Military Review

The art of modeling as a reflection of our history

"Memory is a copper plate covered with letters that are time
imperceptibly smoothes, if sometimes they are not renewed with a chisel. ”

Locke D.

In this small article I would like to slightly move away from the current events that have swept the world and Russia, and to draw your attention to the skill and talent of people who create "small" masterpieces, but at the same time perform an enormous role, instilling an interest and love for the army, military technology stories and motherland.

Assembling models and dioramas is not an easy task, as it seems at first glance. Take, for example, the simplest model (of course, among modellers) - our tank-winner T-34, caught in a difficult situation when crossing the water section. How accurately conveyed the color scheme of armored vehicles, the items needed for a simple life, the same bucket or cable, the presence of dirt or metallic luster of tracks that just drove through the water, and even just a hand-drawn number. All this is painstaking and hard work, but as a result, it gives realism, when iron looks like real plastic.

In creating dioramas or vignettes, naturally, more skill and skill is required, because it is necessary not only to depict equipment and people, but at the same time to observe all the smallest details of the uniform of clothes, weapons, coloring of military equipment and the period of this episode with historical and temporal accuracy and, most importantly, to convey the emotions of the moment depicted in order to create a sense of the reality of what is happening.

A small episode with the eloquent title "Ice Cream Meat", made by a girl!

The art of modeling as a reflection of our history

Diorama, the name of which, and the action too, echoes (well, I didn’t want about politics) with the current situation in Ukraine: “Ghouls. New order”

A terrible and shrill diorama of the beginning of the Sokoliki war.

The magnificent performance of the soldiers' everyday life "Heated Dinner"

Simply amazing job of sheltering our fighters from enemy aviation fire "Donskaya Balka"

Realistic moment of the battle of Stalingrad with the beautiful, but terrible name "Angels of death"

The tragic and painful story "Mother"

But then a happy occasion: "It's good when the projectile is in the engine, the car of the khan, and the crew is alive!"

Attack, terrifying the enemy: "Penal battalions are entering the breach"

"Battle of the Dnieper". Well, where do without her, brotherly and dear

Picture, pleasing the eye: "Medicine for blitzkrieg"

And the victorious outstanding diorama, ingeniously performed from two sides: "From Stalingrad to Berlin"

And this is from the recent past: "Afgan, firing point"

Establishing constitutional order: "Prisoner of the Caucasus"

Impassable mud and fatigue: "In war as in war"

Peace Enforcement Operation: "August 8"

Well, in conclusion - about the beautiful predator "Tiger", who began to live on the Russian land, peacefully serving with polite people.

Thanks to everyone who does such a wonderful job! Good luck to them in the works and more wonderful works!

And everyone who liked this topic and had a desire to do this is not easy, but interesting activity - the most important thing is patience! Everything will work out. And the next time people will admire your work.
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  1. Fitter65
    Fitter65 13 May 2014 07: 57
    Modeling simply forces you to study history. Even if you just want to color the model, you need to know during which period this type of technique was used, what colors were at that time, how the identification marks of that period looked, and so on. Therefore, it is not uncommon that people who engage in modeling They know history very well. I have been doing this wonderful business for almost 35 years.
    1. Stas57
      Stas57 13 May 2014 09: 18
      Modeling simply forces you to study history. Indeed, just to paint a model, you need to know in which period this type of technique was used, what colors were at that time, how the identification marks of that period looked, and so on and so forth.

      exactly, absolutely correct remark
    2. Very smart
      Very smart 13 May 2014 14: 38
      Modeling has a positive effect on health. An acquaintance of mine is fond of tank models. He made a whole bunch of them. I asked him how his wife feels about the fact that the whole house is filled with models. He replied that his wife tried to stop modeling, but he told her: "Though I will stop tomorrow, but I will immediately start drinking!" I won unconditionally !!! Glues the models further, sober and healthy. And so I would have drunk myself! smile
  2. wanderer_032
    wanderer_032 13 May 2014 08: 35
    I liked the work. All. Good photo story. good
    1. Al_lexx
      Al_lexx 13 May 2014 22: 59
      Thank you so much for this positive. In his youth he was fond of aircraft modeling. Directly surged ...

