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May 1 Lithuania will celebrate the tenth anniversary of joining the European Union - and did this little Baltic republic achieve much from 2004 to 2014? Did you manage to revive its industrial potential? Did it improve the standard of living? Perhaps, Ukraine can learn a lot from Lithuania, for example, how one should not neglect national interests for the sake of short-term gain. Still, their mistakes are much worse than others.

Voting by feet

The head of the Lithuanian Cabinet of Ministers, Algirdas Butkevicius, is confident that the Lithuanians want to live in their own country and are not ready to exchange their father’s house for foreign bliss. The official said this during his annual report, which, by the way, became a sensation in itself: there were no speeches at such a high political level in Lithuania for a year and a half. However, isn't Butkevicius mistaken in his categorical judgments? Perhaps the prime minister of the Baltic republic is not well acquainted with the real state of affairs? Or, even worse for Lithuanians, he delivers them on purpose?

Recent polls show that Lithuanian citizens are not satisfied with the level of welfare of their country. According to Vilmorus, about two-thirds of Lithuanians believe that in recent years, life has become harder. About 40% of the adult population of Lithuania are ready to leave the country in order to find work abroad, because today every eighth Lithuanian is unemployed.

Many of their ideas can be put into practice. Thus, the emigration rate from Lithuania reached the level of 13,7 people per 1000 residents. Few European countries, even non-EU ones, can “boast” of such a massive population flight. However, even 5 years ago, these figures were much higher. Maybe they declined because the most enterprising part of the population left the republic, and only old people remained in the country?

Indeed, guests from abroad are surprised at the number of people of retirement age who can be found on the streets of Lithuanian cities. There are few working-age people in Lithuania, labor resources are being exhausted at a rapid pace.

In turn, young Lithuanians settled relatively well abroad. Of course, they live worse than the average European, but they are also satisfied with the existence of simple everyday benefits: the main thing is to have work and a roof over your head. And prospects: in Lithuania there are no opportunities to realize oneself, and in Western Europe there is at least a ghostly chance to move up the career ladder, becoming more experienced and in demand.

Naturally, only a few make their dreams come true, after many years of effort, becoming some middle manager or a small entrepreneur. Most of them remain involved in the service sector or in production, performing low-paid work by European standards. But Lithuanian youth are satisfied with this: after all, the level of wages in the states of the Atlantic coast is much higher than in Lithuania.

So it turns out that, instead of receiving education and developing the economy of their native country, young Lithuanians go far abroad to wash clothes or lay paving tiles.

Snag dream

Lithuanian dream to quickly escape from the "clutches of Moscow" turned out to be self-deception. Firstly, it turned out that Russia did not keep the Baltic republics: rather, they were a burden to it. During Soviet times, Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia were completely dependent on other union republics, and could only provide themselves with sprats. In principle, the situation has changed little since then: only canned fish is still produced in the Baltic States, while the rest of the food and consumer goods are delivered from the European Union and China.

Secondly, the idea of ​​a full life in the West turned out to be a lie. Soon 10 will be over the years since Lithuania became part of this very West - and so what? What positive changes have occurred in the economy and social sphere of this republic? In 2009, the Lithuanians stormed the buildings of the Seimas and the Government of Lithuania in Vilnius. People took to the streets in connection with the draconian reforms, which were carried out by the authorities of the republic in the framework of combating the consequences of the global financial crisis. As a result of these reforms, Lithuania became completely dependent on its Western "partners": in fact, it was imposed an external protectorate, and forced to dance to the tune of Western creditors.

It turns out that Lithuanian national mythology, which was diligently created by the hands of political consultants for many years, was unclaimed? Russia is not so evil, and Europe is not at all good.

The Lithuanians, as well as their neighbors, were deceived. And the society begins to understand this: according to the data of the Vilmorus sociological agency, 40% of Lithuanians want to return to the USSR era. Indeed, there were good times: except for resorts, Lithuania was not obliged to the Soviet Union, but the rest of the republics provided it with everything necessary. Now everything is exactly the opposite - the Lithuanian resorts are not interesting to Europeans, and Brussels with its overstated demands suffocates the Lithuanian economy. Vilnius cannot find support from its new “brothers” - Paris, Berlin and even friendly Warsaw treat the problems of the small Baltic state with indifference. Latvia faced a similar problem with Estonia, where the degradation of economies occurs according to the same scenario, albeit with a few reservations.

