New special forces armor

Will Western sanctions affect the creation of military equipment for the Armed Forces of Russia

Discussions about how to be a soldier of the XXI century do not calm down. Some experts predict the creation in the foreseeable future, even biorobots and invulnerable cyborgs. But everyone agrees on one thing: the soldier of the future must first of all be reliably protected from bullets and shrapnel. The main thing - to save the life of a soldier in a combat situation. How feasible is this task in terms of economic and technological sanctions from the West?

The domestic defense industry complex (DIC) still retains a serious dependence on imported components, whose share in the production of some weapons and military equipment (AME) reaches 80 percent. This is especially noticeable in the creation of a microelectronic component base. Increasingly, chips, microprocessor technology used in combat equipment systems.

Impulse from Shoigu

Over the past time there have been few serious changes in this direction. But two years ago, things got off the ground - the order was issued by the Military Industrial Commission under the government of the Russian Federation to create an interdepartmental working group on the development of second-generation combat gear for military personnel. He was signed by Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin. The document allowed to unite the leading developers and customers of equipment with a single task, to ensure a direct dialogue between the designer and the operator.

I happened to see the results at FSUE TsNIITOCHMASH, where new products of this institute, Kalashnikov concern, OJSC Plant named after V. A. Degtyarev (ZID), CJSC FORT Technology, Municipal Institute of Engineering Physics (IIF) were presented RF), FARADEY Company CJSC, Tula OJSC weapons Plant ”(TOZ), a number of other domestic manufacturers of military equipment and small arms. Many, if not all of these products are created at the expense of enterprises or on the personal initiative of developers. Although back in 2011, such issues were resolved with a scratch or were not resolved at all. Then there simply did not exist a legal framework that would allow us to create technical innovations under this scheme, to take them into service.

Today, the Military-Industrial Commission under the Government of the Russian Federation has approved the rules for the development of weapons and military equipment and combat equipment on a proactive basis at defense enterprises, has adopted a decision. The industry received approval to create them according to the user's patterns.

FSUE "TsNIITOCHMASH" - the lead developer of military equipment in Russia. Weapons are being tested here, new models are being created, protection systems are being created, and all rifle complexes being used are being tested. An enterprise with almost 70-year history has a full bench base. A new impetus to the work of the institute was given by the visit of the Minister of Defense Sergey Shoigu 17 in January 2014.

Vladimir Lepin, General Designer on wearable weapons and military equipment of servicemen, says that for the last two years, the institute, together with industrial enterprises and customers, has been working under the name “Warrior”. This is a whole system of weapons and combat equipment. The transfer of video information from the sight to the eyeglass indicator at the “Warrior”, for example, is carried out in a wireless mode. A communication system allows the soldier to communicate with the command and colleagues at the tactical level. Today, TsNIITOCHMASH in this direction has reached the final stretch.

But not everything turned out to be as simple as it seemed at first. At the first stage, within the framework of the “Warrior” program, the main tasks were solved, but soon competitors and counter-partners in the West had new materials and technologies, and we have no right to lag behind. All of this, as well as the need to create modern weapons systems, were somewhat reflected in the timing of completion of state tests. If earlier they were scheduled for November 2013 of the year, then now 2014 should finally be completed in June.

Some components for combat equipment had to be developed on a proactive basis and in accordance with the latest wishes of users. For example, lightweight transparent shops for small arms, which were not only in the usual units of the Russian army, but also in special forces. Now they have appeared and, apparently, will be in great demand.

A special conversation about the new combat equipment, which aroused the genuine interest of specialists with its simply futuristic look. The head of the commercial service of FORT Technology CJSC, Alexander Andrianov, confidentially explained that far from all of its samples one can say something concrete, this is confidential information. For example, on the characteristics of military equipment called "Legionnaire" or on the equipment "Sherp" for mining units. We managed to learn something about the Centurion and Gladiator combat kits, which, along with Sherp and Legionnaire, were shown right there.

The equipment of the soldier of the future includes systems of destruction, life support, protection, power supply, communications. All these new types of equipment are intended primarily for special units. But after running in, it is quite possible that they will find their place in the “Warrior”.

