innocently murdered eternal memory
  43. ALEX74
    ALEX74 4 May 2014 10: 54
    This is not an army, an army does not fight the people! These are rabid creatures! And they need to be destroyed by all available means!
  44. kelevra
    kelevra 4 May 2014 11: 16
    Those 13 people who put a plus to the article, you are the same criminals as those bastards who shot people! So that such grief comes to you, you may then realize that this is a tragedy, and not a positive review of the article!
    1. Ptah
      Ptah 4 May 2014 13: 04
      Quote: kelevra
      who put a plus article

      I put it, I suppose, not for what was stated in the article, but for the very fact of possessing information about what happened. Avoiding additional network searches ...

      In many respects, this arises ... request
  45. wax
    wax 4 May 2014 11: 21
    But from whom are there so many minuses to the article? Paid bloggers fill the latest normal sites. The states are paying a total information war against the Russians and Russia, since the printing press of dollars does not stop even for a second. The main blow must be prepared for the dollar - the recognized world currency. The collapse of America will be swift.
    For the child Yulia, burned in Odessa, like most here, I cry, and it cannot be that our tears do not lead to inevitable and cruel revenge. The blow must be prepared carefully and carried out with lightning speed. I am sure that our leader will do this without fail. The moment of truth should come before May 25th. Personally, I am ready to endure any sanctions of the enemies of the Russian world and Orthodoxy - I already lived by the grace of Western democratizers, led by the Fuhrer on swans, nettles and potatoes in my childhood, and even in old age it is all the more scary, and even healthier than cheeseburgers and Bush legs , GMO-modified products and other nonsense.
    1. Iskander Khan
      Iskander Khan 4 May 2014 12: 23
      Cons article is most likely a disturbance. That is the same pluses. I just didn’t put it because I don’t know how to repel the indignation.
      1. Valter1364
        Valter1364 4 May 2014 14: 50
        Grief has no polarity - it is just grief.
  46. Polarfox
    Polarfox 4 May 2014 11: 24
    I’m a military man myself and I want to give advice to people who stop equipment with a human shield ...
    you can stand, lie in front of them, but that won’t help, you won’t be able to stop them if they really get an order to break through (and as we know they already got it), you won’t be able to disable the equipment, but you can harm them .. So:

    1.If you come close to the technique, take a spray of the most resistant paint and paint over the triplex (devices for driving, aiming, shooting, adjustments) This will blind the car ... try to pull out or break the antenna, so the car will not be able to "speak and listen "! And you won't get far without communication!

    2. Paint one headlight on the car - it will work like a friend or foe system. If a car with one headlight approaches a checkpoint or a strong point, then you can safely work to defeat! ! I saw that there are grenade launchers and anti-tank weapons! I saw a car with one headlight or a column - work to kill first, otherwise they will destroy you!

    3. If the projector near you sprinkles paint on its back, red or glowing in the dark.
    1. Alfer
      Alfer 4 May 2014 12: 59
      The military ex or the warehouse did not sit in the bunker. Such a nonsense can be said by someone who was not even close at the training ground and did not see the tank or the same armored vehicle. Try to approach the vehicle. And even when the soldiers are sitting on the armor. Or next. And here one with a spray rushes. Go away, I want to blind the car a little. And I’ll break off the antenna. Let me stand there on the sidelines. Don’t you be ashamed of such nonsense what are you offering? Expensive warrior equipment must be destroyed from a distance. From shelter. .It’s lighter to throw. That would burn. The effect when the tank burns even that. And even when all sorts of mercenaries from Poland, the Baltic states, America and the same right sector are lying nearby, the effect is even more deafening. Someone else doesn’t want to burn in an armored vehicle or a tank or nearby wallow as a corpse. And only then all these heroes will run .. Since there are those heroes who are ready to kill there. But it’s unlikely to be killed.
  47. wax
    wax 4 May 2014 11: 26
    Or maybe the cons express an attitude to the fact described in the article? There is such an effect, but, nevertheless, the assessment should be given to the message, and not to the fact described.
  48. Wels75
    Wels75 4 May 2014 11: 29
    Let her rest in peace. And the creatures who killed her burn in hell! And in case of entering the territory of Ukraine, do not take prisoners! Alager com Alager!
    Victory will be ours!
  49. Vlom
    Vlom 4 May 2014 11: 41
    Still, these are other people, NOT Russians. I read an interview with an old man in Slavyansk.
    It would be grit for us to have factories working - and salary. And so - there it is - it's not our business,
    we want to live. Though Hitler, even an Abama with a Bandera, we agree to suck on anyone.
    Just pennies - and live. Here is such a harsh truth about the southeast.
    And another Ukrainian writes: why are you going to free us ?! This is ours.

    The fact is that the truth of life happens - oh, how unpleasant.
    But adults accept this truth undiluted.

