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There is a license for the seizure of Kiev buildings

As the ITAR-TASS, Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs Victoria Nuland said in an interview with the American company CNN that the protesters who had seized Kiev buildings had all the necessary permits, including those issued by the authorities.

"You can not compare the situation in Kiev, where everything that is still held by the protesters is held in accordance with the licenses, with the permission of the government, in consultation with the Rada, or if there is an agreement with the owners of the buildings, with what is happening in Eastern Ukraine" - noted Nuland.

Also, the politician said that the Kiev authorities adhere to the Geneva accords. In particular, “a presentation of the draft law on amnesty and“ sending representatives to the east of Ukraine to work with the OSCE ”took place.

It is worth noting that on Monday Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov made a statement that the Ukrainian authorities are not fulfilling the Geneva agreements. “The authorities of Kiev do not do anything, they did not lift a finger in order to eliminate the causes that underlie the current deep Ukrainian crisis,” the minister argued. “For almost half a year, the Right Sector has been hosting in various cities of the center and west of Ukraine, to extend its influence to the eastern regions, using force.

Lavrov also noted that the buildings captured “by force” have not yet been liberated, the Maidan continues to “flourish”, the streets remain blocked. “The leaders appointed by the Verkhovna Rada declare openly that the Geneva agreements on the“ Maidan ”do not apply, because, you see, the Kiev City Council or the city administration decided that the“ Maidan ”can be preserved and that it acts legitimately. This is absolutely unacceptable, ”the minister added.
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  1. ambiorix
    ambiorix April 23 2014 06: 36
    Lease of state premises by Maidan fighters?
    Well PPC, they keep the whole world from stupid?
    Although nya betrays idiocy even worse than this:

    1. Canep
      Canep April 23 2014 06: 51
      Quote: ambiorix
      Well PPC, they keep the whole world from stupid?

      And the whole world answers them the same, starting with Zadorny, and ending with the governments of the overwhelming number of countries.
      In general, it looks something like this, I hire militants - bandits, evict the entire high-rise building, and so that the residents can leave as good-by-late, I force them to sign the lease agreement, cops come to me and show me something, and I tell them the residents themselves agreed to rent their apartments. And it goes from the American point of view. And why are they better than bandits after that?
      In the east, boys also need to get the same pieces of paper. And take them from their newly appointed leaders. The mirror answer.
      1. SHILO
        SHILO April 23 2014 06: 59
        There is a license for the seizure of Kiev buildings

        TA-dah. When this nuland blurted out, I almost rolled off the chair laughing . Immediately I wanted a license to shoot the shabby banderlogs with nuland for the company. Giving a license to the Southeast! fellow
        1. APASUS
          APASUS April 23 2014 07: 18
          Quote: SHILO
          There is a license for the seizure of Kiev buildings

          As I understand it, they have a bunch of licenses there. Including a license for the opportunity to spoil in the doorways in the center of a beautiful city, build pigsties and plant gardens!
          Further there is already not enough imagination, for which the Americans could issue licenses to them ............?!
          1. infinite silence ...
            infinite silence ... April 23 2014 09: 02
            Do you believe it? But nothing surprises me.
            Gardens, pigsties, licenses, the go-ahead for "safari" ... After all this, there can be no question of any adequate! The next will be a greenhouse with tomatoes on the podium of the Rada, or they will hold elections for the best executioner.
            Sometimes it seems that they are really patients of the same clinic ....
        2. Tersky
          Tersky April 23 2014 07: 30
          Quote: SHILO
          TA-dah. When this nuland blurted out, I almost rolled off the chair. Immediately I wanted a license to shoot sushy banderlogs with nuland for the company. Giving a license to the Southeast!

          Che is trifle then men, so if you take a license so to rent the White House ... laughing ! According to Nuland, she once again confirmed the stupidity and inconsistency of US policy in Ukraine. The more such pearls from gentlemen of the Americans, the sooner the rest of the world will get hu hu hu ..
        3. washi
          washi April 23 2014 09: 10
          Quote: SHILO
          There is a license for the seizure of Kiev buildings

          These are trifles.
          Fox News: Putin with impunity robs the United States in Ukraine
          According to the figurative expression of the Fox News analyst, the Russian president acts in the Ukrainian crisis as a robber - depriving the United States of its legal influence in this territory.