The same "Centurion" was developed for internal troops, but already supplied to the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation. It consists of a bulletproof vest that provides protection for the 5 class on the chest, back and sides. Surprisingly, he is able to withstand even a hit of the 5,45 caliber and 7,62 caliber millimeter bullets in the armored panel, as well as some bullets from a SVD sniper rifle. Outside the armored armor's projection, the vest protects against 9-mm bullets when firing a PM pistol and an Uzi submachine gun, a Stechkin pistol with a bullet speed of up to 390 meters per second. The Centurion delays splinters in tissue areas (apron, shoulders, collar, vest itself) flying at speeds up to 550 meters per second.

The vest is modular, you can put on additional protection (shoulders, apron, collar), remove if necessary or combine, leaving only armor. Strengthen the protection is also possible plates of the 2 class.

Aramid overalls can withstand hitting grenades, mines or shells. It is anti-cutting, consists entirely of non-combustible materials, keeps the temperature up to 1000 degrees or open flame for 30 seconds. It has ventilating valves with a zipper to cool the undersuit space, which is especially important when operating in a hot climate, mountain-desert terrain.

The helmet, in turn, protects against 9-mm pistol bullets, is radioed, weighs 1 kilograms 400 grams and has 14 decimeter area. It was developed for a specific radio acoustic system, a close shot of a pistol, which is most critical for customers. In its manufacture, as well as in the production of armored plates, import dependence still remains. At the same time, there is a design of a multi-layered spaced structure patented by us; a domestic material is used - aramid. Now developers are working to reduce the weight of the helmet and a half.

Handwriting "Gladiator"

Another set of combat equipment called "Gladiator" is designed for assault operations. This is an even more serious set of remedies. The helmet is designed specifically for active headphones, which, in turn, protect hearing during close shells, min. The kit includes a laryngophone, a microphone, a radio station.

New special forces armor"Gladiator" is supplied to the special purpose service of the FSB of Russia. An assault vest in it is of modular type, class 6А with protection of the chest, back, sides. You can change the degree of protection, remove some panels, aprons, collar, shoulders. The unloading system is sewn on a vest and provides for various pockets, pouches, which allows you to get away from the classic "unloading".

Included in the kit are splinterproof overalls to protect against shards flying at speeds up to 300 meters per second. It is made entirely of non-combustible materials, provides protection at temperatures up to 1500 degrees for 30 seconds, from cuts under force of the tool up to 800 newton. This kit is not being supplied to the Ministry of Defense. Do not go well in the army in the short term, and other sets of combat gear of the "Legionnaire", "Sherpa", "Centurion". Basically they are designed for special forces and special operations.

In the Marine Corps, for example, a unique “Corsair MP” vest is already used - floating, non-inflatable, with protection on the chest - in the 5 class, on the back - in 2. Shoulders, apron, collar protect against 9-mm pistol bullets. The vest keeps a person afloat, even with 10-kilogram equipment. At hit of bullets does not lose buoyancy. It includes a pipe pack with an airtight bag for documents, signal lights, a set of pouches. The vest was successfully tested and delivered to the Navy since 2009. The manufacturer is ZAO FORT Technology (Moscow).

Its CEO, Sergei Sakharov, explained that some elements of combat equipment were not included in the second-generation kit, but they are promising. Moreover, manufacturers have now begun to create the equipment of the third generation, so the accumulated experience will certainly be in demand.

“What is the initiative of your development, its novelty, what is the dependence on imported components?” Dmitry Rogozin asked him. Sakharov replied that the dependence still persists, but less. For example, the main content of one of the vests is the base armor of a domestic design weighing 3,5 a kilogram per square meter, which provides protection against a direct hit of a bullet from a Stechkin pistol when fired at close range with a pressure of 10 kilograms. And inserts of ceramic panels in the vest are still imported.

In "FORT Technology" developed armor and less weight - 2,5 kilogram per square meter. It protects the chest, back, sides of the XNUMHA class, made entirely of Russian materials. The armor set as a whole closes the fighter even from the grenade launchers, the fragments of the RGD grenades. That is, engineers and designers are confidently moving forward, there are some unique developments, but the problem of import substitution has not yet been completely resolved. Including therefore, apparently, the newest means of protection in demand in the troops are not yet for mass introduction into the army. Serial production still requires significant allocations.

