Ukrainian sniper rifle and a new generation of VPR.308Win VPR.338LM

In Ukraine, by the year 2013, our own school of developers was formed and mass production of sniper rifles for civilian and military consumers was launched. As a base for sniper rifles used design Z-008, developed by Zbroyar, gunsmith Konstantin Konev. The head and designer of Zbroyar is also known for the fact that in 2003, he introduced the VK-003 sniper rifle, designed to equip Belarusian special forces. The basic civilian serial models are Tactical and Tactical Pro, Hunting and Hunting Pro, Varmint and Benchrest.

Zbroyar implements military projects in close cooperation with Kiev PJSC "Mayak" and the state company "Ukrspetsproekt".

The Mayak plant is a true legend with the 90-year-old history. Even before the war, the factory made musical instruments. Later they produced tape recorders, and in the days of independence they tried to produce television sets, but they could not stand the competition. 5 years ago, to survive in a crisis, they decided to make small weapon.

5 years ago in the Ministry of Defense, the plant was given the task of mastering the manufacture of small arms to support its armed forces. In the spring of 2008, the first samples of an infantry machine gun were made, the first batch of which was sold in December of the same year. Currently being mass production of sniper rifles. The plans of the plant - the development of Ukrainian pistol.

Rifle VPR.338LM

Rifle VPR.308Win

VPR.338LM and VPR.308Win sniper rifles for export are very close relatives of Tactical Pro. The constructional solutions of the Z-008 family are preserved in these rifles. For the first time, new Zbroyar sniper rifles were demonstrated in Abu Dhabi (UAE) at the IDEX international exhibition in 2013.

Accuracy of shooting at a distance of 100 meters for all VPR.308 and VPR.338LM rifles is guaranteed to be no less than 0,5 MOA (angular minute), in reality, when using a weapon, a trained rifle shooter of this line can ensure 0,15 MOA accuracy (using appropriate components and cartridges) .

The basis of the design of sniper rifles laid receiver and bolt group of its own design. To ensure maximum strength and rigidity, a closed-structure receiver has been designed. For the manufacture of the receiver used stainless steel, thermally treated. The slide group of sniper rifles of the Z-008 family has a sliding bolt. Located in two rows of six lugs provide a stable and durable locking. Two barrel sizes are available - standard (for the cartridge type 7,62х51 - .308Win) and long (for the class “magnum” - 338LM).

The rifle is equipped with a Timney trigger mechanism, adjustable for pressing force ranging from 0,068 to 1,8 kg. For ammunition, 5 / 10-charging detachable box-shaped stores from Accuracy International are used. The rifle is equipped with a muzzle brake, it is possible to install a removable silencer. The folding rifle butt is adjustable in height and length. The butt plate not only extends from the butt, but also changes the angle of rotation. Sights are mounted on the tire type Picatinny, which is mounted on the top of the receiver.

Technical characteristics of sniper rifles VPR.308Win / VPR.338LM:
Overall length - 1230 mm.
Length with folded butt - 1020 mm.
Barrel length - 650 mm.
Recharge - manual.
Weight - 5-7 / 9,8 kg (depending on the performance and availability of bipods).
Used ammunition - 7,62x51 / 8,6x40.
Firing range - 900 / 1500 m.
The initial speed of the bullet - 830 / 915 m / s.
Store capacity is 5 (10) / 5.
Rate of Fire - 20 / 15.
Barrel life - 10 thousand shots.

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  1. LONER
    April 21 2014 07: 16
    According to the top photo. Of course, I do not know why to copy the M4 if there is an H&K 417, or rather its Marxian version of G28. But the benefits are obvious, because I was able to clearly see the size of the butt Magpul PTS PRS M4.
  2. +6
    April 21 2014 07: 18
    The resource of the barrel is 10 thousand shots.
    Something is hard to believe!
    1. +3
      April 21 2014 10: 07
      Ribbon power as an option laughing
    2. +4
      April 21 2014 12: 50
      Quote: Rash
      The resource of the barrel is 10 thousand shots.
      Something is hard to believe!

