Kurginyan: The threat of liberal revenge continues

Kurginyan: The threat of liberal revenge continues

"JOURNALISTIC TRUTH". Sergey Yervandovich, the first question is related to your transformation. You have been engaged in art and theater for more than twenty years, you were a well-known political expert - and suddenly such a breakthrough into the field of open public policy, the Essence of Time social-political movement, red columns on the March 15 rally. All this, on the one hand, is impressive, on the other - surprising, and on the third, it causes reproaches in the “political theater” or in “theatrical politics”. How is your transformation, this transformation seen by you from the inside?

Sergey KURGINYAN. Maybe it was someone who saw it as a transfiguration. But I always perceived what was happening as a combination of the game and stories. At the same time, the story that I understand as the movement of peoples ignited by a high ideal is for me the only thing that justifies the existence of humanity. And the game is what the elites do in the absence of a high fiery ideal and a popular movement based on the love of this ideal. Playing in this sense is not a blessing for me. But often it is a necessary evil. There is no fire ... Other people's elites are playing a game, which is fraught with the death of your state ... We must conduct counterplay ... And this is impossible if you do not understand the logic of the game, the nature of the game and so on. I have never considered myself as an expert or theorist, but always tried to somehow influence the decisions made - through the theater, through club activities, which I began to actively develop after the impoverishment of history, which caused the shooting of the Supreme Council House in 1993. And finally, through the publication of articles that have always devoted to the comprehension of history, the comprehension of the game, the simulation of counterplay, the awareness of the nature of the connections between the game and the historical beginning. I have always been doing just that. First of all - in the newspaper "Tomorrow" by Prokhanov, to whom I am obliged to become a public figure in some way, and I never forget it even in our very ungrateful century. And for all these years, several times I experienced the sharpest pain of the fact that, figuratively speaking, the story itself, and I myself ... Crowds of people, inspired by their understanding of the good, walk down the street, and you look at it from your windows Cabinet, analyze what game and how it is inscribed. And you ask yourself: “Is that all you can?” It was the same in 1991, and in 1993, when the defenders of the House of Soviets walked under my windows to Ostankino. I explained to their leaders in detail why the House of Soviets should become a point in the world, what a critical mass of those who resist, why it is impossible to attack the enemy first by shedding blood. I explained what should not be done and what should be done. I explained that the switch of the telecentre is in a completely different place, that the procession should be peaceful, with flags and icons, in a completely different direction - nobody listened and did not want to listen. In response, some strange barkashovtsy brought me out of the House of the Soviets on someone's orders. After that, the leaders began to do the exact opposite of what I insisted on, obeying the logic of another's game imposed on them. And inscribing history into this alien logic. And here I stand - I see how this happens, and I feel my helplessness. Total play provocation won. The historical energy of the masses very skillfully and quickly leaked to the bottom. And it was completely clear who was behind it. After such a counter-historical discharge, the story either fell asleep or died. The era of omnipotence of the game, the era of special operations and special services began. Then I created the Club “Substantial Unity” and started the game with the elites, knowing full well the brilliance and poverty of this game. Since I became the head of a serious analytical center that built relations with the UN, with other Russian, foreign and international structures, someone listened to me somehow, invited me to television from time to time, and so on. And then it so happened that literally out of the blue, the project “Court of Time” was born out of nothing, which was suggested by Natalya Petrovna Nikonova. She had just left Ernst, who had been her deputy for several years, on Channel Five. And immediately began to think how to create a super-successful project on it.

Yes, for whom - the show, and for whom - and a miracle. Jesus Christ also had a mission and, for example, His miracles with the breaking of breads, or with public healings of the hopelessly sick, or with the resurrection of the dead, can also be interpreted as a “show” from a certain point of view. And how did Nikolay Svanidze become your opponent?

Nikonov also offered him: “And if there is Svanidze, will you agree?” I have a lot of fun when they say that “The Court of Time” is a project of Svanidze or a project of the Kremlin. This is from beginning to end the project of Natalia Petrovna Nikonova. Nikonov firmly decided that I and Mlechin would be engaged in controversy, but I wanted to negotiate about the figure of the moderator. And I chose moderators in case I refused Svanidze. But I agreed. Since he understood that it would be harder though, but more significant if successful. But only success was needed, and a crushing one. I immediately warned Nikonov that I did not present myself, but a certain idea, and therefore I work before the first defeat - defeat will compromise not me, but the idea that I represent. And suddenly it turned out that 88-89% of viewers support this idea ... It was a shock for everyone. For some - professional, for others - ideological.

And then?

