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Elections of people's governors in Kharkov and Lugansk

According to the information agency "Vesti", in the center of Kharkov, a rally of supporters of the federalization of Ukraine was held, at which the people's governor was elected. They became Kharkov Vladimir Varshavsky. In addition, the participants of the Kharkov gathering demanded the dismissal of the head of the Kharkiv region, appointed by Kiev.

Also, pro-Russian activists talked about the need to intensify actions to conduct a referendum. According to ITAR-TASSDenis Levin, a member of the coordinating council of the Southeast movement, believes that this is “one of the ways to restore legality in the country.”

According to the rusvesna.suOn the same day, a congress of representatives of people's assemblies was held in Lugansk, at which Governor Valery Bolotov was elected, and an independent People’s Republic was proclaimed.

After his election, Bolotov answered questions from journalists. He announced the creation of a joint headquarters and units of the Army of the Southeast. The issue of the illegality of restricting the entry of men from Russia into the territory of Ukraine was also discussed.

In addition, the people's governor of the Luhansk region is going to take control of the police and the courts. “Re-subordination of all power structures of the region, in particular the courts and the Ministry of Internal Affairs, will be carried out only legally. Lugansk people's power will act together with other southeastern regions of Ukraine, ”he stressed.

It is worth recalling that rallies in support of federalization have been held in eastern Ukraine since March of this year. The first were Donetsk, Lugansk and Kharkov, and later several more cities in the Donetsk region joined the protests. The Ukrainian authorities responded with a special operation involving the army.
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    NOMADE April 22 2014 06: 43
    Well done! We are for close economic cooperation with Kharkov! Stay with the rest of the east!
    1. Alexander Romanov
      Alexander Romanov April 22 2014 06: 52
      Quote: NOMADE
      Well done!

      Hmm, the current is not enough for the people at the rally. They will arrest the new governor and the whole business. While the people are sitting at home, there is not much shouting.
      1. NOMADE
        NOMADE April 22 2014 06: 57
        I think this is just the beginning. At least, I really hope so. Moreover, considering that there is a defense industry, and the new "power" has hammered a bolt on industry, then many are beginning to leave their "huts on the edge." Since they understand that soon they will have nothing to eat, since there will be no work .. (
      2. dimdimich71
        dimdimich71 April 22 2014 07: 21
        The main beginning is, the DNR will be!
    2. Validator
      Validator April 22 2014 08: 20

      In Lugansk at the gathering Anthem of Russia
  2. Egoza
    Egoza April 22 2014 06: 46
    People's gathering in Lugansk

    new SBU of Lugansk

    Folk veche and "surprise"
  3. mamont5
    mamont5 April 22 2014 06: 49
    All is correct. To create legal authorities in contrast to the Kiev appointees and rather hold a referendum.
  4. kolyhalovs
    kolyhalovs April 22 2014 06: 49
    These deputies have eggs made of titanium. When no one can guarantee your freedom and life, stepping forward from the crowd is worthy of respect.
  5. Nick
    Nick April 22 2014 06: 53
    Well, the Kharkiv became more active. Kiev clowns, for the presidential election, will lose half of the country IMHO ...
  6. Sergg
    Sergg April 22 2014 06: 56
    Not only Kharkov and Lugansk!

    Odessa People's Republic of Novorossia created in Odessa!

    The Odessa People's Republic of Novorosia was created in Odessa. The message to the creation of this was earlier, but on April 21.04.2014, XNUMX, the Republic and Novorossia were legitimized and voted by many people gathered in the Kulikovo field. The Head of the Union of Orthodox Citizens of Ukraine Valery Kaurov was elected People's President of the Odessa Novorossiysk Republic. He was prosecuted by the junta and forced to remain in Moscow and represent the interests of the Odessa Novorossiysk Republic due to repression.
    Valery Kaurov addressed the audience on Skype, congratulated everyone on Easter, and said that the proclamation of the ONR Novorossia is very symbolic on Easter day, when our Savior and Lord Jesus Christ resurrected. So the Odessa Republic of Novorossia is resurrected on this day, which will become a full-fledged territorial subject of the new federal state, absolutely friendly to Russia.
    The proclamation of the Odessa Novorossiysk Republic is a response to the "Easter" terror of the anti-christ junta - the shooting by the "Right Sector" block of the Resistance post in Slavyansk at 2:XNUMX Easter night and the arrest of the ideologist of the Kharkiv People's Republic Konstantin Dolgov. Kaurov compared these events with the NATO bombing of Belgrade and that these events are demonstrative anti-Orthodox in nature, that the "Geneva agreements" are meaningless, and the dialogue with the junta is harmful, because it legitimizes it.
    Odessa Novorossiysk Republic declared recognition of the Donetsk, Kharkov, Lugansk and Carpathian People's Republics. The participants in Kulikovo field noted that New Russia is the historical name of 8 regions of the Southeast, donated by Lenin and Trotsky to the Ukrainian SSR without any popular will, and appealed to their residents to affirm this historical name everywhere, to say and write everywhere that we are from New Russia, our land Novorossiya, is an important part Holy Russia, Russian world, Orthodox civilization. The meeting also thanked the President of Russia Vladimir Putin for the actual legitimization of Novorossia and urged him, after the arrest of Kharkov and the execution in Slavyansk, to introduce a peacekeeping contingent of Russian troops in Novorossia, because all other measures are useless.
  7. mig31
    mig31 April 22 2014 06: 57
    THE PEOPLE OF UKRAINE ARE THE WHOLE HEAD, and not the Washington Regional Committee ...
  8. Ilja 22
    Ilja 22 April 22 2014 07: 07
    Good, son, good !!
  9. shelva
    shelva April 22 2014 07: 17
    Yes Long live any weakening of the power of Kiev in the Southeast. Drive banderlog to the west!
    1. Corsair
      Corsair April 22 2014 08: 58
      Quote: shelva
      Drive banderlog to the west!

