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Zoe, true and false


Everyone who has studied about Zoe Kosmodemyanskaya's feat is known history Great Patriotic War. Her name forever entered the glorious history of victory, the victory that our country won in the confrontation with fascist Germany, and it becomes a shame that now they are trying to teach this story in a completely different light. Not spared and feat Zoe Kosmodemyanskoy. Recently, allegedly historians have published on the Internet who claim that the girl was not at all a defender of the Fatherland, but carried out a special task to destroy the villages near Moscow and thereby condemned their inhabitants to a painful death from cold and hunger. According to these "historians", the girl was captured by the residents of the village of Petrishchevo and themselves handed over to the Nazis in order to protect their homes. There were even eyewitnesses who said that when the Komsomol was led to execution, the peasants cursed her.

As a rule, a lie arises due to the impossibility of obtaining real data that are classified, and there is no way to know the truth about certain events. This also applies to the story of Zoe Kosmodemyanskaya. Only recently it became known who the hero girl really was. Previously, Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya was called both a partisan scout and a lonely avenger, in reality she was a Red Army special sabotage brigade headed by Arthur Karlovich Sprogis. In 1941, he formed a special military unit number 9903, whose main task is sabotage operations in the rear of the enemy. Volunteers from the Komsomol organs of Moscow and the Moscow region became its basis.

On the night of 21 on 22 on November 1941, a special sabotage and reconnaissance group of 10 people, including Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya, crossed the front line. Already in the territory occupied by the fascists, the soldiers ran into the enemy patrol. Several people died, but the detachment commander Boris Krainov, Vasily Klubkov and Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya continued driving along the previously indicated route. On the night from 27 to 28 in November, the significantly reduced group reached the village of Petrishchevo, where, among other Nazi military facilities, it was necessary to destroy the field intelligence station disguised as a barn.

The senior group, Boris Krainov, distributed tasks: Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya should penetrate into the southern part of the village and incendiary bottles destroy the houses where the Germans were stationed, Krainov himself - in the central part where the headquarters of the Nazis were located, and Vasily Klubkov to the north. Kosmodemyanskaya successfully completed the assigned combat mission - destroyed two houses with the Nazis stationed in them and an enemy vehicle. However, during her return to the forest for a meeting with other members of the group, when she was already at a considerable distance from the sabotage site, she was noticed by a policeman, Sviridov. He also called the fascists, who arrested Zoya. As a sign of gratitude for the capture of the diver, the policeman was “generously rewarded” with a glass of vodka.

Zoya was tortured for a long time and cruelly, but, despite all the brutal methods, the girl did not give out any information about the group, the task, or where her comrades should wait.

The next day, the girl was executed on the square of the village of Petrishchevo.

Zoe, true and false

Here is what eyewitnesses told the execution of the heroine

She was hanged on her chest with a wooden tablet, in which in two languages ​​- Russian and German - was written: “Pyro”. Before the gallows, the policemen led her by the arms, because of the torture she could not walk on her own. There were a lot of Germans and civilians around the gallows. When the girl was brought to the gallows, the German photographer took a few pictures.

Zoe shouted: “Citizens! You do not look, do not stand, but you need to help the Red Army to fight! My death for our homeland is my contribution to life. ” Then she added: “Comrades, victory will still be ours. Soldiers, before it's too late, surrender. My homeland, the Soviet Union is invincible and will not be defeated by anyone. ” She uttered all this at the moment when the photographer was taking pictures.

Then they framed a wooden box. Without a team, she picked up an unknown force from where she could stand on him. A German approached and put on a loop. At this time, Zoe exclaimed: “No matter how much you hang us, don't hang all of them, we are 170 millions! But for me, our comrades will avenge you. ” These words she uttered with a noose around his neck. There were more words on her lips, but she didn’t manage to say them, the German knocked the box out from under the girl’s feet.

For a whole month her body hung on the square of the village of Petrishchevo. Only 1 January 1942, the Nazis allowed the people to bury Zoya.

This terrible story about the tragic fate of a young girl who gave her life for our future, and today's historians resemble policeman Sviridov, only they betray not the person, but the memory of him, which is much worse. And they sell for the same glass of vodka, only in a slightly modified form.

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  1. slava.iwasenko
    slava.iwasenko 5 January 2013 01: 34
    By order of Supreme Commander I.V. Stalin, officers of the German regiment, whose military personnel executed Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya, were not taken prisoner
  2. Sol_jah
    Sol_jah 15 July 2013 16: 41
    hang these nonhumans.
  3. GraySh
    GraySh 23 September 2013 01: 43
    It is not sad, but the younger generation knows almost nothing about Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya. I speak for Ukraine. Perhaps in Russia or Belarus a slightly different situation. I would like to believe in it. Eternal memory to the Heroes.
    1. POBEDA
      POBEDA 16 October 2013 03: 32
      And do not say "for", say "about". So smart.