In the footsteps of Lithuania

Ukraine may join the club of losers in the near future. Despite the size and population of this country, its economy is too weak, and in terms of competitiveness is at the same level with the economies of the Baltic republics. Like the Baltic states, Ukraine has little to offer a more developed Europe. Yes, and the attitude towards it will be the same dismissive.

At the same time, Lithuania is actively drawing Ukraine into Euro-Atlantic structures and insists that Kiev become one of the main allies of Washington and Brussels. The White House agrees with this proposal - the actions of Vilnius fully meet his expectations. What can be said about Brussels: the old Europe is extremely dissatisfied with the fact that one of the peripheral republics wanted to expand the European Union without having received the consent of the leading members of this organization.

Regardless of whether Ukraine will be part of the EU or not, many of its residents fell into the same trap as the Lithuanians. They want to live in prosperity, without making any effort for this. In the Ukrainian media, Europe is just depicted a paradise where there is no need and everyone is happy. Ten years ago, the Lithuanians also imagined the European Union, and this ended with “voting with their feet” and the January pogrom in 2009 in the center of Vilnius.

Should Ukraine not learn from the mistakes of Lithuania, how not to build its foreign policy? At one time, the Lithuanians also thought that they had caught God by the beard, and now their country is in economic bondage by the West, and there is no end to the humiliation.

Fortunately, in Ukraine there are still sensible people who initially opposed the “friendship” with the mercenary West. Thanks to the support of society, the anti-European movement may soon win. Ukraine has heard about the troubles of the Baltic countries, including how their authorities are persecuting the Russian-speaking population. This discourages many from the idea of ​​European integration, and makes them seek salvation in traditional values.

As for Lithuania, it has made its choice. Lithuanians are paying in full for their naivety. Well, Vilnius has become an anti-example for other post-Soviet capitals: who wants to repeat his path, turning into an abandoned periphery of even an influential political bloc?
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  1. mamont5
    mamont5 April 25 2014 08: 19
    "At the same time, Lithuania is actively drawing Ukraine into Euro-Atlantic structures and insists that Kiev become one of the main allies of Washington and Brussels."

    All clear. He climbed into the swamp himself - help a neighbor climb into it.
    1. rozowik
      rozowik April 25 2014 09: 47
      The smart one learns from the mistakes of others, and even from his own mistakes.
      1. Revolver
        Revolver April 26 2014 04: 55
        Quote: rozowik
        The smart one learns from the mistakes of others, and even from his own mistakes.

        The wise learns from the mistakes of others, clever at his own, the guy does not learn from anything.
    2. fedorovith
      fedorovith April 25 2014 12: 00
      Precisely marked, he smeared himself, smeared his neighbor so that they did not understand who the stink was from .. wink
    3. Moore
      Moore April 25 2014 12: 11
      Well, let's put it this way: Germany has a servant-Poland, Poland-Lithuania. And what about Lithuania, a trap, or what?
      She, too, needs laborers - her garnish couples and sisters have long been working as cashiers in toilets at gas stations in Ireland ...
    4. macarque
      macarque April 27 2014 13: 58
      Not a .... who treats a girl, he dances, well, and fucks in the evening. they were treated. It's time to work out laughing
  2. Rohon
    Rohon April 25 2014 08: 21
    While influential ......... What they wanted and got .........
    1. Sharky
      Sharky April 25 2014 10: 52
      A teper ', kak govoryat Litovci: PIZDAUSKAS smile
      1. pavel_SPB
        pavel_SPB April 25 2014 12: 54
  3. Humpty
    Humpty April 25 2014 08: 25
    What do we worry about the Lithuanians, they wanted to live like Europe, Europe somehow didn’t grow together at home, so someone can go somewhere. Some time will pass, they will be forced to host any Asian and African rabble for permanent residence. Then you can proudly say Letva is Europe.
    1. macarque
      macarque April 27 2014 14: 01
      Yeah. that's just niggas from a terribly white house will not go there for permanent residence. it's a pity. bully
  4. Berkut-UA
    Berkut-UA April 25 2014 08: 29
    As for Lithuania, she made her choice. Lithuanians are paying the full price for their naivety.

