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Antiterrorist deadlock

Another attempt by Kiev failed to establish control over the south-east of the country

The demonstrative impotence of the junta in the south-east leads to the final loss of these areas for the Ukrainian authorities and the very early collapse of the ruling regime. The widely announced antiterrorist operation is clearly undermined. The failure of its first stage became apparent already before the Easter holidays. The main reason was that, judging by the nature of their activities, the troops absolutely did not want to fight against their fellow citizens. Moreover, some units went over to the side of the protesters and transferred their military equipment and weapons to them.

Militants "Right Sector" proved to be bad warriors. Faced with armed resistance, they preferred to leave the battlefield. So far, the mercenaries from the American private military campaign (PMCs) have not shown themselves as real fighting force.

The obvious military impotence of the Kiev rulers against the background of the approaching economic catastrophe in the country and the strengthening of radical nationalism contributes to the growth of centrifugal tendencies not only in the south-eastern regions of Ukraine, but also in the west of the country - in Transcarpathia they announced the creation of their “people's republic” Rusyns.

Antiterrorist deadlock


The second attempt to establish armed control over the south-eastern regions of Ukraine began immediately after the Easter holidays. In fact, it was reduced to one of the most striking episode, which was reflected in the press. This is an attack by a military group on Slavyansk.

The management at this stage was carried out by the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU). It should be remembered: according to the media, in the main building of the SBU in Kiev, an entire floor is allocated to accommodate a group of American CIA employees. So there is every reason to believe: they were the general leaders of this operation. This testifies to the lack of confidence of the current Kiev authorities in the officer staff of even the highest authorities of the Ukrainian power structures.

About 11 thousand people were involved in the operation, about 160 tanks, 250 armored combat vehicles and up to 150 field artillery guns. At the same time, no facts of combat employment of these significant forces were recorded. In the only combat clash, no more than 100-150 people attacked in light armored personnel carriers supported by three helicopters, and this collision ended in nothing - the attackers retreated. This suggests one thing: the command cannot throw parts of the army into battle against the people, fearing that, like the 25th brigade, they will go over to the side of the protesters or disarm, passing them weapon.

In addition to Slavyansk, no other city in the south-east of Ukraine, controlled by supporters of federalization, has not been attacked - the junta does not have enough troops loyal to it to act simultaneously in several directions.

The next day after the first battles on the outskirts of Slavyansk, the leaders of the antiterrorist operation announced that the main goal of the next actions was to ensure the blockade of this city. However, the blockade to force the city to surrender in modern conditions is very problematic. And the delay in solving the problem of Slavyansk is extremely dangerous for the junta - the contacts of the main body of troops with the local population, especially in conditions when this population also feeds the military, deprived of adequate food supply, will lead to the final demoralization of units and divisions with a possible transition of some of them on the side of the protesters.

Yes, and Slavyansk protests far from one. Other cities of the southeast, assisting him, themselves increase the potential of their own defense. Thus, in Kramatorsk, the Novokramatorsk Machine-Building Plant handed over to the self-defense forces several fencing machines to destroy the minefields installed by the junta troops around Slavyansk. These are powerful combat vehicles created on the basis of heavy armored tanks. That is, the process of recognizing the authorities formed by the protesters and equipping self-defense forces with modern military equipment is underway. The design of a single political center of protest regions of the southeast will go faster. Time is working against the junta and not much is left of it.

Against this background, the passivity of the Ukrainian troops means one thing - the complete collapse of the antiterrorist operation without any possibilities for its resumption on a more or less serious scale (small sorties do not count). The reasons for the failure are obvious: the lack of proper training, first of all groupings of forces capable of establishing control over the southeastern regions, as well as the apparent lack of reasonable operational tasks — capturing Slavyansk does not allow even the first declared goals of this operation to be achieved. That is, in the very idea of ​​the junta’s anti-terrorist operation, there is no real operational or political meaning. Rather, it is a manifestation of the state of extreme stress in which the Kiev leadership remains, and an obvious demonstration of its very low intellectual potential. They do not have sufficient forces in Ukraine and the United States to conduct effective operations.

What junta can do

What can we expect in the near future? It is very difficult to predict the actions of people in a state of panic: they are limited in their ability to rely on logic dictated by objective circumstances. However, possible actions (in any case objectively necessary) can be assumed.

In the coming week, the main efforts of the Ukrainian authorities are likely to be focused on creating the necessary force groupings. The main task will be the formation of such militarized formations that would be able to disorganize and neutralize the self-defense forces of the southeast and the protest created by the protest population by force of arms, preventing their legitimization in any form. The basis of such formations can be mercenaries of American PMCs, as well as a number of former militants of the Right Sector and other paramilitary organizations of euromaidan from among those who can be put into operation.

At the same time, it is very possible to covertly deploy in Ukraine several sabotage groups from the special operations forces of the US armed forces. They will be necessary to solve special problems (such as the elimination of individual leaders of the protest movement of the southeast, committing sabotage to disorganize self-defense forces and demoralize the population) and organize interaction with regular troops and forces fleet USA and NATO if necessary. Probably, it was in this connection that the American combat swimmers arrived in the Black Sea and took part in the maneuvers.

