Informational struggle

Информационная борьба

Not only does Koch demonstrate a butcher’s approach to business, calling for the killing of women and children (and the latter one by one), he also history doesn't know well

Unlike the current junta, the Red Army began to form just on a voluntary basis, and white officers honestly (which they, however, often very quickly forgot, for which they were shot without any pity later) were released from the Cheka. At the same time, throughout the entire civil war, the problem of “recruiting people” did not stand before the Red Army - because of the nature of the Civil War, recruiting new fighters among the representatives of the exploited classes went bang.

If, say, the Red Army began to be created using the Koch method, then by the year of 1919 Yudenich would have taken Petrograd, and Kolchak would have taken Moscow. Koch confuses (quite probably deliberately) emergency measures taken during the war to increase the combat capability of the units with the mechanism for creating the Red Army as a system where the same problem of military experts was only partially solved by putting pressure on the former tsarist generals, since a significant part of the old officer corps served the Bolsheviks voluntarily. It’s possible to break spears around Trotsky as much as you like, but of course he wasn’t an obvious idiot, and if, for example, in February 1918 of the year he began to invite officers into the army, threatening to “shoot the children one by one”, it’s easy to imagine how many so he would have gathered people.

The myth about the Latvians and the Chinese comes to us from the times of the Civil War, when the whites are unable to admit that the Russian people rose up against them, blamed everything on the machinations of the Chinese and Latvian troops that the Bolsheviks brought, although the same Latvian generals before the October Revolution.

On the whole, Koch’s plan is a bizarre mixture of historical ignorance and a palaic approach, which, however, is not surprising to the author of a saying that Russia is a finished country.

Comrades from Mariupol asked to inform the public that Ukrainian trade unions in Donetsk, Nikolaev, Dnipropetrovsk and a number of other areas put serious pressure on workers of mines and enterprises when they were forbidden to go to rallies against the junta and participate in actions under threat of dismissal and physical violence. disobedience.

Actually, it is no secret that in bourgeois society, trade unions, as a rule, are servants of capital, and in Ukraine, with its primitive oligarchic capitalism, even more so. Therefore, there is nothing surprising in the fact that trade union bosses, as usual, betray the working people, acting on the side of those characters who seized power in Kiev and are preparing the property of the Southeast for a new redistribution.

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  1. +16
    April 22 2014 06: 07
    Koch misses the ice ax. I have them.
    1. +18
      April 22 2014 06: 36
      Quote: Humpty
      .I have them.

      Lenin was a good ally; Lenin must have slept when Trotsky worked lol
      Well, to hell with them with the Bolsheviks. I look at the map, a good half of the Donetsk region under the control of the Republicans, why hasn't the border service been created so far and the border with Russia has not been opened?
      It's time to put your posts.
      1. +1
        April 22 2014 06: 49
        Quote: Alexander Romanov
        The myth about Latvians and Chinese comes to us from the time of the Civil War, when the white people are unable to admit that the Russian people rose against them, dumped everything on the machinations of Chinese and Latvian troops, which were brought in by the Bolsheviks,

        In April 1918 foreigners and prisoners of war who were in Russia were allowed to accept Soviet citizenship, which markedly intensified the creation of international units in the Red Army. By the summer of 1918 In about 90 cities of the country, international detachments, companies, battalions and regiments were formed. Under the gun were the Chinese, Hungarians, Germans, Koreans, Poles, etc. The striking force of the Red Army was the Latvian arrows. In total, about 600 thousand internationalists participated in the Civil War on the side of the Reds. In letters to Lunacharsky, the writer V. G. Korolenko complained that they were used primarily as the main executors of punitive actions against the local population. (History of Russia: Course of lectures Ekaterinburg, 1995.)
        In her memoirs, the poetess 3. N. Gippius (she lived in Petrograd during the Civil War) says: “Today they have added 1/8 pound of bread for two days. What a mercy! .. I. I. went to Gorky, again because of his brother (after all, I. I. the brother was arrested). I.I., who once saved Gorky from death! For this, he is now allowed to watch Gorky dine. To the request regarding his brother, Gorky replied, “I’m tired of you. Well, let your brother be shot ”... Do you know what“ Chinese meat ”is? This is what it is: the corpses of the executed, the Emergency gives away to the animals of the Zoological Garden. Both here and in Moscow. The Chinese are shooting. But when killing, as well as when sending corpses to animals, the Chinese loot. Not all corpses are given away, and which is younger - they are concealed and sold under the guise of veal. And here - and in Moscow. On the Haymarket, Dr. N. bought the meat "with bone," he recognized as a human. He carried it in the Cheka. He was very advised there not to protest, so as not to get to the Haymarket himself. (Z. Gippius. Petersburg diary.)
        1. +4
          April 22 2014 09: 13
          These rumors like "one poet said" - do they have much to do with reality? What they just didn’t whisper about in St. Petersburg kitchens ...
        2. The comment was deleted.
        3. albolo
          April 23 2014 21: 52
          Stupidity is utter and nonsense !!! This is how many Latvians need to have. to conquer all of Russia ????
      2. +2
        April 22 2014 06: 52
        It is unclear what they are waiting for, and the Kiev trash from the posts in Donetsk must be driven and the border with Russia unblocked at the same time. We are not in their place now, it’s easy to argue. It is one thing for sure that we must advance ourselves so that defense does not go into retreat.
      3. +6
        April 22 2014 07: 20
        Quote: Alexander Romanov
        why has the border service not been created so far and the border with Russia not open?

