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"Nehai hrshe, abi іnshe"

Revolutions never contribute to the prosperity of society. They permanently create zones of instability. Smart countries are trying to go different - evolutionary way.

"Nehai hrshe, abi іnshe"

Why Europe? You can live well in Ukraine. The main thing is to get good neighbors.

In recent days, I increasingly recall this Ukrainian proverb. Does she not accurately describe the current situation? Want to "change"? And how do you like them? Crimea is gone. Southeast requires either a federation or a branch. In Slavyansk - "anti-terrorist" operation. Hryvnia falls. The rent is expensive. Those administrative buildings have not yet been released, these are already captured. Some people are dying. Others are scared to death. In what boundaries Ukraine will exist, no “expert” will say. But ... the political part of the association with the European Union was signed! What a fantastic happiness, right? I do not know about you, but it does not warm me. I would prefer Ukraine without any associations, but without civil war - with calm waters and clear dawns.

Maybe someone has a different opinion. But I have never in my life received money from any foreign fund “for the development of democracy”, I am not going to line up for them and have a completely legitimate desire that the government in Kiev (whatever it may be) make decisions not after consultations with the heads foreign intelligence services, but based on our own national interests. As long as Ukrainians do not agree with Ukrainians (and without blood and terror in relation to each other), no associations or Customs unions will bring us happiness. The sad one convinces me of this historical the experience of my homeland.

"FUNNY NEGOTIATION PROCESS". What, say, was the same hetman Skoropadsky bad? Criminal record? None! Wealth - hereditary, well-established and not so great. He spoke German and French as in Russian. Ukrainian language - introduced. Russian - respected. In Kiev, there were either four or five daily newspapers (it was at the height of the civil war!), Political opponents walked around freely where they wanted (the hetman kept Petlyura a little in prison and immediately released), rolls and sausages almost grew in the trees (at a time when even Germany was starving for the finale of the First World War).

And this quite cute character is overthrown. Why? And you see, he didn’t like the then-democrats. Too intellectual, too lord, besides - a former royal general. Is it not a crime?

By the way, Skoropadsky tried to negotiate with the then radical "opposition" - offered her a place in the government, conducted secret negotiations about which neither Bulgakov officers from the "Days of the Turbins" nor Mikhail Afanasyevich even guessed.

Traces of these futile searches for a national compromise are found in the diaries of Vinnychenko, the first Ukrainian prime minister of the Central Rada epoch that preceded the hetman, and one of the founders of the Directory, who in ten days will depose the hetman. However, the characteristic that, after this meeting, the nervous playwright awarded his companion in 1918, is worthy not of the sovereign husband, but of a hysterical anonymous author who leaves comments on any of the political Internet forums: “The whole process of negotiations with this unfortunate, stupid and slobbering cretin about the "cabinet". Here he is sitting in the red “my” office, at the same table at which I received delegations, ambassadors from the Entente, commissioners, Bolsheviks ... this limited, uneducated, probably sick officer of the Russian army absolutely sincerely believes that he is a hetman. ”

Could they find a common language with such an attitude of one “negotiating” party to another? Why should Vladimir Vinnichenko decide that he was a “stupid” and “uneducated” cretin? Behind the hetman are the Corps of Pages and the Academy of the General Staff. Getman, I repeat, speaks several foreign languages. He will leave the most interesting and witty memoirs, written explicitly by himself, and not by the nameless "literary Negro".

Who, in fact, gives him this derogatory assessment? World scientific luminary? Academician? Professor? By no means! Just a very overgrown (thirty-eight-year-old!) Undereducated student of the law faculty of Kiev University. The revolution seemed to him more interesting than Roman law, he plunged into it headlong, he was expelled from the alma mater fifteen years before the historical conversation with the hetman, and he never received a higher education. Not the search for truth moves pen Vinnichenko, and envy. Result? Oppositionists and hetman did not come to a common denominator, despite the fact that he was ready to share power with them: if you want a place in government, take it!

Vladimir Vinnichenko saw in the hetman Skoropadsky just an uneducated nerd.

And the third power came. Exactly three months after these “constructive” talks in Kiev, there will be neither Skoropadsky nor Petlyura with Vinnichenko. Having overthrown the hetman, a couple of “directors” would immediately cede power to the Bolsheviks, who came from red Russia. But they could agree, share powers, unite supporters. Theoretically, yes. In practice, the “democrats” wanted everything only for themselves. And got it ALL. But only for a moment. And then those who came to call "cretins" came did not even turn their tongues in Vinnichenko. And his stinginess somehow immediately lost its sharpness.