In the information and political sphere, the main efforts in the internal field of Ukraine will be aimed at creating a favorable information environment to calm the population of the southeast. At the same time, statements on the recognition by the Kiev junta of some popular leaders of the south-east, their powers, without any practical content, are possible. Unsecured promises in the socio-economic sphere will be given, and other steps will follow, aimed at forming a new, more favorable image of usurpers in the eyes of the population of the south-east of Ukraine.

In the interests of neutralizing Russia, an active information policy will be pursued aimed at shaping from our country an image of an enemy for Ukrainians and an aggressor for the population of Western countries. At the same time, the most active measures will be taken to intensify the “fifth column” in the territory of the Russian Federation itself. In the interests of intimidating the Kremlin, a demonstrative build-up of the grouping of the armed forces of NATO and the United States at the western borders of Ukraine and in the Black Sea is possible.

At the same time, the most active actions will be taken to prepare a new wave of sanctions against Russia, including negotiations with leaders of the European Union countries with the aim of forcing them to join these sanctions even at the cost of substantial losses for their economies.

In any case, in the beginning of May we can expect a new stage of active actions, the main goal of which will be the disruption of the regional referendum on federalization in the southeast, the disorganization and neutralization of the self-defense forces of the rebel regions. The main content of this period will be the physical liquidation of the leaders of the resistance of the south-east, local acts of intimidation against the protesting population, possibly with bloodshed.

With regard to Russia, during this period, a particularly powerful information campaign will be launched with demonstrative maneuvers of sufficiently powerful groups of NATO troops and forces in order to prevent its intervention in the situation in Ukraine. It is very likely that local “riots” will initiate local mass riots in the Russian territory. At the same time, in case of an attempt by the Russian Federation to prevent the use of force in the south-east of Ukraine, new economic sanctions will be applied against our country.

If the goals of the suppression and disorganization of the protesters are not fully achieved, the course will most likely be set to unleash a civil war to justify the introduction of NATO troops into Ukraine. This option is very likely, since the state of Kiev-controlled troops and forces, their own insignificant organizational capabilities, the insufficient composition of the US forces in Ukraine and the difficulties in covertly building up their group will not allow a full-fledged operation to regain control over the southeast. Possible sporadic, local, poorly coordinated and secured actions that do not allow to achieve any positive result for their organizers. The apparent impotence of the junta will lead the population and business to consider the authorities formed by the protesters as the only real ones in this region. This will mean the final loss of these areas for the junta and its very early collapse.
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  1. Ross
    Ross April 30 2014 18: 23
    Junta, time to pack your bags!
    1. dimdimich71
      dimdimich71 April 30 2014 18: 28
      "... The people of Kiev, looking at the thick cannons and crimson edging, said; -The Bolsheviks will be soon ..." (M. Bulgakov "Kiev-city")
    2. fimusito
      fimusito April 30 2014 18: 28
      Nothing serious will be there. The Ukrainian authorities (any) know how best to disgrace themselves in the world. This is what Russia gives them to do.
      1. Alekseev
        Alekseev April 30 2014 20: 46
        Quote: fimusito
        Nothing serious will be there.

        Well, they might kill someone ... This is serious enough.
        And, in general, no one, not even Banderlog, "wants to die."
        Even in patients with heavy Ukrainians, this bald pastor and his egg-laying friend cannot inspire confidence.
        It is unlikely that Kalomosky and the waste of ideals of Ukrainians.
        They see that the hryvnia is falling, but it is not that important that it is falling against the dollar, but that prices are rising and there is no earnings.
        It’s just that many people sit on the priest straight, wait, think that everything will settle down by itself, they say, they say, everything is fine, calm, etc.
        Comfort themselves. yes
        As if at each entrance of a high-rise building a maidan should be gathered! laughing
        But to fight, no, I don’t think that they will fall asleep before that.
      2. dmitriygorshkov
        dmitriygorshkov April 30 2014 21: 51
        Quote: fimusito
        Nothing serious will be there.

        And in my article, the prophecy concerning the rebel leaders strained me.
        In this regard, I want to convey to them: "Guys! You are the salt of this land! Do not substitute, take care of yourself for the sake of your people, your families, and finally all of us!"
      3. ksv500
        ksv500 April 30 2014 22: 14
        May God grant that there really would be nothing serious. But I'm afraid the Americans simply will not back down - to arrange a civil war for them is just that. A cornered junta bite can hurt. Today there was information that on May 02 they will make a third attempt and possibly according to the Croatian scenario in Serbian Extreme - the Croats then leaked to the Serbs in small groups and started a massacre. Do not bring the Lord.
    3. The comment was deleted.
    4. thrower
      thrower April 30 2014 18: 34
      Junta, time to pack your bags!

      Hello - have you arrived ?!
      And who will hang for them?
      1. Sid.74
        Sid.74 April 30 2014 18: 41
        Meanwhile, sanctions !!!

