Shipbuilding: dreadnoughts or "mosquitoes"?

Shipbuilding: dreadnoughts or "mosquitoes"?

The reform of the Russian shipbuilding industry, its modernization and access to the modern technological level have been stalled lately. However, the reason for this hitch is not in crisis (the state is still able to allocate the necessary funds for the development of the industry). And not in the fact that Russian shipbuilders are allegedly unable to design and build modern warships and civilian ships.

Unclaimed Super Dock

The problem, first of all, is conceptual in nature: the government and the military have not yet decided which fleet they need and for what purposes. And the proposals on the part of both individual enthusiastic engineers and large industrial enterprises can only be of an advisory nature: although the product is specific, the customer still has to make the choice.

At the end of 2013, Delovoy Peterburg noted with regret that the project to create a new super-shipyard on the island of Kotlin worth 60 worth a billion rubles “made ends”. According to the publication, the orders that planned to load it in the future, will receive the Far Eastern "Star". In any case, Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin told reporters during a visit to the largest shipyards in St. Petersburg - the Northern Shipyard and the Baltic Shipyard.

Speaking about the potential of Russian shipbuilding, Dmitry Rogozin said that the shipyards of the North-West will specialize in the manufacture of complex warships and an icebreaker fleetBut promising offshore projects will be concentrated in the Far East, where the Zvezda super-shipyard project in Big Stone, implemented by the United Shipbuilding Corporation (USC), is in the final stage.

But the Petersburg shipbuilders did not have time to worry about the fate of their industry and rejoice over their Far Eastern colleagues, as the project of the super-shipyard in the Primorsky Territory was in doubt. In December 2013, Dmitry Rogozin, at the regular meeting of the Marine Board, criticized the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation for the lack of precise dates for the construction of the shipyard and its order portfolio: “Almost no legal act reflecting the proposed reorganization of the USC structure in the Far East has yet been adopted.” That is, he cited almost the same arguments for which the construction of a similar super-ship in the North-West is being postponed.

Recall that back in August, Russian President Vladimir Putin instructed the federal government (specifically, the Ministry of Industry and Trade and the Ministry of Transport) together with USC, Rosneft, Sovcomflot and Gazprombank to submit proposals for creating a shipbuilding industrial cluster in the Far East. Now, as the Far Eastern media comment on what is happening, the construction of the Super Star "Zvezda" in the Big Stone has "stalled."

It is worth noting that the currently existing shipyards, which are entrusted with the task of "specializing in the manufacture of complex warships and icebreaking fleets," in the extreme need to modernize production. First of all investments are necessary. After all, if the enterprises maintain their current state at the expense of both Russian and export military orders, primarily Indian, then completely different means are needed for the purchase of modern equipment and technologies.

It was assumed that USC would invest the money simultaneously with the transfer of production to Kotlin. And on historical The shipyards, according to the Finnish recipe implemented in Turku and Helsinki, were planning to build residential complexes and commercial real estate, including to partially pay for the relocation. Now this project, most likely, will never be realized.


If indeed it is a question of changing the concept - which the professional community, unfortunately, can only guess at - then this is, as they say, half the trouble. Our engineers are ready for this; it suffices to recall the program for creating and using special ekranoplans for solving problems of ensuring national security.

Recently, she has been actively promoted by Oleg Volik, Chairman of the Association of Developers, Producers and Consumers of Ekranoplanes, based on samples created as part of the federal target program “Development of civilian marine equipment”. However, in all likelihood, in this case we are dealing with the proposals of enthusiastic engineers. Let me remind you that the proposal is to replace heavy nuclear cruisers with a cloud of ekranoplans - “mosquitoes”, on which you can place and deliver both conventional and tactical, and even strategic armament.

As we come to an important and deep topic - the creation of a modern maritime weaponsit is worthwhile to dwell upon it. Just a few years ago, there was a serious discussion among specialists about whether Russian enterprises are capable of creating such weapons at all, in particular underwater mines and torpedoes. The question was not idle, since a number of developers and suppliers after the collapse of the USSR found themselves abroad - albeit in friendly ones, but still in other countries. But it was not easy to replace them at the first stage, and even considering the then economic and personnel crisis.

