Putin awarded the self-defense fighter of Simferopol killed by a sniper

Putin awarded the self-defense fighter of Simferopol killed by a sniper

Ruslan Kazakov, who was killed by a sniper's bullet in Simferopol, was posthumously awarded the Order of Courage. Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree on awarding today. It was published on the official Internet portal of legal information, reports "Interfax".

In accordance with the decree, Ruslan Kazakov, a member of the Stanitsa Cossack Society "Stanitsa Plastunskaya", was awarded "for courage and dedication shown in the performance of civic duty."

The shooting incident, which killed two people, occurred on March 18 in Simferopol, near the Kuban street. “Shooting was carried out from one point in two directions: by self-defense fighters who checked the signal of the presence of armed people in an unfinished building, and also towards the Ukrainian military unit located nearby,” Kryminform reported earlier citing a source in the Crimean Ministry of Internal Affairs.

On March 21, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed laws on the entry of the Crimea and Sevastopol into Russia. Crimea was accepted into Russia on the basis of the results of the referendum held on March 16 in autonomy. On its basis, the Declaration of Independence of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and the city of Sevastopol was promulgated.

On the voting on the status of Crimea for the reunification with Russia, 96,77 voted in the percentage of residents of the peninsula who took part in the plebiscite. In Sevastopol, 95,6 was supported by the percentage of referendum participants in the Russian Federation.

The Republic of Crimea is included in the number of Russian regions on a geographical map, published on the official websites of the President and the Government of the Russian Federation. The Crimean referendum was not recognized by Western countries and their closest allies. Due to the annexation of the peninsula, the Russian delegation to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe was deprived of votes until the 2015 year.
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    1. +18
      1 May 2014 10: 03
      Glory to the heroes!!!!!
      1. +26
        1 May 2014 10: 09
        In accordance with the decree, Ruslan Kazakov, a member of the Stanitsa Cossack Society "Stanitsa Plastunskaya", was awarded "for courage and dedication shown in the performance of civic duty."
        Let the earth rest in peace for him ..! A real Cossack! Ruslan will avenge you!
        1. +19
          1 May 2014 10: 27
          Quote: MIKHAN
          Let the earth rest in peace for him ..! A real Cossack! Ruslan will avenge you!

          It was a real WARRIOR! He went through two Chechen campaigns and survived, and here ...
          Dedicated to the fallen WARRIORS!


          From under the powerful conveyor wheels
          Clods of mud fly in salute.
          Russian warrior smokes a cigarette
          Fingers gently teasing the letter.

          A soldier will be happy if he warms
          His heart is from home letter.
          Power Optics Crosshair
          The web lay on the forehead.

          The black demon waited for prey.
          Clanged a quietly obedient shutter.
          Let go, as taught-breathing
          And he led a long, predatory trunk.

          The pulse elastically measured seconds
          Finger, steel pressed-petal.
          Shot fired and well-aimed bullet
          I smashed the guy to the left temple.

          So the young life ended!
          The dirt turned red.
          On the autumn, dank road
          A spent sleeve smoking.

          May the earth rest in peace. Everlasting memory.
        2. +9
          1 May 2014 14: 33

          Veteran of hostilities in the North Caucasus Ruslan Kazakov independently went to Simferopol (Republic of Crimea), together with other volunteers to assist the Crimean people in ensuring law and order during the days of the referendum on the status of Crimea.
          In Simferopol, Volgograd served as part of the local Cossack self-defense detachment. On March 18, he patrolled the territory of a military unit without weapons. At that moment, another self-defense fighter, an 18-year-old guy, was shot in the leg with a sniper shot. Seeing that the fighter fell, Ruslan Kazakov, realizing the danger, rushed to him, closed his body and was hit by the next shot.

          Honor and glory.
          1. +1
            1 May 2014 18: 48
            Quote: Duke
            Honor and glory.

            It would be necessary to help the family financially.
            Who is in contact with the family, open a bank account and announce.
            I think everyone will help from our site.
        3. +3
          1 May 2014 17: 39
          Revenge is a bad word. May God punish the one who pulled the trigger. Well, the prosperous Crimea will be a monument to him. And, of course, Russia. And we, the Crimeans, will always be grateful to him. There are 2 more dead. Crushed by the Tatars, at the rally. February 26th. These are the days when the majority sat in burrows and looked from behind the curtain "and what will happen." When I wanted to gnash my teeth from the fact that a couple of thousand came to the rally from an almost 400-thousand city, including , grandmothers, pensioners. And these people got up and went.
      2. Validator
        1 May 2014 10: 42
        Oleg Tsarev had the idea to create a White Book of the junta's crimes so that not a single hero and not a single crime would be forgotten. Maybe the leadership of the "Military Review" will be interested in this idea? Why not make such a project based on this resource? There will be volunteers, I think If you want to discuss - to participate - write in a personal
        1. StolzSS
          1 May 2014 16: 04
          YES is the right thing. We should try to create such a register of enemies of the Russian people and the Russian state, so that it would be easier and more convenient to pay ....
          1. +1
            1 May 2014 17: 47
            It’s not the registry of enemies that needs to be created, but the registry of those who need help and remember. I still haven’t seen a r / s for transferring money. Only some dubious plastic boxes are on the square.
        2. 0
          1 May 2014 20: 01
          A very necessary and important matter - this should remind of the crimes committed that have no statute of limitations, as well as the crimes of fascism against humanity. Otherwise, the American-fascist "democracy" will continue its bloody march across the planet.
    2. +4
      1 May 2014 10: 11
      Important not to forget anyone
      1. +3
        1 May 2014 10: 33
        Quote: silberwolf88
        Important not to forget anyone