        The EU announced the entire sanctions list against representatives of the Russian Federation and Ukraine
        Measures will be valid until September 17
        The European Union has published a list of representatives of Ukraine, Crimea and Russia, which will be affected by visa and economic sanctions. According to the EU Official Journal, 21 people are listed in it.
        Among the people affected by the EU measures are representatives of the Crimean leadership Sergey Aksenov, Vladimir Konstantinov and Rustam Temirgaliev. In addition, it includes the Ukrainian military leader Denis Berezovsky, the mayor of Sevastopol Alexei Chaly, as well as Peter Zima, Yuri Zherebtsov and Sergey Tsekov.
        The list includes Russians Nikolai Ryzhkov, Sergey Mironov, Sergey Zheleznyak, Leonid Slutsky, Oleg Panteleev, Vladimir Dzhabarov, Victor Ozerov, Andrey Klishas, ​​Evgeny Bushmin, Alexander Totoonov. In addition, the sanctions will affect Colonel General Alexander Galkin, the commander of the Southern Military District, as well as Colonel General Anatoly Sidorov, the commander of the Western Military District of the Russian Federation. They will also extend to the commander of the Black Sea Fleet of Russia, Vice Admiral Alexander Vitko.
        Sanctions take effect on March 17.
        They will be valid for six months - until September 17.

        Europe seems to be guessing something! lol
        1. gfs84
          gfs84 April 30 2014 18: 45
          Europe seems to be guessing something!

          They probably wang something like: "in the wake of autumn, with a high degree of probability, winter will come, and along with winter, with a high degree of probability, cold will come ..."
          1. Sid.74
            Sid.74 April 30 2014 18: 52
            At the mayor's office of the Red Beam, the flag of Ukraine is removed to avoid capture!

            They removed the flag so that they didn’t capture it, right? laughing

            And more news ...

            Ukraine’s debt for Russian gas has grown to 3,492 billion dollars, Gazprom official spokesman Sergei Kupriyanov said.

            “Given Naftogaz Ukrainy’s bid for April 30 and the volumes that we already delivered this month, Ukraine’s total debt for Russian gas, according to preliminary estimates, will be $ 3,492 billion,” ITAR-TASS quoted Kupriyanova as saying.

            The counter is ticking the hunters !!!
            1. Posya10rus
              Posya10rus April 30 2014 20: 34
              Yes, no one will give this money to us !!! There is no money either from the junta or from the geyropa. And Gazprom, as a bad prostitute, works for free or for promises. The geyropes have full vaults, you can turn them off, they won’t be lost!
          2. nahalenok911
            nahalenok911 April 30 2014 20: 32
            And also about the fact that Crimea is ours!
            1. Sid.74
              Sid.74 April 30 2014 20: 40
              Quote: nahalenok911
              And also about the fact that Crimea is ours!

              And Metallurg won !!! smile The whole city on the ears rumble from the horn and screaming metallurgical champion !!! Ole ole ole ole ole ole Metallurgist champion !!! drinks
              1. andj61
                andj61 1 May 2014 06: 12
                Quote: Sid.74
                And Metallurg won !!!

                All Russia welcomes Metallurg!
              2. The comment was deleted.
          3. kaa_andrey
            kaa_andrey 1 May 2014 00: 17
            and you need gas for heating ...
        2. schizophrenic
          schizophrenic April 30 2014 19: 00
          Quote: Sid.74
          Colonel General Alexander Galkin, Commander of the Southern Military District, and Colonel General Anatoly Sidorov, Commander of the Western Military District of the Russian Federation. They will also extend to the commander of the Black Sea Fleet of Russia, Vice Admiral Alexander Vitko.

          It seems that they will have to use tanks to get to Europe. In general, Europe has become insolent and provokes a desire to send a tank biathlon there to Lamash laughing
        3. Akulina
          Akulina April 30 2014 19: 06
          About the beginning of the heating season, presumably ...
      2. ronin
        ronin April 30 2014 18: 55
        Nuland da Biden ... Dreams-Dreams ...
      3. dmitriygorshkov
        dmitriygorshkov April 30 2014 21: 53
        Quote: thrower
        Hello - have you arrived ?!
        And who will hang for them?

        + + + + + + + +
    5. platitsyn70
      platitsyn70 April 30 2014 19: 11
      and the governing bodies created by the protest population, preventing their legitimization in any form. The basis of such formations can be mercenaries of American PMCs, as well as a number of former militants of the "Right Sector" and other militarized organizations of the Euromaidan from among those who can be put into operation.
      there will always be an adequate response to the threats of the West, the Americans are afraid of a conflict with the Russians and are unlikely to get into a fight, knowing that they will receive an adequate response.
      1. Sid.74
        Sid.74 April 30 2014 20: 48
        Oh, rzhaka !!! The lord of facebook and the thunderstorm of the separatists made a drunken brawl in Frankfurt, it’s such a fun tradition in Germany to have fun drunk with the Ukrainian ministers of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, I remember Lutsenko who found out drunk with German policemen at the airport !!!

        The head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine made a drunken brawl at Frankfurt Airport
        Arsen Avakov, Interior Minister appointed by the Verkhovna Rada, was not allowed on the plane, considering him drunk.

        When Avakov appeared at the airport and tried to get on the plane, the airline guard refused to let him land. Airport officials argued that the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, judging by external signs, was intoxicated.

        After this statement, Avakov made a fuss and demanded that they let him in because he was a high-ranking official of another country. The airport guard approached the place. As a result, the conflict was resolved without entering information into the credentials of the police.

        Earlier, the Verkhovna Rada deputy from the Party of Regions (PR), Irina Berezhnaya, stated that a resolution on the resignation of Arsen Avakov was registered in parliament. According to her, the PR also demanded that the Interior Minister be removed from the investigation of the attempt on the mayor of Kharkov, Gennady Kernes.