        4. avt
          avt April 23 2014 09: 33
          Quote: SHILO
          There is a license for the seizure of Kiev buildings

          TA-dah. When this nuland blurted out, I almost rolled off the chair

          Yes, our propagandists should simply carry Vika Nuland in their arms and blow off dust particles from her! This is how all the Russian, white-ginned, in terms of GDP, opposition should be dunked in guano over and over again! Either they laughed - "Where are the cookies from the State Department for which they sold?". And here - if you please, I was feeding it right from the hands on the Maidan. Then the cry - "Maidan - people's anger, where are you, fake conspiracy theorists, do you see the hand of USA?" And here's to you - Vika openly broadcasts that 5 billion was spent on the coming to power of the necessary government and directly by phone tells the ambassador in Kiev whom he should appoint as prime minister! She ought to have a free trip to the Crimea, to a sanatorium, write out, let her rest, you look, she will please with something else. laughing
      2. Duke
        Duke April 23 2014 07: 23
        There is a license for the seizure of Kiev buildings

        They will soon issue a murder license to the right-hander.
        1. Egoza
          Egoza April 23 2014 07: 56
          Quote: Duke
          They will soon issue a murder license to the right-hander.

          Well, at least there will be a license to defeat! Get out! The right sector destroyed the central office of the CPU and sealed it! well, after all, "they did not capture" (apparently the communists had nothing to profit from). So it is legal!
        2. infinite silence ...
          infinite silence ... April 23 2014 09: 35
          And what is an open "safari" for people? Is this not the license you are talking about?
          True children of Hitler.
      3. andj61
        andj61 April 23 2014 07: 40
        Right! Renting buildings and squares to the protesters of the South-East is our symmetrical answer. But your bacon is your tinsel!
    2. anfil
      anfil April 23 2014 08: 46

      They still do not realize that gunpowder is left.
  2. Igor39
    Igor39 April 23 2014 06: 37
    Everything according to the rules, a license to capture, a license to shoot, are on the road to democracy!
    1. dimdimich71
      dimdimich71 April 23 2014 06: 42
      I think it's time to beat them with the same methods.
    2. The comment was deleted.
    3. bubalik
      bubalik April 23 2014 07: 26
      Victoria Nuland said in an interview with the American company CNN that the protesters who seized the Kiev buildings have all the necessary permits for this, including those issued by the authorities

      ,,, dolfool fool s ,,,
  3. mig31
    mig31 April 23 2014 06: 41
    Gosdepovskaya nonsense, the more incredible the lie, the more tenacious it is ... amerovskaya "wisdom".
    1. Revolver
      Revolver April 23 2014 06: 58
      Do not attribute Goebbels merit to the State Department
  4. gas113
    gas113 April 23 2014 06: 41
    He will correct the hunchbacked grave ... This west has swept up ... The situation is already openly destabilizing, important people come to Kiev. Damn if a Russian politician came to Lugansk what would happen. The explosion in the Western press. It is time to cut through the window, preferably from the inside.
  5. ya.seliwerstov2013
    ya.seliwerstov2013 April 23 2014 06: 44
    Favorite saying of the Ukrainian junta - there is no limit to lawlessness.
  6. dimdimich71
    dimdimich71 April 23 2014 06: 44
    By the way, the Czech Republic began to wake up, they are afraid that they will burn
    1. Canep
      Canep April 23 2014 06: 58
      Quote: dimdimich71
      By the way, the Czech Republic began to wake up

      Which Czech Republic is where Prague or where Grozy? Ours began to call Chechens Czechs now you’ll understand horseradish.

      The request for administrators is to introduce a ban on Chechens into the site’s rules as Czechs, in order to eliminate misunderstandings.
  7. mamont5
    mamont5 April 23 2014 06: 47
    "There is a license for the seizure of Kiev buildings"

    And they also got a license to kill? How to hunt ...
    The West itself is no longer daring to kill, pushing its jackals. And they only know how to scream.
    "Due to the policy of tolerance, the Western world is not ready for wars and casualties, and participation in hostilities is economically disadvantageous."
    “The expectation of military aggression from NATO is either paranoia, or incompetence, or propaganda. Moreover, after Crimea, this should become completely clear. As one of the Polish newspapers wrote,“ Thanks to Putin for another reminder to us that the current NATO is even not a paper tiger, but a soap bubble. "
  8. sledge
    sledge April 23 2014 06: 48
    Well, it was necessary to somehow explain why the Ukrainian government does not fulfill the agreement. lol
  9. Yun Klob
    Yun Klob April 23 2014 06: 54
    Well, let Yanukovych also write out the license, what is the problem?
  10. torrr38_41
    torrr38_41 April 23 2014 06: 55
    And where can I get a license to shoot banderlog? wassat
  11. Was mammoth
    Was mammoth April 23 2014 06: 57
    The Pentagon, following the destroyer Donald Cook, sent another warship to the Black Sea - the Taylor missile frigate. It is reported by The Sofia Globe. The frigate was supposed to arrive "in the Black Sea on Tuesday to maintain peace and tranquility in the region," the U.S. Navy press service said.
    Tymoshenko: Negotiations with Putin can only be on surrender
    US Secretary of State John Kerry, in a telephone conversation with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, suggested that Moscow publicly urge protesters in southeastern Ukraine to lay down their arms. It is reported by RIA Novosti. In addition, the Secretary of State warned of tougher sanctions against Russia in the absence of progress in the implementation of the Geneva agreements.

