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Special Forces of Russia are trained from schoolchildren in Stavropol

Special Forces of Russia are trained from schoolchildren in Stavropol

The cadet school named after General Yermolov in Stavropol is preparing to hold an annual field event and graduation ceremonies. School teachers form from students of diversely developed personalities who are able to realize their creative potential in dynamic socio-economic conditions, real defenders of their homeland.

The school allows its students to take part in field trips, during which they spend nights in the camp, increase their physical fitness and train with weapons. It is a similar event, in which the Cadets participated in mid-April, the reader can see in the photos of the report.
Honorary title of cadet school named after General A.P. Ermolova Gymnasium received in 2002 year.

The modern education system in the cadet school allows you to determine the profile of the school. The school organized the work of the flight and combined-arms departments. Starting from the 9th grade, students of the flight department undergo special parachute training and parachute jumps. Students with a special interest in aviationare allowed to make independent flight on airplanes.

“The main goal of the cadet school team is to create conditions for the fullest development and practical implementation of the talents of today's girls and boys, the formation of ideas of patriotism and responsibility for their own destiny and the fate of their homeland among the youth. We believe that our work is a guarantee that the future of our city and Russia is in safe hands, and our graduates, like no one else, will do much to preserve and enhance the glorious and labor traditions laid down by the older generation, showing maximum participation in this. Our children are our hope for a really bright tomorrow, ”says school principal Alexey Khitrov.

Cadets clean their room.


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  1. Siberian German
    Siberian German April 24 2014 08: 22
    I have a guy two and nine and am already thinking about something similar for him - to be honestly afraid of the environment (its impact on the guy) - I would like to grow him as a MAN
    1. vadimus
      vadimus April 24 2014 09: 47
      And how many orphanages dream of in such schools? Instead of leaving them to their own devices ....
      1. Apostle
        Apostle April 24 2014 11: 30
        My dream is that I studied in the same way !!! And that would be many such schools, instead of boarding schools and orphanages !!!
  2. Denis
    Denis April 24 2014 08: 24
    The school allows its students to take part in field trips, during which they spend nights in the camp, improve their physical fitness and train with weapons. It is precisely such an event, in which cadets participated in mid-April, that the reader can see in the photographs of the report
    It's a good thing, only the long forgotten old, but a pity
    improve their physical fitness
    Recall the TRP where the grenade was
    And what about NVP in a regular rather than a cadet school? AK was studied by everyone, not just him. From the school, knowledge of VPHR (military chemical reconnaissance device), the DP-5A radiometer, and azimuth walking were taken out.
    event in which cadets participated in mid-April
    And fees in 10 cl. were in the military unit at the end of April. They did not take girls and instead of icons there was visual agitation
    And it was 30 years ago, and then in schools instead of non-formal students began to conduct lessons of tolerance, etc.
    It’s time for the Ministry of Education to grow wiser, to throw out this nonsense and educate people, and not any effective managers
    1. 225chay
      225chay April 24 2014 10: 32
      Quote: Denis
      It’s time for the Ministry of Education to grow wiser, to throw out this nonsense and educate people, and not any effective managers

      Fursenki Livanov and the like will only finish their education with their know-how such as the exam
    2. SPLV
      SPLV April 24 2014 11: 17
      Quote: Denis
      It’s time for the Ministry of Education to grow wiser