        Accelerated! First, federalization must be conducted through a referendum. Otherwise, they’ll definitely put everyone in prison for separatism, and everyone will be blamed on Russia! Thinner is necessary! POLITELY!!!
        1. The comment was deleted.
        2. +5
          April 22 2014 08: 28
          Good morning, it seemed to me there wasn’t this video, it was on TV, but it was cut (+18):
          1. 0
            April 22 2014 09: 14
            Quote: mirag2
            Good morning, it seemed to me there wasn’t this video, it was on TV, but cut (+ 18)

            Rubezhnoe is a town on the administrative border of Donetsk and Lugansk regions.
    2. +2
      April 22 2014 08: 27
      Quote: Humpty
      Koch misses the ice ax. I have them.

      One has already waited
    3. Apostle
      April 22 2014 21: 32
      and white officers on parole (which, however, they often very quickly forgot, for which they then shot without any pity)
      ... they did not violate my great-great-grandfather the night before the execution to the family he was released on parole, and by the morning he returned to the KGB ... they shot him. He was a man of words!
  2. +6
    April 22 2014 06: 09
    Koch is a provocateur. Deal with him according to his call.
    1. +3
      April 22 2014 07: 23
      Quote: shinobi
      Koch is a provocateur. Deal with him according to his call.

      The scheme proposed by Koch will work with prihvatizators with a bang! It's good that he suggested how to return the stolen goods back.
  3. +9
    April 22 2014 06: 10
    The main creator of the Red Army is not Trotsky, but Antonov-Ovseenko. He was one of the few among the Bolsheviks who had a military education and knew a thing or two about tactics and strategy. It was not for nothing that he was sent against Kaledin's Cossacks to Ukraine (!). It was later that the famous Jew "adhered" to the creation of the armed forces of the Bolsheviks. But Leiba Davidovich used repression and executions willingly and en masse against officers of the imperial army ...
    1. +1
      April 22 2014 07: 38
      Quote: Sergey7311
      But Leiba Davidovich willingly and massively applied repressions and executions to officers of the imperial army ...

      But it was Trotsky who stood for the attraction of "military experts" to the Red Army, for creating human conditions for them to serve and for limiting the influence of the commissars on the fate of the officers who served in the Red Army. And the "kindest" Vladimir Ilyich demanded that the hostages be shot at the first opportunity. So "everything was not so simple for them" (tm). Civil war is a specific thing, especially in Russia. The above quotes from Korolenko and Gippius are, of course, good, I can give you a lot of them from Bunin or Averchenko, but do not forget that all this was an element of confusion, fear for your life and the lives of loved ones. Overnight, the usual life went downhill (often - with their direct help in the fight against tsarism), and it's hard to get used to the new. Exactly the same thing is observed in the Ruin - at first they wore pies to the Maydanuts, wrote libels in their support, and then they rob, torture girls, impose guards on shops and enterprises ...
      And Mr. Koch is just twitching. Himself, pa.dla, stole in troubled times, now dumped and gives advice. In nature, he is not enough ice ax.
      1. albolo
        April 23 2014 21: 58
        Quote. quote, just don’t forget that both the hippius, Averchenko, and Bunin were ardent enemies of the Soviet regime.
        And stop raving about the mass executions of hostages by Lenin! Probably there were cases. But by no means massive. Otherwise, why would the Russian people follow Lenin? And for executions and executions, you will take an interest in Siberia! Where the "good" and "good" thief, drug addict and traitor to the Motherland, Admiral Kolchak with the "good" punisher Kappel, decorated the entire Trans-Siberian Railway with gallows. Well it was necessary to get so well-off Siberian kulaks that they en masse went to the Red Army!
    2. +1
      April 22 2014 12: 50
      It is necessary to write not "to Ukraine", but "to Ukraine". We have not yet canceled the Russian language.
    3. 0
      April 22 2014 12: 51
      But I put the plus anyway.
  4. +2
    April 22 2014 06: 10
    And Koch really knows the story very poorly ...
    1. +5
      April 22 2014 06: 16
      Quote: Sergey7311
      And Koch really knows the story very poorly ...

