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Pentagon rushes east

Pentagon rushes east

According to the leaders of the Pentagon, destabilizing the situation in Ukraine and annexing the Crimea, Russia, acting in complete disagreement with the norms of international law, poses a huge threat to world and regional security. The current situation requires substantial adjustments to the paradigm of relations between the Kremlin and the White House. The leadership of the US DOD insists that the Ukrainian crisis was not initiated by America, its European allies and partners. The main culprit of what is happening is the top ranks of the military department, as well as the politicians of Washington, consider the Russian leadership, which, according to their statements, seeks to realize their interests in this country and to seize sovereign Ukrainian territories. The Kremlin, the US military believes, should fully pay for its policy.

April 8 in the Committee on the Armed Forces of the House of Representatives (CSPP) of the US Congress passed a hearing entitled "Russia's military actions and their strategic implications." The Pentagon’s leadership on the Ukrainian issue at the hearings was outlined by Derek Chollet, Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Affairs, and Vice Admiral Frank Pendolf, Director for Strategic Plans and Policies of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (OKNSH).

In their conversation with parliamentarians, high-ranking officials of the Defense Ministry and the OKNSH assessed the allegedly forceful intentions of the Russian government to resolve the Ukrainian crisis, and also showed what measures the military department was taking in the conditions of the White House’s implementation of the Ukrainian scenario.


As Chollet noted, Russia's illegal military intervention challenges “America and its vision of Europe as a free and peaceful part of the planet.” Moscow’s actions, in his deep conviction, lead to a violation of the established security system of European states, undermine the stability of the borders of the NATO member countries and destabilize the situation in the world as a whole.

From the very beginning of the development of the crisis situation in Ukraine, Washington has demonstrated its full support for its transitional government. The White House gave guarantees to allies and partners of the United States in Europe to ensure their security and prevent a military threat from Russia, and also took measures to counter the allegedly illegal actions of the Kremlin in the region and to curtail political, economic, military and scientific cooperation with the Russian Federation. In achieving the objectives of the implementation of each of these three areas, as the assistant head of the Pentagon stressed, the Ministry of Defense plays a crucial role.

Actions to stabilize the situation in Ukraine, the US military-political leadership conducts in close cooperation with many organizations, including the International Monetary Fund, the UN, the European Union and the G-7. All US actions are aimed at overcoming the transition period and the economic difficulties that Ukraine has encountered, as well as at demonstrating that the international community stands firmly on the positions of support for the new authorities in Kiev. The most important sign of such cooperation is the intention of the IMF to provide Ukraine with a loan of 18 billion dollars to restore its economy. The White House, the EU and the World Bank, in addition to the financial support of Kiev from the IMF, are taking a number of actions aimed at ensuring the development of the country's economy, promoting democracy and eliminating its dependence on Russia to the maximum extent.

The US Department of Defense is in constant contact with the current leadership of Ukraine, carefully examining its requests for military assistance, placing in place the priority of incoming requests and giving Kiev the appropriate guarantees to fulfill the obligations assumed by the White House. At the same time, according to Chollet, America does not intend to take any action that could lead to an increase in military confrontation with Russia on the territory of Ukraine. It should be noted here that so far all the help of the Pentagon to Ukraine has been reduced only to the supply of 300 thous. Dry rations, which the Ukrainian army consisting of 130 thous. Military can last for only two or three days, and that if every soldier and officer eats only one ration per day.

Currently, high-ranking officials of the US Department of Defense are engaged in continuous dialogue with the leaders of the military department of Ukraine on a variety of issues. US Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel is in constant telephone contact with his Ukrainian counterpart. Recently, representatives of the Pentagon and the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine held bilateral consultations, which were previously scheduled for the end of May of this year. At this meeting, not only the problems of the emerging crisis were considered, but also areas of military cooperation were identified in the medium and long term. The parties agreed on the active use by Ukraine of international institutions for the education and training of military personnel, on the use of military financial assistance under the changed conditions, on revising joint objectives to further strengthen Kiev’s defensive capabilities and develop its professional military education system.

In support of the US initiatives to strengthen the Ukrainian Armed Forces, their NATO allies spoke. They suggested that the Ukrainian Armed Forces should be more actively involved in the alliance’s exercises, invited the country's military leaders to conduct military construction activities for the bloc and put forward a number of specific programs to develop the combat capabilities of the national defense structures of Ukraine.

Chollet said that in the direction of ensuring the security of European countries and deterring the Russian Armed Forces, the US military took a number of important steps. In particular, 6 F-15 tactical fighters were additionally sent to Lithuania, and 12 F-16 multipurpose fighters and about 200 instructors were stationed in Poland, which should provide training for Polish troops to serve the American aviation technicians. In the near future, three C-130 transport aircraft will be sent to this country, which should ensure the rotation of US military contingents deployed in it.

In March of this year, the American destroyer URO “Trakstan” arrived in the Black Sea, which, according to some reports, left its water area on the eve of the arrival of another ship of this type, “Donald Cook”, equipped with the Aegis missile defense system. According to the official version of the Pentagon, both ships entered the Black Sea to conduct joint exercises with the Romanian and Bulgarian Navy and fleets a number of other NATO countries, whose ships are also in the Black Sea.

In addition, the NATO military leadership has developed new flight routes for AWACS and AWACS aircraft in the airspace of Romania and Bulgaria. Currently, US DoD experts are considering the organization of their in-flight refueling.

The Pentagon is also taking certain actions to increase the defense capability of a number of European countries that are not members of NATO. For example, recently with the leadership of the Republic of Moldova, in whose territory there are military contingents of the Russian Federation, formally performing peacekeeping functions, but in fact actively supporting, as Washington constantly mutters, the separatists of Transnistria, the White House and the US military leaders held consultations on the broader interactions. The meeting discussed the implementation of joint programs with the United States to strengthen the security of the Moldovan borders. Similar work to expand military cooperation between the US Department of Defense and the government of Georgia.

As already noted, the third line of activity carried out by the leadership of the White House in relation to the Ukrainian policy of the Kremlin, are measures to recover from it the "real payment" for its policies. According to the representative of the US Department of Defense, the military component of the operation of Moscow to annex the Crimea was well planned and effectively implemented, and its performers actually received all kinds of necessary support both from the territory of the peninsula and directly from Russia. Such actions demanded a vigorous and coordinated response from the United States and Western countries, as the Pentagon representative announced. The United States has already taken all necessary measures to diplomatically isolate the Russian Federation.

