The main radicals in Ukraine are Americans

According to Vitaly Churkin, a fair opinion, in February, the United States was interested in regime change in Ukraine: after all, Washington invested 5 billions of dollars in Kiev. According to the Permanent Representative of the Russian Federation to the UN, "it is clear that the United States has invested heavily in this situation and took a more radical position than European countries."

In an interview with the Opinion program on the Russia 24 channel, Comrade Churkin said: “It seems to me that it was the Americans who tried to carry out the most radical scenario, they were not satisfied with some kind of compromise between Viktor Yanukovych and the opposition. They, I think, came to the conclusion that the time has come indeed for these 5 billions to pay, that they have to lead a sharp change of regime, which is what happened. Any sensible person will at least say that they have not justified themselves. If these 5 billions were spent on supporting democracy, and not on overthrowing the government that exists in the country and changing the regime, it is clear that no democracy has triumphed. ”

According to V. Churkin, "it is clear that the United States has invested heavily in this situation and took a more radical position than European countries." This is confirmed by the fact that after the emergence of the "legal vacuum" in Kiev, "it was the Americans who came to the fore, and not the Europeans."

Quite right, add on my own. Firstly, a high-level American diplomat spoke a well-known “factor” to the European Union, even if it was a telephone one. Secondly, the Germans strenuously promoted the Klitschko fighter with fire extinguishers to Kiev, but the American protégé Yatsenyuk became the prime minister.

Comrade Churkin, whose words lead "Vesti"He also said that the UN peacekeeping operation in Ukraine is unrealistic: "... the UN peacekeeping operation is completely unrealistic, since Ukraine is a very big country." The presence of the OSCE is enough in Ukraine. “Let them observe what is happening there,” said Churkin. “It seems to me that it is hard to imagine any other presence at this stage.”

In the past few days, many experts and analysts spoke on the Ukrainian topic.

TV channel correspondent "RT" talked with Lawrence Freeman, editor of Executive Intelligence Review magazine.

Mr. Freeman believes that Kiev must take control of armed groups (talking about the "Right Sector" and units within the National Guard under), and otherwise he will suffer. In his opinion, Western countries, calling for additional sanctions against Moscow, are in a losing position. In addition, Freeman considers the Ukrainian government "illegal."

Regarding those Western states that declare that the US should impose additional sanctions against Russia, the political scientist said: “Organizing constant attacks on Russia, including expanding the missile defense system, is counterproductive. Many politicians in the USA and Great Britain declare that such a situation may lead to war, because Russia will not accept this. The Obama administration and the British government, which support the sanctions, are now in a losing position. ”

In many respects, he agrees with Lawrence Freeman, another expert - the British expert in international relations, the chief editor of the journal Politics First, Markus Papadopoulos. His opinion leads RIA News".

The expert believes that Arseniy Yatsenyuk and Oleksandr Turchynov would not have been able to remove Yanukovych from power without the US help.

The billions of dollars that Washington allocated to Kiev led Ukraine to a civil war, the expert believes. The US seeks to maintain influence on Ukrainian politics through NGOs and the media. Why? And because Ukraine is an important element of the conclusion of Russia in the ring of isolation, Papadopoulos said.

“With this money, the United States has now put Ukraine on the brink of civil war. Will the Americans go to the de-escalation of the crisis, allowing Ukraine to deal with its own affairs? Or will they, according to their intentions, pull her into a western orbit, thus completing the encirclement of Russia? ”Papadopoulos did not tell the RIA correspondent.“News", He did not ask him.

The analyst is confident that if parts of the former Yugoslavia, as well as Libya and Syria, have survived or are experiencing difficulties, then the future of Ukraine looks bleak. The inhabitants of Ukraine are simply “pawns”: “Following Pax Americana to Washington is of paramount importance, and Ukraine and its inhabitants are just pawns in a dangerous game, started by the Americans.”

Papadopoulos also recalled that since the collapse of the USSR, the White House administration has not ceased efforts to maintain US global domination. Washington tried to surround Russia with NATO countries and delivered strikes at its Russian allies - from Yugoslavia to Syria.

