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In Russia test reconnaissance tiltrotor with the drone "Era-50"

In Russia test reconnaissance tiltrotor with the drone "Era-50"The complex of aerial reconnaissance and surveillance with an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) convertible plan is created in Russia, reports INTERFAX.RU.

"Recently, factory tests of the Era-50 UAV have been successfully completed. The complex is ready for joint tests," Eldar Razroev, chief designer of New Technologies, told Interfax-AVN.

According to him, "negotiations are underway with a potential customer for conducting joint tests with him."

“After the joint tests at the first stage, the complex is planned to be refined according to their results and customer requirements,” the chief designer added.

He did not specify what kind of structure the negotiations were going on, noting that "after the completion of the modifications, the stage of state tests will follow, but it’s too early to speak about the time frame for them."

The devices of a convertible plan combine the features of an airplane and a helicopter. They can take off vertically or hang at a given point and quickly move to a horizontal flight. Earlier it was reported that the Russian Defense Ministry shows interest in devices of this type.

According to E. Razrojev, the company is developing two types of converters - “Era-50” weighing 5 kg and “Era-100” weighing 20 kg.

"In 2014, it is planned to arrive at small-scale production of Era-50 UAV complexes and, after full development of this complex, return to finalizing the Era-100 drone automatic control system," said the agency interlocutor.

He recalled that the convertible "Era-100" last fall was demonstrated at the exhibition "Integrated Safety" in Moscow. The convertoplan is equipped with four electric motors with 2700 watts each. They are located at the ends of the consoles and set in motion four two-bladed propellers. Since the UAV is built according to the convertoplan scheme, all four propeller-driven groups are made rotating on the wing.

Normal take-off weight of the new BLAH 18 kg. Maximum - 24 kg. Payload Mass - 2,5 kg. Maximum speed - 230 km / h. Flight range - 120 km, time spent in the air - 1 hour. Convertoplane length - 1,3 m.
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  1. Same lech
    Same lech April 28 2014 06: 53
    Besides reconnaissance at close range .... I see no other use for this toy.
    1. mirag2
      mirag2 April 28 2014 06: 57
      Why, after all the most important thing is experiencethat developers will get!
      1. igor_m_p
        igor_m_p April 28 2014 07: 06
        One that is lightweight - it seems really for testing technologies, well, and perhaps for training operators. And the one that is bigger is already quite. 28 kg the payload for reconnaissance drone is not so small. Well, the radius of action and the time spent in the air - the batteries increase capacity every year, and very significantly, so it is possible that in a year or two it will fly twice or three times further.
        1. Very old
          Very old April 28 2014 07: 29
          Now it will start again: a toy is not a toy; need-not need ...
          We need all sorts, we need different things - we need CHOICE.
          And again, I remember the scientific companies -
          1. Baikal
            Baikal April 28 2014 07: 38
            Scientific companies - back in service wink
            Child from 7 minutes.

            1. Very old
              Very old April 28 2014 07: 58
              BUSINESS !
              These guys are the present future (a strange expression, isn't it? Present-Future!) Of Russian military science

              Thanks for the video - from the 7th minute
          2. igor_m_p
            igor_m_p April 28 2014 08: 07
            As practice shows, even mini-drones with a payload of a hundred grams and a radius of several hundred meters have their niche, for example, during police (and military) operations in urban conditions.
        2. GRune
          GRune April 28 2014 07: 44
          2,5 kg payload wink
        3. FID
          FID April 28 2014 09: 17
          Quote: igor_m_p
          28 kg the payload for reconnaissance drone is not so small.

          Where did you read this? Era-100 weight 20kg and useful 28kg, i.e. Efficiency greater than 100%?
    2. armageddon
      armageddon April 28 2014 07: 27
      not right at least take the Ministry of Emergencies !!!
    3. The comment was deleted.
  2. Dragon-y
    Dragon-y April 28 2014 06: 53
    In the photo - the Osprey shtatovskogo convertiplane.
    1. Bayonet
      Bayonet April 28 2014 07: 52
      Which photo? If on that in the article, then nothing in common.
  3. tronin.maxim
    tronin.maxim April 28 2014 06: 54
    Such a UAV for the Ministry of Emergencies is the most, but for the army there isn’t, it is too noticeable.
  4. asar
    asar April 28 2014 06: 55
    Do more! Hang up the cameras! Useful for both the Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Emergencies! The right thing!
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  6. mirag2
    mirag2 April 28 2014 06: 56
    For reconnaissance of the situation in the near field.
  7. Zelen
    Zelen April 28 2014 06: 56
    For more of our country would be such things.
    1. Per se.
      Per se. April 28 2014 09: 56
      Quote: Zelen
      For more of our country would be such things.