Chollet notified members of the CWPF that, at the present time, due to the crisis in Ukraine, his department suspended military cooperation with Russia in a number of areas, including joint exercises, bilateral meetings and scheduled joint conferences, and also canceled visits by US Navy ships to Russian ports. The allies and partners of America followed the same path. True, at the same time, the ministers of defense and the NATO countries left intact the existing channels of interaction with Moscow, which could be used to negotiate stabilization of the situation in Ukraine.

Although the US does not want to enter into confrontation with Russia, its activities in Europe and in the Euro-Asian region, the military official said, and the current situation as a whole requires the military leadership of America to revise plans for providing a military presence in Europe, deploying military contingents there in the future, conducting joint exercises and organizing effective training of NATO servicemen in the new conditions. He reminded the parliamentarians of the words of the Minister of War Hagel, who recently stated that the main goals and objectives of the Atlantic alliance remain unchanged, but the Pentagon "will consider new ways of cooperation and increasing the capabilities and combat readiness of the Allied forces."


Director of Strategic Plans and Policies of the NLA, Vice-Admiral Pendolf, in turn, stated that the “seizure of Crimea by Russia” is a “flagrant violation of international law” and again puts Europe under “threat of external aggression” by the Kremlin, as it was before the collapse THE USSR. By his actions, the admiral declared, Moscow "pushed back many decades of international progress."

The US military and Allied leaders fully supported the Pentagon’s reaction to the unlawful intervention of the Russian Federation. Pendolf emphasized that the US military provided the necessary support to Ukraine by providing material assistance to its government and holding consultations on issues of ensuring its defense capability. The Pentagon offered Kiev extended assistance in the preparation and training of Ukrainian military personnel. The Vice Admiral also stated that the US Department of Defense, in accordance with the existing agreements, sent air force units to some Baltic countries and Poland, increased the number of military aviation patrol flights in the airspace of Romania and Poland, and sent several warships to the Black Sea. In addition, the military department suspended bilateral cooperation with the Russian Defense Ministry.

In his speech, the representative of the OKNSH spoke not only about the Ukrainian problem, but also touched upon the general issues of the development of the general-purpose military forces, which, as on the verge of hysteria, constantly blow up Washington, many US politicians and EU members, the Kremlin intends to introduce into Ukraine and destroy its new government.

At the height of the Cold War, Vice Admiral Pendolf said, the USSR was a real adversary of the West on a global scale. His war machine was the most real threat to democratic countries. Under the gun stood millions of troops. The Soviet army was armed with a huge amount tanks, aircraft and ships, and also had a very powerful intelligence and extensive technical intelligence collection system.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, the Russian military arsenal fell into complete decay. Insufficient funding of the Armed Forces led to their degradation and a significant reduction in the level of their combat capabilities. With the coming to power of Vladimir Putin, the withdrawal of the Russian army from the crisis state and its modernization became the main priorities of the Kremlin’s military activities. "Russia's invasion of Georgia in 2008 year" revealed a number of shortcomings in military construction, which led to an increase in allocations for the development of the Russian Armed Forces.

New approaches of the Russian government to the development of the Armed Forces have yielded some positive results. The number of the Russian army was reduced, and its units became more mobile and efficient. According to the estimates of the Director for Strategic Plans and Politics of the NKSH, the combat readiness of the units and branches of the Armed Forces has increased, and their elite units have become better prepared and equipped. At present, Russian troops use more effective forms and methods of conducting joint operations.

The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation carried out a number of measures for structural transformation in the troops, which made it possible to improve the system of military planning, carry out the integration of military contingents, ensure effective movement of troops and their intelligence support, and also improved the quality of command and control at the tactical level.

Moscow has made a number of changes in its doctrinal documents, with a special emphasis on increasing the mobility of troops, the use of special forces and the conduct of information and cyber wars. The leadership of the Ministry of Defense also introduced sudden exercises into the practice of the troops. Teachings of this kind, which are not reported long before they are held, have a dual purpose. They allow you to quickly check the level of combat readiness of the troops and create some strategic uncertainty for the likely adversary, that is, they do not allow the opposing sides to assess the likelihood and timing of the transition of troops from solving training tasks to conducting real offensive operations.

Pendolf said that at the present stage Russia has military power, which is significant only in the regions controlled by it. “Today, Russia is a regional power that can send its Armed Forces only to neighboring countries, since it has very limited power capabilities on a global scale,” said the representative of the International Security Council. It is appropriate to recall here that President Barack Obama, in his closing speech at the recent international summit on nuclear security in The Hague, implying Ukrainian events, called Russia a regional power, "which threatens some of its neighbors." He also stressed that "this is not a manifestation of strength, but a manifestation of weakness." The head of the White House said that America is not going to fight the Russians. “But this does not mean that Russia will not be isolated. Russia today is much more isolated than it was five years ago during the war with Georgia, ”stated the US President.

The admiral also stressed that today Russian troops have a very uneven level of professional training. Some units have a high level of training, but the soldiers of other units need to learn a lot more. Russian troops, according to Pendolf, are affected by corruption and do not have the necessary military hardware and weapons and military hardware, and many of the military infrastructure is largely worn out and outdated. Moreover, funding restrictions, demographic and social problems create significant difficulties in the implementation of military reform.

On the contrary, according to Pendolf, the US Armed Forces are maintained in a state of readiness to solve various problems in all regions of the planet. The combat readiness of constantly replacing each other units is maintained at the necessary and sufficient level. The contingents of American troops are part of the combined forces of NATO. In addition, the Pentagon’s military also operate in other unions.

As the director said, “it is difficult to predict Russia's military goals” in relation to Ukraine. However, it is clear that the Kremlin has concentrated a significant number of troops on its eastern borders. This fact is of great concern to all countries in the region and beyond. Therefore, the Pentagon, along with European countries, is very closely monitoring all movements of Russian military contingents near Ukraine.

He also noted that he recently had a conversation with the commander of the US Armed Forces in Europe and the Supreme Command Allied Command General Philip Breedlove, who prepared his proposals for further strengthening the NATO bloc in Europe. The recommendations, the specific content of which is known only in general terms, concern the intensification of the process of conducting military exercises of the bloc, deployment in the forward-based areas of US troops in Europe with all the necessary armaments, as well as increasing NATO’s military presence on the maritime, air and land theaters of this region .


Almost immediately after the hearings, the chairman of the CWPP, John McCain, sent the US President an open letter with recommendations on overcoming the crisis in Ukraine, which was accompanied by a secret version of the wishes of parliamentarians. These messages are signed by all seven chairmen of the subcommittees that are part of this parliamentary structure that controls the Pentagon.