    Well, now it’s the turn of the great Ukrainians to enter into what the EU cow has reserved.
  5. Afinogen
    Afinogen April 25 2014 08: 30
    According to Vilmorus, approximately two-thirds of Lithuanians believe that life has become harder in recent years.

    And whoever said that it would be easy, they wanted to join the European Union, now eat your health.
  6. Predator-74
    Predator-74 April 25 2014 08: 34
    Most sorry for the Russian population of the Baltic states. I hope that over time, most of the Russians will leave from there to Russia.
    1. inkass_98
      inkass_98 April 25 2014 08: 52
      Quote: Predator-74
      I hope that over time, most of the Russians will leave from there to Russia.

      They have been living there for a quarter of a century and still have not moved. Who wanted - long ago returned to their homeland. I would like to recall that the Russians living in the Baltic states actively voted for secession from the Union, and when everything turned out to be not as fun as we would like, they began to talk about oppression and contempt from the native Chukhons. I didn’t say this without proof, I had acquaintances who lived there (though mostly in Latvia). Fortunately, they had the intelligence to return, because there was where - relatives sheltered.
      On the other hand, there was no distinct state policy on the resettlement of compatriots. Now at least something is beginning to change, but isn’t it too late?
      1. rom
        rom April 25 2014 17: 42
        As for the Russians, who allegedly wanted to, he had already left a long time ago. My father is from Perm, my mother is from Kamenz Podolsky (Ukraine). But I was born in Estonia, this is also my home, because I was born here and I am not going to leave my house. When you change power in Russia, just as quickly run from Russia to where it is warmer?
  7. sergant89
    sergant89 April 25 2014 08: 42
    Yes, all their lives they will yap for handouts to Russia, although they are not particularly expected in the EU. Caricature of an English newspaper on migration from Lithuania.
  8. desant_doktor
    desant_doktor April 25 2014 08: 54
    It seems that Russians are also oppressed there? ... negative Look, fish-eaters, the states are far away, we are much closer ...
  9. Dazdranagon
    Dazdranagon April 25 2014 08: 57
    It’s like a financial pyramid - whoever comes first feels better! That is why the Baltic states need Ukraine. hi
  10. serega.fedotov
    serega.fedotov April 25 2014 09: 09
    In Europe, it seems like they were preoccupied with the problem of emigrants from Africa, they decided to replace them with slaves from Ukraine! And sprats scoop up the elevator to the next stage of development, first slaves, then lackeys!
  11. Sergei75
    Sergei75 April 25 2014 09: 09
    I have a feeling that we are boiling in our own juice. Wanting a return to the USSR is one thing, but Russia is not the USSR! We have some kind of resentment that they left us - well, they left ... well, with them, you can also influence your girlfriend, without gingerbread. In general, I got the impression that all our exes do not want to work, but just want to speculate with goods and raw materials between Russia and the West.
    There is an American dream, a Russian dream, and now the dream of the former. None of FORMER wants to work, they are freeloaders, they want to have us, so that we plow, and they get profits -managers of hr ... ovy.
    1. storog.cccp
      storog.cccp April 25 2014 10: 27
      Quite rightly, the entire Baltic economy rested on Russian transit. They thought the freebie would last forever.
    2. nicollider
      nicollider April 25 2014 11: 00
      Exactly. Russia must. Yeah. Limitotrophs ...
    3. valerei
      valerei April 25 2014 11: 52
      Quote: Sergei75
      We have some kind of insult that they left us - well, they left and