        “There is hostility between Kernes and Avakov, and there is no reason to hope for an objective investigation by the Ministry of Internal Affairs,” Berezhnaya said.

        With the corresponding request, the deputy turned to the Prosecutor General of Ukraine "so that the investigation of the assassination attempt would take place under the general control of this department."
        1. Sid.74
          Sid.74 April 30 2014 21: 10
          In the city of Anthracite, Luhansk region, a Russian flag was placed over the police department building. On Wednesday, 30 April, representatives of the Anti-Maidan community reported on their page on the social network.

          “Anthracite is now with us!” The activists signed the video. It shows how a man sets the flag of Russia on a building under the signals of a car and camera flashes of several dozen eyewitnesses.

          In the comments below the video, citizens report on the cities in which the administration buildings are supposedly occupied by pro-Russian activists: "Lugansk, Stanitsa Lugansk, Pervomaisk, Krasny Luch, Alchevsk, Sverdlovsk and now also Anthracite quickly."

          hi good
        2. schizophrenic
          schizophrenic April 30 2014 21: 15
          Quote: Sid.74
          with a corresponding request, the deputy turned to the Prosecutor General of Ukraine "so that the investigation of the assassination attempt would take place under the general control of this department

          I didn’t break the claudia out of laughter. So if the prosecutor general deals with this matter, they will immediately remove him, I wonder who they will put in order to carry out the junta’s business.
          1. Sid.74
            Sid.74 April 30 2014 22: 28
            What an hour is not a pearl !!! laughing

            Lviv "Golden Eagle" refused to go to the East

            Lviv, April 30 (Navigator, Victoria Litovchenko) - In Lviv, officers of the special police battalion - former "Berkutovtsy" - refused to go to the eastern regions to protect public order.

            On Monday, April 28, 40 special battalion fighters who were supposed to go to the eastern regions were identified: 27 people refused to travel, Gall-Info reports citing its own sources.

            “We are talking about the special forces of the former“ Golden Eagle ”. Only 13 fighters agreed. It should be understood that the soldiers of this special company, in addition to serving in the organs, earn money by working as security guards at private facilities, ”the source said.

            Today this information was confirmed by the head of the Main Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Lviv Dmitry Zagaria.

            “As Colonel Grebenyuk, deputy public safety officer, reported to me, their motive was that they had no equipment. However, they should be provided with equipment and equipment at the State Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Kharkov region. I ordered an internal investigation into this fact, ”Zagaria said.

            As Navigator reported, protesters in Kharkiv, Donetsk, and Lugansk regions say the local police are "with the people." They remind that in February they supported the "Berkut", therefore they believe that now the law enforcement authorities "will not raise a hand against them."

            Gay Alliance of Ukraine promotes European values ​​in Galicia

            In Lviv, a social advertisement appeared dedicated to the fight against homophobia. This is part of the information campaign, which in Lviv, Odessa, Zhytomyr and Krivoy Rog is conducted by the public organization “Gay Alliance of Ukraine” and the Embassy of the Netherlands.

            On billboards people with closed faces and slogans like “I can’t show my face, because 68% of Ukrainians believe that I have no right to start a family,” are displayed. The address of the site on the Internet is also indicated.

            As the journalists found out, this street advertising is part of a major information project, “Promoting the Implementation of Fundamental Human Rights and Freedoms and Countering Homophobia by Raising Public Awareness”, initiated by the Ukrainian Gay Alliance and the Netherlands Embassy in Ukraine.

            And further....
            In the Russian Federation, ethnic Ukrainians occupy 36-38% of the seats in the State Duma and the Government of the Russian Federation. Gazprom Gazprom Ukrainians 60%, among the generals of the army of the Russian Federation Ukrainians 44%. In Ukraine, in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, Ukrainians occupy 12% of the seats, and the last legitimately elected president of Ukraine was Belarus. Under him was the Prime Minister of Ukraine - half Estonian, half Russian - Azarov. Who are Ukrainians? Who are Ukrainians in Ukraine?
  2. Reasonable, 2,3
    Reasonable, 2,3 April 30 2014 18: 23
    Look on YouTube what this scum is doing! Donetsk is on the 28th. There is no mind. Hopefully on the 9th, Ours will go to Berlin.
    1. Sid.74
      Sid.74 April 30 2014 22: 43
      Quote: Reasonable, 2,3
      Look on youtube

      There is even more interesting! Here, for example, there are no barricades on the Maidan! Do not believe me, look in Google !!! laughing

      No, that’s not all !!! laughing
      In the Lviv region, they are hastily preparing for the mass "arrival of activists from the East. They are afraid that they will teach their Motherland to love and make them celebrate on May 9 ...
      1. Dezinto
        Dezinto 1 May 2014 00: 52
        Oh my god! .. what a beauty written in the second video !!!, well, here they are the Poles spilled there, let them fall in polandia !!, zapadentsy zadolbalsy.
  3. Gagarin
    Gagarin April 30 2014 18: 24
    "This will mean the final loss of these areas for the junta and its very soon collapse."
    1. gfs84
      gfs84 April 30 2014 18: 31
      "This will mean the final loss of these areas for the junta and its very soon collapse."