Lawmakers say that practically "the war between Russia and Ukraine has already begun." They believe that “the time has come to stop talking about such an opportunity and it’s time to start acting in accordance with real circumstances.” The parliamentarians indicated in a message to the president that in solving the Ukrainian problem, Europe would inevitably stand in one line with America and that “the time had come for a demonstration” of this unity. The inactivity of the White House in countering the Kremlin only plays into the hands of Putin and makes it very likely that Russia's aggressive actions are building up in an increasingly likely direction by the development of events in Ukraine.

The letter also says that the head of the White House should, without any delay, give the necessary instructions to the Secretary of Defense to increase the level of combat readiness of American troops in Europe, including the deployment of forward-based forces and units of the rapid reaction forces. According to the legislators, the refusal of the federal leadership to take such actions can negate all the diplomatic efforts of the United States and its allies to peacefully resolve the Ukrainian crisis and will only lead to its further escalation. It should be noted that at present the American military contingent in the territory of European countries, armed with the most modern weaponsIt is a rather impressive force. Its number is about 67 thousand people.

13 April this year McCain, speaking face-to-face on the CBS television program, said the White House, due to growing tensions in southeastern Ukraine, should provide its government with all the necessary modern weapons and develop a new package of economic sanctions restricting activities of the Russian leadership. According to the chairman of the CLEO, toughening the rules of economic relations between America and Russia can have a significant impact on the economic situation of the latter, since the Russian Federation, as a parliamentarian with a pronounced anti-Russian spirit, quite rudely said, is just a “gas station disguised as a country”.

According to McCain, the events currently taking place in the south-eastern regions of Ukraine are the result of the absence of any effective response by the American government to the annexation of Crimea to Russia. He argues that all the actions of the Kremlin in relation to the Crimean Peninsula were quite predictable, and he is confident that at the present stage all further actions of Moscow in the troubled regions of Ukraine can also be fully predicted.

The congressman also said that he had discussed the political situation in Ukraine many times with its current government. He emphasized that the ruling circles of this country believe that America just threw them to the mercy of fate, because they do not see any help from the United States in resolving the escalating conflict.

McCain also announced that today he considers the supply of any kind of light weapons to Ukraine as the most effective course of action for the White House so that it can resist Russian aggression. In addition, the lawyer argues that the head of the White House not only did not provide the necessary assistance to Ukraine, but did not even support it morally.

As practice shows, today's actions of Washington in Europe, in connection with the Ukrainian crisis, in many respects correspond to the wishes of the legislators. The NATO leadership is not far behind its owner. Although the bloc's general secretary, Anders Fogh Rasmussen, and other leaders of this organization have repeatedly stated that the leadership of the North Atlantic Alliance considers diplomatic actions the only way to stabilize the situation in Ukraine, today it continues to increase its military potential in this region with the submission of its overseas head. In particular, the United States and other NATO countries are sending their warships and aircraft to the Russian borders. But this, according to the head of the alliance, is far from everything that his military leadership intends to undertake.

16 April at a meeting of the EU Council, at which the Ukrainian crisis and emerging security problems in Europe were discussed by the defense ministers of NATO member countries, its secretary general announced that the bloc’s leadership had made an agreed decision to take the necessary measures to strengthen European security. True, he did not voice any concrete plans to increase the military potential of the combined forces of NATO. But it is abundantly clear that the advancement of the bloc to the east, closer to Russia, will take place exactly according to the American scenario, which Pentagon officials described at the last hearings in the CIDP.

The crisis in Ukraine has become a great help for the United States and NATO leaders. Until now, his military stuffing was very conditional. The existence of the united forces of the bloc was, to put it mildly, not entirely justified, since with the collapse of the USSR, the main opponent of the West left the theaters of possible war. But Square fluttered, and the alliance had at least some reason to fight the military threat. Washington again painted the image of the main enemy of Europe, with whom it is necessary to fight not on the stomach, but on death. In addition, the holder of the NATO obshchak has now received some arguments in raising demands for an increase in the contributions of its shareholders to the NATO military office, the main contribution to which America is making today.
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  1. Same lech
    Same lech April 27 2014 06: 57
    Currently, senior officials from the US Department of Defense are in ongoing dialogue with leaders of the Ukrainian military department on a variety of issues.

    In other words, the OLD plans of the USA and the Pentagon flew to hell and now they are looking for a way out of the situation.
    Moreover, the USA is the MAIN and the sponsor and main skirmisher of all the events taking place in UKRAINE.

    The continuation of events ... I see as follows ... AT ANY PRICE, the United States will try to drag RUSSIA into an armed conflict with the Ukrainian army and the Ukrainian people. For this, all possible provocations and sabotage in which cannon fodder will be law-dealers and Bandera will be used.
    What to do RUSSIA in such an environment?
    First of all, continue to conduct your game, not to be fought on the United States.

    To provide our specialists with all the opportunities to conduct their work in UKRAINE (I am sure if they do not bother them they will turn the tide in favor of the SOUTH-EAST OF UKRAINE).
    Then continue with renewed vigor the ACTIVE PROMOTION in the media around the world ... believe me, this is much more painful for WASHINGTON.
    Also, in particular, it is necessary to introduce a no-fly zone for military aviation of UKRAINE over the SOUTH-EAST (this will deprive law enforcement officers of the desire to launch large-scale attacks on militias).
    And the last RUSSIA, despite all the difficulties, is in a better position, unlike the United States, which is thousands of kilometers away. from RUSSIA .... and I am 100% sure in the end VICTORY WILL BE FOR US and THE ENEMY WILL BE DESTROYED (as has happened more than once with much more formidable opponents than the USA)
    1. svetlomor
      svetlomor April 27 2014 07: 01
      The US Defense Department is in constant contact with the current leadership of Ukraine, carefully considering its requests for military assistance, prioritizing incoming requests
      It seems that their first request was to devour once the rations were sent.
      1. Arhj
        Arhj April 27 2014 09: 45
        Quote: svetlomor
        It seems that their first request was to devour once the rations were sent.