Everyone also remembers very well the tragedy of the Kursk submarine: according to the official version, it was caused by the explosion of its own torpedo, either in the torpedo tube, or in the torpedo compartment (here the opinions of experts differ). In this regard, the question arose extremely acutely: will the Russian navy be provided with new modern underwater weapons, or this will never happen.

Many experts expressed doubt also because the case was entrusted to the natural monopolist in this area - the concern “Marine Underwater Weapon - Gidropribor”. However, the last 3 – 4 of the year showed that the specialists of the enterprise as a whole cope with the tasks assigned to them. The matter is not without problems - and it would be possible to list them for quite a long time, however, it is better to remember that only those who do nothing are not mistaken, and that the tight deadlines set for the company were initially simply unfeasible. And R & D and the creation of prototypes is a process that always goes on as usual, when it is often not possible to accelerate and even more so skip over several stages. In any case, the process of creating such weapons takes from 7 to 15 years.

There are serious problems with the creation and implementation of modern maritime communications and navigation systems. For example, even an existing GLONASS that has already been put into operation has such a cost that civilian shipowners use more affordable GPS systems instead. Of course, if there is political will and funds allocated from the budget, such problems do not arise among sailors. However, it automatically follows from this that all infrastructure costs are borne by Russian taxpayers, while the infrastructure of a foreign GPS system, by contrast, is funded by civilian consumers, including Russian consumers.

Serious questions also cause modern data transmission systems. If there are no problems with radio communication and transmission of short weather reports, then the need for packet data transmission where there is no cellular and fiber-optic communication (that is, in most of the territory of the Russian Federation) still baffles specialists. Not to mention the fact that the return of the military to the Arctic once again raised the problem of the non-passage of short waves in northern latitudes, almost forgotten from the 1980-s. All this, together with the issue of communication with submarines, is a serious challenge for the domestic military-industrial complex, but at the same time a wide field for the activities of Russian engineers and designers.
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  1. +5
    April 23 2014 08: 18
    Everything is clear that nothing is clear yet ... And this, as usual, is annoying.
    1. +7
      April 24 2014 03: 05
      You just need to return, following the title of "Hero of Labor", the title of "Enemy of the People"! And everything will fall into place.
  2. +2
    April 23 2014 08: 42
    Sagging ... Apparently, by the beginning of the third world we still still leave without a fleet ...
  3. NIVH
    April 23 2014 08: 47
    Of course, you can also defend yourself with a mosquito fleet, and if you adequately represent the country in all the world's oceans, then you need to think about large ships. And the combat capabilities of the "dreadnoughts" are in no way comparable to the "mosquitoes".
  4. +11
    April 23 2014 08: 53
    AGAIN a mess in the heads of people!
    and the current GENERALS only feel that the PANTS are wiped .... yes the kids get in the way, then the godfather is the brother or the matchmaker and they don’t want to offend anyone!
  5. +14
    April 23 2014 08: 54
    There must be dreadnoughts and mosquitoes. But everything is in reasonable proportions, without jumping in one direction. This was said long ago and not by me.
    The ekranoplanes cloud cannot be anchored in the Mediterranean Sea, but the appearance of an atomic cruiser with an order there is somehow annoying and sobering.
    But in general, right. Industrialists are developing the base for a specific order, not the ornate thoughts of the Premier.
  6. +1
    April 23 2014 10: 00
    "Chaos in the heads!" .. that's the whole story, the only thing that I would like to know from stupidity and stupidity of my own, or all the same on someone's instigation ..
  7. +3
    April 23 2014 12: 05
    The Main Military Sea Staff of Russia and of all times, such an impression, lacks the spirit to recognize the geographic realities of Russia - its "sea curse", from this we will lay the "Krondshtaty" - the "Krondshtat" cut, we will lay the "Soviet Unions" - the "Soviet Union" cut, the guns as usual fighting ... on land. Let us formulate the naval concept of "dreamers", we obtain battleships of the "Peresvet" type - a large weakly armed target, our eternal partners say joyfully about it. We will formulate a sober naval concept (though forcedly) and at the exit we get the most-destroyer "Novik", ah ah, our partners say, and grudgingly begin to copy
  8. Leshka
    April 23 2014 13: 05
    they are pushing the water in the mortar and there is really no action
  9. +1
    April 23 2014 13: 25
    For example, even the already existing and put into operation GLONASS has such a cost that civilian shipowners use instead more affordable GPS systems