      At one time, even in the Soviet newspaper, a message flashed that the entire budget of the USSR was held in four republics: the RSFSR, the Ukrainian SSR, the BSSS and the AzSSR. All the rest were on subsidies, and, characteristically, many lived much better than the Russians in the RSFSR, I traveled on business trips and had seen enough. Only the Central Asian republics lagged behind. So there’s nothing to regret. And now - Azerbaijan leaves for oil, Turkmenistan - for gas, and the rest - for migrants in Russia.
  12. Roman1970
    Roman1970 April 25 2014 09: 35
    A miracle did not happen ... This was to be expected ... Well, everything is logical, nobody needs weak countries. Rather, they are needed, but as a raw materials appendage or cheap labor, nothing more.
  13. Velesovich
    Velesovich April 25 2014 09: 53
    It is unlikely that Ukrainians dreaming of "paradise in the EU" will take into account at least some example. For them, any words about the fact that the EU is not quite heaven on earth is Kiselev's propaganda. These Ukrainians are childishly confident that they are the smartest. And only the stupidity and lack of understanding of their brilliant ideas on the part of adults (Russia) prevents them from achieving happiness and changing the world. In general, as soon as the South-East falls away from Ukraine, what will remain is quite possible and set free to sail. Of course, they will not be admitted to the EU, but the Poles can let them in in order to replace their janitors and plumbers who have left for Germany ...
    1. nicollider
      nicollider April 25 2014 11: 01
      Yeah, and again we will be to blame :)
      1. thrower
        thrower April 25 2014 14: 12
        And who else, Russia ate all the sprats))
        Or now it’s the other way around - he doesn’t want to eat))

        In short, I got confused))
      2. macarque
        macarque April 27 2014 14: 04
        Yes, and pour liquid on them
    2. desant_doktor
      desant_doktor April 25 2014 23: 58
      "Hello Neo. Welcome to the real world!"
  14. fedor13
    fedor13 April 25 2014 10: 49
    He lived in Latvia, spoke excellently, wrote in Latvian (Russian caused more problems, although his parents were Russian) we were not supposed to enter the higher education all the same, second grade, so we left. Past Mayski finally visited Riga. Classmates who sat down, who are in Europe that is, 90 percent of one class ended up in a complete ass. The production chemistry was covered, Raf was closed, Bet was closed, it remains only to pass a law on the purchase of land in the property of foreign citizens and there is no Latvia. That's the whole European integration.
  15. blizart
    blizart April 25 2014 11: 23
    Yes, they just free us living space yes voluntarily
  16. Homo
    Homo April 25 2014 12: 10
    There is not much to say. For that fought for it and ran!
  17. Ujin61
    Ujin61 April 25 2014 12: 17
    To learn from the mistakes of others, you need to have brains. Which (brains) are not in maydaunas by definition.
    1. macarque
      macarque April 27 2014 14: 05
      It is a sin to laugh at the wretched repeat
  18. pavel_SPB
    pavel_SPB April 25 2014 12: 55
    in the article everything is very well and briefly written ..... as they say, they fought for it and ran into it. and Ukraine will face a darker fate than Lithuania :))))
  19. onega67
    onega67 April 25 2014 13: 00
    At the same time, Lithuania is actively drawing Ukraine into Euro-Atlantic structures and insists that Kiev become one of the main allies of Washington and Brussels.
    This reminds me of a situation where girls are sh. put their normal girlfriend under bandyuganov.
  20. Arzamas
    Arzamas April 25 2014 13: 15
    Quote: mamont5
    "At the same time, Lithuania is actively drawing Ukraine into Euro-Atlantic structures and insists that Kiev become one of the main allies of Washington and Brussels."

    All clear. He climbed into the swamp himself - help a neighbor climb into it.