You can love the mythical Ukraine, inhabited only by heroes and beautiful murals and surrounded on all sides by “warriors”. And you can - a real country with uninvented ordinary people. I prefer the second. Our main enemies are not “Muscovites”, not “Poles”, but ourselves. Our greed and envy. Our infantilism. Our everlasting hope for a miracle.

God gave us an amazing land. Other nations can only dream of such. With a mild climate. With a thick layer of black soil. With mineral wealth. With deep rivers. With forests and mountains. With access to the warm Black Sea.

Any Ukrainian knows that to die of hunger on such a land is simply impossible. Even in the midst of the wildest, worldwide crisis, there is always a chance to return to the native saddle, plant a vegetable garden and grow a couple of piglets under the cherries.

If God did not give this land oil and gas (although he still gave a little of that and another - in the Carpathians and Sumy region), then only because you cannot give everything to only one people on Earth. Must be something to get to others.

EUROPUPISM. But I cannot understand the inferiority complex in front of Europe and America, which, as a religion, is practiced by many of my fellow tribesmen. This is some kind of obsession, eclipse. Than tiny Croatia with a stub of the Adriatic Sea is better than Ukraine? Or Germany, resembling a solid car factory? Or the Czech Republic is a rather dull country with monotonous landscapes, where, to be honest, apart from beer and good food, I did not notice anything special.

I have been to Europe. Spending a minimum of money, mostly on the bus drove half of it. I liked something. Something frankly amused and disappointed. But he never experienced any special piety before her, either on wisdom, and even less generosity, did not count on her.

Probably because I knew her story too well. Europe is arrogant. She never repents for what she did. She sent colonial expeditions all over the world, organized fierce wars, threw firewood into smoldering conflicts among neighbors near and far and never forgot about her interests.

In former times, Europe spoke of Hitler with frankness about us: “If Russians, Ukrainians, Kyrgyz, etc. learn to read and write, it only hurts us. For in this way the more able natives will be able to join in with some historical knowledge, which means that they will assimilate political ideas that in any case will somehow be directed against us. It is much better to install a reproducer in each village and thus inform people news and entertain them than provide them with the opportunity to independently learn political, scientific and other knowledge. Only so that no one in the head would take it on the radio to tell the conquered peoples about their history: music, music, nothing but music. ” And now the same Europe hides only behind beautiful gestures, like distribution of cookies on the Maidan.

Do not expect anything good from Europe, no matter how you feel about Russia. Europe will not help. Even your ass will not lift for your sake. Remember the fate of Czechoslovakia in 1938 year. Europeans Chamberlain and Daladier were given to eat by its European Hitler and did not lift a finger to keep him on the chain.

Having closed their eyes to any agreements and the principle of “post-war inviolability of borders”, it was Europeans who enjoyed watching how they cut themselves into parts of Yugoslavia, and then they cut out new dwarf states from it.

You can learn from Europe, but it is useless to listen to it. Problems in the Southeast? Let us recall the Austrian experience in 1867. The unitary state, the empire, found the strength to overcome disintegration to turn into a two-pronged Austria-Hungary. This was contrary to the pride of the Habsburgs, creating instead of one, in fact, two capitals - Vienna and Budapest. But the imperial elite (good, no one prompted her to come out) changed the rules of the game and satisfied the demands of the Hungarians, who were ready for the uprising.

Just Ukraine. In which Germany will you find such freedom?

GERMAN FEDERATION. In the first half of the XIX century there were no Germans in the modern sense of the word. There were thirty-nine (!) Independent states in Germany. With its ancient history, ruling dynasties and numerous wars that they fought against each other. One fine day the idea was born that it was time to stop with such ugliness. Like, living in a large state is better than in four dozen small ones.

But the unification of Germany went with the preservation of all local regional differences. Despite the emergence of a central government with the emperor at the head of 1871, the division into kingdoms and dukedoms was maintained until the 1918 year. On the eve of World War I, the symbolic ambassador of Prussia was still sitting in the capital of Saxony, Dresden, and the Saxon ambassador was still in Berlin! The same thing happened in other regions of the federation. Thus, they strived not to affect the feelings of local patriotism of the Bavarians, Saxons, Wuerttemberg and other “Germans” who became citizens of one union state. After all, unity does not mean sameness.