Dependence on imports is very sensitive for the Russian defense industry as a whole. Not for nothing, after visiting TsNIITOCHMASH, Deputy Prime Minister Rogozin returned to this problem in the context of Ukraine and the cooperative ties that were interrupted with it. He stressed that the most important thing now is to take measures on import substitution in all that relates to the production necessary for the defense industry. “This is a very important conclusion that has finally been made, and this shake-up can be very positive for our industry,” he said, adding that the appropriate solutions had been found.

In another product, while secret, intended for use mainly in mountainous terrain, the equipment material is completely domestic. Designed with one of the textile institutes, non-flammable, moisture resistant. It originally provided the mobility of the shoulder girdle and other components of the kit. As a result, improved ergonomics, facilitated long-term movement in the highlands.

It weighs only five kilograms without additional elements of protection, which are installed depending on the combat situation. But the pros know that some of them become parasitic when firing, lying down and starting to interfere elementarily. In this case, it was possible to solve the problem of easy detachment of such elements. The detachable shield has protection along with the 6А class vest, and if separate from the vest, then 5А. That is, it protects almost from the fire of all types of small arms. It uses Russian-made panels. In terms of ergonomics, a vest is significantly better than a monolithic panel.

The production volumes of the same JSC “FORT Technology” allow us to provide orders for at least special forces. However, dependence on imports, too, there is, as engineers, technologists, scientists have not yet managed to get the material with desired characteristics to create armor plates. On the other hand, in the Western armies, for example, there are no analogues of overalls developed in Russia that protect against fragments. From their raw materials it is impossible to create such a material, the composition of which is a commercial secret, although foreigners are trying to catch up with us. Following the recent completion of development projects in Russia will be established and the production of armor plates on the basis of boron carbide, thus reducing the weight of equipment. So the correspondence confrontation of the domestic defense industry with Western partners continues.

Russian know-how

Approximately the same can be said about light armor, which contains the secrets of a three-component Russian aramid. Some of its elements still require additional refinement to become part of the equipment today, but success is not far off. Therefore, in the modernization of the “Warrior”, which is now underway, new armor protection components will be used without fail.

The state defense order for 2014 is planned to purchase several thousand sets of new combat equipment. If the program is not amended, the units of the Ground and Airborne Forces, the Marine Corps of the Russian Navy, and the Western Military District will be the first to receive such sets. Over the next five years, the Armed Forces must fully switch to new equipment.

Created at this stage, new components of body armor will be used in the equipment of the third generation. This was confirmed by the Deputy Chairman of the Military-Industrial Commission under the Government of the Russian Federation, Oleg Bochkarev. For this, Rostec and the holding company RT-Chemcomposite are preparing a large joint program to develop the missing domestic components for combat equipment, which will be sent for approval to the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

Not less than the protection kits were interesting and new weapons. In TSNIITOCHMASH designed, for example, special, cheaper ammo two calibers for the mass shooting training (pilot batch). The institute is waiting for a go-ahead to begin their combat tests.

A new pistol has been created in the caliber 9х19 - a continuation of the so-called CP series, which is necessary for special forces. Other models of small arms were also shown. Some of its samples have already been adopted by one or another power structure. In particular, 12,7-millimeter silent sniper complex "Exhaust" of the Central Design and Research Bureau of sports and hunting weapons (TsKIB SOO), which is especially effective at a distance of 300 meters. A whole range of cartridges, including those with armor-piercing, lead and other bullets, has been developed under it. After testing, the institute is ready to widely supply the Exhaust to the Armed Forces.

The other two sniper complexes, while without a name, are not only not inferior in terms of performance characteristics to Western models, but also surpass them. They were shown in new calibers. 8,6х69 - for shooting at a distance of 1200 meters. The rifle was developed for cartridges of this caliber, which is associated with the production of new primers, powders, bullets. That is, designers, engineers had to solve many related problems, including the installation of new optical systems of the Russian development. Next year they may be submitted to the customer - the Ministry of Defense for testing. When demonstration shooting was carried out at the institute, the head of the GRU, Igor Sergun, said that such sniper complexes fully meet the departmental requirements for accuracy and reliability of shooting, as well as optical systems. But at the same time he set a separate task - to develop an intelligent adaptive digital sight. A separate technical assignment has now been issued for it, which has also been agreed upon with the leadership of the special operations forces and the airborne forces. As it became known to the "MIC", the Ministry of Defense is ready to issue its TK to the new sniper complexes, after which the institute will begin, as it was figuratively noted, to combine iron with a clever eye.

