The situation in the south-east of Ukraine. Chronicle of events. 3 May

The situation in the south-east of Ukraine. Chronicle of events. 3 May

21: 25 MSK In Donetsk, anti-Maiden activists occupied the local headquarters of the Security Service and the investigative headquarters of the Security Service. According to the Internet publication Ostrov, the premises in which there was no security were occupied by people dressed in camouflage uniforms and armed with bats and fittings. The action involves several thousand people, the number of people is increasing. Activists hoisted the flag of the "Donetsk People's Republic" on the visor of the captured building of the UBSU.
In the city there are thousands of rally in memory of those killed in Odessa. People are anxiously waiting for the night: there is information that armored vehicles are coming to the capital of Donbass, obviously, in order to carry out a punitive operation there, reports Russia 24 TV channel.
20: 52 MSK The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry claims that citizens of Russia who allegedly took part in the riots in Odessa were detained in Ukraine.
According to the foreign ministry, "Ukrainian law enforcement agencies received confirmation of the participation of Russian citizens in provocations in Odessa on May 2." According to the version of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry, the detainees "are already testifying."
20: 55 MSK Oleg Tsarev Kharkiv Khatyn is preparing:

20: 32 MSK Odessa is brewing a new massacre:

20: 14 MSK People during a fire in the House of Trade Unions in Odessa died instantly due to the burning of an unknown substance, according to the Ukrainian news agency UNIAN.
"A lot of people died jumping from 4-5 floors of the building, the rest from carbon monoxide or burned ... I was at the scene and saw a large number of people who died. And it was obvious that they died suddenly, very quickly. That is, what kind of “A substance that released gas, and this gas very quickly affected people who lost consciousness and died on the spot,” said First Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine Vitaliy Yarema at a briefing in Odessa.
19.29 MSK The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine issued an official statement that the Trade Union House in Odessa was set on fire by activists who occupied the building. This is contrary to scenes from the scene and eyewitness reports.
At the same time, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine claims that "from the upper floors, the attackers began to inject incendiary bottles with civilians and fire at them from the firearms weapons. As a result of the attackers' use of Molotov cocktails, a fire broke out. From the upper floors, the fire spread to a large area. "

18: 50 MSK Ukrainian presidential candidate Yulia Tymoshenko called the burning of people in Odessa protection of administrative buildings, and the attack of the radicals on the Anti-Maidan camp as a peaceful demonstration. The politician also believes that Odessans were killed by saboteurs groups, and not by the radicals of the Right Sector.
“They (the dead - ed.) Have children, had their own lives, their own plans. All this was cut short by the fact that during a peaceful demonstration in support of the unity of Ukraine sabotage units were sent, who began to kill Odessans,” Tymoshenko said. which leads the press service of the party led by her "Batkivshchyna".

"We persevered and defended in Odessa, because the Odesa citizens began to pull themselves to help at the time when they began attacking the participants of the pro-Ukrainian procession, and were able to protect the administrative buildings," the politician said.

17: 56 MSK In Slavyansk, after the departure of the Organization of Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) military observers, clashes between radicals and supporters of federalization began. This was reported by the correspondent. ITAR-TASS representative of the self-defense forces in the city.
According to him, 15 people were killed in Slavyansk, only four of them were armed, and the rest of 11 were civilians. According to the assumptions of the militias, "representatives of the" Right Sector "could organize a provocation of the next military actions."
17: 56 MSK During the storming of the Ukrainian Kramatorsk, snipers killed two people, the city’s hospitals are overcrowded, Ilya Dolzhnytsky, an activist of people's self-defense, told Russia-24 TV channel.
17: 50 MSK Address of residents of Lugansk to residents of Donetsk 03 05 2014

17.30 MSKOleg Tsarev - Statement from the South-East of Ukraine

17.25 MSK Odessans blocked the building of the regional militia, demanding to punish those responsible for the deaths
Odessans blocked on Saturday the building of the regional police department. About a hundred and fifty demonstrators express outrage at the police’s inaction during the riots provoked by Right Sector activists and the so-called “Maidan’s self-defense” that led to the death of 46 people.
They demand the resignation of the Odessa governor, chanting "Nemirovsky - the murderer" and threatening to launch an assault on the building. In turn, the House of Trade Unions, which on Friday was set on fire by extremists, citizens all day carry flowers and candles in memory of the victims.
16: 08 MSK Kramatorsk self-defense forces keep only the central part of the city, the rest of the city is occupied by security forces controlled by Kiev, reports RIA News. Currently, shooting in the city has subsided, but the militia is preparing for a new assault on their positions.
15: 27 MSK The Security Service of Ukraine offered on Saturday a new version of the events in Odessa, accusing the former Vice-Premier of Ukraine Sergey Arbuzov and former Minister of Revenue and Fees Oleksandr Klymenko of organizing the unrest.
At the same time, on the eve of this, the authorities in Kiev proceeded from a different version - about involvement in the events of the FSB of Russia - which the Foreign Ministry of the Russian Federation called delusion and total lies.
"The provocations that took place on 2 in May in the city of Odessa and led to clashes and mass casualties among people occurred due to external interference and were financed by the former high-ranking government of Yanukovych, who are hiding in the neighboring state, Sergey Arbuzov and Alexander Klimenko," message.

