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Creation of the Kiev junta for residents of Slavyansk and Kramatorsk

This, with permission, creativity, was scattered today from an airplane over Kramatorsk. The main amount was blown into the fields by the wind, but something fell into the hands of the inhabitants of the city, one of whom sent me this.

Here is an example of the “juncture” of the Kiev junta. It's not funny anymore. This is a brain crash. Especially the passage about the invaders from the Soviet Union.

I will not comment on this creation. Everyone will be able to make his own conclusions on the subject of what the brains of the Ukrainian brothers are trying to “feed”.

To the credit of the residents of Kramatorsk, apart from laughter, this idiocy did not cause any more emotions. Even if this laugh is not very funny. Since they have already made their choice.

Creation of the Kiev junta for residents of Slavyansk and Kramatorsk
Photos used:
Anton Slivkin

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  1. My address
    My address April 25 2014 06: 21
    Well, surely idiots! fool
    When the Lord wants to punish someone, he deprives him of reason.
    1. domokl
      domokl April 25 2014 06: 45
      Quote: My address
      Well, surely idiots!

      And who doubted .. The further, the more helpless the junta ... Sometimes it seems that they live on the Internet, and not in the state ...
      1. Canep
        Canep April 25 2014 07: 05
        Hi Sasha. hi If x *** s wrote, then for conscientious implementation of the rules they would at least promise something, lard or gorilka, or both, or $ 10000.
    2. alex_83
      alex_83 April 25 2014 06: 47
      all guys war!
      1. Alexander Romanov
        Alexander Romanov April 25 2014 06: 57
        Quote: alex_83
        all guys war!

        Shaw, hde? Our crossed the border?
    3. igor_m_p
      igor_m_p April 25 2014 07: 13
      Ukraine comes to the doctor:
      - Doctor, I have combed my maidan!
      - This is mujin, we don’t cure muin ...
      Next visit:
      - Doctor, in my area of ​​the Maidan it burns and shoots, and even in the Crimea some kind of seething ...
      - This is mujin, we don’t cure muin ...
      Third visit:
      - Doctor, do something, suppuration in the Maidan region, Crimea has fallen off and the southeast is already splitting ...
      - This is your arctic fox, but it is incurable ...
    4. AleksPol
      AleksPol April 25 2014 07: 14
      What teachers and students are. As Zadornov said, "well, stupid." American Standard of Politicians.
    5. pensioner
      pensioner April 25 2014 07: 28
      Hello Sasha! hi
      I suspect that this "creation" did not come from the pen of the junta, but is a product of the creativity of the State Department's shark pen. I have no other explanation for this obvious stupidity. It's just that the State Department sincerely believes that they know how to address the inhabitants of the South-East of Ukraine so that they "heed the voice of reason." And the junta stupidly assumed the functions of a distributor.
    6. Validator
      Validator April 25 2014 07: 31
      In the photo - Alexander Lubenets, a fighter of the Slavic militia. Today he died the death of the brave in battle. REMEMBER THE HERO
    7. Alez
      Alez April 25 2014 07: 32
      Why do you need to massively call and report that armed terrorists with weapons and food have seized the square and government buildings in Kiev.
    8. GRune
      GRune April 25 2014 07: 56
      Lack of reason is punishable ... Residents just need to start calling these hotlines constantly and report the tricks of the junta-controlled units ... I wonder how soon the connection will fall ??
  2. Alexander Romanov
    Alexander Romanov April 25 2014 06: 22
    Tex flyers to see were in the State Department.
    1. domokl
      domokl April 25 2014 06: 47
      Quote: Alexander Romanov
      Tex flyers to see were in the State Department.

      Hi Sash. For some reason, I have an association with the German Bay Jew, the Bolshevik muzzle asks for a brick! Disease progresses laughing
      1. Alexander Romanov
        Alexander Romanov April 25 2014 06: 58
        Quote: domokl
        For some reason, I have an association with the German-