As for the American strategy towards Ukraine, Papadopoulos said about this: “In accordance with the Pentagon's strategy of 1992, better known as the Wolfowitz Doctrine, Washington made significant progress in encircling Russia by ensuring the overthrow of governments in countries that had close relations with Russia. However, Ukraine is a key element in this task for the United States. ” The expert added: “It is located in the underbelly of Russia and has a huge military-industrial complex closely related to the Russian one. The inclusion of Ukraine in NATO and the EU will allow the United States not only to gain a military advantage over Russia <...>, but also to weaken the Russian armed forces, which depend on Ukrainian factories that produce weapons components ... American cartels can take over these Ukrainian factories and provide the US authorities with the opportunity to influence against Russia with the help of a carrot and carrot, as well as blackmailing when discussing international issues, just as Bill Clinton used Russia's dependence on the IMF in the 1990s to get everything he wants from Boris Yeltsin. "

The outcome of Western politics considers the conflict in Ukraine and the ex-president of the Czech Republic Vaclav Klaus. His opinion leads Leonid Sviridov (RIA News").

The former Czech president stated that the West provoked an insoluble conflict in Ukraine. Klaus said this in an interview with Czech television. Here are his words: “It was not Russia and not Putin who were the cause of what broke out on the Kiev Maidan. The situation turned over Western Europe, the United States. "

The ex-president of the Czech Republic believes that Ukraine is too complex an organism that cannot decide itself where to go - to the West or the East. “I said, do not put pressure on Ukraine, you will destroy it, destroy it. That is what is happening now, ”comrade Klaus noted.

How to solve the Ukrainian question? There is an exit. It is necessary to refuse external interference in the affairs of Ukraine. According to Klaus, citizens of Ukraine should independently determine how they live.

As for monetary assistance to Ukraine from the West, the ex-president of the Czech Republic simply ridiculed this idea: “This is a very funny help. I wonder how much the vice-president Biden’s flight to Ukraine cost, isn’t that about that? I do not believe that Ukraine will be helped. ” Klaus also explained that he is not a supporter of the "international distribution of money."

Thus, three different experts have an almost identical vision of the processes taking place in Ukraine and around Ukraine. First, the West is to blame for the conflict, first of all the United States, and by no means Russia. Secondly, the geopolitical goal of the Americans is to ring Russia. For this, the Americans need Ukraine. Thirdly, external pressure on Russia could provoke a civil war in Ukraine.

Comrade Churkin, whose voice is consonant with the voices of independent experts, is absolutely right: the main radical elements that set the tone for the whole conflict, who wrote his script, are the Americans.

Of course, the White House will not back down from its Ukrainian (read anti-Russian) plans. And at the end of May it will become clear what kind of power Ukrainians will lead to their bright American future.

Observed and commented on Oleg Chuvakin
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    1. +6
      April 24 2014 07: 31
      The expert believes that Arseniy Yatsenyuk and Alexander Turchinov could not have removed Yanukovych from power without US assistance
      - do not go to a fortuneteller ...
      1. +15
        April 24 2014 07: 34
        All the evil in the world is from America.
      2. Validator
        April 24 2014 07: 45
        How do you like this Ukraine?
        1. +10
          April 24 2014 07: 47
          Not really !!
          There is no Carpathian Republic!
        2. +2
          April 24 2014 11: 27
          But what about the road to Transnistria? wink
      3. +7
        April 24 2014 08: 15
        I recall a joke in the topic: Girl, could you beat RadiCala? -Love, for what?!? laughing
      4. The comment was deleted.
      5. vadimus
        April 24 2014 09: 43
        It's time to make a revolution in the states. Orange, tulip or star-striped does not matter!
        1. +4
          April 24 2014 11: 12
          Quote: vadimus
          It's time to make a revolution in the states.

          Offer Kuklus Klan to support in the manner of supporting PS in Ukraine !!! wassat
          Well then !!!
          Freedom Alaska !!! Freedom Texas !!! Freedom California !!!fellow
          So I hear the chants of Ayskry, Ayskry, Ayskry !!! laughing
          1. +4
            April 24 2014 14: 50
            Quote: Sid.74
            Offer Kuklus Klan to support in the manner of supporting PS in Ukraine !!!