    The American says to another: - John, you have 10 lyamas, and I have 10 lyamas, and Jack doesn’t, let's help him, we will throw ourselves on the floor of the lyam ...
    The German says to the German, I have a Merc and you have a Merc, let's help Hans, we’ll buy him some Merc ...
    The Ukrainian, says the Ukrainian: -Kume, I am sinister and you are jealous, but neither Mikola, let's help you ...!
  21. lpd1
    lpd1 April 25 2014 13: 20
    Quote: desant_doktor
    Look, fish eaters,

    They and so the psyche, along with digestion, is completely upset. As soon as they find out about a Russian plane flying past, they start convulsing and vilifying laughing
  22. APS
    APS April 25 2014 13: 30
    I want to add to Wikipedia about Estonia it is written in the population section:

    "Estonians, like many Eastern European ethnic groups, are a slowly fading people"

    The fate of all Eastern European ethnic groups is visible!
  23. nnz226
    nnz226 April 25 2014 13: 30
    About sprat limotrophs it has long been said that in Soviet times they were the western face of the country, and now they have become the eastern ass of Europe! For what they fought, then champ!
  24. contemporary
    contemporary April 25 2014 13: 53
    Somehow they are not sorry. and . vice versa.
  25. sv68
    sv68 April 25 2014 14: 32
    well, they’re independent, they’re not even a fig, even in their native countries and you won’t call it a strona. Absolutely nothing depends on it. For new suicides you need a slogan like “Now you are mine and I will take you away, that is, I will love you”
  26. DanSabaka
    DanSabaka April 25 2014 14: 38
    Speaking about Lithuania, it is worth mentioning their only nuclear power plant, closed in 2009 on the strong recommendation of the EU. Now Lithuania is buying electricity from the Poles.
  27. Grimaldus
    Grimaldus April 25 2014 15: 59
    I’ll say as a resident of the Baltic states, letting Latvians and Lithuanians warn about the crisis and they closed their ears with their hands and shouted to us, Germany said everything will be fine now they are in the ass of Europe, about Estonia as its inhabitant I will say we have economic growth since 2012 so sorry gentlemen comrades, I learned to calmly find a job and earn peacefully in my country 1000 euros per month, I agree a little, but the wage of the population is growing, as are the pensions of pensioners
    It’s true about the population, the population is aging, but in the Riigikogu, a bill is being considered for the promotion of young parents and families with 2 or more children
    And yes, it’s so and sometimes look what you write, it’s a shame for people who behave like small children and who also write
    1. Grabberxnumx
      Grabberxnumx April 25 2014 16: 12
      I earn peacefully in my country 1000 euros per month