        Hi Sanya! And you, in the leaflet, replace the terrorist with partisans, it will be more fun to read laughing
    2. igor_m_p
      igor_m_p April 25 2014 06: 52
      It would be interesting to listen to the opinion of the residents of Slavyansk and Kramatorsk regarding this wipe ...
      1. bytkeev
        bytkeev April 25 2014 07: 06
        if there is a referendum ... listen ... !!! I'm afraid that the townsfolk will not go ....
      2. 77bob1973
        77bob1973 April 25 2014 07: 07
        In the war they used at least cigarettes, but now only in the form of garbage!
      3. mrDimkaP
        mrDimkaP April 25 2014 07: 13
        Three letters "lol"
        1. Alexander Romanov
          Alexander Romanov April 25 2014 07: 18
          Quote: mrDimkaP
          Three letters "lol"

          Learn how to express emotions in Russian soon.
      4. Sunjar
        Sunjar April 25 2014 07: 21
        And I liked the point about the Soviet Union. Still funny even. I can imagine how the Soviet military are hiding behind their own people, and the civilized, kindest Nazis dare not shoot at civilians. Between themselves, they discuss the moral and ethical side of this maneuver and retreat right up to Berlin itself, together with the same civilized Bendera. In other countries, Soviet troops are already hiding ..., although not all the same by their inhabitants.
      5. The comment was deleted.
  3. master_rem
    master_rem April 25 2014 06: 23
    not amenable to therapy ... waiting for surgery ... amputation
    1. alexng
      alexng April 25 2014 06: 33
      And there is nothing to amputate, then there is no brain at all. Although it’s just something so that they are never born again.
  4. Andrey Yuryevich
    Andrey Yuryevich April 25 2014 06: 23
    but I liked it ... they remembered about the Soviet Union! so they see that we are moving in this direction! laughing
  5. nablydatel
    nablydatel April 25 2014 06: 24
    In Vo to call these phones and say everything they think about them, although they say they’ll lie, it's a linden hi
    1. Alexander Romanov
      Alexander Romanov April 25 2014 06: 59
      Quote: nablydatel
      Vo Vo call these phones and say everything they think about them

      Good idea. Call and swear until they stop picking up phones laughing
      1. washi
        washi April 25 2014 09: 00
        Quote: Alexander Romanov
        Quote: nablydatel
        Vo Vo call these phones and say everything they think about them

        Good idea. Call and swear until they stop picking up phones laughing

        If you believe ukrosaytam already called. Do not pick up the phone.
  6. Sanreeder
    Sanreeder April 25 2014 06: 25
    Not just a delusional flyer, but the triumph of the idiocy of the Kiev junta!
    I re-read the leaflet four times, and each time from each point my eyes were rounded with amazement from idiocy. How could such a thing come to mind ?!
    The authors of this "creativity", completely divorced from reality
    1. Predator
      Predator April 25 2014 07: 01
      It's time and the next release-Valiant residents! Bayonet in the ground! Go to the side of the mattresses! Save your lives! (On the back, this leaflet is a pass for surrender)
    2. hrapon
      hrapon April 25 2014 07: 52
      Not. This is not idiocy.
      This is the declaration of the "winners of the Maidan", which they casually slip as an allegedly indisputable fact.
      Soviet occupation of 1941-1945 years !!!
      Alongside this statement are the announcement of June 30, 1941, "the day of the proclamation of an independent Ukraine," and the declaration of mourning on May 9.
      Everything, the masks are reset - Ukraine is occupied by the FASTIES !!! The accomplices are the same only under a new sign.
      What, Russia? Will we wait for a new Volyn, Babi Yar, or wait, when will the new Krasnodonians be dumped into the mines?
      Where is Yanukovych? The country entrusted to him by the people was seized by agents of foreign states. Many of the invaders have foreign citizenship and are actually openly acting in the interests of the United States to the detriment of Ukraine. He is the head of state of a member of the CIS. He has the right, while in exile, to ask for military assistance from other CIS countries - Belarus, Russia and Kazakhstan. He has the right to dissolve parliament and declare martial law and call under his banner those who are against fascism. Stop calling normal people in Ukraine "Russian-speaking". All of them - Russians, Ukrainians, Jews, Tatars, Rusyns, Czechs and Hungarians - are ANTIFASHISTS !!! You just need to declare in Ukraine not a civil war, but a People's War against the fascist invaders. It is necessary to create a new anti-fascist coalition (Ukraine, Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan) with the alliance of China.
      It's time to call a spade a spade.
      This must not be allowed to happen again:
  7. il2.chewie
    il2.chewie April 25 2014 06: 28
    What? Someone expected something different from these Kiev fascists? Soon they will start to shy away from their own shadows. Everywhere they will see "damned"
  8. Afinogen
    Afinogen April 25 2014 06: 29
    Use the press wisely laughing
  9. mamont5
    mamont5 April 25 2014 06: 32
    Let them practice verbiage. They have already sobered a little.