    I confirm completely ... The "Breeze" receiver indicator, which does not even have an LCD screen with a displayed map and the rest of the functionality is utterly primitive, how much would you think? about 500 thousand! A portable mobile version of it fits entirely only in a diplomat. Damn progressors ...
  10. +1
    April 23 2014 13: 54
    The problem, in the first place, is conceptual in nature: the state power and the military have not yet decided which fleet they need and for what purposes.

    This is the worst. And not only in shipbuilding.
  11. 0
    April 23 2014 16: 18
    After reading this opus, I would like to exclaim: "Lord, give Obamushka some reason: let him introduce economic sanctions and refuse to export Russian oil and gas to Europe." You look, after the oil loot dissolves, our kiryuhs will start thinking about extracting the aforementioned substance from a more costly, but also much more promising sphere - science-intensive technologies.
  12. 52
    April 23 2014 16: 19
    This is the whole problem of the fleet. After the Revolution, no, I lied, after the "Tsu-sima" our admirals were seized by some kind of shyness in their thoughts, and they could not decide whether the ocean fleet (but you will tear your navel when creating it), or "mosquito", but then put up with the dream of the Ocean ... Stalin, unlike the admirals, was a pragmatist and built what the tugriks were enough for, but the admirals demanded more and "ruled" the state order themselves. Yes, I.S. superknowledge, otherwise the heads would fly. Curiously enough, the voluntarism of the maize was useful: we need an art cruiser in the era of aircraft carriers and primitive, but still guided missiles with nuclear warheads. it is interesting to look at the classic torpedo attack - stealthy approach to the warrant at night and getting luli even before the torpedo is dropped. Something more or less harmonious appeared under Gorshkov: both the oceanic fleet and the nuclear triad are full-fledged, but only AUG is not present, there are only means of dealing with them. And the way they say angry tongues: the Soviet Navy did not receive the ships that Gorshkov wanted, but those that were produced by B. Butoma (the minister was like that, they say, well, just a "darling" in communication). Now the same mess is going on, in fact, the sign has been changed, but the entourage and the girls are the same. I really want specific solutions, because we have interests everywhere. Can change "furniture" or "girls", because the sign has been changed many times?
  13. penyvr
    April 23 2014 18: 19
    Yeah, until the fried rooster in the opera doesn’t bite, we’ll sit .. but nothing will be soon soon, but there you will look at an empty stomach and it’s better to think)
  14. 0
    April 23 2014 21: 58
    Russia is never ready for war, neither on water nor on land, only after many victims does the movement towards victory begin
  15. badger1974
    April 24 2014 00: 36
    for example, the most important thing for us to dance and judge is for this, the stars of the heroes of the outskirts and super actresses of super property of folk whores also give rewards, but only visitors to the technical department haven’t waned because of uselessness, in Russia it’s somewhat different, although there are minuses too , let’s break through, the main thing is not to keep up, the state’s gepaes was not immediately built up in the blink of an eye, it was extremely difficult to born under the condition of complete inactivity of the USSR in the well-fed western USA, GLONASS will be the leader — I say, Crimean
  16. 0
    April 28 2014 19: 44
    Crimean shipbuilding will be by the way, still Kherson and Nikolaev and forward!
  17. 0
    15 September 2015 13: 54
    There are hands no brains

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