      What to believe in? Own development on a set of well-known manufacturers, full of deja vu, as their machine gun is assembled from spare parts from the Russian Federation. That says it all.
      1. dimacassir
        5 August 2014 14: 38
        The main thing is more such rifles for the army and the National Guard
        1. +2
          5 August 2014 14: 47
          Quote: dimakassir
          The main thing is more such rifles for the army and the National Guard

          And you need one with a telescopic sight and a single cartridge.
          I hope this helps you not to miss in your own head!
          I sincerely wish you good luck!
          1. +3
            5 August 2014 16: 27
            dimacassir -this is for you.

            Death in own feces!

            We have on the site
            template! is he cashier!
            In my own slops,
            Lying on the Russian world!

            Fecal matter
            From the throat already rushing!
            Do not put an enema,
            So tear it up!

            You take purgen
            A hundred grams that way!
            What would you dill
            Gloriously passed!
  3. 0
    April 21 2014 07: 34
    Well, run them go on the Maidan with ..
  4. +2
    April 21 2014 08: 41
    conceived not bad, but it will be, as always, through the ass!
    1. comrade Bitch
      April 22 2014 23: 05
      these are not prototypes anymore, but serial products ... zd lighthouse offers these products on its website
  5. Alexander.B
    April 21 2014 10: 37
    This means we are all technologically advanced with the T-5000, accuracy with 0,5 MOA is issued as an achievement of engineering ... And here it’s for you - Zbroyar talks about 0,15 MOA by a trained shooter. What price? I personally see a direct competitor of ORSIS. Moreover, some external similarity and coincidence of technical solutions raises questions who is who?
    1. +4
      April 21 2014 11: 44
      Quote: Alexander.B
      raises questions who is who?

      all u: shutter group Mauser system, with some changes (((

      T-5000 ,, ORSIS ,, and Ukrainian VPR.308Win and VPR.338LM are practically "twins" ((((

      accuracy, in non-automatic sniper rifles, is achieved solely due to the accuracy of processing the barrel (rifling) and the quality of the metal from which they are made ((((
      1. +3
        April 21 2014 15: 01
        Quote: cosmos111
        accuracy, in non-automatic sniper rifles, is achieved solely due to the accuracy of processing the barrel (rifling) and the quality of the metal from which they are made ((((

        I believe that this statement is not absolutely true ... and ammunition, and optics, and the quality of training and experience of shooters? With all that, the trunk is really not a minor "detail". feel
        1. +2
          April 21 2014 15: 20
          Quote: Understudy
          I believe that this statement is not absolutely true.

          article, specifically about the trunks (rifles))))
          Quote: Understudy
          optics, and the quality of training and experience of shooters?

          it is natural and not even negotiable (((
          it’s a pity that we don’t have a modern sniper cartridge and the T-500 uses rifle cartridges from reliable manufacturers such as the German RWS and Finnish Lapua (((
          chambered for .308 Winchester, 300 Win Mag and 338 Lapua Magnum ...
  6. +3
    April 21 2014 11: 23
    The question is price - ORSIS evaluates its expensive ...
  7. +2
    April 21 2014 11: 34
    So that's where the Ukrainian word "zbroyu" comes from, i.e. weapon? winked Or was it a Ukrainian company? The article is not entirely clear.
    1. +5
      April 21 2014 14: 27
      The company is kind of Ukrainian, and the spelling of the name in Latin letters is such a cool type. The word zbroyar itself means gunsmith.
    2. +4
      April 21 2014 17: 09
      Quote: NoNick
      So that's where the Ukrainian word "zbroyu" comes from, i.e. weapon? winked Or was it a Ukrainian company? The article is not entirely clear.