      Yes, more. In the USSR, this was taken more seriously, we were working on convertiplanes, it seems now forgotten, like VTOL.
      In 1972 in the cost center. M.L. Mile under the direction of M.N. Tishchenko began the initiative development of a project proposal of a transport - passenger helicopter - Mi-30 aircraft with rotary screws.
      The estimated flight speed was 500 - 600km / h,
      range - 800 km,
      take-off weight - 10,6t.
      It was supposed to use two TBZ-117 gas turbine engines located above the fuselage as a power plant, which were supposed to be driven by a transmission with two rotary non-bearing screws with a diameter of 11 in gondolas at the wing ends.
      During the development, it was considered expedient to increase the carrying capacity of the Mi-30 to 3 — 5 t and passenger capacity to 32 people, so the project of the propeller plan was redesigned for the installation of three boosted TVZ-117F engines, the diameter of the main rotors increased to 12,5 m, and the take-off weight - up to 15,5 tons
      The military approved the development, but demanded that the propeller plane be equipped with a more powerful power plant. The estimated mass in this case increased to 30 t. In the course of the subsequent development, the type of power oust-- 2 mantra repeatedly changed: options for propeller-planes with two and three TV7-117 engines and with two D-27, respectively, with take-off weight 11 t, were considered 20 t and 30 t.
      The creation of the Mi-30 propeller plane was included in the weapons development program for the 1986-1995, however, due to economic difficulties, the propeller plane did not leave the stage of analytical design research. In the cost center, by 1991, three different types of propeller planes were developed: Mi-ZOS and Mi-ZOD, with a carrying capacity of 3,2 t and 2,5 t and a passenger capacity of 21 and 11 people, respectively, and a lighter Mi-ZOL with a carrying capacity of 0,95 t, designed to carry 7 passengers.
  8. CCCP 2.0
    CCCP 2.0 April 28 2014 07: 03
    I was at the MAKS-2013 air show last year ... I saw so many unfamiliar drones there ... it felt like they were being collected by all and sundry ... but this is something new and original ...
  9. Andrey Yuryevich
    Andrey Yuryevich April 28 2014 07: 07
    unfortunately in comparison with the western percussion-dawn of the aircraft industry ... lagging behind, lagging behind ... request
    1. armageddon
      armageddon April 28 2014 07: 32
      hmm, we also have satellites so don’t worry!
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  10. andrey903
    andrey903 April 28 2014 07: 10
    It seems that it is made on the basis of a Chinese toy
    1. armageddon
      armageddon April 28 2014 07: 33
      damn what toy? 130 km flight foolish?
      1. Same lech
        Same lech April 28 2014 09: 49
        damn what toy? 130 km flight foolish?

        Take into account that this is a flight range and therefore a range of 65 km, but you still need to take into account many other variable factors (headwind, humidity, temperature, weight of equipment, air maneuvers, etc. ... i.e. those factors affecting fulfillment of the task).
        As a result, the real combat radius may be only a dozen to 2-3 km.)
    2. The comment was deleted.
  11. mig31
    mig31 April 28 2014 07: 15
    From the small, the big is born, keep it up ...
  12. sazhka4
    sazhka4 April 28 2014 07: 15
    The first step and direction is important. The rest will follow itself. Kalashnikov also turned out of a bow ..
  13. Singularist
    Singularist April 28 2014 07: 15
    We have a lot of cunning businessmen offering, under the guise of drones, to security forces to buy Chinese radio-controlled models from them at the prices of these drones.
  14. horoh
    horoh April 28 2014 07: 23
    The main experience, the development of ideas and technologies, developments in this area, and everything will be !!!
  15. Junior, I
    Junior, I April 28 2014 07: 24
    If ours applies technologies that are used in those that have recently been intercepted in the Crimea, then this will be wonderful.
  16. pensioner
    pensioner April 28 2014 07: 28
    As the saying goes: "Dashing trouble is the beginning" and: "The road will be mastered by the one walking." Korolev also started with almost toy rockets ... Let's wish the developers good luck.
  17. saag
    saag April 28 2014 07: 35
    I wonder why it was called as an electric razor? :-)
    1. sazhka4
      sazhka4 April 28 2014 15: 12
      Quote: saag
      I wonder why it was called as an electric razor? :-)