        Only dry rations have already been eaten or sold, judging by the fact that after the assault on roadblocks, food products disappear from them without fail. It feels like the army is not specially fed, so that they get food from the protesters. Again, in the news, they never said that well-fed soldiers were captured by militias.
      2. Validator
        Validator April 27 2014 11: 46

        Meanwhile, in the United States appeared its Slavyansk. A second second front opened, so to speak
        1. Committee
          Committee April 27 2014 12: 50
          Quote: Validator
          in the USA appeared its Slavyansk
          What is it, can the details be?
          1. renics
            renics April 28 2014 03: 58

            Events at Farmer Clyven Bundy Ranch in Nevada need to be seen in that vein. The government managed to survive all the farmers in the neighborhood from their possessions. How? Exorbitant taxes on the use of these worthless wastelands for the right to graze cattle there.
            Rumor has it that the Chinese are going to build a plant for the production of solar batteries on these lands, and that they also want to produce shale gas, that is, to inject poisons underground and blow it up. The state also announced that grazing cows infringes on the rights of the steppe turtles living there. It seems that from numerous nuclear tests in this area the turtles are even more upset.
            At the moment, only one ranch of Cliven Bundy, the father of a large family, has resisted and heroically resists. He has many strong strong cowboy sons. The confrontation has been going on for a long time. Military helicopters circling over the farm, cattle abducted, some cows are killed, calves are separated from their mothers. One of the farmer's sons was beaten. In skirmishes, electric batons were used.
            However, people from the surrounding villages and cities came to the aid of the daredevil alone. Self-defense squads of the "American Maidan" were formed, photo reporters arrived, the network was overflowing with blogs, messages and comments on this topic, live reports were conducted on the scene. The case has gained enormous publicity. The federal authorities did not expect this. The people themselves rose to their defense! With weapons in hand !! More than a thousand people pulled themselves up to the farm, many on horseback, real cowboys in hats, tough guys.
            The enemy flinched and retreated! Unbelievable! Frightened by the publicity and gave the order to pack up and leave. Fighters from the Federal forces backed up like crayfish, hiding behind machine guns. It was a miserable and stupid sight, as in a bad movie.
            The guys won. Surviving cows were given.
          2. CALL.
            CALL. April 28 2014 07: 51
            Quote: Committee
            The White House, the EU and the World Bank, in addition to the financial support of Kiev from the IMF, are taking a number of actions aimed at ensuring the development of the country's economy, promoting democracy and eliminating its dependence on Russia to the maximum extent possible.

            I especially liked the desire of the United States aimed at ensuring the development of the Ukrainian economy, promoting democracy and eliminating as much as possible its dependence on Russia.
            Somehow Russia does not care about the dependence of Mexico, Panama, Honduras, etc. from the US economy.
            Abraham Lincoln may have given Americans freedom, but Samuel Colt made them the most equal.
        2. edge
          edge April 27 2014 15: 22
          Quote: Validator
          Meanwhile, in the United States appeared its Slavyansk. The second second front opened

          a good example is contagious ..... we destroyed colonialism, now it is imperialism's turn ...
      3. edge
        edge April 27 2014 15: 19
        Quote: svetlomor
        The US Defense Department is in constant contact with the current leadership of Ukraine, carefully considering its requests for military assistance, prioritizing incoming requests

        oooooo the monkeys were offended, the Russians again took the banana from them.
        1. Boa kaa
          Boa kaa April 27 2014 17: 35
          Quote: hert
          oooooo the monkeys were offended, the Russians again took the banana from them.

          That's what I think they are so ganged up on us!
    2. Lukich
      Lukich April 27 2014 07: 10
      Quote: The same LYOKHA
      in the course of all possible provocations and sabotage in which cannon fodder will be pravoseki and Bandera.

      and they’re armed for that
      1. Sergh
        Sergh April 27 2014 08: 20
        Quote: The same LYOKHA
        RUSSIA, despite all the difficulties, is in a better position than the USA

        Yes, Lyokha, if in Ukraine the mess with NATO begins (unlikely) and the Russian foot sets foot, then even one third of the population will support and help, but if the Americans trample from the West, here I doubt their bold march. They will obviously be hidden in the backyards, sheds and shepherds, but the locals will surrender them anyway
        Of course, these are my fantasies, but I can imagine if our specialists begin to bring down NATO piles, most likely amers, without entering into frontal attacks, so how much stench and manure will pour out on this Pendolph?
        But in principle, this should have happened one year, our GDP is doing the right thing!
        1. WKS
          WKS April 27 2014 12: 40
          Quote: Sergh
          but if the Americans trample from the west

          How do you imagine that? Will they trample? If they trample with their Armed Forces, it automatically means a war with Russia. With a "regional power" that has nuclear parity with the "superpower" - the United States. In this case, no Yellowstone will be afraid of the Earth.
        2. edge
          edge April 27 2014 15: 28
          Quote: Sergh
          if our experts begin to bring down stacks of NATO, most likely amers

          ..... this will not happen, the Americans conducted joint exercises with our landing force (2 years ago), tried to compete with our special forces in the world competitions, they had an unpleasant residue in their pants. They themselves would not climb, they would stick the Poles forward, Romanians, Hungarians, Bulgarians and others .... and wait, wait, wait.
        3. Simon
          Simon April 27 2014 20: 55
          We need to wait a bit when the people’s money runs out, and there’s nowhere to take it from, then more Ukrainian people will sempatize us and look at NATO and Americans as wolves, then our time will come. yes soldier
      2. Predator
        Predator April 27 2014 17: 39
        So if they send an army, then suddenly it will defect to the southeast!
    3. ya.seliwerstov2013
      ya.seliwerstov2013 April 27 2014 08: 39
      Russia, you are invincible
      We have the last word
      If we are one
      Enemy will destroy anyone.
      The Swedes didn’t defeat us,
      Germans, French, Poles,
      And you don’t see victory here,
      Remember, Wed Yankees ...
    4. 120352
      120352 April 27 2014 09: 02
      The Pentagon strides wide! No matter how torn my pants ...
      1. edge
        edge April 27 2014 15: 30
        Quote: 120352
        The Pentagon strides wide! No matter how torn my pants ..

        and they shake off his pants, everything that did not fit in diapers .....
    5. blizart
      blizart April 27 2014 09: 11
      Yes! And it’s time for our special services to "venezuela" Mexico and "rush" in Nicaragua
      1. Hippopotamus
        Hippopotamus April 27 2014 09: 20
        Pind0syatin just need to kill, as in Vietnam or Somalia. These dogs do not understand another language. Sorry god!
        1. Boa kaa
          Boa kaa April 27 2014 17: 50
          Quote: Hippo
          Pind0 you just need to kill a yat, like in Vietnam or Somalia.