      Good afternoon! The issue here is not in the Ministry of Education, but in national policy. Until they ban Western-style broadcasts on TV, as long as the ideology "every man for himself and for himself" is being promoted in cinema and in life, until then this will continue. Stop paying jokers (actors and singers, footballers) royalties like kings, limit the manaHers in salaries, and the hucksters in profits, and people will soon understand that they need to work, not steal. Then it will be possible to talk about a change in consciousness, in the attitude towards people and towards the Motherland. And over time, 50 history books will disappear, in which each author will defend his own version of events.
    3. Duke
      Duke April 26 2014 03: 44
      I also remember orienteering.
  3. Vladycat
    Vladycat April 24 2014 08: 38
    Maybe of course the pictures are good. But damn the eye is how happy hi More to this. I remember myself in the military-patriotic club, from 5 to 9 grade. Nice were the days. When he went to serve, he was already able to shoot, run, march, and much more.
    CIANIT April 24 2014 08: 40
    Military-patriotic education must be introduced into the compulsory school curriculum. The revival of patriotism begins with children.
  5. Hon
    Hon April 24 2014 10: 05
    The network has a recording of the training of Chechen teenagers. This is where the training of fighters is really under the direction of the operating special forces.
    1. Isum
      Isum April 24 2014 10: 29
      Here the main task is to instill in children a love for the motherland, and not to raise dogs of war .......
    2. Alexander.B
      Alexander.B April 24 2014 11: 37
      It is necessary to create such schools for Russian teenage children. Otherwise, it’s not even an hour, future employees of the Terek will want more and will present "rights" to the Stavropol region.
  6. Zelen
    Zelen April 24 2014 11: 22
    More to such schools.
  7. Evgeniy-111
    Evgeniy-111 April 24 2014 11: 25
    The Stavropol Cadet School named after General Ermolov is a very serious organization, with very good professional military training. Strengthened physical training lessons, field trips (moreover, officers of the active special forces are in charge), compulsory study of Orthodox culture, regardless of nationality. Serious patriotic education. I was there in February, asked to organize an exhibition of models of military equipment for the Defender of the Fatherland Day, took me around the school, showed, told. "Dogs of War" are not raised there, but love for the Motherland is instilled very professionally!
  8. yan
    yan April 24 2014 11: 45
    Great information. A very necessary and timely matter. Obviously there will be no tolerant porridge in the heads of the guys
  9. Alexander.B
    Alexander.B April 24 2014 12: 14
    Quote: Evgeniy-111
    compulsory study of Orthodox culture regardless of nationality

    If this is not contrary to constitutional rights, then this is acceptable.
    1. Absurdidat
      Absurdidat April 25 2014 17: 33
      for me this is a difficult moment ... but studying does not mean accepting the Orthodox faith, right?
  10. Walking
    Walking April 24 2014 13: 55
    Good deal. It’s better than sitting at home shooting games.
  11. il grand casino
    il grand casino April 24 2014 13: 58
    Today I read a report about this school in a German newspaper. With the same photos ... Such a negative was))) They say they mock children ... they make them run. What a horror they also have to give the honor and have to take up arms (HAVE STEALED CHILDHOOD FROM POOR CHILDREN) ... well, in the same vein ... especially the journalist "liked" the pictures where the "poor" child should lift an adult on his back and kiss the cross (what a horror, they are also forced to believe in God) ...
    What can I say)) I have a girl. I would not give it up, in my opinion there would be no place for it. Although on trips with her regularly go and fishing I take ... And the boy can grow up and grow))
  12. biglow
    biglow April 24 2014 15: 30
    the most correct education system, it’s a pity that few such schools ... soldier
  13. Bene valete
    Bene valete April 24 2014 15: 45
    Yes, how many sensible military men retire annually, so they would be attracted to the boys to engage in and transfer experience! And then they sit on PSCs, their pants sit out, and yet quite healthy men still. I think the state should be more active in interfering in the education of Russian youth. Cadres of the sea, just organize and pay people (I mean retirees), and after 10 years it will really be possible to talk about a serious and professional army and there will be no need to drive the crowd with precincts into military commissariats!
  14. Massik
    Massik April 24 2014 20: 13
    It's a pity I flew past this in my childhood. I understand everything children are children, but the machine gun standing alone by the bed hurts the eye, it is not a matter of instilling such an attitude towards weapons, even if it is training. It was possible to choose the same shape, even if not showy "reeds", "break", etc., even a simple "flora". This is not so important, or maybe I don't understand anything about educational methods, but this is my professional opinion. soldier
    1. Absurdidat
      Absurdidat April 24 2014 22: 26
      Don’t worry you like that, journalists took pictures of it. They need a shot. How many rumors went on in Stavropol: they say they will name Kadyrov, only Chechens and so on will be taught. But in fact, it’s very difficult to enter there, you even need to know a foreign language by four or five for your year of study. As for the dogs of war, someone wrote here, they say they are cooking in Chechnya ... So, here they are preparing and educating future officers, and not meat for the chop. That's it :)
  15. allexx83
    allexx83 April 24 2014 22: 14
    I envy white envy. They really bring up people there. A photo where the cross is kissed is generally beyond praise.
  16. gridasov
    gridasov April 25 2014 19: 58
    A true human soldier needs to be trained from an even earlier age. At least a comprehensive training within the level of gaming perception. Moreover, the modern soldier and soldier of the future is practically a scientist soldier. Having a comprehensive analysis of any rapidly changing operational situation and the ability to adequately apply methods and methods to achieve the goal will distinguish a strong and intelligent, and most importantly always adequate fighter. Without such potential, no country has a future. The competition for survival is growing too fast.
  17. Serg93
    Serg93 30 May 2014 15: 07
    Well done !!! More to such schools !!!