A month has passed. Where are the results?

Прошёл месяц. А где результаты?For the past month I have been chained (figuratively) to the TV screen. I go to bed only after I review everything news TV channels. And read all the news feeds on the Internet.

The circle of interests narrowed down to one word - Ukraine. I wake up and turn on the TV, computer and read the news. Soon I will hang a map of the eastern regions at home and will follow the development of events with reference to the terrain.

Everything is somehow sad and funny. It's sad because people are dying. One, two, three. It is ridiculous to look at how “partisans” are rioting in Ukraine. As looting special forces in Slavyansk (recaptured the post, took food and medicine and went back). As armed opponents of local self-determination broke into the captured building, they thrashed everyone and everything, shook hands with the arriving cops and departed in an unknown direction. True, it is funny, but not very. They beat, probably, not weakly. Not fatherly. Could and kill. Do not kill anyone, well, thank you, Lord.

So what is it? What is this happening? Who are those who come in the number of 80 people, at night, on at least 15 machines, to the city administration and commits excesses? And where are those who shook weapons and threatened to give life after confession to the father? And how many of them? Maybe their 20-30 people? And they, like all living people, should rest and sleep in their beds, with their wives? But if so, then the mass movement in the Southeast does not have to say.

If people could not organize 2-3 thousands of people permanently on duty to protect and protect the city, then I’m just amazed by the stupidity of the National Guard, Right Sector, Trezuba, etc. beds to take to Kiev. Wake up already in court.

Or maybe Yarosh temporarily dismissed his troops home. Spring is now. Vegetable garden should be planted. After all, in the fall and winter they will need something to eat? But spring sowing work will end, and their fathers and mothers will bless their offsprings for the holy battle with the Moscolas. You probably show tactical trick? Wait, when they arrive maybe more? Do you really not know the law of the street fight - who first punched another in the face, knocked him down, blew him out of the nose or knocked out his teeth, he is right? And this will not soon come up with bad questions.

I am watching on TV how the special forces are moving under the cover of several armored personnel carriers. Go easy. Resistance - zero. We went to the roadblock. Security escaped. The checkpoint slept. I remember that you built it for a whole week. So the special forces will force you to burn your own fortifications with your own hands. And where will you keep the defense? Cities of southeastern Ukraine live a peaceful life. Children go to school in kindergartens. Mothers roll babies in wheelchairs. Crocodiles and dryers fly over their heads. Positions photographed onlookers. Works cellular. Sms and MMScs are sent. SURREALISM some, and only. Against this background, serious men swear to lay bones in the land of Donetsk. How everything is cool in Ukraine!

In captured "separatists" Poroshenko arrives. There are no marks on his face. It is not torn suit. He has no machine in his hands. He arrives on a presidential tour - for campaigning for himself! And in Lugansk he reports the following to the entire full hall! “Residents of Lugansk do not understand the Ukrainian language! Residents of Lugansk do not understand Russian! Residents of Lugansk understand only the language of force! ”

I can't understand anything! And the inhabitants of Lugansk - who is this? These are the ones who live there? And these are the ones that he said right in the eyes? And it said the one who pays the money and orders the music? And you tolerate it? So who are you? Are you people with a whole set of positive and negative traits? Then you are truly unworthy of life in your own country, in your own land!

Tymoshenko is walking about your land. And her opinion on your account, Katsap, is known. She didn't even promise you slave life. She is ready to destroy you with atomic weapons. And you after this show the highest tolerance to your political opponents?

I yearn and marvel at everything that happens under your leadership. More precisely, under your inaction! ..

Have you really not understood that the world community does not recognize your referendum on federalization held in one or two areas? And they recognize only the need to establish constitutional order in rebel territories. And this will happen after the presidential elections in Ukraine. Those. until 25 may you be mad. And after you really will take seriously. Because the entire world, progressive, democratic public with the United States at the head recognizes the new president as legitimate. Those. his hands will be untied.

