Belarusian sight for shooting from the corner

According to the news agency “Russia's Arms”, the specialists of the Belarusian company “BelOMO” developed a PKP sight (a collimator periscopic sight), which allows firing from around the corner. This was told by the director of the scientific and technical center "LEMT", which is part of the holding "BelOMO", Alexey Shkadarevich.

“We have sights that allow firing from around the corner,” he said. “Such sights are designed for use in urban combat, and I believe they will be in demand in Russia.”

Shkadarevich also noted that they had demonstrated the PCP to the Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation, Dmitry Rogozin, who had recently visited Minsk. During the demonstration, the shooter managed to hit the target at a distance of 100 meters, which, according to a specialist, “is a very good indicator.”

It should be noted that the control panel PKP can be installed on all types of Russian automatic weaponsequipped with dovetail mount. There are no complex electronic components in the design of the sight, which increases its survivability compared to foreign analogues, for example, the Israeli Corner Shot aiming unit. The Belarusian product does not use any chemical or radioactive materials, which simplifies its operation.

The control panel provides a one-time increase in aiming, and its mass is no more than 950 g. One AA battery is used for power supply.
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  1. +1
    April 28 2014 11: 18
    I do not quite understand, then it transforms into normal, otherwise it is not very convenient to use?
    1. jjj
      April 28 2014 11: 19
      In the course of the Belarusians find their niche in military cooperation. Well, right
      1. WKS
        April 28 2014 12: 55
        Quote: jjj
        "Such sights are designed for use in urban combat and I believe they will be in demand in Russia."

        Probably a stylistic mistake after all. Not "In Russia", but by the Russian special services.
    2. +1
      April 28 2014 11: 41
      Quote: fzr1000
      it’s not very convenient

      It is replaceable, and how many working shooters can be hidden around one corner ?? It will be one and a half to two dozen in the company. New VUS, shooter from around the corner. I think so.
      1. 0
        April 28 2014 12: 34
        Quote: Hedgehog
        New VUS, shooter from around the corner

        Schweik came up with this brave soldier when he suggested putting the bomb on its side to shoot around the corner :-)
    3. +1
      April 28 2014 14: 44
      It looks like a hybrid, the edging of the direct eyepiece is visible.
    4. +1
      April 28 2014 15: 42
      Of course, my friend. I saw him with my own eyes about a year and a half ago. A fucking thing, finally put into production. Belarusians, well done! drinks
  2. +1
    April 28 2014 11: 18
    A one-time increase is how? 1X1 = 1 Explain to me, pliz
    1. +2
      April 28 2014 11: 38
      Quote: Alez
      Explain to me

      Not telescopic. Normal collimator bent at 90 degrees.
    2. +1
      April 28 2014 12: 05
      Quote: Alez
      A one-time increase is how? 1X1 = 1 Explain to me, pliz

      This means, without magnification. Such a sight is considered the simplest of optical, and it appeared a long time ago.
  3. +2
    April 28 2014 11: 18
    "Such sights are designed for use in urban combat and I believe they will be in demand in Russia."

    God forbid, if only not against the "democrats". Better for its intended purpose, during the "Perestroika" of democracy (according to "Gorbachev's system") in the most democratic country in the world.
  4. 0
    April 28 2014 11: 20
    Belarus and Russia is power !!! but judging by the photo it’s not very much. yes and the distance is one hundred meters. but you need to work in all directions
  5. 0
    April 28 2014 11: 21
    Well done Belarusian designers.
    A good way to scout "what's around the bend."
    And perhaps soon, in order to aim it is not necessary to look into the sight of a machine gun or snipe.
  6. +1
    April 28 2014 11: 23
    In the context of special operations, for a start it will go, dashing trouble began ...
  7. +4
    April 28 2014 11: 26
    Belarusians also win in price. The cost of Corner Shot, taking into account customs duties, excises and delivery, is estimated at 300 thousand rubles. The agreed price of the control panel is 21,45 thousand rubles. That is, instead of one Israeli system, you can buy 19 sights of Belarusian production.

    The new sight is designed on the basis of the serial sight PK-AA (is in service with the army of Belarus). According to the developers, the service life of their product is at least ten years. The main difference between the Belarusian sight and Corner Shot at the moment is the lack of transfer of the firing zone to the video monitor. But in Torgspetsalyans they said that already at the end of October, Belarusian partners will present a new version of the control panel, providing for video surveillance.