And then Nikonov went to Channel Two. And soon she organized a second project there - “The Historical Process”, where Svanidze and I argued without an intermediary. In a break between two television projects, I decided on the Internet project “The Essence of Time”, which turned out to be unexpectedly extremely successful. And the “Historical process” soon faced a new truly historical situation that arose after an eighteen-year hiatus. Again, the mass of people on the streets ... Again, passions are boiling over certain ideals ... The “historical process” could either die or become part of these historical street actions. He became part of these actions. Svanidze lost - even more crushingly than Mlechin. I managed to accomplish what I swore to myself in 1993. I became part of a new historical flow. This stream, thanks to the movement “The Essence of Time”, was able to subordinate to the will of the majority and to send in a constructive, not destructive direction. Then the question arose: how long? I heard all the right words about our history from the TV screen and were heard by the country. I won with a dry score - more than sixty. Continue - then it turns out that this is really just a show. That everything in the country is changing, except for the battles between Svanidze and Kurginyan. And most importantly - the awakening of history. In the country, after a long break, it again smelled the real politics and energies of large human masses. And I am convinced that the TV programs “The Court of Time” and “The Historical Process” played their part here. And most importantly - the Internet program "The Essence of Time" and the movement created on its basis.

Do you associate the awakening of history with the Swamp area?

Yes. After all, I felt that the Kremlin “The Court of Time”, where there were very liberal people in 2010-2011, allows for a reason to exist. I realized that the idea of ​​social justice and - more broadly - the “red idea” is needed by someone for purely playful use, and especially destructive. I had to, according to the players' plans, podraskach red passions and move aside, transferring the energy of the masses to Zyuganov, who would lead this energy to the Swamp area. Realizing that this is a game and realizing that there is little counterplay, I used some kind of historical potential. And on the principle of anti-show. It was on this principle that the “Essence of Time” online program was founded, to which not hundreds of people were drawn, but tens of thousands.
I love it when the names change a little, thus emphasizing continuity. So, the "Court of Time" is closed, let it be "The Essence of Time." My son-in-law was filming my first speech with a direct camera: a talking head, nothing more. And we waited for the club site instead of the usual 150-200 people to be 600-700, an increase in 4 times, very good numbers. But when in the first days there were 25 thousands of visits, I felt that something had happened in society. People wanted to understand what was wrong with them and where to go next. It was March 2011. Then I made the most courageous step in my life - I invited my viewers to record in the virtual club “The Essence of Time”. For a month, thousands of 30 enrolled. And then I invited them to gather in the cells in real life and participate in a sociological survey on the topic: “Are you for or against de-Stalinization in Russia?” And people brought tens of thousands of completed questionnaires, collected them by neighbors, friends, by train, anywhere. And it became clear that this is no longer a fan club named after Sergey Kurginyan, this is something fundamentally different, some kind of unrecognized, “not caught” opportunity to leave the alien gaming scenario. And then a new TV program “The Historical Process” appeared, which Natalia Petrovna Nikonova created on Channel Two. In my opinion, there has never been anything so complicated in world television representing different points of view. The show went on the air when I opened the first school of the movement Essence of Time in the town of Khvalynsk in the summer of 2011. More 300 people gathered at the school. They boiled, rustled, argued. I tried to somehow influence this protopolitical broth filled with different energies. The broth was humanly very promising, ready to exit from the protopolitical stage. But how do you organize this exit? It was clear that this should be ensured a) ideologically, b) staffing. Being aware of the special importance of the personnel moment, I completely reoriented my entire center to this school. We did nothing else. I waited for the return of the story. I knew she would be back in the late fall. And that it would be shameful not to prepare for this return.

Preparing sleighs in summer, knowing that winter will come?