15: 19 MSK ITAR-TASS. OSCE staff members detained in Slavyansk with the mediation of Vladimir Lukin arrived in Donetsk. This was reported by ITAR-TASS by one of the employees of Lukin.
“I am very happy to be free,” said German citizen Axel Schneider, who was among the detained military observers.
“Everyone arrived in Donetsk, they feel fine. We are grateful to the representatives of the Council of Europe for the assistance they have received,” he said.
In addition, an employee of Vladimir Lukin added that there were no other tasks for the presidential envoy except for the release of the OSCE staff and, as far as possible, Lukin intends to fly to Moscow.
15: 10 MSK Oleg Tsarev's statement on the events in Slavyansk and Kramatorsk

14: 49 MSK The head of the Antiterrorist Center, Vasily Krutov, said that the Ukrainian military controlled the external radius of Slavyansk and all highways leading to the city. He explained that 14 security forces checkpoints were installed around the city. According to Krutov, the law enforcement officers manage to "prevent the passage of sabotage groups towards the city, the movement of weapons and material resources," reports "Interfax".
The Slavyansk militia headquarters reports on active clashes around the city. As representatives of the people's self-defense say, it happens in the area of ​​the settlement of Druzhkovka. Unarmed residents of the city are attacked by radicals from the Right Sector and the National Guard men, reports Russia 24 channel.
14: 46 MSK Street battles are in the vicinity of Kramatorsk. Snipers are aimed fire from the upper floors of buildings. According to the headquarters of self-defense, there are dead and injured, reports channel Russia 24. The exact number of victims is still unknown.

Snipers, controlled by the Kiev authorities, occupied high-rise buildings and firing from there. The fighting takes place on the streets of the city, a special correspondent of the All-Russian State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company informs.
The fact that the Ukrainian security forces continue the operation in Kramatorsk, despite the resistance of the militia, was written on Facebook by the Acting Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Arsen Avakov. According to him, "there is a dense fire in the city."
14: 31 MSK The National Guard under armored vehicles entered the city of Kramatorsk, after the roadblocks broke through. There was shooting in several areas inside the city. Part of the technology got up near the airfield in Kramatorsk.

They say from the site: "The equipment went to the airfield and tried to storm the SBU, then moved towards the street of the 19 Party Congress. The center is still quiet, there is no technology, the Executive Committee is preparing to repel the attack, according to preliminary data from yesterday's 27 injured and 10 the dead. "

The National Guard under attackers tried to storm the building of the SBU. Citizens take to the streets, blocking equipment with shouts: "Glory to Donbass!", "Fascists!"
14: 13 MSK The people's governor of the Luhansk region, Valery Bolotov, made an official statement: a state of emergency and mobilization is being introduced in the Luhansk region, the Kiev authorities are declared the blood enemies of the people of Luhansk region. The Ukrainian TV channels are disconnected, the aim of the united army of the South-East is Kiev.

13: 27 MSK The militias are ready to exchange prisoners, said the people's mayor of Slavyansk
"We have to exchange prisoners for the members of the Right Sector, members of the fascist parties," he said. “If the junta wants to exchange them, then we are ready,” Ponomarev added. He also noted that the release of OSCE foreign observers was not an exchange, but unilaterally.

13: 24 MSK The supporters of federalization and the citizens of Odessa who sympathize with them threw off the flag of Ukraine, which was raised yesterday by extremists on the Kulikovo Field, and burned it.
A scuffle occurred during the removal of the flag - there were several people among those present who tried to prevent the activists. A fight ensued. No serious injuries. At the scene were police officers.
13: 11 MSK Activist: militia groups moved from the Crimea to help Slavyansk
"In Slavyansk, our guys are reporting that they are now reformatting, redeploying forces. We know that we have come to support the Crimea ... Two battalions of Crimean guys came out, which will join our struggle," the commissioner of the social-patriotic movement told RIA Novosti Eastern Front "Nikolay Solntsev.

According to him, the militia formed in the Crimea "are coming to our aid to fight fascism."
13: 08 MSK In Kramatorsk, in the district of the village of Belenkaya (Stankostroy), there is a battle at the checkpoint. This is reported by civilian journalists.
Shooting from large-caliber machine guns and cannons (presumably BMD) continues, tires are burning.
12: 50 MSK In the DNI creates a single popular resistance. General Mobilization Announced
In the Donetsk region in Ukraine, where on the eve of the authorities began to conduct a special operation with the use of aircraft and military equipment, mobilization was announced, a unanimous popular resistance is being created, Nikolai Solntsev, commissar of the Eastern Front political movement, told RIA Novosti.
“Donetsk is mobilizing today, full mobilization has been announced. Our security forces are ready for full-scale hostilities, ”he said.

Solntsev said that "people today are going to the square."
“Today we will mobilize people into a single popular resistance, so that every citizen of the city, so that every citizen of Donbass stands up as one for his freedom,” he noted.