I do not insist on copying this experience one by one. It would be funny if the regions of Ukraine brought ambassadors and exchange diplomatic notes with each other. Ambassador of the Donetsk region in Kiev, Ambassador of the Chernivtsi region in Donetsk - it sounds crazy. But I cannot but recall these seemingly curious precedents from German history. They prove with what tact the rude, superficially, Germans were able to relate to other Germans, as demonstrated by ritual respect between the parts of the young state.

Skoropadsky was able to negotiate with the German Kaiser, but not with the Ukrainian opposition.

Agree, and do not kill! Eastern regions today do not believe the official Kiev. Many cities there really got out of control. But the use of military methods will not correct the situation. I finish this article when it was reported that a military helicopter exploded at Kramatorsk at a military airfield during the so-called “anti-terrorist operation”. What is it? A good shot of an unknown sniper? Sabotage pilots who do not want to carry out orders to pacify Slavyansk and undermined their own car? It is unlikely that someone will establish with accuracy the reason for the next episode of civil confrontation. But this case with a helicopter once again demonstrates the limitations of the power methods of establishing “order”.

The only thing that gives me joy is the news that no one died. I do not profess the principle: “Barely hirsh, abi inshe”. I do not like bad news. Not deliver the slightest pleasure messages about the new dead and wounded.

The political crisis can be solved only by political means. Whether or not a new government is legitimate, it is pointless to reason. The president lost control and disappeared from the country. He led a risky game and, as they say, finished badly. But it is this new government, not Yanukovych, that now bears responsibility for the fate of the state and its citizens until the moment of the new presidential election.

European and American advisers to the Maidan did not assume that Putin would behave much more actively on the field of Ukraine than was expected of him? Why, I have always said: do not overestimate the sincerity or vision of the West. He plays Ukraine. But this is not the last chip in his game. This is alien land for the EU and the USA. But to us it is dear. We have no other country. Hide weapon in the sheath. Drop the pride. Sit at the negotiating table. And do not see in each other "cretins" like Vinnichenko in Skoropadsky. Of course, both of them didn't end badly. One - in France. The other is in Germany. Everyone in a cozy house. But dreamed of something to rule Ukraine!
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  1. Karlsonn
    Karlsonn April 30 2014 08: 38
    Negotiations with the junta?
    Thank you but no!
  2. Good cat
    Good cat April 30 2014 08: 57
    Europe is a backward and degenerate entity, soon there will be only Arabs.
  3. La-5
    La-5 April 30 2014 09: 02
    “... Narrow Ukrainians are solely a product brought to us from Galicia, and we don’t have any sense to transplant the whole culture: there is no evidence of success, and this is simply a crime, since there is, in fact, no culture there. After all, Galicians live leftovers from the German and Polish table. Already one language clearly reflects them, where in five words - four of Polish or German origin, ”wrote Skoropadsky in exile.
    1. avt
      avt April 30 2014 11: 58
      Quote: La-5
      “... Narrow Ukrainians are solely a product brought to us from Galicia, and we don’t have any sense to transplant the whole culture: there is no evidence of success, and this is simply a crime, since there is, in fact, no culture there. After all, Galicians live leftovers from the German and Polish table. Already one language clearly reflects them, where in five words - four of Polish or German origin, ”wrote Skoropadsky in exile.

      good laughing A very interesting quote, especially in light of the fact that the hetman himself of the then independent misunderstanding came to power and held on in general with German bayonets and faded like melted snow exactly after the Germans left Little Russia. The same German lackey as Krasnov with his "Cossack" , with only one difference - the Germans used Krasnov as a punisher in the Patriotic War, and he finished not in a warm bed, but quite on the gallows, in the rightful place of all Hitler's lackeys - punishers.
  4. gandalf
    gandalf April 30 2014 09: 33
    I will sell the translator from English into Russian and Ukrainian.
    Caliber - 7.62. With a tripod.
    For literary translations, the complete set is expanded with an optical sight. wink
    1. Karlsonn
      Karlsonn April 30 2014 09: 38
      Quote: gandalf
      Caliber - 7.62. With a tripod.

      Come into the queue, there is already a whole weapons shop.