Yes. Before 7 in November 2011, members of The Essence of Time approached me and said: “We want to hold a mini-rally. You do not mind? ”Coming to the metro station“ Street 1905 of the Year ”, I saw on the square people 300 members of the movement“ The Essence of Time ”. For starters, it was quite good. And here I thought: “The liberals want me to actually transfer the people's energy into their hands. But here it is, the people's energy. Why should we hand her over to strangers — unconditionally dirty hands? ”Then I already understood that liberal elite Kremlin players didn’t want Zyuganov to defeat Putin in the 2012 election. Their calculation was to declare the elections rigged, fitting as much of the social protest population as possible under this slogan, including under red flags. And to make it so that the one who did not participate in the elections passed for the presidency. And when, after the elections to the State Duma, a protest rally was announced “for fair elections,” I immediately announced a counter-rally on the Sparrow Hills. And worn on different parties and public organizations, agreeing on their participation. It came about 4 thousand people. At the Swamp, thousands of 25-30 gathered then, but in terms of energy, we were not even more efficient than them, it was all so hot. And we symbolically burned the white ribbon, said “No!” To this “snow revolution”, which was conceived in very high offices both in Russia and abroad. After that, politicians, businessmen, and anyone else came to me. As a result, on Poklonnaya Hill, we gathered about 150 thousands of people. They say that the bureaucracy brought them from Lyuberets and other places. First, in Lyubertsy there is not only bureaucracy. Secondly, if 150 thousands of people arrived by bus, then 3 thousand buses would be needed. Can you imagine such a number? Moscow would have stood tightly. Poklonnaya mountain - a project of the Kremlin? Is full The President of Russia said after the Poklonnaya Hill, and it’s very heartfelt that you won’t collect 150 thousands on the administrative resource. Everybody understood this - both Kremlin specialists and “swamp oppositionists”. I was one of the leading rally. The second lead was Shevchenko. Everyone was waiting for Zyuganov to come. He promised to come and did not come. Opening the rally, I said that I was opposed to Putin’s policies, but I consider it necessary to gather all the patriotic forces for a rally in order to prevent an orange coup. I knew that such a statement was, to put it mildly, not without a miss. But history is a thing that can work wonders with those who are significantly involved in its actions. My involvement in this action led to the fact that I somehow realized and felt: several thousand young people who came to Sparrow Hills and launched an anti-orange street mechanism that gave rise to Poklonnaya Hill are my destiny.

An outside observer after the rally on Poklonnaya Hill, after the presidential election, could get the impression that you were moving somewhere aside. Is this true, and if so, why?

No, it's just that our primary political goal has been achieved, the “swamp project” has failed. As for the Essence of Time itself, she needed time to get formalized. And there was a need for a new large-scale goal, commensurate with the “Essence of Time” bid for changing the global vector. This goal was to protect the traditional values ​​of society, including the fight against juvenile justice. And when it came to the possibility of exporting “Maidan” to Russia, we marched through the streets of Moscow in red columns, so that everyone would know that there would not be a repetition of the Ukrainian version.

Sergey Yervandovich, and how do you think the Ukrainian events in Russia respond in general, what prospects did the “fifth column” have in connection with the coming to power of the “Maidan” junta? How do these processes threaten today the socio-political stability in our country?

I know perfectly well how closely Russia and Ukraine are. What happens in Ukraine comes to us after a while. And vice versa. The actions of the “swamp opposition” in the winter of 2011-2012 did not turn into the Russian Maidan only because we quickly managed to organize massive “anti-boggy” performances, much larger in scale and energy than opposition rallies. And if those people from the south-eastern regions of Ukraine, who are now taking office buildings, could go to Kiev, if there were someone to organize and direct them, there would be no “victory of Maidan” in Ukraine. And today it is, and this is a considerable problem for Russia. After all, there were more than a thousand Russians on the Maidan, who have now returned here. They did not hide their plans: if they start there, they will continue here. Of course, after the reunification of the Crimea, which I consider Putin’s great historical merit, because for the first time in 23, Russia has gained shame and not lost something - the support of Russian liberoids from our society has fallen, if I may say so, below the baseboard. And it has removed many problems from us. But the threat of liberal revenge in Russia remains, and it should not be overlooked.

Thank you so much for this conversation, we hope for the cooperation “Essence of Time” with our newspaper.
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  1. +24
    2 May 2014 12: 40
    I agree with Kurginyan, the threat remains. And he correctly said ... the infectious Russians who were on the Maidan to return home. And they will gradually rot and infect around some of the same ... So, the government should use today's unity of the people to eradicate this infection. The disease must be prevented, not treated ... The treatment is much more painful, as Ukraine has shown.
    1. +11
      2 May 2014 12: 55
      Deadly enemies are standing at our door.
      "Let the superfluous die out!" - now they have a motto.
      You don't have to believe in "crying" liberal about the country!
      Well-being recipes are just a myth!
      1. +9
        2 May 2014 13: 01
        Quote: ya.seliwerstov2013
        Deadly enemies are standing at our door.

        This is a normal state ... Habitual. Only they do not stand at the door, they are, as always, in the bushes. Well, so what? Great-grandfather beat, their great-grandfather beat, father beat, father, we beat, our children beat ... Well, why should the grandchildren be left behind? In a week we’ll leave for the rest who are left, but with military awards ...
    2. +11
      2 May 2014 13: 09
      Kurginyan is unlikely to visit our site, but I want to say: Sergey Ervandovich, I am always pleased to watch and listen to you, joyfully to realize that there are still people with a passionate heart who can convey the truth to people. hi
    3. +10
      2 May 2014 13: 36
      Quote: domokl
      I agree with Kurginyan, the threat remains. And he said correctly ... the infectious Russians who were on the Maidan to return home

      If the liberals come to power, then we will see a repetition of the situation of the nineties, only in a worsened version. Because all resources will again be pumped to the United States to support its crumbling economy. What we are observing now in Ukraine.