12: 47 MSK The prosecutor said 46 killed in the riots in Odessa
INTERFAX.RU - During the riots in Odessa on Friday, 46 people died, the prosecutor of the Odessa region, Igor Borshulyak, told reporters on Saturday at a press conference.
Also, the head of the supervisory authority noted that law enforcement officers are now conducting operational investigative actions on a number of criminal proceedings, including the fact of official negligence of police officers. As part of criminal proceedings, 144 people were detained.
According to the Odessa City Council, as of 09: 00 on May 3, 214 people turned to Odessa hospitals. Of the 88 applicants, people were hospitalized, including one teenager 17 years old.
On Friday in Odessa mass riots and fights occurred between supporters and opponents of the Maidan overnight. They were followed by a fire in the House of Trade Unions, in which the majority of people died.
13: 03 MSK The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine declares that it took full control of the airport in the Ukrainian Kramatorsk and all roadblocks around the city, RIA Novosti reports.
13: 00 MSK A video message of self-defense fighters from Nikolaev appeared on Youtube.

12: 57 MSK Protesters gather at the Trade Union building in Odessa.

12: 55 MSK Citizen journalists report that shots are heard in Kramatorsk.

12: 32 MSK Odessa blood transfusion station said there was a shortage of donor blood, civilian journalists report.
12: 29 MSK In the Odessa region a battalion of the Storm patrol service is being created, the UNN reports with reference to the press service of the local police department of Ukraine.
Candidates for service in the battalion must have Ukrainian citizenship, experience serving in the Armed Forces of Ukraine or in other military formations, and have no criminal record. They must not be younger than 19 and older than 35.
12: 27 MSK The Kremlin called absurd the possibility of holding presidential elections in Ukraine against the background of increasing violence. This, according to the IA "Interfax", said presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov. “After what happened in Odessa, against the background of how the spiral of confrontation unwinds in the south-east of the country, we don’t understand what kind of elections they are talking about in Kiev, in European capitals and in Washington,” he told reporters on Saturday.
A spokesman for the Russian president said that neither Russia nor any other country can no longer affect the residents of south-eastern Ukraine, who feel threatened by their lives. For the bloodshed in Ukraine, Kiev and "its Western sponsors" are directly responsible.
11.46 MSK In Slavyansk, the OSCE observers captured on April 25 were released.
11: 39 MSK The leader of the Odessa Liberation Movement of Kulikovo Field, Yegor Kvasnyuk, is sure that after the Friday events in the city a “partisan” opposition to the armed militants will begin
11.34 MSK The Belarusian railway has changed the routes of its trains in the Kharkov-Donetsk section.
11.02 MSK 42 people died, 125 hospitalized as a result of a fire in the House of Trade Unions in Odessa. The head of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for the Odessa region, Petr Lutsyuk, was dismissed from his post, an official investigation was launched against him, the press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine said.
10: 25 MSK The militiamen in Slavyansk report the death of more than 10 civilians who blocked the Right Sector convoy at night.
"Last night, in the village of Andreevka (a suburb of Slavyansk), people came out to block the road to the column of the Right Sector, formed a living chain, but the soldiers of the Right Sector opened fire, causing more than 10 people to die,"
- said Interfax on Saturday by telephone to the “people's mayor” of Slavyansk Vyacheslav Ponomarev.
He reported that, as a result of the incident, still order 40 people were injured.
10: 17 MSK The head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, Arsen Avakov, announced the liquidation of two checkpoints near the Kramatorsk airport in the Donetsk region, Interfax reports. Nothing is known about the victims or the victims.
Avakov wrote about the liquidation of two roadblocks in his Facebook.
9.20 MSK China is "concerned about the situation in Ukraine" and calls on the parties to the conflict to "maintain composure and restraint."
08: 04 MSK Force operation in Kramatorsk continued at dawn - Avakov
Divisions of the Ukrainian law enforcement agencies beat off a television tower in Kramatorsk, Donetsk region, from supporters of federalization on Saturday night, Interior Minister Arsen Avakov said.
“The operation was carried out by the National Guard and the soldiers. The active phase of the operation continued at dawn. We are not stopping,” the minister wrote on his Facebook page on Saturday morning.
6.22 MSK In the UN Security Council blocked the initiative to support the Geneva agreements on Ukraine.
5.02 MSK Churkin: Russia is shocked by the complacency of the West in relation to the actions of the Kiev authorities.
1.45 MSK Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation: историяthat "the separatists received weapons from the FSB" - a lie.
00.43 MSK Media: Ukrainian security officials began storming in Kramatorsk, there are wounded, television reports
00.35 MSK Co-chairman of the "Donetsk People's Republic": the date of the referendum on sovereignty does not change.
00.27 MSK The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation: the death of people in Odessa is a manifestation of the criminal irresponsibility of the Kiev authorities. So the Russian Foreign Ministry responded to the arson attack by the militants of the Right Sector of the trade unions house, which killed 38 people.
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