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Rostekh reported that the Moscow Youth Scientific and Practical Conference "Innovation in aviation and cosmonautics-2014 ”became the venue for the presentation of heat-resistant fiberglass honeycomb core for the PD-14 engine, developed by specialists of Obninsk“ Technology ”, which is part of the RT-Chemcomposite holding.

The holding specialists have created a honeycomb filler, which will be used in the noise control panels of the PD-14 engine in the area of ​​the gas generator. These areas can heat up to temperatures in 300 degrees Celsius. Due to the chosen combination of materials and manufacturing technology, the life of a new glass fiber substrate, which received the name SSP-7-8T, in such conditions is at least 500 hours. According to the developers, one of the key features of the heat-resistant SSP was the heat-resistant glue BC-10T and the binder SP-97K, selected as a polymer matrix. They allowed to achieve the required strength characteristics at given density values.

The new Russian-made PD-14 engine is designed for the MS-21 advanced aircraft. During its development, the most modern technologies and composite materials were used. Currently, PD-14 is certified by the Aviation Register of the Interstate Aviation Committee in accordance with the Aviation Rules of the AP-33, as well as validated by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA).

The presentation of the operating PD-14 was held at the 2014 Moscow International Engine Forum.
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  1. fregina1
    fregina1 April 23 2014 12: 03
    ALL engines must be produced in Russia !!! This is the heart of technology!Ukraine is a vivid example! You can arrange all Motor Sich engineers here! They don’t want to, are free! The future is behind engine building!
    1. abrakadabre
      abrakadabre April 23 2014 12: 56
      Ukraine is a vivid example! You can arrange all Motor Sich engineers here! They don’t want to, are free! The future is behind engine building!
      It is better and more useful to connect Motor Sich to Russia. Naturally, within the administrative boundaries of the "Motor Sicheskaya" region
      1. Igor39
        Igor39 April 23 2014 15: 11
        Like a topic about composite materials, a couple of clever articles about nanotechnology, further development, nanorobots, pros and cons, this is almost a reality. Science and technology is the future.
  2. fzr1000
    fzr1000 April 23 2014 12: 03
    What can I say? Wow. Implement as soon as possible and necessary.
  3. JoylyRoger
    JoylyRoger April 23 2014 12: 04
    There is life in the old dog yet wink
    It was not for nothing that the Japanese at one time wanted to buy failed material on patents.
  4. gandalf
    gandalf April 23 2014 12: 05
    There are many talents in Russia. And if talent is for the benefit - then honor and praise!
  5. Roman1970
    Roman1970 April 23 2014 12: 12
    There are enough smart people! Increase funding and there will be no problems!
  6. Little Muck
    Little Muck April 23 2014 12: 12
    Moscow Youth Scientific and Practical Conference "Innovations in Aviation and Cosmonautics-2014"
    It is necessary to attract and train young people more in order to lower the average age in the industry. And nobody has yet canceled the search for new talents.
    Keep it up. good
  7. x.andvlad
    x.andvlad April 23 2014 12: 18
    Quote: fzr1000
    What can I say? Wow. Implement as soon as possible and necessary.

    I completely agree! Only introduce in Russia, and not anywhere else.
    And young specialists need to be cherished and cherished. Possible sanctions should lead to the right conclusions.
    In particular, US Vice President Joe Biden said yesterday that "further provocative behavior of Russia will lead to greater isolation." THE ENEMY DOES NOT NAP!
  8. Dazdranagon
    Dazdranagon April 23 2014 12: 23
    The main thing is that it doesn’t work out like with an E-mobile ... wassat
    1. Grbear
      Grbear April 23 2014 17: 05
      And what about the Yo-mobile? Prokhorov just decided to build a "correct market" in a particular industry. And I was convinced that the market itself does not work, and money is not everything, and the attitude to the project must be different (sublime or something winked ).
      The fact that the best practices for the ruble were given to the automobile institute is good. And the achievements are not bad. Let her learn to think.
  9. Giant thought
    Giant thought April 23 2014 12: 24
    It's very good. Now all this must be put into action in order to have an economic effect.
  10. Strashila
    Strashila April 23 2014 12: 24
    The answer to the mess in Ukraine.
  11. tnship2
    tnship2 April 23 2014 13: 15
    Of course, the brothers are a matter of time - what we will make ourselves. Young people are full of talented people in our country. Even it is enviable what tasks they face.
  12. kocclissi
    kocclissi April 23 2014 14: 12
    To develop and maintain talents, they are the wealth of the country! Well done!
  13. AlexA
    AlexA April 23 2014 15: 43
    Quote: Dazdranagon
    The main thing is that it doesn’t work like with a Yo-mobile

    It shouldn't. PD-14 is being developed in Perm at Aviadvigatel JSC. This is an experimental office - OKB-19. It has existed for almost 80 years. I never stopped my core business. In particular, the plane of the President of Russia flies on Perm PS-90 engines.
    Although, of course, there are problems. But - they will break through ...