      Let's remember: ten years ago we lived poorly here, and they lived well there. Time has passed. And we began to live better, and they are worse. Why? Because the Russian government has changed the rules of the game. And now a significant part of the funds has stopped going abroad. That is the reason that they began to experience serious economic difficulties. They need to go back there, in the early nineties, when we had nothing, and they had everything. After all, the global economy is connected vessels. If somewhere has disappeared (and we really see it), then somewhere has arrived. And vice versa - for it to arrive there in the West, where the economy is now bursting at the seams, somewhere must decrease. This is the first reason today's attempt by the United States and its allies to rock the situation in Russia.

      N.Starikov What is the danger of “liberal revenge"? on the blog of March 11.03.2012, XNUMX

      1. +4
        2 May 2014 16: 47
    4. +2
      2 May 2014 14: 34
      Quote: domokl
      .Treatment is much more painful, as Ukraine has shown.

      Treatment is vital! A radical revision of the results of privatization is needed. Only in this way, almost painlessly, can we get rid of oligarchic capitalism, which is destructive for Russia. (Do not believe the horror stories about the civil war! Only the highest paid bulls from the personal guard of the oligarchs will go to fight for them for the time being. Ask yourself the question: are you ready to give your life for "honestly" Abramovich, Prokhorov, Gusinsky ... acquired?) But this article is about something else, somewhat, but closely related, - about a change in the consciousness of a significant part of the once united people. About the success of anti-Russian, anti-Russian propaganda more precisely. And the reason # 1 is the notorious privatization. Even capitalist Europe did not expect such a deafening result of "turning the state towards humanitarian values"! A superpower possessing untold wealth instantly turned into a country with the poorest in Europe, the absolute majority of uncomplaining citizens (perhaps, only - to compete with Albania ...) and the largest crowd of billionaires! That is why it is so easy to believe, even the Ukrainians, in the tales of Russian stupid slaves who are ready to commit any atrocities at the behest of their billionaire bandits (believe me, no one in Europe believes in what they have honestly acquired!). I repeat: an honestly carried out nominal privatization would have left the Balts in a single state. Domokl gave an example in one of his comments: Somehow I watched an interesting record of a conversation between a policeman and protesters in Sevastopol. It doesn’t matter what the rallies were for, it’s important that they said. And the words literally sounded like this ... there was an answer to the words about the administrative violation - Sevastopol is a Russian city, but not Russian. Believe me, the origins of this are that in the early nineties something similar happened to what is happening now in Ukraine - a coup d'état inspired by the Anglo-Saxon-Semites in order to destroy this state, and SUCH privatization was part of it.
      1. 0
        2 May 2014 16: 23
        Nevertheless, it is necessary to consider the results of the privatization of the 90s in the dynamics of development. That is, P. is not only an accomplished unshakable criminal redistribution, but more as a difficult but necessary beginning to develop the process of technological modernization of the country's economy. During P., they distributed the initial capital for start-up businessmen (and where else was it to be taken?). The smartest ones made billions, but subsequently they either began to raise regions of the country for these capitals from devastation (their names are by ear), or removed others from the country, or shot them off. Obviously, the process is under control and far from over; and Thank God, the positive results in the development of the economy and society are obvious.
      2. Tartar
        2 May 2014 18: 13
        Quote: 1812 1945
        ... a coup d'état inspired by the Anglo-Saxon-Semites in order to destroy this state, and SUCH privatization was part of it.

