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Why degradation requires globalization

Why degradation requires globalization

In the tangled wilds that they created and weaved for the people "social parasites", it is impossible to understand. One contradicts the other, but corresponds to a certain third, but the third contradicts the fourth, and so on. Everything is directed towards the stratification of consciousness and the separation of people. When it is impossible to understand the laws and postulates, when the signs of “success” correspond to the degree of degeneration, when it’s good that you are an unprincipled liar, but it is bad when you are decent, then you get the necessary environment for the reproduction of degenerates and the extinction of normal people.

In this chaos of degradation, simple indicators can be distinguished that indicate that a person is degenerate and degenerate, which means one thing: he should not even leave offspring (produce deformity), and even more so become an example for others. Such degenerates must be condemned and persecuted; there must be a reservation for them in which they would continue to parasitize and deceive each other until they finally disappeared.

What are these indicators? And everything is very simple - these are qualities that characterize a decent person. A normal person with normal development and upbringing feels very uncomfortable; when he has to lie, he suffers and tries to surround himself with such people and circumstances under which there would be no temptation to distort reality. With this approach, a decent person becomes necessarily an outcast. In the fact that there is now, it is impossible to preserve honesty, because everywhere there are traps that are pre-configured for human degeneration. Every time we distort reality, we move away from the laws of harmony of the infinite universe and surrender to the handful of degenerates who have created for us a kind of system that is safe for them and stupid and lowers for the population.

Only in this format can they impose false values ​​leading to degeneration, deformity and primitivism of consciousness. In such a system, they can preach any nonsense, if only it will contribute in the eyes of the layman to the creation of wealth and the obtaining of security for "business", "success", etc.

Thus, any crazy theories, ideologies, etc. are being introduced into society. - the main thing is that they should be flavored with a sense of superiority and material well-being. And we see that, based on such delusional exercises, a model of cancer is successfully introduced into society. This is when someone will be rich, swell and unite with the same degenerates at the expense of the bulk of society, which will wither and die.

A spiritually developed person has access to the laws of harmony and the development of an infinite universe; he feels that his “mapping” in the higher world is no less and even more important than the physical body. He does not really want to lose his hand, eye, etc., in that world, i.e. become disabled. Therefore, it will not distort reality in favor of the “parasitic monster”, for it is the spiritual handicapped people and freaks who feed the monster. Each lie separates you from the world of truth and attaches to a certain entity that feeds on your emotions, thoughts, etc. Each time, deceiving, you fall into the power of this malignant formation in the "subtle world." And it will require from you just such emotions and thoughts that are necessary for it to nourish. I think that it is not necessary to explain that this is anger, egoism, lies and so on. All this feeds the parasite freak and makes it grow.

This monster is made an example for imitating people who, with lies, cynicism and meanness, were able to make a career and become “successful”. Now, the concepts of well-being and wealth as the highest form of human development and evidence that it is worth something are being introduced into people's consciousness.

Egregor delegates to the masses his degradation installations and punishes those who managed to preserve the qualities inherent in a decent person. They are prepared for permanent exile and poverty. For everywhere where you can get financial independence, lies and lies are hypocrisy that you have to accept, and if not, if you strive to build your business without it, you will certainly encounter the same problems. You will hide the income and not pay taxes, because the latter are set up so that you are bent along with your business.

The system of parasitism is created in such a way that you will be forced to tune into a wave of lies unnoticeable to yourself. You will earn money for your family and do what everyone else does: hide and hold back, for this has already become the norm and is even protected by “law” as a commercial secret. Everywhere lies and hypocrisy, corrupting society from the inside.

When then such a society suddenly begins to demand patriotism, that is, they call for some kind of decency, then a person is rightly in doubt: and this parasitic monster, who is now afraid to lose us, is he definitely better than what comes from the other side?

Developing a lie and egoism, the system, when necessary, suddenly calls for the defense of itself, motivating it with danger to the family of a person, because it levels other concepts, erases as superfluous. You should take care of yourself and your family, and you shouldn't give a damn about the rest. This is how the system brings up, but when it needs to save itself from destruction from the outside, it begins to act on the “parts of the brain” responsible for altruism, to urge to rally, think about each other, in general, to that which itself has destroyed. And the latest methods of duping and psi-weapons allow it to be done.