      There is no need to distract the Lord-God from more important matters (I am exaggerating, of course), the "characters" in Kiev will do a good job on their own ...

      And about. The Prosecutor General of Ukraine Oleg Makhnitsky said that the Prosecutor General’s Office is studying the legality of closing the case against former President Leonid Kuchma on suspicion of involvement in the murder of journalist George Gongadze. “We do not consider the Gongadze case closed. It is also the subject of study, in fact, not just by the prosecution authorities, but the subject of research in the unit of the main investigative department of the prosecutor general’s office of Ukraine, ”Mr Makhnitsky said in an interview with BBC Ukraine. “In case of revealing illegal decisions to close it, in case of revealing sufficient evidence, it is natural that it will be given a logical conclusion,” he emphasized.
      As I understand it, these "freaks" do not have more important things to do ...
      But you could have done a useful thing - to start packing your bags ...
      1. April 30 2014 20: 43
        This case, according to Gongadze, looked ridiculous then. Now it’s completely down. What are they hoping for? We’ll put Kuchma and everything will be OK, KEY. They themselves have degraded to the point that they can’t cut off anyone’s head and blame Donbas and Russia.
      2. Lesogon
        Lesogon April 30 2014 21: 23
        Since 2004, I have been worried about the question - the president of the country has nothing more to do as some kind of journalist (and even without a publication, so he squeezed a couple of articles on the Internet) to order ?????
        1. stroporez
          stroporez April 30 2014 22: 38
          and this is like with a cold .......... in fact, for the murders, the men received awards, titles, etc. and then some kind of jerk journalist could not clean up "cleanly" ...............
      3. dmitriygorshkov
        dmitriygorshkov April 30 2014 22: 10
        Quote: gfs84
        But you could have done a useful thing - to start packing your bags ...

        I understand that you are joking, these types of "alarm" suitcases must have been collected.
        The task of sound powers is to prevent them from rushing off!
        As already said here:
        Quote: thrower
        Hello - have you arrived ?!
        And who will hang for them?
    2. grog_bm
      grog_bm April 30 2014 18: 35
      Oh, I'm afraid the Ukrainians are preparing a bloody bath for you .... and oh, I don’t want to .. hold on ... we still can’t help anything else ... humanitarian aid is all nonsense - you need trunks .... and skillful hands for them ...
  4. Giant thought
    Giant thought April 30 2014 18: 28
    The junta writhes in paralytic cramps, but is still able to bite. She needs to wear a muzzle.
    1. schizophrenic
      schizophrenic April 30 2014 18: 48
      Yes, the junta is in a difficult position, where you can’t throw a wedge everywhere. On one side they bend on the other and insert it.
      1. April 30 2014 19: 29
        Quote: schizophrenic
        a difficult situation, where you do not throw a wedge everywhere.Bend on one side insert on the other.

        Leafed through the "Kamasutra". With the definition of "pose" difficulty. Gangbang or what?
        1. schizophrenic
          schizophrenic April 30 2014 19: 57
          Gangbang or what?

          When the junta tries to lick the eagle’s boots, then seeing a comfortable pose, a bear is attached to it from the rear, it turns out like a dog.
          1. nahalenok911
            nahalenok911 April 30 2014 20: 38
            Not! The bear has not condescended before that! He point blank does not see the junta in principle. And even more squeamish about it in such a pose. The bear has a bear. She will tear anyone for her children.
        2. Lukich
          Lukich April 30 2014 21: 50
          Gangbang or what?

          sure. geyropa with mattresses. and are constantly changing places
  5. Reserve officer
    Reserve officer April 30 2014 18: 29
    Any confrontation must be based on something.
    Behind Donetsk and Lugansk there is a people who have nothing to drag; they were declared terrorists and promised to destroy them.
    For the "new Kiev power" - only American money and personal promises to their leaders.
    These are large strokes, the rest are shades.
    So then the whole question is only in time - when will there be a complete split of these ideologies, so that it is clear to everyone in the Southeast. Now most of the population there still hopes for the restoration of the status quo, they are still peaceful people and wars, really, do not want. But the process is already irreversible.
  6. Signaller
    Signaller April 30 2014 18: 30
    Yes, these maydanutyh still fog in my head from burnt tires. Well this is clear to everyone. They are not adequate from phosgene arising from the burning of plastic tires ... Therefore, there is no reason, there are only ambitions. With them they came to power. AMBITIONS must be shoved deep into the body
    (if you want to duplicate) and start to THINK. Doctors of the world recommend thinking when you need to make a difficult decision in life. They say it helps. VERY.
  7. grog_bm
    grog_bm April 30 2014 18: 30
    A crash is inevitable - don’t go to your grandmother. But the development may be different - the overthrow of the junta by another junta in the person of army bosses and the nomination of such people as a tyagnibok or yarosh as a leader. By virtue of which a more bloody situation will begin in the SEI, this is all with sanctions, etc., etc. Then there will be sabotage on the gas pipeline, which will cause a more serious reaction from Europe and the conclusion of contracts for gas supplies from the United States and the Voila State economy is saved from a collapse ....
    1. be0560
      be0560 April 30 2014 18: 49
      But Americans do not have to pay for gas? Something I do not remember that the states were engaged in charity work. Yes, and how to pay it? Although if Turchinov, Tymoshenko and the company rummage through personal zashniks ... Quite.
    2. The comment was deleted.
    3. dmitriygorshkov
      dmitriygorshkov April 30 2014 22: 16
      Quote: grog_bm
      development may be more-