    "Experts called the border exercises of the Russian Federation a" cold shower "for Kiev.
    Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said on Thursday that Russia was forced to react to the development of the situation in southeastern Ukraine, and ordered the exercises of the divisions of the Western Military District and the Southern Military District to be held in the border areas with it.
    Russia's reaction to the actions of the Ukrainian authorities in the east of Ukraine is justified and legitimate, believes the former chief of the Russian General Staff, General of the Army Yuri Baluyevsky. "When such movements begin near our borders, there must be a response. We must cool the ardor of their puppeteers."
    "If the Kiev authorities allow a large-scale massacre, the consequences will not be long in coming. In this regard, the announced decision to conduct battalion tactical exercises, aviation exercises on the border with Ukraine, I believe, is an important stabilizing moment aimed at stopping further operations structures of Ukraine in the east of this country ".
  10. Strezhevsky
    Strezhevsky April 25 2014 06: 32
    Idiocy simply touches, it’s not the Americans, gentlemen of the CIA, here everything is grown up, it’s Russian baby ...... in short, erase this masterpiece !!!
  11. Vladycat
    Vladycat April 25 2014 06: 35
    1000 a day? Here is an ad lol Such things in a country with a deplorable economy should be more careful.
    1. mad
      mad April 25 2014 06: 53
      And the maydauns will ask for a raise, they will say - we don’t want to be hunched over for 200! wassat
      1. bytkeev
        bytkeev April 25 2014 08: 02
        Naturally ... so they compare what they pay for the delivered East anti-Maidan ... dollars ... and then to earn they will start collecting homeless people across the whole ... and they will hand over ... they’ll get enough ...))))) )))
    2. bytkeev
      bytkeev April 25 2014 07: 58
      what is there to be careful about? Money is dripping from across the ocean ....
  12. cybernetic
    cybernetic April 25 2014 06: 36
    Now meetings, pieces of paper, signatures, nothing is insignificant, they want to tie Russia into this mess.
  13. Quantum
    Quantum April 25 2014 06: 45
    If there were Russian specialists, then the Bandera army would flee
    with all my might. All Western businessmen wonder why Russia is so
    kind? Pumps gas Ukraine for free! Debt has reached 18 billion!
    If Ukraine was disconnected from the gas, then the inhabitants would have to cook
    on burning tires, and the junta would have been trampled for a long time.
    1. sem-yak
      sem-yak April 25 2014 07: 00
      Until the cold, they will last without gas. With the cold, all the media will turn on and turn upside down - Russia intentionally does not sell gas to Ukraine and does not comply with the contract with Germany. And the video of freezing children of the West is Ukrainians! And this will already untie the hands of the amers so that Nata can send us all the fighting power, as a tyrannical tyrant who has hidden all natural resources! They already accepted such a doctrine - Ukogo has a lot of resources and he doesn’t want to share, he must take it by force! So now there are flowers!
      1. bytkeev
        bytkeev April 25 2014 08: 17
        We will supply the Germachki anyway, the economy will be sucking ... but here again they will start stealing (without paying) ... this is believable
  14. hhhhhhh
    hhhhhhh April 25 2014 06: 46
    About recording in detachments and squads. So now, residents of Kramatorsk and Slavyansk, even in the army of Tymoshenko can’t sign up? What freedom is it then asked.)))
  15. santush
    santush April 25 2014 06: 47
    Here's a real junta! What terrorists and separatists in the Southeast? Mothers with children approach the defenders of Donbass, take pictures, and do not run, because they know that the threat comes from the so-called power! Well, if the SBU press service declares that they would have already started bombing "terrorists", but civilians will suffer. That is, there is no smell of brains ... Who will save the South-East ????????????
  16. Arkan
    Arkan April 25 2014 06: 47
    Creation of the Kiev junta for residents of Slavyansk and Kramatorsk

    What kind of all-Ukrainian dialogue can we talk about if the "authorities" communicate with the citizens of the republic with the help of leaflets, the quality of which does not allow using them even as pipifax.
    1. bytkeev
      bytkeev April 25 2014 08: 19
      and what is interesting in the language of "akkupants" ... they do not tolerate the Russian language ...
  17. tokin1959
    tokin1959 April 25 2014 06: 48
    why is it not written in "dirzhavney mov"?))))
    1. Alexander Romanov
      Alexander Romanov April 25 2014 06: 54
      Quote: tokin1959
      why is it not written in "dirzhavney mov"?)