      And "Hyacinth" and "Buratino", etc. Nobody can answer. The result is important. Let's be honest, as "ordinary people." Someone is not there for a long time. Someone simply does not have access. But this does not mean that "models" are made in the aviaruzhke .. The level does not allow. It is clear that you want everything at once .. Time will tell. Although he is not there ..
  18. Quantum
    Quantum April 28 2014 07: 36
    It’s good that there is hope and first successes! Perhaps this mosquito aeroflot will be an alternative for many projects.
  19. e_krendel
    e_krendel April 28 2014 08: 04
    Quote: saag
    why was it called as an electric razor?

    because the screw on a 2,7 kW electric motor will easily cut off a finger (brush, head, etc.) wassat
  20. jPilot
    jPilot April 28 2014 08: 13
    Finally, understanding has revived and a movement has begun to develop weapons. The unmanned control system is a necessary and competent direction, and in all areas, not only in aviation but also in land systems.
  21. Fiero
    Fiero April 28 2014 08: 20
    Is the flight duration not too small?
    Or is it normal for light UAVs?
  22. Gagarin
    Gagarin April 28 2014 08: 21
    They took up an extremely important matter, finally stirred!
    Of course, we will start with small UAVs, but you don’t need to forget the large ones, sometimes you need to deliver gifts in addition to taking photos.
  23. Free wind
    Free wind April 28 2014 08: 45
    And I am a drone ..... I bought my son. A fascinating thing, I will tell you, we play with great pleasure! In general, drones are an extremely necessary thing for our army and not only! It’s good that people began to understand this. And here on the forum there were a lot of people who, when talking about drones, began to spit and curse: damned Yankees, damned Jews. they’re afraid of fighting, they’re afraid of going into reconnaissance, they’ve done drones. to go unpunished. Whether it’s us, and so on. I hope that there are fewer such people.
  24. duchy
    duchy April 28 2014 08: 55
    At least something. They will get their hands on small models, and there you look and really big ones, taking into account the experience of such convertiplanes already available to foreigners. Create better. wink
  25. saag
    saag April 28 2014 08: 55
    Quote: Free Wind
    Whether it’s us, and so on.

    yeah, bullet fool, bayonet - well done ... :-)
  26. Wiruz
    Wiruz April 28 2014 10: 18
    In general, it’s time to create a transport tiltrotor already. Something like Osprey, only his own and better. After all, there was the Mi-30 project. It would now be processed, brought to mind and voila - the Russian convertiplane in Russian ala-Mitral!
  27. nvn_co
    nvn_co April 28 2014 10: 18
    Good device, well done !!!
  28. kelevra
    kelevra April 28 2014 11: 43
    This is certainly a good idea! But, we also have successful designs and a vertical take-off fighter, the Yak-38. Why not revive his research and, for example, not base on the future Mistral, which we will have two pieces. On the Mistral from helicopters, there will be it’s of little use, but if you put fighter with vertical take-off there, it will be appropriate!
    1. DanSabaka
      DanSabaka April 28 2014 14: 32
      maybe better not Yak38 and Yak141? and more modern and more reliable and faster ....
  29. DanSabaka
    DanSabaka April 28 2014 14: 34
    Small, cheap and inconspicuous UAVs are also needed. For example, for art correction and observation.
  30. Rash
    Rash April 28 2014 16: 44
    The tiltrotor is equipped with four electric motors with a capacity of 2700 watts each.
    How is that ?! on a 20-kilogram apparatus are engines with a total capacity of 11 kW? Not too lazy, google approximate engines:
    Electric motor Power rpm. * Current at 380V, A * KPD,% * Koeff. power * Ip / In Мп / Мн Мmax / Мн Inertia moment, kgm2 * Weight, kg *
    AIR132M2 11 kW 2910 21,1 88,0 0,90 7,5 1,6 2,0 0,0227 78
    It weighs 78 kg.
    Again the journalists messed up?
  31. Leshka
    Leshka April 28 2014 17: 44
    you need to start doing drums
  32. gunter_laux
    gunter_laux April 28 2014 17: 46
    Obviously messed up! Engines with such incredible power should be powered by cable from the ground laughing
  33. leon1204id
    leon1204id 25 August 2015 19: 47
    LLC "Aerokso" at MAKS-2015. "Era-100" in the company's exposition at the stand "Skolkovo". Claims for the finances of customers for the development of a working UAV, as well as for the Skolkovo grandees. the device is driven only by engines! (This requires a special program.)
    This is a trial balloon, a hunt for giants. An interesting idea, I did not find any analogues, although the VTOL scheme has been known for a very long time.
    We must think that all the details and materials are not ours. Wings with direct and reverse sweep!
    This is a very serious toy. God forbid, not the last. drinks