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Revealed the strange details of bin Laden's death

Revealed the strange details of bin Laden's deathBin Laden was unarmed and did not use his wife as a human shield. Obama did not see the moment of the murder.

A spokesman for US President Jay Carney announced on Tuesday that the latest details about the death of "terrorist number one" were unreliable.

He stated that bin Laden was unarmed and did not use his wife as a human shield.

The White House also denied that one of the terrorist’s wives was killed.

Now they declare that the woman received only a slight wound in the leg.

According to Carney, the criminal's spouse was desperately fighting for her husband's life and attacked the American fighters who broke into her home.

Earlier, the deputy national security adviser to the US, John Brennan, said that Bin Laden, along with his colleagues 40, had been shooting back from American Special Forces troops and hiding behind his wife, who was killed.

“He shot from behind her back,” a senior official reported.

- Osama resisted. And he was shot in an exchange of fire, ”another employee of the presidential administration confirmed his colleague’s statement at a briefing that day. - Our fighters, entering the room where bin Laden was, met with strong resistance from his side and were forced to take the necessary measures.

However, on Monday night it turned out that bin Laden was shot unarmed.

One of the White House staff who attended the live video viewing from the site of the liquidation of the “terrorist number one” is sure that this was not the case.

- I don't remember having him weapon, - he said.

The White House still cannot decide to publish bin Landen’s liquidation cadres.

Representatives of the US government assured journalists that real cadres are too cruel to be made public.

Nevertheless, the CIA is convinced of the need to show the world the murder of "terrorist number one."

According to management officials, sooner or later, these cards will appear, as well as the shooting of bin Laden’s “funeral” at sea.

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  1. mosa
    mosa 4 May 2011 18: 43
    Laughter, and only. Clowns.
  2. fantast
    fantast 4 May 2011 19: 18
    Some kind of muddy this whole story and we do not agree on a lot of things. And indeed “Was there a boy?”
  3. Mr Ragnarek
    Mr Ragnarek 4 May 2011 21: 54
    The morning in May is still cool.

    He smoked quickly - and on the Internet.

    And then the news: Bin Laden banged.

    I have no words for that either.

    Like in a Hollywood super-duper:

    A helicopter and seven rambles.

    I splashed on the computer with excitement:

    "God is targeting rogue, they say!"

    For ten years they searched the Taliban.

    The earth has passed along and across.

    Yes, they finally found refuge.

    And look, bastard, not leaked!

    But he fought to the last,

    Since I had to dunk him there

    In front of the harem and the heirs.

    Doctors are not pumping out here either.

    Sleep peacefully Benya, do not be alright.

    Let the sharks eat you up.

    And when in the Rublev nurseries

    Will helicopters fly too?
    APASUS 5 May 2011 20: 18
    I wonder how American cats did a DNA test in the field, or just enough blood type to confirm their identity.
  5. Escander
    Escander 6 May 2011 21: 07
    In captivity, remember the assault on Amin’s palace, “for comparison.”
    So covered up as a woman or not? And the house is not beguiled?