        And in memory of this guy you can memorial plaque, and rename the street, etc. To remind future generations.
        Thanks to the parents for a worthy son. Everlasting memory.
      2. +2
        1 May 2014 11: 32
        Quote: silberwolf88
        Important not to forget anyone

        And it is important to reward so that they know in Kiev that whoever did not sell the pin ... to the Osam — and the dead will be a reward, honor, and glory — and alive — the gratitude of the people and the Russian government will note the merits. In the Crimea there are such. And the captives caught under the Slavic SBU - approximate punishment (from the Government of the DPR) - for high treason.
    3. +8
      1 May 2014 10: 14
      Putin awarded the self-defense fighter of Simferopol killed by a sniper
      Not Putin - RUSSIA. Russia rewarded the man who gave his life for the happiness of its people. Putin comes and goes, and Russia is ETERNAL! Bright memory and THANKS!
      1. +11
        1 May 2014 11: 13
        Quote: svp67
        Putin come and go

        It would be better if Putin only came, but there were all kinds of Gorbachev-Yeltsin-Germans-Khakamids, if only they would leave and leave, and not just leave, but yeah .... they would ....
      2. The comment was deleted.
    4. +10
      1 May 2014 10: 16
      Man, of course, cannot be returned, but the free Russian Crimea, for which he laid his head, will be an eternal monument to him. Glory to the Hero!
    5. Ivan 63
      1 May 2014 10: 19
      This is the duty of the President.
    6. +7
      1 May 2014 10: 29
      Glory to the true heroes. He did not just do his duty. He pulled out a wounded comrade from under the fire.
      There is no more love than if someone lay down his soul for his own friends!

      And again, I am bitter at the fact that the same order of courage awarded that teacher killed by a maniac kid. Yes, it’s a pity for the teacher, but he did NOT accomplish any feat unlike Ruslan Kazakov !!!
      He was just shot. Excuse me, but now every time I am awarded the Order of Courage, I will recall that official insanity that dishonored this award!
    7. +4
      1 May 2014 10: 32
      A worthy Citizen of Russia, indifferent to the fate of the Motherland, has left. We will keep the memory of him. Help the family of Ruslan Kazakov!
    8. kelevra
      1 May 2014 10: 44
      Lubo Cossack!
    9. +5
      1 May 2014 10: 47
      I can’t say all kinds of nonsense.
    10. +6
      1 May 2014 10: 48
      Cossack by Surname Kazakov, the village of Plastunskaya. I’ll choose it specially, how they shot it into the soul ..... Eternal Memory.
    11. +4
      1 May 2014 10: 53
    12. +4
      1 May 2014 10: 56
      How many Woe people already brought temporary ruling juntahow much more will bring ...
      Eternal glory to the dead at the hands of bandits!
      And these "warriors" who "from around the corner" - "a knife in the back", just because people want to live not according to the rules of bandits and fascists, these bastards - to go to the "heavenly hundred" as soon as possible.
    13. +5
      1 May 2014 11: 03
    14. +3
      1 May 2014 11: 26
      Here are such real Guys as Ruslan Kazakov will be remembered forever!
    15. +2
      1 May 2014 12: 09
      The kingdom of heaven to him
    16. +2
      1 May 2014 12: 38
      The hero arrived to the Cossacks, it’s a pity that he’s posthumous, faith cannot be broken, eternal memory ...
    17. +2
      1 May 2014 13: 43
      Ruslan - ETERNAL MEMORY !!!
      But I propose to Putin to award all Western leaders with the Order of Merit to the Fatherland. The order's statute allows them to be awarded "for especially outstanding services related to strengthening Russian statehood", as well as "for a significant contribution to strengthening the country's defense capability."
      Thanks to the clumsy actions of the West, Russia again grew in the Crimea. For this, all sorts of Obama and Merkel - the order of the IV degree. And when Little Russia returns to us-give the poor and the III degree! lol
    18. +3
      1 May 2014 15: 59
      A man died for the freedom and happiness of the peoples of the Crimea at the hands of the Bandera scum. The title of the article rumors cuts. Could write: a sniper killed by a bullet.
    19. +3
      1 May 2014 16: 48
      there were few photos in the archive

    20. +1
      1 May 2014 17: 14
      The Way of the Warrior is Death. Warrior who has traveled the path- HONOR! Glory of the Warrior- Death for the Motherland! The Great Patriotic War was not over not because the last dead Soldier was not buried .... But because the last enemy was not buried. Because fascist evil spirits have the ability to spoil the air .... I wrote, I read it myself .... Not those words, not those ... In order to convey sorrow for OUR such words simply do not exist! For those whom we bury today and for those whose bones lie simply nowhere ... You died, guys, so that we LIVED ... Breathed, children were taken to the kindergarten .... Between our Grandfathers and YOU - equal sign. ...
    21. 0
      1 May 2014 19: 05
      Well done man saved his even the Ukrainian military. Let the earth rest in peace.

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