          After washing with a bloody boy in Vietnam, the YuSery suspected something was wrong. We switched to the professional army and the concept of non-contact warfare. Now they "shoot" with their Axes at the victim and do not enter into open combat. Therefore, they are not particularly eager to enter into an open conflict with us, because they know for sure that they will rake in full, and a distance of 100 km will not save them. They are preparing Moscow State University for us. So the most interesting, apparently, is yet to come. Therefore, you need to prepare to repel the LRASM herds. And this will be more difficult than the F-117 to fill up. But I think we can handle it.
        2. sokrat7
          sokrat7 April 27 2014 21: 17
          That's it. I'm just shocked by Obama's shamelessness. One could understand his opuses if it were in the 12-13 century. But now, does he really think that normal people will believe in all his nonsense? Well, he carries such crap.
      2. asar
        asar April 27 2014 09: 52
        Arrange a prototype for "Chechnya" in the state of New Mexico!
        1. edge
          edge April 27 2014 16: 00
          Quote: asar
          Arrange a prototype for "Chechnya" in the state of New Mexico!
          ..... and also in the states of Texas, California, Oregon, South Dakota ......
      3. Wheel
        Wheel April 27 2014 11: 37
        Quote: blizart
        and "show off" in Nicaragua

        But why is Noriega not happy with Russia?
        With Nicaragua, a very friendly relationship.
    6. The comment was deleted.
      1. The comment was deleted.
  2. Tatarus
    Tatarus April 27 2014 06: 58
    Is the Pentagon rushing east? But not tear? And do not tear yourself to tear.

    And in general, based on the realities, the title of the article should be shortened "The Pentagon is torn" (into pieces) somehow or shorter "The Pentagon is tearing" (vomiting in the sense)
    1. WKS
      WKS April 27 2014 12: 45
      Today, the reality is that the Pentagon is not torn to the east, but the State Department and the CIA. And while the Pentagon is reeling in fishing rods from Afghanistan.
      1. Reserve officer
        Reserve officer April 27 2014 13: 05
        Well said.
        And Obama’s phrase about a regional power is surprising. Why then does he fall into such hysteria over the Russian invasion of eastern Europe?
        Apparently, sometimes, in between seizures, he still remembers our parcel delivery service anywhere in the world.
  3. svp67
    svp67 April 27 2014 06: 59
    The crisis in Ukraine has become a great help for the United States and NATO leaders
    Why ... now you can earn so much money for defense ...
    1. lg41
      lg41 April 27 2014 09: 29
      They do not beg for money, but print. In the necessary and sufficient quantity. And the financial leaders of Russia, who still see the dollar as the country's main currency, must in turn be seen as enemies of the Russian people, regardless of past merits. Russia is in danger !!
      1. Boa kaa
        Boa kaa April 27 2014 17: 54
        Quote: lg41
        They do not beg for money, but print. In the necessary and sufficient quantity.

        That’s the true truth!
    2. edge
      edge April 27 2014 15: 34
      Quote: svp67
      Why ... now you can earn so much money for defense ..

      and delay the refusal of Russia to convert the dollar in payments.
  4. MolGro
    MolGro April 27 2014 07: 06
    “The very first speech of American President Obama during his 'Asian tour' was excellent. Speaking to a Japanese audience, this wonderful man and Nobel Peace Prize laureate promised her to take a pro-Japanese position - even military intervention - in the territorial dispute with China.
    There is a feeling that the eyes were rounded not only among the Chinese. No, the fact that the United States is objectively interested in the maximum “containment” of not only Russia, especially in the Asian markets that are vital for them, has never raised doubts before. On this occasion, the head of the Pentagon had a rather tough conversation and a pale look when meeting with his Chinese counterpart during a visit to Beijing.
    But such an outright present to the Russian President Putin, who was preparing for a visit to China, was probably not expected by anyone at all. For America obviously does not have the strength to “isolate” even one Russia, and if, in addition, it tries to isolate also China, it will somehow resemble the isolation of medical staff from the dominant patient in a medical institution of the appropriate type. A patient of this kind also continues to remain completely sovereign and independent in his ward, and when people in white coats approach, he is even able to demonstrate his hegemony over them all.

    Well, but seriously, this, gentlemen, is not funny. "Quote from however!
  5. andrei332809
    andrei332809 April 27 2014 07: 06
    Pentagon rushes east

    Drag nah osten? they forgot how it ends?
  6. Quantum
    Quantum April 27 2014 07: 07
    When the Yellowstone explodes, the states will not seem enough! The evil empire of the United States,
    will disappear and never be reborn. The activity of the Sun in 2014, until
    reached a peak, the estimated period of the explosion: July-August.
    1. asar
      asar April 27 2014 09: 53
      We are patient, wait!
      1. Alex 241
        Alex 241 April 27 2014 15: 37
        Quote: asar
        We are patient, wait!
        1. svp67
          svp67 April 27 2014 17: 28
          Alex - AWESOME ... good We need to show my son, maybe, too, he wants to go to the Dnepr to his grandfather ...
  7. Name
    Name April 27 2014 07: 11
    Only amers need a "war between Russia and Ukraine", which in the opinion of some congressmen "has already begun", because Europe will be involuntarily drawn into this "action"; America is again in chocolate (stability and tranquility), and on the Eurasian continent the mess is complete: the DPRK is also about the Russia-NATO conflict -South Korea, China-Japan.
  8. Lukich
    Lukich April 27 2014 07: 12
    as in the old Russian proverb, the thief shouts louder than everyone !!!! no longer know what to yap
  9. mig31
    mig31 April 27 2014 07: 13
    The end of the amerovsky "paradise", created on the blood of many peoples of the planet EARTH, will not work with someone else's hands ...
    1. Boa kaa
      Boa kaa April 27 2014 18: 37
      Quote: mig31
      with the wrong hands with Russia will not work ....

      Yes, apparently, the USers will have to do very badly: the allies are getting smarter before our eyes, the fools are dumb - to carry chestnuts from the fire for the Yankees.
  10. mamont5
    mamont5 April 27 2014 07: 14
    "According to the Pentagon leaders, destabilizing the situation in Ukraine and annexing Crimea, Russia, acting in complete inconsistency with the norms of international law, creates a huge threat to world and regional security."

    You might think that the Pentagon and its leaders have ever bothered with such things as international law?
    1. Reserve officer
      Reserve officer April 27 2014 13: 08
      International law, in their understanding, is when all together are friends against Russia.
  11. Russian jacket
    Russian jacket April 27 2014 07: 15
    And the navel of the pentagon will not untie, will air not deteriorate and the face will not crack laughing ? As Comrade used to say Sukhov - East is a delicate matter ...
  12. horoh
    horoh April 27 2014 07: 27
    No, it’s not necessary for the Pentagon to tear to the east, otherwise everything can happen !!!
  13. VNP1958PVN
    VNP1958PVN April 27 2014 07: 33
    Or maybe they really believe in what they say? Or go crazy with fear?
    1. askort154
      askort154 April 27 2014 08: 45
      VNP1958PVN ....... Or maybe they really believe in what they say? Or go crazy with fear?