        Not just an inspired coup, but one of the operations during the Cold War that the USSR lost (thanks in large part to the paternalism of citizens). The Bialowieza Agreement is an act of surrender, and voting for the 1993 constitution is a recognition of the loss of sovereignty. Well, as they say, lost - pay. SUCH privatization in this case is trophies, indemnity (everything is logical). We also imposed a reparation on us in the form of linking the ruble mass to the dollar mass (at least).
      3. +2
        2 May 2014 19: 16
        Treatment is vital! A radical review of privatization results is needed. Only in this way can we, almost painlessly, get rid of the oligarchic capitalism that is fatal to Russia.
        Absolutely agree! Deprevatization, that is, the nationalization of land, resources, heavy, manufacturing and processing industries, the banking sector and the financial credit system, the return to the state of a monopoly on foreign trade and foreign exchange operations. The article does not say a word about it, because like all pseudo-patriots, such as Starikov, Rogozin, Fedorov, Kurginyan, they repeat the same thing, it is necessary to unite around the authorities, but not a word about the authorities. About the fact that the government itself supports liberal values, primarily in the economy, not a word. Pseudo-patriots on all media channels, and the real patriots are officers Kvachkov and Khabarov in prison.
      4. dmb
        2 May 2014 19: 45
        Holy simplicity. The answer about the number of "defenders of the oligarchs" see immediately in the next comment. And then there is Sour Mister, and there are tens of thousands of security guards at Gazprom, Rosneft, Lukoil. This is not an "army against the people". They are mercenaries. And the worst thing is that the bulk of the population (and not the people) at this time will be concerned only with filming everything on a mobile phone and quickly putting it on the Web. At the same time, he deeply does not care who will win. When the population becomes a people, then the revision of privatization will be possible. And it will definitely become one, for this is the essence of capitalism. The capitalists, unwittingly, are doing much more to return to socialism than Zyuganov and his entire CPRF.
    5. 0
      2 May 2014 15: 14
      Correct: contagious Russians. There were not only Russians there! By the way, those who were in Syria, in Afghanistan and also not with laurel branches return home to Russia. We have never been good at preventing the "disease" of society. We even skip the stage of "therapy". We all expect that everything by itself, by some miracle, will "resolve". And we always bring the matter to an urgent surgical intervention. We cut - we cut ... With fountains of blood, pools of pus and the subsequent coma. To the ground, and then ... Ukraine will show something else. % amerikoskih "lard" there vbuhali not in vain!
  2. +6
    2 May 2014 12: 44
    There is no threat. Liberasty, just !!! st, Nazis. Everyone already sees what will happen to the country. And, if they are (I'm talking about brains), they are included. (Brains). There are no threats. If RNE starts to gather someone against Bendera, then everything is not so bad.
    1. +6
      2 May 2014 12: 54
      Even in the XNUMXth century, they noticed
      What distinguishes the Russian liberal from all others.
      He hates his Fatherland and marks
      To be its destroyer for the sake of other countries.
    2. +9
      2 May 2014 13: 04
      Quote: tanit
      There is no threat.

      And you have not seen the peace march recently? Have you forgotten all these Makarevichs, Kutikovs, Borovsk, Khodorkovskys? But they hold rallies, these same processions. And there are quite a lot of people ... Yes, they’ll twist the Bosko on the periphery, but and in Ukraine scum started up in the capital ...
      1. 0
        2 May 2014 13: 13
        Quote: domokl
        Have you not seen the world march recently? You forgot all these Makarevichs, cutikovy, borovy, Khodorkovsky
        1. +3
          2 May 2014 14: 05
          The comment disappeared, only one quote remained.
          Again, I am for the death penalty. And it's time to clean up all this gopot. Enough polites.
          How many people put these crapcrats, Stalin is a child against them.
      2. +2
        2 May 2014 13: 32
        These "friends" from the swamp, after each attack, one after another, must be imprisoned for several years, or DEPORTED, even in countries whose government is served "fighting" for "justice".
        1. +1
          2 May 2014 13: 55
          gold words.
        2. raf
          3 May 2014 00: 41
          or felling.
      3. 0
        2 May 2014 13: 56
        Dear Domocles, we need to know our enemies by sight, so it’s easier to fight them, and the most terrible enemy is the one who, from behind, quietly pushes people to rash actions, taking advantage of the weakness of sweetness and govar, beautiful words require worshiping someone else's idiology, and I’m ready to use it against the people weapon
        1. +2
          2 May 2014 14: 04
          Quote: sv68
          we need to know our enemies in person-

          But this is not a problem at all ... Turn on Ukrainian TV, our channels, such as Rain ... R. stations like Echo of Moscow and they will all tell us how Putin and the government are fooling us. lol Events in Ukraine in many ways tore the masks from our fifth column ...
        2. +3
          2 May 2014 14: 08
          Quote: sv68
          need to know your enemies in person

          And for me, if an enemy, then it should be a troupe.
          I don’t need to remember his face.
          A dead enemy will not shoot in the back and will not give offspring.
          Something like that. hi
      4. 0
        2 May 2014 19: 24
        Quote: domokl
        Quote: tanit
        There is no threat.

        Have you not seen the peace march recently? Have you forgotten all these Makarevichs, Kutikovs, Borovskys, Khodorkovskys? But they hold rallies, these same processions ...