    PKP has already been tested in the power structures of Belarus and Russia. The product was approved by the main command of the internal troops of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation. The control panel passed successful tests at the Rys special police forces and special units of the State Drug Control Service. Igor Burumov expects that before the end of the year, Russian law enforcement agencies will begin purchasing the first batches of the PKP. The Russian Defense Ministry, the source told, has not yet shown interest in Belarusian sights. In recent years, the Russian military has preferred the sights of a potential enemy. For example, according to Burumov, a large order for the supply of sights was placed with Trijicon (the price of these sights is twice the cost of domestic analogs, Igor Burumov specified).
    1. Grenz
      April 28 2014 11: 52
      I read that the first such sight, as one would expect, was developed in Israel.
      But there they went further, correctly noticed, a video camera is mounted in it, which allows transmitting the image from the shooter to the base monitor of the operation leader.
      Although we need this.
      "The Russian Defense Ministry has not yet shown interest in Belarusian sights."
      That would be officials from this department for the next sweep in a high-rise building. Let go ahead with surprises around every turn.
      Everything as usual. At one time, the BM-13 "Katyusha" did not want to be adopted.
      1. 0
        April 28 2014 12: 27
        the Israelis themselves call their sight raw still
      2. +1
        April 28 2014 19: 43
        Quote: grenz
        The Russian Defense Ministry has not yet shown interest in Belarusian sights. "
        That would be officials from this department

        My opinion is that the decision on development and procurement should be taken by a collegial body - the council, and it must include honored people with actual combat experience.
        1. 0
          April 29 2014 05: 42
          For the army, such sights are much less relevant than for police services and all kinds of special forces.
  8. +2
    April 28 2014 11: 31
    Well done Belarusians, preserved their industry, now we need to buy these sights from them, I think that they will be useful to us.
  9. jandjella
    April 28 2014 11: 36
    Do you have any Russian domestic developments? I saw something obscene included in the Warrior kit.
    1. +1
      April 28 2014 12: 25
      Quote: jandjella
      Are there any drab developments in Russia?

      Russian similar development is.
  10. Gagarin
    April 28 2014 11: 39
    I think it was possible to create such a sight without battery power at all.
    There is nothing technically beyond the limit.
    Similar systems without power already appeared in the 50s, they were good, I could not find the photo.
    1. +1
      April 28 2014 12: 02
      Actually the Russian collimator for AK "Nit-A" operates without batteries, the light source is a tritium capsule, 7-10 years of glow. They are now used in many places in the world. Both in sights and in watches, sometimes even just as sources of emergency light.
      1. +1
        April 28 2014 12: 29
        Isn't Tritium a radioactive isotope? if so, then it is better to let it be powered by batteries))
        1. +1
          April 29 2014 05: 35
          Radioactive, but emits mostly alpha particles. These tritium capsules are sometimes even called alpha crystals. All radiation is delayed by the walls of the capsule itself, in which tritium is placed (or its salts, I do not remember exactly). In the west, tritium fireflies are freely sold in stores, and here too they begin to appear. Various laws on the non-proliferation of radioactive materials generally do not apply to them. In Russia, you can find watches with tritium-colored dials in stores.
          And by the way, in many models of Trijicon sights, the illumination is tritium.
  11. +1
    April 28 2014 11: 42
    Progress Curiosity smile
    This is so that the nose is not torn off as I understand
  12. +2
    April 28 2014 12: 05
    They always knew how to do and make excellent optics! And the fact that Rogozin pays attention to this is doubly good.
  13. +3
    April 28 2014 12: 14
    Quote: Hedgehog
    Not telescopic. Normal collimator bent at 90 degrees.

    As far as I understand from the picture, he has two eyepieces, one with a direct view, and the other at an angle? Aiming for the one you need?
    Yeah, I found it
  14. 0
    April 28 2014 12: 39
    Well, if you aim from around the corner, then part of the head will see everything evenly !!! request Is it necessary to look into the eyepiece from a distance or something?
  15. 0
    April 28 2014 12: 41
    Jarred confidence that these sights will be in demand in Russia. One refinement was not enough - for BB.
  16. 0
    April 28 2014 13: 31
    interesting of course, but you can immediately say that such sights will be used in very limited quantities ... although how to know
  17. +1
    April 28 2014 15: 24
    In my opinion this sight is not for firing from around the corner. And just so as not to lie face down on the butt. Comfortable, yes.
  18. +1
    April 28 2014 15: 34
    in the years of WW2, the Germans produced modifications of the STG-44 with bent trunks and mirror sights, for firing from around the corner during street battles. There were left and right options. Similar, already after the Victory, our designers did on the basis of the PPSh. But we went further and made the curved barrel removable and reinstalled in 3 positions: left, right and down (for firing through the parapet or from the hatch of the tank).
  19. Alexey Prikazchikov
    April 28 2014 16: 11
    Well, and he? This is yesterday’s century. In the same market there is a device for a machine for firing from around the corner.
  20. 0
    April 28 2014 16: 44
    Yeah cool. In order to shoot from something and aim the sight at the point of impact, you need to have this - WHAT. So far, some experiments on weapons firing from around the corner.
  21. 0
    April 28 2014 18: 36
    It is strange that the CAMERA + SCREEN modules are not widely used.
    1. 0
      April 28 2014 19: 49
      Quote: Svetovod
      CAMERA + SCREEN modules

      Use. For some reason, this is not mentioned in the article, probably due to the fact that he (the sight) is not yet in the stage of mass production.

  22. 0
    April 28 2014 22: 07
    Belarusians have always had optics at their best. Well done that develop.

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