            Pay attention to the symbols, colors, PS UNSO and KKK. Doesn’t resemble anything? I’ve seen something like this recently. Do not go to the grandmother. USA ears stick out in western Ukraine.
            1. +1
              April 24 2014 16: 28
              Quote: Sirocco
              I’ve seen something like this recently. Do not go to the grandmother. USA ears stick out in western Ukraine.

              I forgot where I read, on LJ Varangian-2007 or something! what The first "ridges" began to be thrown by the Americans during the oath to the American flag, somewhere in the 20-30s! Then this tradition was "drank" in 42 so that no associations with the Nazis arose! So yes, this is one Nazi office with the headquarters apartment in Washington!

              So the Nazis and the Nazis are still at the helm! Exceptional .... am
            2. +2
              April 25 2014 02: 25
              Dear sirocco! I am a resident of Dnepropetrovsk, I have a grandfather, the kingdom of heaven to him, I met Victory in Vienna. (in May 1945). Dembel saw in 1948. In Ivano-Frankivsk. These signs do not exhibit, please, not nice, and so the roof breaks from these freaks.
        2. fedorovith
          April 24 2014 19: 14
          There you need the whole spectrum with fireworks laughing
        3. +1
          April 25 2014 09: 43
          Why in the states? In Mexico or in Canada will come down
      6. +1
        April 24 2014 11: 22
        Quote: svp67
        - do not go to a fortuneteller ...

        The West uses Ukraine as a pawn in a geopolitical game, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov is sure.

        Original article:

        I will add on my own - and they expect to use it as a cheap "cannon fodder" ... So, their fate is a foregone conclusion, that's why the emissaries - the Biden, the CIA director and so on - are walking around, trying to push Russia into a civil war with the prospect of pulling Russia there ...
      7. +6
        April 24 2014 13: 51
        Duc, it’s clear! From them all the fires ...
    2. +5
      April 24 2014 07: 49
      USA - invested so much money in mediocre individuals, fascist. All these gentlemen Yatsenyuki, Turchinovs and others - mirror reflections of their American masters.
      Well, the low, animal level of thinking of these American gentlemen.
      There are factors in the operation in Ukraine that were not taken into account by these gentlemen.
      And, time works for us.
    3. +14
      April 24 2014 07: 57
      I remembered biochemistry - free radicals in the body cause aging and diseases of the body, the fewer they are - the better !!! laughing
    4. +3
      April 24 2014 07: 59
      No one will take Ukraine as a containment. Now Kiyov is showing off, they consider chickens in the fall. They have no time to think about what to heat in the winter.
      1. 0
        April 24 2014 10: 25
        Quote: Humpty

        Humpty Duck (1) Today, 07:59 ↓ New
        No one will take Ukraine as a containment. Now Kiyov is showing off, chickens are considered in the fall. Think about how to heat in the winter

        ) according to the ancient dill habit - they will steal!
    5. Wolland
      April 24 2014 08: 02
      The map above is gorgeous .....))))
      1. +2
        April 24 2014 10: 12
        Quote: Wolland
        The map above is gorgeous .....))))

        There is another card - Polish. I read a Polish article as they imagined (in 2012!) the territory of the Ruins in 2015, after the election of the next president. Maleho was mistaken, the mess had begun earlier. They modestly squeeze the dark yellow territory on their left, and the center itself remains the Ruin, loyal to Poland. The rest speaks for itself eloquently.
      2. +1
        April 24 2014 10: 17
        There is another option, also Polish, more colorful, already with state borders.
    6. +3
      April 24 2014 08: 10
      Who feeds the girl dances her. It was naive to believe that these Pokemon Turchinov, Yatsenyuk and other Bandera trash with their minds turned the coup.
      1. Scaramaks
        April 24 2014 08: 14
        yes what pakemony they are !! natural dodiki!
      2. Scaramaks
        April 24 2014 08: 14
        yes what pakemony they are !! natural dodiki!
      3. KOSTYLEV
        April 24 2014 08: 28
        Already it passed, soon they will begin to chew their ties on the air, or else they will chew .............
        1. 0
          April 24 2014 15: 09
          While they only chew snot
      4. +3
        April 24 2014 09: 38
        Quote: Rurikovich
        Who feeds the girl dances her. It was naive to believe that these Pokemon Turchinov, Yatsenyuk and other Bandera trash with their minds turned the coup.