      I noticed that almost all historians fit the facts under their hypothesis.
    2. Bi_Murza
      April 22 2014 07: 11
      Koch knows the story very well, like the poetess Z, N, Gippius, they are the brains of us and want to shove us a story that they themselves invented
  5. +5
    April 22 2014 06: 18
    An interesting movie, and after watching, you will wonder why we do not use such a "gap", the "leaders" recourse so put under control Russian ...
  6. +19
    April 22 2014 06: 20
    1. +2
      April 22 2014 08: 57
      In Kiev, a Negro goes to the university by tram
      He reads a newspaper not in Ukrainian

  7. +19
    April 22 2014 06: 27
    My opinion: it is precisely and succinctly said! Cynicism and barbarism of the Kiev junta.
    1. The comment was deleted.
    2. Quantum
      April 22 2014 07: 37
      Relatives of the famous hero Panikovsky: you do not know Panikovsky, he will buy you all, then sell and
      will buy again ... and so on! History in the Golden Calf!
  8. JoylyRoger
    April 22 2014 06: 30
    Like this
    1. +1
      April 22 2014 06: 47
      May I be a zombie but never down!
  9. +1
    April 22 2014 06: 34
    I have Koch associated with cholera. And figuratively, too
  10. +1
    April 22 2014 06: 37
    Damn the circus turned into madness.
  11. +4
    April 22 2014 06: 39
    Quote: andrei332809
    I have Koch associated with cholera

    With tuberculosis. Excuse me. winked
  12. +1
    April 22 2014 06: 40
    Bullshit is the weapon of rotting American capitalism, the truth is the weapon of the sane, Russia among them ...
  13. +3
    April 22 2014 06: 53
    Descendant of Erich Koch, Reichskommissar of Ukraine (1941 - 1944), Obergruppenführer of the SA? The methods are similar.
  14. +1
    April 22 2014 07: 03
    Well, union bosses need to be reminded of their risky profession. And then, you can threaten 10-20 workers. And when there will be 100 people, it will be very stressful. And then, the economic situation in Ukraine is becoming more complicated, so soon the threat of job loss will not be so terrible.
  15. +4
    April 22 2014 07: 10
    According to ALFRED KOCH, a rope with soap has been crying for a long time.

    At the worst, one can recall the fate of the fascist Gauleiter ERIKH KOCH.
    1. +1
      April 22 2014 09: 48
      Quote: The same Lech
      According to ALFRED KOCH, a rope with soap has been crying for a long time.

      At the worst, one can recall the fate of the fascist Gauleiter ERIKH KOCH.

      Maybe relatives (distant) ...
  16. +1
    April 22 2014 07: 22
    About trade unions and business owners. We need to ask them a simple question: "Do you really believe that the junta will retain power? What do you think we will do with you and your enterprises, if we still take power in the East?"
    This is arranged in the form of leaflets and anonymously scattered around the enterprises.
    There are a lot of ways to fight the owners, if they start to put pressure on the people. From minor acts of sabotage and "Italian strikes" to strikes at an enterprise with force blocking from all kinds of strikebreakers. It is not bad to remind some of the privatizers from WHERE their enterprises are from. In general, then let the business choose between two fires. I think they will decide that Kiev is far away, and the people are here, nearby.
  17. +1
    April 22 2014 07: 31
    They still haven’t finished the murzilka, but are already trying to write history books.
    1. 0
      April 22 2014 08: 05
      Quote: shelva
      They still haven’t finished the murzilka, but are already trying to write history books.