On the one hand, the system ensures that it is not destroyed from the inside, developing terry selfishness and introducing survival mechanisms into society based on a “market economy”. But when they want to destroy the system from the outside, then all these divided people — envy, competition, and simply the philosophy of tough individualism — urgently need to be united around something. This contradiction does not play into the hands of the system, but it is created from contradictions, it is created for stratifying the human psyche and making it easily manageable. The latter excludes the ability to sound analysis of the situation and logical thinking.

Therefore, cutting off all previous experience in developing hatred for a neighbor who is a competitor for a tent on the market, or who is an official who drives a Lexus, because he was able to work so well, and now you have to pay him rent "in black", etc. ., the system seeks to unite the people to repel external threats. At the right moment, people forget all the “charm of life”, the system takes its forked and “rastroennoye” consciousness and collects from it the necessary perception of reality.

We can observe this paradox all the time. For example, with slogans for freedom and independence, the people demand their enslavement in the EU. With slogans of change in the country for the better, the people demand the preservation of the existing system and the shuffling of politicians who initially underwent filters for lack of decency. The people unite to repel the external aggressor under patriotic slogans, again defending what is enslaving and destroying from within. And here it does not matter that the external aggressor bears the same system, although, perhaps, with a lesser degree of degradation. Here it is important to protect something that they called their own - although the oligarchs and corrupt politicians have their own way here, the people are mainly bent on paying rent, housing, tents, etc. All this for him, too, suddenly became "his."

In fact, at such moments, it is possible to revise all the parasitic laws, including hidden slavery for the rights to lease all that is possible. For the landlord - this is the slave owner. Such a person does nothing and does not produce; he only improves his qualifications by deceiving the population and keeping it in unconscious slavery. He, like the machine for issuing money, wants to privatize everything that is possible, as long as it is land and everything that can be put on it, but ideally he would not mind privatizing the air, so that everyone would get the vital money. .

All this is necessary to keep society under control, which should be occupied by earning bread in incredibly difficult conditions, without confidence in the future, without the ability to lift your head from under your feet, so as not to stumble in the endless race for survival and see what happens in fact. Who is this monster that invented such a degenerative system in which freaks and liars survive, and decent people disappear as a species?

If in a single country such a degenerative system is strengthened with the help of the same market economy, it begins to openly implement the laws of genocide at the legislative level. For example, multiculturalism, asexual marriages, propaganda of homosexuality, juvenile justice, permission to take out production in the underdeveloped countries, thereby depriving their people of work and livelihoods.

All of the above can not be hidden and occur gradually and unnoticed if the neighboring state can protect itself from this and with the help of the national elite to keep their countries from being destroyed, and their people from dying out. In this case, the catchy difference will be visible. It is impossible, even using controlled media, to fool people's heads so that they do not see prosperity in the neighboring state, which, of course, will be presented as dictatorial and anti-democratic.

A globalization policy was thought out when degradation processes should affect the whole world at the same time, when the whole world must obey the same laws and when all degeneration becomes a natural process that can be attributed to lack of resources, environmental damage, overpopulation. But all this is a pure lie. Independent scientists have long figured out that the Earth can easily contain 100 billion people, but this should be a policy not of a global civilization suicide, as it is now, but normal, based on universal wealth and justice. In this case, “crazy globalizers” will not hide scientific works on the use of environmentally friendly and inexhaustible energy sources, will not invent hidden methods of destruction - such as GMOs, pseudo-vaccinations, propaganda of perversions, etc. And, for example, they will use millions of hectares of virgin land to grow organic crops.

Structures of “crazy globalizers” of the EU type are actively coping with the task of degradation, but for now they need to hide and do everything not so intensively, because many more countries do not enter it, and even Ukraine can enter only partially, which is unacceptable, because then it will be possible to watch the development of one part and the "bending" of the other.

People are increasingly beginning to realize the whole essence of the current system and draw the right conclusions. First of all, you need to abandon her technique, which she implemented everywhere. Stop lying and hypocrite, develop egoism. And finally, you need to understand that we are all cells of a single organism called “civilization”, which will develop and heal only with the health of all its cells. And on the contrary, they will die and die if some swell at the expense of others and devour common resources, becoming like a cancer.
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  1. Himalayan
    Himalayan April 28 2014 09: 34
    If there were unity among those for whom Bandera = Nazis = criminals, then Western Ukraine would have remained with its yaros and would not have stuck its nose in Kiev
    1. Ross
      Ross April 28 2014 12: 29
      People are increasingly beginning to realize the whole essence of the current system and draw the right conclusions. First of all, you need to abandon her technique, which she implemented everywhere. Stop lying and hypocrite, develop egoism. And finally, you need to understand that we are all cells of a single organism called “civilization”, which will develop and heal only with the health of all its cells. And on the contrary, they will die and die if some swell at the expense of others and devour common resources, becoming like a cancer.