        As they say, the circle of these revolutionaries is too narrow, they are too far from the people ...
        1. raf
          3 May 2014 00: 43
          the circle is narrow, but it hurts muddy water and the stench rises, and we have so many young people inspired and greedy for Western "values".
    3. +3
      2 May 2014 14: 43
      / tanit / quote: There is no threat.

      You are mistaken, dear, there is a threat, the fifth column (infection) is working tirelessly, but we are vigilant!
      1. +2
        2 May 2014 19: 45
        Quote: prishelec
        / tanit / quote: There is no threat.

        You are mistaken, dear, there is a threat, the fifth column (infection) is working tirelessly, but we are vigilant!

        There is a threat, but not with Bolotnaya, there are clowns - extras for the media and officially designated scarecrows.
        An exposed and open enemy is a half-defeated enemy. A true and more dangerous fifth column lurks in the silence of cabinets and is fluent in the art of mimicry and camouflage. It was these who destroyed the USSR, and it was from their midst that all the oligarchs (the most cunning), and the marsh ones (losers), came out.
  3. +6
    2 May 2014 12: 48
    the reunification of Crimea, which I consider Putin’s great historical merit, since for the first time in 23 years of shame Russia gained something, but did not lose, the support of Russian liberoids from our society fell, if I may say so, below the plinth. And this has removed a lot of problems from us. But the threat of liberal revenge in Russia remains, and it must not be overlooked.

    I agree ... counter-propaganda ... debunking the halos of "fighters" ... only this way and not otherwise. It is symbolically likely that the name Bolotnaya ... reflects the essence of this liberal movement.
    1. +10
      2 May 2014 13: 46
      The main thing that Russia acquired during its reunification with the Crimea is the respect of its own citizens. This, indeed, has not happened for a long time.
      Only a blind person or someone who has been paid for by state sponsors does not see this. It is very unpleasant that in the ranks of "fighters for justice" there are people whom I sincerely respected before.
  4. +4
    2 May 2014 12: 51
    From time immemorial Russia is between a rock and a hard place, hardening is nowhere stronger, and now the main task is to preserve the internal calmness of Russia, to suppress the "swamp Maidan" harshly in spite of the State Department officials, let them bark about "democracy". As for Ukraine, the "democrats" have their own choice done, there is no forgiveness for war crimes, the main criminals are known, in any case, the State Department will hold the answer to the people ...
  5. +12
    2 May 2014 13: 00
    People Eaters
    And the arsonists of war.
    Always enemies of the human race
    Apologists for Satan.
    Moneylenders and buggers
    And the destroyers of the basics.
    Bestial mutants
    World Devil Axis,
    Temporary workers and occupiers
    Patriotic Russia.
  6. +3
    2 May 2014 13: 01
    They won’t calm down until they ruin Russia, and they will not succeed in doing this. Therefore, the struggle will continue and in this struggle RUSSIANS will become stronger and in the end ... VICTORY will be ours !!!
    1. +2
      2 May 2014 13: 31
      While the descendants of the fallen in battle live
      There will be no circle of devilry!
      While Russia’s glory is not forgotten,
      Greatness is full of proud Russian spirit!
  7. Ivan 63
    2 May 2014 13: 08
    The whole history of Mankind comes down to the struggle, the struggle between Good and Evil. It has long been clear that the Absolute Evil is capitalism, which cannot exist without the exploitation of man by man at first, and then of the state by the state, a group of states, and finally the entire Planet. On the path to these goals is Russia - a difficult fate, but nothing else has been given and is not necessary.
    1. raf
      3 May 2014 00: 47
      I agree, STANDED, WORTH and will STAND !!! hi
  8. +7
    2 May 2014 13: 10
    In the Soviet Union, notorious liberals were expelled from the country, they can take over this experience, but also expel the fifth column from Russia, they still hate everything Russian.
    1. +1
      2 May 2014 14: 50
      / Giant + thoughts /

      It would be good!
  9. +2
    2 May 2014 13: 36
    There are still plenty of liberators trying to earn American green money by "fighting" for crap, especially in capitals!
  10. 0
    2 May 2014 13: 37
    If the Armenians really want to join us in the TS, then an act of goodwill on their part should be the elimination of Avakov by them.
  11. 0
    2 May 2014 13: 44
    Quote: Giant thought
    In the Soviet Union, notorious liberals were expelled from the country, they can take over this experience, but also expel the fifth column from Russia, they still hate everything Russian.

    In 91m they adopted the Constitution and it is impossible to expel them, and they are also deprived of their citizenship, they are such sufferers and dissidents No. Naturally, they also accepted
    If you seriously confront the Western countries without the purges of the traitors, I.V. Stalin at one time did everything right
  12. +1
    2 May 2014 13: 46
    Deadly enemies are standing at our door.