    Slavyansk lied, Kramatorsk lied (just everyone is sitting at home and waiting - what will end).
    Militias died in vain. Sorry for this nurse girl.
    The Yu-V population is not ready (massively) to decide their fate and the fate of their country.
    These are stupid hard workers. They are even dumber than ours, an order of magnitude (even though there seems to be nowhere more).

    There is a lot of work ahead - to reach the swine consciousness of the majority.
    There is an opinion (and not only mine) that it would be better to reach through hunger.
    Concessions will stop - econom. collapse - hungry riots will blow the junta on this wave.
    In the meantime, they have a tight consciousness, like a well-fed pig.
    In any case, they are not "brothers". I am a Russian from Siberia. It is simply a degenerating mass.
    The best thing is to leave them alone in their country. We are not aggressors stop
    1. suvorov12312
      suvorov12312 4 May 2014 12: 03
    2. Iskander Khan
      Iskander Khan 4 May 2014 12: 20
      I would look at you if the pravoseki were unlimited in your city. They did not dabble like skins, but embodied the Sabbath of the absurd that is happening in Kev, Odessa and the Southeast. I would demand from my country to help you at least speak out. You are not forced to capture us. Just take control of the streets, like in Crimea. We will speak in a referendum and then put things in order. But we simply can’t get to the referendum.
      And in general, maybe the RSFSR did not help the BSSR and the Ukrainian SSR in 1941? You were not aggressors?
      1. Alfer
        Alfer 4 May 2014 14: 19
        Actually, at that time there was such a state as the Soviet Union. And I doubt that at that time someone would walk around the city with Akm. Or they would shoot or in the taiga with a saw Friendship 2 walked around. This is one. And the second .. How can I ask for help and at the same time just don’t do nikert by yourself. There are a lot of people. There are a lot of people. And several hundred are fighting in total. And the rest are sitting in holes. And they think. But Putin needs to be cleaned up here.
    3. Alfer
      Alfer 4 May 2014 12: 43
      I agree. They’re not brothers, it’s not worth going far into the past. Just remember how they ran to yell with joyful screeching at 91 to feed her .. they ran in my opinion to the finish line. And nobody really rebels in general. So, a few thousand and that’s all. And those who go into the woods, who have firewood. Slavyansk, Kramatorsk are bleeding and all around the leaders of that opposition are shaking the air and that’s all. Nobody came to the rescue. Yes, and in my opinion there’s half, if not more, of Kiev. Just it’s so convenient. So, you’ll look and blow it over. Or, as a matter of principle, I’m lying in a dirty puddle and you don’t touch me. Because it’s my puddle. And those who shout fright against Kiev, help. You’ve saved the Crimea. So, let me. .In Crimea, as if there was a unity of views. 95% said that they were Russian and want to be with Russia. And you? What? Half for Kiev. And the other half for scatter. Some shout for what they want in Russia. Others some Give federalization and that’s it. Still others don’t know what they want. And Putin has to rake it all up or something? You couldn’t do it for 23 years You have nothing to do with it, but Putin must do something. When you fled to the Maidan from Western Ukraine you were silent. When they smashed the floor of Kiev you were silent. This is not the case. When in Western Ukraine the army was arrogant and open in training camps, for some reason They were silent too. And your Yanukovych contributed to this. And here you were silent. It's not our business and that's it. And now, when they started to burn you, to kill those about whom you were silent, Putin should save you? Why are you guys? For all that Ukrainians themselves did, to Russia, and so they hung all the dogs.
  50. Iskander Khan
    Iskander Khan 4 May 2014 12: 12
    Quote: Wax
    In Crimea there were our Black Sea Fleet troops. And that changed the whole course of events there.

    Exactly. What would Crimeans do without green men on the streets? Would they all come out? In Crimea, they wouldn’t even have brought law enforcement officers. There were Tatars. If the isthmus was taken by the Ukrainian army.
    So I stay home and am going to go to work tomorrow. If I didn’t have a wife, daughter and a ghostly hope for a prosperous tomorrow, I would most likely be in the Regional State Administration. And there are lots of people like me. Kramotorsk and Slavyansk example. People do not give up, because they have even been deprived of the ghost of prosperity and are already waging war on their territory. When tanks enter my city and I have no choice but to become operational. Indeed, in Kramotorsk and Sloviansk, ALL the population is fighting against the Kiev troops. The war there is against Kiev, and not between the townspeople. We are one. The confrontation is conducted in the plane whether you decided to take the next step or are you still waiting for something. I wait. And the green men could help me decide to take the next step.
    1. Vlom
      Vlom 4 May 2014 16: 03
      Iskander - we do not blame you. This is just a solids constant for today. News comes every hour. Maybe - something will change.
      We - in Russia - worry about you all more than you yourself there, at home and - for yourself.
      As if you are our stupid children. Volunteers from us - they are already laying down lives for your prides and villages.