      Is 1000 euro a lot or a little for Lithuania? Above or Below the average median temperature in a hospital?
      1. Grimaldus
        Grimaldus April 25 2014 16: 14
        I do not live in Estonia in Lithuania)
        1. Grabberxnumx
          Grabberxnumx April 25 2014 16: 56
          I do not live in Estonia in Lithuania)
          I apologize - the flag did not recognize, though .. What's the difference? Is it a big or average salary for Estonia?
          1. Grimaldus
            Grimaldus April 25 2014 17: 35
            average salary, I also called my grandmother to ask what kind of pension, pension for 20 years of work experience 485 euros
            1. rom
              rom April 25 2014 18: 55
              What are you sculpting here? What 485 euros. Where do these numbers come from? Your grandmother must have made good money? But my mother worked at the factory and there is no such pension.
              1. Grimaldus
                Grimaldus April 25 2014 18: 58
                worked as a secretary
          2. rom
            rom April 25 2014 18: 11
            This is normal for Estonia. My wife, a seamstress receives about 350 (the salary depends on how much you make). And how to live on 1000 well, I don’t know. Maybe the dude walks in bast shoes, there’s no car (so for reference 95 costs 1.30 euros) and eats pasta then yes, he lives well. This is a question to whom how much is needed. And still not an unimportant thing, we have everything (mainly in loans of 20-30 years, otherwise it is not possible to buy housing). My loan is 200 Jews per month depending on the Euribor. And now we will spread it on the fingers.
            1 loan -200
            2 apartment 130
            3 electricity 30
            4 gasoline 200-250
            5 mobolnik 20-25
            In total, it’s already 630 (these are rough accounts) and you need to eat (food — how to drink it, give 200 without sinning) will service the car and not to walk in your bast shoes to get dressed. So I don’t understand how he lives on 1000. It’s either lying or not Estonia.
            1. Grimaldus
              Grimaldus April 25 2014 18: 15
              well see 2 bedroom 145
              electricity 25
              internet 25
              100 gasoline
              nutrition 300
              and still remains on clothes, etc.
              1. rom
                rom April 25 2014 19: 10
                Well, if you have 100 gasoline, then I'm right, you really walk. Here I have a tank of 60 liters and somehow less than 3 tanks does not work. And you don’t talk on a cell phone.
            2. Grimaldus
              Grimaldus April 25 2014 18: 17
              something like that, but I didn’t take out loans, since only 24 years have passed, parents have a home loan
              1. rom
                rom April 25 2014 18: 58
                That's when you start on your own then and write how to live perfectly here. And in fact, you live with your mom, there is enough stump, and if not enough, then mom will help.
      2. Nirag013
        Nirag013 April 25 2014 20: 11
        In Lithuania, a salary of 1000 euros (3500 litas, if you receive such an amount "clean", that is, in your hands) is considered very above average and not everyone earns that way. Although I do not know what the salary is, say, for various managers and leaders, and I speak from the standpoint of a simple hard worker-welder. According to official data, the average salary in Lithuania is approx. LTL 2500 before taxes, i.e. "dirty" (about 720-730 euros). A lot of people don't earn and that much ...
        1. macarque
          macarque April 27 2014 14: 11
          .... I can’t find workers for a salary of 30-40 thousand. they say little. And you such a good salary money ..... recourse
    2. rom
      rom April 25 2014 17: 55
      What are you writing here. And what a pension. My mother on disability receives 225 euros. How to live on it if a quarter (only rent) in the winter for my one-room apartment is 130 euros? If you really from Estonia you should know that you will not live for 125 a month (and in fact if a pensioner lives alone then it is not realistic to live on a pension, if not a special pension). And what are we giving out for crap for children? I received 300 from the state and 200 from the city for my second child (I’m not from Tallinn, there are other prices). Russia gives for the second 400, convert in euros and understand the difference. And reading what you wrote here, I think so, either you write about what you don’t know or you are not from Estonia.
      1. Grimaldus
        Grimaldus April 25 2014 18: 03
        it’s precisely because of disability that my grandmother gets my work experience, and yes I live in Estonia, and you don’t fight from Ida virusa, huh? , then you are only sorry, and not crap, but you need to read not only dolphins
        1. rom
          rom April 25 2014 19: 01
          I’m not from ida virus. And unlike you, I really understand what I’m writing about and don’t carry any kind of crap, as for 1000 you can live well. Why aren’t people living in the IDA virus? Or are you special? And what are people with disabilities? Or is it only good for 7 people in Estonia to live well?
    3. rom
      rom April 25 2014 18: 50
