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I am a North Caucasian. I am a patriot of Russia. I love Russia

I am a North Caucasian. I am a patriot of Russia. I love Russia. My way of speaking is disgusting to many. Outlined tough, without snot and false false correctness. I advise you not to read the article to those who can not wean the mutton hypocrites and hypocrites from the bleating.

1. A lot of talk is heard about the national idea. Even from the Kremlin comes a hypocritical chatter, devoid of real benefit. The Kremlin is blathering about the national idea, eliminating our nationalities from our passports and denouncing the rights of Russians, who have almost no real rights. All peoples of the Russian Federation are gradually turning into disenfranchised. But in this article I will talk about Russians. Because it depends on the Russians more than on anyone else. This is the fundamental nation of the Russian Federation. All the peoples of the Russian Federation joined the Russians, and not the Russians joined the Federation. It is a fact. But for some reason only the Russians have no significant territory on the map of the Russian Federation. The Yakuts have Yakutia, the Ingush - Ingushetia, with ... etc. Someone will argue, they say it is not politically correct. And the fact that the Russian, who is, for example, in Tatarstan, and the Tatar, who arrived in the city of Oryol, does not understand that he is on the land of the Rus, is this politically correct? And why is it right for all peoples of the Russian Federation to have the designated territories, and for Russians to have the same thing is not correct? What nonsense and discrimination? The land of the Rus should be considered the entire territory in the Russian Federation, with the exception of the territories of the other peoples of Russia, which were part of Russia with their lands. Such a situation will only strengthen the friendship between our peoples, and not sow enmity. Nobody is against the outlined territories of the peoples of the Russian Federation. So why Russians are deprived of this right? Than to talk about the national idea in the void, it is better to solve this important issue.

2. There is a national idea in Russia. But in some nations she sleeps soundly. It is necessary to wake her up by shaking our brains, and not to wait for the “wise” program from the authorities. The authorities don't give a damn about us. For example, you need to think about the problem of the army. Many blame the North Caucasians for their bullying Russians in the army. In fact, this is not only an army problem. What is happening in the army is a "magnifying glass", through which you can clearly see the problems of our entire society. By the way, among the Russians there are quite a few soldiers in the army who are not inferior to Caucasians with their solidarity and fortitude. Russian, basically, strong, inflexible people. So you need to wake up this spirit. Is this not a national idea? STANDING A FRIEND FOR A FRIEND, AS FOR YOURSELF. Not to scold the North Caucasian soldiers, but to rejoice at the fact that by their example they make others think about the strength of unity. A clever mother is not the one who saves her son from the army, but the one who spits in his son’s face if he is bothered by the idea of ​​joining the army. Yes, my countrymen in the army are barzing. And what is left for them to do when the others behave like sheep? Is it possible to respect not respecting yourself? I remember my young years. I grew up on a daring street. In those days, the Russians were no less daring than the Caucasians, and were more united than they are today. The task of the national idea is to foster in the Russian youth an understanding that if one Russian is humiliated, the whole nation is humiliated. Old-timers in the army humiliate their own comrades-in-arms, although they see an example when a Caucasian old-timer does not allow himself to insult a fellow countryman. Yes, a recruit and will not allow himself to offend anybody else or his own. Why do I bake about the solidarity of the Russian nation? Because we, the peoples of Russia, live in one country. We, Caucasians, are few. But if the Russians are aware of the strength of cohesion, then in the country the scum of thieves sitting in high offices will not be able to lower the country. All our troubles, including rampant alcohol, drugs, debauchery, bureaucracy ... emanate not so much from thieves and traitors, but from our fragmentation. And the peoples in the Caucasus have problems between themselves. We need to take the best of each other. There is something to learn from Russian Caucasians and Russian - from the Caucasus.

3. Physical education must be promoted. However, it is more important to increase self-esteem. There is no man stronger than another. Even a world champion is no stronger than a regular guy. No muscle is stronger than bricks. There is no power stronger than a united people, where EVERYBODY COSTS EACH OTHER, AS FOR YOURSELF. But there is no cohesion against villains where there is no sufficient level of self-esteem and an effective sense of shame for the mess in the country. Would the bastards of Basayev and Yeltsinists be able to brew the war if the nations were united against the villains? Aces on both sides were the tuzikas of their own home-made masters, and thousands of Chechens and Russians died. If there were enough dignity in us, then could debunk and drugs on us? And here a lot depends on the Russians, for they are the majority.