      Quote: wanderer_032
      I liked the work. All. Good photo story. good

  3. Prapor Afonya
    Prapor Afonya 13 May 2014 08: 53
    Cool! Whoever is interested in this topic (not as an advertisement), go to the site "box"!
  4. Dragon-y
    Dragon-y 13 May 2014 09: 00
    Such dioramas need to be exhibited in museums ... so that more people see.
    Well, or advertise the site wider. "To be remembered! .."
  5. da Vinci
    da Vinci 13 May 2014 09: 06
    The level and quality of the models is no worse than for the shooting of art or cartoons.
  6. Jin
    Jin 13 May 2014 09: 10
    Thanks for the selection! I collect models myself ... but what I saw here ... well, maybe people!
  7. Kars
    Kars 13 May 2014 09: 26
    Good work. I don’t know how to regret it.
  8. Artyom
    Artyom 13 May 2014 10: 25
    Military miniature, akin to artwork! Such things are done by people who are sick, who are good at such a thing! For one such miniature, the author should take up to several months! Well done!
    1. TurboSloN
      TurboSloN 13 May 2014 10: 40
      Sometimes years go by ...
  9. Vitaly Anisimov
    Vitaly Anisimov 13 May 2014 10: 30
    How the mood is conveyed .. Class! Thanks, I looked with pleasure ..
  10. TurboSloN
    TurboSloN 13 May 2014 10: 39
    Everything is done perfectly! The details are the most important in modeling, I am a beginner modeler (only 3 models, now the 4th T-90), but you are right, to assemble a diorama you need to know the history, technology and see everything for the future very well. I respect all those who creates such masterpieces!
  11. Support
    Support 13 May 2014 11: 13
    Awesome! I, like many, are fond of the same, only in aviation. Now I have assembled jet planes of the USSR and the Russian Federation, I plan to start from the sources to jet (domestic aviation) and then armored vehicles. But the scenes shown are aerobatics. Thank you for the pleasure and memory of those who died and survived in the Second World War and after.
  12. Gray 43
    Gray 43 13 May 2014 11: 14
    Great !!!!! It’s immediately obvious that caring people are engaged in this. I was assembling models in a circle at the Pioneer House, now I remember the past, again hooked and doing, in my spare time. It’s a pity that now it’s not so massive, the attitude of others has changed, now this hobby is considered an eccentricity
  13. larsky1
    larsky1 13 May 2014 12: 24
  14. Aleks tv
    Aleks tv 13 May 2014 12: 28
    Since childhood, fond of modeling.
    I was surprised to learn that this is the lot - serious and adult uncles))).

    But I am a simple lover. Even the airbrush is not fully mastered in the matter of quality painting.
    And in the photo in this article - dioramas ... just masterpieces of history.

    Thanks to the masters and the author of the article for the wonderful selection.
    1. 52
      52 13 May 2014 14: 24
      Learn, Indian! A modeller without an airbrush is like a fighter without a weapon! May MHOBBIE, "karopka", and the site of modelers of your region be with you! And do not forget to look at "Scale Models"! Although I myself, unlike my wife, do not like dioramas, and I like dinosaurs as a sideline, but in the 35th scale BTT I honestly admit that there is nothing to do without an airbrush. And it is not necessary to take the expensive one, I still work with the old Novolukoml and the compressor from the trophy refrigerator, and nothing, I even exhibit from time to time.
      1. Aleks tv
        Aleks tv 13 May 2014 15: 10
        Quote: 52gim
        Learn, Native American! Modeller without an airbrush, like a fighter without a weapon!

        Gennady - time ... to give another piece of time gave.
        And then you’ll start to make something - you’ll get the hell off until you slap it.