      Those who do not want to live in harmony, and generally from the country ...
  10. Alexey N
    Alexey N April 22 2014 07: 26
    Honest online survey. By regions and Ukraine as a whole:
  11. loginovich
    loginovich April 22 2014 07: 46
    Kaurov is a henchman, he campaigned 4 years ago in the campaign for Hurwitz
    1. Alez
      Alez April 22 2014 07: 50
      And here in more detail, hu from hu Mr. Kaurov. And slow down, I'm recording.
  12. Magadan
    Magadan April 22 2014 07: 59
    Governor of the People, that's good. The question is how to really subordinate the power. I suggest starting with the "simple and dumb" things.
    Use the slogans of the maydanuts. They were against the oligarchs. Here is the East and against Taruta. We want to choose ourselves. What are the claims? Oh, because we are blacks, and you are "white Banderite bone"? Clear.
    On the Maidan wanted as "Europa and the United States." Well, we are for it! We want federalization, like in Europe and the United States.
    What it is? For starters, this is a tax split. Like in Europe and the USA. How many percent to Kiev, and how much should we leave? And let’s write about it in Wikipedia about the USA. (там долго и нудно, но есть картинка по примеру штата Огайо. Штат в оставляет себе более 60%, т.к. налог на землю и налог по продажам - это в копилку штата)
    In general, approximately this is 60% to the region and 40% to the center. What are the claims? Everything as you wanted on the Maidan - we live in the USA!
    Own culture and information. Well, not a hero for us Bandera! Well, we don’t believe it, where Bashar al-Assad’s helicopter is being shot down over the sky of Kramatorsk, and the m.os.kali are our enemies.
    So simple things:
    elected governor. elected power in the field. elected regional judge (as in the USA)
    tax section 60% -40% (in favor of the region).
    own cultural and information space.

    Will they be against? Yes, easy - there and then the call "America bomb the junta, they are against democracy!" The main thing is that for Americans it will not be funny at all for the Americans. The East will require the usual American country organization!
    1. Corsair
      Corsair April 22 2014 08: 55
      Quote: Magadan
      The main thing is that it will not be funny for Americans to be simple, because The East will require the usual American device of the country!

      Don’t be so naive. The American media will pervert everything as usual as you can’t ...
      And the "ordinary" American will hear (and see) what he has to ...
  13. Rurikovich
    Rurikovich April 22 2014 08: 03
    Stand our ground, and the so-called people's rulers, elected by the "peoples" of the "Maidan", will show their teeth under the "wise management" of the United States. Here is the true troublemaker of the world's waters. If maydanutym can be elected on behalf of the people, then why can't the people elect on behalf of the people ??? Paradox...
  14. Giant thought
    Giant thought April 22 2014 08: 04
    Of course, what kind of state is this without power structures? It is imperative that the police and the courts be taken into subordination both everywhere, and then their activists can be further saved from arrests by the junta.
  15. Gagarin
    Gagarin April 22 2014 08: 28
    The main thing is that the processes have begun, now do not stop and everything should work out.
    Well, the words of Zhirinovsky:
  16. The comment was deleted.
  17. Corsair
    Corsair April 22 2014 08: 47
    Quote: from article
    According to the Vesti news agency, a rally of supporters of the federalization of Ukraine was held in the center of Kharkov, at which the people's governor was elected. He became Kharkov citizen Vladimir Varshavsky.

    In 80x I knew one of Warsaw:
  18. Ross
    Ross April 22 2014 10: 32
    Quote: Alexander Romanov
    Quote: NOMADE
    Well done!

    Hmm, the current is not enough for the people at the rally. They will arrest the new governor and the whole business. While the people are sitting at home, there is not much shouting.

    In addition, they divided the referendum into two dates -11 and 18 of May! Absurd stupidity -or setup?
  19. kelevra
    kelevra April 22 2014 14: 40
    And when is the referendum? I will come to support the physical layer of security!