        It's a shame that, judging by energy prices, preferences for the Ukrainian economy, and the direction of Ukrainian exports, over the past 23 years, Russia has been feeding the "girl", while the "girl" has fallen under someone. In Russian it is called b-vo.
        1. nicollider
          April 24 2014 10: 53
          this feeding was taken for granted. that's why the girl "lay" under the other. It was fashionable to take and bite the hand of the giver. and now the same is happening. the gas is pumped like the last time. Previously, they helped us out with the fleet, so we lost the gas wars (did not achieve our goals). Now they will have to explain to Europe why Russian gas did not reach them
        2. 0
          April 24 2014 10: 55
          Well, or even for example shl.ha ???
      April 24 2014 08: 26
      Amerekosy need to recapture their money for the "revolution", and since 1991 they have to take a shit on the people of Ukraine. The war outside the United States is a thrill for them, you can knock out money from Congress on the sly in front of your people, and their people are "deaf and dumb", to make excuses for military expenses.
    8. nicollider
      April 24 2014 08: 31
      Infa slipped on the censor - Ashton called on Russia to stop the violence in the southeast. I probably misunderstood something. Does she suggest introducing troops?
      1. +1
        April 24 2014 09: 13
        It seems that this is exactly what the entire "civilized world" is waiting for. Then they will screech for real
      2. The comment was deleted.
      3. KOSTYLEV
        April 24 2014 09: 18
        She offers us her mortal body, thinking that we are ready for a dog wedding !!!!!!!!! lol
    9. Green
      April 24 2014 08: 35
      It is necessary for our politicians to send to the Donetsk Republic, establish contacts and help with the promotion of Russian democracy)
      1. 0
        April 24 2014 10: 17
        There is no need to do this yet, our "Western partners" can regard this as a direct influence of Russia in the South-East, and now they see it as "the hand of the Kremlin." It is enough that a certain amount of modern Russian weapons were transferred to the self-defense forces of the South-East, in the frames I often notice either the AK-105 or the Saiga-12K. The South-East now has all the forces and means to resist the "Kiev power", the only thing that is important is to agree on humanitarian assistance to the South-East.
        1. nicollider
          April 24 2014 10: 55
          no - you don’t need to send politicians yet - the GRU colonels haven’t run out yet :).
    10. +2
      April 24 2014 09: 03
      And at the end of May it will become clear what power will lead the Ukrainians to their bright American future.
      What can you say about the situation in Ukraine today? 1. USA pushed the EU to the background and showed the whole world who is behind the crisis in Ukraine. 2. Russia has made it clear to the EU and the USA that it cannot get away from solving the crisis in the shadow and will stand its ground.
      3. In my opinion, the presidential elections in May will not solve anything, a split in Ukraine unfortunately is not inevitable. 4. The extrusion of the United States from the territory of Ukraine is possible only by two methods, by force or diplomacy, through voting and referenda hi
    11. KOSTYLEV
      April 24 2014 09: 03
      Quote: Zelen
      It is necessary for our politicians to send to the Donetsk Republic, establish contacts and help with the promotion of Russian democracy)

      It is necessary to wait, otherwise the GDP is still not completely sure of the result of the referendum. And then ......... take the bull by the horns and into the stallwink
    12. rocketman
      April 24 2014 09: 21
      Quote: Validator
      How do you like this Ukraine?