      The usual tactic of lying is to lie in such a way that you yourself believe in it.
    2. WKS
      WKS April 27 2014 13: 03
      Quote: VNP1958PVN
      Or maybe they really believe in what they say? Or go crazy with fear?
      Judging by the continuous stream of threats with Sanctions, and Kerry’s latest hysteria, both are options. A peculiar mixture of paranoia and schizophrenia. Yes and no wonder. The self-preservation instinct tells them that for the first time in more than 300 years of existence, you can get a war not somewhere out there over the oceans, but in your own comfortable and prosperous North American states.
  14. fedor13
    fedor13 April 27 2014 07: 38
    It would be necessary for this gang to the medical commission that their little head was completely fucked up.
  15. April 27 2014 07: 39
    create some strategic uncertainty for a potential adversary Author Vladimir Ivanov

    And this is good! The times of beating the rostrum at the UN have sunk into oblivion!
    According to McCain, the current events in the southeastern regions of Ukraine are the result of the absence of any effective reaction of the American government to the annexation of Crimea to Russia. He claims that all actions of the Kremlin in relation to the Crimean peninsula were quite predictable Author Vladimir Ivanov

    Where does this "pr" gray "come from?" It's good to be smart, like my wife later ?! "
    holder The NATO “common fund” has now received some arguments in putting forward demands to increase the contributions of its shareholders to the NATO military cash desk, the main contribution to which America today makes. Author Vladimir Ivanov

    To "lower" the holder of the NATO common fund!
  16. Vadim12
    Vadim12 April 27 2014 07: 46
    Aggressive and terrible Russia threatens peaceful Europe and America! It translates as: a strong Russia does not allow to capture even more resources and slave power!
    1. Dimy4
      Dimy4 April 27 2014 10: 01
      Yes, if we, according to their thoughts, are an insignificant regional country, then why are they so ser.ut.
      PySy. Dumka - from a proverb - D.u.r.a.k. richer in thought.
  17. Lyton
    Lyton April 27 2014 07: 51
    Blah blah blah, parasites in NATO saw how to conditionally squeeze money out of their existence.
  18. andj61
    andj61 April 27 2014 07: 54
    But Nezalezhnaya began to boil, and the alliance had at least some reason to fight the military threat. Washington again painted the image of Europe’s main enemy, which must be fought not on the stomach, but on death. In addition, the holder of the NATO "common fund" has now received some arguments in putting forward demands to increase the contributions of its shareholders to the NATO war fund, the main contribution to which America makes today.

    That's how the NATO military is trying to justify its existence and knock out the headstock to increase funding. Straight = rejoiced at this occasion.
    1. Boa kaa
      Boa kaa April 27 2014 18: 45
      Quote: andj61
      NATO is trying to justify its existence and knock out the headstock to increase funding.

      Now the crisis is coming, grandmas have to be beaten out ...
  19. shaman-25rus
    shaman-25rus April 27 2014 07: 58
    yes, I spit your mother the Pentagon in the "east" without lubrication, and he again breaks there ...
  20. Counter
    Counter April 27 2014 08: 12
    The specific goal of this very "anti-terrorist operation" announced and being implemented by Kiev in the East is still not clear. The name is sonorous, but there is no specificity. WHAT are prescribed to implement these gallant warriors from the West of Ukraine? Physical destruction of the rebels, or bloodless unblocking and taking control of administrative buildings? Or the complete destruction of a number of famous cities, together with the inhabitants? No official goals of this mysterious "operation" have been announced so far. What can be seen now: the junta pulled to the East almost EVERYTHING and EVERYTHING with what, and with whom, you can fight. But with whom ?? With several thousand almost unarmed defenders of their land? At the moment, this whole "anti-terrorist operation", without declaring its ultimate goals, looks nothing more than a sham, or, simply put, a provocation of Russia to send troops into this region. It seems that the Yankees muddied all this fuss with only this one goal and this is quite consistent with their statements in advance. Therefore, in my opinion, Russia now needs to DEMAND EXPLANATION about the specific ultimate goals of this so-called. "anti-terrorist operation". And in the absence of a clear and responsible answer, come forward with exposing this provocation. But in any case, this so-called. The "operation" is already criminal, and its organizers should already be punished! Unarmed people were killed! For what sins ???
  21. A1L9E4K9S
    A1L9E4K9S April 27 2014 08: 17
    Oh, they’ll play out with fire pi ... s, play out. They will catch up, but it will be too late, it will be time to die, they think they will sit out in the bunkers, it won’t work out, if the trouble starts, everyone will completely collapse both the right and the guilty.
  22. ken
    ken April 27 2014 08: 34
    An excerpt from Igor Rasteryaev's song "Russian Road":
    And we soon showed up in enemy towns
    And they began to destroy everything around, smashed to smithereens
    Torn to pieces, thrashed in the trash
    And, finishing, explained to the groaning enemies:
    Remember the mysterious tactical device -
    When we retreat, we go forward!
  23. surovts.valery
    surovts.valery April 27 2014 08: 35
    Quote: andj61
    That's how the NATO military is trying to justify its existence and knock out the headstock to increase funding. Straight = rejoiced at this occasion.

