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Media on US foreign policy. Is it too late to return to Asia?

If talk about the collapse of the world hegemony of the United States, 10 years ago sounded marginal, today, even well-known American politicians are not ashamed to say that the United States has lost its “reputation as a world leader”.

The latest events on the world stage are very reminiscent of a chess tournament, in which a clear leader overestimated his opportunities and fell for all the "forks" of the opponent at once. This happens when you play too many games at the same time. Like Ostap Bender at a chess tournament in Vasyuki.

Another front from which the “world gendarme” today, apparently, is retreating, is Asia.

Since the second half of the 20th century, the Americans worked well in the region: they controlled island states, restrained China and prevented its rapprochement with the USSR.

Since the beginning of the XXI century, the States became somehow not up to Asia. After the withdrawal of troops from Iraq, Obama declared the Asian direction a priority in foreign policy, but the statement, according to the Financial Times journalist, "was perceived in Beijing - not entirely groundless - as a poorly veiled US attempt to strengthen military alliances with China’s neighbors."

Thus, instead of “shifting to Asia”, we see the separation of Asia from the United States. Influence in the Asian region has obviously weakened. Here and the rise of China as a “regional power”, corresponding to the main trend of world politics, with all signs of a sovereign player. And noticeably cooled relations with the former close allies - Japan and South Korea.

These phenomena are interrelated. Relations with allies are deteriorating - China is getting out of control. And vice versa: China’s control is softened — the allies no longer trust you as the guarantor of security in the region.

Well, and then - inevitable rapprochement between China and Russia, which in America were so afraid and tried not to allow the whole XX century.

The topic of losing China and its rapprochement with Russia (especially in the light of recent events in Ukraine) is one of the most discussed in the Western press. Analysts do not hesitate to call this puncture "the main strategic mistake" of recent years. The National Interest material states that Obama's “clumsy diplomacy” buries everything valuable in the most important geostrategic direction and “restores two leading powers against themselves at the same time”.

Indeed, as a result of the Ukrainian crisis and the return of the Crimea, all masks were dropped not only in the relations between Moscow and Washington, but also in the relations between Beijing and Washington and Beijing and Moscow. And the rash actions of the United States in this subtle situation only aggravate the situation and “push Russia and China towards each other, forcing them to forget about their differences for a while.”

“Washington’s relations with Beijing have also recently become much more tense. This is evidenced by the recent visit of US Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel to China. The series’s rather harsh remarks culminated in a sharp warning to China’s Minister of Defense Chan Wanquan that attempts to “contain” China would never succeed, ”writes a columnist.

“Even the tone of statements by American diplomacy against Russia and China is sometimes unreasonably rude and aggressive. Representatives of the Obama administration have repeatedly demonstrated outbursts of irritation due to the fact that Beijing and Moscow dared to resist US attempts to dislodge Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad and impose tough economic sanctions against Iran. National Security Advisor Susan Rice, who was the US ambassador to the UN at the time, condemned the veto of Russia and China at the UN Security Council on voting on the Syrian resolution, saying that her country experienced “disgust” and added that such actions are “ shameful "and" unforgivable. " Of course, her statement caused a sharp reaction from Moscow and Beijing, ”he adds.

In recent years, China, participating in solving international issues, has acted cautiously and pragmatically, taking a neutral position whenever possible. But in some situations, neutrality instead of loyalty to the US position automatically means support for Moscow.

The IRNA publication writes about this: “Although the Chinese leadership has so far officially refrained from expressing its support for one of the parties to the conflict in Ukraine and calls them all to a peaceful solution to the problem, Beijing’s position as a whole demonstrates support for Moscow. Since the beginning of the confrontation between Russia and the West in connection with the events in Ukraine, the Chinese media and its non-governmental circles have taken a pro-Russian position.

Even on the eve of the referendum that had caused so much controversy in the Crimea, an article in the English-speaking newspaper Global Times, the press organ of the Chinese Communist Party, published an article calling on the official authorities of the republic to support Moscow’s policy.

Unlike Western leaders, the chairman of the People's Republic of China took part in the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi against the background of the growing conflict between Russia and the West in Ukraine. In his speech, Xi Jinping repeatedly noted the special, close relations between Russia and China, as well as the importance of cooperation between the two countries. ”

The importance of cooperation between Russia and China was also noted by Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov on the eve of his recent visit to the PRC. And April 17 and Russian President Vladimir Putin himself, answering the question of director Karen Shakhnazarov, sounded the basic principles of Russian-Chinese relations: “Relations with China are very successful, at an unprecedented level. Military and political. This also applies to general approaches to assessing the international situation and ensuring security in the world. We are natural neighbors and allies. ” The trade turnover with China is 87 billion dollars, and it is constantly growing.