  5. avt
    avt April 30 2014 10: 07
    request The article is written, of course, vividly, with a historical perspective and a great desire of the author to glue the fragments of what is left of the project "Ukraine 1991". Sincerely I must say the desire --- "We have no other country. Hide your weapon in the scabbard. Throw away pride. at the negotiating table. And don't see each other as "cretins" like Vinnichenko in Skoropadskoye. Of course, both of them did not end so badly. One in France. The other in Germany. Each in a cozy house. But they dreamed of ruling Ukraine ! " But in the course of his mind, he realizes that the next collapse of statehood has already occurred, but still he wants at least the question at the beginning of the independent anthem - “Ukraine has not died yet?” But the campaign should be addressed to the players of the Big Game, as a historian the author cannot but know that it is precisely "Ukraine" and not Kievan Rus that has always been created not by self-construction, but by means of external influence, well, specifically, if the polity is thrown away, then Russia, as a state that could create. Well, the Galician version of the Austro-Hungarians was made only for the destruction of Russia itself, by means of breeding herds of raguli on the territory of Little Russia, on which a vegetable garden was plowed in the center of Kiev today. So it’s stupid to call for negotiations with this already brutal herd, and a driver from overseas will not allow. It is clear that the author really wants to keep the country within the boundaries received from the USSR. But this is impossible under the Ragul government in Kiev and shepherds from overseas. So Buzina will have to choose either - either with Russia in the new realities of the geopolitical Great Game, or, having dulled his intellect, to join the herd of Ragul under the whip of Uncle Samuel and his henchman Barak, which is Khuseinovich. There will be no third, the chance given by History to climb the rung of large European states, given in 1991, was badly pissed away by the hosts of the Ukraine 1991 project!
    1. sled beach
      sled beach April 30 2014 16: 16
      In short! Beautiful, smart sabotage. The author, although liberal, is an intelligent liberal, and the mind always deserves respect.
  6. xan
    xan April 30 2014 11: 48
    Do not consider Skoropadsky Ukrainian patriot. He was an enemy of the Bolsheviks, and one should not proceed from other motivations for his actions. Having full dictatorial power in Ukraine, he would have agreed with Denikin and together would go to Moscow to set the emperor on the throne. He allowed Ukraine separately from Russia only if the Bolsheviks were in power in Russia.
    And Vinnichenko is a petty trader in politics, such as Yaytsenyuk and Co.
    Elderberry has been somehow lost lately. A man suffers for his great beautiful Ukraine. And nefig was Russian rot on the lands inherited from Russia. There is no healthy beginning in Ukrainian nationalism.
    Recently I saw a performance by one pepper from the Rada: "Someone does not oppress Russians in our country, every fifteenth school is Russian." How much, considering that at least half of them speak Russian.
    1. revnagan
      revnagan April 30 2014 13: 26
      Quote: xan
      Elderberry has been somehow lost lately. A man suffers for his great beautiful Ukraine.

      And he is not alone.
      Quote: xan
      And nefig was Russian rot on the lands inherited from Russia.

      And when did he spread rot on the Russians? Or who of the adequate Ukrainians did it?
      Quote: xan
      There is no healthy beginning in Ukrainian nationalism.

      Stoopitsov pluses. Ukrogalitsay nationalism, its main idea, is destruction. Everyone who does not agree with them is an enemy and must be destroyed. Therefore, no dialogue with them is possible by definition. The East can and would agree to reconsider relations and start from scratch. (the Russian mentality is affecting), but Western Ukrainians must admit that Bandera, Shukhevych, and their entire ideology are criminal and must be eradicated. But this is precisely the ideological core of Western Ukrainian nationalism, and they will never voluntarily give it up. Therefore, the best option is to disperse. in an amicable way. But after all, and so they do not want! Who will feed them !? Therefore, you will have to "divorce" with the use of force.
  7. Lavrov
    Lavrov April 30 2014 11: 52
    Article A la "Udina UkraЇna", the cup is broken, even if the cracks are glued together. "United Ukraine-tse-minule"
  8. The comment was deleted.
    1. The comment was deleted.
  9. GRune
    GRune April 30 2014 12: 59
    You can love the mythical Ukraine, inhabited only by heroes and beautiful little panels and surrounded on all sides by “little thieves”. Or you can - a real country with fictional ordinary people. I prefer the second. Our main enemies are not “”, not “Poles,” but we ourselves. Our greed and envy. Our infantility. Our eternal hope for a miracle.
    As it turned out, they themselves know everything about themselves! To the author Respect for honesty!
  10. filalex79
    filalex79 April 30 2014 13: 18
    "God gave us an amazing land. Other peoples can only dream of such a thing. With a mild climate. With a thick layer of black soil. With bowels full of minerals. With deep rivers. With forests and mountains. With access to the warm Black Sea."