And in a week or two you will again burn your barricades and will obediently wait for the arrival of the “Right Sector” for lustration. And maybe something more terrible. So that? Will you continue to sit in captured buildings?
So they will smoke you out! Shine. Water off. A week from the stench yourself escape.
There will be one. Naked barefoot, children in an armful - and let's go across the border. Russia is a kind mother. She will take!

PS And God forbid to think that I am a provocateur! I'm realist.
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  1. -1
    April 25 2014 10: 03
    And after you really take seriously. Because the whole world, progressive, democratic community with the United States at the head recognizes the new president as legitimate.

    You wanted to say - after the “world government”, which cares about reducing the world's population and turning everyone into controlled slaves, recognizes that their representative has been placed in Ukraine?
  2. 0
    April 25 2014 10: 06
    People still live peacefully, because there is a real state nearby with a real army. And the Kiev booth understands this perfectly. If he still dares to give orders to his "guard" and other Maidan shkolota, Russia will respond. And then the speed of the heels of the fleeing "elite of the Ukrainian people" can exceed the speed of light. Why should all world scientists break the template like that?))
  3. +3
    April 25 2014 10: 41
    It’s hard written, of course, but such thoughts occurred to me - how could Tymoshenko come to the capital of the Donetsk Republic and calmly walk around it, and none of the patriots tried to at least hinder her movement? I’m not talking about Slavyansk, everything is clear there, but in Donetsk, how is it? If they already started to shoot, and the Kiev leaders arrive, fly away - as at home. I understand that the city is big, but after all, it will be possible to land an airborne brigade - and no one will do anything until it is too late. It is clear that the protest is peaceful, but at least one should be on guard. Maybe of course I'm catching up with something, if you explain something ...
  4. Mister anderson
    April 25 2014 15: 14
    Not everything is as simple as it seems at first glance. Yes, there are militias with weapons, as Shoigu said, about 2000, and there are no assault rifles on all 100 of them, it is not known how many shortened police "pukaloks" are. Power is a power :-))) In a direct clash, they will be suppressed at once, and there is no need to indulge in the illusion that we will win. This is honestly.

    BUT, there is one big thing, but (although there are actually a lot of these), the guys are projecting themselves like peaceful ordinary citizens who want a different fate for themselves. Well, a referendum and all that. And against which the junta launched a war, and in fact the genocide of the Russian and Ukrainian people. Here lies the main catch in the picture that we see from the screens of our boxes. Soft power (soft way) ... Look, by the way, this film by A. Mamontov will explain a lot, and the GDP has said this many times. But maybe it still hasn’t come to everyone ??? DNR does everything right, conclusions do not lie on the surface ... Think again!
  5. msv
    April 25 2014 18: 08
    For some reason, I agree with the author, although I really want to disagree. Today's protesters have no initiative. Passivity is already a defeat. Communication between regions is weak. Odessa, Nikolaev, Zaporozhye, Kherson, Kharkov - sit on the priest exactly. Activists (I listened to many on the internet) wishful thinking they give the reality: they say everyone has not calmed down, everyone is focusing. The miners from Lugansk were also disappointed, only salary requirements.
    In general, the goals of the protest today are the referendum, the Russian language, and the independence of the regions.
    The junta ignores them, and does not hesitate to shed blood. But there is no answer to the question: if the junta ignores what is next? DNI without its power, fiscal, tax, judicial authorities, etc. This is not a state, this is a sign. But movements towards the state are not visible. Behind this is some kind of fear of clear and definite purpose-specific actions.
    Indeed, a month has passed - there is no clarity of goals and unity of the regions.
  6. krokodil_gena71
    April 25 2014 21: 01
    I agree with the article.
    The situation reminds, no offense, a step forward, two steps back. Or both ours and yours. Blah blah blah...
    It is very sad, tragic that innocent people die there ... But for what and for whom?
    Russia will help us ... Who are they asking for help?
  7. 0
    April 25 2014 21: 02
    who has airports and power

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