Another line - new additional elements of attachments (the so-called kit) to the AK-74 and AK-74M. It gives the weapon a mass of useful functions, allows you to conduct aimed fire more effectively. Such a body kit developed by the Institute of Engineering Physics especially liked the Airborne Forces. So far, one cannot boast of a sufficient number of such weapons, although such improvements give it a second life. No wonder liked paratroopers kit machine appeared on the machine gun "Pecheneg", which as a result has become not harder but easier.

Positive emotions caused a new uniforms - part of the combat equipment. These are shoes with enhanced wear and frost resistance, warming underwear, waterproof socks with a new membrane manufacturing technology. Before our eyes, a man in camouflage put his foot in a container with water for five minutes, and then took it out completely dry. It turns out that in such socks the legs are not only not getting wet, but not sweating either, which is very important when operating on the march, in the mountain-desert terrain, in hot weather.

“Over the past two years, we have made a serious step towards a completely different quality of equipping servicemen for combat,” said Dmitry Rogozin. This is primarily about combat equipment "Warrior". The samples presented in TsNIITOCHMASH are mainly created within the framework of a private public partnership, which offers not only competitive, but also the most advanced solutions for equipping special forces.

The seen gives hope that in the near future in Russia will appear combat equipment entirely from domestic components. To do this, it is necessary to take care not only of strategic armaments, but also of equipping fighters who daily face the threat of terrorism. From orders for special forces, it will be necessary in the future to switch to mass supplies for the Armed Forces as soon as possible. After all, the life of a soldier and an officer is priceless.
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  1. +3
    April 26 2014 09: 04
    It's like a joke.
    Announcement of a stewardess in a jumbo jet. : "Gentlemen, passengers, we have on the plane, bars, a restaurant, a sauna, a swimming pool, a bowling alley, a spa pool, a fitness center, and a Turkish bath. Everything is at your service. Now listen to the message of the crew commander. -So - Gentlemen. You listened to the stewardess's announcement, WELL, NOW WE WILL TRY WITH ALL THIS STUFF TO TAKE OFF
    It seems to me that the commando, if you put all this on him, will not even get up, but he will have to run and jump with the help of nukers, who will move his legs and arms with him. My opinion.
    1. +19
      April 26 2014 10: 17
      The main thing is not to confuse the targeted assault operations on the release of hostages and the destruction of terrorists (usually not time-consuming) with the multi-day special reconnaissance and sabotage operations of special forces, as well as bodyguards and undercover work in civilian clothes undercover. If without stereotypes, then special forces have many faces.
      Running and jumping is during training and in demonstration performances of special forces and films like "In the zone of special attention".
    2. +5
      April 26 2014 17: 08
      urgently need an exoskeleton !!!! under such cool armor. Moreover maid in rush
      1. +14
        April 26 2014 23: 53
        Not "Made in Russia", but "MADE IN RUSSIA" !!
    3. 0
      April 27 2014 00: 25
      For this, their tests are carried out.
      1. sled beach
        April 27 2014 00: 42
        And for what "slaughter" on the helmet?
  2. +5
    April 26 2014 09: 07
    while reading this material, on the one hand, I remembered science fiction films with exoskeletons and built-in engines for flight, on the other hand knights chained in armor. In general, everything goes in a spiral competition between a sword and a shield.
  3. qwertynsan
    April 26 2014 09: 25
    yes, the "gladiator" in the photo is not very mobile, in my opinion he is barely worth it
    1. +9
      April 26 2014 09: 54
      This is an assault. To enter first into buildings, premises. Together with the shield, it will save the life of a fighter when applying grants or firing at point blank range. But after him, I think fighters with lighter armor and more mobile will go.
      By the way, maybe this is one of the options for mine clearance?
      1. +5
        April 26 2014 11: 05
        Quote: Wedmak
        This is an assault. To enter first into buildings, premises. Together with the shield, it will save the life of a fighter when applied