    I am not a supporter of Putin, I have never voted for him and I consider him a representative of big business. Especially in light of his support for the Medvedev government, the "oddities" with Serdyukov, etc.
    However, I believe that now, all of us, Russian citizens, should rally around our president in the face of the current real external threat. Strength and patience to him.
  12. Grbear
    Grbear April 23 2014 06: 59
    Not a license, but indulgence
    Indulgence (from Lat. Indulgentia - indulgence, mercy), in the Catholic Church, the full or partial forgiveness of "sins" given to the believer by the church (USA note mine) (possessing, according to the teachings of Catholicism, a reserve of "divine grace" due to the merits of Christ and the saints), as well as a certificate issued by the church on the occasion of the "remission of sins." From the 12th to 13th centuries. the Catholic Church began the Indian trade on a large scale, which took on the character of shameless profit (the idea lives and thrives), which subsequently aroused violent protest by humanists (population); abolition of trade I. was one of the main requirements of the Reformation(federalization). Sale by I. papacy (and EUAmeres) not completely discontinued at present.
    1. PSih2097
      PSih2097 April 23 2014 11: 18
      Quote: GrBear

      "Everything that the bearer of this did was done at my command and for
      benefits of the state. August 5, 1628. Richelieu "(c)" Three Musketeers ". A. Dumas.
  13. mackonya
    mackonya April 23 2014 07: 03
    The Maidan is now a landmark of Kiev, and the captured administrative buildings are the observance of old and "good" Ukrainian traditions. Well, the Right Sector's weapons are only for their own safety (moreover, they are automatic), but the fact that they carry out lustration is, well, "onizhedeti".
  14. gandalf
    gandalf April 23 2014 07: 12
    Why does everyone say - "double standards" ...
    You can give a simple and objectively capacious description - "political schizophrenia".
  15. kartalovkolya
    kartalovkolya April 23 2014 07: 17
    So the Washington "politdama" opened our eyes to us, but we did not even know that the Verkhovna Rada (under Yanukovych) issued licenses to law-enforcement officials for atrocities. Just like Fleming: agent 007 with a license to kill. No, madam provocateur, these are your figures like Brenn, Biden and those who handed out cookies on the "Maidan" not only "supported a peaceful protest", but also issued licenses for seizures and pogroms. Chernobyl "in the South-East! It’s worthless for all the statements of the US State Department — a lie remains a lie! Tremble the scum, you still have to answer for the terrorist attacks on Russian soil, and not only the world wants revenge for the chaos committed by the United States!
  16. nalexx
    nalexx April 23 2014 07: 21
    Stop the Earth, I will come down request
  17. Semen Semyonitch
    Semen Semyonitch April 23 2014 07: 30
    There is a license for the seizure of Kiev buildings what

    -And why the corpse in the trunk?
    -So I have a certificate, I’m taking bury ...
  18. Grenz
    Grenz April 23 2014 07: 36
    Nuland turns out to be a young barmaid on a Russian fishing trawler in her youth, and how she spoke out there her ... like a warmer tuzik. And now he takes revenge on us. Apparently the clinic - rabies ...
    It is clear that in its entire history - the USA, a sedimentation tank is for everyone, but apparently the situation is so critical that normal people cannot be found on government posts. That character is pepper: McCain, Power, Psaki, Nuland ... Some kind of Kunstkamera!
  19. sv68
    sv68 April 23 2014 07: 44
    you guys misunderstood everything laughing Now on ukroin make it possible with the general dissolution of psychiatric hospitals a certificate from a psychiatrist is called a license fool which fighter has a license, then his house is a madhouse
  20. Magadan
    Magadan April 23 2014 07: 49
    Well, it means, according to Katherine "pechenyukha", that the Maydauns at the time of the Maidan, the buildings were not seized, but rented ... I wonder if the invoices for December 2013 - February 2014 will also be presented?
  21. bubla5
    bubla5 April 23 2014 07: 51
    American politicians are so stupid, just no words
  22. Barakuda
    Barakuda April 23 2014 07: 52
    Quote: Semyon Semyonich

    -And why the corpse in the trunk?
    -So I have a certificate, I’m taking bury ..