      Yes, the option when the junta can overthrow an even more junta junta cannot be ruled out! The reasons for this are quite obvious!
      Lord carry it!
  8. Stavros
    Stavros April 30 2014 18: 35
    The entry of NATO troops into Ukraine will ultimately lead to the collapse of the country. Ukraine will be undone, no doubt.
    1. asar
      asar April 30 2014 19: 10
      What the Yankees sought from the very beginning!
  9. delfinN
    delfinN April 30 2014 18: 37
    Help junta already in a hurry
  10. denchik1977
    denchik1977 April 30 2014 18: 38
    The behavior of Kiev, in recent years, more and more resembles the behavior of a "psychopath with a straight razor" .... There is no need to talk about adequate behavior at all. Just what is the hysteria that Petro Poroshenko arranged in a telephone conversation. It is somewhat reminiscent of John Kerry's inappropriate behavior towards the RT TV channel. Taking into account the fact that in Kiev at any moment a "war of all against all" can begin, each of the representatives of the "junta" can give an order to start hostilities in the South-East, which will overnight lead to bloodshed ... Well, the use of special forces The United States can lead to the immediate intervention of Russia ... God forbid that this does not happen ...
    1. The comment was deleted.
    2. be0560
      be0560 April 30 2014 18: 59
      They are all freaking out there. In general, it is very likely that things are moving towards a civil war. Do not bring the Lord.
      1. Egoza
        Egoza April 30 2014 19: 10
        Quote: be0560
        In general, it is very likely that things are moving towards a civil war. Do not bring the Lord.

        This is what they sent me from Luhansk ... "The beginning of the war"?
        The information received is scarce.

        At the same time - reliable, and confirmed, as expected, not one - and not two - sources. Its essence is extremely simple and deadly serious: on May 2 this year. by the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine - by a written order of the National Security and Defense Council - the beginning of a large-scale operation to clean up the entire Southeast is scheduled. The plans took into account the mistakes made earlier, provided for a centralized leadership, the interaction of forces and means of the created group, air cover was allocated, and even the order of requests for art support (!) Was determined.

        Understanding the danger (and the inevitable consequences) of the upcoming operation, the commanders of the involved units require written orders. And - to my own surprise - this time they get them.
        The only thing the Kiev junta is really afraid of is the wide publicity of the upcoming action. And it is with this very publicity that we again can really influence the determination of those figures who absolutely do not care about the consequences - if only to maintain power at all costs. Well, the leadership of the Russian Federation also has a certain margin of time to exert maximum diplomatic and military pressure on the junta.

        To the failure of the plans of which it was already incomplete 52 (fifty two) hours.

        The time has gone.
        Even less ... Probably everything will be decided today at a meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers, which will be at 19.00 (Kiev time), if the next maydanuts again do not arrange a massacre ... And then there is also a "tank training" for the night ...
  11. shelva
    shelva April 30 2014 18: 39
    All armed groups that do not support the DPR are forced out of their territory.
  12. grog_bm
    grog_bm April 30 2014 18: 42
    +5[internal_traffic]--[] - [main_body] - [main_item] - [title]
    EPT army in Kiev in the government quarter on May 1 - tin, demolition of the junta 100% and the arrival of a new junta in the face of the fascists - the guys are WAR !!!
  13. Thompson
    Thompson April 30 2014 18: 42
    Everything is very unpredictable! And those who are in power are to blame. It’s impossible to predict! Logic is simply horrified by such insanity!
    They would be happy to spread the east, but there is no trust in the military, moreover, they know that Russia will immediately tear them to pieces! Biting from the quiet ... too inefficient and long-lasting ... Provoke provocations ... again, but the goal ??? Point of opportunity to agree a long time ago dash!
    It remains to wait and observe and act on the situation.
  14. andrei332809
    andrei332809 April 30 2014 18: 43
    The militants of the "Right Sector" proved to be bad warriors. Faced with armed resistance, they chose to leave the battlefield.