    They relaxed in the time since the Cold War. Each shows its importance and necessity. They can offer something very malicious and significant against Russia only if there is a real threat to their well-fed and prosperous existence, and so, it’s not even body movement, but a turning from one side to the other, with simultaneous half-asleep curses on the dared disturb their peace.
  24. Giant thought
    Giant thought April 27 2014 09: 43
    Another confirmation that the United States is our enemy. The point is that they themselves consider us their enemies. If so, all the "i" s are dotted. We must act without regard to the reaction of mattress mats, in war as in war.
    1. lg41
      lg41 April 27 2014 09: 59
      They not only consider Russia their enemy. They are already waging war against Russia. modern warfare. Which is different from the wars of the mid-20th century. Ukraine has already been defeated in a similar war. Although there was no invasion of troops on its territory. But puppets brought to power are simple executors of the will of the United States.
      If the United States uses information attacks, then it is imperative to implement similar means of attack on the American continent.
      US control over Russian cash flows cannot be allowed
      1. lg41
        lg41 April 27 2014 11: 29
        The US commands in Kiev, and the friends of Russia are conducting defensive battles at its very borders
        An interesting exchange of views between Vice-Speaker Vladimir Zhirinovsky and Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev took place during the government’s report in the Duma. Zhirinovsky is getting excited: “For 20 years, we have lost (in an independent edition): $ 250 billion - cheap gas, discounts, interest-free loans. This is 10 billion every year ... And to whom they gave it? To those who call NATO here, to those who say: make Russia a scorched desert, bomb it! ” But Medvedev confirms the announced figure and good-naturedly comments: “I agree with you, you need to help meaningfully, but we are kind, we are so structured, and we are talking about a state very close to us.”
        At about the same time, the deputy told about how the United States is helping our brotherly country. Secretary of State Victoria Nuland: they supported her in the amount of $ XNUMX billion over the same period. "This money was spent to support the desire of the people of Ukraine for a stronger, democratic government that represents their interests," Nuland said. This is not the first time she has voiced this figure. In December last year - even under Yanukovych - Nuland even explained what the United States achieved with these funds: “Today there are high-ranking officials in the Ukrainian government, in the business community, as well as in the opposition, in society and in the religious community who believe in this. a democratic European future for their country, and have long worked hard to move their country and their president in the right direction. "
        As they once said: two worlds, two Shapiro. We, good ones, essentially keep afloat the economy of a European country with a population of forty-five million. Pragmatic Americans cheaply bribe a narrow layer of the elite, as if following the principle that Boris Abramovich Berezovsky once formulated with extreme cynicism: why should I spend money on acquiring a company if it is much cheaper to buy its management.
        Efficiency of investments by the criterion of "cost-result"? The United States essentially commands in Kiev, the mother of Russian cities, located thousands of kilometers from their borders. Friends of Russia are conducting heavy defensive battles in the Southeast, already at its very borders.
        So, at least, this is the situation today, until the economy has begun to pour in Ukraine and the realization has come that you cannot spread a bright democratic future on bread. What tomorrow will show is not yet clear.
        And the moral of this whole story is this: we must learn from the Americans, adopt their precious and economical Western experience in conducting modern wars. They spent a lot of them in recent years. Conveyor way.
  25. Agent 008
    Agent 008 April 27 2014 09: 43
    Our future defender of the Fatherland! You can not worry with him about the fate of Russia ...
  26. upasika1918
    upasika1918 April 27 2014 09: 44
    "Are you scared already?" (caricature from China).
  27. dchegrinec
    dchegrinec April 27 2014 09: 58
    A bunch of idiots! They amuse themselves, praise and exalt. Snooping around and see their true miserable position. And neither NATO, nor alliances, nor blackmail, will save anyone from the long fiery hand of retribution ..
    1. mainu
      mainu April 27 2014 14: 21
      Consciousness of secondaryity hangs over them - a sort of large and thick inferiority complex
  28. dchegrinec
    dchegrinec April 27 2014 10: 00
    Everyone was told in Russian that Russia would rule the world, why jump in vain, deflate right away so that without sacrifices .. let’s you teach the mind to reason. Raise education from the pit.
  29. sv68
    sv68 April 27 2014 10: 01
    poor Americans don’t understand that they don’t need to roll a barrel to Russia, the earth is round and an iron avalanche can also roll across the states. By the way, write off the mannequin to the junk and psychiatrists for the third year in a madhouse, they picked up the weak-minded in the Senate and Congress and the president in general escaped from the plantation
  30. Free wind
    Free wind April 27 2014 10: 13
    Only one rations per day ..... And how much is needed per day? Actually, one day, one rations. Well, if only boars serve in the Ukrainian army. who eat three throats. Well, if the Americans will help the Yapis in the conflict with China, thank God, let them help, for us this is an excellent option for the development of events, although this is not real of course.
  31. Turk
    Turk April 27 2014 10: 15
    Quote: svetlomor
    The US Defense Department is in constant contact with the current leadership of Ukraine, carefully considering its requests for military assistance, prioritizing incoming requests
    It seems that their first request was to devour once the rations were sent.

    A well-fed hungry not ......
  32. dmikras
    dmikras April 27 2014 12: 10
    yes not Pendolph he but Pendal
    his kin emanated from us, so he takes revenge for her
    1. deleter24
      deleter24 April 28 2014 12: 53
      Then Pendalf lol
    2. deleter24
      deleter24 April 28 2014 12: 53
      Then Pendalf lol
  33. Alexey N
    Alexey N April 27 2014 12: 20
    The "West" does not want to live in peace. One of the spirits: either the Western world destroys Russia, or Russia will destroy the "golden billion". They will not leave us the third option.
  34. jktu66
    jktu66 April 27 2014 12: 38
    The head of the White House said that America is not going to fight with the Russians.
    So there are plans to fight, but mattresses are afraid to rake. Just a conclusion from the laws of the psychology of communication. smile
  35. jPilot
    jPilot April 27 2014 12: 53
    American cruiser in the raid.
    A Russian submarine emerges, the general construction on the deck.
    Captain: "Who threw the boot on the rocket weapon console" silence
    American captain: "And here in America!"
    Russian ignoring the American: "who threw a boot on the remote control, a hundred shit..yu"
    American captain: "And here in America!"
    The Russian turns sharply: "yes a prize .. a kid to your America" ​​turns to his "last time I ask who threw the boot on the remote control"

    Damn, where is this fighter already !?
  36. mainu
    mainu April 27 2014 14: 16
    It is impossible to understand the logic of the actions and statements of Western leaders without consulting a psychiatrist. It is clear that they NEED to defeat Russia in order to regain their self-esteem.
  37. Yuri Y.
    Yuri Y. April 27 2014 14: 46
    According to the Pentagon leaders, destabilizing the situation in Ukraine and annexing Crimea, Russia, acting in complete violation of international law, poses a huge threat to global and regional security. The current situation requires significant adjustments to the paradigm of relations between the Kremlin and the White House. U.S. Defense Ministry leadership insists that the Ukrainian crisis was not initiated by America, its European allies and partners

    Well, finally they waited, otherwise they didn’t know what to do with NATO (and in NATO). Here is the ENEMY, atu him! One of the goals of the actions of Americans in Ukraine. Still to arrange a small war for Russia. And then they started to get out of one place, and they decided that this was not order, does not comply with international law. I realized that our people tried to delay something like that until 2020, at least.
    1. Boa kaa
      Boa kaa April 27 2014 19: 06
      Quote: Yuri Ya.
      I realized that ours were trying to delay something like that of the year until 2020 at least.