        for assault operations in us / points this is needed-MAXIMUM PROTECTION !!!
        experience of the Soviet assault battalions, in the Second World War ((((
        Soviet fighters SHISBr.
      2. The comment was deleted.
      3. -10
        April 26 2014 15: 36
        But is it not better to star there immediately from the RPG, and then go in. And shields will not be needed.
        1. +4
          April 26 2014 15: 54
          And if the gunman sat in the apartment of a multi-story building? You’ll no longer be crazy, otherwise the half-house will turn out.
    2. +6
      April 26 2014 11: 15
      Quote: qwertynsan
      yes, the "gladiator" in the photo is not very mobile, in my opinion he is barely worth it

      Come on, in ancient times, fighters in chain mail with swords were chopped, and nothing. I hope that the new equipment still weighs less .....
      1. +4
        April 26 2014 11: 42
        [quote ziqzaq] I hope that the new equipment still weighs less

        modularity in design, depending on the task ...

        "weighs only five kilograms, excluding the additional .... which are set depending on the combat situation."

        for GRU specialists, of course, we need the most lightweight sample !!!!

  • +1
    April 26 2014 15: 56
    That's right. I once had a chance to try on chain mail. What can I tell you, these 20 kg somehow did not give me agility, although they did not constrain movement especially.
  • +4
    April 26 2014 09: 55
    After 5-7 years, our military / military will not recognize, now the changes are visible. Glory to Russian weapons, glory to RUSSIA!
  • DNX1970
    April 26 2014 10: 01
    I read it with a feeling of envy towards the modern defenders of the Fatherland, especially the socks were "finished off". Yes! Kirzachi and the smell of footcloths remained only in my memory.
    1. 0
      April 26 2014 12: 21
      Quote: DNX1970
      Kirzachi and the smell of footcloths remained only in memory.

      In berets, a pair of socks is barely enough for one day. Do not save yourself.
    2. +1
      April 26 2014 15: 41
      But corns in boots will be with a fist when using a sock .. As long as there are boots, there are footcloths. They will switch to berets then footcloths and are not needed, that's for sure. And the dirt we somehow did not decrease from this. So the boots will also be in fashion. Well, and for them and footcloths. And how without them then.
    3. The comment was deleted.
  • The comment was deleted.
  • +4
    April 26 2014 10: 18
    here's another photo
    1. +3
      April 26 2014 12: 10
      It was this kit, when he saw his photos, caused some kind of childish delight. The soldier in it looks so impressive and brutal that absolutely all other sets are slung into the belt with a slope that I have with foreign soldiers, although I used to think, for example, Amer’s military equipment as one of the most successful and clever.
      1. 0
        April 27 2014 00: 37
        Please note that the ovsky broniks after they entered Afghanistan quickly evolved and became similar to the bronziki of the USSR since the withdrawal of our troops ...
      2. 0
        April 28 2014 16: 36
        and the attack of the clones
  • +3
    April 26 2014 10: 22
    When I served in the Armed Forces (I still had time in the USSR) they brought armor with keram. Armor plates to military tests. There were also conversations that were uncomfortable, hard, presses. And when they locked everyone they grabbed and ran and rode through the mountains in armor like mountain goats and did not grumble .Old army bulletproof vest 6B10 (in my opinion the 3rd class is sewn up) weighs 8-10 kilograms (with ceramics), and if well fitted it practically does not interfere with movement, it is only problematic to tumble in it laughing.And now with current technologies and materials you can do better and more convenient.
  • +9
    April 26 2014 10: 30
    my last bronik with a ceramic plate didn’t even penetrate SVD! I tried it myself from 100 meters!
    1. +4
      April 26 2014 23: 42
      In the photo, the body is in all the "canole" is. Like - "I passed by, I decided to try it on."
  • Nightcrawler
    April 26 2014 10: 35
    It seems to me, or was there a similar article here? I already read this article before
  • +4
    April 26 2014 10: 48
    EXCELLENT DEVELOPMENTS STARTED IN RUSSIA. Faster they would be in mass production. How many lives would save. good good
  • yurik
    April 26 2014 11: 33
    Quote: leonardo_1971
    my last bronik with a ceramic plate did not even penetrate the SVD!