      Reading the magazine "Murzilka" ( good ), they would be smarter and wiser.
  18. +1
    April 22 2014 07: 47
    Kokh wanted to get publicized, only he forgot that they would also ask him. Therefore, the choice is small, either shoot himself or wait until they help him with this
  19. tokin1959
    April 22 2014 08: 00
    Since they remembered Leon Trotsky, this question arises.
    Trotsky is exposed as a bloody dictator, a fiend of hell, who killed Russian officers left and right.
    But - Leva lived for a very long time abroad, where also a lot of white immigrants lived.
    Among the white immigrants there were paramilitary and fascist organizations.
    Why didn’t anyone avenge his bloody atrocities? not banged for friends, relatives?
    And with the liquidation in Mexico, too, some difficulties.
    they were looking for murderers among ideological people, although Mexico is a gangster country, you could just pay some sort of banderos and it would be torn to shreds.
  20. 0
    April 22 2014 08: 06
    Well, what else needs to be done with the Ukrainian people so that they understand that it is time to get up and go to Kiev to take power in soy hands? That you can’t sit still and expect that over time everything will somehow settle down?
  21. +1
    April 22 2014 08: 12
    Koch is best treated with bleach. They say it helps a lot.
    1. 0
      April 22 2014 09: 00
      Quote: Cossacks
      Koch is best treated with bleach.

      Clean air and good fatty foods and Koch's wand will not do any harm. Hunger, devastation, prison regime - ideal conditions for this infection.
  22. 0
    April 22 2014 08: 23
    Our enemies always try to present us as half-foolish savages in quilted jackets who walk in embrace with bears. The record is already so worn out that sometimes it bothers those for whom it is intended. But these gentlemen cannot come up with anything better over the years. The lack is lacking. And we laugh at them, all this dirt does not stick to us, just shake our shoulders, and everything flies off us like husks.
  23. 0
    April 22 2014 08: 36
    Quote: Thought Giant
    Our enemies always try to present us as half-foolish savages in quilted jackets who walk in an embrace with bears

    Well, even if they think so, they will be more afraid. And they are afraid of the unknown actions from the unknown laughing
  24. Tanechka-clever
    April 22 2014 09: 09
    Who is Alfred Koch, and he is the one who is white with "white", and red with "red". And during the occupation in the fascist commandant's office, he is in charge of the lists of communists. After the war, they praise the Red Army, and with the advent of "American freedom of speech" they make murderers and criminals out of patriots, because the scoundrels and scoundrels themselves are today in Ukraine in the Maidan government. At first, "Berkut" is criminals for them, but today "Berkut" is already heroes and patriots for them. Koch and Makarevich should walk with a sign - "who will praise me the most ....". Such as Koch are capable of killing in millions under the slogan of democracy, but if they take what they have stolen from them, they begin to shout about the dictatorship in the country - Soviet dissidents learned this well and taught it - their generational continuity is based on anti-Russian ideology, since they believe and worship only in "an ash calf". At M. Gorky's, Danko led the people out of the dark thicket - in joy the people trampled his heart and forgot. Koch protects his heart and is therefore ready to trample other people's hearts and memory
    1. tokin1959
      April 22 2014 10: 25
      Koch is immortal along the way
  25. 0
    April 22 2014 09: 24
    [quote = Z.O.V.] [quote] A black man travels to a university in a tram in Kiev
    He reads a newspaper not in Ukrainian [/ quote]

    You didn’t know what "black people" Is this an insulting abuse? They need to be called culturally - afronigery.
  26. -1
    April 22 2014 09: 29
    Quote: mig31
    Bullshit is the weapon of rotting American capitalism, the truth is the weapon of the sane, Russia among them ...