Words about the expansion of cooperation and the growth of commodity turnover are also confirmed in the sphere of trade and production of energy resources, the need for which in China last year grew by a quarter.

Let's return to The National Interest, the author of which reminds us of Henry Kissinger. He believed that "relations with possible opponents should be such that our capabilities in relations with them were always more significant than their capabilities in relations among themselves." That is, "Washington must do everything possible so that its relations with Beijing and Moscow are closer than the relations between them."

Thus, the loss of control over China closer to Russia is a serious problem of American foreign policy. Will the current government pull her decision?

A month ago, Michelle Obama was visiting China, playing ping-pong, drawing hieroglyphs, and probably probing the situation. This week, the US president himself went on a trip to Asian countries. However, a visit to China in the framework of this trip is not planned. Apparently, it is no longer possible to restore the status quo in the region through direct contact with an independent China.
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  1. Good
    Good April 24 2014 19: 32
    Let them be afraid! Soon, these shitwarts will go down in history ...
    1. maks-101
      maks-101 April 24 2014 19: 35
      By telephone, information was received that Right Sector militants in an APC shot another checkpoint at the entrance to the city. According to our information, 7 militias were killed, 52 Right Sector militants were destroyed. The militants are running.
      Information is checked by our correspondents who left for the place of events. The city has risen. Control over checkpoints restored. Kamaz deliver materials, strengthen checkpoints. Given the severity of war crimes committed by the junta to protect the lives of Russian citizens, Russian military columns began to advance to the borders of the region.
      who knows whether this is true or a duck about 52 killed PS.
      1. Good
        Good April 24 2014 19: 38
        If it were true, everyone would already ring.
      2. avg
        avg April 24 2014 19: 44
        Americans are being shy. Russia is establishing friendly relations not only with China. And at the opening of the Olympiad, the number of heads of state was a record. But mattress mats, thanks to their exorbitant arrogance and the desire to "teach life" to everyone, are losing their authority and influence in the world.
      3. Deadmen
        Deadmen April 24 2014 20: 07
        depending on what source
    2. Gluxar_
      Gluxar_ April 25 2014 12: 29
      Quote: Good
      Let them be afraid! Soon, these shitwarts will go down in history ...

      The hegemony of the United States is already the past. They will lose in competition with China, they have already lost. Even if they muster all their forces, they are no longer enough to contain China. And the US allies in the region see it. Today the United States and its "allies" are significantly stronger than China, but there is no longer a total superiority. And the local elites are beginning to understand that in the event of a confrontation, they themselves will become a buffer of destruction for the United States. Do they need such a perspective is a rhetorical question.
      And this process will only develop, the more China has military potential, the less arguments the United States has for manipulating China’s neighbors.
      1. AIRO
        AIRO April 25 2014 16: 37
        With such allies there are also disadvantages ... I'm afraid they would not get to us, due to the "lack of space in the sun" (we are closer than АMerika). At the same time, it is encouraging that they still have a huge frontier of work on their territory (raising the standard of living in villages and rural areas, for example). And so I completely agree with you.
        PS Once upon a time, Napoleon prophetically remarked: "When China wakes up, the whole world will tremble." And I really fear that ...
  2. maks-101
    maks-101 April 24 2014 19: 32
    America has lost its political club, and soon it will be taken from her and given to the head of the United States.
    1. Strezhevsky
      Strezhevsky April 25 2014 05: 20
      Quote: maks-xnumx
      America has lost its political club, and soon it will be taken from her and given to the head of the United States.

      Here you need to insert the phrase Lavrov: a bankrupt country cannot demand anything !!! I believe that this thesis also applies to the states, we can say that it was a fat point regarding all the bourgeoisie !!!
  3. andrei332809
    andrei332809 April 24 2014 19: 32
    how much can you crap around the world then ... that’s what they themselves have learned
  4. Morgan
    Morgan April 24 2014 19: 32
    We wait until the Yankees disgrace everywhere and .... such bullshit is even reluctant to conquer
    1. dmitriygorshkov
      dmitriygorshkov April 24 2014 21: 19
      Quote: Morgan
      . such bullshit is even reluctant to conquer