    They have been standing for a thousand years, when will They freeze?
    1. +1
      2 May 2014 14: 16
      When we freeze them! In the meantime, let it shiver from the cold too !!!
      And Kurginyan is just a lollipop! Very literate, educated, owns a lot of information and is always reasoned !!! Its only drawback is emotional. A little more composure and equal to him as now is not, and then there will not even be around ...!
  13. +4
    2 May 2014 13: 52
    Quote: Giant thought
    In the Soviet Union, notorious liberals were expelled from the country, they can take over this experience, but also expel the fifth column from Russia, they still hate everything Russian.

    What for? If it comes to this, then it is better to turn their energy to a good cause - there are enough construction projects in the country for everyone. Yes, and there is historical experience. But it will be very sad if you have to remember this experience.
    1. +1
      2 May 2014 13: 55
      Oh no no no. Then they will declare themselves innocently repressed and will demand material compensation.
  14. +1
    2 May 2014 14: 03
    patriotism and love for the motherland should be instilled in a person from childhood, the country should have its own clearly expressed ideology and not be allowed to impose other people's ideals, then we can hope that the fifth column will be suppressed in the bud
  15. Palych9999
    2 May 2014 14: 14
    Over the past 20 years, a lot has been lost in Russia on the patriotic education of youth.
    Even more - a failure in external propaganda (in the good sense of the word), primarily in the former republics of the USSR.
    There are no our cultural centers in these countries, no branches of our universities, no constant tours of our theaters, no active sites in the network, no other mass active "propaganda", etc.
    So we are reaping ...
    And I do not like Kurgunyan, because I DO NOT BELIEVE him.
  16. +4
    2 May 2014 14: 37
    Quote: Tulip
    Oh no no no. Then they will declare themselves innocently repressed and will demand material compensation.

    And where does the repression? This is a normal reeducation. If labor made a man out of a monkey, then ... And then the shovel is very similar to a guitar.
  17. -1
    2 May 2014 15: 04
    It is very funny when liberals call each other liberals. The actions of Kurginyan and others like him remind the plot of a good old Soviet cartoon: - Whoever praises me the best will get a sweet candy.
  18. 0
    2 May 2014 15: 06
    the fifth column must be publicly destroyed. Notably, only after a public rape on Red Square with broadcasting on central TV channels))))) Death through a spectacle tear for proponents of geyropization is the same as death for a Viking in battle))))) Viking gets to Valgalla, geyropizator gets to Geyropa - Paradise for homosexuals and Westerners)))
  19. +2
    2 May 2014 15: 51
    For reference, Liber is the god of permissiveness and the patron saint of homosexuals. Now about the essence of the matter. Everyone is now bonfires of the liberals. But Putin, in his last message, reaffirmed his commitment to pursuing further liberalization of the economy. And even upset about Kudrin. Appointed Naebulin to the Central Bank and so on. Something is wrong in the Danish kingdom.
  20. +2
    2 May 2014 16: 51
    Liberals are US-ENEMIES, the most dangerous-internal.
    But Kurginyan always throws up a tantrum. Calmer, calmer ....
    1. raf
      3 May 2014 00: 34
      Alas, dear comrade, this is not hysteria, but the most truth and warning to prevent the Ukrainian scenario from happening with us!
  21. Tartar
    2 May 2014 18: 01
    Do not reassure yourself, you must always be on the alert - Kurginyan is right about this. The Liberoid wing is strong enough, because behind him is the US Embassy and the State Department.
  22. -3
    2 May 2014 18: 20
    A sick old man, they began to forget and jumped out.
    The liberals, the liberals, are sickeningly straightforward, but from the point of view of the decrepit, boring nomenklatura, it’s purely correct. Replace the Jews with liberals and mmm, especially smart ones, they will give up and ask for supplements.
    Here we are exposing the Ukrainian fascists, and at the same time, some funny little men tell us about hidden liberals, the fifth column that needs to be destroyed, about enemies everywhere and inside, and we make a serious face and categorically drive away thoughts about what it looks like.
  23. +2
    2 May 2014 18: 21
    Quote: Ascetic
    If the liberals come to power, then we will see a repetition of the situation of the nineties, only in a worsened version. Because all resources will again be pumped to the United States to support its crumbling economy. What we are observing now in Ukraine.

    What will happen if the liberals come to power, we can observe on the example of Ukraine. Only in our case will everything be much worse and worse.
  24. +1
    2 May 2014 19: 09
    Quote: Giant thought
    In the Soviet Union, notorious liberals were expelled from the country, they can take over this experience, but also expel the fifth column from Russia, they still hate everything Russian.