    -And why are his hands tied, and who is he?
    - Yes ... a bad case of suicide ...
  23. The Art of War
    The Art of War April 23 2014 08: 08
  24. mojohed2012
    mojohed2012 April 23 2014 08: 10
    Paranoia and quadruple standards bloom like x ... in the bushes in the heads of state third-rate underpolitics.
    So lie already - this is Something ...
    In short, we are not buzzing, we quietly and stubbornly say what we need and that Kiev and the United States violated this and that. We are waiting for the denouement and their mistakes. We hit the sick and weak places.
    Nakrainyak to enter the western borders of Ukraine, we can at any time, so what is actually losing? We are waiting and responding to attacks with attacks.
    Stupid and stupid Euro-atlantoids will come to an agreement and will turn into a gut twist. Then it will no longer be completely washed. It is better to speak well and threaten than to sacrifice your soldiers of the Russian Federation.
  25. Signaller
    Signaller April 23 2014 08: 26
    Insanity grew stronger, definitely.
  26. VNP1958PVN
    VNP1958PVN April 23 2014 08: 31
    Hoch.y were much more honest, until they became amerikosovskimi! yes
  27. tokin1959
    tokin1959 April 23 2014 08: 42
    Western Jesuits will always find excuse for their actions.
    hypocrisy has no borders.
    specifically, the junta did not take any steps to reconcile.
    they just promised a little, you can’t believe promises - the same Yanukovych believed, and barely took his legs, otherwise he would have simply been killed.
    none of those detained for protests was released, on the contrary, new arrests were made.
  28. Espado
    Espado April 23 2014 08: 53
    The US State Department has such special courses on revolutions, and any licenses are issued there.
    But this is somehow uninteresting. I think that when the plan of the Maidan in Ukraine began to burst at the seams, experts from Hollywood were invited - judging by those pathos speeches, arrivals / arrivals / consultations / direction of ships / sending six hundred paratroopers to the Baltic states and other delirium. And Putin does not fit into the new scenario - he doesn’t build a death star, he doesn’t drink blood, he is silent, he doesn’t even fill himself with an ominous laughter ... to move !?
  29. Tanechka-clever
    Tanechka-clever April 23 2014 09: 08
    "The protesters who seized the Kiev buildings have all the permits necessary for this, including those issued by the authorities" - I wonder what authorities issued, if under Yanukovych, they initiated criminal cases for this. If the "maydanutye" were issued, then they are outside the law, and the southeast also has the same permits. Today, everyone has the right to issue such a permit to himself, since there is no legal authority. Who would have thought that licenses are issued to seize buildings. American hypocrisy is not even a suitable word, only "very strong." Interestingly, someone also gives out on the arson of buildings
  30. kelevra
    kelevra April 23 2014 10: 52
    They probably have licenses for shooting those who speak Russian! The jackals are completely crazy!
  31. Ross
    Ross April 23 2014 11: 21
    Quote: ambiorix
    Lease of state premises by Maidan fighters?
    Well PPC, they keep the whole world from stupid?
    Although nya betrays idiocy even worse than this:

    Forgot to smoothly lie, laziness.
    The government issued a license to seize buildings. Maybe the license to kill is the same? 007 continuous Yarosh. laughing
  32. Oleg 12
    Oleg 12 April 23 2014 13: 25
    In the Southeast, too, all self-defense forces must be issued all the licenses, with a margin for the future.
  33. Thompson
    Thompson April 23 2014 14: 16
    I quietly forge! How can you be such a hypocrite !? And what can you not only negotiate with, but talk about !?
    Ignore them! And watering on all fronts!
  34. jPilot
    jPilot April 23 2014 21: 59
    Whoever doubts that any scum will find an excuse. They specially grow these kikimors there. Then Scandaliza Rice then Nuland. You read, listen to all this nonsense and more and more wit. But it begins to boil. After all, they will wait until they wake Russia, and sanctions will not help .....
  35. Nonik
    Nonik April 24 2014 00: 53
    I immediately remembered from the movie "The Mask", when a grenade launcher was pulled out of the main character's pocket, he said: "I have permission for it!"
    So here it is lol All US policy is becoming a laughing stock for the whole world. Either Vice President Biden will declare that "no country is allowed to violate the sovereignty of another country," then Psaki, then Nuland, then Power ... clowns - as if they were a match.