        By the way, how is the "beautiful Chita" doing?
        Is the zucchini at the railway station still alive?
        Oh, there was a time - they hung there before scattering into the garrison of ZABVO ...
        1. 52
          52 13 May 2014 16: 04
          Lives. It is being built in depth, that is, in the center of the building, e-May, on the KSK within normal limits, in other areas in different ways. The model club lives little by little, even the site is toiling, but as for the tavern at the Station, if you mean the tavern in the Railway Station building, then this bespontovo-expensive sharaga lives, damn it, Russian Railways! And if about "Topolka" - then he rest in peace, there are already other buildings! "Helicopter" is alive and well - every day the modernized MI-24 in the sky, and the "eights" are not uncommon. The airport is flourishing, tank repair and arz-88 are working, there are sports teams in autocross. The machine plant is dead, as is the machine tool plant. Well, as elsewhere, oh ... a lot of "bottles" and Supermarketoff. But one thing pleases - there are no McDonald's and will not be in perspective - "posture" rule, and Buryat fast food will always be in demand (such as: poses, buhuler, sharbins, zhish-gal-mash, Mongolian tea).
          But find time for art, I myself do not do it every month, however, this drug requires a constant dose! laughing
          1. Aleks tv
            Aleks tv 13 May 2014 17: 22
            Quote: 52gim
            tank repair

            Atamanovka ...
            Quote: 52gim
            "posture" rule


            Gennady - thanks for the info ...
            Come on, slap Tarasunchik there in the evening, and with Cookies ’morning

            And we will master the airbrush, it will not go anywhere.
      2. Fitter65
        Fitter65 14 May 2014 11: 08
        Well, frankly, the good old Novolukoml past century, although I have it in my drawer, it’s just like a memory. It’s not at that level, and it has more and more disadvantages compared to modern ones, by the way, too.
  15. Jager
    Jager 13 May 2014 13: 45
    He was engaged in modeling, built dioramas. But for about 4 years I did not pick up a brush and glue with a model knife. So lies the T-28, which is still not fully built until the end, a rare and expensive model for today. But you have to do it! Then lay out the result in)
  16. Yellow white
    Yellow white 13 May 2014 16: 07
    I myself remember how glued planes and tanks, oh, there’s not enough time, Oh, I’m sitting, I pick up drool ... beautiful !!!
  17. vinik1996
    vinik1996 13 May 2014 16: 08
    Thanks to everyone who does such a wonderful job! Good luck to them in the works and more wonderful works!

    You're welcome wink and thanks repeat
  18. ivanovbg
    ivanovbg 13 May 2014 16: 23
    Very nice models. I just bought the SR-71A, but when I start collecting another question.
  19. doc62
    doc62 13 May 2014 19: 36
    beautiful ... impresses
  20. denis90
    denis90 13 May 2014 20: 11
    I’m very beautiful. I can’t look at the pictures for a long time, but it makes me stare.
  21. Kombrig
    Kombrig 13 May 2014 20: 26
  22. boozer
    boozer 13 May 2014 21: 02
    Very helpful article. Thank. I myself am modeling BTT, I prefer a scale of 1:35. Mostly technology period 1930-1945, the USSR. In general, you will find out so much useful, this is history, photo archives, I’ve shoveled so much literature, this is artistic chemistry (primers, paints, pigments), various tools.
  23. dFG
    dFG 13 May 2014 21: 30
    I wonder who managed to put a minus ?? really our Khokhlovsk "friends"? that tiger and polite people are not to your taste? )) well bear with it))))
  24. Argon
    Argon 13 May 2014 21: 35
    In general, I am a fairly knowledgeable person in the field of stand modeling, and in matters of building dioramas, I want to note that almost each of the presented works has its own flavor, for example, smoke in trenches, water surface, combining real objects with photographs, etc. I am one of the fans of "minimalism" when, when building a diorama, real goals are set for imitation and then brilliantly realized. From this point of view, I was simply shocked by the work - "Donskaya Balka", a little photoshep, the correct angle and from the photo of the Second World War cannot be distinguished. article plus, I would like this topic to be raised on our website more often.
  25. mithridate
    mithridate 14 May 2014 15: 45
    the work is impressive. Such would really be in museums!
  26. Orenburg
    Orenburg 17 June 2014 22: 38
    By the way, for the museum we did
  27. Volga Cossack
    Volga Cossack 25 February 2015 23: 15
    beautiful and very. right art!