    and someone else expected? unarmed, with crowds, with sticks ...
  15. The comment was deleted.
  16. kvnvolga2008
    kvnvolga2008 April 30 2014 18: 46
    Intelligent creatures do not fight against their people!
  17. homosum20
    homosum20 April 30 2014 18: 52
    There is no need to discuss the actions of the Ukrainian authorities. The word "power" is from the word "Power". America has all the power there. It is the actions of America that are worth discussing.
    On the one hand, America has a much wider range of options than Kiev, almost unlimited (on the scale of the conflict) financial resources, support (no matter what it costs), the European Union and NATO. But Russia also has great advantages in this region. Political impact (the supply of the group in Afghanistan can be covered at once). The military balance in the region (in particular, the southeast of the so-called Ukraine) is in our favor. UN blocks China. And time works for us - the so-called economy Ukraine will die during the month-quarter period (especially if we protest Slovakia’s actions to reverse gas and block the pipe for both - there are plenty of legal grounds), and everyone needs to eat.
    Everything determines the importance of this territory (the so-called Ukraine) for the parties and their decisiveness in achieving their goals (I am bracketing the competition in tactics and strategy - our president has proved that Russia in this is at least not weaker than America, but it seems stronger).
    In general, it seems, with a layout of 35 to 65, the southeast is behind us.
    Subjective opinion. I don’t want to offend anyone.
  18. Ivan 63
    Ivan 63 April 30 2014 18: 52
    for a long time without reading through the possibilities of the current junta, you can calculate everything in advance; I only advise the Russian authorities not to reckon with the Yankees, but rather in every possible way and clearly crush this scum.
  19. rammjager
    rammjager April 30 2014 18: 54
    Donbass is not Ukraine.
    1. Shoma-1970
      Shoma-1970 April 30 2014 20: 54
      Ukraine is not Galicia, in my opinion it will be more true)))
  20. sabakina
    sabakina April 30 2014 18: 56
    I didn’t think that I would live to see one KGB officer against a whole floor of CIAshnikov, and he won! Bravissimo !!! (well, a little exaggerate)
  21. Solidgrasp
    Solidgrasp April 30 2014 19: 03
    In accordance with the military oath of the Ukrainian soldier, he - the soldier - must "unearly follow the Constitution of Ukraine and the laws of Ukraine," (unswervingly observe the Constitution of Ukraine and the laws of Ukraine), and in accordance with the Constitution of Ukraine, clause 20 of Art. 106 The President makes, in accordance with the law, a decision on general or partial mobilization and the introduction of martial law in Ukraine or in some of its localities in the event of a threat of attack, danger to the state independence of Ukraine. And who is the president? Yanukovych did not give an order to ATO.
  22. Jogan-xnumx
    Jogan-xnumx April 30 2014 19: 19
    Indeed, the Nazis, law-enforcers, and PMCs, who are on the drum the lives of ordinary, unarmed people, pose a real threat to SE. Moreover, pravoseki are too cowardly to go out in the open, because they will spoil from the quiet and where it is safe.
    PMCs also have no reason to substitute their bosses under the bullets of the militia, the dead do not need loot. They also need to get rid of civilians.
    Any local experts, if they zealously rip the rolls for "nezalezhna", then only those who are from Galicia or patriot on their heads.
    Well, perhaps there is another hundred other reckless trying to curry fortune or cut the dough, including in the army.
    The only thing is that, thank God and the stamina of the militias, there has still NOT been a real clash! The militias have nothing to lose and nowhere to retreat. People in the militia are shot, scared and ready for anything. Persuasion promises do not bite. WHAT WILL BE AFTER ??? Should the junta decide on an open battle?
  23. staryivoin
    staryivoin April 30 2014 19: 43
    Yes, in general, there is nothing special except this:

    In topic:

    Yatsenyuk found on the Maidan a smoked bottle. Lost A green gin comes out of the bottle.
    Yatsenyuk from fear: - Glory, Ukraine!
    Gene tiredly: - I fulfill your first desire!
    Yatsenyuk looks at the pillars of the Square Nezalezhnosti “pravoseki” posted
    Frightened, shouting: - Everything should be within the legal framework !!!
    Jin: - At shaitan, I fulfill your second desire!
    Yatsenyuk looks- "Berkut is packing the" National Guard "and" hundreds of self-defense of the Maidan "into police vans, nearby prosecutors and judges sign and stamp sentences" for carrying weapons, violating public order, looting, hooliganism, etc. "
    Yatsenyuk was scared to death and in a whisper: “Everything should be decided by constitutional means ...”
    Gene is already more cheerful: - Daragoi, I fulfill your third wish!
    Yatsenyuk looks around, and he is already in the Lukyanovsky pre-trial detention center in the cell where Turchinov, Nalyvaichenko, Avakov and other Turchinov’s camarilla are sitting.
    Green Jin closes the camera: “Your desires are over, giant Yatsenyuk!”
    He takes out his phone and dials: "- Moscow, the Kremlin! As everyone asked politely and without exaggeration!"

    I apologize if anyone has heard this
  24. sanja.grw
    sanja.grw April 30 2014 19: 56
    And where are they running to look for them
  25. sv68
    sv68 April 30 2014 20: 03
    ukroina lives without giving an account of her actions. There is a good saying-strength doesn’t have to mind, but Kiev scumbags are more like paraphrasing sayings-not forces not to mind. Even a weak, dysfunctional army can still overthrow a rabble called power, but there is no strong-willed person ready to give such an order and, as a result of inactivity and disregard for the future of Ukraine, the country is simply doomed to disappear from the world map as a single state, it’s only bad that a lot of blood will be shed during the collapse of the country
  26. typhoon7
    typhoon7 April 30 2014 20: 45
    The process in the southeast has started and nothing will stop it. The Donetsk and Lugansk regions are only the beginning. Kharkov, Odessa, Nikolaev should follow them. District by region, city by city will be absorbed by the Donetsk Republic. But if the junta begins punitive operations, then everything will happen even faster, with the help of the Russian Army. Powers such as we know the GDP received.
    1. surovts.valery
      surovts.valery 1 May 2014 02: 57
      Quote: typhoon7
      The process in the southeast has started and nothing will stop it. The Donetsk and Lugansk regions are only the beginning. Kharkov, Odessa, Nikolaev should follow them. District by region, city by city will be absorbed by the Donetsk Republic. But if the junta begins punitive operations, then everything will happen even faster, with the help of the Russian Army. Powers such as we know the GDP received.