    Who the hell needs them THERE? ... They are needed here, and THERE they are only allowed to report to the local public, then they will receive their "30 pieces of silver", and forward - "to the front line!
    1. 0
      2 May 2014 20: 05
      Quote: Ebundey Mukhryuyev
      Quote: Giant thought
      In the Soviet Union, notorious liberals were expelled from the country, they can take over this experience, but also expel the fifth column from Russia, they still hate everything Russian.

      Who the hell needs them THERE? ... They are needed here, and THERE they are only allowed to report to the local public, then they will receive their "30 pieces of silver", and forward - "to the front line!

      That's why let them go there, they will find out what they are standing there. How to drown and ditch.
    2. Tanechka-clever
      2 May 2014 20: 53
      Quote: Ebundey Mukhruyev
      THERE them only for the report

      Tough, but true - totally agree
  25. 0
    2 May 2014 20: 12
    You remind Zhirik. Although I respect
  26. 0
    2 May 2014 20: 48
    The game in this sense is by no means a boon to me. But often it is a necessary evil. There is no fire ... Foreign elites are playing a game fraught with the death of your state ... It is necessary to counterplay ... And this is impossible if you do not understand the logic of the game, the nature of the game

    The most key in the article. Using truth and falsehood, with the help of media propaganda, Players can form on the basis of a simple discrete concept, such as justice, the ideology of blind hatred or love of power ..., thereby forming and manipulating an inert mass for their own purposes. But in the end, all the same, the goals that the Players strive to achieve are the most important, because the flock of sheep can lead to a green meadow, or they can to a slaughterhouse, the dumber an individual is, the easier it is to manipulate him, against his own good. In any case, you must strive to have your own brain, judgment and make sober decisions when choosing. Although most people in society are probably incapable of this, they use propaganda and ideology for that, for their own good, even if they never understand this.
  27. Tanechka-clever
    2 May 2014 20: 51
    First of all, I want to thank the author and Military Review for the appearance of this material.

    "Where does the Motherland begin" - at first, with the collapse of the USSR, I lost it, but then I found it - thanks to Kurginyan. It does not matter how my Motherland began to be called - but my heroic ancestors did not go anywhere, but remained lying in this land, which means that my Motherland begins here. Personally, my consciousness began to realize this when Svanidze decided that he had the right to arrange a lynching trial over my heroic ancestors and with dirty hands began to delve into the history of the Russian State, and then my indignation began to grow. I am grateful to Sergei Yervandovich Kurginyan and his political position in difficult times of the country - I think history books in schools must be consistent with such patriots of their country.
  28. 0
    2 May 2014 20: 57
    Quote: Ascetic

    Well, everything seems to be there. And where is the messenger to the American embassy?
    Really all at once will run for bucks?
    1. pens
      3 May 2014 01: 37
      Quote: crambol
      Well, everything seems to be there. And where is the messenger to the American embassy?
      Really all at once will run for bucks?

      These are all pawns ... Remember, on whom the camera was fixed, at the moment when Putin spoke about the fifth column and about the reaction of this person to these words. That's what really bothers
  29. 0
    2 May 2014 22: 22
    The war has begun in Ukraine! Guys will protect Russia
  30. raf
    3 May 2014 00: 28
    Our country, our state, no matter how it is called, Russia, Russia, the USSR has always been, is and will be a bone in the throat of Western countries, including the states. Their governments have always nurtured, fed the fifth column of whatever filth it consisted (Svanidze, Nemtsovs, Mlechins, Khodors and other descendants of the undead Trotskyists) and will do this as long as Russia is on the globe. Therefore, there is NO different swamps, squares and multi-colored "revolutions"!
  31. 0
    3 May 2014 00: 58
    Muscovites, is there really no desire to spit in the face of any Nemtsov-Shenderovich? If you can’t do more ...
  32. 0
    3 May 2014 02: 06
    They have a gathering on May 6 on Sakharov Avenue in Moscow. His Moscow mayor's office moved there from Bolotnaya Square. Again we will be robbed and humiliated by Russia - our Motherland. You cannot beat them, it is not impressive to spit, because they are just waiting for this to accuse us of nationalism and racism, besides, they will certainly be guarded by police. But the Moscow mayor's office can be informed of his disagreement with this "rally" and the request to ban all these "opposition" sabbaths in the Russian capital at a time when innocent people are dying in Ukraine in a bloody civil conflict.
  33. 0
    3 May 2014 03: 55
    I read komenty the expression of Ranevskaya was recalled: - How do you live without brains.

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