The strength of the country in cohesion not only among the peoples, but also between the peoples of the Russian Federation. It is necessary to enrich each other with cultural values ​​that are millennia old, and not follow the abominations introduced to us from the outside. We, like centuries ago, are in a shaky, hostile world. If we do not think again, they will fry us like Serbs or Iraqis. It is time to realize to all of us that power and prosperity are next to us. It is only necessary to STAND A FRIEND FOR A FRIEND, AS FOR YOURSELF.

I apologize for the impediment.

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  1. Azat
    Azat 3 May 2011 10: 06
    There is nothing to hide. He says the truth.
  2. Bugaenko Alexander
    Bugaenko Alexander 3 May 2011 10: 07
    I agree! Never made a distinction by nationality. There are still friends - Uzbeks, Armenians, Tajiks - at the table under Russian vodka and barbecue, and pilaf, and dolma - no words, what a charm! Well, if you recall, the War affected Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, the Caucasus, the Baltic states - but not Central Asia. And how many died there, how many became Heroes of the Union! My house is always open for you - Friends.
  3. res10 031-04-01
    res10 031-04-01 3 May 2011 10: 14
    That's right! The author says more than true! I agree completely. But how to drive it into the heads of others? This Western propaganda quarreled and separated us!
  4. Escander
    Escander 3 May 2011 10: 17
    Good article.
  5. Peter
    Peter 3 May 2011 10: 47
    Write correctly. And the meaning. I grew up in a village, I was also a bully, the village kept And I had no equal. (But the army broke me,) I understood life. I have a friend Tahir. I’ll tear my hands apart for him. And the meaning and the ion of me and I dragged his wounded man. We are a sniper, we are loners. And how to be. I’ve made a pawn to the pawn.
  6. Kazakh
    Kazakh 3 May 2011 12: 34
    B * L * I * already and Caucasians want to wake up the Russes when only this bear wakes up I don’t know what to do. during my urgent service (dagi) I was like brothers and now I continue to communicate with them, but look at youtube, army entertainments and become ashamed and bitter about how to be what to do our eternal question without an answer
  7. Henry
    Henry 3 May 2011 14: 28
    He speaks correctly. I just forgot to draw a conclusion that is visible to those who know at least a little History. There is a war of extermination. And as in any military business, the main thing is to defeat the MAIN forces. The main forces are the Russian nation. They will destroy the Russian nation, then without effort, they will easily destroy the rest. In History, it was precisely joining the Russian state that saved from destruction, assimilation, and preserved the national identity of many peoples and nations. To know what will come, you need to know the story. This is probably why the main blow is delivered in the direction of distorting history, lowering education (to forget how to think).
  8. Forward
    Forward 3 May 2011 15: 10
    Respect to the author! He correctly and correctly stated his position. Russia has always been a superethnos where many nationalities and faiths were present. And because of her tolerance and kindness, she became the object of bullying and humiliation. It is also correct that Russian people cannot resist evil right now. In the army they are humiliated. Basically, all Russian-speaking people left the former republics of the union, with the possible exception of Kazakhstan. This suggests that life there has become unacceptable to us. We are confused, we have no core and no faith. But there is already a new wave. As you know in the ashes grass grows better. There is already a national idea, and even there is one who brings it to people. It’s just too early, we haven’t yet ripened for this. A new empire will come soon. And everyone will be proud that lives in her
  9. viktor_ui
    viktor_ui 3 May 2011 15: 21
    Hammer Bars - HOLD THE CRAB!
  10. Russian Resistance of Donbass
    Russian Resistance of Donbass 3 May 2011 15: 50
    It is the Jewish and anti-Russian inherently power of the tandem of Medvedev and Putin in
    First of all, interested in the fact that Russian youth as much as possible
    she hated her ethnic group of the White Race - the Caucasian peoples (Chechens, Dagestanis,
    Abkhazians of the Ossetian Ingush, etc.) The Kremlin is a place of vice and betrayal of the Russian people
    and all of Russia. The Kremlin is a nest of international Jewry and terror against the Russian
    people. The Kremlin is that concentration of lies and propaganda of violence that leads us to the streets
    fights with representatives of the White Race and the Russian ethnic group-Caucasians! We are Russians
    real, we are smart and strong, and we urge the rest of Russians to become the same as
    And we!
  11. Maroussia
    Maroussia 3 May 2011 15: 54
    As Napoleon said, one can rely only on what resists.
    But Russia is now stalled. Russian self-esteem is very low. (The media tried and tried.) Only when the population identifies itself, their personal advantages and achievements with the whole country, can one expect an upsurge.
    The "pendulum" must be swung in the other direction.
    As Comrade Lenin used to say, "telephone, telegraph, post office", i.e. Someone needs to take the media into their own hands in order to correct the brains of the population.
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  13. Michael
    Michael 3 May 2011 19: 14
    It seems to me that only when the wealth of the country will belong to an elite consisting of peoples always (in historical terms) living in these territories (and not rootless cosmopolitans) and children from this elite will study in their native country and serve with me children and money will not be hidden behind a hill (Gaddafi’s example), but invested in their own country, only then ................ but for this you need to be vaccinated - first, let her bleed.
  14. datur
    datur 3 May 2011 22: 51
    young man leopard !!!!!!
  15. Sergei
    Sergei 4 May 2011 06: 44
    In many ways, I agree with the author of the article. There are no bad nationalities, there are bad or good people. Ordinary people have nothing to share. I live in the regional center and everything seems to be normal at first glance. Especially when you watch the news on the box. But as soon as you go on a business trip to the remote corners of the region - all disaster! The people are dying. There is no work, and if there is something for a penny, real slavery. Young people cannot get a normal education, get a profession - there is no money for this. They drink, addict, steal, give birth to degenerates. I don’t know how we will rake out of this. Without blood, it can’t be seen.
  16. Xenopus
    Xenopus 4 May 2011 09: 56
    Everything is true taking into account the fact that Yakutia, Tatarstan, Ingushetia are territories integral parts of Russia and if you separate big P. will come to all.
  17. ku33ya
    ku33ya 5 May 2011 01: 03
    Fake. Which Caucasian will say to himself - the North Caucasian? They are Avars, Ossetians, Chechens ...