      The Zbroyar company was founded in 2007 as a specialized small-scale production of high-precision sports and hunting rifles. The Ukrainian team, with Zbroyar Z-008 rifles, won second place at the European Championships in the F-class in 2011 and 2012. The products of Zbroyar won the respect of consumers not only in Ukraine and the CIS, but also in Germany, England, the United Arab Emirates and even distant Australia.

      With the advent of the Z-15 and Z-10 self-loading carbines (according to the Stoner scheme), the Zbroyar company underwent changes. The staff was increased, the degree of localization of the produced rifles was increased.

      The reform of the company continues now. The composition of the design bureau has been expanded. Production capacities have been increased. The quality control service has been radically reformed. The company is steadily increasing its output. At the same time, we do not forget about individual products and, as before, the Z-008 is one of the best European bolt rifles.

      We look to the future with confidence. We are developing new models of firearms and accessories.


      A modern bolt carbine with the original Zbroyar bolt group. The alloy wheel of the original design allows you to put forward the emphasis far ahead, without interfering with the freely hung trunk. Target Pro can be built with a 30 mm barrel outline. The bolt group and the butt are designed to work with ammunition of the Magnum class. Equipped with adjustable butt MagPul PRS. Equipped with an adjustable trigger Jewell with a pulling force of 80 grams.
      1. +2
        April 21 2014 22: 06
        Mosin rifle 7,62 91 / 30 shooting at 800 yards = 731,2 meters, without any optics-THING good !!!
        1. -1
          15 May 2014 20: 10
          What did I say? Mosinka even now is kept at a level. I think that if you do not modify the old models in the OTs-48K, but make new ones from scratch using the most modern technologies and materials, then such three-lines of the new release will become even more accurate.
  8. +2
    April 21 2014 18: 24
    ) they brought civilian "trunks" from the states, filled their brands and suddenly became "great" gunsmiths))))))) smart-ass dill
  9. badger1974
    April 21 2014 19: 24
    the impression was created that the world had gone down from the coils, and now every complete misunderstanding would put itself above a stubborn and psycho-trained and trained fighter on the battlefield — a completely stupid and unjustified mistake, delirium of the silver witch, and this is confirmed by the stubborn actions of the Russian military, to press out and work out the enemy it’s possible only in an assault battle, it’s a priori, but fart from the distance, well, it happened, and someone paid for it, and I’ll notice it is good, the Ukrainian Schneipers remember the return, and the return is the physics of life
  10. +4
    April 21 2014 20: 28
    January 17 2014


    The same site, the same rifles fellow Paphos, more comments, interesting to compare.
    zs Apparently advertising of the products of the Mayak plant will go on a quarterly basis. laughing
  11. +4
    April 23 2014 11: 22
    Used ammunition - 7,62x51 / 8,6x40. 8,6 by 40 ??? Lapua Magnum, the bullet is long, the ratio of the length to the width of the bullet, seven units, and here, some kind of rubber wunder waffle turns out. At the expense of such accuracy, I can't believe it. The best world samples, after a long zeroing by professionals, I would even say, mega-professionals, give out 0,1-0,2 MOA, and this is mega-cool! Rifles shooting like this, you can count on your fingers, and this is a specially selected weapon, with cartridges prepared by the shooters themselves, for yourself! 0,2 MOA, this is real, a very experienced shooter, he can shoot like that. And if the "Ukrainian" can be about 15 MOA, and such successes are given to all serial samples, then this is what that "Gausovka" turns out, or a rifle assembled by Jesus personally! It seems not a bad thing, but here's what I will say, in the world, there are many firms that make sniper weapons, many excellent samples, ORSIS, after a long and painstaking work, managed to fit into this list, in fact, they are not the best in the world ( some of the best, which, by the way, is very, very beautiful!), but it is not so easy to jump over the leaders at once. So, in fact, another pretentious thing, in fact, turns out to be, at best, just a good rifle.

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