    Unfortunately, in Russia they are constantly "happy". Today, on April 22, in the "Morning" program, the presenter Ekaterina Srizhenova bashfully announced that "on this day in the old days it was customary to clean springs, yards," etc., and a little later with enthusiasm announced that today (!!! ) fellow diapers birthday and further detailed report on the history of creation and device of this device ...
    And the fact that on April 22 was born a man who created the world's first state of workers and peasants, to say "was ashamed." I think he has a right to memory, no less than Peter I.
    Yes, Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov (Lenin), the personality is ambiguous. But thanks to him, Russia embarked on the path of industrialization and electrification. Russia, which became the Soviet Union, became the first country in the world with compulsory free education, free medicine, the first country to launch an artificial satellite and man into space. It was in the Soviet Union that a scientific and industrial reserve was created, which we, even with the help of our parasite oligarchs and the bastards paid by them in power, can’t eat for almost 30 years. And after the rejection of socialist values, we can now evaluate on our own what we received in return. Insurance medicine, which has become a means of making money from human ailments, and not a guardian of people's health; Egan education for the education of stupid semi-educated robots; killed agriculture and industry for the sake of joining the WTO, so that the oligarchs would be comfortable, etc.
    The information war against the people of Russia inside it is ongoing. Just concentration what how to put it more decently ... a semi-liquid substance for the brains of citizens in different bubbles is different. There is a "medicine" in a thinner - like "Morning", and there is a more powerful one - like Koch. "People are eating!"
  27. their
    April 22 2014 09: 32
    Koch is the son of fascists exiled to East Kazakhstan. In the 90s he served the seven-bankers, now in the ranks of 5 columns.

    He needs to be returned to his homeland in Zyryanovsk.
  28. 0
    April 22 2014 09: 47
    Quote: mamont5
    I noticed that almost all historians fit the facts under their hypothesis.

    And here is not a hypothesis, but a specific fact from the history of my "small" Motherland - the Terek Territory. In these places, (and in others too), in addition to the Whites and Reds, Chinese mercenaries took an active part in the civil war, from which the Cheka units were formed. Relatively speaking, this was the first experience of using the cheap power of migrant workers. In 1915, Chinese workers began to be imported from Russian Manchuria for the construction of the Petrograd-Murmansk railway, the Murmansk port and other objects of state importance. Many Chinese workers were sent to various mines in the Urals, to the coal mines of the Donetsk basin, to logging in Belarus and cold Karelia. The most literate Chinese were selected to work at various enterprises and factories in Moscow, Petrograd, Odessa, Lugansk, Yekaterinburg. In 1916, groups of Chinese were even formed to dig trenches for the Russian army on the German front. The number of "Walking-Walking" over the years grew exponentially: if by the end of 1915 there were 40 thousand Chinese in Russia, then in 1916 - already 75 thousand, and in the spring of 1917 - already 200 thousand.
    And so, when the Russian Empire collapsed in 1917, these thousands of Chinese found themselves in a foreign country without money, without work and without any prospects of returning home. And in the blink of an eye, the harmless "Walking-Walking" turned into dangerous gangs that wandered aimlessly through Russian cities, trading in robbery and violence. The first to notice the orphaned Chinese were the Bolsheviks, who called their "class brothers" to serve in the ChON - units of a special purpose, punitive detachments of the Red Army, who were entrusted with the most "dirty work". Why were the Chinese good? The bulk of the Chinese did not know the Russian language and did not represent the country they were in, its religion, customs and way of life. Therefore, they held out to their fellow tribesmen, forming close-knit closed groups with strong discipline. Unlike Russians, Tatars or Ukrainians, the Chinese did not go home on occasion, their home was too far away. They did not become deserters, because the whites, aware of all the horrors that the "Chonists" were doing, shot the Chinese without trial or investigation.
    So, the first detachment where Chinese migrants were hired for military service was the international detachment at the 1st Corps. Then this detachment, with the government moving to Moscow, was renamed the "First International Legion of the Red Army", which began to be used to protect top officials.
    Also, the Chinese guarded Trotsky, and Bukharin, and all the other prominent party members. In addition to guarding, the Chinese troops also carried out punitive functions. About how the Chinese fought, writes in her diary Anastasia Khudozhina, a resident of Vladikavkaz:
    “The massacre was terrible, because a detachment of Chinese people, who came from somewhere in our city, pulled a machine gun on the bell tower of the Alexander Nevsky Church and began to pour fire on everyone. “Devils are slanting,” hissed his mother, and prayed incessantly. But these Chinese were darkness, darkness, about three hundred, no less. "