    Secondly, no one there believes that they joined voluntarily. Do not roll your lip. Even Georgians, co-religionists for Russians and really voluntarily joined, are not going to think so.
  18. Skipper
    Skipper 5 May 2011 12: 31
    In general, in the world there are two nations - these are normal people and -removed-
  19. Skipper
    Skipper 5 May 2011 12: 31
    In general, in the world there are two nations - these are normal people and -removed-
  20. Alexander
    Alexander 7 May 2011 18: 21
    These are the people I truly respect! Timur, you're right. There is nothing more to add. We will try.
  21. His
    His 7 May 2011 19: 01
    I wonder if you stop dating them what this comrade will write? No deeds, just words. Russians all survived now are fed fables, friends
  22. radio operator
    radio operator 30 May 2011 16: 14
    I am very grateful for such words. Indeed, a shake-up is needed, which could be a war or a severe crisis.
  23. SAVA
    SAVA 31 May 2011 00: 35
  24. pon34
    pon34 9 July 2011 05: 42
    Timur, Respect and Respect to you - correctly say. to be honest, you surprised me with your article, pleasantly surprised me. I am glad that there are similar people among Caucasians.
  25. Pinocchio
    Pinocchio 9 July 2011 08: 37
    Unusual North Caucasian. Thinking., Which is a rarity in our time. In order for us to unite, let alone be friends, now we need to earn it. We .... as the author writes ... a city-forming nation. Yes, the Russians ... did a lot for the country and the people living in it ... All that they could. The freedom and independence of the country were defended, cities, factories, hydroelectric power plants, etc. were built. But most importantly, they did not destroy nations as a people, in contrast to the aggressive policies of other countries, preserving their culture and spiritual values.
    What we saw during the collapse of the USSR. The Caucasus and Central Asia simply exploded from hatred towards us. The Russian question was resolved very simply. they cut everyone out, spared no one by the elderly, women or children. There are no Russians in the Caucasus. Again, the author offers us to rally in the name of Russia otherwise ......... everyone will be bad. And where were you when it was bad for us? You might think that the peoples of the Caucasus were greatly humiliated by the Russians, and now there is no living from us at all. Your instinct for self-preservation is understandable. But now, without us, save yourself. Want to be with us, respect us. All..
  26. One of many
    One of many 10 July 2011 09: 51
    A-ha-ha ... "North Caucasian" ... wow! everything is told so beautifully ... but it's a fake! and you here puffed up your cheeks from your high importance and seriously engaged in the discussion.
    1. radio operator
      radio operator 10 July 2011 10: 40
      Why so? There are such. And a lot.
      Another thing is that they are not "heard".
      If you smear everyone with black paint, then yes, not only the "foreigners", but also half of the "unusable" Russians should be considered enemies.
  27. One of many
    One of many 10 July 2011 11: 32
    and what prevents them from being "heard"? I think that in the Kremlin, such individuals will have respect, respect and other advantages ...
    you can talk endlessly about freaks and people in nations ...
    This article is clearly not written by a representative of the Caucasian people. he loves Russia SO ... right up to self-forgetfulness.
    although I may be wrong. is it "rolled" by Ramzan ..?
  28. Alex
    Alex 11 July 2011 00: 07
    As a child, I was taught not to offend the weak. And he writes, "What else can they do when the others behave like sheep." Maybe you will be engaged in educating your youth. Otherwise, they offended the guy, but he remembered this, then he grew up and went to the skinheads. So, do not worry Timur, you yourself are teaching the Russians to unite, but that's a bad luck, they will hate you.
    But when the critical mass is gathered, it will turn out to be a BUH, and then the Russians will begin to respect or be afraid, depending on how big it gets.
    I just wanted the Russians to be respected for their positive qualities.
    No national idea is capable of touching the deep spiritual qualities of a person, including a Russian person. Spiritual qualities can only be awakened by “Heavenly and Divine.” Attempts to revive Christianity and further adhere to the Russian people are stupid and hopeless. Now intellectual time and Jewish fables are not interesting for a developed person.
    1. Eric
      Eric 11 July 2011 01: 18
      I agree.
    2. ytqnhfk
      ytqnhfk 4 October 2011 12: 23
      I want to note that Caucasians do not understand the kindness of Russians, they consider it a weakness! "!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  29. Eric
    Eric 11 July 2011 01: 17
    I will support ku33ya, Own, SAVA, Pinocchio.