      Why conquer? Let us help the fraternal Native American people restore historical justice!
    APASUS April 24 2014 19: 35
    Time is lost, now there is a response to US actions in the world.
    I think we will see a revolution in the United States itself when the time comes to pay off debts, but it is already suitable ........
  6. Reasonable, 2,3
    Reasonable, 2,3 April 24 2014 19: 35
    While the states have an aug-bazaar, it makes no sense to spit on yourself ....... You have to perceive yourself as normal.
  7. serega.fedotov
    serega.fedotov April 24 2014 19: 36
    Obama looks like a fisherman in a holey boat: a hole has appeared, he plugged his finger, hole-finger, hole-finger, and he himself guesses that it ends before the hole or fingers! At the same time, he doesn’t even look where he swims, and he blows his head with oars!
  8. mig31
    mig31 April 24 2014 19: 40
    The State Department runs into another Vietnam, the last for the mattress flag ...
  9. vorobey
    vorobey April 24 2014 19: 40
    A month ago, Michelle Obama was on a visit to China, played ping pong, drew hieroglyphs, and probably probed the situation. This week, the US president went on a trip to Asian countries. However, a visit to China as part of this trip is not planned.

    Got it ... not shining.

    Guys, but in general I am ready to subscribe ... OBAMA FOR THE THIRD TIME
    1. dimdimich71
      dimdimich71 April 24 2014 20: 06
      But now in the barracks on Bama ..
      1. dmitriygorshkov
        dmitriygorshkov April 24 2014 21: 23
        Quote: dimdimich71
        Guys, but in general I am ready to subscribe ... OBAMA FOR THE THIRD TIME

        Quote: dimdimich71
        But now in the barracks on Bama ..

        In-in, let him first sit out the first two, and then on the third!
        Fresh air, socially useful work! What could be better in the life of an elderly (for a third term) Negro!
    2. Deadmen
      Deadmen April 24 2014 20: 08
      rallies in the Philippines disperse already anti-Obama
    3. APASUS
      APASUS April 25 2014 19: 27
      Quote: vorobey

      good good good good good
  10. skyil
    skyil April 24 2014 19: 46
    The biggest mistake is to underestimate the enemy, and here we have the advantage in the face of GDP (which has already been proven). So patience and patience are again men!
  11. Al_lexx
    Al_lexx April 24 2014 19: 46
    Oildollar lives out its last year. I think that the world is very close in world conflict.
    Those. I don’t think that the IMF and the American printing press, or rather the bunch of people who are behind all this, will stop before anything to extend their hegemony.
  12. mamont5
    mamont5 April 24 2014 19: 55
    Yes, American puppeteers are losing control threads. And then there is Obama ... Everything is bad for them.
  13. asar
    asar April 24 2014 20: 02
    The Yankees "fly by", and the AUG are "riveted" in the PRC too!
  14. Vorodis_vA
    Vorodis_vA April 24 2014 20: 35
    here you never know whether vabank to go toli to reap a little. America is going vabank
    1. ipshum
      ipshum April 24 2014 23: 16
      America went all-in, not noticing because of its megalomania that the deck was replaced, another croupier was dealt the cards and the rules of the game, it seems he had set his OWN! And it seems to me that OUR croupier will leave Americans without pants, and the players will begin to change at their discretion.
  15. kodxnumx
    kodxnumx April 24 2014 20: 38
    I don’t think that the world has any illusions about this, sooner or later it would have happened. Russia, when it left from everywhere, didn’t crap anywhere, and we’ll do so much shit for a long time, and not only we!
  16. Giant thought
    Giant thought April 24 2014 20: 59
    America was ordered the way to Asia, they have spoiled there so much that Asians will remember this for a long time. And we, by and large, in Asia do not have such problems, here we have the flag in our hands.
  17. BlackJack
    BlackJack April 24 2014 21: 56
    Washington must be destroyed !!!
  18. Pesnyadv
    Pesnyadv April 24 2014 23: 53
    Quote: Al_lexx
    Oildollar lives out its last year. I think that the world is very close in world conflict.
    Those. I don’t think that the IMF and the American printing press, or rather the bunch of people who are behind all this, will stop before anything to extend their hegemony.

    Dollar must be felled carefully !!!

    Otherwise, potential allies (I emphasize that today's ALLIES, not friends) may be offended.
    China, Japan, other countries with huge reserves of cut green paper ... should prepare for the drain of amers and their candy wrappers.
  19. Rurikovich
    Rurikovich April 25 2014 00: 31
    Navel will not loose its nose everywhere? It would not have poured from behind the surge from the spreading of democracy ... And then after all, the reluctance to communicate with those from whom it is full of sewage repeat
  20. VNP1958PVN
    VNP1958PVN April 25 2014 03: 47
    To make friends with China, the United States need to swindle the Japanese!
  21. DanSabaka
    DanSabaka April 25 2014 15: 42
    Well, let’s say, China’s nomination as a world leader, in exchange for the USA, is not profitable for our country .....