      You are absolutely right. The entire rearmament program is scheduled before 2020. To disrupt it, the United States organized provocations in Syria, and then in Ukraine. There is only one goal - to draw Russia into the conflict and undermine its influence in the world, and at the same time the economy.
      So, it’s sad to say, but the situation directly resembles the 41 year. Then I.V. Stalin also tried not to let the USSR be involved in the war as long as possible, at a frantic pace preparing the country for defense, re-equipping the Army.
  38. princess
    princess April 27 2014 17: 59
    To warn the United States that if military intervention on the territory of neighboring states does not stop in the next 24 hours, we will be forced to aim our nuclear weapons at you and bring them into action. I am sure that all their provocations will turn upside down and turn upside down. Of course this is dangerous, but how much can you endure? Georgia, Syria, Ukraine .... then who? Frankly, the war, but by other methods, but it is aimed specifically at us. And it is undesirable to send troops to Ukraine, because war is a huge economic loss and when the economy recovers after it
  39. sh1749
    sh1749 April 27 2014 18: 08
    And in the photo, is it not the cookie from which 27 heroes of the United States Navy quit after flying around this ship with our DRYING, which was even without weapons. Probably 6 fighters of the US Air Force, the answer of the Navy of RUSSIA.
    1. Nayhas
      Nayhas April 27 2014 19: 19
      Quote: sh1749
      And in the photo, is it not the cookie from which 27 heroes of the United States Navy quit after flying around this ship with our DRYING

      Yes, he is the scoundrel! There is a photo before and after the incident:
      11.04.2014/75/1, Black Sea, USS Donald Cook (DDG 2), class 24 fire control system operator Patrick Babb (left) and class XNUMX fire control system operator William Butterfield (right) in vain try to make out on the control console the display of air and surface conditions Russian Su-XNUMX ...

      And this is after the incident with the Su-24. 17.04.2014/75/24, USS Donald Cook (DDG XNUMX) arrived by touch in the Romanian port of Constanta, commander Scott Jones (on the right) and junior lieutenant Joshua Howell (on the left) try using the Chinese calculator to establish the navigation system of the ship after it was brought out of Houweibins building on the Su-XNUMX.

      And this is already 23.04.2014/1/27., The Romanian port of Constanta, the damned Siguranza arrests class commander Lucas Gibson for attempting desertion, he is one of 24 sailors who wrote a report on dismissal after the incident with the Su-XNUMX.

      23.04.2014/75/3 USS Donald Cook (DDG XNUMX) left Constanta, due to the fact that all the electronics of the ship were covered by Huweibin, Commander Scott Jones sent a class XNUMX culinary specialist Justin Epps to the tank with binoculars looking ahead, which is not surprising, who else to send if not African American?

      23.04.2014/75/111 USS Donald Cook (DDG 222) brings down from the Black Sea home to the port of Rota, Spain in horror. He is covered by the ships of the Romanian Navy ROS Marasesti (F 50) on the port side and ROS Regina Maria (F 24) (at the end of the line), behind the stern you can see the frigate USS Taylor (FFG XNUMX) called for support, the Russian Su-XNUMXs seem everywhere .. .
      1. Nayhas
        Nayhas April 28 2014 08: 02
        Who are the people who put five plus points on my gettin '? Really there weren't even questions like "oh well, where is the source from?"
        1 photo: fire control system operators are doing their job, the Su-24 will fly by only the next day ...
        2 photos: the commander of the ship and the navigator officer make a plan for leaving Constanta.
        3 photos: Quartermaster with EM D. Cook participates in exercises to detain and search the ship together with Romanian specialists.
        4 photos: a cook with a cook stands on a tank in the fog.
        5 photos: joint sailing of American and Romanian ships ...
        Just a beautiful photo, night ... Black Sea ... destroyer ...
  40. sledge
    sledge April 27 2014 18: 49
    The Pentagon is torn to the east ...
    There were already willing to rush to the east. For some reason, all their jerks to the east, rolled them deep to the west, but how they rolled away ... The Germans are still embarrassed to recall their history, the Nazis ... Obama should have thought ...
  41. Oprychnik
    Oprychnik April 27 2014 19: 22
    The Pentagon is torn to the east ...
    1. Nayhas
      Nayhas April 27 2014 19: 25
      Quote: Oprychnik

      But how I sat under the NEP! How I sat at the NEP! These were the best days of my life!
  42. Oprychnik
    Oprychnik April 27 2014 19: 36
    But how I sat under the NEP!
    Exactly what I had in mind.)))
  43. UREC
    UREC April 27 2014 20: 27
    Obama has nothing to think about; he is a doll; others think. In the USA, condos is parsley mitt. The glory of the USA is the most crappy country which wanted fat !!!
  44. ochakow703
    ochakow703 April 27 2014 21: 12
    The Yankees always strove to the east, they are smeared with honey here. Removing the only obstacle to their world hegemony is their dream. Only they are ignorant, they do not know history at all. The thing is that at different times we were visited by various "guests", and having gotten in the face, they were pounding away, and even with an escort. And if we continue the analogies, it should be noted that the "guests" were very gloriously (for their era) prepared for the blitzkrieg, and Mother Russia sometimes was in complete collapse, both economically and militarily. But with a gnashing of teeth, she gathered her will into a fist and beat enemies, up to their complete destruction. I have a question. How to send a history textbook to obamka? I have a cool version with pictures.
  45. wanderer_032
    wanderer_032 April 27 2014 22: 30
    Here it is the moment of truth, in all its glory.
    From all these words of the Amer military, everything is clear as God's day.
    Nothing else can be expected from the United States, our country for them is just a gas station or a cash cow, which they are trying in every possible way to drive into their stall.
    It’s time to put them in their own stall.
  46. Makarych
    Makarych April 28 2014 01: 16
    Just mattresses are furious that they lose in all respects and the further the stronger and more irrevocably. And who wants to get syapal before the eyes of the whole world, so you can completely lose your pout authority
  47. Deadmen
    Deadmen April 28 2014 01: 58
    The Russian army announced the appearance of mines for the destruction of helicopters
    Mines for the destruction of helicopters will soon be in service with the Russian army, Colonel Alexei Khazov, chief of the engineering service of the Russian Air Force, said on Friday.

    “The anti-helicopter mine at the end of the 2013 year passed the tests and will now be put into service, it is planned in the near future. It hits a helicopter or other aircraft at an altitude of up to 200 meters, it forms an attack core on the principle of a cumulative charge, ”said Khazov.