    But what is the weight of all your body armor? judging by the photo, the plate covers only in front, but is it missing on the back?
    1. +1
      April 27 2014 08: 06
      approximately 16 kg. it is very convenient. plates can be pulled out. for different tasks. protection everywhere. kevlar and titanium plates on the back and sides. plus front ceramic plate. protection of the neck and groin. my shot pierced the ceramics but the bullet stuck in Kevlar. this the only bullet-proof vest that withstood all new broniks checked so. in the photo personally I have more photos.
  • +3
    April 26 2014 11: 48
    You know, whatever it is - that's great news! And if today the American generals are shaking: ".... the conclusions of the retired general Wesley Clark, who recently visited Ukraine:" 130 thousand soldiers practically do not have body armor, while the Russian infantry and special forces have some of the best in the world. "
    What will happen to all these figures when they become acquainted with a new model? laughing
  • +2
    April 26 2014 12: 23
    Faster to create and work in three shifts.
  • Gagarin
    April 26 2014 12: 24
    Well, it depends on which cartridge is charged in the SVD.
    Quote: leonardo_1971
    my last bronik with a ceramic plate didn’t even penetrate SVD! I tried it myself from 100 meters!
  • 0
    April 26 2014 16: 00
    The transmission of video information from the sight to the eye indicator at the “Warrior”, for example, is carried out wirelessly. And the communication system allows the soldier to communicate with the command and colleagues at a tactical level.

    What about smart weapons, so that they have a shooting mode only at the moment of combining the crosshairs and the target?
    1. -1
      April 27 2014 00: 40
      This is a smart weapon that you are talking about should be issued by our educational institutions. IMHO.
  • 0
    April 26 2014 17: 28
    Try to dry the socks on the go ... And the footcloths "dry" without any problems - you just need to wind the other side around your leg. Who served, he knows! .. :)
  • +3
    April 26 2014 23: 24
    Good and necessary developments, I think, as new types of equipment are mastered, optimal sets for different tasks will be developed.
    For example, for air assault operations: helmet, body armor, protection for joints of arms and legs. special shoes and electronics providing communications, target designation and combat control.
    In defense and at checkpoints you can use heavier equipment.
    Time and combat use will show the optimal set of protective equipment convenient for use in terms of mass / degree of protection.
  • +2
    April 27 2014 08: 25
    I serve in one of the special forces of the power structures of the Russian Federation. While there are not even rumors that they will put such a supply. I have my own bronick, my own helmet. Kit on your rifle. Yes, in general, all their own. This is not news for those who serve. But damn, it's time to break this habit, it's time ..
  • +3
    April 27 2014 12: 24
    All this is kalss, but again, damn it is not about us. Again, some unknown special forces are armed with this - and for each task they have their own body kit - a piece of handmade equipment and individually adapted by a fighter for themselves. And the gray infantry is again old-fashioned HB + a sweater sent from home + ankle boots personally bought in the store. My first commander also told us: "If you guys are among the candidates" for a war "- do not wait - spend a couple of Baku pieces - and live and fight in normal conditions." Unfortunately, this wisdom, apparently, will work in the near future. Why, damn it, not make a normal combined-arms assault armor set, put it into service and, most importantly, in part, and then, on its basis, sculpt options for specialists and so on.
  • +2
    April 27 2014 13: 47
    They haven't come up with anything more reliable than the "Warrior" weighing 60kg, you need something just as strong, well, at least a third lighter, more than 200m in it no one went through everything was blown away))) The machine gun was pulling back ...
    1. 0
      April 28 2014 16: 41
      or immediately embed an exoskeleton in such armor
  • -1
    April 28 2014 10: 32
    Good news. You look, soon they will hunt for domestic camouflage, as it is now for amerovsky or Bundesovsky. Well, of course, you need to partially release into the civilian sphere. Thermal underwear, socks, light bronics ...
  • kot007
    April 29 2014 17: 15
    Make sure the new form is coming soon
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