      The junta is already powerless, targeted actions with the help of the legal sector and individual loyal units of the National Guard are not counted. I already wrote, now it is time for Lavrov and Churkin to remind the West of Kosovo, and on a much larger scale. Like that, but poorly recognized?
  27. Egoza
    Egoza April 30 2014 20: 48
    I want to quote the words of one very intelligent person during an argument ...
    Skell: "Again the standard error of the average man in the street. People, you do not understand the simplest truth. WE are not dealing with people, but with the enemy, as it is not sad. This is essentially a war without hostilities. And here the place of mercy is very specific. WE are did not start this war, and for a very long time and patiently we tried to "come to an agreement" without "becoming like".
    ..... reincarnation of the spirit of Bandera in the form of all sorts of "freedom" and the Dogs.
    There was a rule in the old tradition (which you kind of reckon somehow) and they buried every trash and compared the place to the ground so that there isn’t a trace left ... Only in this way evil is eradicated, otherwise the memory will be preserved and sooner or later, it will wake up again. Which is what we observe.

    Further, in war as in war. And every soldier to which it did not reach - a corpse in the first battle. For mercy to the enemy (in battle) is tantamount to death.
    It can be difficult to understand, but there is no other way. WE do not seek to "take someone else's", we just defend ours. Including from the "memory of Bandera".
    You still cry for Adolf, it also "appeared before the court." Maybe the soldiers of the red army should have been more compassionate and not take the Reichstag by storm, but somehow "find a consensus" with the Nazis.
    In the conditions of today's fascization at this stage of the development of the disease, there is only one method of treatment - surgical. Therapy, as practice has shown, is not effective.

    Do not forget that "on good terms" they tried to come to an agreement for two whole months. As a result of these attempts, we have what? 15 soldiers on the borders of Donbass with all the necessary pieces of iron. And "Parubai's order" on the beginning of the military operation 000. 02.05 using heavy equipment and aviation. And he is the DIRECT last son of "brought before the highest court" ....
    And teach that it is with the NAME OF STEPAN that the BANDERS shy away from the volley fire installations in Slavyansk, with his name they will burn and kill. To his glory and honor ... you are my compassionate ones.

    Now for the first time I felt a kind of regret that few people saw the results of the war in nature. What do they look like ... what is the smell of blood and the stench of burnt flesh ... Maybe the juvenile delinquents did not so solemnly strive to "kill enemies".

    War is different from human life. There you either kill or they kill you. And no options. And it was unleashed by the Maidan in February, refusing half (at least) of the country the right to determine what laws and rules they should live by.

    And you don't have to worry, such videos will not provoke anything and will not add any oil to the fire. The flywheel is started and will keep turning until someone takes the liberty of inserting a crowbar into its spokes. "
    1. not main
      not main 1 May 2014 00: 34
      Quote: Egoza
      Now for the first time I felt a certain regret that few people had seen the results of the war in kind

      Something tells me that this is not a typo!
    2. The comment was deleted.
    3. siberalt
      siberalt 1 May 2014 01: 05
      No, Egoza! The flywheel creaked and slowed down. The lubrication has ended. I will try to explain my vision. First: - Russia for two decades was silent about how the natives raped Ukraine, while she herself crawled out "wet" from under them. And then Russia said NO! Rudeness, lawlessness and violence. And they had nothing planned for this. Complete stupor. Here is your "stick in the knitting needles". This is their flywheel, which they cannot restart, just as they cannot repair its intended move. Everything breaks the course of historical development. Some miscarriages instead of those born. The hope of the Ukrainian traitors - neo-Nazis - was military aid to NATO. She's the last one. This is confirmed by the circus military shows in the Baltic States and the Black Sea. Absolute de * bilism of the State Department's propaganda and corrupt media. They are already political impotent. Something like this.
  28. Lukich
    Lukich April 30 2014 22: 02
    not mine, but subscribe to every word
  29. Lukich
    Lukich April 30 2014 22: 03
    very amused)
  30. doc62
    doc62 April 30 2014 22: 12
    actions of the rulers of Ukraine that in 2004 what they say now about organic brain damage is treated only by cutting off the head
  31. galser
    galser 1 May 2014 01: 18
    In Ukraine, it will help a lot.
  32. andj61
    andj61 1 May 2014 06: 37
    Quote: Egoza
    And teach that it is with the NAME OF STEPAN that the BANDERS shy away from the volley fire installations in Slavyansk, with his name they will burn and kill.

    I’m afraid that this scenario would not work on May 2!
  33. Semenov
    Semenov 1 May 2014 07: 02
    Turchinov acknowledged the loss of control over the SE. In his speech, he called on all heads of administrations to organize self-defense detachments, to provide the detachments with weapons, food, vehicles for mobile airlift "in need of help." It was also announced about an additional set of volunteer patriots, ready to defend the independence of the Motherland not in words and on the Internet, but in deeds, with arms in hand in the rebellious regions. It is assumed that after the next change in the leadership of the law enforcement agencies, in the near future an army operation with the use of heavy weapons will begin. In essence, in his speech, Turchinov announced the beginning of a civil war. The big question is, against whom the army and the security forces will turn their weapons, it is much cheaper to take Kiev than to destroy the population of the SE with punitive detachments and "Grad".