      What are you writing here? My mother receives a disability pension of 225 euros. How to live on such a pension if my one-room apartment costs 130 EUREK in winter. If you are from Estonia you should know that you will not live for 95 months (but in fact if a pensioner lives alone then it’s very difficult to live on a pension). on children? I received 300 from the state and 200 from the city for my second child (I’m not from Tallinn there are different prices). In Russia, they pay 400 and convert to euros and you will understand the difference. So either you write about what you don’t know or you are not from Estonia. And still that would not write all sorts of crap, look at how much we leave to earn money in other countries from such beautiful Estonia. By the way, they work a lot in Russia. Literally, one acquaintance was sent to Kagalym for a month. And it’s not necessary to write that it’s only Russians, I bought a wife at 000 from one estoha. I talked with him and then asked where I got it in Russian, he said that he was working near Pskov there he puts the scales for the long-haul transport. So that's how we live well that the estoha themselves are falling from Estonia.
  28. Grabberxnumx
    Grabberxnumx April 25 2014 16: 07
    Nothing lifts the spirit of a soldier like the sight of his comrade who has just "sat down in a puddle"! Harry Garrison.
  29. Turkir
    Turkir April 25 2014 16: 32
    Lithuania, no longer to Ukraine?
  30. Fantazer911
    Fantazer911 April 25 2014 16: 43
    Well, why is it so bad about the Baltic states, look at the sprats overwhelmed the whole world, they live like cheese in oil, that is, like sprats in oil, well, you think they are rotted by Americans and the EU, but over there they spoiled themselves on sprats as enviably as they became are free, not what the time will come they will be asked back to mother Russia but we are not loving geishprots We do not need, It's a shame for the people who were deceived by those who so wanted to steer and rule.
  31. voi74
    voi74 April 25 2014 17: 04
    I was born and live in Lithuania and I am pleased to see here that Lithuania is not forgotten smile Seriously, I have nothing to add about the article. Yes, it’s hard. Yes, there is mass emigration, and it’s only the blind who don’t see. At first, single people left and now few return families. Europe and the level of pessimists, too.
    1. Grimaldus
      Grimaldus April 25 2014 17: 36
      nifiga se you everything is so bad we have norms
    2. rom
      rom April 25 2014 18: 31
      Peeing under your every word. With us, to understand how well I live, people will pass the Tallinn-Helsinki ferry enough from Friday to Sunday. There are so many people who are satisfied with their lives that they are going to earn money in Finku, in reality, not the whole ship, but most of them are definitely hard workers. And everyone is so happy that there is no work in Estonia that already shine with happiness. As one friend of mine said in Estonia, there were only tractor drivers and bakers. I myself have my own little hopeless entrepreneurship, and I assure you that finding a specialist is a big question. For a long time, anyone could have been dumped over a hill.
      1. Grimaldus
        Grimaldus April 25 2014 18: 36
        I didn’t see and didn’t know, but I said to myself and what I saw and knew
        1. rom
          rom April 25 2014 20: 01
          Since I understand you haven’t seen a lot of things, but you’re trying to talk about how to live well.
      2. Nirag013
        Nirag013 April 25 2014 20: 28
        About the Tallinn-Helsinki ferry for the weekend - I really confirm - it is! Himself repeatedly went to work in Scandinavia (Finland, Sweden, Norway), so I’ve seen enough of it. And on the Stockholm line - the same thing.
        1. Grabberxnumx
          Grabberxnumx April 28 2014 15: 42
          Yes .. it’s not fun with you .. in 2008, after 5 years in Germany, I didn’t agree to work in Russia with a salary less than 1500 Euros in Russia .. Although I certainly am not an indicator - 2 foreign languages ​​are free and university education. since I can only earn 10%.
  32. Vlad1408
    Vlad1408 April 25 2014 17: 47
    On the road, nobody promised to feed to Eurorai, everything is known in comparison.
    1. rom
      rom April 25 2014 19: 24
      I have a gray passport and no one asked me how to go to Estonia. Since I do not have the right to vote only in the local government. Although I have a permanent residence permit.
  33. Selevc
    Selevc April 25 2014 19: 17
    A friend of their Kaliningrad region writes that Lithuanians are massively coming to Russia for food and gas ... Salaries in Lithuania are small and young people are all overseas ... Vobschem European paradise in all its glory ...
    And in Ukraine you will not find such information in the media - everywhere there is continuous propaganda - and stupid propaganda - like "Let's jump with us on the Maidan and wave our ensign - after all, we are Europeans" or "Great European Commissioner Catherine Ashton has come to us and now we are obliged to keep delight and massively want to join the European Union "... All less reliable information about life in the EU only accidentally leaks from the Internet and from the conversations of others ...
    Moreover, in the proposals of Europe about the association there is no specificity - the whole thing was bred ...
  34. Arkan
    Arkan April 25 2014 20: 57
    Port terminals in the Russian Baltic will soon be operating at full capacity, then the spratosaurs will have a bad time.
  35. Singularist
    Singularist April 25 2014 21: 06
    A joke on the topic: 2020, Ukraine in the European Union. There are two godfathers.
    One another asks, how is life?
    The second one answers - I’m sitting without work, my wife in Italy is washing the floors, my daughter in France is working as a prostitute, my son married a German, and the damned mssk.a.l. and are to blame for all this.
    Why is that?
    They knew that we would do them evil and told us not to join the European Union, do not join the European Union.
  36. crambol
    crambol April 25 2014 21: 07
    Lithuania is actively drawing Ukraine into Euro-Atlantic structures and insists that Kiev become one of the main allies of Washington and Brussels.