    The most bloody gang of migrants was the 1st separate Chinese detachment of the Cheka of the Terek Republic, commanded by Pau Ti-san. This military formation "became famous" during the suppression of the Astrakhan uprising on March 10, 1919. After the Civil War, the Chinese mercenaries were out of work - and most of them began to flock to Moscow, where a quite noticeable Chinese community was formed (according to the census of 1926, there were over 100 Chinese in Russia).
  29. Voenruk
    April 22 2014 10: 08
    Koch the traitor! This is so clear (showed himself in the 90s), why discuss his nonsense.
  30. 0
    April 22 2014 10: 17
    Has anyone watched a topic video? Where the men drive the tank? Is it really that army that got the best weapons from the western districts of the Soviet army? This trough constantly stalls, patency is lower than that of an old Niva. Well, at least they didn’t try to line it, the consequences would be terrible for the warriors themselves. Georgians had better tanks in 2008. At least they were pretty borzoi fleeing from Russian tanks, but this one could not get away from the crowd of angry men. By what principle do not gather an army, whether Koch, Trotsky, you can’t get a lot of war with such weapons.
  31. Andrey82
    April 22 2014 12: 47
    Attention! A. Koch not so long ago spoke derogatoryly about Russians. More recently, L. Narusova called for the extermination of all Russians. And now the question is - why does Article 282 (anti-Russian) apply to anyone, but those who humiliate the dignity of the Russian people and directly call for the extermination of Russians, our Prosecutor General’s Office does not carefully notice?
  32. 0
    April 22 2014 21: 43
    Shaw for Koch ?? pitchfork laughing
    if he wants, don’t dissuade him, let him do it, we’ll see how long he will last, and the mercenaries are now expensive and not fools - they themselves will slap him
  33. Calter
    April 23 2014 00: 56
    “Unlike the current junta, the Red Army began to form just on a voluntary basis, and white officers, on their word of honor (which, however, they often forgot very quickly, for which they were later shot without any pity) were released from the Cheka. throughout the civil war, the problem of "recruiting people" was not faced by the Red Army - due to the nature of the Civil War, the recruiting of new fighters among the representatives of the exploited classes went off with a bang. "
    Well, as far as I know, the Red Army on a voluntary basis is one of the communist utopias. No, well first of course they tried to recruit only volunteers into the army. True, they were able to gather the people almost 2 times less than that of the same Denikin, whose army consisted of 95% of officers (junior ranks performed the functions of privates). Let's not forget that the Bolsheviks themselves came to power on the wave of dissatisfaction with the World War, so they could not gather a large number of volunteers by definition. Therefore, the party reluctantly decided to return to the "bourgeois" method of manning the army. lol
  34. -Russian-
    8 May 2014 17: 58
    [quote = Svetovod][quote = Z.O.V.] [quote] A black man travels to a university in a tram in Kiev
    He reads a newspaper not in Ukrainian [/ quote]

    You didn’t know what "black people" Is this an insulting abuse? They need to be called culturally - afronigery.[/ Quote]
    Oh well

"Right Sector" (banned in Russia), "Ukrainian Insurgent Army" (UPA) (banned in Russia), ISIS (banned in Russia), "Jabhat Fatah al-Sham" formerly "Jabhat al-Nusra" (banned in Russia) , Taliban (banned in Russia), Al-Qaeda (banned in Russia), Anti-Corruption Foundation (banned in Russia), Navalny Headquarters (banned in Russia), Facebook (banned in Russia), Instagram (banned in Russia), Meta (banned in Russia), Misanthropic Division (banned in Russia), Azov (banned in Russia), Muslim Brotherhood (banned in Russia), Aum Shinrikyo (banned in Russia), AUE (banned in Russia), UNA-UNSO (banned in Russia), Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar People (banned in Russia), Legion “Freedom of Russia” (armed formation, recognized as terrorist in the Russian Federation and banned)

“Non-profit organizations, unregistered public associations or individuals performing the functions of a foreign agent,” as well as media outlets performing the functions of a foreign agent: “Medusa”; "Voice of America"; "Realities"; "Present time"; "Radio Freedom"; Ponomarev; Savitskaya; Markelov; Kamalyagin; Apakhonchich; Makarevich; Dud; Gordon; Zhdanov; Medvedev; Fedorov; "Owl"; "Alliance of Doctors"; "RKK" "Levada Center"; "Memorial"; "Voice"; "Person and law"; "Rain"; "Mediazone"; "Deutsche Welle"; QMS "Caucasian Knot"; "Insider"; "New Newspaper"