    Not God, but Russian tsars and Soviet power annexed lands to Ukraine. Learn the story!
  11. nnz226
    nnz226 April 30 2014 13: 37
    Quote: "Our main enemies are not" ", not" Poles ", but ourselves. Our greed and envy. Our infantilism. Our eternal hope for a miracle." In-in !!! Exactly this! Let my pig die, but my soussed already has two! And the project called "Ukraine" was in the eyes of the "enlightened West" stillborn back in 1991. Then the first prizIdent, the bright last of Mazepa, the traitor Kravchuk, said that after 5 years of independence, Ukraine will become a prosperous state "yak Khvrantia!" To which the French ambassador in Kiev replied, translated from the diplomatic language, that Ukraine is before France, "as if it was cancer before Kiev!" This is ...
  12. DanSabaka
    DanSabaka April 30 2014 14: 58
    Ukrainians want to live in Europe? perfectly. And now where do they live, in Asia or what?

    And what would be good around "like in Europe", then you just need not to shit in the elevator, not to throw bull-calves in the yard, not to be rude on the road, etc. Then you will have everything "like in Europe".
    1. maximus235
      maximus235 April 30 2014 16: 21
      And do not breed in the center of Kiev with chickens and pigs
  13. Gray 43
    Gray 43 April 30 2014 15: 50
    The article is good, for me Ukraine is not perceived by some foreign countries, there are the same people who want peace, it’s a pity that someone’s mercenaries are tearing to power there, inciting bandits to those who are objectionable
  14. sled beach
    sled beach April 30 2014 16: 22
    As an addition: if you were hit on the right cheek, walk up the left one, be true Christians. When the euroguay asks to turn your back, give it to your brother dearest, for we are all God's children, true Christians!
  15. Akulina
    Akulina April 30 2014 21: 02
    The first time in recent years I read an article by a Ukrainian patriot in which there are no curses and spits in the direction of Russia. And thanks for that ... I can never understand or forgive one ever - how could fascism be allowed into my country ... How could this happen ??? So I wanted to annoy Russia - that history was turned inside out, spit in the most sacred, even at the cost of betrayal of their fathers and grandfathers ...
    1. Naum
      Naum April 30 2014 22: 19
      [quote = Akulina] wanted to annoy Russia [/ quote And why annoy? For creating Ukraine in 1922 from the imperial outskirts? And then nurtured it at the expense of the ruin of Central Russia. Whatever "mos ** li" do, they will always be guilty of everything. The conclusion is not to do anything to them. Let them live as they can!
  16. Russian jacket
    Russian jacket 1 May 2014 02: 31
    As one character used to say, "It's good to live, and it's even better to live well." What prevented Svidomo from simply living, without a freebie. Or without a freebie, it's sad, so they arranged entertainment. And the result is a collapsed country. And the article was written by a Ukrainian. To reap that the majority have Schengen in their eyes and the possibility of revenge the boulevards of Paris in the heart hi
  17. Multicast
    Multicast 3 May 2014 01: 44
    And yet, how life scattered all the rulers of Ukraine like kittens ... And now the same thing is happening and again our junta is not putting on the one who will give a hand in difficult times.

    History really does not teach anything, and the most amazing thing is that it repeats itself again and again with other events - other personalities - but how everything seems to be both dramatic and destructive for Ukraine itself as a power.

    In fact - to fool such a country - it needs to be managed - it needs to be a complete idiot - is it interesting that after 500 years they will remember about this country in Wikipedia?
  18. Siberian
    Siberian 9 May 2014 15: 56
    But it was Oles who actively urged through the Russian media to pay close attention to the events on the Maidan, especially when the case was nearing "the end." He tried to reach out and explain (sometimes too emotionally) that "Berkut" and the non-Maidanut were in real danger, but he was perceived simply as a populist and alarmist.