      You need to start with a new worldview, with the adoption of the root cause, why and why people live on Earth. Need to figure out who we are? What we really are. What is reality? What universal laws are primary earthly. Only then can we begin to solve the tasks posed by the author. The article is a plus, although it is not fully disclosed.
  2. Tra-ta-ta
    Tra-ta-ta April 28 2014 09: 34
    start with the government:
    1. Orik
      Orik April 28 2014 11: 16
      Quote: Tra-ta-ta
      start with the government:

      And who will start from it?
      Russian President Vladimir Putin held a working meeting with Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, expressing satisfaction with the fact that the government “in the conditions of a rather difficult situation in the global economy managed to maintain positive dynamics.” This was reported by the Kremlin press service.
    2. Stas
      Stas April 28 2014 14: 43
      About DAM it is said to the point. It can be safely put on a par with Gorbachev, Serdyukov, Chubais and other State Department mercenaries .. Like iPhone and there is a fifth column, it is unfortunate that Putin covers them (if he dispersed them, the people's trust in him would be maximized).
  3. aleksa1703
    aleksa1703 April 28 2014 09: 58
    I absolutely agree.
  4. Polarfox
    Polarfox April 28 2014 10: 04
    Well this is necessary - to ordain simple biblical commandments in such tinsel! The author, pity the readers, all this has already been said:
    1. "I am the Lord your God .... May you have no other gods before me.
    2. Do not make yourself an idol or any image of what is in the sky above and what is on the earth below, and what is in the water below the earth; do not worship them and do not serve them, for I am the Lord, your God, a jealous God who punishes children for the guilt of the fathers of the third and fourth kind, who hate Me, and who does mercy to a thousand generations to those who love Me and keep My commandments.
    3. Do not take the name of the Lord your God in vain, for the Lord will not leave unjustly those who pronounce His name in vain.
    4. Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy; six days work and do all your work in them, and the seventh day is the Sabbath to the Lord your God: do not do any thing on this one neither you, nor your son, nor your daughter, nor your slave, nor your slave, nor your ox, neither your donkey, nor every your cattle, nor a stranger who is in your dwellings; for in six days the Lord made heaven and earth, the sea and all that is in them, and rested on the seventh day; therefore the Lord blessed the Sabbath day and hallowed it.
    5. Honor your father and your mother, that you may feel well and that your days may be long on the land which the Lord your God gives you.
    6. Dont kill.
    7. Do not commit adultery.
    8. Do not steal.
    9. Do not bear false witness against your neighbor.
    10. Do not desire your neighbor's house; do not desire your neighbor’s wife, nor his field, nor his slave, nor his slave, nor his ox, nor his donkey, nor all his cattle, nothing that is near your neighbor ”
    (Exodus 20: 2-17).
    1. Orik
      Orik April 28 2014 11: 10
      You wrote 10 Old Testament, but for some reason you forgot two New Testament:
      37 Love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your strength, and with all your mind.
      38 This is the first and greatest commandment.
      39 The second is like her: Love thy neighbor as yourself.
      40 On these two commandments the whole law and the prophets are affirmed.
      Matthew 22: 37-40
      1. Polarfox
        Polarfox April 28 2014 13: 16
        Guilty, neglected. It was worth entering them. You plus for clarification and addition.
    2. sergv
      April 28 2014 15: 38
      Unfortunately, these commandments are not perceived, they are for people as something distant - from another planet, such as something that does not apply at the moment, and this is proved to people every day from all controlled media. They show the qualities of a "successful person" and promote a degenerative lifestyle, intermittently interrupted by the sermons of priests. Everyone is already turned back from corrupt priests in Mercedes and in gold, but shouldn't they observe these commandments first of all? So, it is necessary to show what the system is introducing into society, on "imaginary values", on what is closer to life and everyday life, and not to quote what everyone knows and, in general, does not perceive ...
  5. shurup
    shurup April 28 2014 10: 07
    Owning a suitcase of dollars makes you want to rent them out, which is degradation. The tenant has a similar desire with a slight surplus, which leads to a global travel of the suitcase.
    Force majeure occurs when the suitcase is suddenly lost. The whole chain is shocked, up to jumping out of the window of a skyscraper, which is not evolution.
    Conclusion - the use of the dollar leads to degradation and globalization, both of economies in general and individuals in particular.
  6. Giant thought
    Giant thought April 28 2014 10: 16
    Western civilization itself is slowly leading to self-destruction, they themselves chose this path, or the shepherds skillfully turned them off, it doesn’t matter anymore, the main thing is that they are confidently marching in orderly rows to the abyss, being sure that they are moving to the peak of happiness. There will be no insight, there will only be their disappearance in the summer.
  7. e_krendel
    e_krendel April 28 2014 10: 22
    In the meantime, the "most successful" (according to their concepts) are adopting laws, the main meaning of which is "Bees against honey !!!"
  8. The comment was deleted.
  9. Baba Lera
    Baba Lera April 28 2014 10: 38
    So what to do? Decent, it turns out, do not fall into power. How to change everything?
    1. ar-ren
      ar-ren April 28 2014 12: 35
      1. Watch how your problem was solved in the past, if it was solved.
      2. Search for allies.
      3. Lead "war councils", develop plans.
      4. Implement the action plan.
      5. The cycle of claim 1
  10. igor-pchelkin
    igor-pchelkin April 28 2014 10: 44
    What, Admin, don't like the truth about "Christianity"? What do you want us to continue to be the slaves of God? Listen to Christ. The biblical god according to Christ is the devil. And the Jews are creatures made by the devil from the dust of the earth. Read all Christian texts, not what they slip into us.
    1. The comment was deleted.
  11. Deff
    Deff April 28 2014 10: 57
    Quote: Tra-ta-ta
    start with the government:

    Bullshit, all reproduced in a new way, it's like a virus. You need to start with the settlement and banking system.
    a) Progressive personal income tax
    b) Separate settlement accounts for cash and cashless payments of legal entities.
    First point preserves the middle class and personal incomes can only be obtained as a result of many years of intensive labor. At the same time, it will provide guaranteed minimum pension contributions for the entire population.
    Second point: control over the option of offshore and other gray schemes.
  12. Cossacks
    Cossacks April 28 2014 11: 27
    If I'm not mistaken in Singapore, the so-called eugenics was used in all. If you believe the print, the results are impressive.
  13. arch_kate3
    arch_kate3 April 28 2014 11: 34
    Finally, the right article about what is happening in the world! "The secret becomes apparent" and began an active division of people into "sheep and goats." Goats are those who believe that good and evil are equivalent, and white can be considered black and vice versa.
  14. arch_kate3
    arch_kate3 April 28 2014 11: 37
    Yes, and it’s necessary to start changing for the better, from yourself!
  15. arch_kate3
    arch_kate3 April 28 2014 11: 40
    All right! No need to succumb to provocations and agree that white is black, and good and evil are equivalent!
  16. homodeus
    homodeus April 28 2014 11: 44
    clearly and concisely, respect.
  17. thinker
    thinker April 28 2014 11: 52
    A good example of degradation.
    1. deleter24
      deleter24 April 28 2014 12: 41
      And if the federal reserve typewriter does not stop converting wood into unsecured green paper, then it will already be possible to build a "bridge" to the moon from the national debt.
  18. Agent 008
    Agent 008 April 28 2014 12: 53
    And the ball of the earth alone in the universe is bored ...
  19. Cap
    Cap April 28 2014 13: 25
    It’s not entirely clear ... This is about whom? About the West? Ukraine? Russia? After all, we are also driven into the subcortex at the government level that if you do not have a million, and the euro, then you are a loshara and a loser. And if you have earned this million by honest labor, then you are double the loshara! Are we not all court decisions in favor of honest citizens? Isn’t it here that the officials who stole tens and hundreds of millions of euros from the budget created by OUR labor, talk about the implacable fight against corruption and embezzlement, and as an example they try a 90-year-old blockade woman who took a bribe in the amount of 300 rubles 00 kopecks for a month under video surveillance? !
    The Americans, as always, helped Russia by arranging a maidan in Ukraine. Otherwise, the Maidan could really be arranged in Moscow with almost the same slogans ...
    Perhaps our government will finally think that it is necessary to be a little more modest and steal no more than half the budget? Yes, and behave a little more modest ...
    1. uhu189
      uhu189 April 28 2014 14: 21
      The author talks about much more global things than the government of the Russian Federation, Ukraine, the USA and so on. As far as I understand him, he had in mind the formation of the human type of the psyche system of all mankind and tried to explain that changes themselves do not occur, and if everyone wants something to change for the better in the country (and in the world) - then you need to start changing with yourself. This is the most important and the most difficult. And the rest will follow. If this topic is of interest - see BER and analytical notes of the USSR VP. If I am mistaken, then I think they will correct me.
      1. Cap
        Cap April 28 2014 15: 39
        Then do not need so vague.
        If you take the basics, then open the history of religions and see how Anglicanism came about and what its basic postulates are, how they differ from Christianity - everything will become clear right away.
        Morality of an ethnos is determined by the dominant religions. They are the ones who set the moral guidelines. In the Russian ethnic group, these attitudes were set not only by Orthodoxy, but also by paganism (Hence the willingness to fight to the end and hope not only for God, but for oneself in the first place, not recognition of the predetermined fate, lack of servility to church and worldly rulers. who was the grandson of God does not fit to be a slave.)