      I watched the videos on YouTube, there yesterday Ukrainian special forces who stormed the block of posts near Slavyansk speak Russian. Riot in 93 brigade, so everyone there also speaks Russian.
      Mova is not a language, it is a symbol of independence and nothing more.
      1. bytkeev
        bytkeev April 25 2014 08: 35
        and where can they have their own language ... what remains of Russia ... was transformed under the influence of the Lithuanian principality, Polish ... YES, under whom only Ukraine was not ... even under the Turks (probably because such are stupid)) ))))))))
  18. qwertynsan
    qwertynsan April 25 2014 06: 48
    this is a fascist leaflet a bit tweaked for modernized realities))))
  19. VNP1958PVN
    VNP1958PVN April 25 2014 06: 49
    They will never get rid of the current state - that I am glad that the rulers are full of idiots! wassat fool
    1. bytkeev
      bytkeev April 25 2014 08: 52
      Yes, obos @ fought in full ... but we must admit propaganda (built on the principle of Goebbel, the less truth ... the more believable) .. they still work. Part of the population ... especially in western and central Ukraine, supports them. He believes that the West will help them)))))))))))))))
  20. Green
    Green April 25 2014 06: 55
    vk. com / video-16470106_163096571 Democracies in Europe and the United States
  21. Pitman
    Pitman April 25 2014 06: 56
    It's funny how thinkers push
    now loudly, then silently -
    forgetting that the mind is invalid
    when reality is crazy.
    The uprising, like the revolution, has the unique ability to give birth and kill its leaders. It’s time to put it on the wall, without trial or investigation. And bury it in the ground without a tombstone. Dog-dog death !!!!
  22. strenadk
    strenadk April 25 2014 06: 57
    I saw Napoleonchikov, Lady Hamilton, Nelson - is it possible that in modern conditions there isn’t one more bed in ward No. 6 for the man who composed it, who got out of the crypt not 30-40-50 years ago, but 30-40-50 days. Overseas democrats put the wrong horse on the wrong horse, they themselves will eat these junts. The jaw fell off, I can’t close my mouth ....
  23. The comment was deleted.
  24. their
    their April 25 2014 07: 08
    Zionist agitation prom, about the same they scatter in Palestine before bombing people. And in Nazi Germany it was their favorite horse
  25. Bort radist
    Bort radist April 25 2014 07: 09
    The State Department’s plan is looming. Provocations with imitation of military operations.
    Expected answer: 1 Russia introduces troops - impostors ask for help from Nato.
    2 An armored personnel carrier, a helicopter is destroyed (the turntables fly into the brazen. Substituting without firing off heat traps) ..... "Where did the self-defense forces get such types of weapons?" - impostors ask NATO for help.
    Further "uncontrollable chaos" from which the United States benefits. All others in full .......
    And not only Russia and the remnants of Ukraine, but also Europe.
    1. igor_m_p
      igor_m_p April 25 2014 07: 18
      Quote: Bort Radist
      Russia introduces troops - impostors are asking for help from NATO.

      You can ask as much as you like, but NATO will not go to a force conflict with us. And everything else - so, spray ...
      1. Bayonet
        Bayonet April 25 2014 07: 37
        Quote: igor_m_p
        NATO will not go to a force conflict with us

        And NATO will not go, and we will not go. There will simply be two Ukraine - Western and Eastern.
    2. Alexander Ekb
      Alexander Ekb April 27 2014 09: 56
      Og help wassat
  26. Jamuqa
    Jamuqa April 25 2014 07: 15
    Here are the non-Russian Chukras, the invaders with two K are written, immediately see the SBU !!!!
  27. anfil
    anfil April 25 2014 07: 22
    Quote: Alexander Romanov
    Quote: nablydatel
    Vo Vo call these phones and say everything they think about them

    Good idea. Call and swear until they stop picking up phones laughing

    It is unlikely that you will get through, they are probably blocked by international inboxes.
  28. Bayonet
    Bayonet April 25 2014 07: 24
    The whole point of this creation is to convince people to stay at home and wait patiently for the right-wing people to establish their die neue Ordnung - "new order".
  29. Turk
    Turk April 25 2014 07: 26
    Quote: igor_m_p
    It would be interesting to listen to the opinion of the residents of Slavyansk and Kramatorsk regarding this wipe ...