      This is the best, but before that they draw too small ...
    13. +2
      April 24 2014 09: 26
      Like in a good old movie:
      - What did the chief say?
      - The chief said let him be a felon.
      - And when will he appear?
      - The chief will appear at the last moment.
    14. +2
      April 24 2014 09: 33
      Explicitly visible at Amer hernia, torn, not on the shoulders of the burden ...
    15. +1
      April 24 2014 09: 49
      It is good to be a radical, when, if something happens, there is an opportunity to pack things and throw them over the cordon. For the Americans, the fact that ordinary Ukrainians will die, the Americans will give "useful" instructions while sitting "in the rooms." themselves "and to the airport.
    16. Conrat83
      April 24 2014 09: 52
      Activists of the so-called “Peace Movement” claim that the “international financial oligarchy” unleashes a new world war against Russia and enjoys the support of a real “media mafia”.

      The so-called Peace Movement 2014 made an Internet call for a “rebel war” against German propaganda media. Since the publication of this appeal last week, the pages of almost all major news portals and newspapers on Facebook, including the Die Tageszeitung page, have been drowned in the comments of Internet users. And several critical articles addressed to the aforementioned “Movement”, published, including on the website of our newspaper, seem to have only further enraged the authors of the appeal.

      In addition, activists of the Movement, under the motto of the so-called “Monday Demonstrations”, take to the streets every week. So, for the past six weeks they regularly take place in Munich, Cologne, Berlin and 17 other cities. From several dozen to a thousand or more people take part in these demonstrations. These people are convinced that the international financial oligarchy seeks to unleash the Third World War against Russia. The oligarchs are helped by the whole “media mafia”, which stubbornly ignores the “Peace Movement”.

      Read more:
      Follow us: @inosmi on Twitter | InoSMI on Facebook
    17. +1
      April 24 2014 10: 15
      We are on the verge of a geopolitical change in the world. Whoever wins Ukraine will rule the ball.
      May the God of Russia win wisely this confrontation ...
    18. +2
      April 24 2014 10: 36
      I think we need to go on the offensive. Allocate money for the revolution in MEXICO, COLOMBIA, etc. It is necessary to pull countries to our side. And the USA’s attention will be diverted and the USA’s nerves will be spoiled. good drinks
    19. +1
      April 24 2014 10: 41
      as the ancients said, "look who benefits!" cut gas pipelines, and even with someone else's hands, the "blue" dream of the United States. and then throw millions of hungry dill on Rossiyu.i in fact they can not even be destroyed with nuclear weapons, because. its own land is too close. One way out is to buy dill! They are greedy for a pittance!
    20. The comment was deleted.
    21. The comment was deleted.
    22. +1
      April 24 2014 13: 37
      if on ukroin there were no forces ready to betray their people, then the Americans would not be managing there now, but they betrayed the country and now Lokey have America
    23. The comment was deleted.
    24. Ruslan 56
      April 24 2014 14: 55
      well said
      1. edisson
        April 24 2014 17: 29
        Yes, only they have it fashionable.
        Quote: Ruslan 56
        well said
    25. cool.ya-nikola
      April 24 2014 16: 10
      Quote: Athenogen
      All the evil in the world is from America.

      Quote: orsker
      From them all the fires ...

      In connection with the foregoing, perhaps it is worth quoting the third president of the United States, (he already knew what he was talking about!) ...
    26. edisson
      April 24 2014 17: 35
      And the Americans have pulled up not only political forces, but they are actually conducting joint exercises with the Poles, and are tightening up the fleet. Shoigu is now taking measures to deploy troops near Ukraine. In short, it smells of war. Also, these "Maidanutye" authorities decided to bleed the blood of the people together with the Natsik-guards and American mercenaries plus the SBU.
      1. fedorovith
        April 24 2014 19: 22
        Yes, everything is fine, they will conduct exercises and ye .. there will be fluffy.
    27. 0
      April 24 2014 20: 08
      "... Of course, the White House will not back down from its Ukrainian (read anti-Russian) plans ..."

      I DO NOT AGREE - it looks like it will still have to give up - Russia will definitely not give up ... Let Bismarck be revered at their leisure "I know a hundred ways to lure a Russian bear out of a den, and not one to drive it back ..."

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