        Anglicanism was created artificially by Henry the 8th English after the refusal of the Roman godfather to give him another divorce. He appointed himself the beloved of the church, and, accordingly, the owner of all church property. Catholic priests were massacred, and church property was plundered. Anglican priests were appointed to posts for money (any layman). That is why churches in the United States are registered as businesses.
        The main postulate of Anglicanism is wealth as the measure of the love of the Lord. If you are rich, then God loves you. Moreover, it does not matter that you robbed and killed to obtain this wealth - if these acts were not pleasing to God, he would not give you commercial profit from these acts.
        Accordingly, if a person lacks wealth, it means that he is displeasing to God. And helping him is a terrible sin! This is where the derogatory term "loser" emerged.
        Thus, if one way or another force the whole society to follow the Anglican "morality" we get that the most "godly" will be the most unprincipled and misanthropic monster.
        Remember the "Revelation" of John the Theologian and the description of the Antichrist ...
        Draw your own conclusions.
        By the way, John also speaks there about those who will resist the Antichrist and his army. Muslims have a similar prophecy about the "Last Battle" and the arrival of Mahdi. Moreover, Mahdi will fight the Antichrist and Iblis in the same camp with the Christian Messiah.
        Which candidate countries for the homeland of the Antichrist and Iblis come to mind?
  20. Monster_Fat
    Monster_Fat April 28 2014 13: 26
    Somewhere like that. The author summed up the "theory of egregors" for global world processes. At the everyday level, in my opinion, Sviyash "dabbled" in this ... You can read his books.
  21. Lyubimov
    Lyubimov April 28 2014 13: 41
    People steal, because by their nature they love a freebie. Stealing is much easier than making money. They stole earlier, they steal now and will steal tomorrow.
    The question is different, why is it so fiercely to propagate all this?
  22. uhu189
    uhu189 April 28 2014 14: 15
    Thanks to the author, I imagine how difficult it is to formulate such thoughts in a consistent and understandable way for everyone. But until each person understands and accepts the purpose of his life, the biblical project will live for a long time ...
  23. pOpolzen
    pOpolzen April 28 2014 14: 42
    igor-pchelkin] What, Admin, don't like the truth about "Christianity"? What do you want us to continue to be the slaves of God? Listen to Christ. The biblical god according to Christ is the devil. And the Jews are creatures made by the devil from the dust of the earth. Read all Christian texts, not what they slip into us.

    You are very, very deeply mistaken!
    You should not read everything in a row - read at least from the "Creation of St. Ignatius Brianchaninov" (1807-1867) ( and for you everything will fall into place ...
    And the article is really good but not open to a person who has not come across a philosophy. All this is in the Gospel and is written in a more accessible “language”. May God have mercy on us.
  24. igor-pchelkin
    igor-pchelkin April 28 2014 17: 02
    Are there words in the prayer "Our Father": "Do not lead us into temptation"? There is. Who leads people into temptation? Devil. To whom are you addressing: "Our Father"? So where am I very, very deeply mistaken? I prefer to think with my own brains, rather than listen to someone's opinion about Christ and Christianity.
  25. ipshum
    ipshum April 29 2014 08: 36
    And the latest techniques of fooling and psi-weapons allow this.
    Why all in a heap? Maybe NLP?