    So they came for the grub. Cripples were starving. - * Militias doubt that the fighters who fired at them are real soldiers.

    “They stole medicines, phone chargers, and all our provisions,” said one of the supporters of federalization. - Their actions were uncoordinated. These are not soldiers, but militants. *
  30. Giant thought
    Giant thought April 25 2014 07: 30
    Complete. The mind isn’t enough for something more valuable, it’s enough only for stupid leaflets.
  31. Volgarr
    Volgarr April 25 2014 07: 30
    Goebels satisfied - a worthy change!
  32. sledge
    sledge April 25 2014 07: 33
    Insanity grew stronger, shiz mowed down the ranks
  33. sv68
    sv68 April 25 2014 07: 41
    it is a pity that Kiev leaflets with an appeal to overthrow the government and the parliament do not throw, maybe then I would try to move my brains in the right direction
  34. tolancop
    tolancop April 25 2014 07: 49
    Full nya ... In the sense of nonsense, and even with grammatical errors.
    And about 1000 hryvnias a day for rallies they just wrote in vain, you look, people from poverty will reach these very minings ...
  35. Uncle lee
    Uncle lee April 25 2014 07: 53
    Call the numbers indicated and say that the junta is covered with a copper basin!
  36. Rurikovich
    Rurikovich April 25 2014 08: 02
    The usual information war. Fascism in a dodgy form of the XNUMXst century. It can be seen that the Yankers read Bismarck about Ukraine nicely and translate these statements into action.
    We have nowhere else to retreat. Then they will destroy us in the open ...
  37. sanek0207
    sanek0207 April 25 2014 08: 04
    Such crap, you cannot name it otherwise !!! They also need to throw off a couple of boxes with leaflets! Only with exemplary sentences for the Nazis, and all "smells" are welcome!
  38. demotivator
    demotivator April 25 2014 08: 25
    Quote: Alexander Romanov
    Tex flyers to see were in the State Department.

    Maybe, but Hitler's creations could also be taken as a basis. From one field of berries.
  39. region46
    region46 April 25 2014 08: 57
    with the current situation in Ukraine, if they write that they pay 1000 hryvnia a day, many, on the contrary, will run to the "terrorists"
  40. morpogr
    morpogr April 25 2014 10: 30
    A masterpiece of senility and cynicism of the new government. Clowns from big tops.
  41. vedross
    vedross April 25 2014 10: 38
  42. kelevra
    kelevra April 25 2014 10: 48
    This is an incurable brain inflammation, damn it!
  43. Warlock_r
    Warlock_r April 25 2014 11: 21
    Why, the right flyer. Only there are confused with the terms.
    For example, the phrase: "... For Russian saboteurs, the more victims - the better ..." should be read as "For Right Sector saboteurs, the more victims, the better ...".
    The phrase "... your native land has become a testing ground for Russian saboteurs ..." becomes simple, logical and understandable if you read it "... your native land has become a testing ground for saboteurs of the Kiev junta ..."

    Well illiterate, what to take from them ...
  44. Fevrrr
    Fevrrr April 25 2014 12: 32
    That would be all nothing in this leaflet. The likelihood that it would be perceived - would be if it were not for the mention of the invaders of 1941-1945. Well, there is no one in the Donetsk region (DPR if right :)) those who believe in this. As pseudo-historians did not bother - dill all 23 years, but the people of Ukraine, in their vast mass, sacredly honor the Feat of the Soviet people and the Red Army. Well, hatred of fascism and pride for that people and that Army were postponed at our genetic level. In general, it seems that they started for health (in the leaflet), but ended up for repose. Well, such a fate for all of their undertakings ...
  45. igordok
    igordok April 25 2014 17: 36
    Interestingly, are the phones listed below free?
  46. Old warrant officer
    Old warrant officer April 26 2014 00: 55
    Quote: nablydatel
    In Vo to call these phones and say everything they think about them, although they say they’ll lie, it's a linden

    I’m afraid that 5 hryvnias will be written off, there is no desire to sponsor banderlogs!