    Right! In a company it is always more fun to sit in shit!
  37. silberwolf88
    silberwolf88 April 25 2014 21: 16
    The Baltic states and Lithuania in particular are not at all sorry. For that fought for it and ran.

    If Russia refuses to transit goods through the territory and ports of Lithuania, restricts the import of goods (and nobody needs them in Europe), then Lithuania will be in a state of default.

    Young people, before the Second World War, emigrated from the Baltic countries without a desire to return, the USSR great raised them at the time, created an economy and a certain level of well-being. They didn’t want to live in friendship with us, and DO NOT. You have to pay for your own nonsense.
  38. oxotnuk86
    oxotnuk86 April 25 2014 21: 25
    Maybe not quite in the topic, where did the Russians now replenish abroad. 1970 received a diploma in Rostov-on-Don distribution as he wanted Kishenev, Kohtla Yarve was missing, Rustavi, Pavlodar himself didn’t go. Osel in Kazan apparently has a guardian angel.
  39. Igool
    Igool April 25 2014 22: 50
    I have not been to Lithuania for ten years. After ten years, a critical deterioration is immediately evident. There was an industrial center in Kaunas, attached to the Union, the so-called second capital of Lithuania. 10 years ago, a 6-10-year-old car was in the order of things, now there are a lot of 20-year-old cars (which were not there before). Roads are terrible, I don’t even talk about yards. The number of entertainment centers and supermarkets increased, i.e. pumps for pumping money from the population. Many houses are half collapsed, often with boarded up windows, and this is in previously prestigious areas, almost in the center - Green Mountain. There is no question of any economic recovery over 25 years of independence, they live on subsidies from the European Union (from generosity from the nobleman’s shoulder is a handout). The EU does not seek to invest in Lithuania, the seized territory does not require investments. This Union built factories, the EU has other goals.
  40. Wanderer H7
    Wanderer H7 April 26 2014 00: 16
    Filthy-scum Baltic-Pole under-states
  41. Rubon
    Rubon April 26 2014 04: 39
    And we have Lithuanian girls in go-go bars dancing on a pole, undressing ... interestingly, I knew a couple of Lithuanians so they managed to arrange their wives in these bars! The money is sent to Lithuania, there are children and elderly parents, some have gone home, bought a gas station with their hard earned money, the parents will look after the business and dance back to the states.
  42. kind
    kind April 26 2014 06: 54
    When I visited Kaunas in 1984, I was pleasantly surprised by the cleanliness of the streets and the abundance of goods in stores. What was a deficit in Russia was freely sold in Lithuania. But even then, the Lithuanians looked at us (Russians) with contempt and wanted independence. Wanted, received. As the saying goes: hedgehog is a proud bird, until you kick it, it will not fly!
  43. Urri
    Urri April 26 2014 14: 48
    The other side of the question is that the children of his cousin in Vilnius hardly speak Russian, and the bride of his eldest son (she is from Mariampol) does not know Russian at all. In supermarkets and shops, there are more and more young sellers who do not speak Russian. (By the way, in Milan there is a Russian-speaking person in almost everyone). No, not from the principle - they would be happy to sell something (they receive a percentage from each sale), but they simply do not know it. When I asked the manager why ?, he answered - but she knows English. And he was literally driven into a stupor by my control in the brain "And you have a lot of things in your household store in Elektrenai? I just got a discount of 80 killed raccoons from you, bought an order of magnitude more?" For a long time he wrinkled his forehead after me. What kind of successful business do you want to find with them in this situation?
    Over 20 years, a generation has grown that is incapable of critical thinking about the values ​​it imposes. Today there is no need to destroy the country. you need to capture only the media.
    Hunting is not PESCA - set a trap and wait.