    The first item is a time bomb. Comes around in the future.

    The second point - the process of giving change is already running. It’s just that it’s badly seen so far. Or do not allow to see?
    And by the way, I have respect for the same Zaripov, he is a Tatar, but not to a Caucasian.
    Yes, and as it was noticed here, the Russians were survived by all and sundry. Whoever is interested knows. It has no statute of limitations. The International was in the USSR, now the Russian Federation. "New time, new challenges" (C) I will quite get along with secular Tatarstan and Bashkiria, rather than with Chechnya, Ingushetia and Dagestan. Plus brothers need to help out (OohKrainaBeloRuss) We will be lost without them, just as they would be without us.
  30. svvaulsh
    svvaulsh 21 July 2011 10: 29
    But here is how the North Caucasians awaken Russian national feelings. Punishment, torture, bullying of Chechen fighters against Russians.) I do not advise you to look particularly suspicious. These are the shots I would show the fighters before the task, so that they understand that there is nothing in common between people and this rabble.
    1. Ivan35
      Ivan35 21 July 2011 18: 27
      We Russians themselves are to blame for this situation - in fact it is ridiculous - a small nation oppresses us in our big country! I live in Kazakhstan and I think we need to take an example from the same Kazakhs! They have a lot of Caucasians here - they exiled during the years of repression under Stalin - especially Chechens and many others. But there is no conflict like in Russia. But the peoples are far! Firstly, they received them well in those years - when it was difficult - and most importantly they hold on to relatives! They offended the girl (God forbid) and the whole village with pitchforks and axes was already coming - and the city had the same thing - you shouldn’t touch anyone - all the brothers and relatives would not calm down until they reached the logical end. So it seems to me and therefore the Kazakhs have no problems with them. Why can't we do that? Can we send courses here?
  31. S.N.M.
    S.N.M. 21 July 2011 19: 01
    To the author.
    I agree.
    Let people believe in justice and they will stand FRIEND FOR FRIEND, AS MYSELF.
    PS Justice already triumphs, otherwise we would talk about the imperfection of the Almighty. We are too low for justice.
  32. Sobibor
    Sobibor 17 September 2011 22: 08
    Wai Severokafkazets!
    Don't be ridiculous - "I love Russia" - go love the sheep.
  33. svvaulsh
    svvaulsh 3 October 2011 20: 40
    I have already seen a similar article on another site, with one maaaaalenky difference in the headline: I am Tatar! So, I think the article was rewritten and contrived, and it was written far from a native of the Caucasus! And they do not call themselves North Caucasians, but exclusively by nationality. So the article is a complete farce!
  34. ytqnhfk
    ytqnhfk 4 October 2011 12: 24
    I want to note that Caucasians do not understand the kindness of Russians, they consider it a weakness! "!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!